Week 12 – Lessons in Leadership – Michael Carolina

Michael Carolina asked the audience to rank Oklahoma on an innovation scale from 1 to 10. After hearing about the technological advances, educational opportunities and initiatives in our state, how do you feel you can continue to advance these efforts, and discuss any new ideas or topics that you learned.


  • Victoria Hodge

    Coming from a STEM related major I always love and fully endorse programs that get young kids involved and educated. In high school, I was a part of a STEM project called PLTW (project lead the way). The name of that program is something that will always stick with me as well as the things I learned and opportunities gained. It is our job to lead the way for others in the field of education. I liked when he talked about programs like STEAM that also involved art education. I believe that one of the most important things we can give kids early is an opportunity for good, quality education, and these programs are where it starts. Through STEM programs we can help improve Oklahoma “grade” or rating and show others that we can provide higher ed classes to our kids even with some of the education infrastructure issues that can be found here. I firmly believe that helping to provide more STEM and STEAM programs to public schools could gain outreach and help to support for the percentage of kids moving on to higher education.

  • Charmaine Robinson

    I must say I was impressed with the work that has been done within our state in regards to STEM. The fact that we are looking deeper into forensics, agriculture, and software technology is reassuring that we are working toward staying relevant globally. After Michael Carolina’s presentation I would say we are likely around a 7. I believe we need to work to do a better job in reaching out to girls to make sure more women are involved in STEM. Women definitely have a part to play in technology by bringing a unique perspective. I thought it was cool seeing projects in place regarding self driving cars, the idea Elon Musk is considering regarding the fastest train, and the work of invisible cloak blows me away. There are definitely exciting times ahead that is beyond my imagination!

  • Lindsie Dortch

    I, Personally, would rank the State of Oklahoma a 5 on a scale 1 to 10. There is a lot we as state can improve on. Although, the children in this generation can rely on a lot of technology, such as Google, Excel, and PowerPoint. We as a state can still improve on the Widespread high-speed broadband to increase labor job opportunities and our broadband infrastructure to help our economy. Also, education opportunities in Oklahoma are really low considering we rank 49 when it comes to education. I feel the reason Oklahoma’s education opportunities are so low is because the children are being tested way too much in school. For example, many public schools have quizzes and test every week, benchmarks, Eoi’s, and finals. This is most likely the reason why many kids drop out or feel discouraged in school. Therefore, there should be a rally about the issue of too much “test taking” in school held by our State Superintendent. Lastly, there should be more educators taking initiative for the issues like “poor education” in order for the State of Oklahoma to receive a much better result.

  • Jillian Coats

    After listening to Micheal Carolina’s speech in class on Tuesday, I was very intrigued. He had a lot of really awesome things to say about how the great state of Oklahoma and how it is innovating and progressing in its technological and educational advancements. I was very encouraged to hear that that Oklahoma is not as bad as people often say. It is so easy to look over Oklahoma and say that we have nothing to offer. However, we are in the center of opportunity here in Oklahoma. We may not have everything that larger, more populated states have but we not far behind. I cannot wait to see where these advancements take us as Oklahomans!

  • I believe in order for us to continue to make progress in the technical and educational world here in Oklahoma, I think we have to stay aware and up to date on what’s happening and changing around us. keeping up with the policies in education that have effect on us and may influence our decisions in the future. Knowing advances in technology is also important because it effects out world in numerous ways. Another way I think we can continue to advance in these areas is by keeping engaged in education and technology even after we graduate and move into the work force. One of the topics I learned more about was the idea of globalization and how important connections on a global level are.

  • Elina Varmia

    Michael Caroline told us that the world is getting flat. He said that technology has a great impact on today’s world. In fact, it already has changed everything.That is why, internet and new innovations are extremely important when thinking about Oklahoma’s future as well. Education has already taken advantage of new electronic devises and taught students how to use different software. However, in some other countries coding has already became a required subject in elementary school level. Teaching students the basics of computer coding at the young age, can be very helpful in the future. When the importance of internet and electronic devises is only increasing, it would be smart to increase the knowledge of technology within students as well. Schools and universities have a difficult job to keep their programs updated, when technology is changing so rapidly, but by doing that, Oklahoma can offer a highly competitive educational environment to its students.

  • Chang Ting Shuo

    Globalization, technology, relationship, cultural competence, and career paths are the five most important elements when a local market wants to connect to the world. Nowadays, internet has become part of our life. So if a investment wants to be achieved in the future, it is supposed to rely on internet’s help. Also evaluates our own advantages is necessary. Even we also have to expand research and entrepreneurial capacity. In the 21th century world, there are several needed requirements if we want to develop full-established leadership, such as character, honesty, integrity, humility, vision, embrace technology, and sense of humor. By well founding these aspects of personality, we can do better than before.

  • Destiny Henry

    – [ ] I believe Oklahoma is moving in the right direction regarding technology. I believe that all Oklahomans need to be on the same page with theses changes. I would love to hold meetings and do one on ones with the baby boomer generation in order for the new technological advances to benefit them as well. Also, with new advances comes new concerns and problems and I think those should be addressed. We as citizens need to make sure that the laws in place are not broke and that lines are not crossed, especially in the medical field. We are an ever changing nation but there has to be boundaries.

  • Sarah Mattox

    I think after hearing Mr. Carolina speak about the unique features of our state, it is clear that our status regarding innovation is higher than many realized. Where innovation is possible, entrepreneurial drive must also be present. I have recently learned that Oklahoma City is considered a “silicon city” in the business world, meaning we have a high amount of entrepreneurship. As a business major, this incites me with hope about the kind of job opportunities available to me if I remain in the OKC area. Mr. Carolina briefly mentioned a book titled “The Coming Jobs War,” and having a particular interest in this topic, I looked up the book in my free time. As it turns out, the book’s author believes that entrepreneurship is what is lacking in our economy, not innovation. He links this issue in part to how well (or poorly) our education system prepares future entrepreneurs. Given the success of local entrepreneurs, I would venture to guess that our schools do a decent job in this preparation as a region. If I were to become employed through a local entrepreneur, not only would I benefit, but I would also be playing a small role in the advancement of innovation and entrepreneurship regionally. If I possessed the drive, I could become an entrepreneur myself; however, I am aware of my personal limitations in such an endeavor. This is why I find it important to, instead, help support a pre-existing or newly established entrepreneur and their business by entering the workforce through them. Even if I personally do not get a job with such a company, I know that others should be considering this as well due to what Clifton labels “the jobs war”. Newly created jobs are the path to employment in our competitive economy.

  • Jasmine Stevenson

    As far as the advancement of the efforts towards technology and educational opportunities, I think the best way that I can help the process is to simply educate myself on the advantages of them. The way to contribute would be to understand their affects, especially on students. Also, I think I will also need to experience these new opportunities for myself so I can then educate others on the benefits and disadvantages. Innovation in the education system has always been something that has intrigued me, and I hope to be apart of something like this at UCO.

  • Emily Holmes

    After hearing what Mr. Carolina said about the technological advances in Oklahoma I feel it is fair to rank Oklahoma in the top. I believe we have come a long way. I can think of about 3 or 4 colleges just in a 40 mile radius from my home. And also multiple technical schools as well. These higher education programs allow the students to have the opportunity to study a field they are interested in. In high school, I actually took college classes and went to a technical school called Northeastern Technology Center (NTC). For two years I spent half of my days at NTC and learned very valuable skills that will help better me as my future career as a nurse. NTC is what got me passionate about the medical field and nursing as well. Without this opportunity to go to NTC, I may not have realized that I wanted to be a nurse. I feel as if tech school’s are still somewhat looked down upon, but I can’t imagine my high school career without it. Programs such as these for high school students allow students to be more prepared when entering the work force. This is just one example how concurrent and tech schools have bettered our education system.

  • Riley McKinney

    I feel like to continue and contribute to the changes in our world we have to be knowledgable on our surroundings. We have to open our minds and explore beyond what society considers desirable. I believe a good way to advance technological advances are to figure out ways we can do the task without technology. Then we aren’t relying on one common thing and being dependent on something. I believe then we can learn more about what and why we are doing something and also it gives us an idea on how to advance the technology.

  • Ri Hao Yong

    I think from my own perspective, Oklahoma is very safe, peaceful and suitable for long time staying. Oklahoma still has a lot of potential to be like big states like New York, California, Florida or others. Oklahoma could still improve on innovation and technology so that the state could step up to a totally new level and attract more investors, tourist, and common folks. For me i think Oklahoma provides good education and strives to provide everything to students so that they graduate with all the skills needed to succeed in the work industry. Go Bronchos! Go UCO! Go Oklahoma!

  • Forest Deming

    I was surprised to learn that there was so much technology based industry in Oklahoma. I think that continuing to progress in the fossil fuels industry will help Oklahoma to stay near the leading edge in technology. The research and development of new techniques and processes for extracting and refining fossil fuels will bring new companies in the energy and technology fields to Oklahoma. These companies will compete with each other and this competition will drive progress in technology, energy, and other fields. The progress achieved by competing companies will help to keep Oklahoma at the front of the pack in technological development.

  • Cali Passerman

    I think it is very important to have an active part in advancing technology in these times. I, personally, am not interested in technology and we don’t really get along well, but I still feel that it is necessary to further these efforts. Whether it is taking part in personally advancing this field of study, or just learning about it yourself, there is no excuse to not be a part of the process. When Michael Carolina asked us to rate Oklahoma on a scale of 1 to 10 on innovation, I immediately thought we would be maybe a 2 or 3. Clearly I do not have much faith in Oklahoma. But, I was not thinking about all of the energy innovations we have made, with oil and wind energy. Another way we can advance these efforts is to invest in our schools and our children. Oklahoma needs better STEM programs if we want to keep innovating and making a name for ourselves.

  • Melissa Salazar Velasco

    Last week, Senator Ron Sharp informed us that companies like Boeing receive tax breaks in order for them to settle and work in Oklahoma. This week, Michael Carolina discussed a lot of technological advancements occurring in our state, which reminded me of what Senator Sharp had mentioned. I understand the importance of companies remaining in Oklahoma. However, I believe that we have an amazing range of talent throughout our state that is important to invest in. I believe that I can continue to invest in these efforts by motivating others to work hard in school so they can become closer to receiving a degree. The investment in individuals will help them become motivated, helping them become the next generation of workers attempting to improve technology in our state. After Michael Carolina’s presentation, I learned that the opportunities in Oklahoma are limitless and should be taken advantage of.

  • McKenna Oathout

    There are many technological advances and educational opportunities here in Oklahoma. Michael Carolina talked primarily around OCAST – Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology. There are many different programs and events to promote these opportunities and to help boost Oklahoma’s ranking on the innovation scale. Our world works around technology, I believe by understanding what we are given and being capable of using these machines to their full ability will be beneficial. There are many educational opportunities here in Oklahoma. At UCO, we are known for our excelled Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Programs. The University of Oklahoma’s Engineering and Business programs are known for how excellent it is. Oklahoma State University’s Veternary and Agriculture departments are excellent. Every college, whether it is a D1, D2, private, tech, or community college have educational opportunities. Most Universities and Colleges also give students the opportunity to study abroad or visit different parts of the world for a short time. I think we, as student, should take full advantage of these opportunities to grow and learn.

  • Emily T Womble

    I have lived in Oklahoma all my life. When Mr. Carolina asked us to rate Oklahoma, the first number I thought of was two. After his presentation, however, I would rate Oklahoma at a 7. He pointed out a lot of things that never came to mind for me when ranking Oklahoma, like all the agricultural and medical research we participate in, and the availability and affordability of education. It made sense; when I was looking for a university to attend, one of the biggest factors in my choices was affordability. I didn’t want to be in tens of thousands of dollars of debt when I graduated, and UCO is helping me achieve that goal. If there is something I could change about Oklahoma, that I know we could improve on, it would be mental health funding. Mental health is integral in creating a stable society, while counseling is encouraged in schools, outside of school affordability of mental health care is just not there. If we could make it more affordable for those in need of a little help every now and then, I feel like it would make a world of a difference.

  • Fatimah Alshaaban

    During Micheal Carolina discussion, he talked about many topic and he focused in education opportunity and technology advance. He also, talked about the rank of Oklahoma state on an innovation scale it is between 6-7. He mentioned that the higher education, technology, relationship, and culture competence can continue to advance these efforts. He talked about the vision of each person and how that could make Oklahoma become a highly competitive and global force in the knowledge economy. I learned during this discussion that the technology and higher education could change everything in our life. I also, leaned if we wanna be as a leader one day and reach our goals we have to have specific characters like: honest, integrity, humility, vision, embrace technology, and sense of humor.

  • I used to attend a state conference about children care issue in UCO. During the whole conference, I heard a lot of reports about children issues, meet a lot of experts on children education field, and also get to know more about current situation about children issue in Oklahoma. After the conference I had a broader view about how to make the situation better. All in all, I was inspired. From this experience, I concluded that when we get to know more about the current situation of what we want to advance, we will gain a better insight of it and also have a definite direction to go. It is said that only if we know ourselves as well as our enemies, can we claim victory. Of course, what we are going to fight for is not our enemy, but it is the same that we can do so much better if we spend some time in doing some research before we actually do something. For instance, after I attend that conference, I knew that the children abuse is serious in Oklahoma and 1i in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys reported experience some kind of abuses before they turned to 18. This information gave me an impression that the serious children abuse problem would definitely affect children’s education experience, which is one of the project I’m working on. Therefore I contact one of the coordinator in CARE and made some discussion about improvement of the children abuse and education issues. If I directly contact her without knowing the current situation, I would have no clue to fight for and everything will be worthless.

  • From my perspective, one thing the state should do is to enlarge communication and cooperation with other states and other countries. First it’s possible to send more science and technology talents to study in other countries or states to increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Also, the state can carry out more scientific research projects with other countries.

  • Kaitlyn Hickey

    As a person going into a STEM field with very few women, I think that it is still relevant and important to bring more women into these fields. Numbers have drastically improved, but the field I am going into is still roughly 1% women. I knew that there were programs to bring STEM field members to Oklahoma to advance its technology and science, but it was interesting to learn about the details of the programs that do that and how they operate. It was somewhat surprising to learn that Oklahoma is ranked at about a 6 on an innovation scale and that it is continuing its efforts to increase that ranking. I think that that is great and will help bring innovators and technological leaders to the state.

  • Mackenzie Black

    I feel I am pretty much a 0 on that scale from 1 to 10 when it comes to knowing anything whatsoever about technology. I don’t even understand everything we already have created, it all goes over my head. But one thing I can do to help myself would be actually researching these advances instead of just accepting I don’t understand. Also, I could be asking questions about things I don’t exactly grasp the concept of. Like Mr. Carolina said, you can ask siri anything or google anything so I don’t have an excuse to be technologically ignorant.

  • Yukihiro Hitomi

    Executive Director Michael Carolina concluded “There is room for innovation.” As he mentioned, although the technological advances are important, getting educated and skilled workforce are inevitable to win in the 21st century. In my opinion, to continue to advance these efforts, we should always be hungry and creative. We must not forget that there is always room for innovation, however you innovate something. You are never satisfy with the states quo. That seems the most important attitude that everyone has to have.

  • Myah Murphy

    I feel that it is important to spread awareness to those who do not know about all the innovative things Oklahomans are accomplishing. I traveled one year to Atlanta and was asked where I was from. When I said Oklahoma they assumed we still ride horses as our main source of transportation. Another example is when I met one of my church’s interns from the North, and she said she was most excited to see a tornado occur. That is the stigma that the rest of the country has on this region– an uneducated, unmodernized, tornado waiting/watching culture that is not doing much to benefit innovative fields, which is completely false. Nothing is wrong with riding horses or tornado watching but people fail to realize that we are much more than that. My gifts are not in the science or math area, but rather the English and communication side so I feel that I can use those to spread awareness of those Oklahomans that do have those gifts and that use them to their full potential while making the world a better place.

  • Kaylee Neff

    After Mr. Carolina’s speech last class was truly opening about Oklahoma’s efforts to not only benefit Oklahoma but also across the globe and to be ranked sixth on the innovation scale. With the help of Mr. Carolina and Ocast bringing over 2,000 jobs to Oklahoma and earning of 536 million dollars return on investments makes a big impact on Oklahoma’s community. One of topics Mr. Carolina spoke about that I found interesting the advancement of technology especially in marketing. I would really be interest in any educational opportunities in this field because technology is only going to advance more and more the further time that goes on which could help me promote my own business. Ocast seems to make tremendous strides in the medical field that could change how we look at diseases. I hope Ocast continues to make a positive impact on our community and around the world in the future.

  • Austin Elliott

    I think the best thin to start with would be advancing education. For example the Oklahoma School of Science and Math has some of the smartest young kids in our state but doesn’t get the opportunity to seek out the number of students they would like to due to the funding. Putting more efforts towards better education i believe advances everything else along with it. I think we could keep up technological advances better if taught to people like a trade of sorts. Technology is advancing rapidly around us all the time and while the younger generation keeps up with it easily, the older part of our country has had trouble adapting. I think its partially because we have not taken the time to teach it to them. Overall the main thing i would do to try to keep everything moving forward would be to teach the people around me the new things they do not know and to push for better education funding with more skills added to curriculum.

  • Justin M Morgan

    Mr. Carolina had many good things to say about the advancement of technology in Oklahoma compared to what people think. Many people believe we are low on the totem pole when it comes to technology, but contrary to popular belief, that’s not true. We are just as advanced and maybe even more so in some cases than those industries on either coast. In order to advance these efforts, it will take more money to produce the technology and expand it. This entails more advertising and more support from outside resources. Marketing is a big key to getting people to donate and be apart of your organization. If we are able to implement more marketing into the process, I believe it will help advance the technology exponentially.

  • Marcia Clemmons

    One advantage we as UCO leadership students have over others to further help Oklahoma thrive, is our ties to the community. We are locals, we know our towns and we know what the people here need to thrive. Not only do we have these vital connections to our home but we have the passion and loyalty to see our state through the tough times and the glorious moments.
    We will advance the efforts of our predecessors by expanding our economy, by making national and international connections. We grow our state by finding and building on new markets. Industries outside of oil and natural gas that Carolina mentioned, such as technology and medicine research. We will only succeed as leaders and as a state if we invest in our people and in education.

  • Caleb Robinson

    I think that one of the best things that Oklahoma can do to continue to climb higher on the scale is to support each other. This sounds a little cliche, but the best way to the top is with the help of others. Its awesome that we have Tinker Air Force Base, Paycom, Sonic, Loves, and other Oklahoma based companies. These companies need to give back to the community, and the community needs to support them. You see this with Paycom. Chad Richison has contributed to UCO in order to help grow the university that helped him first achieve success. This is something that other businesses need to do. I also think that working with other businesses to help climb the ladder would be beneficial to both parties. As far as me personally, I hope to stay informed on the current progress and support local business!

  • Victoria Plunkett

    When Michael Carolina first asked us to rank Oklahoma on a scale of 1-10, I ranked it very low. I did not realize our technological advances were so substantial. After listening to Carolina speak, I learned about how our states financial industry correlates strongly with our technology. It is very wxciting to note that our universities are technologically advanced and are offering educations worth students time and money. Our state initiatives are exciting to learn about and follow. To encourage technological advances in the state, we have tone observant and supportive of all technology and the universities that are experimenting with it!

  • Zachary Canaday

    After listening to Michael Carolina giving a speech on how Oklahoma is advancing in innovation, I would have to give our state a 7 on a scale of 1-10. Mr. Carolina mentioned several advances in the technological field, such as multiple airline companies residing in Oklahoma and embracing students directly coming from either a trading school or college. He mentioned the amount of opportunities that are appearing and continuing to increase as the years pass. He recognized the state government for these advances due to Oklahoma’s generous business tax being a lot lower than many other states. He mentioned that this state initiative is a reason that many large businesses have decided to reside in our state.

  • Lauren Walker

    I feel Oklahoma as a whole can continue to advance our opportunities, especially my generation due to growing up with all sorts of technology, by continuing to further our education on technology as well as continue experimenting. I think that by continuing our education on technology that we will learn more and then in turn be able to develop and accomplish more. It is like looking for a cure, the more you research for something the more information you learn, and then the closer you are to finding a cure for the problem. Same thing with technology, the more you learn the more you know and the more you can advance.

  • Mario Figueroa

    While listening to Michael Carolina ask the question of where Oklahoma ranks on an innovation scale, I heard two distinct answers. Some students ranked Oklahoma very low, while others ranked Oklahoma as high as an 8. The innovation that we have seen in Oklahoma in recent years is a good start for our state growth, but there are still many things we can improve on. Being college students in Oklahoma, one of the most important things that we do after graduation is stay in Oklahoma. The goals that we have set fourth for ourselves are some that we can use to develop and better our state. Hearing how much we have already developed as state, sets a good base for the future of our state, and how much development we will soon be witnessing.

  • Lindsey Lance

    By learning about all of our technological advances and initiatives in our state I learned that the more we research technology the more advances and opportunities we have. With more advanced technology we can find cures for certain things, have more research ability, and even use machines in certain work fields. I also think that as college students we should look more into these advances and use them to our advantages.

  • Linn Brusletten

    Innovation is important in order for advancement. Several innovations that did not exist some years ago, are now a crucial parts of our everyday life. Michael Carolina mentioned how the Commissioner of the U.S. patent office in 1899, Charles Duell, made a statement claiming that everything that can be invented has been invented. Today, it is obvious that this statement was false; however, it clearly reflects how most people’s minds are programmed not to think “outside of the box.” It is crucial for states, as well as nations and the world as a whole, to constantly foster and encourage innovative activities. This can be done through education, private or public programs, sponsorships, and encouragement directed toward innovative behavior. Most innovation does not occur at eureka moments, but happens as a result of some sort of pressure or time dedication towards solving known problems or advancing living standards. In addition, innovation cannot be systemized. The best way to advance these types of efforts is to create an environment that accepts and encourages “new thinking.”
    I really enjoyed how Michael Carolina discussed biotechnology and the advancements they are working towards in mentioned area. 3D printing of body tissues and stem cell research are both topics he mentioned that I find very fascinating.

  • Zach Atkinson

    I believe it is important to advance these efforts. I think that people can do so by speaking up about these things. Often times if you want something to move forward, you have to be sure to bring it to make it happen.

  • I can contribute to the advancing of these efforts by taking part in the creation of companies that drive our economy.

    As a matter of fact, there is existing technology on UCO’s campus that can be utilized within the medical field to solve a 10 Billion dollar problem. This is not merely big talk but reality. The school already has a patent on the technology and thus will hold a stake with in any company that stems from this product.

    All its going to take is a team of driven and cooperative students to commercialize this product and not only generate profit for the school and provide hope for students but save hundreds of thousands of lives.

    This is my goal for next semester. To create a company out of an idea and establish my credibility in the marketplace to make Oklahoma a key player in the growth of business in America.

  • Jake Robertson

    Traditionally, Oklahoma has not been considered a technologically advanced state. While we are moving in the right direction, it needs to happen on a broader scale. We can not rely strictly on nonrenewable resources and agriculture to bolster our state’s economy. With all of the technological advances in the energy field, Oklahoma has the opportunity to pioneer new technologies that could become the standard of energy production in the near future. This task is daunting for any single individual to take on but in large numbers, our voices could be heard. It is crucial that Oklahoma diversifies its economic suppliers not only for the near future but for generations to come. Fossil fuels are polluting the environment and they are depleting rapidly. To ensure that there are viable replacements for this important product, we must combine our voices to be heard so those with political influence can effectively change the target market of the state economy as a whole.

  • Madison Gaines

    We could find ways to raise the teachers salary and find better ways to spend our state’s money. If we could find an innovative way to raise money and help with different areas like education and the work force then I believe we can help make Oklahoma a better and more stable place. Education is the main issue, without it we would not have the technology that continues to run the world. Education is the key component to everything relating to this topic and I believe we must further education to further our futures.

  • Chase McMillen

    Personally I think the best way to keep our state moving in a positive directions towards innovation is to just have a progressive mindset. Not everyone is interested in inventing things however, being open to news ideas and being willing to give new things a try is a great way to keep anything from going stagnant. Oklahoma residents need to be able to accept new ideas in our communities and encourage companies to develop new ideas.

  • Juan Estrada

    I believe in order for our generation and myself to help out with all of the advances Oklahoma has it store, is to basically stay in Oklahoma after we get our college degrees. There are a number of different job opportunities and advances that we can help make better here in our home state. I actually plan to stay in Oklahoma after I graduate from college, but I do not plan to stay forever. While I am here I hope I can help with any of these efforts. I thought it was really amazing how the inventors of Loves and Sonic were born and raised in Oklahoma. That shows me that even though I am Oklahoma, if I put my mind on something I can do it.

  • Sydney Haas

    My field of work is education, specifically music education, and the focus for the day was mainly on the STEM aspect of the world, so not a lot of it applied directly to my own career, but it does apply to my future impact on students as a teacher. It is my duty to encourage students to be whatever they set their hearts on, but also encourage them to be injnuitive and solve problems that have yet to be conquered. Every child needs a mentor and an encourager in their lives to pursue whatever path they choose, so my job is to be that person for them. When I am able to push these kids on to be entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists, I will be able to further all of these fantastic causes through my students, whether that be building the next greatest bullet train to saving lives through the use of drones and amazing other inventions. Teachers who do not shoot students ideas down are the ones who help the world become a greater place. Now, this does mean that students should just be told, “oh yes of course it is logical to walk to the moon”, but instead be told “well how do you think we could walk to the moon?”. Students should be challenged, but encouraged all at the same time, and teachers that do this are the best way for the future generations to be spurred on to new and greater things in the world.

  • I feel that I can contribute to advancing our educational indicatives by simply finishing my degree. Not only will that contribute to educational advancement by my giving of money to secondary education, i will also be pursuing a degree in education. By gaining my degree in education so many doors open up for me to contribute to the advancing of our education programs. I hope that I can help with bringing more STEM programs into our school systems by keeping a good amount of attention on the arts. I hope that I can also help fix the school to prison pipeline. There are many things I can do to help advance our education in Oklahoma, getting my degree is the first step.

  • Ben Raulston

    As a young adult in college who will soon be entering the workforce I believe it will be important to continue making new advances in technology as well as striving to capitalize on the initiatives already taking place. Personally I see it important to become educated with more and more advanced technologies because that is where the world is headed. As a people we are becoming more and more reliant on the technologies of our everyday life. I feel that it is important to me to learn how to operate and improve these technologies so that I could maybe improve on the technologies and create a better more efficient world. There are so many programs going on in our state right now that are looking for intelligent young adults to become adapted into. I see it that we need to move into these roles and learn everything we can so that we can help our state and country.

  • dylan stottmann

    Michael Carolina ranked us at a 6 out of 10 on the innovation scale. This shows me we are on the verge of creating and innovating some of, what could be, the best inventions of our time. I think we need to make sure that funding for research and the teaching of the basis for this research is important. We need to make sure our future generations are being prepared to keep up the technological research and development for the years to come. It is imperative that we ensure the future of our children, and our childrens children.

  • Mason Belcher

    I believe Oklahoma is improving with the technological advances, educational opportunities, and initiatives in our state. I feel I can continue and advance these efforts by being a leader in my community. It takes people to stand up and take those roles in our state in order to keep up with the great things happening in our state right now. If we do not step up and continue to advance our state, our state could suffer. Michael Carolina said it best when he said, “If you’re not innovating, you’re failing.”

  • Keats Calhoon

    To me technological advancements in education is only good if still requires a work ethic. This generation of people is getting to a point where hard work is almost frowned upon. The easiest quickest way is always taken if possible. Children these days spend their entire days looking at a screen when they used to be outside playing games and getting exercise or play board games that can help strategize and such. In education, the easier it gets to do stuff, the more people are going to translate that over to every day lives. In saying that, some technological advancements can be beneficial. Turning in papers online for example removes papers from being wasted time and time again. Doing homework online does the same. There have been places where lectures have been recorded and put online for those who are sick can get online and not miss a day of school lecture and learning. These type of advancements are good. However those that can cause a decrease in work ethic need to be reexamined because they will hurt our country as a whole.

  • I believe that the best way to further improve technological advances and education opportunities is to become an active member of these research. As sciences always fascinate me, I think that if I have an opportunity to work and contribute some ideas about the pathways of certain diseases of interest, such as Alzheimer’s disease, I can help to improve such technologies in the medical field and treatments for patients in the future. Luckily, many universities in Oklahoma provide students with various opportunities to be involved in research. Therefore, I can start collaborating with a professor to research about a particular disease. By understanding the cause of these illnesses, researchers will be able to develop effective treatments. Moreover, I can raise public awareness about certain technologies that are underdeveloped and therefore these projects will likely to receive more fundings from interested companies or individuals so they can continue to develop.
    From Mr. Carolina, I learn that there are many inventions and research offer in the state of Oklahoma that attempt to improve humans’ life that I have never heard of before. As a consequence, I realize that I will need to inform myself on current innovations and developments while attending presentations from people with different technological projects so I can connect with the world around me. Another topic that Mr. Carolina has talked about is precision medicine, which is a new way to treat patients. Since individuals are genetically different in some ways, precision medicine improves the effectiveness of prescribed medications but it can be more costly due to more testings. Therefore, the developments of advanced treatments have helped me to realize that I need to be able to consider the advantages and disadvantages of new treatments and technologies introduced and observe whether their benefits can outweigh their cost.

  • Erin Drewke

    One of the big things here in Oklahoma is the aerospace industry and our lawmakers and educators have done a good job of expanding and promoting that field. This is evidenced by a large amount of aerospace contractors that are now located here which employ a lot of people. These industries have also helped educate and retain teachers and students in the STEM industries. For myself, I was raised in Oklahoma in a family where both of my parents worked in the military and aerospace industry while also majoring in engineering myself. Because of these things, I feel I can contribute the voice to educate others about the opportunities that exist in our state. Even so, after Carolina’s talk, I now realize there are many more opportunities in Oklahoma for innovation than I first realized.

  • Delaney Williams

    I believe that Oklahoma is considered “less innovative” than some states because, (1), our metropolitan areas are still developing, (2), we currently lack an open-minded government, (3), we don’t have many of the resources some of the “more innovative” states may have. However, I believe that Oklahoma is becoming more and more innovative everyday in terms of education and non-profit organizations. In order to continue to grow from here, Oklahoma must consider connecting with other states as resources, wether that be for physical resources or just communication. I believe that Oklahoma’s most lacking area is education. Education in Oklahoma must be improved in many ways. Some of the public schools in Oklahoma are the worst considering aspects such as the student conditions, food, and teacher pay. The generation that can really make a change for education in Oklahoma are millennials. Our generation needs to step up and do what it takes to become innovative by becoming more open-minded, communicative, and resourceful.

  • Amanda Goh

    Although I am still young, and may not be able to help out much with these advancements. I can still make a difference. Making a difference involves taking smaller steps that would lead to achievements. In order to advance these efforts, I can support organizations that work to promote and boost innovations by either donating or raising awareness. For example, the OCAST, also known as Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, works to fund projects and help small businesses and researchers in Oklahoma. In fact, they have many different programs that help to fund research such as the Health Research and Plant Science programs. In addition, the money raised will help create new jobs for people. I can help out by spreading the word to my friends and family, and asking them to donate. I can also raise some funds on my own.

  • Technological advances are way out of my comfort zone, and I haven’t done enough research to have a valid opinion on the topic. I think technology is very resourceful for daily life, and so engrained into our society that we couldn’t function without it. But as for creating it, that is so not in my skill set. Technology is great for educational purposes, and I’m thankful for the grants given to schools to make this new technology a possibility. I like the idea of Oklahoma being a world competitor, but I’m so uninformed that I really don’t understand at all. Perhaps educating myself on technology advances is a good first step.

  • Remington Dean

    To advance any effort someone must have an initial driving force behind them. I believe that to help further the advancement in technological educational opportunities and initiatives in our state someone needs to be the driving force. I would like to see a certain individual come out and be the face of this intative. Then in turn, I along with the help of the community could support the efforts of this cause and help further it. Once the advancements of these subjects has a “face” it will be easier for people to back the agenda and support the advancemnt of it. So, in my opinion I could help further the advancements by help find the “face” of the advancement and then support their agenda.

  • Karrigan Kimball

    Listening to Mr. Carolina, was extremely interesting. I have never been very technological savvy, but it listening to him stating all of the positives that machines can do made me want to learn more. Without technology, there would be less jobs, less opportunities, and no way for networking to be possible. The more advanced the technology is, the more we can accomplish and the more competitive we will be able to stay with the other nations. He mentioned a quote from the 1960’s that stated, “There is nothing more we can invent.” It is just crazy to wrap your mind around that, considering all that has been invented since then.

  • Shania Slavick

    I can advance these efforts by continuing to learn and grow with this technological innovative generation. I can take classes in areas of math and science that emphasize the improvement of technology. This will help broaden by knowledge in these specific areas. I learned about the self-driven car that is approaching society and new improvements to phones that will be taking place in the near future. Overall, I’ve learned that society is consistently growing as a whole because of new ideas and resources to put these ideas in place.

  • Emily Acuna

    I agree with Michael Carolina that it is important to expand technology. Technological growth is very vital, because it makes things run more efficiently and easier. Michael Carolina stated that an idea to have a self-driven car has been put in the making. I feel this will create less accidents. I learned that with the new technology advances, it will make it harder to get jobs since they will need experience.

  • After hearing Michael Carolina speak, I believe that I can continue to advance these efforts by creating relationships with the people around me. I believe that we can all learn something from each other. I really liked when Carolina quoted Charles Duell, “everything that could be invented has been invented.” It made me realize that there are many inventions that have been made since Duell said that. Carolina mentioned that we will now have cars that will be able to drive by themselves. I find this interesting, because it makes me think of what will be invented next or if we will ever run out of inventions.

  • E'Lexus Merriweather

    Oklahoma is ranked number 48 in the education system. We can have advanced computers, IPad in the classrooms, or just all the up to date technology in the school, but if the teachers in the school aren’t passionate about their work, the children aren’t getting the most that education has to offer. This is where I would step in to help. I am here at UCO studying Early Childhood Education to be a 1st or 2nd grade teacher. Once it’s my time to shine and change students’ lives, I will because children are my passion. The educational systems are all about testing and making every child go by the same teaching style and making the teacher’s job so stale. They should be free to teach at whatever pace and however they want as long as at the end of the year every student understands everything to advance to education in the later years to benefit them for the future. I will be the teacher that everyone will remember. I will be able to help advance the education system with the dedication and passion I will have when I become a teacher.

  • Sakinah Al Saleh

    Michael Carolina he was talking about technological in Oklahoma. Since 1987, the agency and engine for technology development, transfer and commercialization. Visiom: make Oklahoma a highly competitive and global force in the knowledge economy. I like this ( Technology changes everything ). The world is connected via social media and the internet. Actually I learned the Technology is very important in the life for every one.

  • Sarah Tierney

    I would say that Oklahoma innovation would be about a 5 for me. We as a state are taking steps to have more technological advances. But we are not as populated as major cities like California and New York where there can be more of a testing ground. Having the gas lines in our state has not only made a lot of money, jobs and also an advance in technology. Since being in the middle of the United States we are able to connect to a lot of places throughout the nation. We also have a lot of natural gas in our state so we don’t have to import it. So it’s easier accessible for the state.

  • Pallavi Samantaray

    I rank Oklahoma a seven and half on the scale of innovation. As a country America is rapidly growing in technological areas and how to improve every aspect of our lives. Education is also getting better. I believe Oklahoma has come a long way however we still need to do something about the education department and how much our teachers get paid. Some of our elementary, middle and high schools are not update with their books or do not even have enough books and computers where areas in places like Texas or everywhere else their schools are no longer even using notebooks but each student is given an iPad for the year. They take notes and interact in the classroom through the iPads. High schools in other states are as big as the small community colleges here in Oklahoma and that is something we need to fix. Over all Oklahoma’s and other states’ advances have been very successful and at a decent rate too. I can contribute to these technological efforts by promoting a raise for teachers and cutting down in other unnecessary areas of spending so we can put it making our schools more advanced and technology oriented.

  • Since we live in a technology obsessed area, I believe that staying up to date and continuing making these technological advances will take care of itself. The struggle we will have is getting people to realize that technology serves a bigger purpose than just entertainment. We must teach people the true purpose of technology, which is to create a better world. We also must teach people that technology and education can go hand in hand, and that technology is not making kids “dumber.” There are numerous educational programs that are teaching people from toddler age to retirement age. I believe that the key to continuing these educational and technological advances and opportunities is to start highlighting all the positive benefits they already have.

  • Hope Hohnke

    The technological advances in the United States are a great representation of how productive we are as a nation, but in our state, we don’t seem as advanced. It was very surprising to hear of the innovations that our state itself is making. I was very enlightened hearing of all the things we are gaining, but my eyes are also opened. It clarifies the productivity in the state of Oklahoma. I have always felt that other places in America are the locations for prosperity, but it was very exciting seeing that it is happening in Oklahoma. It represents all of the accomplishments that are happening, but we as citizens just don’t know about.

  • Laura Kleinmann

    When Michael Carolina discussed the rank that he felt Oklahoma deserved on the 1 to 10 scale for innovation I was very surprised. While the audience ranked Oklahoma at only 3 on the scale Mr. Carolina ranked Oklahoma at a 6 or 7. I felt that Oklahoma was significantly behind the rest of the nation, however, Carolina disagreed. I feel that in order to do my part in continuing the advancements being made in Oklahoma. I first and foremost need to stay in Oklahoma after graduation and make use of my degree. I feel that I would be best suited to help continue the advancements in the field of science, so I would need to take part in research. The type or research that interests me in medical, such as how nanotechnology can be used to combat certain diseases. By the time I actually graduate the advancements being made will be entirely different than anything I can imagine now. I feel that by taking an active role in my education I will be able to aid greatly in the future advancements.

  • Danny Eagle

    The best way to truly support these efforts in Oklahoma is to invest financially in the innovators and creators. As important as other aspects of innovation and progress are, money allows a foundation to be made for progress to be built upon. But as college students, this is not a realistic option for us currently. The next best way we can support positive change in Oklahoma is to support, nurture, and create the kind of culture that will encourage the progress we want to see in the state. This means supporting local artists, businesses, organizations, and events. These things are what bring reputation to the state, and in turn bring more business. And in turn, because of this culture nurturing and reputation building the city will grow.
    But not only this, legislature is another powerful way to further progress. For example, education laws directly affect how children learn and what is taught in public schools. By supporting positive legislature for education we the people directly assist the schooling systems our children go through.
    In conclusion, the best ways to support progress are financially, culturally, and legally.

  • Lydia Johnson

    Michael Carolina brought so much knowledge to our classroom last week. I was extremely intrigued by all of the inventions and amazing things that his organization is on the front end of creating. As I think about climbing up this innovation scale, I can’t help but think about all of the people that have raised these mathematical geniuses into who they are. As I major in education, I hope I will create an environment where little creators will feel encouraged and inspired. I hope that my classroom will be a place where they have dreams, and I give them the resources to make their dreams happen. Through the encouragement of a fun education, I hope these students of mine will go on to contribute to Oklahoma’s newest inventions and help Oklahoma progress along the way.

  • Shadow McCain

    I feel like the most important thing when you’re talking about advancing Oklahoma is education. You want to build a strong foundation for education. But also you want your educated students to stay in Oklahoma. This requires us to have a thriving job based economy so that students want to stay and prosper in Oklahoma. The most important thing in keeping Oklahoma prospering is that. One aspect of this is keeping our teachers in Oklahoma. We have many thriving young students going through teaching programs in Oklahoma then leaving the state in hopes of better pay from another state. Something we really need to work on is keeping our teachers in Oklahoma.

  • Teena Varghese

    I find that it is important to spread awareness of how innovated Oklahoma become. We as a state have accomplished so much in technological advancements and it has greatly effected our community in the most positive way. People from across the country might not think of us as a highly advanced state because of the stigma, we are seen as the wild west. Not only do we have to tell people about these advancements, but we need to show them. We have to show people that Oklahoma is changing and changing the world.

  • Bella Oliver

    As a student of the math and science department, I will continue to study in my field, and I plan on helping with the research the professors are conducting in my next three years. I also found it was very interesting to learn that there’s a Boeing opening here in Oklahoma. Coming from Seattle where Boeing originated, I have been exposed to it a lot throughout high school. I think that it’s a great opportunity for Oklahoma to have a Boeing opened because it will draw potential engineers to schools in the area, which in turn will benefit the overall potential of technological advancement in Oklahoma.

  • Connor Schuff

    I personally found this as one of my favorites topics so far, with the recent technological advances in the world. I personally believe Oklahoma is lacking in technology advances compared to other cities/states. However I also feel that we have started adopting new ideas and ways of doing things which will help us in huge ways. When thinking about the future, its hard to see what will/could change or new ideas to try. We all know there will be another iPhone that is bigger and better than the last, or a upgraded vehicle, but when referring to statewide change, I don’t see what all could/will be done to make Oklahoma more modern.

  • Na'eemah Phanelson

    I feel that a way I can continue to discuss and support these efforts is for example, like voting. You have to refer to credible sources, do research, ask questions and not be afraid of what there is to come in the future. A way I am taking action in the next up coming months is by taking entrepreneurship in the 21st century, where I know we will be challenging our minds and putting our ideas to the test by developing our own business and doing research over that topic. Ultimately, I feel the best way too make a difference is by being informed, involved and educated. Fortunately, being apart of UCO’s leadership program and surrounded by like minded individuals, striking up a conversation will not be too hard and the mental stimulation that will go on will definitely make the conversation worth it.

  • Jordan Medaris

    During Mr. Carolina speech I learned a lot about the technological advances happening in Oklahoma and specifically in our community. I can continue these advances by actively being aware of the technology around me and how It can be used in a positive way to help the community. He talked quite a bit about self driving cars and how close we are to that being the new normal in society. This was a surprise to me, because I honestly never imagined it to become a norm. Mr. Carolina’s speech was very intriguing and I am now more interested in up and coming innovations than before.

  • dayseah boston

    i feel i can continue to advance these efforts by working hard and doing whatever i can to make a difference. I’ve learned so many different things from the speaker. I really enjoy learning new things especially anything that effects me and others around me. The more advanced things get the more we as students get to have a better opportunity to excel.