Week 13 – Lessons in Leadership – Senator Kay Floyd

Senator Floyd discussed how Oklahoma’s legislation ranks 50th in representation of leadership from the minority, along with some initiatives she has collaborated with others to have passed. What did you find most interesting from the conversation, and as a leader, how can you help lead from or for the minority?


  • Chang Ting Shuo

    Voting is critical, because it is a way let you select the person who can really represent people. A important issue mentioned that is education is always a state problem. Everyone had been taken a school or been taking school, and no matter you took the class or not. The tax which you are paying also supports education as well. The other issue is there are approximately 52% of population in Oklahoma are women, but it seems that women they do not receive the equivalent respect or treatment here. Accordingly, we are supposed to do more effort on supporting women to help them raise their society class to break the glass ceiling.

  • Charmaine Robinson

    I feel as a minority we must demand that we are represented. We must have a presence at the table. Not only do we have to be visibly represented but we must require issues that impact us get addressed through policies that benefit us. We are too passive when it comes to government. This passed election was a big wake up call. It is important that we educate ourselves and know our rights. I found it interesting the process bills go through to get passed. I appreciate Senator Floyd honesty about what she has to go through when she represents the minority party in our state. Another interesting fact was the greatest east divide that place is rural versus urban communities. As a leader l plan to make sure minorities are not discriminated against and have equal opportunity when it comes to hiring and job promotion. This is one of the primary reasons I returned to school so that I can make a difference in the world.

  • Myah Murphy

    One of the minorities she mentioned was women in the legislature. I think from a leader stand point, it is important to encourage people of all minorities to consider running for a position of some sort, and that’s not something we have to wait for. We can encourage people of all ages even starting from a young age to tell children that they can change the world for the better. We can do this by encouraging individual gifts over criticizing individual set-backs. I found it most interesting how she described the system she goes through when deciding which cause she is going to stand behind. She looks to see what the community would come together for rather than divide. She looks to see a major cause that others can get involved in as well. I like that she is firm in what she believes in but is also open to hear other opinions. I think that makes a great leader and I am glad we have her representing us.

  • It was great to have the visit of Senator Kay Floyd. For me it her background and years of experience worked in the civil and criminal divisions. It was so great to know that she was recognized as the youngest women in Oklahoma history to receive a judicial appointment. She really has an excellent background. I was so glad to know that she is in charge of District 46. This is the district were I live. I wish the Oklahoma State Senators would have an effective plan of how to work with the president-elect, who easily disrespects President Obama, and who is promoting so much fear and hatred in our country. He has insulted so many minorities, women, and my Mexican people and continues to do so without any regrets. I am concerned about his promises of massive deportation. My greatest concerned that he is trying to damage the future of all dreamers here in Oklahoma City. Deportation can cause a largely negative effect in several areas particularly for many College and Universities.

  • Emily Holmes

    Senator Kay Floyd brought up many points to my attention that I had never realized. I did not realize the very low amount of minority and very high amount of white male’s at the state capital. I feel it is important to have fair representation and I don’t believe that is happening at the capital currently. This also isn’t happening in the ratio of democrats to republicans. I found these points that she brought to our attention very interesting. As a leader and a little bit of minority, being a woman, I feel that we could in the future vote differently to allow more representation in the House and the Senate. We could also encourage people of minorities to run for these positions and help them campaign. And in this make people aware of this situation.

  • Riley McKinney

    I think that a lot of times people segregate people due to their personal beliefs. Just because one person of that denomination, race, or gender does something, does not define how the rest of the group acts. I believe people often times forget that. I believe we can all lead based on where we fit in. I think we can all lead if we prove society wrong on their beliefs for the group we fit in with and not stereotype one another based on our culture or beliefs.

  • Fatimah Alshaaban

    The most interesting part that I found during senator Floyd discussed about the social problems, children and education. she focused during her discussed about the education and how it is important for children and adult. She also, talked about how its important to chose a good teachers in schools with higher education that could effect the student specially now a day the majority of school students they did not feel good about their teachers. She mentioned that the higher education we have make us a better in our job in future. I learned during this discussion, if we always follow the roles we can reach our goal successfully.

  • Emily Acuna

    Senator Kay Floyd talked a lot about the many different proposals that they have passed. I found it interesting that some of them were more for the people and not just for political reasons. It was interesting to see the government take action in stuff that benefits more than just themselves. She talked about how they passed laws for suicide amongst the districts and that they were trying to develop new proposals so that nation wide the education will be the same. The suicide proposal was interesting, because suicide is a big issue in Oklahoma. The education proposal is important, because many people will move throughout their time in school, like military kids. As a leader, I find it interesting, because it is a different leadership style. They look at everyone and try to help benefit others.

  • One of the most interesting topics covered in the conversation is when she talked about how little diversity there is in the senate. She said out of the 48 members of senate, there is only 1 man of color and 5 women. I think these numbers are very shocking, but at the same time make total sense. Although Oklahoma is made up of whites, blacks, hispanics, native indians, and Asian Americans, etc. there isn’t an equal representation of each demographic in the senate and capital. Senator Kay Floyd has dedicated her life to serving and representing minority groups in the Oklahoma City area. I believe as a growing leader in the 21st century, I am able to use my different perspectives as an African American, a woman, a child who was raised by her grandmother, and a child of parents who have been incarcerated to help connect and speak for those who are in the same situation I was. I plan to find an outlet and connect with kids who are the silent victims of their parents incarceration. I want to help them understand they can have a different life and do better than those before them.

  • Zachary Canaday

    Senator Floyd discussed how little the minority groups are represented in Oklahoma’s legislation. This is an important topic that is often overlooked. Many question why the representation in a state’s legislation is not proportionate to the population. As leaders, we must address these issues. It all begins with the campaign trail. For more minorities to be elected, more must run for office. Most elected officials are white males who continue to run and win their districts. Minority groups need to challenge the established and run for their issues. Along with this, they need their message to get across and address their concerns with their community and rally up the vote for themselves. With a greater minority presence in the legislation, voices will more likely be heard and legislation that benefits these groups will have a greater chance at passing.

  • dayseah boston

    When she spoke about the Oklahoma’s legislation is what I found most interesting. I enjoy hearing about those kind of facts. I can be a leader and help lead from the minority by just being positive working hard and being effective in the community.

  • Kaylee Neff

    When Senator Floyd spoke with us was very eye opening towards the inequality of minority leadership here in Oklahoma. It was truly shocking to realize Oklahoma was ranked so poorly minority leadership, which needs to be changed in the future in order to receive true representation in the state. I as a leader when the election for local politicians, I will look at all the candidate’s stances and pick my elected official on their policies rather than gender or race and encourage others to do the same. What i really enjoyed from the lecture from Senator Floyd was her passion for the domestic violence and suicide prevention here in Oklahoma. I am also passionate about these causes and hope we as a state will take these preventable tragedies seriously and try to improve relations in these areas.

  • Elina Varmia

    I found Senator Floyd’s speech very interesting for couple reasons. As a minority leader, representing democrats and also being a woman, her determination and attitude have been the key to her accomplishments as a senator. It was interesting to hear how the legislation works, specially from the minority’s aspect. Also, I was surprised how little representation women and other races than white have in the Capitol. Floyd shared her personal experience to prove that being a minority leader is sometimes really hard but not impossible. It was encouraging to hear how she had worked her way up from being ignored all the way to passing a bill. She is a great example of a minority leader, and I found her determination very inspiriting. When leading a minority group, it is very important to connect with the majority and educate them about the issues concerning the minority. It is more important to work with majority as a whole than being separated from them. When I represent the minority, I need to be cooperative with the majority, educating and connecting with them in a respectful way. Moreover, I want my passion to be visible for everyone.

  • McKenna Oathout

    As a leader, in order to help lead from or for the minority we should lead by example. In todays world that is what people do, they follow what others do. We can do this by going to the Capitol, engaging with politics and expressing our opinions in a respectful manner, and being aware of the problems in the world. No one is going to be able to solve all the problems in the world, especially by themselves, but leading others on how to handle and being aware of what is happening may be the first step in solving a problem.

  • Emily T Womble

    I found Senator Floyd’s discussion points interesting. I did not realize there was so little diversity at our capitol, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense in my mind as to why there is a lack of diversity. I cannot speak for everyone’s ballot; however, I can speak on mine. My ballot had one person of color and only two or three women. The person of color I did not vote for because he did not hold views I agreed with. One woman I voted for, because I did agree with her, and the other two categories with women I left blank because I didn’t know enough about them or their opponents. After thinking on this, I came to this conclusion, is there a lack of diversity at the capitol because not many minority groups run for office? Or, is there a lack of diversity, simply because the minority don’t hold the majority opinion? We live in a primarily republican state, so of course democrats are the minority; however, if you travel to a democratic state, then republicans are the minority. The only way to make sure the minority is heard, on both sides, is to get voters involved. It’s like the senator said, state congress, didn’t do anything about education funding until parents (voters) began calling their offices and complaining. If the minority want to get their legislation passed, they need to encourage more minority leaders to run for office, and get their supporters to demonstrate and cause pressure in the capitol. If the state congress feels pressured to change, also known as “realizing they might not get re-elected because their constituents are upset”, then they will.

  • Sarah Tierney

    The thing I found most interesting from Senator Kay was the fact she hasn’t stopped doing what she believes in. She continues to fight for the things that she thinks should be done. This in my eyes says a lot about a person. She would collaborate with people form the opposing side to word the bills that she would want passed for what she wanted. Sometimes the smaller guy needs someone to stand up for them when no one else will. Senator Kay was a nice refreshing voice from the state. It was nice to know that there was a woman who was standing for what I believe in the head office. I guess you could say that she has inspired me to keep fighting for what I think is right, no matter how many people fight me about it.

  • Marcia Clemmons

    Senator Floyd’s most interesting topic was her sobering fact about women in Oklahoma. Her fact was Oklahoma is one of the worst states to live in for women. In Oklahoma we have the least representation in the country for women and whenever she has tried to pass a bipartisan legislative effort to work towards equal pay, it has failed more than once.
    There are not many who talk or even know about the equal pay crisis in Oklahoma. It is a topic not always appropriate for the workplace and is often uncomfortable. Many believe it is a sensitive issue, to be handled privately. However, I believe that work establishments are cheating women/minorities out of pay when this occurs and needs to be stopped by people becoming aware. As a leader and as a woman, I believe the best strategy to work on this problem is awareness and encouragement. We need to let the population know that this is a real problem and it affects families every year. 26.5 % more income for any family could significantly help. The next step would be encouragement, we need to encourage minorities/women to take the next step and approach their employer or run for office, despite the criticism. Everyone needs a support system, we as leaders need to be that next step of encouragement.

  • Lindsie Dortch

    In class this week, Senator Floyd talked about some things that can go wrong in the House of Representatives party regarding minorities. For example, she mentioned how some groups are not doing their correctly when working in Congress. Personally, I found this statement interesting because every member is expected to fulfill their duties and to help craft our state’s budget. One way that I can help lead is to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to fulfilling our responsibilities as leaders.

  • Destiny Henry

    I love the way she doesn’t back down when the odds seem to be stacked against her. She would give examples one after the other of how she had to work twice as hard to accomplish her goals. That is totally inspiring. As a black woman in America I have to always prove that I’m educated and qualified and I would love to change that. As a leader I would like to tackle problems that face the black community, especially black women. I want to start by killing the stereotypes that are placed on us. Then I would like to teach the majority of Americans about what black people still face in this “land of the free” nation. I first will expand my own knowledge and start small in hopes of soon accomplishing the bigger goal.

  • Victoria Plunkett

    The most shocking statistic that Senator Floyd shared with us was the misrepresentation of women. To me, this was most disturbing as women make up just as much of the population as men. I do not understand how women could let this uneven representation happen, and I am appalled that men who are styreotyping women are getting re-elected. The only thing I can think of to do now is to educate women on how they need to vote on their representation. Women across America are not being represented equally, and that is an issue heavily discussed in Jimmy Carter’s A Call to Arms. In the traditionally republican states, I know it will take a longer amount of time before women are treated and represented equally, but I am willing to do my part to reach the equality we deserve!

  • Jillian Coats

    After listening to Senator Kay Floyd, one phrase regarding leadership from a women’s point of view truly inspired me. She said, “When women are leaders, they are called bossy. But when men are leaders, they are called aggressive”. In my own life, I have seem this to be true. When women try to step up and lead, they are given a negative persona. I believe that the way to stop these prejudices is to keep pushing forward and proving people wrong.

  • Lydia Johnson

    I found it interesting when Senator Floyd began to break down what percentages of minorities were represented in the capital, most of whom were white males. I began to think about my life and what I hope to represent, and it is overwhelming to me that I have been born a white female in the middle of the United States. Because I am white and extremely privileged, I allow myself to forget about the difficulties that minorities face in the world. I have always been so fond of different cultures and different places in the world, and I hope that I give them a voice and see them for who they are. I want my life to be a process of understanding different people groups, and allowing them to form who I am, apart from any form of discrimination. Also hope that I can lead for the minority by loving them well and being their friend in a time where that is somewhat foreign.

  • Jordan Medaris

    I found it very interesting when Senator Floyd spoke about the lack of representation of women in the Oklahoma House and Senate and the lack of representation of minority groups in general for these positions. What I can do is to encourage community leaders especially ones of minorities to run for political positions to increase their representation in the Oklahoma Congressional hoses. in turn as a citizen I can make it my responsibility to vote for those in minority groups to further diversity in my community representation.

  • Sylvia Cook

    I found it interesting that Oklahoma is ranked 50th for minority leadership. It made me think about how many minorities actually participate in politics. I did some research and there are about 43% of mminorities that do not take part in politics. To lead the minorities I would get them more involved by showing why its important for everyone to vote and stay involved. People always complain about environment and how they wish this state was ran differently but we never do anything about it for example for the 2016 president election so many people was upset with the outcome but most of them did not vote. Instead of being leaders and trying to make our voice heard, we just sit back and complain. This speech made me realize why Oklahoma was ranked 50 in minority leadership because we just sit back and complain instead of wanting to actually strive to make this state a better place.

  • Jake Robertson

    What I found most interesting about Senator Floyd’s speech were the statistics regarding minority and women’s representation in the senate. This was rather alarming considering over fifty percent of Oklahoma’s population is women. To help lead the minority, the best thing I can do is listen. Since I have no idea what is like to face gender or racial discrimination I cannot truly understand how to help until I have grasp the topics, so I must listen to my peers and help develop solutions to the issues that they experience. Sometimes being a leader means that you must be a follower, and the most effective way I can help this situation is by taking instruction from those who have experienced discrimination first hand.

  • Lindsey Lance

    Senator Floyd informed us on how Oklahoma’s legislation is ranked 50th based on our representation of leadership from the minority, and hearing that I was actually interested by that statement. I feel that it is important to have representation of leadership ability in everything you do even in your daily life/activities. With that being said, I think as a state it is our job to learn and teach ourselves these leadership traits. Our legislation should do the same by pushing themselves to be more advanced when it comes to their representation of leadership, especially with the fact that we are currently ranked 50th. As a leader myself, I feel that we should take charge and teach other people our traits and collaborate with theirs. We should also be vocal about how important leadership qualities are important to have.

  • To me, the tips that Senator Floyd shares of how to lead and represent minority are very interesting. Senator Floyd states that leadership of minority is very different from leadership of majority. The statement above allows me to realize that as a leader, I need to be aware of my people. Therefore, leadership skills are not generalized concepts that can apply to anyone or any leaders. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to lead from the minority. A leader needs to be able to pull his or her people together while trying to explain and resolve different ideas or point of views. By doing this, the leader will be able to stop his or her people or team from dividing, making the team stronger and increasing the chance that the group’s interests will be heard and prioritized. From Senator Floyd, I believe that in order to lead for the minority, I will need to understand what are the issues and ideas that my people are concerned. Furthermore, I will also need to be aware of the opinions of the majority. By doing this, I will be able to predict the chances that my issues for the minority will be compatible with another point of views of the majority. I believe that it is important when leading for the minority, to not only consider opinions of my people but also those of my opponents or from a majority of the people.

  • Kaitlyn Hickey

    A way to lead for the minority is to help ensure that there is equal representation for everyone. That is a way to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and understood. I think Senator Kay Floyd’s collaboration on education and the bill regarding sexual assault and rape was one of the most important things she spoke about. She talked about how people need to be educated over the issue, because many, including our legislators, do not know or understand how prevalent sexual assault is on college campuses. This is a very important issue and her work on it will help bring change to college campuses.

  • Mason Belcher

    Senator Floyd discussed how most of our legislation is made up of white males and that there is a lack of leadership from the minority presented. I believe there should be a more diverse legislation, but those people should be qualified. We should not vote people in just based on their gender or race. The people we vote in should be qualified for the position. I believe as leaders, we should look into the ideas and plans that the candidates have in store before making a decision on who we like and not base our opinions off the way someone looks.

  • Amanda Goh

    I found it interesting how Oklahoma’s legislation was ranked 50th in representation of leadership from minority—showing that Oklahoma really needs to improve on this. Diversity is essential. Because I am a minority myself, I feel like I can relate better with other minorities. Being a minority means sometimes feeling as if you don’t belong or are not represented well. As a leader, I can lead for the minority by first educating myself. I have to research on the specific minority and understand their background and what they stand for. I can also help to lead by being a role model to others. If people see me acting a certain way, I can make a difference no matter small or big. It all starts from changing one’s mindset. For example, if I were to see a minority being made fun of, I can stand up for that person. As leaders, we need to take responsibility and try to make a difference.

  • Caleb Robinson

    After hearing the Senator talk about the initiatives on which she has worked and the difficulties she has faced along the way, I felt frustrated. This frustration is derived from the lack of progress in our local government because of people refuse to work together and because of red tape. Senator Floyd talked a lot about trying to pass legislation that will clearly help the state, but having to jump through hoops to reach across the aisle or appease the people. There was a point at which I considered pursuing a career in politics, but I am thoroughly convinced I do not wish to anymore. I would not have the patience to deal with the inefficiency of the government, the loopholes, and the lack of cooperation. Instead, as a leader, I will do my civic duty by voting for people I think do have the patience for such tasks and by voting for people who will also represent the minorities as well. I will do my best to be informed in order to vote and educate others, but I will leave the legislation to those who feel called to sift through red tape.

  • Cali Passerman

    I think it is most important to lead for the opinion that suits your own beliefs. I am not going to vote for someone just because they are a woman, or just because they are a certain race, I do not think that is a smart way to vote. I can help lead for the minority by just supporting those in minority positions. I am a woman, but I don’t feel as if I am ill represented, there are simply just more men interested in these government positions. Obviously, there are some cases where minorities are discriminated against, there will always be a bad apple in the bunch. I thought it was interesting how Senator Floyd responded to the question about if the men in power know about the issue of sexual assault. I am interested in further researching what this bill of rights she proposed would include. I would like to know why she thinks the men in government positions do not know of the issues regarding sexual assault, to me that just seems sort of unfair to men as a whole. I feel like we should focus on the person, not their race, not their gender, not their sexual-orientation.

  • The most interesting thing she said in her speech is about the definition of leadership for majority and minority groups. In her speech, she said that leadership for minority groups is different from that for majority groups. Leadership for minority groups is to pull them together but not dividing them. I think it is plausible for the reason that since minority groups normally have less human resources and other resources compared with majority groups, the best way to joint all the efforts together is to unite members together instead of separating them apart. When it comes to how to lead for a minority groups, I think I will have two things to do.The first thing is to get to know the commonalities that members share. Since within a minority group, the diversity of members’ talents are not as diverse as a majority group. Therefore, getting to know the most common strength can help the leader know and make full use of their strengths. Second of it, it’s to help them develop diversity. Although minority groups have less diversities than majority groups, they can still be small but have all of it. Make a minority group become as diverse and powerful as a majority group.

  • E'Lexus Merriweather

    The most interesting topic she discussed was the part about how out of all the people in Oklahoma, 52 percent are woman and we serve as a minority in the state as well as in the legislature.With that statement she made she had said that here in Oklahoma we don’t have equal pay. That is shocking because in my opinion women work just as hard as men if not harder depending on what the task is. Women are not treated as equal here and I feel that may be a reason why there isn’t a strong number of women in the legislation. She described to us how hard it has been for her to get certain bills passed to the head of the legislation because it consists mainly men and they don’t see those bills as severe as she does. They don’t treat all things fairly. Though there are 43 men in the legislation, only one of those men are African American. I serve as a double minority being black and a woman. It would be probably quite difficult to function in the House of Representatives but as a leader I would definitely try and make my voice heard. I would sit along side the other five women in the House and try to get us all to work together to prove that women can get things done too. I am not sure as to how EXACTLY I would every little thing but I would try my best for equality.

  • Linn Brusletten

    One of the most interesting subjects that Senator Floyd brought up was the division within the capital. Floyd is a democratic representative, and thus, she represents a minority within the capital. However, Floyd stated that the major division in government here in Oklahoma, is not between democratic and republican, but between rural and urban. I found this very interesting. As a leader from or for a minority, it is important to realize your position and recognize that being in a minority group often means that one will need to compromise. I believe one of the major actions a leader of a minority can take, is to convince others that what they stand for is important. Educating the majority can often go a long way. It is also important to be humble and respectful towards the majority as well as other minorities. As a leader, one needs to understand that being a leader of a minority does not mean you cannot get anything done.

  • Keats Calhoon

    What I found most interesting about her speech was that Senator Floyd said she had to learn about various problems. She spoke about not knowing about domestic violence until it was presented to her. To me, this shows that not everyone knows about problems that need to be dealt with. Senator Floyd also talked about going to share information she had learned to her colleagues so that they are await of it. Some people don’t really pay attention to a problem until the facts basically smack them in the face. They can hear about it but not really truly understand until some intense statistic or act is shown to them that hits them deep. The whole truth about things needs to be spread and understood by all. Senator Floyd seems to be doing a good job of that by educating others in the capital of various problems our state faces.

  • Bella Oliver

    I think the most interesting part for me was when she was discussing how much work she had to go through in order to get some of her initiatives passed. For the most part, I’ve always been in the majority, and it never occurred to me how much work must go in to be heard. As a leader, I want to help support the minority by making sure to make time to listen to them and understand them, and I will also stand up when they aren’t being treated fairly and not be a bystander.

  • Sydney Haas

    The biggest divide in our nation, clearly from the recent election, is the republican and democratic party. This is because we are in a constant state of complete unrest in these moments in history, and political party is the easiest way to divide up the current war of our nation. This is where all our battles are fought and where we are most disgruntled, as a nation.What is fascinating is as a state, however, according to Senator Floyd, we are most drastically divided between the urban and rural areas of the state. Our state is so spread out and diverse, but dealing with the state-wide same problems, this divide makes much more sense than a political party. The fact that the biggest divide within the state itself is not a political party makes sense actually for any state out there, other than swing states that could go either way. In places like California, there is no way that Republicans come close to battling Democrats and the opposite could be said to be true for Texas.
    Right now, I find myself in one of the most minority positions I have ever been in. In my major and studio, I am constantly completely surrounded by males that are far more experienced than me. I am one of two females in the entire studio and it is frequently used against me. I spend most of my days talked over and ignored. Most days they attempt do something to rile me up and frustrate me. Being in my minority, the only way I can lead is by constantly working four times as hard as them to keep up, but also to have an attitude of grace and dignity. In a minority position like my own, if I do not choose to respond elegantly and respectfully in everything I do, I will only become the laughing stock of my peers. If you are in a position of minority and you are female, there are two things you must always do: Act like Jesus and Audrey Hepburn.

  • Ben Raulston

    I found that the fact that we are last in representation of minorities in the United States to be very surprising. As a leader I can help lead for the minority by listening to their needs and giving them a voice. Even in an under represented situation the minorities will still have a voice because they should reach out to their elected officials with what they need help with as a group. Whether it is gender or racial minority every person still has a right to vote and must take part in electing a leader they feel will listen to their needs and give them power at the leadership level.

  • Forest Deming

    The most effective way to lead any group of people including members that may be in the minority is to treat all members of the group as equals. In so many aspects of our lives people get special treatment just because they come from a certain background. This can go both ways, both the majority and minority in any classification will always be treated differently from one another. This special treatment can be the cause of much of the tension today between majority and minority groups. In order to successfully lead a group of individuals from different backgrounds it is imperative to show that no one group is higher than the other on any basis.

  • Yukihiro Hitomi

    In her presentation, Senator Floyd mentioned her own experience being treated unfairly in her work environment and society. I think her passion for the better education and the improvement of women issues are motivated by those experiences. I really feel that it is inevitable to understand their feeling to help lead from or for the minority. The minority issues are eternal. We need more discussion about if the leader of the minority has to be the person from the minority, or the person from the majority can lead them.

  • Erin Drewke

    In the face of adversity, as a minority, Senator Floyd is standing up to make a change. She repeatedly was turned down and still fought to find other ways to achieve her goals. I believe these examples show us how to better lead from and for minorities. If we are a minority, standing up for ourselves may be difficult but is not impossible. If we try to make any change for a minority it may require compromise for the majority so that any decision will be good for the population as a whole. Over time these methods will narrow the gap between majority and minority and hopefully lead to equal representation in the community.

  • In my opinion, as a leader who leads for minority, we should first show our respect to the minority from our heart and treat them equally, and we should also ask other members to do that. Besides, we should learn the cultures, customs, beliefs and values of the minority and try to deal with things in their aspects based on the cultures of minority. Moreover, make more communication with them and ask other members of the group to communicate with them in ordrer to create a good relationship among the group.

  • I found it interesting when Senator Floyd said that we need to find candidates that represent the people. This is something that I agree with, and I know many people have heard, but when she said this it made me realize that we need this to be done more often. Senator Floyd, is someone that represents the minority. She is a female, white, democrat, who has successfully represented the minority and todays people. I believe that as a young female Latina I can also help by making the voice of the minority, especially the Latino community, heard. I could do this by being involved in the Greater Oklahoma City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, or by being involved in the Latino Community Development Agency. These two organization help, and offer many opportunities to the Latino and Hispanic community in the Oklahoma City area.

  • I lead for the minority, for those growing up disadvantaged by social implications ranging from naysaying family with a middle-class mindset to the system that breeds apathy and average.

    There are many programs out here that minorities can take advantage of to slingshot them into success. I intend to take advantage of every one of those programs. And the sad thing is, a lot people don’t know about them (mainly because they aren’t looking for them and have given up on their success).

    See those that have grown up with the cards stacked against them have 2 options
    1. Whine and complain about the white patriarchy (or whatever social justice warrior buzzword) keeping them down and from greatness or

    2. Push, Shove and Skill Up to show you got whatever it takes and that you’re obsessed with not being a statistic, but an outlier.

    You either make excuses or make a difference, you can’t make both.

    I appreciate the work of this woman and her role in public service but have to disagree with some of the policies she supports such as increasing the federal minimum wage.

  • Connor Schuff

    I loved the speech that Senator Kay Floyd prepared for us was amazing. She provided us with tons of information and ides on how to get involved. When asked how you can help lead from or for the minority. There are many ways to help people such as providing them with information and offering help to support the minority. Leading from the minority should be viewewd the same as leading from the majority, leadership should be handeled the same way. Leading for the minority is as simple as providing them with a voice large enough to be heard.

  • Kira Douglas

    Considering the fact that i am consider a minority myself I could easily lead for and with them. Bring up issues that occur in Oklahoma and guiding the minorities to a more stable leadership where it could be look at with more respect. Letting grow to be more popular to the rest of the united states and show even minorities can become successful leaders of society. Giving hope to the rest of minorities that they can put their trust in us leaders to help make society for them and everyone else a better place to live. By putting more minorities in office and in higher positions of power whether it be just in Oklahoma or the United States itself we can make a difference by leading others to follow.

  • Madison Gaines

    I thought the most interesting part was her telling us that we should look more into electing minority senators and representatives because there are hardly any. I understand we should be more diverse, but we should also elect people who represent what we the people think. We should elect officials who have the same values as we do and do the best possible job of representing us. I don’t think we should simply elect a minority because they are a minority. If they have the right ideals and can do the best possible job, then I agree we should elect him or her. But as a leader, I think we should look into the persons values, not their skin tone.

  • Hope Hohnke

    Senator Floyd discussed many of her successful initiatives. She is an inspiration to me personally, because she has traveled many of the same career paths that I strive to go down as well. I took notice to her statement about not only the lack of other races in Oklahoma legislation, but females as well. I hope to see legislation broaden itself with other races and females and also to see Senator Floyd continue to take part in its expansion. Senator Floyd made quite a personal impact and I hope she can continue educating the youth on ways to expand the the races and genders in legislation. I am personally an advocate for anyone taking the initiative to be involved in their community and I feel that hearing from people like Senator Floyd, who have personal experience in legislation, may help inspire everyone to take part in it as well. I feel that the best thing we can do is send others, that attempting to expand legislation, to high schools and colleges around the state to make them aware of the need for their involvement in legislation and educate them on how to become involved.

  • Mario Figueroa

    While listening to Senator Kay Floyd speak, some of the things that I found interesting were when she explained how low Oklahoma ranks on representing the minority in legislation. I had a feeling that, as a state, we would be ranked low, but I did not think we would be the last state. Coming from a minority it is important that our community knows that they do have a voice and that their voice does matter in our state and country. it is important that just like everyone else, we get equal representation amongst legislation. For this to happen it is crucial that we have representatives that represent the minority and have the motivation to represent the minorities who strive for equality. Because our country is extremely diverse we should have individuals who represent the minority groups. Something that I would like to see happen, is that Oklahoma increase in ranking and have more minorities represented. Our state is one that is becoming extremely diverse and because of that, we should have individuals who come from a minority become a part of legislation.

  • The thing i found that most interesting about this conversation was that Senator Floyd was willing to address these issues in general. Not many leaders in our nation like to talk about the lack of diversity in leadership positions, and they typically avoid the topic when it is brought up. I admire her passion for the progression of minorities assuming leadership positions. Being a minority myself, I believe that by just having leadership positions myself helps the cause by leading by example. In addition to myself leading, I plan to reach out to other minorities and let them know that just because they are a minority, doesn’t mean they do not have a voice and are not fit to lead. The key to getting more minorities involved is to make sure they know that people are supporting them.

  • Shadow McCain

    The thing I found most interesting about the discussion was when she commented on the fact that the sate could build a soccer field but not more elementary schools. This to me shows that we are not balancing out funds correctly. Education should be ranked one of our highest priority. But some less impotent things are still passing it. On the aspect of their being equal representation of the minority’s in the goverment I believe we should choose our governing officials based on there ideas not on their race or sex. Therefore were it would be positive to have more presents of minority in the government i feel i cant be best represented by anyone who has similar opinions as myself.

  • Austin Elliott

    I found it interesting on how one sided it was. The facts that she presented definitely showed the difference of what she has ahead of her. Being able to get your voice heard as a minority doesn’t seem enjoyable but sometimes has to be done. I think the best thing to do as minority is present easy and well balanced arguments. Showing your views in a easy going way could be the difference on if people listen to you. Being able to adapt to the situations given is another thing i think good leaders do, minority people can be the best leaders because of it.

  • The thing I found most interesting is the overwhelming lack of representation woman have in Oklahoma. I knew the numbers were low but I had no clue they were that low. I think one thing everyone can do as leaders to make a change is to be the change they want to see. Let one’s thoughts be known, if something isn’t right, change it. One thing I will do is become more cultural competant, rid myself of the demeaning and racist slang I may be guilty of saying. By making changes within myself, those around me may start changing too.

  • Na'eemah Phanelson

    What I found most interesting was how she said some of her colleagues feel that equal women’s pay is not a real problem or how quite a few people feel that education is not that important- not just there but on a state level as well. I very much liked how she explained to us some of the major dividers in the Capitol- I feel way more informed on a personal/ internal level, versus an outside perspective. Now as a leader, again week after week I keep saying how important it is to be informed, to make sure we know what is going on at the Capitol and ask questions when we do not. So, I feel what we can do is to be informed of what is happening and to be informative. Tell our legislators what is going on, how there decision are making us feel, give real life examples of what their decision/s/efforts are actually doing and to vote vote vote. Not just us, but our friends and their friends too- it is so important. I think the whole process at the Capitol seems stressful but fun- I would totally like a job downtown or to do an internship down there- I feel I would learn so much more with the hands on experience than any other way. Thanks Senator Floyd- you have greatly inspired me to try more and do more.

  • Juan Estrada

    Senator Floyd talked about many interesting things, but the thing that I though was the most interesting was that we are the 50th in the nation for having minorities in our state government. I knew that Oklahoma was a mostly conservative state, but I did not know that we as a state are the last ones in having minorities in our state capitol. Coming from a minority this is hard to hear. I am currently helping the Hispanic minority here at UCO by representing them in a variety of leadership positions. I am one of the few Hispanics in the President’s Leadership Council and New Broncho Orientation Leader. I am proud to be representing Hispanics here at UCO. I want to be a role model for the future Hispanic UCO students, and I think I am good on my way.

  • Kay Floyd representing a minority is such a great endeavor for her. I am proud to see her serving in the house, and the fact that her voice is so steady and well spoken on women and family rights speaks wonders. She is a woman of courage, not cowering when being called “honey” by her male counterparts. She represents students like me who want to make a difference while serving in the state capital. Senator Floyd is a great role model for a woman like me, who is concerned on the safety and equality of women. I hope to one day follow in her footsteps, and make an impact. (Even if it is in the worst ranked state.)


  • Pallavi Samantaray

    I found it quite interesting and surprising that our minority levels were so low in our state legislation. With all the woman empowerment and efforts being taken in support of minorities, I never realized how much we are still lacking in equality among our legislation at the state capitol. Now that I have come to know about and as an aspiring leader I want to try to take action and do something about it, no matter how little or big anything can help. In order for anything to be done someone has to take the first step therefore allowing others to see the action and follow. I myself am a minority so I understand and I feel obligated to be a voice for my people. As a leader I will try my best to spread awareness about equality regarding our race/ethnicity among my peers and my day to day life. Just by starting out small and taking action within the classroom, on campus, and when hanging out with my friends people will start to notice. when people see other people taking action an promoting equality in our daily life it will spread like a chain reaction reaching higher places like the business world and eventually our state legislation. As leaders in training we need to take that first step.

  • Shania Slavick

    I thought it was admiring how she still expresses her love for being a minority in the democrat party despite so many times of being overlooked or outvoted. She continues to create bills and plead upon for she wants to pass for the citizens of Oklahoma. She tries to pass various legislation pieces for the topics such as a raise in teachers wages and more money for education. I really enjoyed how she stands up and continues to fight for ideals that many Oklahomans want despite if they get passed or not. Minorities are consistently overlooked but yet it’s important to stand up for important ideals that a minority wants. You can help lead the minority by continuing to represent their ideals and their outlook on various aspects.

  • Danny Eagle

    Senator Floyd shed light into my eyes about the horrendous misrepresentation of minorities in the Oklahoman senate. She stated that in total there are only 5 women, and only one African American senator. I have always had preconceived ideas that Oklahoma’s government lacked diversity, but the actual numbers shocked me. Not only this, but Senator Floyd also stated that only 5 out of 48 senators are democrats. This lack of diversity means lack of perspective, misrepresentation of minorities, and decisions being made that may not always benefit minorities.
    But, she made an emphasis that even if you are in the minority, it is possible to be a leader. And that was the most interesting thing that I heard from her speech. Senator Floyd made it clear that to lead from the minority you have to find issues that pull everyone together. It takes being a unifier with an open mind to bring people who think differently to consider new positions. Because in the end, we all have more in common than it seems and it is important to be reminded that we are all in this country together.

  • Lauren Walker

    As a leader I think it is very important to practice what we preach; with that being said I think it is important to show people instead of just telling them. We must show people how to be a better leader, how to not be judgmental, and how to not think less of people due to where they come from. We can lead for the minority by showing the minority that we will stand with them and that we will not push them aside because it is in fact the minorities that help make this nation what it is. I believe it is important to let individuals be exactly who they are and not let people feel that they are unsafe because of what they believe or how they look or even how they choose to dress.

  • Laura Kleinmann

    One of the things I found the most interesting from the conversation was that the biggest divide in legislature is not between Republican and Democrat, but between urban and rural. I expected the most conflict and tension to be found between the political parties. Senator Floyd mentioned that leadership differs depending on whether the leadership is easy because everyone agrees and the dissenters are few. Leadership becomes very relaxed and often no real progress is made. Leadership in the minority is very different. In order to lead in the minority one must take a much more active role. They are constantly battling the majority to make their point and hope to reach a compromise. To help lead from the minority I can be patient, yet emphatic and determined to get my point across while I work together with the majority to reach middle ground, as well as, the best solution for everyone involved.

  • kinsey rogers

    Understanding the minorities view point is a huge step to take in order to improve. I believe that every voice should be heard and taken into consideration. i wasn’t there for Senator floyd’s lesson, butIi wish I was because it is something I would be interested in. As a young adult it’s so helpful to hear words from the wise!

  • Karrigan Kimball

    I found Senator Kay Floyds speech interesting, regarding the comments about Oklahoma’s legislation being ranked 50th in representation of leadership from the minority. I think as a leader, our job is to allow every individual, regardless of their background or ethnicity, as equals. That is our job as leaders, as well as the legislators job. In order for our state to be successful, and advanced in leadership skills, we must provide various backgrounds and opinionated views. As a leader, we must look past all of the little things, and stay focused on the big picture in order to pursue relevant goals. If everyone is on the same page working as one unit, as well as focusing on the same end result, that is when we will become successful leaders of our state.

  • Remington Dean

    By listening to Kay Floyd I learned that women are underrepresented in the senate, even though they make up 51% of Oklahoma’s population. I plan to try to further women and minority roles in the government, but also in various fields. I can do this y starting a plan that integrates minorities and women into pertinent fields. This will the first of many initiatives.

  • Avery Ann Ibison

    It is always difficult to lead a minority because most privileges are suppressed. The senator brought up many influential points and it was inspiring to hear her experiences. In my opinion the most reasonable way I have found to lead from or for the minority would be to relate to every situation in a personable way and then always set out an exact outline on how to execute your goals.

  • Kiel Kondrick

    Leading for a minority is a huge passion of mine. I love to be someone the minority can relate to and depend on. Although, it is rather challenging to do so when minorities face prejudice and other struggles day to day. My plan for leading others would be to see what life hands me and do the best that I can in every situation possible.

  • Chase McMillen

    I do believe it is important to have representation for everyone who legally lives in the United States. Every single person who has claimed citizenship here deserves to have a fair chance at living in the U.S. and the states in which they live. However, I do not believe this number is based off statistics of race, gender, or religion. I personally am a white male which forms an opinion of all people based on their moral values. I personally don’t care what my representation’s color. Nor do I care what gender they possess. I don’t even care what religion they are as long as they share the same values and beliefs as I do. However this is coming from an individual who has been represented in more fashions than any other combination of race, gender, and religion in America.

  • MacKenzie Black

    What I found really interesting and encouraging is that people in legislature are working towards gender equality becoming prevalent in Oklahoma. It is discouraging that the idea of equal pay has been shot down several times, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. I think the most important thing for us women or feminist to do is educate people about the matter at hand. There are many people who think the pay gap isn’t a real thing, or some just don’t understand why it is so important that women who are doing equal to what a man is doing get paid equally. Women shouldn’t be seen as the lesser sex, and as a minority we will probably always struggle being seen as the lesser to man.

  • Ri Hao Yong

    The most interesting topic to me that she talked about was that she was involved in suicide prevention works. I think as a leader, the highest honor you could gain is by saving other people’s life when they don’t want it. I think it not easy to save someone who is dead on about dying. Saving them through verbal speech is really awesome and i think that if you could really save someone who is going to throw away his own life, that means you are a leader that cares not for your own life but for other people’s life as well. Where could we find leaders like this in the whole world?

  • Melissa Salazar Velasco

    Senator Kay Floyd delivered an extremely informative presentation over Oklahoma’s lack of diversity in the legislature. Even though I was not appalled by any of the information presented, it was refreshing to see some of my classmates’ eyes open up regarding the importance of our state’s demographics in the legislature. I am currently a member of the minority party here in Oklahoma. I can help lead the minority by encouraging people to fulfill their civic duty and engage in the political process. I am proud that I was able to encourage my friends to vote in our local elections this year which resulted in a win for our preferred candidate in our constituency. I am also glad that I have encouraged people to speak up and take action for what they believe in. There is a major difference between having an opinion about an issue and acting upon your beliefs regarding the issue, where the latter is a lot more productive.

  • Julie DeMauro

    During Senators Floyd’s presentation I was surprised by unrepresented both women and minority groups are within the senate. Along with this I was taken back by her passion for not only creating diversity but actively and relentlessly making steps towards a better future for women and our education system. As a minority in all of the main categories taking a stance as a leader is something that I personally feel is important. Too many minorities have began to believe they are truly not worth the time and that is something that no human, regardless of race, religion or gender should feel. As a someone who is or is choosing to lead for a less “thought of” group, you not only have to be a little bit bolder but also mentally stronger, as we see with the Standing Rock protesters. More than that I think as a leader of not only a minority group but people in general we should never forget the end goals and where we came from. Use both of those things to advance throughout life.