Week 9 – Lessons in Leadership – Rep. Jason Nelson

Representative Nelson explained how moving one letter in the word reactive, could move you to creative. Discuss one thing that you could change today, or one area you could focus more attention, to develop yourself into a better leader.


  • Myah Murphy

    I have always despised the idea of public speaking. Not only is it one of my worst fears, but I know I am horrible at it, so bad that my close friends have told me its something I really need to work on improving. This is definitely something I can be working on, not only for my leadership skills, but my personal skills as well. Public speaking is an essential skill to have in the workforce, and if you are good at it, it can bring you to higher ranks in your career. Because I have a fear of it, I like to put a bad stigma on it as well. I know I can change my perspective of it with some guidance and practice. I am actually actively working on this with a speech class on Saturdays. It is required for my major, but if I had my way originally, I would have saved it for the last possible moment because I don’t want to face it. Thankfully, my idea of it has changed some so I am more willing to work on this weakness. I know one class is not going to change me that much, but it is definitely a start in the right direction.

  • Caleb Robinson

    One small thing that I could do in order to make myself a more effective leader would be to make my goals clear. I believe that I work hard, and I do so often, but sometimes it isn’t on the right project. I have good grades in my chemistry and trig classes, and I spend a lot of time working on them, but I’m not even fully convinced that I want to be in the science field. I spend countless hours working on my writing abilities, but I don’t know if being an author is still something realistic to pursue. I attend many meetings a week because I joined several organizations at the beginning of the year, but some of them seem completely pointless to me, and I wish I could invest that time in something else.
    This shows me that I have the drive to be successful, but I haven’t truly figured out in what areas I would like to be successful. I need to set clearer goals and understand what is most important to me, and then set to work on the things that achieve these goals.

  • Jillian Coats

    If I could change one thing today to make myself a better leader, I would be more intentional about investing in everyone around me. I feel that the best leaders are the ones to make everyone around them feel special, valued, and important. I feel that true leaders do not seek leadership positions through awards and recognition. Instead, true leaders find themselves placed in leadership positions through their genuine passions and heart for others. Although building on old friendships in extremely important, I feel that creating new relationships with diverse and different people in vital to growth as a leader, Therefore, I would build on creating an environment that is accepting, nurturing, and ever-growing.

  • Julie DeMauro

    One of my biggest weakness as a leader and a follower for that matter is choosing to only look at things in one way. I’ve always struggling seeing things from different perspectives so buckling down and truly working on this skill is something I have began doing. I’ve always asked those around me their opinions and views but continuously fail to see them through. Representative Nelson talked about how leaders should be creative in nearly everything they do wither that is creating jobs, organizations or new ideas to help those around and while I have the creative aspect it’s been a struggle to turn each new idea into a reality. It is these two things I will continue to work on daily to become a better leader and listener.

  • Amanda Goh

    An area that I need to focus on to make myself a better leader is delegating work. Because I’m a perfectionist, I feel the responsibility to make everything the best of the best. For example, when our STUCO president put me in charge of a committee for a banquet, I was overjoyed to get such a responsible job. Although my team and I worked well together, I did most of the work and double-checked everything carefully. Because of that, I was exhausted and unhappy. However, I’ve learned through my other leadership positions that a committee is not made up of one person but many. In order to work efficiently, I need to give up some responsibilities and trust that the other members will do a good job. In addition, I need to learn that everything does not have to be perfect.

  • I believe one area I could focus on is having a less individualistic mindset. Many times when it comes to working in a group and managing tasks I tend to take on more responsibility than those around me. I need to work on sharing responsibility so each member not only can learn and grow from the experience, but because it’s the right thing to do when working with a group. I am also very independent and tend to think I can handle it by myself. Most of the time I resist asking for help because I believe I can do it. I believe knowing when others help is necessary is a key characteristic of a leader and it’s a trait I wish to strengthen in the future.

  • Cali Passerman

    Something I need to do to further myself as a leader would be to build more relationships. I have the tendency to distance myself from people sometimes because I feel awkward easily. I tend to stick to the same friends, and the same people I know, but to be a good leader I need to be able to openly form relationships with many people. I’m good at starting relationships, just not completing them so I feel like if I focus more on that it could greatly impact my life. I need to begin paying fair attention to those I come in contact with and carrying out plans. Forming personal relationships with those around you helps you to be a better leader because if someone trusts you they are more likely to follow your lead.

  • McKenna Oathout

    Courage is something I can focus more attention on to become a better leader. Representative Nelson said “It’s not easy like everyone thinks – it’s hard work. It’s Leadership,” I believe that it’s hard work just determining your strengths and weaknesses and realizing that we all aren’t capable of being good at everything. According to dictioary.com, the definition of courage is “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, without fear or bravery.” I think if you do things on a daily basis that you are used to, that you will never grow. Being courageous is doing things that you have always dreamed of doing but felt like you weren’t capable of. It is more than just saying “I need to be more courageous today,” it’s following through with it and not looking back. Things might not always turn out better that before, but you learned a lesson.

  • Charmaine Robinson

    I believe it’s important and beneficial to participate in organizations or clubs outside of class. Having the grade point average isn’t enough. Employers have higher expectations for their workforce. Given the fact that I work full-time and have kids my time is limited. However I would like to set aside more time to attend HR meetings to connect with other HR students. Academics has been the center of my focus rightly so; however it is important as a leader to be well rounded. I have made strides at work to meet with our HR manager and joined two organizations one focus on leadership for women, and the other address diversity. This is a move in the right direction to display my leadership skills.

  • Emily Holmes

    I thought it was very interesting when Mr. Nelson changed up the letters on us and it was a whole different word. From reactive to creative. If I could change one toxic thing in my life to help myself become a better leader, it would be to be more open minded. As a leader, being open minded is very important. You want to be open to everything around you and understanding of all people’s situations. Sometimes it can be hard for me to understand where someone is coming from, or to walk in someone else’s shoes. I need to be more aware of others around me and try to be more understanding with people. In doing this, I feel I would become a better leader.

  • Destiny Henry

    I could be a more positive and confident person to be the most effective leader I can be. I have always been taught to focus on my weaknesses to better myself and I may have been over doing it. I constantly push myself so hard that I don’t see the damage it has done. I constantly look for problems in myself to where that’s all I see. It stops me from taking opportunities because I can’t see myself as a fit candidate. I will give myself more chances and love as I would to a person in need. I deserve the chance to make a difference and I wont deprive myself of it any longer.

  • Lindsie Dortch

    In class this week, Representative Nelson discussed some qualities that define a leader. For example, a good sense of humor, courage, and showing compassion towards other people. One thing that I could change is my communication skills. For instance, I tend not to speak up on things that make me uncomfortable or that might bother me. Communication to me is the most important thing that a leader should have. Therefore, without communication other people might not understand a person’s true intention as a leader.

  • E'Lexus Merriweather

    Drive would have to be something that I really need to start taking more into consideration. I love to lead people, and I love to help people reach their own goals, but when it comes to myself and trying to find that “drive” to continue moving forward for myself, it’s nowhere to be found. To be a great leader Mr. Nelson gave us these four characteristics: vision, drive, humor, and compassion. I’ve never really struggled with being compassionate in situations, and my sense of humor is pretty adequate. In order to even lead the pack, you have to have the drive to even see the vision that’s ahead of you. When there’s a bump in the road I tend to just sit there and look at and wait for it to just go away instead of tackling it right then and there. No one can expect me to be a good leader if I can’t help them tackle their problems.

  • Marcia Clemmons

    One of the things Representative Nelson mentioned that has stuck with me is, the obstacles that are put before us are a learning experience to draw out leaders and that is why God allows us to go through trials. A change in my life that I could be more creative with in handling is my counteraction to unsatisfactory events. I cannot always control how a situation goes but I can however control my reaction. This is great way to see someone’s character and I know my reactions are not always the most honorable. I plan to take Nelson’s advice and become more creative with my reaction and work on my optimism and imagination.

  • For me i think i sometimes ponder on things too long and worry about petty stuff and also doubt something would not go as planned. So, from today onwards, i am going to try to be more positive, worry less and be optimistic about everything i do and try to be more confident in making decisions. I think if i could upgrade myself every time, i would be a better leader in a team or in my live. I would lead better and not be only a reckless and mindless leader who steers the team to doom.

  • Riley McKinney

    I absolutely loved listening to Representative Jason Nelson this week. I was sitting at the edge of my seat listening to everything he said. I feel like to develop more as a leader I should work on my patience. It’s sometimes so easy to beat yourself down because of one mistake or get frustrated with everyone around you, but to keep your cool and not retaliate is a huge thing. With homecoming coming up and cheer and dance being a big part, it take a lot of patience to not yell and scream if someone isn’t catching on as quick. I feel in order to achieve that I have to put myself on the other side of things and look at the big picture. Especially this upcoming week.

  • Chang Ting Shuo

    World reacted, is the first concept which the speaker mentioned. No matter to be or not to be a leader in the future, before you do any decision that you should concern about yourself and family. Until now, most people are still thinking about the personalities of spirit and creative passion are those people who have a high societal degree or specified position can represent them, but the fact is those who have traveled around have worldwide horizon and special experience also can go it. We may be curious about “how do they do it? Being leader is so easy to them.” Actually, their leader competency is earned from treating people with enthusiasm and passion. Characteristic is a capital which can make ourselves more valuable than before, meanwhile, it’s not a easy work; it’s extremely hard because it depends on long –term establishment.

  • My goal is to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a career in Human Services. These goals have been a part of my plans since I came to this country. From my first job at OCCC to my current position, the majority of my professional and volunteer experience has involved working with young and adult generations of Latinos and to motivate them to have high expectations for themselves. I really want to make an impact in my community and will engage more in different events, organizations and I will visit schools to promote the benefits of earning a college education. I have hope that with education my hispanic community can be able to succeed.

  • Elina Varmia

    Representative Nelson talked about the importance of creativity in leadership. He argued that effective leaders are often creative and it is important that they have visions of the solutions they are trying to create. I believe in Representative Nelson’s idea of creativity in leadership. In my opinion, collage is a great place to develop one’s creativity, but on the other hand, it is easily avoidable as well. The college is full of organizations that benefit from creative students. Lots of classes require creative assignments and group activities, but most of the time, making good grades doesn’t require creativity. To become more creative in my everyday life, I believe I need to be more open to new ideas. By discussing new ideas with my peers and creating something new together, whether it is about a school subject, event or after school activity, I will learn how to be creative as a group. Learning to attach many diverse ideas together as a one, needs creativity and is an important skill in leadership.

  • Jasmine Stevenson

    I think the thing I can focus on more to make me a better leader would be investing in relationships. I definitely have an interpersonal personality, however sometimes I get so caught up in the busy, nonstop lifestyle that I forget to actually take the time and pour into the people around me. The change I would make to allow for more time to be a true leader and serve others would be to prioritize my time. By doing this I will probably have to limit what I can be apart of and spend a lot of time in, but I think choosing relationships that will last much longer will be worth it.

  • Sylvia Cook

    To make myself into a better leader I would change that I procrastinate on everything. It doesn’t matter what it is I always put everything off to the last minute. If I didn’t procrastinate I would be a lot less stressed. I would be able to focus on designing and volunteering instead of worrying about how much homework and errands I’ve been putting off.

  • Linn Brusletten

    An area that I would focus more attention towards in order to develop myself into a better leader, would be time management. Being a college student and actively being involved in several clubs and organizations, can be demanding at times. I believe I need to focus more attention towards delegating work and strategically plan according to my commitment load. I have a tendency to look at delegation of work, as my signing away my responsibilities. In addition, I like to be confident that whatever I am responsible for will be of good quality. Thus, I have a hard time signing away control, even if it is just a diminutive amount.
    Being in a leadership position, whether it is in college or professionally, will add stress to your life. In order to cope with this increased amount of stress, one need to be able to manage time. Efficient time management would give me more energy to be creative, encouraging, and committed.

  • Sydney Haas

    There are many struggles I personally face that need to change. I find myself more than willing to help anyone else around me who might begin to even think they might need help with something and am rarely willing to let anyone else help me in any form or fashion. I struggle with delegation and allowing other things to be taken care of. I want to be the very best at everything possible and let it overtake me. I run into these problems and many others similar to them on a daily basis, but for me to really be able to change any of them, I have to focus on the one thing that is at the root of all of them: pride. I come from a proud family with a proud heritage. Where I grew up, Haas was and is an last name that stands for trustworthy people who are hard workers and are dedicated to their craft, whatever it may be. While this legacy can be a great motivator for my work, it often causes me to be overly proud, but not in ways you might think. Rather than it becoming more of a thing to gloat about, it has become a thing that I must live up to everyday of my life. This sounds good, but it causes me to often think I cannot show any sign of weakness or mistake, and somehow to my mind this means that I must never ask for help and must be willing to do it all on my own. It has caused me great hurt in many ways in my personal and my leadership life, especially when it comes to my education and understanding things. Pride can be an absolutely fantastic motivator, but for me it is a constant struggle and must absolutely change.

  • Yukihiro Hitomi

    Representative Nelson mentioned about creativeness. Leader should be creative. Creative humor, creative perspectives, creative ways of exploring the world, creative ways of giving opportunity for other people… I really feel like I this ability will help me develop myself into a better leader and help us survive this world. I believe that what I have to do to be creative is being optimistic. That is because if you have got a lot on your plate and you are busy dealing with them, you cannot be creative. However, being optimistic does not mean winging everything. I would like to work hard for everything, but be optimistic at the same time.

  • Victoria Plunkett

    The one area I really struggle with is stepping out of my comfort zone and engaging in activities that would normally make me uncomfortable. I am not a good communicator with people who I do not know, and I will tend to shy away from people, and would much rather be by myself than surrounded by strangers. This makes networking particularly difficult, and if there was one flaw I could change in myself, it would be my inability to comfortably talk to someone new. Maybe the creative solution to this issue would be to introduce myself to a new person along with some questions to become more personally acquainted, rather than just jump into formalities. Communicating on a personal level just flows with more ease and confidence, so in order to achieve that level, there are steps I need to personally take so that I can become a better leader!

  • Jordan Medaris

    One are in my life where I know I can improve is my time management. Especially since coming to college I have been faced with the struggle and the task of learning how to prioritize and juggle the things I have to do and the things I want to do. Honestly, I am not very good at it. It seems that between class and activities when I should be getting ahead on things coming up, all I want to do is take a minute to rest. I can take steps to prioritize my time such as making lists and checking things off, so that I can get ahead on assignments, be involved and get rest without feeling as though I have to sacrifice one thing for another.

  • The most important thing I can change today to be a better leader is procrastination. To lead all the teammates to a better place, leaders are required to have insights and motivations to act. In other words, leaders should stay alerted to keep things in order instead of delaying them to the last minutes. In addition, apart from the disadvantage of failing to inspire teammates, being procrastinate can also lead to less creation, for the reason that people usually go blank in their mind when they are in a hurry to do something and therefore mess things up. Generally, procrastination is the last thing that a good leader wants for his or her team. In order to get rid of procrastination and do things efficiently, there are several things that I can do. Firstly, start with something easy. I always feel hopeless when I realize that I have do something big and I will postpone it until the last minute. However, if I separate the task into several easy steps and do them on by one then I may find it easier to finish it. Secondly, start up ahead of time. The earlier I start up, the faster I can finish the task. Thirdly, offer some prize for me or for my teammates. People usually feel more motivated when they can be rewarded.

  • As for me, to develop myself into a better leader one thing I can change is making a specific plan because I am a person who do her work without a plan and therefore sometimes I will make thing a mess. And a good leader should be sure about what he is doing and his future plan can complete the tasks better. But if not, the group that he leads will be bound to lose the direction.

  • The one thing that I could change and actually stop focusing on are things beyond my control. I noticed that I tend to pay attention to the few things going wrong instead of the many things going right in my life. I believe that in order to be a strong leader, one must have the ability to keep moving forward no matter what the obstacle. To become a better leader, I will put my energy only towards things that I can control. In long long run, the things I waste my time worrying about happening usually never happen. Leaders should have the self-control to pay attention to things that will only benefit them or their team and let go of the things that do not. So therefore the one thing I will pay more attention is to only focus on the things I can control.

  • Jake Robertson

    It seems that in today’s society, so called leaders often turn a blind eye to what their peers have to say. A leader cannot possibly be successful without the input and support of those around them. The one thing that myself and other leaders need to refine is the ability to listen. Since everyones’ minds are so creatively distinct, it is import to hear the input of everyone to find the best, most creative solution that can be achieved. The best leaders are even better listeners and hopefully by developing this skill, I and many others like me can be catapulted to another level of effectiveness in our leadership careers.

  • Austin Elliott

    One thing i could change today that would help me become a better leader is to be more outgoing. I think i should put more practice into giving new people my full attention and being more involved with what is going on around me. I see many benefits in doing this like new opportunities, new friends, and a better understanding of people.

  • Shania Slavick

    Representative Nelson emphasized the ideal having a vision as in the ability to see something that doesn’t exist and benefit from it and then having the dedication to see it happen. As a developing leader, I really want to improve upon my communication skills to help further myself. I want to be able to discuss my visions clearly to my audiences so that I will be able to portray my ideas and intentions to others thoroughly. I want to look beyond various situations and be able to have the communication skills to execute them effectively. In addition to this, I would like to invest my time and energy into listening to others opinions and be able to communicate their ideas in society. Having meaningful communication skills can help me gain more respect from my audience along with creating a better sense of self confidence.

  • One thing I could change about myself today to make me better leader is to be better about understanding other people’s perspectives about things. When I get an idea in my head it becomes very hard for me to open my mind to other options. I have acknowledged that this is a challenge of mine so I am trying to open my mind. Once I am open to other creative minds the possibilities are endless.

  • I believe that an area that I will focus on or improve, is becoming more confident. I have always been an introvert, but this year I have started to be more outgoing. Being more confident will help me move out of my comfort zone. I think that there are multiple ways to lead, and I would like to help others as much as I can. This is why I believe that by improving myself first, I will be able to help those around me more.

  • Kaitlyn Hickey

    I would like to focus on spending more attention to how what I say may come across to people. My friends and people I’ve known a long time always know what I mean by something, but someone who doesn’t know me may interpret something I say incorrectly. Essentially, I would like to make my communication clearer and try to eliminate misunderstandings. It would make the sharing of ideas cleaner and easier for everyone involved. I think that this is something leaders should always work on, especially young leaders who may not have years of experience.

  • Hannah Mette

    An area I need to improve is trusting people with the responsibility that I give them. There are many times and situations where I will ask someone to do something or give them a task. However, I don’t just trust that they will do it. I stress about whether it will actually get done, or that the person will take it seriously enough to get a good result. When I sit and think about it, my teams are full of responsible people who are willing to do any task that I may ask them to do. I must be creative in how I communicate the task to them. So that I know that they are understanding what the task is and not more confused after I ask them for their help.

  • Mason Belcher

    Representative Nelson had great points about leadership. I was impacted by how moving one letter in the word reactive made the word creative. This relates to real life because I believe with small changes, you can develop yourself into a great leader. Today, I could change by reaching out to others more often. I need to focus more attention to that aspect of my leadership characteristics. I believe by reaching out to each other, I can create community. Community and relationships is key in being a leader.

  • Fatimah Alshaaban

    During representaive Nelson discussion I learned how I could change one letter in word could change many things in my life. He focused about two words (Reactive & Creative) and the different between this words is one letter could change many things. He defined reactive as our ability to change things to other things better, and creative as if there are a lot of people build their ability in important things in life that’s mean there are a lot of leaders. I learned from representative Nelson how I build my ability to create my self as a leader. I also, learned how I make a vision to see many things in people and life, the people can not see it to create my strength. I could focus more attention in how to create a good thins in my life and build my strength to develop myself into better leader.

  • Ben Raulston

    One area that I could improve on in my life to become a better leader would be perspective. I have often heard that a great leader needs to be able to put himself in the shoes of the people he is leading. I often have trouble seeing other point of views from people once I have decided my own view point. Ways that I can improve on this is by just stepping back and analyzing a situation from another perspective other than my own. This is an area which I must improve and I feel as if I have already done a significantly better job at this particular skill as of late.

  • Lauren Walker

    Representative Nelson explained that reactive and creative were two closely related traits. If you moved one letter in reactive you then in turn got creative. In order to make myself a better leader in my everyday life I think I could improve on being riskier. I’m always too scared to take risks but in the end those risks could actually be beneficial to me. In order to be a great leader you have to take risks and encourage others to take risks; no one will follow a leader that does not practice what they preach.

  • Karrigan Kimball

    Representative Nelson explained to us that just by changing one letter in the word, you can change the definition of the word completely. When you react to something, you are doing something in return of something that has already been done. When you are creating something, others react to you. One thing that I would love to develop more as a person and a leader, would be to just simply be with people. Be genuine in your everyday actions, and it will rub off on the people around you. One small and simple act of kindness could change the route of someone’s entire day. It’s just like the butterfly effect. If you go out of your way to make someone feel a sense of happiness, then they will most likely want to transfer that and do the same thing for someone else. Its all about the positive effect you can make on others lives.

  • I believe that the world cannot change, but I can help change the world. To make the world a better place, we will need good leaders who understand themselves and their people. One of the skills I need to develop is to pay more attention to current issues around me. My goal is to read and become aware of the news and current events not just focused on my area of studies. Because to become a leader, I need to know what is going on with the people around me so I can come up with a solution to fix any particular challenge that limits our community to thrive.
    To develop a new habit, I will need to be persistent since habits cannot create within one day. Currently, I have set up a plan with a specific time I need to read the news, and I still follow the plan. Furthermore, I also want to expose myself to the different point of views from my peers about current events as they will allow me to make my best decision such as whether to vote for which presidential candidates in the general election or for statehood questions. Therefore, I begin to create more conversations with my friends about different issues to understand more about their beliefs and choices. By creating these small talks, I will also develop listening skills and view the world with a more open-mind.

  • Mackenzie Black

    I struggle with feeling anxious in social events, and this effects my shyness. I started working on my stress levels and anxiety already and this has really effected my communication abilities. I have to constantly tell myself to get out of my comfort zone and to be myself to the best of my ability out in public. I think all this stems from pushing myself to become the best person I can be. I have also changed so much since being in college and surrounding myself with fellow LOTers, I have become very social! They are some of the best people i know, and because of them i strive to become a better person everyday.

  • Keats Calhoon

    One thing I could focus on to help me be a leader is being more outgoing. While I may not shy away from people, I do not initiate much conversation. By initiating more and being more outgoing, I could become a better leader because I will know people better and they will know me better. People don’t follow those who they do not know, or know about. So if I do not present myself to people, get to know them, and show interest in them, how can I lead them if they don’t know me? This is one of my biggest problems. While it is more difficult for me than most people, it is not impossible. Everyone deals with various struggles in different aspects of their lives. This is mine, and I just have to fight it and get better.

  • Kaylee Neff

    I loved representive Nelson presentation and how much he’s involved in civil services. In order to thrive as an individual and specially for a leader one must avoid insanity as defined by Einstein. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting to get a different result so I want to consistently reinvent my leadership skills. First,I’d like to improve my time management skills. I tend to leave things at the last minute which would hurt not only myself but the others around me as well. Finally, I would like to improve on my communication skills specifically public speaking because I have problems speaking quickly so people cannot understand me.

  • Emily T Womble

    Something that I have been working on for the past year is Courage. My entire life I have had people tell me what to believe and how to feel. I was never allowed to question anything or speak my mind, when I did, I was met with harsh criticism and three little words “you are wrong”. I learned to hold my tongue, and I found the more I didn’t speak my mind, the unhappier I grew. There were several situations I look back on now that I could have prevented had I just voiced my concern or opinion. It makes you feel helpless when you know that if you speak up, no matter what you say, no one will listen, and, even if you can raise your voice loud enough so they can hear you, they will tell you to “sit down and shut up” or to “quit being so aggressive”. I found that when people told me I was being too “aggressive”, they were using the wrong word. They were mistaking my passion for aggression. So, what they were really saying was “quit being so passionate”. Representative Nelson said we need five things as a leader: a vision, dedication, compassion/concern, humor, and courage. I have a vision. I am dedicated to it and the people that are supportive around me. It is because of my compassion and concern that I am dedicated to my vision. I am not humorous, but I surround myself with people that make me laugh. The problem I’m faced with now is do I have the courage to stand against the people in my way. Someone very dear to me told me a few weeks ago that I am a wolf pretending to be a sheep, it has been an inspiring image for me to keep me going despite the criticism I receive.

  • dayseah boston

    One area I will focus more on, to develop myself into a better leader, is my public speaking. I believe a leader needs to be able to speak effectively at any point in time, no matter how many people are listening. I believe I am a decent public speaker but I want to be a great public speaker because I believe it will allow me to be a better leader.

  • Erin Drewke

    When others look to a leader for guidance, most people want a leader to be solid. A solid leader is someone who has strong mental fortitude during difficult or stressful situations. A strong leader would not be bent by uncertainty or break because of timidity. To continue developing myself as a leader, I can focus more on solidifying my decision making and actions during stressful or difficult times. Now that I am aware of what I want to work on, I believe it will be easier for me to recognize and improve my leadership skills.

  • Kira Douglas

    One thing that I could change today is my controlive nature to make everything go my way taking over things that I don’t need to. I am still working on myself as a person but this is one thing that I know I could change to become a better leader. Instead of focusing on moreso my wants and needs I need to think and discuss with other there perspectives on what they might mant and need as well. This is a very effective and more respective way to handle situations that involve more than just myself. Which is want a true leader is all about finding ways from everyone and not just yourself. Knowing when to quit and let others take the lead and not always trying to be in control of everything. That is something i’m slowly but surely working on right now and I can definitely see the progress when it comes to being a leader

  • Juan Estrada

    There are some things that I would like to fix in order to become a better leader, but there is one in particular that stands out from the rest. I am pretty good at being the fun and outgoing leader, but I seriously lack in the organizational part of leadership. I am disorganized and that affects my time management. I always say I am going to use a planner, but that never becomes a reality. I love to be the type of leader that has fun and has school spirit, but I hate having to sit down and type out agendas and such. I want to be organized and enjoy doing to business side of leadership. I plan on bettering my organizational skills by buying a planner, and actually planning out my time. I know this is a small step, but I am hoping it will help in the long run!

  • Remington Dean

    If I had to choose one area to further develop to increase my leadership skills, I would choose to be a better listener. My listening skills aren’t bad, but they are not superb. I feel as though if I was an excellent listener then I could better communicate with everyone. Also, it could help me better understand the problem or situation at hand. After all, knowing is half the battle. If I was a superb listener then there would less confusion and tension between others and myself. I personally think listening is one of the most important skills to possess. With this skill being nearly mastered, then I could be a better leader.

  • Shadow McCain

    One thing I could work on to make myself a better leader is procrastination. I tend to be very organized and have all the plans together, I know exactly what I’m going to do. But when it comes down to the last minute I realize I didn’t act on any of my plans. So something I could do to better myself as a leader is actually perform the pre-thought out plans I have already created for advance. One more then I could work on is stepping forward out of my comfort zone. When I know the group I’m working with everything falls into place. I have no trouble setting up events and letting people know what needs to be done. But when put with a group I am unfamiliar with I have trouble taking leadership over the group. I tend to be to conserned about making everyone else happy.

  • Hope Hohnke

    My biggest struggle is procrastination. I feel like if I put more work into time management, I would be more successful in my involvement. If I managed my time better, I could lead groups better and actually accomplish my big ideas. Without the time necessary, it can be very difficult to get an event in order and ran successfully. Managing my procrastination would help as a stress relief as well. Putting off my work can make me anxious, irritable, and not the best leader that I could be. As a leader, I feel that one must be on top of time to guide cause everyone else to be in the same situation. Once I learn to manage my time better, I feel that I can be of much more success.

  • Melissa Salazar Velasco

    I am an extremely shy person. This characteristic obtains many disadvantages, which is why communication is one skill that I can improve upon in order to become a better leader. My lack of ability to communicate effectively becomes visible whenever I am trying to begin and establish new connections, damaging the potential of new projects. As much as I want to improve my communication skills, it is extremely difficult. However, I am working on my confidence throughout my daily encounters. Even though it is going to take time, developing my communication skills is going to transform me into a better leader. I believe that it is going to transform me into a better leader because it is going to help me develop new projects, work more effectively in teams, and create meaningful friendships. I am willing to take all of the time in the world to help me achieve my goal.

  • Lindsey Lance

    If I could change one thing today to better myself as a leader I would be a better listener. Being a better listener and learning that it is good to listen rather than speak can help anyone out when trying to better themselves as a leader. Sometimes I will find myself speaking too much when really I could learn a lot more from other people’s advice and thoughts. I think that listening rather than talking can be helpful to everyone trying to develop themselves into a better leader. By listening to representative Nelson and being motivated to become a better leader I will take action to bettering myself as a leader and learn to listen more than talking.

  • Bella Oliver

    One thing that I could change to make myself a better leader is to start keeping an hourly planner up to date to keep myself more organized. Currently, I have a hard time trying to schedule everything and make sure I get everything done, so if I had a planner to keep myself organized I would enable myself to better lead the people in my organizations by making sure everything is completed.

  • Zach Atkinson

    I think Representative Nelson proved a good point. Creativity is something that will take one far. Keeping an open mind will open many opportunities and people will admire that. Bringing in new ideas is something that I have always liked to do.

  • Sarah Tierney

    Something that could really change me and just everyone in general, is your attitude. We tend to think that the only thing that is happening is us. Whatever is happening is just happening to us, or we are the only one feeling. But in reality that is not the case. There is a whole world of people and emotions going on. We react too fast to something and get bent out of shape. We are all guilty of this, and it doesn’t make it okay. But if we take a second and get more creative in how is the other person is feeling or that something else other than you is happening, you will see a difference in your life and in theirs. I feel like in order to be a good leader you have to be able to understand people and how they could be feeling and be sympathetic.

  • kinsey rogers

    In my sorority, there are so many opportunities to be a leader and I’d love to get more involved and learn more leadership skills from the lessons in leadership class. This class has taught me so much already just from hearing stories of many successful people as well as some life tips!

  • Victoria Hodge

    If I could change or work on one area of my life it would definitely be my management skills. I say management because it is a general term that could be applied to several areas that I need to work on in my life. The number one specification of management would be that of my time. Not to say that my time is more important than anyone elses but time is a very valuable thing, because you can never get it back. I am definitely learning through my first semester of college that scheduling is always important no matter how trivial you may think it to be. There is nothing worse than having committed yourself to two things that are happening at the same time. That is probably the one area in my life that could use a bit of structure in order to make sure I know what my priorities consist of and what I need to keep ensuring that goals and standards are met. Through developing better time management skills I could focus on the things that are most important to me and give equal time to all activities. This would help me make sure that I am doing all that I can for those involved and being a true leader who knows how to manage time and projects efficiently. This could be applied to several areas of my life at the moment, beginning with classes, organizations, and also personal time.

  • Sakinah Al Saleh

    Representative Nelson he was explained how moving one letter in the word reactive, could move you to creative. He was spoke about the nobility of the great historical figures. like,Will Rogers.I learned in the life how to follow Successful figures to become a leadership.I also learned how to become my character always successful and powerful.He was discuss one thing that we could change, or one area we could focus more attention, to develop ourself into a better leader.

  • Laura Kleinmann

    Representative Nelson explained how moving one letter in the word reactive, could move you to creative. Discuss one thing that you could change today, or one area you could focus more attention, to develop yourself into a better leader.

    One area that I could focus on is discipline. I have vision, greats ideas and determination but I lack discipline. This results in bad time management. Even if I have a fantastic idea and I am determined to get it done, however due to my lack of discipline I usually have to stay up very late the night before in order to finish it. I always finish the project but it is usually not up to my initial standard. I know that by becoming more disciplined and cutting out some activities that are simply for fun or just being stricter with my time frames I would be a much better leader than I am today.

  • Delaney Williams

    I believe that instead of reacting to the negative or difficult courses I may face in my life, I could be creative by changing my perspective. Personally, I am not very good at managing my time, which sometimes may effect my leadership skills. Instead of letting this get me down and reacting negatively, I could use it as an opportunity to discover new ways to manage my time and organize myself. This would improve my leadership skills because I would become a more effective leader in the organizational areas.

  • Connor Schuff

    When asked what I would do to change or alter my leadership skills, I would change the way I approach crowds and large groups of people. When speaking in crowds I find that i usually freeze up and begin to stutter. I wish I could speak more fluently and confidently in front of people. Confident speakers appear more intelligent and people tend to pay more attention to them as well. I love the topic Representative Nelson spoke on, we all need to focus on our weaknesses and improve upon them.

  • Dylan Stottmann

    When representative Nelson spoke on Tuesday i was very intrigued with what he had to say. One thing i remembered most was when he told us to write the word reactive and move one letter to make the word creative. This stuck out to me because it shows how much something can be changed by doing the smallest action. This makes me want to change myself in a way that i want to make sure to emphasize on all the little actions in life. I want to make sure that people who do the small thing like open doors or help people carry something to their car truly know how appreciated they are. I want to be able to return all of those favors as much as possible and let people know that their cations dont go unnoticed.

  • Na'eemah Phanelson

    An area I feel I could change today to make myself into a better leader would be my networking skills. I enjoy going to networking events and meeting new people from various backgrounds but if I worked more on my personal brand and self marketing, I feel I would benefit more from marketing now and in the future than what Inhabe been. I could definitely have a list of who Or what type of person I wanted to meet before leaving the event, and better yet, what questions I could ask. From there I would work the room not just by myself but with a friend who could be the partner to my act, thus, by gauging the atmosphere, people’s body language and facial expressions, plus the list I had pre arranged to keep me on track for the event we would be able to, successful network. Not just the fact of going through the whole process, but getting a certain number of business cards to later send thank you so, and getting the answers to the questions I had prepared and genuinely wanted answers too. Working on that mayor skill for myself to build better leadership in me but also a skill others could benefit from would be what I would work on to become a better leader.

  • avery ibison

    One thing I could change today to make myself a better leader would be striving to maintain a normal routine. I feel like if I were to continue to have a daily routine I would be better organized and more inclined to lead others. On another note, I could give more attention to others overall. If I were more observant and watched others examples more I may be a better leader. A few things that stuck out to me while he spoke was when he used the saying “reactive to creative.” A few other notes I took away from him was that to be effective you have to understand your own condition. As in knowing where you are currently and where you want to be in the future. He also explained what vision was. Meaning the ability to see the future that doesn’t exist now. And lastly, it is important to look back on past leaders to be able to follow their examples.

  • Lydia Johnson

    Time has forever been something that I have struggled with. From cramming my schedule full, to just simply not having enough time in the day, I will always be fine tuning my ability to time manage. If i were to become the best leader possible, I would allow more time for rest and availability. Rest would allow me to refuel and be as present as possible. By freeing up my schedule, I would be much more intentional within my friendships, my homework, and my family. I think a leader should make sacrifices in order to be available. Everyday is a work in progress for me to achieve these two things. It seems rather impossible to accomplish in the midst of this crazy season of college, but I will work diligently in order to do so.

  • Justin M Morgan

    In my personal life, I think that I could improve my public speaking skills in order to become a better leader. Having the ability to successfully public speak can implement change in many circumstances. In my community, there are many different organizations that raise money and put on events in order to help a cause. I could do the same type of events by simply being a voice in the town and talking to people in order to persuade them to commit to donating. With this skill, it would help me in many more ways than just creating change in my community. It will assist me in my endeavors for the rest of my life.

  • Pallavi Samantaray

    There is always room for improvement and I know I will never be the perfect leader but I can get pretty close if I put my mind to it. In order for me to be a better leader I think I need to speak up more and instead of telling people my ideas so they can say it out loud I should have the courage tooo and to stick by it. I have always been more of a passive leader but I want to be more outgoing and reach out to my team, making sure that I am becoming a better leader as well as shaping my followers into leaders themselves. I believe the best kind of leader is one who will get down on their knees along with his or her followers and also make them leaders in their own right.

  • Kiel Kondrick

    I am a leader who can work behind the scenes and lead up front, but I think the lesser of the two is my ability to lead up up front. Every good group of leaders consists of the loud people up front and the people who lead in behind the scenes as well. Also the biggest thing I learned from Rep. Nelson is turning reactive to creative. Reacting to a situation you are being given and being creative with how you are dealing with it. I think history of leaders is something not just leaders should study on but everyone.

  • Zachary Canaday

    Representative Jason Nelson offered some very useful insight on becoming a successful leader. He mentioned that as simple as changing one thing and focusing on improving that quality can help an individual overall. Personally, I think for myself to become a better leader, I need to become a better listener. I often speak and jump to conclusions, when in actuality I should be listening just as much. I can do this by not interrupting others and applying their ideas to mine. I think if I work and focus on fixing this quality that I can improve my leadership skills as a whole.

  • Mario Figueroa

    While listening to Representative Jason Nelson speak, he gave a great example of how one little modification, can completely change the meaning of something. While referring to leadership, one thing that I would change about my character is my listening skills. As a leader I understand that this is an important trait to have and one that I lack. I tend to get distracted easily when someone is talking and do not pay attention unless it directly benefits me. I have witnessed this to be an issue in the past, but I am working to not let it happen again. I understand that listening is not one of my strengths and by improving on that will allow me to develop as a more well rounded leader.

  • One thing I can change today is my attitude. I can practice, humility, thankfulness, and being content with where I am and what I have. Having a positive attitude makes getting through the day so much easier. It also makes you more approachable and relatable, which are traits every good leader should have. I am always looking to improve myself, and a positive attitude every morning is a great start.

  • Commitment

    I have to commit more to what I say I’m going to do, I have to commit to success, to my family, to my friends and to getting super rich.

    So far I’ve committed to helping my friends expand their business.

    Taking minute by minute action to improve the social reach to get more leads and fans that would make this a global phenomenon is something I need to live and breath.