Week 11 – Lessons in Leadership – Sen. Ron Sharp

Now that the elections have concluded, we can take measure of the current political climate. A number of perspectives have been shared with you during the semester, and you will surely hear more opinions and conversations for some time. As our nation and state moves forward from the election, discuss how you can engage in respectful, civil dialogue with colleagues and friends, and how will committing to this process advance your leadership development?


  • Kameron Nelson

    The best way to engage in civil dialogue regarding politics or any subject really, is to approach every conversation with an open mind. Opinions and biases are a natural part of human nature and everyone is going to have different ones, and it’s okay to disagree. But to remain civil individuals should always hear other peoples perspectives and thoughtfully consider them and understand why they feel that way. If you still disagree completely with what they’re saying one should stay respectful and simply tell them that you understand where they’re coming from but you don’t feel the same. It’s pointless to get heated in a conversation when neither side is likely to change your mind, therefore the best thing to do is here them out and move on. If you commit to this process your more likely to be respected as an understanding and open leader. Followers/subordinates respect and listen far better to somehow they know will here them out without condemning them.

  • Elina Varmia

    This election has been exceptional because it has created very strong feelings on both sides. While some comments about the candidates and the outcome of the election have been proper, most comments that I have heard have been inappropriate. Even before the election, when I watched the debates, instead of focusing government issues, there were a lot of finger pointing and blaming between the candidates. As a leader, I believe that respect, understanding, and ability to express one’s opinions properly is the best way to create solutions and become successful. These are important to remember in communication overall, whether it was a discussion with peers or with a family. By expressing opinions without judging the other point of view, or assaulting the other person, he or she will be more likely to listen the opponent arguments as well. Moreover, in many questions there usually are not right or wrong. Therefore, it is extremely important to try to learn the both sides of issues or opinions.

  • Jillian Coats

    In this trying and trivial time in America’s society, it is vital to step up and be a leader for those around you that may look to you for guidance. As a leader, I think it is so important to be something who has made educated decisions and personal beliefs for themselves. However, what makes America so great is its diversity. Therefore, I think it is equally important to be someone who is open-minded and willing to see other people’s perspectives to see how and why they believe the way that they do. Although you may not have the same beliefs and ideals, you never know what you may learn from looking through other’s eyes.

  • Destiny Henry

    As a leader you have to be willing to have open and respectful dialogue with anyone you meet. Since I have been in multiple leadership positions students have come to me just wanting to know my opinion on different things. My first rule of thumb is to never speak on something I have no knowledge about. It is hard to have a conversation about controversial subjects without facts and prior understanding. Also, go into a conversation with the mindset of conversing instead debating. A person will shut down and not talk if they feel that their beliefs and opinions aren’t being heard. When a leader takes all of these steps into account they will be able to network and gain a diverse group of friends despite their political view, religion, sexual orientation, and race. However, a leader does have to make the distinction between different beliefs and someone encouraging discrimination, racism, sexism and homophobe.

  • Emily Holmes

    To engage in a respectful manner with my peers, I feel it is necessary to be open-minded. Being open-minded can make a big difference in the way you have conversations. It allows you to hear their opinion and take their ideals into consideration, instead of just ignoring or arguing with them. Listening is a huge step to this process. I have tried to learn to be a better listener, and not to interrupt people. Being able to listen is a necessity for being a good leader as well. I always try to be very respectful of others views and keep mine to myself.

  • E'Lexus Merriweather

    We all know that this was just about the craziest election to date. Everyone’s opinions sway certain ways so it is going to be extremely difficult to socialize with people especially since we NOW know who the president is. There are plenty of people against this along with the people who are with this. There is no right or wrong opinion because opinions can’t be judged, but when it comes to someone stating their opinion, you can state your opinion without disrespecting anyone. I can stand up in the leadership position by conversing in a mature way. I would need to take the time and listen to the other person’s side and then state my beliefs. There wont be any put downs, inappropriate dialog, or trying to persuade them that my opinion is better like most people do when they speak on a diverse topic such as this. It is a tricky and touchy subject to touch on so it is very hard to have a conversation without putting emotions in it, but the only way to avoid conflict is by taking the feelings out and being mature about it.

  • Myah Murphy

    I believe that it is very important as a leader to learn how to respectfully disagree with others and learn how to accept those differences in everyday life. You can be respectful by not urging and poking fun at people based off those choices and the results. When confronted with comments on your opinion, state it and agree that you can see from their point of view as well. It is also not required of you to state how you voted on an issue, and don’t always approach that with a defensive mindset or attitude. I believe this process can further your leadership development by maturing you to see from others’ perspectives as well as learning from what others have to say. Learning how to respectfully disagree and applying it in life is one of the highest signs you are reaching high leadership development, in my opinion.

  • Charmaine Robinson

    I plan to make sure I am much more informed about the state questions. These questions directly impact us. I will let my friends and family know what’s going on in hopes of pursuading them to make wiser choices. No longer can we afford to get just caught up on national politics while ignoring what’s going on in our backyard. If our congressmen and senators are not for us they need to go. We can no longer tolerate careless incompetence. We have a voice and we matter.

  • When it comes to the dialogues between me and my friends about this election, I find out that most of my friends in m country are too hurried to take sides and unavoidably they have some kind of misunderstandings based on some trivial rumors. When discussing these issues with them, friends of mine with different opinions are quite easy to get annoyed when they encountered opinions against them and they become a little bit stubborn and even unreasonable, just to justify their opinions and prove the rest of them to be wrong. From my perspective, these discussions are not as civil and respectful for the reason that, instead of objectively analyzing pros and cons of this election, people take sides merely to prove them they are right while others are wrong. However, there is one way to stay objective and be a advance our leadership development, that is to listen. To listen not only means just to listen what people say, but also means to collect as much as information before we state our point. The more information we have, the better and easier for us to know the truth. One of the important thing for leadership is to be informative so that we will not be affected by the public.

  • Jasmine Stevenson

    Since the elections have concluded, I have definitely been tested as a leader. I have kept silent instead of stating my opinion simply for the fact that I wanted to respect my peers. My idea of leadership is that you don’t always have to be right or have the last say in every argument. Sometimes as a leader your job is to listen and try to understand. Although I have strong opinions about the election, on some occasions I have chosen not to voice them in respect of the people around me. I don’t always recommend this style because I do think it is important to learn how to have these conversations in a respectful manner. My best advice in order to be civil and respectful is to simply remember who you are talking to. Your dialogue shows a lot about who you are as a leader as well as who you are as a person. Remember that sometimes it isn’t about voicing your opinion in order to convince someone to agree. I like to think that those dialogues and conversations should be more about simply informing each other on different perspectives and ideas. These principles can be used with any topic or argument. From experience, this style of conversation allows people to catch on to trying to understand their peers. It also allows their idea of you as a leader to develop. This process can advance your leadership by allowing others to see you as an honorable and respectful leader, which will have a greater affect on you for future leadership opportunities.

  • Cali Passerman

    I was honestly surprised by the amount of hate coming out of this election, especially from the opposing side. This seething hatred people have for Trump, Trump followers, Republicans in general, is not healthy and it is not how we progress our country. I disagree with many things Trump stands for, but I vow as a leader, to disagree in a respectful fashion. Being respectful and courteous of other people’s views is the only way to be proactive in the world, if you just yell and assert your point, not once listening to what anyone else has to say, you will go no where. It is also hard to be respected if you act in a childish manner, and as a leader it is important to be to be respected but it is also important to be as respectful as possible to those around me. Leaders have to deal with people and everyone has an opinion, so being able to disagree in a agreeable manner is so important. Rioting is not a productive way to share your opinion. Yelling, fighting, insulting, etc., are not productive either. I think we need to support Donald Trump, because like it or not, he is our president, so let’s just hear each other out.

  • Sarah Mattox

    I think the best thing I could do personally to engage in civil dialogue about the election turnout and the direction of politics is to call for the guidance of political leaders by their supporters. Both Hillary Clinton and President Obama have been incredibly gracious, and Trump has also had a change in tone that is more respectful and respectable. If citizens would just focus on how their leaders are behaving after this election, there would be no mass rioting and subsequent arrests. The manner in which the aforementioned leaders are behaving is precisely the way politicians should behave after an election. To deny a president elect as our future president is the absolute lowest a person can sink. It is an offensive transgression toward democracy. We must adhere to Hillary’s appeal to keep open minds and allow Mr. Trump the opportunity to lead us. If we do not, we will never make any progress in “binding the wounds of division”, as Trump has put it. Obama has made it abundantly clear his goal over the next two months is to allow for a smooth transition of power to ensure Mr. Trump the ability to succeed. There is something we all should be able to learn from his statement. If we continually protest the inevitable, we will accomplish nothing and make it much more difficult for Trump to be a successful president for both parties. It is apparent, due to support from the Rust Belt that led to victory, that the American people made this race about economics. If we are focused on the scare rhetoric being pushed out over race, religion, and Russian ties, we are wasting our energy because none of those ideas are proven to have any validity as of yet. Those are the issues that keep our minds closed. All we can do is wait and remain hopeful that Trump will be able to do what is best for our country. These are the ideals I believe I should stress in order to keep dialogues friendly and civil.

  • Riley McKinney

    I feel like with the recent election people are using it as an excuse to be jerks to one another. The day after the election everyone woke up and did their normal routines. The president has no effect on the way YOU choose to live your life. Who is in the presidential office has no say in whether you are nice to a person or not. Our world won’t change until we can learn to love and accept one another for the things that make us different. We must choose love and that’s when you lead. When you can look at the big picture of life and accept everyone is there own person.

  • Amanda Goh

    After the election has ended and the votes have been counted, there will always be people who will express their hate and disagreements on what has already been done. In order to engage in respectful, civil dialogue with colleagues and friends, we need to understand their point of view. Understanding does not necessarily mean agreeing with everything the other person says. It simply means having the mindset that we are all different and we all have different opinions. Another way would be to do your research before spreading your ideas. A lot of the information on the internet have been tweaked. We should filter what we read before we pass the information on to others. As leaders, it is essential for us to be respectful to the people around us. When we respect others’ opinions, we are basically humbling ourselves and showing that everyone’s voice is just as important as ours.

  • Sarah Tierney

    Growing up as a democrat in a primarily republican state I have not really learned to have a civil conversation about politics with people in Oklahoma. I have learned to stay silent until I have learned that the person is either a democrat as well or a nice republican. I have had a lot of civil conversations with people of the opposite opinion. One thing that I have learned from those conversations is to just to listen and try to understand where they are coming from. Then try to explain where you are coming from. But there is no reason to unfriend someone based on their political beliefs if they don’t do it to you first. This in my mind is a form of leadership because you are being civil with a person and being respectful to their opinions and that shows more of your good character than anything.

  • Chang Ting Shuo

    Today also get some new concepts about election. And also the new president will be elected today that we can feel the whole country people are excited about it. It is a democracy behavior that can show our attitude. President Obama had said” handing off is a part of democracy progress.” So as leadership, a successful person should lead their team toward the assigned goal. We served people while people gave us feedback.

  • Jordan Medaris

    I think the most important way to have respectful dialogue with colleagues and friends is to intently listen to their point of view. It is important to watch you body language when are listening. It is easy to cross your arms and have a mad look on your face when you don’t agree with what a person is saying, but that person in turn does not feel respected and will not be willing to listen to you when you are trying to convey your point of view. So, I think it is important to be intentional in the way you listen, keeping your posture in check so that the person feels that you are actually listening and will be more receptive to what you have to say in return. I know that this will help in my own leadership development by allowing me to be able to engage in honest and respectful conversations on what may be sensitive topics.

  • Lindsie Dortch

    This election was the most controversial election in the history of Presidential elections. For example, both of the candidates were very passionate on what they believe America can improve on. Personally, I thought that Hilary Clinton would have a good chance at becoming our next president but yet that did not happen. Therefore, It is only fair that I accept America’s decision and move on. Although, people will not always agree with what I am saying it is still important that we come to an understanding on how it is okay to agree to disagree about certain things. One of the things we can do to engage in a respectful, civil dialogue manner is to accept one another and understand that we all see things differently at times.

  • I think the first step in communicating in a respectful way is acknowledging that fact that there are people with different experiences, views, beliefs, and morals. I think it’s important to know the importance of your views and opinions, but to remember the importance of others perspectives as well. I think this particular presidential election succeeded in creating separation and division among the people in America. In order for us to more forward in a productive and respectful way, I believe we must come together despite our differences and stand up for what we believe in. I believe making a commitment to stand up for what you believe in not only help ones internal sense of leadership and confidence in themselves, but I think it creates a role model for those around you to look up to and follow.

  • Kaitlyn Hickey

    Talking with someone you don’t necessarily share the same views with can be a challenging experience. The most important thing is to remain respectful and remember that not everyone has the same life experiences, so not everyone has the same view or opinion on as issue. If the conversation looks like it is not going to be respectful and civil, the best option is to excuse yourself. Talking to people with different views and opinions always makes someone more understanding and a better leader. Being a leader means that you don’t have to agree with everyone and their stance on an issue, but you have to be respectful and understanding of where they are coming from, despite your own personal feeling and beliefs.

  • Linn Brusletten

    This election was probably one of the more controversial elections in the history of the U.S. Strong political opinions were formed on each side, and harsh dialogue has been a prominent part of the preceding months. As the nation moves forward, it is important to engage in respectful, civil dialogue with the people around you. I believe the main aspect of being able to talk respectfully to someone, that might not share your set of beliefs, is to agree to disagree. One has to enter the conversation with an open mind and articulate one’s opinions subjectively. By taking advantage of phrases such as “I mean,” “I believe,” “my opinion is that,” you can prevent yourself from ending up in situations where a general discussion has evolved into a heated argument. At the same time, by using such phrases, you are indirectly stating that having other opinions than the one you possess, is accepted.
    Being able to partake in civil dialogue and discussion without arguing is a crucial part of leadership development. As a leader, one has to be able to see a situation from different points of view. One needs to meet verbal resistance with dignity and knowledge. By discussing sensitive topics with people that do not share your opinion, you will have an advantage once encountering people with the same opinion later on in life.

  • Kira Douglas

    The best way to address any conversation regrading the election that took place is to not talk about it at all, unless you know what your talking about and why. The past events that took place during this election has made a huge separation on our country as a whole. If both sides are conversing on a peaceful and respectful level they must know their facts instead of just ranking their own opinion on the election. People who come across a very serious topic like this should come with and open mind and being able to hear out others peoples ideas and reasoning. Having control and showing you are capable of keeping your emotions at bay and setting aside differences on the matter shows leadership. Its always great to have those leadership quality’s at hand because you never know when your emotions will be tested.

  • Marcia Clemmons

    As this election comes to a close it frightens me. Not because of my opinion of who our country voted for but the reaction of the country. The United States is extremely polarized right now. I have heard racist, sexist, hateful, and flat out immature statements from both sides. This election left our country in a hateful and divided state.
    Moving forward from the unsatisfactory reaction to the election, we as educated adults need to re-learn what it means to be respectful and loving. We do not have to agree with other opinions but as long as we are able to sit down and listen to someone else’s opinion and story, we will be successful. Being a successful leader relies on how we treat our followers, classmates and coworkers. Navigating the next couple of years will be a learning experience, but we as leaders need to take advantage of the situation and use it to our benefit. We may have to put in some work and it may be hard but to overcome this slump we are in, we need to hit the ground running and work together and be understanding leaders.

  • Ri Hao Yong (LEO)

    I think that after the election is over and the president has been chosen, we need to move on and not dwell in the past. There will be sadness, there will be hatred, there will be regret, there will be happiness, and many more feelings that people will go through whether it’s republicans or democrats or libertarians. But with so many stuff going on, and time still moving on, we should accept the results and still be positive about life while keeping a good relationship with friends, family and colleagues even if they have different political views and opinions. We shouldn’t hate on each other or do vicious stuff to other people just because your political candidate wasn’t chosen because ultimately the new president would serve for the better good of the country. So, stop the riots, the outbreaks, the discriminations, the fights, and live in peace with each other for a better United States.

  • McKenna Oathout

    As our nation moves forward from this election, it is very important on how we react, especially within the next 90 days. Trump hopefully will be inclusive and involve all views, but no matter the outcome, engaging with others respectfully is highly critical. There have been riots and a lot of negative talking about the election but I think how we as leaders react will make a difference. When talking to my peers, we should have a mindset of conversing instead of debating. In order for this to happen, we must listen intently and keep in mind how we present our body language. I know if I am expressing my opinion, I would want to be heard and respected. We must put ourselves in other peoples shoes and understand that everyones opinions are not going to be the same. Overall, it is critical not only how Trump handles this as a leader, but also how we handle it as leaders. This election has challenged me and helped develop better leadership skills by engaging and expressing.

  • Kaylee Neff

    In this semester we as a class have had many great speakers with controversial topics that we had to decide what our view was and discuss it. I think that in order for us to effectively have dialogue specifically in politics is to think of both sides. I believe us as a society come quick to judge on a topic when we do not know anything about it. We must be able to convey our view of a argument but also the opposite of you as well. Making sure you’re able to effectively communicate your argument without upsetting the opposing side would really help with the leadership position. A leader must be able to see all sides and be able to effectively communicate those decisions with those around them. It’s better to sway a person’s opinion of a topic by showing both sides rather than just being on one side and not researching the other. A person would sound a lot more credible if they do this rather than the other.

  • As a nation we all need to learn to have tolerance. We must learn to coexist with others that have different opinions. Our country was based on freedom, so therefore we must accept people’s freedom of speech. Though someone’s opinion may be the complete opposite of mine, I still have to respect that person. I believe s a leader, I should have the self control to not lash out on others for having a different opinion as my own. I should have the maturity and intelligence to see others point of view and not try to force my beliefs on them. Since leaders are the voice of an entire group, they must have the ability to have an open mind and take everyone’s opinions into consideration. Having respect for others and keeping an open mind are the key to having civil dialogue with others, and if everyone could realize that, the world would be a safer, more intelligent place.

  • Lindsey Lance

    These conversations happen very often between us students and they can sometimes get a little heated. I think the best way to stay civil is to hear people out and keep an open mind. Keeping an open mind is mature in many ways because when we have these conversations and have an open mind it can lead us into thinking about different ideas and perspectives other than our own. This will also help with our leadership development by letting us think in other ways instead of just our own.

  • Lauren Walker

    In order to have a respectful and civil conversation about politics with colleagues I believe it is very important to listen with open ears and to listen thoroughly. In a subject as touchy and sensitive as politics it is important to not put down anyone else’s opinion as it is important to them. Although it is important to value others opinions it is also important to not back down from your own beliefs. And in order to get your own beliefs across without putting down your colleagues views it is important to make sure you’re in control of your body language and tone. I believe body language and tone really controls the flow of a conversation. If one is hostile or annoyed it clearly shows through tone and body language. Taking into account others feelings and beliefs will help shape you into a better leader by broadening your own thoughts and views.

  • Jake Robertson

    The most important component of a political conversation is mutual respect. Both parties must be able to step into their peer’s shoes and look at the current political situation from their perspective. It is imperative that this generation can retain this skill as more people are becoming radical and losing sight of this mutual respect. Both sides are calling each other bigots, racists, ignoramuses, and using other hateful terminology. They are all losing respect for people with opposing view points, and it is up to us as leaders to revive this respect to ensure that our country remains united. Regardless of political party, we are all American’s doing what we think is best for the country we love and promoting this mutual respect that all Americans deserve is detrimental to the stability of our nation. These trying times will force leaders on all different levels to find the commonalities that we all share and exploit these to unite the nation. Personally I see this advancing my leadership capabilities by forcing me to be a buffer and ensure that people can ensue in civil conversation.

  • Austin Elliott

    This election seemed to be super divided the whole time it was going on. Now that its over we should set our differences aside for the better of the nation as a whole. Even though many people did not agree with the outcome i think it is a responsibility to all people to engae with on another setting views aside and learning from the new challenges we will face in the future. Being committed to having an open mind and a kind heart to the situations faced will show true leadership, especially if you are from the opposing side. It takes a huge amount of courage to go with something you do not believe in for the sake of others around you. Putting the qualities you have to every political situation shows great leadership.

  • Victoria Plunkett

    In order to engage in a civil political conversation, l believe it is important to respect the other persons values and beliefs. If you wish to have your personal agenda heard and respected, then you must be able to do the same to them. No matter how frustrating it may be, it is essential to uphold dignity and respect. Also, being in a comfortable and non harsh environment may also help the non verbal effect of emotions, leading to a more subdued and relaxed conversation. If a person is in a threatening, tense atmosphere they are more likely to become hostile. And then sometimes it is appropriate to avoid political talks all together if you know you are prone to arguments.

  • When talking about the election with colleagues and friends, I think a leader should first listen to the opinion of others and then analyse their opinions from their angles in oreder to try to understand them. I think that’s the best way when facing this problem. Because listening and understanding is the best way to show respect to others, and you can not be impolite to one just because you hold different opinions. Besides, there must be a reason for one holding an opinion, so it’s very necessary for a leader to do that.

  • Caleb Robinson

    Social Media and the news have both been extremely disappointing to observe recently. Our president has been elected, and nothing that anyone does will undo that. Yet still, we see protesters marching just to show their dislike, we see videos that manipulate conversations and take things out of context to make people look bad, and we see a large scale effort to discredit a president elect and all of his supporters. I personally did not vote for Trump, but I have been very disappointed to see the way in which people are reacting.
    Therefore, it is more vital than ever to be respectful of others. One thing that I’ve learned is to converse with people with the mindset of learning something. Nearly everyone I see engaging in political conversations scramble over each other to tell the other person why their view is right and why the other person is wrong. I don’t intend to win someone over when I talk to them. I attempt to learn what they have to say, and after that, give my own opinion. Then, we can hopefully both view things from the other person’s perspective and use it to reevaluate our own opinions. With this mindset, we get rid of bigotry, stubbornness, and slander. If your goal is to learn something in a conversation, how can you possibly be upset with someone for having a different opinion? If you want to see things from different perspectives, how could you possibly discriminate people different from yourself? The answer is that you can’t. That is why we need to have a mindset of learning through conversations with others.
    This is a skill necessary for more than just the political arena. This is something leaders need to know. Leaders cannot be unmovable in their opinions, they cannot be narrow minded, and they cannot discriminate. If we can learn to master the art of learning from others in areas as controversial and heated as politics, surely we can learn to do the same for anything else.

  • Yukihiro Hitomi

    The elections have concluded, and our nation and state moves forward. Now that Trump was elected as the 45th president, a lot of issues are going to be changed, in a good or bad way. Some people are satisfied with this outcome, but some are dissatisfied with it. I heard many different ideas, or opinions through this election. Then it reminded me about the leader who put people from different background, have different priority together. As a leader, I would like to treat others with respect, see the changes that we will go through, and see what happens in the future. Since there is very few things that I can do for the nation or state, I think this is what I should do right now to learn what is leadership.

  • Zachary Canaday

    This election proved to many on how not to respond to one side winning and the other losing. It is important as a leader to engage in a civil and respectful manner to whatever the situation might be. This has proven to be seen as difficult to accomplish with all the protests arising throughout the country, but the country now has a duty to come together as one. Our leaders are responsible for making that happen and to help heal the growing divide that exists in the United States. This objective can only be accomplished if leaders on both sides allow themselves to become open-minded with each other and along with their followers. I know some people who completely unfriended some of their closest friends with strong feelings tied to this election. That is the opposite of what needs to be occurring. I also have friends reaching out to each other and accepting the results and being open-minded with moving forward. That is what needs to be happening for us to strive again. This strong hate that exists in both parties needs to dissolve and we need to come together as one.

  • Juan Estrada

    After I found out the results of the presidential election I was devavtated and sad. I still do not respect and like the new president, and probably will not until he accepts and respects all the diversity of the United States. When I meet and talk to Trump supporters I try really hard to respect them and their opinions, and try to not get my emotions involved. I will talk about the president with my peers by being respectful, but also saying my opinion and my thoughts over him. I will also listen to my peers and actually hear what they have to say. It is important to listen and respect other people’s opinions. I think this will help me in my leadership development by allowing me to hear what others have to say, and maybe learn things I did not know before. Maybe after hearing what others have to say about Trump I might respect him a little more than I do now.

  • Hannah Mette

    This election has created many different emotions nationwide. Some people are scared for their future, some are extremely happy and think that only good things can come from the election. Our society did what it was supposed to, it elected a new president. We are the UNITED States of America and no matter what we must remember that. Due to this fact, we must respect who is in the position of authority. In order to do this, people may voice their opinion. It is good to have an opinion, it is good to have a dialogue about current issues. However, at the end of the day, I have to remember 2 things. First of all is that my opinion is not superior to anyone’s and we must be able to safely express our opinions without putting down the people who have fought and lost their life for our country. Acts of burning flags disrespectfully, of killings, of rioting, they are an act of ignorance towards the people who give their life for our freedom every day. The second thing I must remember is that We may have a president who is in control of our country, but I have a Savior who is in control of the World, and I will trust in Him.

  • Justin M Morgan

    Over the past couple weeks prior to the election, there has been quite a bit of tension in the conversations having to do with it. Whether people are for or against the popular vote, they have made there opinions very public and spoken freely to bring about riots and protests. Now that the decision has been made, I believe it is the right of the people to accept the facts and realize that protesting will not change the outcome. In our local hometowns, little changes will be made considering the state governs us as the people, not the president. In order to maintain civil disputes, we need to continue to build public relations in the city and continue to have positive attitudes among everybody.

  • By tactfully shutting down conversations that people attempt to start or carry on with about trivial subjects that we have little to no control over. I will pave the way for more productive and meaningful discussions on how we can adequately prepare OURSELVES to handle any objection and overcome and obstacle within our lives.

    Someone has to take the initiative to motivative people to change their focus on to something that is going to benefit their lives more immediately, so Intent to be that force.

    Not saying political conversations aren’t important, its just that many people are more concerned about what’s happing in the white house than what’s happening in their own houses. What needs to be understood is, the world will not change unless you do.

  • Connor Schuff

    I believe the most important/easiest way to participate in respectful dialogue with others is the ability to see both sides to every argument. If you were for Trump and competly against other candidates, be able to identify the positive in all people and how their views may be better than others. I believe it is okay to stick to your beliefs but we should always be able to see the other side and not be blindsided by others. Also being able to listen to others opinions and accept them plays a huge roll. Someone is not ‘wrong’ if they don’t believe the same things you do.

  • dylan stottmann

    The best way to approach a political conversation with friends or colleagues is to refrain from insulting someone based on their political views. Always have an open mind when discussing something as sensitive as politics. Allow the person you are conversing with to freely express their opinions while giving them feedback and response in a respectful manner. If you do not agree with their side of the argument do not stoop to calling them names or insult them. Politely tell them that you do not agree with their standpoint and tell them what you believe in. The most important part of a conversation on such a topic is to allow each person to freely express their views without judgment. This will allow for the least amount of conflict possible while still having an educated conversation. In doing this I will be able to effectively communicate my views and ideas to those around me without upsetting or offending anyone. This will help me to converse in a sophisticated and mature way with people in the future who could be vital to my job or whatever it is I’m doing.

  • Laura Kleinmann

    This segment in America’s history is going to be either prosperous or a time of great degradation. No matter how this time in history ends up it in vitally important that as leaders we keep an open mind. Everyone has something important to say and information that may be useful. No matter the party everyone’s voice and viewpoint is necessary. As American’s we should be working with the other party rather than viewing politics as something that one side or the other has to win. As leaders we need to listen to both sides, independently plug in the information, and come to our own conclusions. As a leader I will listen to both sides, engage in discussion, and help to bring forth in-depth conversation.

  • I believe there are several ways one can talk in a respectful manner, especially when it comes to talking over politics. I think it is most important to understand that everyone does not have the same views as you and when it comes to politics it is always good to keep an open mind. Remaining civil gets tricky when one does not share the same views as you do and it gets even trickier when opinions get warped with facts. There should always be a fine line between fact and opinion because when opinion takes over people tend to get offended. So in the end I will try to keep an open mind and respect that people have different views than I do and use this to my best networking and leadership potential.

  • Fatimah Alshaaban

    In my opinion the best way to engage my colleagues and friends in conversation about any subject by starting to respect other opinion and try to listen to them more than talk. The people with open mind are more flixeble in any conversation because they have the ability to listen and respect other people idea. Each one of us have an opinion about the political, and it is important to know about political because it effect each one of us life around the world. The political change so many things in people life for example the economy. However, I believe that if any one want be as a leader one day, he/she have to know about everything specially the political. Never, speak on something we do not have a knowledge about it. I know a little about political, but in my opinion we have to read, listen, and watch what is going on around the world because we are a part of the world.

  • Mario Figueroa

    As a leader one of the best qualities we can posses is having good listening skills and understanding that there are many different viewpoints in our world. Following the election we heard things that many of us probably did not want to hear. When going through this, we need to understand that there are going to be other people who think differently than us and it is important that we listen to their side of things. As we we go into discussion it is crucial that we pay respect to what they are telling us and acknowledge what they say even if we may not agree. I do not see the need to be disrespectful towards others and as leaders it is our job to monitor that. For a good discussion to happen it is important that both sides are heard. When moving forward with our new president, we need to know that even if we do not agree with him, he still is the new leader of our country.

  • Erin Drewke

    I believe the decisions people made in the voting both are private. Therefore, we should never demand to know how someone voted and furthermore we should never assume to know how they voted based on their demographic. Understanding and self-control are the civil manners needed to approach one another in conversation. It is important to remember that people have had different histories and the beliefs of one are not always the beliefs of others. Our opinions of who represents us best as president are formed by our individual experiences throughout our life. This results in different views politically. Keeping this in mind, we should approach a dialog in an open, non-presumptive, and non-accusatory manner. Once a dialog has been established the openness needs to continue such that the conversation does not become defensive and inflammatory. All of this will advance my leadership development by learning to understand the views of others through open, non-biased communication and discussion.

  • Mason Belcher

    This has been a very interesting election this year. I believe the best way to engage in respectful, civil dialogue about this topic is to have facts to support your opinion and not just be 100% opinion based. Everyone has their own opinions but it is important to have facts to back up the opinions we form. I also think listening has a huge role in engaging in such dialogue. We have to be able to know where they are coming from and listen to what they believe even if we do not agree. We have to be open to new ideas. It is helpful to put yourself in their shoes and try to understand what they believe and why they believe it. By doing this, we grow as leaders because we understand other perspectives of life other than our own. It is important to expand on our ideas and to know why we believe what we believe and to be educated in both sides of the argument before forming our own opinions.

  • Keats Calhoon

    The key to having a civil and respectful dialogue concerning political values is to have an open mind and to respect others opinions, even if they are contradictory to our own values. Without these qualities conversations will turn into heated arguments in which nothing will be accomplished accept anger towards each other. I have never seen an argument in which the individuals are yelling and getting emotional where anything positive is gained. However, respectful dialogue and having the open mind to listen and take in other people’s views, whether we agree with them or not, will at least create a respect between the two individuals. Participating in discussions with an open mind and respect toward the other person’s views will benefit in two other ways as well that also help us as leaders. It will either change our mind on a subject area that we found we were wrong in, or it will just clarify and strengthen our own opinions and help us know better how to handle other opinions more successfully.

  • Ben Raulston

    Engaging in respectful dialogue is important when discussing topics such as politics. Respecting other people’s opinions and values is a crucial thing to do to not cause conflict. Ways to do this include hearing other people’s opinions and not saying that they are wrong or Mae threats about their views. Also when speaking upon ones own views it is important to not try and Impose the views on the other person. A golden rule to live by if respecting the other persons viewpoint is unavoidable is to not say anything at all so to avoid conflict and keep the conversation peaceful.

  • Hope Hohnke

    As a leader, talking about politics with others and being able to fully listen and respect their views can be difficult, but it is very important. Political conversations can be one of the best ways to understand a person, but learning to listen to other’s views allows you to expand your own views and see where each person comes from. It has taken me quite sometime to learn to let people discuss their views without me attempting to impose mine on them, but it is a skill I am perfecting everyday. This past week has proven difficult due to the intensity of this campaign, but I am working on staying calm during it. I think learning to communicate in political conversations respectfully is a skill everyone, not just leaders should attempt to work on. When talking to people who can maintain a calm conversation, it runs a lot more smoothly and people aren’t hurt by it. Many people avoid political conversation due to the anger it can come with, but hopefully, learning to stay calm will show others that they can communicate and learn without ending up offended.

  • Shania Slavick

    As far as politics go, everyone possesses a different perspective. I can engage in respectful civic discussions with friends by listening to everyone’s opinions despite my thoughts on their specific stance. As a leader, you learn to be courageous and open minded, by this I mean sometimes you have to step back to hear others thoughts about specific policies or various other things. You don’t necessarily have to agree with someone nor find a common ground to a controversial topic but you learn to respect their opinion and develop your own. Furthermore, respecting a friend or colleague as in you won’t try to persuade their opinion but you accept it no matter if you agree or not. This will advance my leadership development because it shows the ideal patience and being mindful of others ideas. It will teach me to be more open in learning different ideas from others.

  • Karrigan Kimball

    The most difficult thing about this election was the division between the two candidates. Each politician had such different beliefs, as well as what seemed like no filter. At times, it seemed as if there was more arguing between the two candidates whether than conversations on actual important topics that needed to be discussed. The biggest factor that persuaded voters in this election, in my opinion, was social media. You never know what is true and what isn’t if the only information you are basing your opinion off of is the media. The most important thing that I have learned, and would encourage others to invest more time in, is gathering up information that is reliable and creating an opinion about each politician on your own, whether you view it as politically correct or not.

  • Sakinah Al Saleh

    I think the best way to engage in civil dialogue regarding politics or any subject really, is to path every conversation with an open mind.I feel it is necessary to be open-minded. We can make a big difference in the way you have conversations.Since I have been in multiple leadership positions students have come to me just wanting to know my opinion on different things. My first thing go into a conversation with the mindset of conversing instead debating. However,I think it is equally important to be someone who is open-minded and willing to see other people’s. The number one of the important thing for leadership is to be informative so that we will not be affected by the public.

  • Zach Atkinson

    When it comes to politics, people will have different views. This is why I am a big believer in keeping my political views to myself. However, I do think that if you are to talk politics with someone else, just approach with an open mind. The main thing is to not make a big deal out of it. People won’t always agree with you on everything in politics, so that is why it is important to be respectful of the others opinion especially since there can be a lot to learn from it. Being respectful of someone else’s views in politics is setting a great example and shows excellent character.

  • MacKenzie Black

    Talking about politics can be a very sensitive topic. I think what we all need to do when talking about politics is have the conversation with the intent to learn, not change their views to agree with yours. This is extremely difficult do to, especially when you are very passionate about certain things, but we have to understand and respect others opinions. This is also an important thing to apply to leadership because one who only thinks their opinion matters will not gain followers, and without followers we don’t have leaders. Leadership is a democracy not a dictatorship, that’s is why we need to be open-minded and respectful of other people’s opinions.

  • This election has impacted me a lot. Not only was I able to help cover the election night with Ucentral news, but I like many was able to vote in my first election. Something that I learned through this journey, is that I can speak with my peers and listen to what they believe in without getting angry. I remember doing a survey recently were one of the questions asked if I believe that respecting and accepting were similar, and if so why. I look back to that question, and realize that I have been doing what I wrote down. I believe that the best advice I can give to others is that you do not always have to accept what others believe in, but that you should still respect what they say. I have friends that are far left and far right, I listen to what they say first and then ask questions without trying to convince them why I am right.

  • Most people have difficulty engaging in respectful, civil dialogue with colleagues and friends. I choose to not say I disagree with the person I basically state my opinion and I listen to their opinion. Its really takes just proper communication which is listening to that person views and after they complete their statement I give mines. This topics are very easy to get out of hand, if the person or people I am conversing with get a bit defensive that’s when I would respectfully end the conversation either saying we have different views and that’s okay or somehow changing to topic.

  • Emily T Womble

    A leader must be willing to talk about difficult and controversial topics that are affecting their community as well as the world. To do this respectfully, one must go into the discussion with an open mind. Having an open mind doesn’t mean you concede in your values or beliefs, it means you listen to both sides without passing judgement. It means not being condescending or offensive towards one another’s beliefs or being bullied for who we supported in this election. Something we should all take away from this election is that our political party should not define us, rather we define them. Political parties were created for people with similar interests. Today, people let their political affiliations tell them what to believe, because of this, the opinions of citizens have become so emotionally charged that they have divided our country. The only way to move forward from this is to engage in open discussion and control ourselves as well as our own emotions.

  • Being able to discuss multiple areas of politics, religion, and life makes you well rounded and approachable- qualities every leader should strive for. It doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you fall under, because a dynamic leader can have a discussion with anyone, even if they disagree on the topic. Committing to being open to any discussion will broaden your horizons for networking purposes, and it will set a path for jobs, internships, letters of recommendation, and much more. Being stuck in one mindset is a way you can close yourself off from the world, where you can regress, instead of learning new ideas. Constantly polishing your people skills and opinions is a great way to grow as a leader and keep your mind fresh and open.

  • Delaney Williams

    Being a very politically invloved young woman myself, I have already had to practice speaking with others that may have opposing views to mine. When conversations are had between two people with opposing views, I believe that it is most important to remain patient, try and “stick to the facts” and keep an open mind. It is very easy to become angered when one makes a comment that you may not necessarily agree with, but at this point I believe that it is best to keep the conversation not at a debate, but at an educated discussion. I believe that it is also very important to realize that you will most likely not change someone’s political views by only having a conversation with them, and this is something that we should all accept. There is no valid reason for hatred between two people who disagree, because democracy and the right to value your own opinion is what America was built upon. Lastly, I believe that the most important thing that can be done is showing respect for someone’s opinion, because if they feel respected, they are far more likely to listen and carry on a conversation with you.

  • Pallavi Samantaray

    Now that I am 18 and I can participate in elections and political related things so I want to make sure I am more educated on the state questions and anything regarding my country. I want to have civil conversations with people on how we can make our country a better place. I intend to start by making sure I am always keeping an open mind and taking other peoples advice into consideration. The first step to success is acknowledging everybody’s differences and making the difference into one big strength. when one engages in civil conversation we are developing the skill to be patient and work as a team. Making sure I allow other peoples voice to be heard makes me a fair leader and further strengthens my ability to lead others and set the example of how important it is to make sure everybody’s voice is heard. When we allow ourselves to understand others point of view we make ourselves open to more solutions instead of just thinking about our own solutions.

  • Sydney E. Haas

    The best way for us to move forward in this time is to do all things with love. Love is the only way to handle our brokenness and disent throughout this nation. Remembering that all people are just people can take you so much further in understanding why people respond the way that they do. Everyone has hurts, passions, pasts, and futures. We all want to make the world a better place and heal the broken wounds of our country; we just have different ways of mending these wounds. Another way to help our conversations in our day to day life is focusing on how we listen to others. We live in a society where everyone wants to voice their opinion and sometimes that causes us to only listen to reply and not actually hear what they are trying to say. When we listen to understand, we treat people as real humans and are far more likely to learn where they are coming from. From a leadership stand point, loving and listening will take you just about anywhere you need to go with people. All people want in the world is to be understood and to be loved, and if you as a leader can provide them that, you will be so much more respected as a leader. If we all love and listen to understand we will make it out of these turmoils together and not only survive but thrive.

  • Remington Dean

    The best way to approach any situation is always with an open mind set. Never be closed to others idea, always be respectful of them, and never judge someone biased on their beliefs. With an open mind set you can always learn new things or even better comprehend why someone feels a certain way. With a closed mind set it is often hard to get anything done and it often leads to arguing between sides. Now you can disagree with someone, but at the same time allow space for both of your opinions to coexist. Having an open mind set helps me become a better leader because it allows me to think of other peoples opinions and others view, while also taking into consideration my own views.

  • Victoria Hodge

    Engaging in civilized conversation is one of the most important things that needs to be done in the aftermath of this election. I for one think it is our job as leaders to keep a level head and provide those intellectual conversations to help maintain the peace while still getting our messages across. While being able to convey your message without offending anyone is an important skill to have, you must also be ready to hear things that you may not want to hear and still allow them the opportunity to voice their opinion. Now is the time more than ever that we will need leaders. It is a time of personal expression and action no matter which side you reside on. So, we as leaders of the next generation, who decides on the public welfare, need to stand up and make our viewpoints known, keeping in mind to have respect in others opinions and ideals that may not align with ours.

  • kinsey rogers

    During the election, everyone knows that there has been so much negativity about both candidates. This election has divided us as a country and that’s not okay. As a nation, we need to stick to policies and be open minded to what this administration is hoping to do for our country. So it’s time to set aside our bipartisan views and work together in every area. It begins with each of us and we can all contribute to peace. As a leader, it’s my job to help our generation move forward towards unity.

  • Chase McMillen

    This most recent election has been quite the controversy regarding both the presidential candidacy and the state questions. Many individuals find it difficult to remain calm and say things that will get their viewpoint across without offending the other party. The most important thing in my opinion is to not let your emotions get the best of you. Many individuals get upset or angry when discussing big topics and it ends up being an argument. Then both parties look immature and accomplish nothing.

  • Madison Gaines

    I truly believe the best way to have civil conversations about politics is by having an open mind and not trying to force your opinions on others. You need to be able to not get angry when someone does not have the same opinion as you. My family is a divided house of Republicans and Democrats so family gatherings can be very stressful and intense at times. The biggest struggles my family has are the close mindedness and the anger that escalates. Being a leader, you have to be able to understand the view points of others and knowing everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

  • Lydia Johnson

    I think that politics quickly divides groups of people. As soon as we know their political affiliation, we stop seeing them for who they are and we begin to only see them as what their party stands for. The ability to have logical and respectful conversations with people of different beliefs and opinions is something that we will face for the rest of our lives. Whether that is in an office, in politics, in religion, in culture, or over a lunch destination. Because I have spent some time over seas, I have experienced different beliefs first hand. I don’t think there is a single thing wrong with standing firm in what you believe is right, and disagreeing with what you think is wrong, but approaching conversations with an open mind will leave you cultured, and more knowledgeable simply because you were willing to have conversation. I have learned so much about what I believe to be true simply because of the people I love that believe things I don’t. An open mind will keep us engaged, and dedicated to people and conversation, regardless of if we agree with their opinions.

  • Difference political opinions can easily lead to heated arguments between people. After such debate, people often walk away angry or annoy. So as a leader, I believe that the best way to approach a civil conversation is to think of it as a way to learn new information and perspectives that I have not yet seen. By doing this, I will be able to release myself from the desire of trying to convince others to agree with my point of views. Moreover, from these conversations, I will be able to observe the differences and common beliefs between my colleagues and myself. Therefore, not only a leader need to keep an open mind and is willing to listen to different opinions, but this individual also needs to be able to relate his or her own beliefs with others. Furthermore, I will need to be aware and research more about current events and policies. By educating myself, I will be able to understand different beliefs from people with diverse backgrounds. Consequently, I will be able to avoid any offensive point of views of my own while replacing these views with more credible and logical reasoning. Therefore when I can create such intellectual civil conversations, I will also develop listening skills, techniques for searching credible information, and the ability to tolerate different opinions that will help me to improve my leadership skills.

  • Emily Acuna

    To engage in respectful dialogue with colleagues, it is important to listen to their point of view. It is vital in any argument to listen to understand their point of view, instead of just listening for key words. Listening to them shows that you respect them enough to listen to them and in return they will do the same. This is important to leadership skills, because listening is a very important skill to have. This developing skill, will create an opportunity that allows others to feel heard. When people feel like their ideas matter, it will make them respect you as a leader.

  • Melissa Salazar Velasco

    The first thing that an individual can do to engage in respectful, civil dialogue with others is acknowledging that everybody has a different opinion. These past couple of months have been long and hectic. There have been numerous political battles on social media because people do not respect one another’s opinion. I believe that it is important to keep an open mind when encountering different opinions. Even though I am not easily influenced by different opinions, I try to keep an open mind to why an individual thinks a certain way. I think that this is important when engaging in respectful, civil conversations because it helps me listen to the other person’s perspective rather than attacking them for their beliefs. My leadership development will advance by following this process because it will help me listen rather than simply hearing. I want to be a high school teacher and I think that this is an important quality to have around teenagers that are going through difficult situations in their lives and need somebody that will not belittle their actions to talk to.

  • Shadow McCain

    Conveying your political believes is always complicated. No one is ever going to have the same opinions. It is very important for you to discuss your opinions and a polite and respectful manner. Nothing we’ll be accomplished by attempting to shove your beliefs on someone else. The best way to talk politics with friends and colleagues is just always to remember to take everyone’s opinions into consideration. No one’s opinions are more accurate or more correct than your own. That’s why there openions. In leadership this is very important. You cannot successfully lead a group with differing opinions if you don’t know how to appreciate the opinions of others. It is just very important to encourage and support the ideas of one another. If we look hard enough we can all find some common goal.

  • Bella Oliver

    As a leader, we will come across people who will have different ideas and approaches as us. In order to understand people and learn from them, we need to listen to them without thinking of any of our own biases, and completely listen to what they have to say before replying. When you reply, you should mention a point that they had in a non-negative way to let them know that you were listening and respecting them. When you interrupt someone or completely disregard what they said, you basically telling them that you don’t care about them or their opinions. This then will lead to heated arguments, and defeat the purpose of the conversation. If I am to use the way to approach situations like I described aboute, I will be better equipped to understand the people I lead and work with, and will become a better leader because of it.

  • Avery Ann Ibison

    Discussing political opinions with others can be a very controversial subject. One way to refrain from starting an argument about your opinions is by trying to stay unbiased. Another thing is to respect whatever the other person has to say wether you agree or not. Lastly, try to understand from someone else’s point of view before shutting it down completely. It seems simple to avoid fighting over politics but it happens far too easily be individuals getting defensive or aggressive.

  • Teena Varghese

    I believe as a leader we need to have a listening ear. It is important to give your opinions and let everything be known, but it is more important to let others share their opinions and ideas about politics and have an open mind. We have to be respectful of others and mindful of the things they say. I believe it is an important quality to have as a leader because if you have a team or people you lead you need to be able to have listen to others and not yourself and people can learn by your examples. It is important to be intentional the way you go about talking to others of the opposing side as well as your own and I think this can make you a well-rounded leader.

  • Danny Eagle

    This election has brought out the deep hate and issues that each side has with each other, making civil discussion about politics seem impossible. So many arguments, fights, and hate filled acts have come out of this election season. But regardless of all of the violence happening, democracy took place in America. The people made their choice and they wanted something different than the career politician. Whether your candidate won, we have to accept that Trump is our leader now. Yes it is okay to mourn the outcome for a time, but after a certain point we as a nation have to give him a chance to do the job well. So, when speaking to others about this political climate we have to keep in mind that we are all human. We are all people from different backgrounds and we all deserve respect. Don’t judge a person by who they voted for. A vote for trump does not mean a person is a violent racist, and a vote for Hillary does not mean a person is liberal scum.
    We have to respect each other and be the change we want to see in this nation. And that is how we as leaders will make a difference.

  • Na'eemah Phanelson

    Now that the elections have concluded, we can take measure of the current political climate. A number of perspectives have been shared with you during the semester, and you will surely hear more opinions and conversations for some time. As our nation and state moves forward from the election, discuss how you can engage in respectful, civil dialogue with colleagues and friends, and how will committing to this process advance your leadership development?

    Well, we can look at the positives and discuss what we can do to support this cause. We can also read articles and watch the news as well as go to seminars about the future and what is to come to keep ourselves informed. Ultimately we can discuss with our peers in a constructive way.

  • Kiel Kondrick

    Presidential elections always bring sensitive conversations to the table even sometimes more so after the elections are over. Now that they are over scholarly and civil discussions are much more needed now when talking about politics. Only with civil discussions can you then actually figure out solutions to problems. I think one of the biggest components to doing so is when you are willing to listen and respond respectfully. Listening is a big key that some people forget even in simple conversations. But when it comes to politics real true listening is required. Being able to actually hear the other party’s thoughts and side, and then coming up with a respectful response with their side in mind will be the only way to come to compromise to help benefit both parties so an agreement can be made to help the whole country. I think any great leader needs to know how to speak to convey ideas also needs to know how to listen to them as well. Being a good listener will lead to being a great leader.

  • Julie DeMauro

    I think this is the first election that people have had such strong feelings about they felt the need to act out, on both sides, wither that be protesting or in some cases openly attacking others. When communicating with each other it seems like we as a nation have forgotten that it is okay to have different opinions. When engaging in a civil or any conversation I personally go in every new conversation with an open mind. You never know the background of the person you are talking to or why they chose to think a certain way. I believe having an open mind is a huge aspect in becoming a leader and creating positive, challenging and interesting conversation. I think committing to this process, especially when talking about our current president will lead to not only a better insight to those around me but maybe even a conversation in which we all can learn from.

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