Week 2 Blog – Lessons in Leadership – President Betz

During President Betz’s comments he mentioned the “Power of Persistence.” Discuss what this means to you and your academic, personal and professional pursuits, making note of how to respond to potential road-blocks and challenges to maintain this persistence.


  • Lauren Beck

    In daily life, challenges are thrown at all of us. Some are small and give only a small brush on the shoulder. Some, however, are larger and can send us to our knees if we are not careful. The ability to move past such obstacles (the “Power of Persistence”) is how I survive in regular day-to-day life. I have yet to run into disarming difficulties, but issues such as rain during the walk to an already stressful musical audition can be temporarily upsetting. While I could have stepped outside, felt the rain, and simply turned around because “I can’t even,” but I was going to audition – rain or shine. However, there are times in which the “Power of Persistence” needs to be bent in ways that better suit the current upset.

    Throughout all of grade school to high school, I had been a straight A student. At the start of my junior year of high school I joined the OSSM program (the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics). To keep it short: I got F’s on my first papers in both of my classes (Computer Science and Statistics). As quickly as one might jump up after sitting on a tack, I dropped both classes and enrolled in something more to my taste. If I had stayed in those classes, my valedictorian status as well as my own confidence would have been tarnished. The “Power of Persistence,” however useful in many situations, can sometimes lead to major upset if something is followed through even when your gut is telling you to back out.

  • Lillian Baker

    The “Power of Persistence” has proved to be a big part of my life. From a young age, life always seemed to try to tear me down. If I wasn’t constantly trying to carry on and move past my struggles, I would not be where I am today. For me, being persistent is more than just carrying on. It is about not letting anything stop you from moving forward and becoming a better version of yourself. If you let life set you back every time it gets hard, you’ll never get anywhere. For me, I have high dreams and goals. In order to achieve those goals, I have to push past any blocks in my way, whether that be an injured knee or financial set backs. So for the future, when you come up to roadblocks, you need to have two things. One, you need determination. The determination that you won’t let anything stop you from getting to your goals. Second, you need persistence. Persistence that won’t let you take no for an answer when it comes to your hopes, dreams, aspirations, and most importantly your beliefs.

  • Ren Jian Lee

    In my opinion, persistence in these three areas would mean persisting until I get my degree, persisting until I make myself a better person, and persisting until I have a successful career. Academically, I would have to complete my assignments well and on time. Personally, to remove some bad habits I would need to keep at something desirable, such as going for an exercise, instead of letting my laziness get a hold on me. Professionally, I would be a diligent worker in my future job, instead of taking the easy way out of problems I might face.

  • Lauren Hood

    I love the “Power of Persistence” idea! I’m reading a book (Grit by Angela Duckworth) now that talks about the power of grit and showing up consistently rather than expecting a one time effort to make anything that you do successful. To me, the Power of Persistence means consistently showing up and consistently bringing your best. I can’t expect to do well in my classes or have healthy relationships in my life if I drop in to class once a month or shoot my friends a text only when I need something. That being said, consistency is hard. It is often what separates the good from great, especially when times get tough. It is fairly easy to be consistent when there is no resistence or real reason not to be. But when faced with a challenge and then truly being persistent in your pursuit of that goal or obstacle to overcome, the power of persistence is truly the power we need to get where we want to be. One of my favorite quotes is “Successful people do consistently what normal people do occasionally” by Craig Groshel. This is what I tell myself when faced with a roadblock in life. Persistency matters and it matters greatly.

  • Tianna Arreguin

    Academically, persistence is something I focus on in order to ensure I receive good grades. If I am stuck on a problem, I ask for help or search for other resources to help me rather than leave it blank. Professionally, persistence will be a skill that will help me achieve my career goals. There will be rejection whether it is for a job or promotion, but I cannot do anything less than my best throughout the journey. Failure leads to success so if I do not achieve my goals right away, I know to push myself further and to never give up until I reach my goals. Personally, I focus my persistence on how I treat others. Even if somebody is negative or rude towards me, I push through that to continually be positive and kind. If I continually be kind to others, maybe others will be kind to me. President Betz also mentioned how you will receive encouragement at the exact moment you need it, and hearing him speak about persistence reminded me of my value of persistence and now in every situation I face, I choose to persevere rather than give up.

  • Tianna Arreguin

    Academically, persistence is something I focus on in order to ensure I receive good grades. If I am stuck on a problem, I ask for help or search for other resources to help me rather than leave it blank. Professionally, persistence will be a skill that will help me achieve my career goals. There will be rejection whether it is for a job or promotion, but I cannot do anything less than my best throughout the journey. Failure leads to success so if I do not achieve my goals right away, I know to push myself further and to never give up until I reach my goals. Personally, I focus my persistence on how I treat others. Even if somebody is negative or rude towards me, I push through that to continually be positive and kind. If I continually be kind to others, maybe others will be kind to me. President Betz also mentioned how you will receive encouragement at the exact moment you need it, and hearing him speak about persistence reminded me of my value of persistence and now in every situation I face, I choose to persevere rather than give up.

  • My favorite part of President Betz’s speech was when he said, “You have to create the future; you can’t just let it happen.” That really stuck with me. Persistence is key in all aspects of my life. In my academics, it is crucial because I need to work hard in every single class. President Betz spoke on how coasting is the leading cause to college dropouts. I have a goals, and coasting through my courses will never help me achieve them. Persistence is also important in my personal life. I am a Christian, and God is the center of my life. I need to push myself to learn more about Him everyday. I need to pursue God in all I do. My future Profession is very cut throat and competitive. I will never succeed if I allow myself to coast through life. I have to always have my eye on the ball and always push myself to new heights. It is no secret that there will always be obstacles in the way. I could fail an assignment, fall from God, or lose my job, but the only way to get past that is through persistence. I can never give up on my goals.

  • Ethan Bruegel

    In President Betz’s speech, I noticed a central theme of creating your future. My notes included several arrows pointing back to this idea. The “Power of Persistence,” that President Betz mentioned is my core tool in creating my future. My life experience has taught me the integral value of persistence. Whether it be studying all night for a challenging test, practicing musical scales over and over, or getting out of my comfort zone to meet new people, the idea of determination is present in every aspect of life. I try to not let anything stop me from my goal. My persistence may cause me temporary misery, or exhaustion, but it will be worth every second in the future.

  • Han Seth Lu

    Persistance really plays a vital role in my life. A lot of my successes or things achieved are because I always try to persist to never give up chasing them. But, of course, there are times I failed to persist too. And clearly I didn’t get anything except lessons, at those times. That’s why I believe that if our dreams or goals are the things we really want, we should practice the habit of persistance and never giving up easily.

  • Taylor Powell

    To me, the power of persistence means to never give up. There have been so many times in my life where I think sitting down and not getting back up is the only choice I have. So many young people in my family look up to me and I don’t want them to think that the right thing to do is give up. Just because you fail, it doesn’t mean you are a “failure.” A great leader is somebody who fights through the hard times to reach their successes. Life is not always fair and there will be a lot of hard times in school, job careers, and everyday life. People can’t always control what happens in their life so the best thing to do is have the mind set to never give up and keep moving forward.

  • I think when coming to college, everyone expects it to be challenging but they never realize how hard it really is. You must learn to be persistent in your desire for a higher education. To me persistence is not just refusing to quit, but continuing to strive for more than just getting by. As a sophomore, I quickly discovered last year that there will be many obstacles along that will make you want to forget college altogether and try to make your way into the workforce without a degree. However like President Betz implied, you must remember that anything worth having never comes easy, and obstacles are just there to make you stronger.

  • Karlee Ogden

    In President Betz’s speech when he spoke of the power of persistence, I got many things out of it. For starters, at the beginning, President Betz made a comment regarding how we create the future by our actions and what we think. Having a positive attitude, especially in times of hardship, are what can truly be the push to persist through something. The president also stated the importance of creating the future, not just letting it happen. Being told you are the creator of the future is quite a statement and really makes you think- about your everyday actions, what you are doing positively in your life, what you are doing negatively, and the challenges presented to you and how you will handle them. What I also found to be an important topic in President Betz’s speech was his mention of continuing to grow and learn, even when you get out of college. His mention of the statistic that it takes 10,000+ hours to get to where you feel confident in your competence is a little intimidating to be honest, but also inspiring! Doesn’t everyone want to get to that point eventually? That is another example of the power of persistence. Keep pushing forward until you get to that point. I enjoyed hearing what President Betz had to say about the differences in every leader that makes them who they are. To me, that is reaffirming because sometimes I evaluate myself and the fact that I am quieter than others discourages me, President Betz said, “You don’t have to be the leader that everyone else is. Be the leader you are.” To me, that is a great example of the power of persistence and I will continue to persist and develop as a leader using my own qualities. Everyone has their own strenths and we must use them together in a positive way because, as President Betz said, “None of is smarter than all of us.”

  • Jake Seawright

    The “Power of Persistence” for me basically means never give up. I have constantly been told that many leaders that are very famous today even faced road-blocks. This applies to me because it helps me realize that I might not always get something I really want on the first try, but this saying helps motivate me to keep trying. President Betz said that we admire the ones who succeeded in history, not the ones who tried. This saying can also be applied to school as well. Many students are frustrated with a bad grade and will even end up dropping a class due to it. I believe that a bad grade is just a sign that harder work needs to be done. If road-blocks do come up, find a way to motivate yourself to try again. The only thing stopping you from overcoming obstacles is yourself.

  • Evilin Juanes

    I have just started my first year of college, have a part-time job, friends, and many other things on my plate. I know at times I will start to feel really stressed, but I also will know that for the future, I want for myself, I will have to push through and give my best in all aspects of life. President Betz said, “ you have to create the future, you can’t just let it happen.” This truly inspired me, and I fully agree, you have to take charge of your life. I will have to multitask and time-manage. Even when there are weeks where I have a number of assignments due and am on a busy schedule, I will just have to keep reminding myself of the future I have planned. Doing so will remind me the stresses I am facing at the moment will seem like nothing when I do achieve my goals. I also know that I will have to ask for help and that is okay. He said that “being successful doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone” it really inspired me to reach out more often when I need it. sometimes we think asking for help means being defeated but it really just makes you stronger.

  • To me, the “Power of Persistence” is never giving up. If you are going towards a path of greatness, you will inevitably encounter failure at some point. When you put your heart and mind into a project with greatness in your sights, failure can easily feel like a crushing and devastating end. Many times, however, what feels like our final stand may only be the beginning. Getting something perfect the first time is very rare.; consequently, the greatest achievements of history are often through trial and error. President Betz said, “Create yourself in History;” and as many people know, Rome wasn’t built in a day–or even on the first try. For these reasons, I have learned to allow my greatest failures to turn into my greatest achievements. Many things can be accomplished with persistence and optimism: bombing a test can teach you how to ace the next, failed job interviews can train you to interview with confidence for the job you were truly meant to hold, and even getting dumped can teach you to be the best partner you can be to your true love. As Michael Jordan once said “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying again.”

  • Angelique Jois Alog

    Having a time of struggle in a person’s lifetime is inevitable. Not to mention, there are so many factors that may go wrong in our everyday lives. The ability to bounce back with hopes of a better outcome instead of giving up and accepting failure isn’t something we learn without genuinely wanting to. As President Betz said, “we are the created of the future”, and I f we were to stop trying every time we become unsuccessful, there will not be any progress happening around us.

  • Erika B Jenkins

    Power of Persistence

    Passion at work doesn’t measure or anticipate time.
    Most who master their talent, spend 10,000+ hours on doing so, in order to gain true confidence in thier competence; yet, they never actually counted those hours in the mean time.

    Create, educate, and motivate
    We must create the future, instead of waiting for it to just happen.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    When collaberating, find common ground & focus on common opportunity.

    Integrity, authenticity, realism: to seek, understand, and become your own person, and to never stop learning is a necessity.

    With anything, start with, why?
    No one knows the exact impact of a smile on an inidividual. People attach their hopes and dreams to us. It’s a part of the process, though day to day, we may not realize it.

    Be the change. Be the reason.
    Most importantly, be you, and persevere in all you do.

  • Sierra Munoz

    As President Betz mentioned, the “Power of Persistence”, or perseverance despite difficulty, is an essential skill in life. Being a student-athlete in college, I have had to practice and implement this daily. For example, waking up at 5 every morning for rowing practice can be hard and sometimes I question myself if I can continue, but then I think of my team. Not only do I get up to better myself as a rower, but also so my teammates know they can depend on me and that I am a hardworking, dedicated member of the team. One positive of morning practices is that I am awake and alert for the rest of the day which allows me to focus and excel in my classes. This will help me accomplish my goal of graduating from UCO with a masters in Athletic Training. Every day I work on perfecting the skill of persistence so that I will be prepared for my future.

  • Morgan F Tarpley

    President Betz came in and spoke on Tuesday over Leadership. But, He proceeded to speak in depth of education and leadership. I really enjoyed when President Betz referred to how committed the Professors at UCO are to their students. In addition, President Betz spoke over our future and how us as students should be committed to creating the future.
    President Betz raised the question “Why? Why are you here? Why are you wanting to make an impact?” Yet, he answered the question for us. “The future is simply not going to create itself. We must start creating it now.” United as an institute, united as a community, united as a state, united as a nation, and united as a world all wanting a successful and meaningful future.
    Betz quoted Mother Teresa, “No one ever knows what the impact will be when you smile at somebody.” I personally took this quote to heart because I love sharing happiness with others. Smiling at someone is so simple yet so impactful. President Betz also stated, “You’ve got 1,000 things on your mind, what 1 thing will you do that will impact others?” I really put that into perspective and saw the many things that I think about and how I should turn them around to where it impacts more people instead of myself. So, when Betz spoke over being an authentic and genuine leader, I immediately thought of that quote he stated earlier. I want to explore who I am and what potential I have so that way I can provide for others in the best way possible.
    “Your character is your destiny.” -President Betz

  • Madeline Barham

    I believe that the power of persistence should be very important in every aspect of your life. No matter if it is academics, relationships, and the organizations you may be involved in. Although, there are sometimes that persistence is not always needed. For instance, if a friend or significant other is constantly throwing toxicity into your life, it is best to separate yourself from those types of people. I truly believe that if you want someone in your life badly enough, they should mirror that emotion. If after time and time again they are proving to not positively impact your life, it is easier to cut your losses. Then that cliché comes to mind. “If it was truly yours, it will come back to you”. After saying all this, I think that is the only aspect of your life where you should not have to be 100% persistent. There are times in everyone’s life that causes you to lose your persistence. A time for me would be senior year. Everyone has “senioritis” and mine proved to be full blown. I was ready to start my life in Edmond and make new friends. Although, I had to constantly remind myself that it would not be beneficial if I let my grades and present relationships suffer just because I was ready to leave.

  • I believe persistence means that no matter what happens in school, your job, or something else you are passionate about. You will never give up, no matter how hard it gets. Whenever I am doing a task that is difficult, I always focus on how amazing it will feel once I get through it and it pushes me to work harder.

  • Graeme Morrison

    The “Power of Persistence” is something that is really important to my specific career choice. I am, hopefully, entering into the world of Musical Theatre; I will need more persistence than most. Most people think of persistence as a physical thing, but I think that this “Power of Persistence” that will help me – and has helped me – is a mental process. You have to be “made of steel” in this industry; I have to be able to deal with the constant setbacks of not getting called back for an audition or not getting a role I worked so hard for, and then I have to be able to brush myself off and move on to the next audition. That time, of course, is at least four to five years in the distance, but I think that it rings true for me currently as well. Academically, it would be difficult to study resiliently for a test only to make a “C”, and not be discouraged. I have to have to have the mentality that I can work harder and persist past lack of discipline knowledge. In the world of instant gratification, our generation has to be able to use this “Power of Persistence” – or “grit” as they like to call it down in Durant – to succeed and not stay in an inefficient, fixed mindset.

  • Lance Cooter

    Before I talk about power of persistence I want to thank president Betz for taking his time out of his busy day to come talk to us and inspiring us to be the best person we can be. Now back to what I am going to talk about, power of persistence. To me this means never giving up during a difficult time. They preserve through all the tough obstacles that stand in their way of accomplishing their goal. One tough challenge for me is getting all A’s my first year of college. I can already tell through the first two weeks of school it is going to be difficult,but I set it as one of my main goals and I am going to preserve through all the road blocks. Through my life I have made small goals here and there that I had preserved through because quitting is not in my vocabulary. My professional pursuit is just never giving up trying to find a job. If I end up not getting the job I have had my eyes set on for awhile it sucks, but I know there are other jobs on the market that could end up being better in the long run. The power of persistence is a great trait to have because those who want to achieve great thing are those who will not quit when things get tough.

  • Alexis Guzman

    In the academic pursuits persistence means to keep waking up for 8:00 am classes even if I only got four hours of sleep. To stay awake until I finish my homework even when I have been up all day. Personality, persistence is a key factor to not let myself fall under the pressure of always being in a rush, with too many tasks to get done and never having enough time to spend with the ones I love. Persistence is the power to keep going when you feel like you can’t, and the ability to see your future rewards for the work that you are doing now.

  • Alexis Guzman

    In my academic pursuits persistence means to keep waking up for 8:00 am classes even if I only got four hours of sleep. To stay awake until I finish my homework even when I have been up all day. Personality, persistence is a key factor to not let myself fall under the pressure of always being in a rush, with too many tasks to get done and never having enough time to spend with the ones I love. Persistence is the power to keep going when you feel like you can’t, and the ability to see your future rewards for the work that you are doing now.

  • Emily Norman

    To me, the power of persistence is not a situation, but an attitude. Persistence is a decision at the beginning of everyday to not let any event, academic, professional, or personal, stand in the way of your productivity, passion, and positivity. It is the daily decision to be successful before encountering the circumstances of the day that may try to convince you to give in or give up. This persistence may manifest itself in several ways: whether it be the determination you show to learn a new and complicated math concept, the intention it takes to not only say you will volunteer but to actually show up, or in your personal life when it seems the odds are stacked against you and it feels that all you can do is keep moving. Persistence is the decision that no variable can deter you from your destiny.

  • Garrett Gunn

    Persistence is continuing to do something even though it is difficult or other people are against it. This word sums up my entire life. Everything I do I take it very seriously and try to do it to the best of my ability, but not everything goes according to plan. I have taken many tough classes my first three years of being in college. It was a struggle to balance school while working almost full time, but I knew had to continue to push through the hardships in order to reach my ultimate goal, which is to become a stockbroker. Becoming a stockbroker will not be an easy task, especially because Oklahoma is not a huge market for stockbrokers. Investments and advising people on how to spend their money is a huge passion of mine and I will not let anything get in my way of achieving this dream. There will be plenty more road blocks and difficult times to come in my life, but the main thing that always gets me through them is my family. My family has sacrificed and given up so much for me to make sure that I reach my full potential, and I cannot let anything get in the way of that. Persistence has been and will always be a huge part of my life.

  • Rachel Walker

    Any time I listen to President Betz speak it is always so meaningful and inspiring. I love how personal he is with all of the students here at UCO, and that he takes time out his busy day to come talk to us. As he was giving us his message, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I was. My parents have always been my number 1 supports and have constantly been there for me when I succeed, and when I fail. Being successful has always been extremely important to me. No matter how big or small the project, task, or test is, I try my best and put forth my best efforts. The more President Betz spoke I thought about what I can do in future events when I come face to face with complications. He inspired me to keep moving forward, and always smile no matter how bad my day has been because someone’s day could have been worse.

  • Ethan Clark

    Every time that I get to hear President Betz I am always amazed with what he has to say. He rarely uses any notes, if he uses notes at all, and you can always see and hear the passion he has for this university. With every statement that he makes you really believe in what he is trying to get across, and you know how much he cares about each and every single person that steps onto the campus. During his message one thing that really connected with me is when he said, “Great leaders are great learners,” because the best leaders are the ones that know that there is always so much more about life to discover, and that sometimes as a leader, you have to take a step back and let someone else take the reins and watch them grow. That is something that can be transferrable into practically every aspect of life, whether that be in school, work, or anything that you do. It can sometimes be a hard concept to grasp and put into action, but it usually produces a great reward.

  • Nicole Bergstrasser

    President Betz said that “You create the future yourself, it doesn’t just happen”, and I found what he said very profound and inspiring. I can’t just sit around relying on other people to create my future, or for it to just work itself out- I have to fight for it. The success in our life depends on how much work we put into it; so to keep persevering I have to be constantly learning, even after I’m completely done with school. One can never stop learning, there’s things that we will learn about that have nothing to do with our field of study. In my life, to keep persevering when I hit a road block, I need to have people in place to encourage me and give me advice. When things don’t go my way I have to adapt and think of a new way to solve my problem; looking at failure as an opportunity to learn. I loved when President Betz said “Start with why”, to determine where I go in life, I have to question my motives. I don’t want to give my time to things I have no passion for, or areas I’ve already conquered, part of growing is getting out of your comfort zone.

  • Yu Chien Wang

    I am Yu Chien Wang. I am an exchange student from Taiwan. Currently, “Power of Persistence” means to my academic and life goal is what I am in UCO now.
    Be an exchange student is not easy in my school, the work of preparation was complicated and time-consuming also your academic performance need to very outstanding in the school then you can get the ticket to study abroad.
    So every time when I want to give up learning and practicing, I will think of my goal dream. “What am I pursuing?” I asked myself frequently and repeatedly. Because I want to work in an international company one day, I need to improve my language ability, and study in America absolutely is the fastest way to reach my goal.
    Because of those reasons, because my persistence, I am an UCO student now. I think the power of persistence is incredible, it can take you to where you want to go and which person you want to be.
    When I encounter some challenges and potential road-blocks, I will let myself relax entirely first. Next I will read some meaningful books or watch some thought-provoking speeches. By these two methods, I can found out different perspectives and, and it is also an energy to maintain my persistence.

  • Yu Hsuan Lin

    My name is Yu Hsuan, come from Taiwan. My major is Business administration. How to challenge to maintain persistence is a clear dream. The main thing for us is to have goal which can make us doing somethings to achieve. Because I am interesting in it, it will give me power and I will maintain persistence. I want to be a ground crew in the future. I know English is very important, I gave myself an opportunity to study abroad to improve and make friends all over the world. Don’t miss your own enthusiasm, and we can do well.

  • Tyren Chestnut

    President Betz’s speech was very empowering. He made an abundance of good points. There’s two things he said that really resonated within me:
    1) “Trade the life you have for the life you want to create.”
    2) “You have to create the future. You can’t just let it happen.”
    As I further my education here at UCO, I realize that I have to finally work hard, study, and pay attention in class to make an ‘A’ at the end of the semester. I graduated my high school ranked #6 with a GPA of 3.89, and to be completely honest I’ve never actually studied for a single thing. I’m used to making great grades effortlessly, and I know if I try to do that here that I will end up with a not so great grade. My biggest fear is that I will try my hardest and still not get an A or even a B, but academic success in college takes a lot more than just trying to be the best on my own. Something else President Betz addressed in his speech was that in this journey we call life we are always going to need someone’s help. In order for me to be as successful as possible in college I am going to have to eventually step out of my comfort zone and ask for help, ask for a tutor, or even join a study group. After listening to President Betz’s speech I am fully prepared for potentially getting an ugly grade. At that point in my academic journey I hope to remember his speech, and to take it with a grain a salt. I hope to gain this mindset for the rest of my life. For now, my goals are just in my schooling, but in the future it will be with my job and various other obstacles. Persistence is the key to not only academic success, but success in general.

  • Kyle Tangco

    As an incoming college student who wants to be involved inside and outside of the university, it is challenging to balance out time to build up my education and maintain personal duties that would help me get closer to my goals. I want to get involved in UCO, serve at my church as well as the field of ministry, and even make time to practice music performance, whether entertaining in gigs or serving in my church’s worship team. It is tough because I consider if I am spreading myself too thin, but in reality, it’s just trying to find a way to make all these goals work together. A lot of time management gets put in to my schedule, and I even plan weeks ahead so that I can organize the full load that I have in my life. It requires a great amount of commitment to figure out all the planning, but it clarifies my objectives to achieve my dreams and passions to be a media and music producer. There is also the discipline to make sure that all of my activities are fully accomplished at the set date and time. However, if an activity is not achieved in my calendar, I have to learn to quickly adapt my schedule so that it doesn’t have to be finished at the last minute. The amount of work can be very tiring, and sometimes I just want to rest for a few hours, but I am driven to be the best in what I do! So I just grab some coffee, keep on planning ahead, and dedicate my full energy to the goals I want to reach!

  • Katelynn Patton

    Persistence is a very crucial trait to have. In life we face many hard trials, and there are often many obstacles and road-blocks. However, if one has persistence, he/she can accomplish anything. In every area of my life, including school, work, and relationships, I definitely feel as though it is my persistence that leads me to success, not any talent. It truly is the key to success. Calvin Coolidge says, “nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are omnipotent. The slogan “press on!” has solved and always will solve the problem of human race.” I believe this is such a strong and true statement. There are so many people that give up just because of obstacles or even small inconveniences they do not want to overcome. This is because they do not have persistence, not because they do not have talent. Anyone can and will fail at times, but those who choose to persist regardless of the circumstances can accomplish anything. When obstacles are in your path, you must always choose to persist, no matter how hard it is.

  • Madelynn Dancer

    I was so excited to hear President Betz discuss the “power of persistence.” To me, persistence is the quality of never giving up on something you believe in no matter what obstacles may stand in your way. Persistence is essential for any person to achieve his or her goals. It affects many aspects of my educational, personal, and professional pursuits. Throughout high school I used persistence to help me reach my goal of graduating as Valedictorian of my class. I had to write term papers, double check my homework, and study for tests almost every day. These were tedious and time-consuming tasks, but by persisting through them I was able to achieve my goal. Playing softball also taught me persistence. Participating in six softball games a week was exhausting to say the least. Some nights we would arrive home late and attend practice early the next morning at 7:30. However, this sport taught me dedication, sportsmanship, and team work. Persistence is particularly important within my professional life at this current moment. Filling out applications and interviewing for jobs you do not receive can be extremely discouraging and tempt you to simply give up. On the contrary, I persisted in my job search and ultimately found a position that was perfect for me. I know that college life will present every possible barrier imaginable to my goals. Some examples of these could be financial barriers, time management, exhaustion, or even negativity. What is truly important is not how many barriers stand ahead of us, but how we choice to break those barriers down. President Betz taught me I can break these barriers through the power of encouragement, mentors, and focusing on my “why in life.”

  • Wanda Clark

    One President Betz’s comments that truly stood out to me was, “You must create the future, you cannot just let it happen.” This idea that you cannot let life pass you by, you must be an active part of your journey is both inspiring and daunting. It is so much harder to take responsibility for what happens around than it is to let life roll over you, but it is also so much more satisfying to push through and see the final fruits of your labor. I thought I was ready for college life, but I did not realize just how challenge it is to move away from home and restart. Then you must juggle your personal life with the strive for academic success. The idea that you must push through it and write your own future does not take away the struggle, but those words help me to realize that I can achieve much more than I originally thought. As I look towards a career in counselling for the foster care system, I even had a professor in my first week here ask me, “So you have deigned yourself for a life of poverty?” Different versions of that statement have haunted me since I chose this career path. One thing about persistence is that it is hard by definition. You will have people push against you in whatever field you choose and you will have to fight to not let their opinions force you into a career you will not enjoy. You must push through and do what you believe is right, whether that is a job that people like you rarely do, or a job that doesn’t come with any monetary gain. It was such an honor to hear President Betz speak, his words really spoke to me and have begun to help me adopt a more stimulated approach to all my pursuits.

  • Rylie Smith

    I feel as though persistence is one of the best lessons that I have learned throughout my life. I have had many experiences where persistence was the key to my success because even when I was not successful in my endeavors, I was able to reflect and gain a new perspective on what I could do differently and alter my approach so that if I was put in that position again, I would not only survive, but also thrive. To me, it is so important to never give up on anything that you deem valuable, even if you do not initially achieve your goals. I was never the most outgoing or extroverted person when I was younger, but I purposely challenged myself and placed myself out of my comfort zone because I felt that in order to grow, I needed to push myself and be persistent to achieve my goals.

  • Hilda Estrada

    President Betz mentioned the “Power of Persistence”, this comment meant motivation, inspiration, and determination to me, my academic, personal and professional pursuits. As he was sharing his meaning of persistence, I saw visions in my head about my desired future. Everything that I want to become I saw it as he was sharing. President Betz also described the “Power of Persistence” as being passionate and feeling connected to a specific moment in ones life. By having both, passion and connection towards something that I identify myself with, I can begin to build my future of meaningful goals and aspirations. I saw this comment as a way to be able to surpass future challenges. Challenges and obstacles will always be in the way, but if I maintain my with a determined attitude those obstacles will be less challenging because of the “Power of Persistence”. President Betz’ speech meant more than a speech, he really wanted to connect with each and one of us by sharing the significance of being true to ourselves to meet our dreams. President Betz made me realize anything can be possible as long as I have the “Power of Persistence”.

  • Linus Hodges

    President Betz mentioned that one’s persistence is equivalent to their passions. A person is most motivated to succeed when performing something they love. I could not agree more with president Betz when it comes to persistence playing a major role in students finding their passions. I’m a Double major in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, which to some people seems like a death wish because of the amount of math one uses in the field. I do not see it as a work load because I am passionate in the field. Though, that does not mean I do not struggle with subjects in my field. I struggle with math and applying it to the equations used. I usually get the wrong answer because of a calculation error. I even had someone call me a faulty engineer once, which of course discouraged me in pursuing my field. I nearly stopped. I told myself that marine anthropology was my strong point, until I realized I despised biology. Even after that realization, I continued to ignore my true passion. It wasn’t until my second year on my high school robotics team that I accepted what I was truly passionate about, Invention. I love building things, figuring out how it works, and potentially making it better. I found it funny that President Betz mentioned false passions because it related to my previous situation. Math is something that I struggle with, but I am so in love with physics that I am willing to accept my weaknesses and strive to proceed onward in my studies.

    One thing President Betz said caught my attention in regards to the persistence of people like Mother Teresa, “You must ask yourself. Is this enough for you?”

    Did I learn enough?
    Well no, because I am passionate about learning and when one is passionate about something they would do it until the end of time.

    Did we learn enough?
    Well why are we at the university if we have learned enough?
    Is this not why we are here as students at the University of Central Oklahoma? For we desire to continue learning until we are satisfied.

    Will we ever be satisfied?
    Well, if we, as students, are passionate about learning, then does that mean we will learn until the end of time? In that regard, we will never be satisfied, nor would we care to be.

  • Reagan Whitlock

    Persistence has always been a universal idea of venturing for success in every area of your life, but also about continuing on when life becomes challenging. When facing these obstacles and road blocks you must also remind yourself of everyone who has been in the same situation before you and how they too had to overcome and persevere to get where they are today. As I begin my journey in life I must continue to stay the course and challenge myself to keep growing and striving to be the best version of myself.

  • Maddie Higdon

    When I say the Presidents presentation was truly inspiring I mean it. I became so intimidated my first week as an official student at UCO. I would say “Am I talented enough?” “Am I smart enough?” “Do I have the time/money to be successful?” “Do I have the work ethic?” After listening to President Betz, I was filled with confidence. He is so successful and happy. He didn’t start from the top, he started the same place everyone else is and worked his way up to be successful and happy. Kind and genuine. Smart and influential. I intend to constantly strive for greatness and ask for help thanks to him. I believe that I am capable of having the life that I want now all to him. Personally, I wish he would come more than once a semester and speak to us. I am truly inspired by his words and hope to live up to his expectations.

  • Curtis Diaz

    The “Power of Persistence” is something I use often. Academically, I find that slow and steady persistence has worked best. By being consistent with study and practice times, I have more efficient practice than a single long session. Occasionally the workload can be overbearing, but I usually try to prioritize what is most important and it will work out.
    For me, I find that I have had to rely most on persistence when I am with my family. My parents have struggled with focusing on what should be important to them, and it has made my life more difficult. However, I think that by persisting and learning to take responsibility for what I need to, I have become more independant.
    When it comes to my professional endeavours, I have mostly been faced with sudden struggles, such as a an unexpected crowd in the restaurant on a busy evening. In situations like this, I focus on what I can do right now to make things easier and I communicate with my team members to make everyone’s experience positive.
    In most places I am faced with something that challenges my persistence but I find that it is easy to endure when I focus on making the situation into a challenge to be won or something enjoyable.

  • Jarrod Barnett

    One of the things that really stuck out to me during President Betz comments was that we create our culture every day by the actions we take. I think this is directly correlated with the “Power of Persistence” we have decisions to make every day and those choices are what create the culture we live in. We choose every day to persist and strive for what we want to do. Another topic he touched on that I strongly agreed with was the power of a smile, if you know me at all I tend to smile the majority of the time, I think a smile is the easiest action you can do to change someone’s day and maybe make a difference to someone. Persisting is vital to accomplish this though, if you get discouraged by a “roadblock” in your life then you might be able to make the change you want to see. President Betz also brought up how you should always be learning, which I think goes along with working on yourself, I think this can play a vital role in how you approach situations and can make the difference of whether or not you have the power to succeed.

  • Chloe McKinney

    Persistence is going to be crucial throughout college. Personally, I have chosen a very difficult major and am aware that there are going to be times when the challenges may seem overwhelming. During these times, I am going to have to choose to persist. I think a key aspect in achieving this persistence has to deal with another topic President Betz mentioned- finding your passion and being connected to what you’re about. I think for me, finding a true passion and being goal-driven will help me persist in my academic, personal, and professional pursuits throughout both college and life. Also, complications are inevitable, and I believe going in knowing that difficulties will arise will be helpful when they do. President Betz mentioned that part of being a responsible human is to never stop learning. I believe that viewing these challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and fighting through them, will only help me mature as an individual.

  • Emily Nelson

    I believe persistence is the difference between an accomplishment and a failure. If you have ambitious goals, the obstacles will be even more ambitious. It is so easy to give up, however, if you choose to be persistent and resilient you are learning and gaining much more than to accept defeat. I used to believe that failure “wasn’t an option”. It was nearly debilitating when I was faced with “failure”. But, upon reflection, I realized that with each failed attempt or road block, I learned a unique life lesson or life pointed me in a direction that I had not seen before. Now, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.You just have to get up, dust off the dirt, and go with it. Bring it on, road blocks.

  • Cole MacCollister

    I know that the transition from high school to college will be an exciting one, but I also know that it will pose many road-blocks and challenges. However, I know that this transition will not last forever, and I will soon get used to this new collegiate way of life. I will have many homework assignments, projects, and readings to complete as well as new relationships, professional and personal, to maintain and nourish. Persistence will be the key to balancing all of these responsibilities. By continually putting forth effort to establish good study habits, I believe that my academic responsibilities will be well taken care of. Reaching out and being a friend will also help me keep good relations with all of the people I hold close to me, and give me new connections that I can reach out to in the future. Finally, by continually being persistent, I will find success in not only my student, personal and professional pursuits, but in all of my endeavors in general.

  • Jacob Thompson

    I believe persistence is the key to accomplishing my goals in life. I have faced many challenges in life, but through my persistence I have overcome obstacles and I have proven that I can do anything if I set my mind to it.

    I want to graduate college with a degree that will prepare me for a job that I will enjoy and allow me to have a fulfilling career. I plan to graduate by taking care of my daily needs, and setting daily priorities to manage my time.

    I approach roadblocks with the intent to overcome them. I think having this approach helps me focus on what I want to get done, and it gives me the drive to conquer the challenges set before me.

  • Maritza DeLoera

    Inevitably I have endured challenges in my lifetime that I once perceived as undefeatable. But, those challenges have made me who I am today. Regardless of the future challenges that await me, I must maintain persistent if I want to keep moving forward. In the speech president Betz gave to my class he stressed the importance of the power of persistence because it’s what drives us in life. Being persistent is a choice not only to me but to everyone in this life. Being persistent determines if we choose whether we want to succeed or to fail in life. This is significant to me because it emphasizes that everything begins with me. Throughout my academic career this quality has been the root of many personal accomplishments, and without it I wouldn’t have been a first-generation college student. I know that hardships are yet to come, but in those times, I will remember everything I have persisted through and how my life would have been if I hadn’t. I have to remember that I am not only doing this for me, but for those who couldn’t. As president Betz said, the future doesn’t just happen, you have to create it.

  • Brook Marshall

    President Betz talked about starting with the question “Why?” I believe that when you know why you are doing what you’re doing, and why you’re pursuing the goals you’ve chosen to pursue, it makes being persistent much more feasible. Being persistent is being able to continue moving forward even when difficulties arise. I know that my number one goal right now is to go to dental school, so no matter what road-block or challenge comes my way my persistence will remain firm because I have my eye on achieving my goal. I will always be knocked down during a difficult journey, it will always be scary to follow my dream in fear of failure, but what sets me apart is remaining persistent along the way. If you can easily give up on a goal then you’re goal didn’t mean enough to you. If your dream doesn’t scare you then your dream isn’t big enough. If you don’t need the power of persistence then you need to reach higher.

  • Brook C Marshall

    President Betz talked about starting with the question “Why?” I believe that when you know why you are doing what you’re doing, and why you’re pursuing the goals you’ve chosen to pursue, it makes being persistent much more feasible. Being persistent is being able to continue moving forward even when difficulties arise. I know that my number one goal right now is to go to dental school, so no matter what road-block or challenge comes my way my persistence will remain firm because I have my eye on achieving my goal. I will always be knocked down during a difficult journey, it will always be scary to follow my dream in fear of failure, but what sets me apart is remaining persistent along the way. If you can easily give up on a goal then you’re goal didn’t mean enough to you. If your dream doesn’t scare you then your dream isn’t big enough. If you don’t need the power of persistence then you need to reach higher.

  • Madison Lance

    In President Betz’s speech, he stated, “You have to create the future, you cannot just let it happen.”
    In order to succeed, you must have persistence and, to me this means to think ahead, to be motivated and determined, and to have passion and purpose.
    Road-blocks are often unavoidable. It is important to keep this in mind and have other plans to help get through them. A mentor is essential because it is someone to look up to and go to for motivation or even advice.
    Challenges may knock you down 10 times, but remember to stand up 11.
    I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to listen to and learn from President Betz, because I am more motivated than ever and thankful to know how caring my university is.
    “Your character is your destiny,” President Betz said, and I want to be the best me I can be.

  • Megan Watkins

    President Betz mentioned to us that, “Your character is your destiny.” A person’s character tells a lot about a person, and a person’s persistence tells a lot about a person’s character. I say this because persistence is crucial in everything that one does in life. Most, if not all, people have a goal and passion, in their life and persistence is what will achieve that goal. Persistence, is “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite/ of difficulty or opposition”. My definition and what I believe is that persistence is continuing to chase and work toward your goals in life no matter what might knock you down in the process. Pursing my nurse practitioner’s certification means going through nursing school and competing with many other very talented students to only be accepted into the program. Although the process of achieving my ultimate goal it is not going to be easy, persistence is going to be the key to my success. It is what will get me to each finish line. It is what will allow me to set a new goal many more times. Thank you, President Betz, for helping me to come to the realization with myself that “persistence is key”.

  • Rodell Smiley

    Having President Betz speak to us was very honoring. I am very thankful that he was able to take time out of his day to talk to us and inspire us in leadership and in life. His words of wisdom were very encouraging and helpful as he spoke of the past, present, and coming future. One quote that hit home for me and I will never forget was when he said, “We’re part of a continuing, never ending story – we all create human history”. I see so little value in the things that I do sometimes, but now I get that you won’t always see an immediate change. Sometimes the change progresses over time, therefore your good doings will carry on and shall make a difference in someone’s life.

  • Reandre Clark

    During President Betz’s comments he mentioned the “Power of Persistence” and what that means to me is that through any obstacle there’s is a way out of it you just got to stay focus on what you want and look past the obstacle. That comment actually spoke to me because I had a situation where I had to overcome a situation that I thought was bigger then I could even with stand mentally but I had some strong leaders in my family to guide me and help find a way to beat that obstacle. I learned that nothing will be easy to achieve you have to got through some struggles and face them head on. You will need the determination to move forward and the drive to want to get better. He also said something about there will be people that care about you that will put there self in you and help you and want to see you grow. There will be many people that will try to do that or do that so you cant actually give gratitude to just one person. that what I thought about when President Betz’s was speaking to use about.

  • Melanie Holcomb

    Having the grit and determination to get things done is a requirement for success. Being successful means persevering through hardships, which creates hardworking individuals and those individuals can push further to achieve whatever they put their minds to. Having the ability to push through life’s obstacles is beneficial in all walk’s of life. Having that self efficacy that propels you forward because you know you can do it. Personally, the usage of persistence has gotten me through years my AP courses, years of a job I hated, and a year in a country completely foreign to me. That drive to make it through drove me to not only to not quit, but to be the best I could be. Now, it drives me to go to class every morning and to aid others. Truly, persistence is a powerful tool.

  • Dayton Skeels

    The “Power of Persistence” is an important concept not only to me, but also to all college students. Having the motivation and momentum to strive through difficulties must be the framework to the way students look at college and life. With persistence it creates a successful pathway to the sole destination that we all wish to achieve. Personally, I have the ability to overcome difficulties by using an open mind and with critical thinking. The best possible way to respond to road-blocks is to not give up. As Confucius once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.” A piece of advice to all my fellow students, do not fear the unknown for it is within the unknown that you find yourself. Never give up and Never surrender.

  • Throughout my life I have found that persistence is key to success. The only way I accomplished all of my tasks, and proceeded through track and field, choir, and several other organizations was to remember that persistence in what I love will lead me to a bright future. I thought of this in President Betz’s speech. He reminded my future self about why I choose to become a chiropractor. When he stated to follow your passion for what you want to do in life, I repeated this phrase in my mind: “I desire to help, support, love, and heal others. This is my passion.” I then felt a deeper rooting in my future choice as a chiropractor as I did myself. This speech also motivated me to pursue my personal values in effort to improve their quality. However, as days pass I know this feeling of motivation and persistence will wither. In effort to lessen a “burn out” effect, I plan on listening to motivational speakers, reading knowledgable books to keep my mind brewing, and gaining a stronger, more durable base of support.

  • Hsiang-Chin Hsu

    In my thoughts, I agree with Dr. Betz said that when you met the challenge, did you do your best? There are a lot of challenges and situations in our life, if we work hard to deal with those challenges, we can gain the result. Whether the result is good or not, we always learned a lot in the process. Also, I heard someone said that if you want to quit to do somethings, you just keep doing it. When you finished, you will find that it is not difficult. I belief what he told, because when I look back my life, all challenges have gone, and I have learned a lot. “Power of persistence” make me grew up and I have energy to face more challenges.

  • Pin-Yu Tsai

    I believe the power of the persistence is the same as the enthusiasm. This power includes original intention, motivation, and enthusiasm. It can help you pursue more knowledge, but you still have to face the potential road-blocks and challenges. As I face the potential road-blocks and challenges on the process of learning language, first I would tell myself do not doubt your ability. Then, I would calm down myself, and think about what is my original intention, motivation, and enthusiasm, and talk to my parents and teacher how should I do to solve a problem. This is the way I maintain this persistence.

  • Kennedi Breuklander

    I’ve always enjoyed President Betz’s speeches immensely, so when I heard that he was going to be speaking for our class I was all ears. I took everything in and listened with the intent to apply things he said in my life throughout college and throughout life in general. There were three points Betz said that really stuck with me. The power of persistence, the power of a smile, and making a difference. I asked myself to not only listen to him but to ask myself what it meant in full detail. What was the real power of persistence? How big of an impact can I have on someone with something as simple as a smile? How do I, as a single person make a difference? So I took what he said home with me and thought hard over each point. I believe that persistence is so important because so many leaders didn’t become leaders from the very fist thing they did. It’s about consistence and trying again and again even when you feel like giving up. With persistence comes growth, and the more patient and persistent you become, the better leader you can be. What Betz said about the simple power a smile has is really that… simple. It doesn’t take much effort to smile but sometimes it can completely change the course of someones day. So why wouldn’t you just smile at everyone? Overall the biggest thing that really pulled me in was when he asked us “how are YOU making a difference?” So i sat and thought about how I was really changing others lives and it was surprising to me when I couldn’t really think of anything. I decided that day that I would figure out what I could do and apply it to my life so that I could honestly say that I am making a difference in the lives of others. I am very glad I got yet another opportunity to hear our President speak and can’t wait to grow as a leader.

  • Bryce Wilkinson

    The power of persistance is something that has been pushed on me ever since I was young. From an academic standpoint, President Betz made some points that go hand in hand with something my father says often. He tells me when it comes to school, particularly college, he says “work hard now (in college) so you don’t have to later in life.” President Betz’s message really drove home that point for me.

  • Emelia Denham

    To me, the “Power of Persistence” means that no matter what life throws at you, giving up should not be a choice. We should see road blocks and challenges as a chance to grow and learn. President Betz stated that we are a part of a “continuing, never ending story” and that stuck out to me. We will leave behind an impact on our community whether we realize it or not and it can be either positive or negative. Betz also stated that we are creating the next step or opportunity for someone else. This showed me that our choices can influence other people’s futures. I felt as though Betz’s speech was impacting and encouraged the students to continue their path to success and to not give up.

  • Bryan Becker

    I believe you cannot grow unless you challenge yourself. Any time you face a challenge you can choose to give up and let that challenge beat you (thus you experience no growth), or you can decide to persist. If you persist, and give it your absolute best shot you will experience some type of growth, even if you fail. If you quit when times get tough you will not accomplish the goals you set for yourself.
    I plan on becoming a youth minister in a First Christian Church after I graduate. I know I am going to face challenges financially, as well as spiritually. Since I am paying for school myself, I have to be smart financially; that comes with challenges, but if I want to accomplish my ultimate goal I must persist through that. Spiritual fatigue is often common when working with kids. Right now I work at a Christian daycare. This job opportunity has been such an incredible stepping stone to help me prepare for my future career. I am drained/fulfilled every day after work. The “power of persistence” keeps me going back day after day as I work my way to becoming the man I am going to be.

  • Kenzie Taylor

    I thoroughly enjoyed the speech President Betz gave this week. He was more than inspirational, he was passionate and encouraging to each and every person! I love listening to speakers who don’t only inspire you but give you the ideas and tools you need to advance in anything you do. I think it was amazing listening to his own personal experiences with learning and growing throughout his life. Not only does it make him seem kind and understanding, it lets us know that he was once one of us. My favorite part of the speech was where he stated that “a four-year degree doesn’t prepare you for a career, it takes more than that…” and I believe that is so true. It’s not only the education that makes the person, its the experience, the networking, and so much more. I’m so thankful President Betz came to speak to us this week. It’s not only meaningful, it’s personal. Thank you, President Betz, for an amazing lecture! Truly inspirational.

  • Maya Weese

    In President Betz’s lecture, he spoke about the driving force behind the change of higher education. Becoming a “College of One” is no easy task, but is a standard each and every student should hold themselves to. It is important to constantly continue growing; learn from not only your own experiences, but the experiences of others. Adapt to new opportunities and learn from past decisions. Be committed, take advantage of the resources you have, and dedicate yourself to leadership – not only for yourself, but for others.

  • cwilliams124

    For my life, the power of persistence means never losing sight of the end goal. Things get hard and roadblocks will always be there but when keeping the end goal in mind, it makes things easier to push through. I have a personal goal of one day making it through dental school and using the skills gained from that to help those in poverty in other countries. When I keep that end goal in mind, I’m more motivated and have more perseverance to keep working and doing the best that I can. President Betz’s presentation really encouraged me to keep working hard and to not lose sight of my goals in life. In his presentation he also stated that it’s okay to ask for help and that you can’t (and won’t be able to) do it alone. As someone who values independence and self-sustainablitlity, it was excellent to be reminded that I won’t be able to do it all on my own, and that’s okay. I really appreciated the fact that he took the time out of his busy schedule to come and speak to us.

  • Cole Spradlin

    President Betz made a point about false passions hit home with me. It reminded me that entering a new phase in life will bring a lot of opportunities both bad and good. College is a place that can make or break a person’s character and future. College also brings a lot of freedom with it. We must be sure to steward our time and resources to be able to thrive in a college setting. I will do my best to analyze every opportunity and make sure it is one that I will benefit from in the future.

  • jjohnson217

    President Betz had many wonderful and helpful things to say in his speech to my leadership class. Out of all of his words, a few of his remarks about working towards the future and advancing in our passions resonated with me. “Work on the future while working in the present”. This sentence was incredibly powerful to me. It speaks to both having a plan, and living in the moment. It is about doing things for tomorrow instead of putting them off until sunrise. As a procrastinator myself, this is something I really need to work on. “Persist in your passion” was another small thing he said that really caught my ear. To me, this is about putting effort into things that matter. If an individual has a set of goals, he or she should pursue them and do all things that point towards his or her goal. It was both humbling and inspiring to have the president of the university speak to us. His words of wisdom will always be in the back of my mind.

  • Catie Wilson

    Persistence- “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” President Betz addresses the “power of persistence” by giving us history, answering our questions, sharing advice, and telling stories that were extremely impactful. Throughout my academic career I know that there will be bumps in the road. Challenging courses and curriculum and professors that may be difficult to communicate with. Although this situation is disheartening, something positive will come of it. I will overcome these challenges by attending every class, asking questions, and finding another source for one on one help. Beyond my career as a student I have a personal life that will also face trials and tribulations. These challenges may be relationships, finances, health etc. Recently I have found a group of girls that I know will love and support me first hand while I am away from my family and that when I need them for these types of challenges, they will be there. Having a strong support system is the greatest thing a person can have. These are the types of challenges that I can most control. In order to avoid health problems, you have to stay active and eat well (but of course treat yourself). I have also learned that saving money and spending money in a smart way is also extremely important. Creating a budget is one of the best ways to avoid financial difficulties. In the field of professionalism that I plan to pursue, I will constantly interact with people. Betz said to us that “our character is our destiny,” and with that I have to realize that the different personalities that I come across are simply to test my character. If all of my interactions with people come out of love then I should be able to satisfy myself and the people around me. “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.” Colin Powell

  • Sini Noronen

    Power persistence to me is setting goals and achieving them. For me it is very important to finish a task that I have set up for myself. The task is not the most important thing it is actually taking that first step. Once you have made the first steps you are more than halfway there. For me keeping the focus on one thing is the hardest, I’m that kind of a person who has many things going on at the same time. I hate failing and making mistakes, but I also know that one of the best ways to learn is actually from your mistakes. When coming to roadblocks all I need is a time to figure it out. I hate to make fast and unmanageable decisions.

  • Austin Loard

    “The power of persistence” is something used daily in my academic, personal, and professional pursuit. Having persistence shows traits of being a leader by being able to accept failure at a task and being persistent and overcoming the road blocks or obstacles in the way of one’s success. Being persistent in my academic pursuit means striving for a greater knowledge in the areas in which I struggle and building a greater ability to understand the concept. Being persistent in my personal pursuit means finding balance between old and new. It means recognizing the need to maintain relationships with family and friends formed through years of common interests and struggles despite changes in locations and goals. It also means stepping outside one’s comfort zone and forging new relationships based on shared goals and career pursuits. Being persistent in my career pursuits means setting both long term and short term goals. It means working every day towards those goals despite set backs. But it also means being flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances and always being prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

  • Sarah Faust

    President Betz had a wonderful presentation on we can better our future by the power of persistence and surrounding ourselves with wonderful professors who want to see us succeed. What I got from his presentation is that we are the future and we should constantly be pushing ourselves to do the best we can. Our time here at the University of Central Oklahoma is a time to learn things we never knew, however President Betz also explained that it is a time for us to set up pathways for our future by trying new things and making connections. He also said that while we are trying new things and meeting new people that it could get confusing and he encouraged us to not be afraid to ask for help. When asking for help he suggested to look for a mentor. A mentor, whether it be a teacher or an older student, can be there for those tough times when you want to quite and you have to remember why you are in college. Overall what I took away from President Betz is that we are at a wonderful time in life where we can grow as a person, also if we stay focussed we can set up a brighter future for ourselves with the help of a wonderful community who wants to see us succeed.

  • Jacqueline Kolker

    I believe the power of persistence is all about having hope. If you believe that at some point you will reach your goals, you will have the motivation to continue through with it. Some people would call this being stubborn, and it kind of is, but it’s more about determination than anything. As far as academic persistence, this really comes down to wanting to graduate. If you are looking head on at college on your first day of freshman year, knowing you have at least four years until graduation, all that may keep you going is the want to graduate. In a professional setting, this may come in the form of a dream job or promotion. However, in a personal setting, I feel like the power of persistence has a slightly different connotation. For one person, persisting may mean cleaning the house and doing homework, for another it means restoring ties, and for yet another this could mean doing something as simple as remembering to brush your teeth. One of the best things I have ever been told is that you don’t have to make monumental progress every day.

  • Amanda Rebman

    The “Power of Persistence” is being willing to continue to work toward a goal even when life becomes difficult. If you are not willing to persist through difficult times, then you will inevitably fail. Life isn’t always going to be easy. Sometimes you will be doing everything correctly and then out of the blue a loved one will pass away. Yes, this is a terrible circumstance. However, you cannot give up and let everything in your life fall apart. You must be willing to fight for what you believe in even when winning that fight seems impossible. You will eventually make it through that rough patch and have a time of simplicity again, so throughout persisting you need to remember that times will not always be this hard. I believe that having a positive outlook on life is crucial in making it through the bad times. Persisting is not an easy task but it is certainly achievable in every aspect of life if you are willing to continue working hard.

  • Mikayla M Little

    President Betz suggested that persistence is a character trait that is extremely powerful when learned and put into action in academic, personal, and professional efforts. I agree that the Power of Persistence is fueled by passion and driven fully by it. Betz said that each person who will persist and put in 10,000 hours of hard work, will reach the prime of thier ability and will STILL continue to learn more after surpassing the “time limit”. He stated that it is necessary to continue to learn the skill in life and persist even after we may think we believe we have it mastered. There is always room to learn more. I think what really stood out to me about this example of what it means to be persistent is his statement about how successful people who practice this never count the hours. When people are able to work hard at something they really strive to achieve with such continuance and drive, it is truly inspiring. I have learned through my journey of reaching personal goals in my life that road-blocks almost always occur. It is the one who pushes through the challenges and also how they act in diverse situations that may come along with it that really bring people through with persistence and leads to ultimate success. I believe that anyone can achieve anything if they put into action the Power of Persistence that President Betz so wonderfully shared with us.

  • Robia Charbonneau

    The “Power of Persistence” is part of my drive to be successful.During my time at Rose State College, I worked overnight full-time and still managed to keep a 4.0 GPA my first year in college. Furthermore, I was heavily involved on campus. Consequently, there was not much time for me to sleep. Nevertheless, I did not give up and kept persisting and now I have achieved my goal of being in a nursing program to receive my Bachelor Degree in Nursing. I am one step closer but the journey has only begun.

  • Hearing President Betz speaking about his own successes–regardless of him not having the money to attend in the beginning and being the first person in his family to attend school–was moving, for lack of a better word. To see how far he had come was very inspiring, and even though I cannot personally relate, I believe we all have our hurdles that we have to cross–especially in academics. Whether it be your background, mental illness, disabilities, stress, or the many other obstacles that can keep youth today from some of their best opportunities, or from becoming their best self, we all have the power to overcome, or to fight for ourselves. As President Betz says, “Your job right now is to persist”. To me, the ‘Power of Persistence’ is putting in more work than you thought you could, waking up earlier and staying up later to finish what you started, and making your best better. There certainly will be roadblocks, but UCO has such a great support system; as President Betz puts it, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be hesitant about asking for help. This whole system is here for you. 12,000 people come to work here everyday because you’re here”.

  • Angelique Jois Alog

    Having a time of struggle in a person’s lifetime is inevitable. Not to mention, there are so many factors that may go wrong in our everyday lives. The ability to bounce back with hopes of a better outcome instead of giving up and accepting failure isn’t something we learn without genuinely wanting to. As President Betz said, “we are the created of the future”, and I f we were to stop trying every time we become unsuccessful, there will not be any progress happening around us.
    An experienced I have had that I would say tested my persistence occurred when I first moved to the U.S. I didn’t know how to speak English and I had difficulties understanding everyone around me. There were hundreds of events when I pronounced and used words incorrectly, and even made no sense at all, but I ignored the people who laughed at me. I continued to learn more and expand my vocabulary. I had to stay determined because giving up wasn’t an option to me. I focused on what was important and I eventually made tremendous progress. I, actually, have won a few essay contests and was chosen to do a speech for my senior farewell assembly last school year. Now, for every struggle I come across, I just look back to all that I have accomplished to remember how far I have come.

  • To me, the power of persistence is everything. If I didn’t have persistence I may not have made it this far in my life. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to just quit and say that it’s too hard to reach my goal. For me, the power of persistence means not giving up. Not giving up on my goals. Not giving up on my dreams. Not giving up on life. But persistence never comes by itself. Determination had to come right along aside persistence. You have to have the determination to go somewhere or to reach a goal. Once you have that, you are able to obtain the persistence needed to make it there.

  • Bianca Navarro

    Being a persistent student will not only help me achieve goals now, but also in the future. Compassion, persistency, adaptation, and passion will help push me through the hardships I may find while working towards my future career. President Betz said, “Start with why. Why did you show up?” Thinking about why I’m here, who got me here, and what I want to do with my future helps get me through the hard times. Persistency is a good trait to have as a student and to maintain for future endeavors.

  • Matthew Ecton

    I was highly inspired and motivated by President Betz’s lecture. My biggest take-away from it was to step up and take initiative for your future. One thing in particular that stood out to me was when he said that cultures are created by the actions and inactions of those in the past. Too often, I believe, we play the victim when our circumstances don’t reflect our desires. Instead of blaming the world for our misfortunes, we should work together to create the culture in which we want to live. President Betz presented us with a valuable reminder to persist in what we are passionate about.