Week 3 Blog – Lessons in Leadership – Sharra Hynes

Dr. Hynes discussed the philosophy of shifting one’s paradigm to focus on enhancing natural strengths as opposed to focusing on weaknesses. Discuss one of your identified strengths you will focus on enhancing and how this may impact your leadership roles in the UCO community.


  • My dad is a football coach, and he always told me that the secret to being a great coach is being a great communicator. Communication is my top skill, but I tend to work to improve my lesser skills instead of fine tuning my most natural skill. I loved how Dr. Hynes pointed out that it is so easy for us all to look first for our weaknesses instead of focusing on our strengths. I know that is what I always tend to do when it comes to personality tests. I would love to focus on my strength of communication throughout the year. Communicating has always come natural to me, so I have never seen what I can really do when I put work into it. Focusing on my communication skills will help me as a leader on UCO by allowing me to truly connect with others in my organizations. I think one of the most important parts of being a leader is having the ability to communicate and connect with your peers and with those in leadership roles above you.

    • Jacqueline Kolker

      One of my top strengths is restorative, which definitely rings true for me. When I was little, I was terrible at figuring things out, and my mom would look at me and say “Jacqueline, you need to learn problem-solving skills!” I heard that phrase easily three times a week, and it clearly struck a chord with me! I wholeheartedly believe that problem-solving skills are essential as a leader because, without them, you will be left doing things inefficiently, which wastes precious time and resources.

    • Rodell Smiley

      One of my five strengths are relator. I feel like I can use this trait to help others in the UCO community feel more at home instead of an outsider, and really be able to connect more as a friend who cares and understands.

  • Emelia Denham

    One of my identified strengths through StrengthFinder was strategic. This strength help me when I want to get things done in a timely and specific manner. It enables me to have order and control in my life and to make sure I do things correctly. Strategic is defined as “creating alternate ways to proceed and being quickly able to spot the relevant patterns and issues.” This strength could impact my role in leadership at UCO by being able organize events and help with any given scenario. Leaders need good strategies to have order to their life and to provide structure.

  • Ethan Bruegel

    Prior to my college experience, I never used any sort of planner, or calendar. I always kept a mental note of what needs to get done and when. These mental notes are what I attribute to my strength of strategy. In my mindset, my strategic attribute mainly involved predicting the future, or making logical guesses of the outcome of events based on the current path. I can spend hours thinking up mock scenarios in my head. I will have to harness my strategies well in college because I already feel like my time is spread thin. Strategies will become essential in both group activities and individual. I need to come up with plans to succeed as West Hall Council President, and I need to figure out how to spend my time wisely outside of groups to keep my academic success on track. As I move forward, I can not focus on what I am not doing or getting done, but on what I have a plan on getting finished with great regard. My reliance on those around me, ones who focus on organization, will keep me afloat in the UCO leadership community.

  • Joshua Layton

    One of the strengths identified for me was my ability to create ideas. I’ve always felt this was one of my strongest abilities, but have mostly been afraid to express it. If I can work on expressing my ideas and thoughts to the groups I work with, I can contribute to achieving greatness. Another area that could add to my ability is learning to listen to others ideas and making ideas from those. I’ve learned you don’t have to be perfect, but instead, it is best to be amazing at what you are good at and to work together with those who compliment your talents. If I can encourage the others in my group to contribute their specialties, and allow those talents to thrive, there is nothing we can’t achieve. No longer will I down myself for what I can’t do, and no longer will I stay quiet about what I can.

  • Ren Jian Lee

    One of my identified strengths was relator, which shows how I enjoy being around close friends whom I already know. I am not really good at making new friends, but I excel at deepening existing relationships. I would enhance this strength by improving on friend-making so that I can be connected with more people. This would impact any leadership role I hold, because in life we always meet new people and the better we relate to and enjoy working with one another, the better the projects of our team will turn out.

  • Tianna Arreguin

    One strength that I will focus on enhancing is the restorative strength. Having the restorative strength means that I can come up with multiple different solutions to solve problems. Problem-solving may sound like a good thing, however I solve problems differently than my peers. Focusing on this strength will allow me to come up different solutions for not only how I would solve a problem, but how other personality types may solve problems. My solutions may fix the problem, but if I come up with a solution that works for others as well, then solving the problem may be more efficient. Within the UCO community, enhancing my restorative strength will bring more people together into bettering our college community. Coming up with different pathways towards a solution will provide a more positive-light to a problem. People will not be down because I am dictating what we need to do, but rather it will be an inclusive process to where the problem can be solved using all hands on deck. I will not be the sole problem solver, but I will be able to work with and lead others to solving a problem. The satisfaction of finding a solution should not just be shared with one person, but spread throughout a community because everybody deserves to see that being restorative has true benefits to not only yourself, but the others around you.

  • Mikayla M Little

    Dr. Hynes spoke an enormous truth over the class on Tuesday as she shared with us that not only is it important to recognize our own strengths, but it is equally (or maybe even more) important to recognize others’. People who lead others are called to constantly be on the lookout for the strengths in the ones they lead and encourage each person through those strengths. In order to grow as a leader and as a person, we must focus on something other than the growth of ourselves- how to grow others.

    One of my identified strengths is communication. I find it easy for myself to put my thoughts into words in a way in which others can easily understand. This strength I hold will be significant and helpful when pursuing leadership roles on campus by allowing me to easily talk about and communicate clearly what needs to be done to those that I may lead. I would be a good asset to have as a presenter and greeter because I love to speak to people and relate the message I need to get across to them.

  • Sierra Munoz

    As Dr. Sharra Haynes discussed, people should focus on their strengths because focusing on weaknesses can be self-defeating. One of my strengths I want to focus on enhancing is harmony. In short, harmony is seeking peace within a group of people. One way I will grow in this skill at UCO is through my leadership on the rowing team. Being a harmonizer, I will try and help when their is conflict or friction on the team so that peace is maintained. I want us to be able to communicate when there is an issue and figure out the best and easiest way to eliminate it that best suites everyone. By doing this my skill as a harmonizer will grow as well as my leadership.

  • Karlee Ogden

    One of my strengths identified in taking the Strengths Finder test was harmony. After reading up on that particular subject, harmony is the one I could most clearly see in myself. People who have harmony tend to avoid confrontation and do not always share their opinions. I can definitely relate to that. A quote I have heard before that makes me think of harmony is, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” One way Strengths Finder suggests using harmony is to build a network of people with differing perspectives. That is something I can do and work on in the future in leadership roles. I understand the importance of diversity and seeing other people’s point of view. I think harmony also goes along with being open-minded and hearing what others have to say and respecting opinions different from your own.

  • Brook C Marshall

    My number 5 strength is communication. I never really thought of communication as a strength that I have because it has always come natural. Now that I have identified communication as a strength of mine I will focus on building that natural strength to use efficiently. Communication will help enhance my leadership opportunities and leadership skills in the UCO community. A leader needs to be able to put their thoughts into words for anyone they are leading. If in a group setting it is essential to effectively be able to put any ideas into words so that the group can bring those ideas into reality. If I were to run for office I would need to put my beliefs into words to tell the students of UCO why they should vote for me. I hope the next time I take a StrengthsFinder test communication will be higher on my list.

  • Lauren Hood

    I loved Dr. Hynes talk on strengths! I have heard the concept a few other times and really tried to apply focusing on strengths rather than strengthening weaknesses. What I really liked about hers though was how she applied it to how these were natural born strengths not necessarily something we learned. One of my strengths that I will focus on enhancing is that I am an includer. I hate when someone feels left out or alone. My heart is naturally drawn to want to bring them in and make them feel like they are a part of something and, in that, that they are a very vital part. It’s not something I feel like I have to work super hard at but, because of my values, I do really try to make sure I am exercising it and making sure I am not dismissive or passive about it. This will impact my leadership roles at UCO in many ways. Whether it is in my dorm or student organizations, people are everywhere. Everyone has bad days and at different times and situations, most people can relate to feeling like they just don’t fit in or maybe even feel a little left out. In leadership, truly no one cares how much you know until they see that you really care about them. I am so excited to get to use this strength at UCO because there have been many people in my life who I know have had the strength of ‘includer’ and have GREATLY impacted me. The moment they reached out to and had a conversation with me, they gained equity and a great deal of respect from me. I believe this is where influence begins. To draw it back to her talk, being an includer does by its own nature give you great impact on the people you reach but that is not what it is about. To care is the goal. To influence is a fruit of the strength that is to be treated with great honor and steward wisely.

  • Lauren Hood

    I loved Dr. Hynes talk on strengths! I have heard the concept a few other times and really tried to apply focusing on strengths rather than strengthening weaknesses. What I really liked about hers though was how she applied it to how these were natural born strengths not necessarily something we learned. One of my strengths that I will focus on enhancing is that I am an includer. I hate when someone feels left out or alone. My heart is naturally drawn to want to bring them in and make them feel like they are a part of something and, in that, that they are a very vital part. It’s not something I feel like I have to work super hard at but, because of my values, I do really try to make sure I am exercising it and making sure I am not dismissive or passive about it. This will impact my leadership roles at UCO in many ways. Whether it is in my dorm or student organizations, people are everywhere. Everyone has bad days and at different times and situations, most people can relate to feeling like they just don’t fit in or maybe even feel a little left out. In leadership, truly no one cares how much you know until they see that you really care about them. I am so excited to get to use this strength at UCO because there have been many people in my life who I know have had the strength of ‘includer’ and have GREATLY impacted me. The moment they reached out to and had a conversation with me, they gained equity and a great deal of respect from me. I believe this is where influence begins. To draw it back to her talk, being an includer does by its own nature give you great impact on the people you reach but that is not what it is about. To care is the goal. To influence is a fruit of the strength that is to be treated with great honor and steward wisely.

  • Madelynn Dancer

    The strength I most want to enhance is my strength of “includer.” As an “includer,” I want to include everyone in activities and make sure each person feels as if they are a part of the group. I avoid exclusive clubs. I believe that everyone is equally important and should be equally included. I tend to generally be very accepting of others. Out of all the strengths I was matched with this is the one I see with the most value. I believe UCO offers me the perfect environment to enhance this strength. Since I am taking part in Broncho Buddies this fall, I will be coming together with people of different cultures & backgrounds who normally might feel excluded in the typical college setting. This will enhance my leadership skills by helping me to become more culturally diverse thus allowing me to better emphasize and communicate with those who come from a different background than myself. With the position I just received on the Public Affairs Task Force, I will be assisting students with taking an active part in civic engagement. Helping host student trips to the capitol as well as visiting with legislators about key issues, will enable me to be a leader who thrives in a professional setting, and can speak on behalf of others. These skills will help me become the best leader I possibly can be, not only in the American Democracy Project, UCO Student Association, and President’s Leadership Council, but in the Edmond community as a whole.

    • Angelique Jois Alog

      My number one strength was “individualization”, which didn’t shock me at all. I have always been more interested in a person’s uniqueness than his or her typical characteristic. In fact, throughout high school, being an officers in a handful of clubs every year, I’ve always known that I had to remember than everyone is different in their own ways and that these differences may contribute to the club more than I can imagine. I lead with that mindset every time I met a new member and I spent time with him or her with no expectations. Without expectations, I am more likely to find the special trait that specific person holds. I am more likely to have a deeper connection with that person simply because I am aware of who he or she is and why. Growing up in a country made up of 7,107 islands, the physical isolation have cause us to be unlike. The Philippines may not be as diverse of a country as the U.S. by race, but it has more cultural mixtures considering all 81 provinces. As a matter of fact, there are around 130-170 dialects spoken in that small country. The people’s skin tone varies from dark to light and the values differ from one province to another. With that being said, I grew up being around a big range of people, which is why I tend to focus on people as individuals because everyone else has been labeled by where they lived or what they spoke. I plan on continuing with my progress on embracing everyone’s divergence during my stay at UCO. I strongly believe that by accepting that not everyone have to agree or that people doesn’t have to stick to the status quo will benefit our surroundings simply by being comfortable around so many variations. Also, by taking the time to accustom my fellow students and my professors, it would be easier for both of us to work together. The more ideas we can come up with, the more choices for us to choose from. Therefore, the more dissimilar we are, the better.

  • Linus Hodges

    I agree with Dr. Hynes on how society undermines individual strengths in favor of improving weaknesses. Society has chastised the strengths of a person to focus on individual flaws in order to create the ideal individual. Though today’s society has not gotten to the point of idealizing a person strengths, we as members of society must start with ourselves in order to achieve a state of reducing over-compensation. One of my top five strengths was Analytical, which means I am able to think about all the factors that play into a situation, whether it be from a scientific stand point or social obligation. I enjoy finding out the reasons why something occurs and how to recreate/ prevent situations. Being analytical allows for the observation of situations, which is extremely important for a leader because without understanding why something happened you cannot resolve it. In the UCO Community, I work as a lab assistant for the Engineering and Physics department. This involves answering student’s questions about the lab and helping them understand the concepts around it. I need to be able to understand the problem from the perspective of the student to help them effectively. I also need to understand the lab concepts from a teaching standpoint to effectively assist the student without confusing or frustrating them. Having the ability to be analytical has benefited not only myself but my students.

  • Taylor Powell

    The strength I will focus on is includer. When I was younger I was the kid who always felt left out. Feeling like you don’t have any friends or people don’t want to be around you is not very comforting. I don’t want others to feel like that because it is not fun. No matter what age you are, nobody should have to feel that. As a leader, I want to always make others feel welcomed. Little things like going to sit by somebody at the lunch table who is alone, or sitting next to somebody in class who doesn’t have any friends are just a few examples. The best feeling in the world is knowing people care about you and want to include you in their lives.

  • Han Seth Lu

    I agree with Dr. Hynes about her argument that we forget to build our strengths while we try to fix our weakness. Since i was very little, I know that I’m good at communicating with peers. Whatever I got an opportunities to speak and communicate, I always go for it. That is what makes me more confident in communications and improve a lot better than I was before. As a result, I’m now very confident with communicating with others.

  • One of my identified strengths was communication, which I feel that I am very good at. I am a little bit of a social butterfly and like the strengths test indicated, I am rarely at a loss for words. However, I feel that I could improve in communication in the areas of leadership. I tend to have a “I can do it all” attitude, and sometimes I can get a little overwhelmed. Focusing on communication and delegation in the leadership position I am in could help the product be that much better.

  • Morgan Tarpley

    Dr. Haynes spoke on strengths and how to fully develop and enhance them. One of my strengths I would like to exceed in is, ‘developer.’ Dr. Hynes explained my trait: developer, as someone who can recognize and strengthen others potential. A developer is someone who can help someone else succeed and encourage them to reach beyond their potential.
    Personally, for my time here at UCO, I want to strive to go beyond just recognizing someone else’s potential. I would like to work on speaking out on people’s potential. I want to be in full pursuit of preaching on what someone has achieved and encourage them on what they are going to further accomplish.

  • Tyren Chestnut

    One strength I want to enhance is communication. I believe once I have improved my communication skills that I would have a chance to become an even better leader. The biggest part of being a leader, I think, is how you communicate with your followers. My impact upon the UCO community I hope would be extremely positive.

  • Raliyn Thomas

    Deliberative is one of my strengths and I feel like it will impact the UCO community because decisions making is very important in anything that you do in life. Here at the university decisions making is very important to the community in order to help the students stay on the right track in order to graduate and succeed in life

  • Madeline Barham

    One of my identified strengths is that I am an “includer”. Growing up, I was always taught to include everyone, no matter how different they may seem. I have always wanted to make others feel special and that they belonged. The fact that I include people is how I gain trust from others. I believe that this would benefit the broncho community because it would allow others to feel more comfortable and volunteer more.

  • Matthew Ecton

    I very much enjoyed listening to Dr. Hynes speak on building our strengths. I found it helpful learning about the importance of knowing where we excel and where we struggle. One of my strengths that I plan to improve is Connectedness. It is so essential to surround ourselves with a diverse group of people with a wide range of talents. When a group of people with a diversity of talents and strengths come together with one common goal, extraordinary things get accomplished. Overall, I felt Dr. Hynes lecture, as well as the StrengthsFinder test, have helped me become more aware of myself.

  • Alexis Guzman

    I am very excited to enhance my strength as a learner because I believe that no matter what path we choose to follow we will always have to educate ourselves, and understand that what we learned yesterday can be seems different today. It is fundamental for everyone to never stop learning if we really wish to be “updated”. Also, because I will become a teacher I understand that life is way easier when we pay attention to what is around us. We all learn with different methods but when we are able to develop a desire to learn, nothing will ever feel as if we were studying, it will feel more like we are always growing.

  • Jacob Thompson

    The strength that I will focus on improving is my restorative trait. I am strategic when it comes to problem solving. I identify the task at hand and I come up with the most effective route I should take to complete the job. My restorative trait will prove to be useful for me at UCO as it will allow me to establish a plan to achieve any project that I am dealt. If I join a club or fraternity, I can use this trait to help plan events. I believe that through practice, I can use my restorative trait to assume leadership roles that require much forethought.

  • Knowing your strengths is something that is a very important aspect of leadership. Focusing on those strengths is essential to being a successful leader. One of my top strengths is WOO, which is ‘winning others over,’ and this is an essential part of my leadership style. If I were to not focus on my strength, then I wouldn’t be giving whoever I’m serving or trying to lead the best possible person I can be. If I focused exclusively on trying to strengthen my weaknesses then I would not be able to make as deep as an impact on the lives of people because I wouldn’t be very good at them and would not be able to connect with others with the same success and I would using WOO. Therefore the most effective thing to do would be to focus on your strengths instead of solely your weaknesses.

  • I thought it was really interesting how so many leaders had the restoration characteristic. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how true that is. Leaders are natural problem solvers.

  • Evilin Juanes

    One of my top strengths is Achiever. The definition for Achiever as quoted from Strengthsfinders is, “People especially talented in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They take great satisfaction from being busy and productive.” This strength to me is really helpful because it means I have a lot of opportunities to impact UCO as a leader. I know that with any activity or organization I am a part of that I will always give it my 110% because every day I will work to meet the standards of an achiever.

  • Megan Watkins

    Dr. Hynes used a gym analogy to discuss how our strengths and “weaknesses” are a lot like muscles. She referred to lifting and how working and building your muscles takes time, and just because you may not be able to lift something of a certain weight, does not mean that the muscle to lift it is not there. It is simply just not developed enough to take on that large of a load yet. Although, if that muscle continues to be worked and strengthened consistently, eventually that weight that was not obtainable, is now obtainable and being exceeded. This is all very similarly correlated with our strengths. Just because it might not be the best strength, does not mean it is not there to be strengthened. When we focus on enhancing our natural strengths, we tend to work our weaknesses as well. One of my identified strengths is my ability to be very futuristic. Being futuristic is not my strongest, most developed strength, but it is not my weakest. Focusing on enhancing my strength of being futuristic can impact my leadership role in the UCO community by keeping the future of UCO in mind and seeing ideas in a larger perspective. Being able to picture the community with the potential it does not quite have yet, is something that needs to be incorporated more often in order to expand, build, and positively improve the communities. With this strength, I will be able to expand, build, and positively improve the UCO community.

  • Kyle Tangco

    Before retaking the StrengthsFinder exam, I felt uncertain about my future. In a quick turn though, all of that changed when I noticed that my second strength fell into the aspects of an Achiever. Ever since I caught sight of that specific strength, my sense of determination became rooted with my own beliefs that make me stand out as a leader. Even when I look back to my past, I now catch memories of when my Achiever characteristic stood out. Everyday, I have a desire to accomplish as many task as I can to make the most of my results that would lead me to my goals. I’ve always planned out my days in Google Calendar, listing off all my activities that are both a necessity and a demand. And if I don’t accomplish an activity, I feel incomplete; dissatisfied. But I also had to learn to persevere as well, never doubting my thoughts and long-term goals. I had to learn to adapt and plan ahead, and I had to keep on doing this so that I wouldn’t have to fall behind or come unprepared for a huge event in my life. Some days I feel exhausted, wanting to take breaks and tell myself that “I deserve it,” but I am so fixed on my future that I just can’t help seeing myself being somewhere that isn’t a part of my vision for my life and career. To motivate myself, I tend to watch inspiring videos and even watch interviews of people who are in a similar career field of my major; listening to their stories on how they grew to be successful.

    Now that I have a chance to start fresh in college, I hope to enhance my Achiever abilities by setting up annual goals to obtain opportunities given by UCO, and continue to set up even more that would build up my reputation during and after college. Whether it’s getting involved in an organization, volunteering in the Edmond community, or even considering picking up more classes, I hope to maximize my efforts to influence others that any dream is possible through determination, patience, and hard work.

  • Katelynn Patton

    I agree with Dr. Hynes on her approach to focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses, because as she said, focusing on weaknesses is only preventing failure, and never promoting success. If you want to succeed, you should focus on your strengths, and when you make a mistake, learn from it. But you should never make your weaknesses your main focus. A strength that I am going to focus on enhancing is “context.” I was very surprised to see that it was my second strongest strength. The given definition for context is, “people who are especially talented in the Context theme enjoy thinking about the past. They understand the present by researching its history.” After pondering this for a while and trying to relate it to my life, I realized that in difficult situations, I always try to understand the context of the situation, or understand why someone acted the way they acted. However, the Strengths Finder book said that my strength of Context had more to do with an enjoyment of history. I do like history, but now that I know that it could be a strength of mine, I want to work on studying history more. I enjoy politics, so I think that using my context strength could help me grow in my understanding. It can also help me more in difficult situations because I can actively use this strength, instead of passively using it like I was before.

  • Sini Noronen

    My number one strength was harmony. It fits me very well, maybe even too well. I was surprised when I watched the video and what the definitions were. Having a strength like harmony I struggle in group assignments. I can say that sometimes I even hate them. It is not that I don’t get along with people it is that I just hate wasting time. I avoid meeting my group mates cause most of the work we can do through the internet. For example to write an assignment with four people and one computer is just wasting time, but with four people and four computers. I’m always the one who will push for the result. I need to work on being a better team member and help others to reach an agreement. I also need to make connections with different people who can give me different perspective and whom I can rely on. Most importantly I need to be more open!

  • Dayton Skeels

    To focus strictly on my best strength and how I can enhance the UCO community, we must understand the “Achiever” skill set. The Achiever has to accomplish something every single day or they don’t feel like they have been useful at all. I believe that the Achiever skill set will be beneficial when it comes to the UCO community, because this skill will push more productivity,accomplishments, and overall more success. While also having the decline of procrastination and failure.

  • Hilda Estrada

    Dr. Hynes discussed how focusing on enhancing strengths is best rather than focusing on weaknesses. One of my identified strengths that I will focus on enhancing is the strength of input. Whenever I listen to a lecture, whether it is at school, home, or church I like to attentively listen without speaking. As I listen to other speakers, I look for specific topics and authentic words during those talks. I will focus on this strength because I feel I am capable of gaining many ideas and a variety of perspectives. This may allow me to have an open mind that is willing to collect diverse information from other minds and backgrounds. This may impact my leadership roles in the UCO community, by connecting elements I attentively listen to from discussions onto my school work or to student organizations. Enhancing my input strength may benefit me during and outside of the UCO community. In short, Dr. Hynes shared a unique thought, towards focusing on enhancing our strengths rather than our weaknesses and for that, our strengths are capable of intensifying.

  • Rachel Walker

    Sharra Hynes completely opened my eyes when it came to this topic. I had taken the strengths quest before but I never put much though into it and never focused on enhancing my strengths. Though this time around, after she gave the scenarios and we had to pick a side, each time it related to one of my top five strengths. I loved this because it put the strengths into action. My number one is responsibility. I wasn’t surprised when I saw it because I am always told I am the mom of the group. But also no matter what task or responsibility I take on, I feel compelled to give my best efforts and follow through if I commit. As I grow as not only a leader, but into an adult, I want people to always feel as if they can rely on me and trust that I will always give my best.

  • Garrett Gunn

    One of the strengths that I am choosing to focus on enhancing is Includer. I always try and make sure no one is ever left out. I love seeing what everyone’s different strengths are and I enjoy getting to know as many people as possible, so when Includer popped up as one of my strengths, I was not surprised one bit. I am choosing to enhance this strength, because I realize how important it is to be able to work with other people. Being able to include others will allow us to accomplish so many things, because everyone has something unique to offer and when you are able to collaborate with numerous people at once, that’s when truly extraordinary things happen.

  • Rylie Smith

    Growing up, I have always been extremely critical of myself and constantly trying to fix all of my faults. After hearing Dr. Hynes speak about how we should stop focusing on our faults and begin pushing to enhance our strengths, I realized I have a tremendous opportunity to be an advocate for those around me and focus my attention to one of my strengths, Developer. Being a developer means that you see the potential in others and encourage them to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be. For me, this means that I have the opportunity to connect with those around me and help them to accomplish their goals instead of focusing so much on my shortcomings. This could impact my leadership roles in that I will have to adjust my perspective in order to determine if it is a time to use my strengths or if it is a time in which I should step aside and support others in finding and developing their strengths in a role that fits them and helps them to grow as a leader.

  • Hsiang-Chin Hsu

    In my case, I want to enhance my strength of responsibility. Because I think the most important things in team work is the responsibility. And in my UCO community, I am keeping enhancing my responsibility because I should submit the assignment before the due day, I should finish all my job which I need to do. After I complete all my job, I feel very relax, I think this is my strength, I can do the things with this strength involuntary. Also, this strength made me become an honest person; if I promise anything, I will finish it. That made my friends trust me. I will keep this strength in my future life.

  • Pin-Yu Tsai

    One of my identified strengths I will focus on is woo. I think woo is a social intelligence theme. This strength makes me gathering with people easily and know how to work a crowd. I’m an exchange student of this semester. Everything is new to me. I think it is a good environment for me to enhance my strength and challenge myself. I think I was bit nervous in the new environment how I can do is showing myself and interacting with others actively. It can help me make more friends and get to know others. Also, as I getting each other well, it can be more successfully on the teamwork. As I develop my strengths well, I believe I can have a lot of new experience at UCO.

  • Jarrod Barnett

    Dr. Hynes brought up a very interesting point whenever she said we should focus on our strengths instead of our weaknesses. I believe she said you can not be a failure but still not be successful, which stood out to me. I think that correlates with her thought of focusing on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. It emphasizes a culture of teamwork, which I think my WOO strength can contribute in that regard also. I think that WOO is a very important strength because it can make others want to join the cause that you are wanting to support. Which in my opinion is one of the hardest parts of being a leader is having followers. Strengthening my WOO can help me get others involved here at UCO which is a challenge I look forward to tackling.

  • Robia Charbonneau

    One of my identified strengths is achiever. I will focus on this strength because I am a driven person. I set goals for myself and I do not stop until I reach my goal. This strength will help me to see what needs to be done in the community and make it happen. I have many leadership roles on campus and have great teams to help enhance the UCO community.

  • Emily Nelson

    I am often wondering if I have picked the career for myself. I constantly obsess about the weather or not I’ll actually be good at what I chose. The class about strength finder was so interesting but, I wasn’t sure how my strengths would play into my career choice. I was researching my top 5 strengths and I came across a video about my 1st strength, Individualization. The guy in the video said, “Hello, I am a Human Resource specialist”. He went on to explain how Individualization plays a part in in his everyday work activities and allows him to excel. It rooted in the ability to see a person’s individual gifts and talents and see where they can fit into a team. I got so excited because I realized that is exactly what I want to do! I think that my visualization will help me to see peoples individual talents to work together to invoke change in the community!

  • Wanda Clark

    When I first got my StrengthsFinder results I really was not sure if I believed in the accuracy of this assessment because of the real basic definition it gave for my second strength, Connectedness. It seemed to almost mean that I believed that everything in life is predestined and coincidences do not exist, and that really is not how I function in the world. Yet, after listening to Dr. Hynes’ advice I went back and read further into Connectedness and found that many of the traits are things that I value and try to uphold. I hope to enhance my ability to find commonality amidst difference and bringing others together by going back to the basics and focusing on what views we hold together. This skill and goal would lead me to not try and reach for the highest position on any board or council, but instead focus on how to bring everyone together regardless of the differences in where they are from, how they were raised, and what they want to become. In my new leadership role as Public Relations Officer of the America Sign Language Club, I hope to use the strength of Connectedness to help everyone work together through the beginning of the new club where everyone is at different levels of experience and everyone has learned from different mediums. I feel like the strength of Connectedness embodies the whole of the StrengthsFinder assessment as I come to understand it more. It makes you look not only at people’s differences, but how they can work together to reach a common goal.

  • Chloe McKinney

    Dr. Hynes encouraged each of us to focus on and develop our strengths, rather than dwelling on our weaknesses. One of my strengths that I am excited about enhancing is harmony. As harmony is my top strength, I am constantly looking for ways to bring people together. I enjoy interacting with people with differing views and opinions, but enjoy finding things they have in common even more. I feel like this strength could be valuable in many stages of my life, but especially in my time at UCO. Being on a campus with such a diverse population is a great experience because there are so many people with different ideas and outlooks to share. I feel like as I develop this skill even further, I will have many opportunities to bring the UCO community together, working to solve problems and achieve goals.

  • Melanie Holcomb

    Being assertive is a trait that I value. That being said, I do not fair well in large public settings. While in a small group, I have the ability to express my views and ideas without hesitation. However, as soon as there is more than five people; I freeze. By becoming comfortable with large groups, I could put myself in more leadership roles. In those roles, I could make a difference.

  • Jake Seawright

    My top strength was competition, at first I was confused as to why I had gotten it, but after I thought about it I realized that it was not competition with others, but competition with myself. I have always strived to be the very best I can be in life. I always want to succeed in every aspect of my life, from grades to my job. By enhancing my completion strength, I can motivate myself to do even better in classes. By enhancing this strength, I also motive myself to be more involved in more clubs and activities on campus. Building on this strength will impact my leadership role because I will strive to be the best no matter what obstacles come my way, this will help me set a good example for students to follow.

  • Lillian Baker

    One of my strengths was restorative. Basically that means that I am a problem solver. I can definitely see that throughout my life which is why I want to focus on that. One thing I know I need to work on is not rushing in to fix other people’s problem. Because if I am always just fixing the problem, then other people aren’t being able to learn how to handle things. People have to be able to fix things on their own so that when the situation comes around again, they know how to handle it. That doesn’t mean completely leaving them to handle it by themselves. It simply means taking a step back to let someone else take the lead, and letting yourself be there for guidance. I think this will help my leadership roles at UCO in many ways. One major one being, I get to see others succeed. I get to lead by example and show others how they can handle situations so that when they face the same situation they feel like they know what to do. Sometimes being a leader means being a follower. It means not always taking the lead but just being there to help those who are in the lead.

  • Maddie Higdon

    I loved how Sharra Hynes presentation was so interactive. When I got my 5 strengths back after taking the Strengths Finders quiz, I didn’t know what all of them meant. I did know that I wasn’t strong in aspects such as focus, strategic, responsibility, etc. This didn’t come as a surprise to me… I’ve never been one to come home right after school and knock out all my homework or anything like that. Although it wasn’t new to hear, it was still disappointing… I was hoping that after years of going to school and realizing that procrastination was something I struggled with, I would have matured a little. Maybe responsibility wouldn’t be my number one but I thought last year I got a lot done. I was super involved, worked, kept a 3.5 GPA. I didn’t think it would be crazy if responsibility or focus was at least my 5th strength. But it wasn’t. I envied those who were strong at getting things done, who can focus and not be weighed with the stress of a due date because they got it done already. After listening and seeing that everyone in that room was good and bad at different things I realized that it is okay that I am not the best at everything. Dr. Hynes knows what she is talking about. Focusing on what you’re bad at is not productive. I altered my way of thinking and started to picture how I could use my communication and restorative skills to better the people around me even more than I have been. My positive attitude and connectedness to power through my procrastination. And after that epiphany, I finally understood why my 5th strength was learner… In her presentation, Dr. Hynes said that leadership is the ability to help develop the talent of others and that is exactly what she accomplished for me this week.

  • Yu Chien Wang

    Intellection is one of my strengths that I will focus on enhancing because I like to discuss some international issues with others. I trust that can accrue my world’s view and establish my conversation with foreigners.
    I think with the powerful intellectual skill can let me become a database in the leadership roles. That means I can contribute more thoughts and ideas to my team partners in the meeting and it is very important to me.
    By read more books and realize the change of world, such as political issues and economic issues so when I discuss some topics with others I can mention more suggestions to them.

  • Yu Hsuan Lin

    Responsibility is one of my identified strengths. It is a marvelous personality whatever in college or company. We are responsible for ourselves and then this can convince others. We are training responsibility for a long time can make us become a discipline person. If we keep this skill, it will helpful our life.

  • Amanda Rebman

    One of my natural strengths is Analytical. I plan to enhance this strength by applying it to areas of my life that I may struggle in. The first area that comes to mind is public speaking. I am currently in Fundamentals of Speech. Being able to speak in front of a group of individuals generally will help with you leading them. I can use my Analytical strength to become the most prepared for my topic that I will be discussing. I will be able to have plenty of resources to back up the points of my speech allowing for there to be less fear overall. Leadership isn’t only about being able to talk in front of people but it is important to be able to give your perspective in front of people with varying levels of stress (depending on the situation). This stress will be lessened by having plenty of research and allotting plenty of time to be applied to the topic at hand.

  • One of my five identified strengths was “communication”. I’ve always had the philosophy to reach out, meet, and get to know as many people as I can, and I would like to use my situation in the new, larger community of UCO to practice just that. Coming from a small town, I’ve never had such a diverse group of people around me, so I would like to use my strength to learn about different experiences, opinions, and beliefs than mine. For example, I joined the Broncho Buddies program so that I would have the opportunity to meet people from other countries! I also would like to use communication to have a strong network throughout UCO, and I hope through PLC and my involvement in organizations across campus, I will be able to meet many different people from across the country with many different strengths, backgrounds, and interests that will help me to look in on myself and learn more about the world around me. I like to think that my strength will help me in being appointed by my fellow students to leadership positions, and that one day I can hold a position that allows me to use and improve my strengths, while helping fellow Bronchos in any way I can.

  • Reagan Whitlock

    I found it so refreshing that Dr. Hynes said to focus on our natural strengths as opposed to our weaknesses. So often we hear to work on our weaknesses so that we have none, never giving our strengths the time of day. When truly our strengths need just as much, if not more growing and nurturing. One of the strengths that I plan to focus on and enhance is that of individualization. I feel as though this will impact my leadership roles in the future because it will allow me to find others who bring so much resourcefulness to the table. Being able to see the unique qualities of each person will help me grow as a leader because they can see things differently than I may have. There is so much we can learn from each other since no two people truly think alike. I think enhancing this stregth will also help when deciding who I need for my team in the future with my career, education, and community work. It will help to find individuals who will bring diversity and different skills to make an exceptional team. Enhancing my individualization strength will also better allow me to communicate and work with those around me whom I may not see eye to eye with, allowing us to focus on the task at hand and finish the overall goal. I am excited to begin working on my skills and to see just how much I will grow not only as a person but also as a leader.

  • Lance Cooter

    First of all I want to say thank you to Dr. Hynes for coming to our class and talking to us about our strengths and how to grow as leaders. One strength that I will be focusing on enhancing would be includer. Includer is someone who tries to let others join a group or an activity, so that they will feel like part of the group. One reason I need to enhance this strength is because I am now the Pledge Class President for Pi Kappa Alpha and so I want to make sure everyone in my fraternity is involved and doing something that will benefit the frat. This strength with impact my leadership roles in a huge way because it will give me the courage to get others involved who usually do not want any part of anything and it will grow the community together because everyone will be included in a project and have part in it.

  • jjohnson217

    The strength I will focus on the most is being a relator. This will help me in my community by allowing me to develop strong relationships with others. It will help me bring people together and lead them in the right direction. I look forward to empathizing with people and I want to be able to do that to the best of my ability. While this is my number one strength, I would like to enhance it and use it to grow as a leader.

  • Nicole Bergstrasser

    One of my strengths is Adaptability, a trait I think is very important when being put in a role of leadership. You have to be able to adapt to your environment, and the better understand how to do a certain job quickly and effectively. Being an adapter means you learn quickly, and aren’t afraid of change. Adaptability will help me expect sudden tasks that pop up whether it be assignments or meetings, and perform well under pressure, or if I have a lot of things going on at once. Being involved in both Church, my community, school, family, tends to get really busy- but I perform best under pressure, and remain flexible and productive in my work ethic even when I’m being overrun.

  • Cole Spradlin

    One of the strengths I will focus on will be Ideation. I enjoy coming up with ideas and concepts for future events. I have the chance to develop this attribute through LOT, Pike, and the work place. Taking this test solidified in my mind ideation as a strength of mine. I feel the freedom to pursue something I want to and helps remove the doubt in my mind from other possible roles I am not skilled in.

  • cwilliams124

    My top five strengths were 1. Input, 2. Deliberative, 3. Analytical, 4. Focus, 5. Discipline. When Dr. Hynes talked about enhancing your strengths, Focus stood out to me. Focus is the ability to take action, follow through and make corrections to your course when necessary to get the job done. This strength lends itself towards planning and organizing. After finding out my strengths, I realized that I could use this strength to serve on planning/exec boards for organizations, something I hadn’t considered at all. I now plan to volunteer for at least one exec board by the end of my freshman year to practice enhancing this strength.

  • Madison Lance

    Positivity is a big asset to success. As I was studying my strengths this is one that stood out to me.
    Having positivity has allowed me to encourage others to do their best and pass it on. A smile can impact someone in a great way. By staying positive, you help others to be positive and so on a so forth. I hope to continue to grow in positivity as well as my other strengths as I continue my journey at UCO.

  • Catie Wilson

    With college comes huge and brand new responsibilities that most students have never had before. Things like paying rent, challenging courses and professors, and maybe even balancing a job. Throughout this new season of life, students will face challenges that are simply going to be solved by communicating those involved in the conflict. This semester I have 3 new roommates that I have known for years, but living with people seven days a week is a whole new experience. We have already had some miscommunications but by confronting the issue as soon as it was noticed, nearly everything around the house goes more smoothly. We have started to automatically pick up after each other, gladly share food, even drive each other’s cars when needed. The reason that living together has become easier is because we had a sit down conversation and communicated with each other about the things that were and were not working. Communication can help solve many problems that most people tend to avoid.

  • Maritza DeLoera

    The achiever is one of my identified strengths that I will aim to enhance. The overall theme for this strength is that satisfaction is achieved through productivity. By improving this it will allow me to reach my maximum potential. This will not only benefit myself for a greater good, but also in my leadership role in the UCO community. This would positively influence my role in the UCO community because my goals would also be geared towards bettering my community. By enhancing this strength my drive would push me to want to do more for the growth of my community, and for myself. By bettering my identified strength it will then reflect success within the many roles I will play in my community.

  • Kennedi Breuklander

    During Dr. Hynes’ speech, she had us line up according to how we would handle certain situations. She did this to help us learn how some of our strengths apply to real life. At first I was discouraged because nothing that she was saying was applying to any of my strengths, when finally she gave us a situation that dealt with my life. We had to go to one side if we wait till the very last minute to do a task or assignment and so I went… to the top. When I started walking over there, I was honestly embarrassed to show my peers that I am such a procrastinator, as some of them are in my leadership project group and I felt like that may make them see less in my abilities. She went on to describe how the opposite side was disciplined and determined and I was thinking to myself “dang, I wish I could be like that”, but then she got to our side. Dr. Hynes said that even though we procrastinate, which is usually associated with being a lazy and bad thing, that is how we perform well. Some leading situations require urgency in a short amount of time and a lot of pressure with little time to plan. As she said this I realized that even though I do wait, I always get it done, and I get it done so much better under pressure. I will no longer be ashamed of my procrastination, and while I will work on prioritizing, I will remember that strategic and intellect are some of my learning styles and that I have an organized system of pressure and last minute reliance so that I can prepare to handle situations when it requires a last minute change.

  • Bryan Becker

    One of my top strengths was relator. As I begin meeting new people around UCO I can blatantly see that I am for sure a relator. I find people that I enjoy being around, and I spend a ton of my time and effort to build deep, strong relationships with these people. To sharpen this strength I will continue growing these relationships I have already made; I will also find more people I can build strong, lasting relationships with.
    Being a relator can be extremely helpful in any community. As a leader on campus, having a large network of relationships is very important. It allows me to be able to recruit help from all the people I am close with. These people also continue to present many opportunities that help me become a more well-rounded individual and leader.

  • Brandon Hill

    In order to be successful a person must focus on honing in on strengths and improving them instead of wasting time on weaknesses. The most accurate strength that applied to me was individualization. I have never been dependent on others and don’t go with the flow. My ability to give input and speak my mind are what I pride myself on. I’m my own person and hard headed in my beliefs. This would give me the opportunity to lead by example because I am set in my ways. I’m a leader, not a follower. I will be cognizant of this strength to allow me to be more mindful and empathetic to others.

  • Bianca Navarro

    Adaptability has always been a great quality of mine. Focusing on this strength in particular will help me in many situations. Life is good at throwing curveballs, so with adaptability comes communication. As a leader, communication is an important trait to have. Being able to communicate well with others is going to open up so many opportunities now and in the future. Life doesn’t always provide the path we dreamt of, so being able to adapt to the new situation and what’s coming next is a great quality to have as a leader.

  • Emily Norman

    The strength that I think will be most beneficial to me and my leadership presence here at UCO is the strength of developer. This strength is identified as someone who is keen to recognizing and encouraging the small victories of others. I feel that this is an important skill to hone in my time here at UCO because whether or not I am in a titled leadership role or not, a person in the group who is paying attention to each members small victories and helping them to capitalize on the things they are doing well, will increase the atmosphere and productivity of any team or workplace.

  • Cole MacCollister

    Throughout all of my life, I have strived to be the best that I can be. Whether that was staying late at work to gain more credibility, or participating in many school activities, I always tried to come out on top. Discovering that my top strength was achiever was not too big of a surprise for me. However, although I strived to be an achiever all of my life, I still struggle with keeping my progress as a student consistent. In order to enhance this leadership skill, I will enact a stricter study routine to guarantee that I stay on top of my homework and studying. I will also make sure to stay on task even when I have other things that may be distracting me, such as entertainment or friends. I believe that if I can maintain a healthy balance of schoolwork and socialization, then I will not only see myself achieve, but those that look up to me will know that achieving something is possible if you put your mind and energy towards it.

  • Austin Loard

    I found through taking the strengths finder assessment that one of my strengths is that of a “learner.” As a new college student, there is a lot to learn. In addition to learning what is taught in my classes and how to deal with new found freedoms and responsibilities, because of the opportunities provided through Leaders of Tomorrow, I also plan to focus on learning to be a leader. In high school, I was often told that I should be a leader. Our football coach told the senior players that we should be the leaders of the team. Those of us who were in honors classes were told that we should set an example for other students. My church’s youth pastor regularly told us to be leaders and role models for younger kids at our church. I knew that this meant we should work hard and not get into trouble, but I was never really taught the ways one could become a better leader. I have been given many opportunities now to learn what it means to be a leader and how to become a better leader. I plan to learn from speakers in the Leadership class. I have already had the chance to learn from other future leaders by getting the chance to know them in the Leadership LLC. Finally, I plan to apply the things I am learning to the many activities that I will be involved in as a part of Leaders of Tomorrow.

  • Sarah Faust

    Dr Hynes did a wonderful job at going more in depth about our strengths and it was extremely fascinating to hear how everyones strengths fit them so well. One of my top five strengths was communication. Talking to people has always been one of my strong suites, I love public speaking and giving presentations, however I know that I could always improve on it. As I was reading the strength finders “ideas for action” part of communication they suggested to improve on vocabulary, volunteer for opportunities to present, and paying close attention to the audience. Hopefully this year I will be able to practice these things while I’m at UCO and in Leaders of Tomorrow. One of my goals is to be able to hold an executive position here at UCO either in a club, sorority, or in Leaders of Tomorrow and by working on my strengths this year I will hopefully be able to improve on my public speaking and communicating with other students to make me successful in a chair position. We also discussed in class about how we don’t know what our weakness are. I feel that is very important since I know personally I would only be focused on how to fix my weaknesses rather than work and continue to grow in my strengths. The biggest message I received from Dr Hynes was that everyone has different strengths and even though they are all different, we can each strive and do wonderful things with the power we have as individuals.

  • Curtis Diaz

    One of my five strengths is the W.O.O. trait. I think that by working with woo, I will have an easier time achieving social goals. Woo helps with garnering support for an idea that I am passionate about, or helping me get in with a group of people that I would like to work with. I think a lot of my use with woo right now comes naturally, but I believe that if I learn how to use woo articulately, then it will be especially beneficial for me.

  • Mikkail Bishop

    One of my top five strengths is the Achiever trait. With this trait I believe that I can enhance it with keeping on top of every thing or activity that comes my way. I could volunteer to be the leader of a group project and take initiative on how we should divide up the work. This could help me become a better leader at UCO by helping me be more comfortable in the leadership role.

  • Dr. Hynes pointed out that we like to see how we can change our weaknesses rather than improve on our strengths. This is so true for me but after taking the strength finders test I will try and focus more on strengths than weaknesses. One of my 5 strengths was competition. This will help my leadership style by pushing everyone else around me to their full potential. This will help me place people in positions that will help with their strengths. For example at work I am able to delegate task to receive the best outcome. I think this is one of my strongest strength do to my upbringing. If I am able to hone in on this strength it will be beneficial for everyone around me.

  • Corgan Ketcher

    I look to enhance my strength of analysis. To help accurately predict situations that may arise that will affect the world today. Such as devastation from politics that bring in a whole new hell to people. I always put people ahead of myself to better the world. Analyzing the many factors that cause civil unrest and the problems that plague my community will help me solve these problems. Giving forth a new era of enlightenment among the people at the expense of myself. Analyzing what is wrong with society gives me a broader view to how to fix these problems. Bringing in analyses that throw out the old ways of thinking and giving the new generation a voice that will be heard for centuries to come. Such as the analysis that the philosophers Marx and Engels made about the state of the German Empire and economics that plagued the people. I analyze who will take away the voice of the people and see them as the enemy of all peoples. Give no question that analytics will lead the future of the world. In a new way that has seldom been seen before. A place where the individuals who watch will determine this new era. They will not rest until a analytic system is in place to give the perspective of those who see what is really causing the problems of our society. There will never be a place for those that harm society among analytics.

  • There were a lot of different comments made that really stood out to me. one of these comments referred to how one person should focus on refining the top five strengths instead of trying to hone in on those that are not present (the one lower on the list). I never really considered that by trying to reach those bottom strengths, a person can be taking away the opportunity to really showcase those top few. Something else that I found really interesting is that in some on the scenarios that were giving, there were some strengths that showed all the way across the line of people around the room. I really found this interesting because it showed that just because two people may have the same strength, they may utilize said strength in a different way that his or her colleague.

  • reandre clark

    During Dr. Hynes visit I learned that it is very easy for people to point out there strengths then there weakness. You should focus on your strengths bc if you focus on your weaknesses you will end up to loosing some of your strengths. She helped me define my five strengths to make me more aware. The ability to adapt can strengthen your ability to communicate

  • Graeme Morrison

    I know this is late and I cannot believe that I forgot to do this, but I am submitting this anyway because I feel awful about not doing it and I wanted to because I really loved Dr. Hynes’s presentation because one of my top 5 strengths, and the one I’m focusing on, is significance; in her presentation, Dr. Hynes gave us an example of one of her friends whose top 5 strengths was significance and how important it is to embrace this trait. One of the most common misconceptions of people who have the strength of significance is that they are selfish. I think there is a fine line between being selfish and being self-centered. We always talk about how being self-centered is usually considered a bad thing, but I want to break stereotypes for a minute. Self-centered people are not always selfish. The textbook definition of self-centered is “preoccupied with oneself and oneself’s affairs”. That does not always mean that a person is selfish – over time the connotation of self-centered has morphed into something it is not. I am a self-centered person; but that does not necessarily make me selfish. With me being self-centered, I take it as being focused on bettering myself everyday, learning from my mistakes, analyzing what I do so I can do it better, and being able to admit when I am wrong. I think people with the significance trait get a “bad wrap” because generally people think they are only looking out for themselves. Do not get me wrong, there is a line between wanting to feel significant and being selfish, but I think that significance can play a vital role in making a good leader. I want to hone my trait of significance and be able to use it properly to better myself and the group of others I am working with. My desire and passion to make myself known and to better myself can be great things for the organizations I’m apart of in this way: my internal strength that makes me want to better myself and be known gives me the fire to go further and stretch deeper. It makes me want to better others around me; it makes me want to be a vital role in operations – so, internally, others will notice me – but also that drive to be significant to other people will make me do things I wouldn’t normally do like volunteer more, help with more, and be more active in general. It’s almost like the competitive trait in it’s own way. Significance is not a harmful thing if you can harness it the proper way.

  • Evilin Juanes

    One of the traits he had listen was confidence and that’s one of the traits I want to improve. I feel like I believe in my ideas but it is always hard to put them out there for everyone to hear because I am not confident in myself and wonder if they will like it. Being more confident in yourself and your ideas can bring more leadership opportunities and maybe even help a group I am in because I knew something others didn’t.

  • Alexis Guzman

    The trait I aspire to develop is ability to delegate. To give assignment to other people, believing they are able to do the work, I am assigning them. If I ever am in the situations of guiding others, and being able to take full responsibility for the outcome of their actions. If I develop the ability of delegating, I will no longer be uncomfortable with group work. I often have a hard time trusting others with task that even if I cannot physically help I will be affected. Ones I learn to trust and being okay with others actions that affect me, I will be a lot more willing to put myself in positions of leadership for my community.

  • I enjoy Dr. Hynes a lot thanks for posting.One of my top strengths is restorative