Week 8: Representative George Young

Representative Young discussed how the intangibles are the greatest lessons in leadership. What impact(s) do you aspire to make in your communities during your academic tenure and what steps do you plan on taking to invest in these areas?


  • Chang Ting Shuo

    Sometimes, we might think about our desire and ability. Are they intangible? Or is just a kind of feeling? Today, Dr. Young gave us couples of concepts to which can give us many inspirations. And most important thing is leadership can be built by your parents not only school or social community. Parents they don’t have the opportunity to accomplish their academic dream, so that they give us as much as resources as they can. Like my mom, she taught me and helped me to realize that I was supposed to be part of something when I was a kid. The other significant aspect that is what kind of way do I treat people? Today, if I am going to lead a team. The first thing should be done which must is getting familiar with my teammates. So a question should be always kept in mind “ Do I know who am I going to lead?” it’s very important. In order to achieve this goal, learn about people and close to them become more valuable than before. Simultaneously, I also can acknowledge myself more. In conclusion, connect with people let you get inspired.

  • Destiny Henry

    Mr. Young spoke a lot about how we should reach out to others about the controversial topics that are constantly around us. I would like to reach out to the community about police brutality, cultural appropriation, and racism in order to make the community culturally competent. These topics are constantly on the news but certain sources are not credible. I want to hold different sessions that educate people from different backgrounds. I will first continue to expand my own knowledge and understanding while gaining leadership qualities that will allow me to communicate without sounding aggressive. These topics are so important and I am so passionate about them so I can not wait to get started.

  • Amanda Goh

    Everyone wants to make an impact on the world and to be well known; however, only a few can do that. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but it takes steps to get there. I believe that we can start off by making small impacts around our communities. In my field of study, I want to inspire others to do their best. In order to do that, I plan on working hard in my studies and persevere to the end. Through that, I can show others that hard work can really bring you success. In addition, I want to impact others to genuinely care for people and take heart in all that they do. I plan on doing that through my actions and the way I present myself. At the end of my academic tenure, I hope to be a nurse that is passionate and truly cares for her patients.

  • George Youngs talk was very inspirational on my desire to be an impactful leader. I have a strong passion for serving and volunteering my time to help improve the lives of others. In the future I plan to spend more time with minority groups in order to make them feel more comfortable and supported. Young talked a little about the significance of immigration and our need for it here in America. I believe learning about the hispanic culture here on campus, as well as the hispanic population in the Edmond and OKC community is very important. During my academic career I plan to minor in Spanish as a way to help the community in the future with my profession.

  • Lindsie Dortch

    In class this week, Mr. Young discussed how to become a leader, and talked about how his mother influenced his leadership skills. A leader to me is someone who is courageous and stands up for what they believe in. This is what I plan to do in the community. I want to make an impact on other people. Such as, volunteering in the community, helping disabled children, volunteering to feed the homeless, and donating school supplies. One of the steps I’m taking is volunteering with my church to help the community by donating can goods to other people. I also want to be a mentor to young people and encourage them to be true to themselves and never give up.

  • The community that I am from is a Chinese community special government employees. Most of the residents work for government and all of us know each other every well, and we always have a lot of activities for us to consolidate our residential bond. It was good to live in that community until more and more residents moved out and some people who are not civil servants moved in and settled down. Since we didn’t know each other very well, we barely had any talks, just simple greetings. Also, we canceled most of the activities. Most worst, the original residents had some complaints to those new comers, making the whole atmosphere a little bit intense. I miss the previous atmosphere, when everyone gather around and take good care of each other. However, this situation hasn’t got any better. I hope in my academic tenure, I can rebuild the trust and love between all of us. If possible, I will elect to be a part of the community meetings. First of all I have to fight for it and get elected. The most important mission for me is to restart the activities and encourage more people to participate in. Activities are the best way to warm up the atmosphere and also a good change for people to get to know each other. At least they need to be provided with a chance. And make it last. Generally, it is not just for me but also for everyone’s benefit. If I can do it then the greatest impact I can have is to reunite all the residents together again!

  • dayseah boston

    I completely agree with Mr. Young. Our goals a lot of times do seem intangible but once we strive to reach that goal we learn a lot in that process. The struggle and the experiences that we go through and hopefully the end accomplishment makes a big difference in our lives. I aspire to be a leader and help others to succeed. I especially want to motivate the youth. We are the future so we make a huge difference. In order to do this I plan on graduating with my masters in business and opening my own organization to help the youth focus on their future.

  • Myah Murphy

    Something I spent many years investing in is my church’s LifeTools program. This is a program that gives children from the ages of four years old to high school a place to go to learn about ways to cope with different events that goes on in their lives. Some examples being that their family is going through a death, their parents going through divorce, or just learning how to trust God during the rough times. Essentially, some people would consider this childcare while their parents are at their own classes, but I have personally witnessed children changing their response habits and views on life to see the good in the bad situations. I believe my willingness to let God use me as a facilitator has made a great opportunity for me to be a small part of impact in this community. Some of the best ways to invest in this area, in my opinion, is to be all there, invest in their lives for more than just one night a week through prayer for them, and engaging in conversation with them about more than the lesson we have planned for that week. Something I have realized is that why you think you are pouring into them, they are really pouring into you and that is the true reward.

  • Charmaine Robinson

    I plan to make a huge impact in my community in many ways. First I plan to connect with my community. I will work to get to know them and understand their needs. Mentorship and sponsorship is something I feel is lacking when it comes to minorities. This is a necessity forming these type of relationships. As a leader you are only as good as the people who come behind you. I will champion others on to reach their goals. Offer insight and knowledge how I overcame and how they can as well. I ask myself often what type of legacy will I leave behind? This is my burden I to see all people succeed regardless of their background. Diversity is a must to achieve true success. We can learn a great deal from one another; we need each other. It drives me to push through the tough times. Any academic or career achievement I attain isn’t just for me but for those that come behind me. I am a voice for the voiceless. I will push myself and those around me to achieve their very best. This is my commitment to God, myself, my loved ones, and my community.

  • Emily Holmes

    I plan to make an impact on my community both in Edmond and in my home town by being intentional. By being intentional, I am sticking out to the community around me. By being a servant to others and their needs, I can make a positive impact in the community around me. I plan to go to nursing school, so serving others is what I love doing. I love brining joy to other people. I want to get in good practice of this for my future career. In doing so, I will volunteer every opportunity that I have.

  • Cali Passerman

    Dr. Young was one of my favorite speakers we have had so far this semester. He spoke a lot about service, which is something I am very passionate about. I believe it is our duty to serve those who need us, whether that be through food banks, clean up, or loving on babies at church while their parents get to worship! I personally would like to impact our youth during my time in school and even into my adulthood. The youth are our future, and while I am a still a youth, I have made mistakes that I could potentially stop those younger than me from doing. It is important to talk to kids about prejudice, especially in the church. Some churches and some families like to use the bible as an excuse to be prejudicial which just is not right, so it’s necessary to help them understand the word. I believe if we invest in the kids of today we can make our country a more loving place, while we will never be perfect, anything would be an improvement.

  • Emily T Womble

    Impact is a relative term. To one, changing a system is impactful, to another, impact means changing the world. I have learned throughout my life that society is dependent upon the individuals which make it up. So, when you say you are going to impact a community, you are saying you are going to impact the people. To impact them you have to know who they are, as Rep. Young mentioned in his speech. If you plan on leading someone, you need to know who you are leading. And that is what I aim to do, just get to know people. I don’t want to tell them who to be, how to act, or where to go. I want them to tell me those things. I want them to feel as though someone is listening. I think the biggest problem in our society today is that no one ever wants to listen; they just want to talk. Just because you can talk doesn’t mean you’re a leader, it means you have vocal chords and a mouth and you happen to know a language. Listening to someone, truly listening, means you’re willing to take the time to put yourself aside, and understand a completely different individual than yourself.

  • Austin Elliott

    Mr. Young talked about facing the harder challenges in life and working towards things that are more important than just yourself. I want to inspire to be a person anyone can talk to and relate to with whatever topic is at hand. I think taking a step back from a situation and trying to see different opinions other than my own is something i would like to work towards. I plan on taking more step out of my comfort zone to talk to multiple types of people that I have never engaged with. Being able to push other people into trying different things for the benefit of everyone around them is another aspect i would enjoy pursing. I believe i can do this by inviting people to try new things and by helping them get acquainted with new people.

  • Julie DeMauro

    During Dr. Young’s speech he repeated more than once the education his family had gotten along with the positive and hardworking environment he came from, this is soemthing that really speaks to me. Today there is hundreds of teens who do not get the luxury of having functional or high achieving family, they have motivation or positive driving force, so many turn to the streets, drugs and violence. It has been a lifelong dream to work with these teens, give them something to fight for and build upon. Being only 18 there is not many who are willing to listen to my crazy and sometimes far fetched dreamed but I currently volunteer at several places who work with at risk children and teens, along with keeping my own “door” open for anyone who’s in need. It definitely takes a lot of effort to work around and for the children in desperate need but I know I will one day make a great impact.

  • Elina Varmia

    According to Representative Young, Leadership is more than just self development, it is making a positive impact on other people. I believe that his opinion about leadership might be very simple but it is very true. In my opinion, in order to find a desire and compassion to learn as well as affecting the community, there must be a bigger purpose than an assignment or required service hour. Whether I am a leader or I am leaded by someone else, I want to have a positive impact on people who I work with. I want to take time to get to know the people around me. I want them to feel appreciated and important, and I wish that people around me can think that I’m trustful and hardworking. Together we have a bigger impact than we would have as individuals. During my academic tenure, I want to become a strong team player and make an impact on projects and organizations that I’ll be involved with, but most importantly, I want to make a positive impact on other students and school stuff.

  • Kaylee neff

    Representative Young was truly inspiring to hear from and gave a few ideas to help my community. I am already involved in a non-profit organization,The First Tee of Metro Okc, but I run a girls golf program within the organization. I want get the younger girls in my class to make holiday thank you cards for a police station. Then for my older girls to set up goodie bags filled with treats to show our appreciation since there is tension with police nationwide. I want my class to realize the importance of giving rather than receiving during the holidays. After I graduate I hope to still be involved with The First Tee and hope to create a scholarship for a woman with Professional golf management major to give back and promote more women in the golf industry.

  • Lindsey Lance

    Being a leader takes a lot of patiences and by that I mean you cannot change your community in one day, it will take many steps to create a strong community. I believe that by taking small steps such as volunteering locally, addressing local problems, and creating changes to help everyone will better the community and show a sense of leadership from everyone overall. When it comes to bettering a community you need everyone to step up and show their own personal leadership skills and for myself, I hope I can lead everyone to do so.

  • Representative Young speech was very inspirational. He gives us many good recommendations to be a good leader, to impact our community in a positive way, and to the people in our community. I have learned many things over my lifetime and the greatest of these has been to be proud of my accomplishments as a volunteer with American Red Cross, the Latino Community Development Agency (LCDA) and the Oklahoma OCCC Community Outreach and Education Center, I have spent hundreds of hours over my last year’s serving minorities in different programs in the Oklahoma City metro area. I plan to continue my professional career by advocating and inspiring the adult and future generations of Latinos to obtain a college education.

  • Lauren Walker

    Mr. Young spoke a lot directly about how we are all part of something much larger than ourselves. He preached about letting others get to know your personality and your character rather than just what is on the outside. He discussed that the greatest part about being a leader was the things that you can not physically see. In order for me to become a better leader and to be able to more unify people I will first need to expand my knowledge on the issues that others deal with. Once I am able to gain more of an understanding on other peoples viewpoints I will then be able to take the action that I see necessary.

  • Jillian Coats

    During Mr. Young’s speech, he touched on the importance of investing in his own community whether it was in his childhood hometown or his home in Oklahoma City. While speaking, he spoke of the importance of investing in people. Before he would give his personal opinions or suggestions, he would let the people around him know him. He would prove his integrity and character. In my own community during my academic career and throughout the entirety of my life, I plan to deeply invest myself in the lives around me to make a positive impact.

  • Kaitlyn Hickey

    I would like to impact people in a way that helps them realize their own strengths and what they are passionate about. Since I am passionate about forensics, I would like to work with high school students who are showing interest in that field. Getting someone interested in forensics and having them choose to go to UCO for that would be a huge accomplishment in my eyes. Helping people realize their strengths as leaders would also be very rewarding. I plan on volunteering with different groups that help shape young leaders and show them how everyone can be a leader in their own way, because there are many different ways to be a successful and helpful leader.

  • McKenna Oathout

    Representative George Young spoke about knowing who you are and who you are leading. I strongly agree that is very important in leadership, but another thing that spoke to me was when he said “Learn the people – be a part of the field. Make sure they know who you are and your character.” The two things I am passionate for are servant leadership and children. I dream of being a Children’s Specialist at a hospital, where I can impact a child everyday. Edmond is my new community and I would love to make a difference here, even if it is minor. So in order to reach that goal I think the best way to do that is combine volunteering and children together. My steps to get there might be small at first but I am confident that in a few months they will be large. As of now, I plan to tour the Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center here in Edmond. I then hope to spend my time there volunteering, where I can “learn the people,” as George Young would say. So, my goal is to implant, impact, invest, and interact at the Children’s Hospital in my community.

  • E'Lexus Merriweather

    “The ability and desire to seek something that our parents didn’t have the opportunity to see,” was the opening message Dr. Young advised us. At the time of my parents’ senior year, college was not an option for them because I was on the way. My mom graduated high school and stayed at home. My dad received a GED and joined the army. Later on down the road, 12 years later, my mom finally picked up and went to college but severely struggled because she had 2 kids, a job, and classes to go through. I have the opportunity to be the first person in my family to go straight from high school into college and do everything the efficient way. I am taking the initiative to jump straight in with no intensions on stopping and building people up and taking them with me. I strive to push people to do their very best and encourage them that they can succeed so they can graduate and have a college degree. Everyone endures struggles in their life. It can range from “school isn’t for them” to pregnancy or financial issues. I want to be the person that goes out of the way to help the person in need and show them the alternative routes instead of just quitting. Persistence is key, and that is how I will make my mark with my leadership skills in this community around me.

  • Zachary Canaday

    Representative Young repeatedly discussed how the intangibles are the greatest lesson learned in leadership. He discussed how many of these topics are often uncomfortable or awkward, but are necessary in improving the issue. During my academic tenure, I plan to get give back to the community more. I already am involved in multiple volunteer organizations, but I would wish to do some opportunities relating to my major. I want to pursue a career in the medical field so volunteering at a hospital or clinic might be further enhance my civic duty.

  • Shania Slavick

    George Young was extremely passionate about how intangibles exist as one of the greatest lessons in leadership because they give life a sense of meaning. I want to continue to volunteer throughout my academic years at the University of Central Oklahoma. Whether it involves running an event, packaging food, sorting clothes, educating junior high students, preparing a meal, or even working with children,; I want to make a difference on myself and my school. In the future, I want to be able to establish a program at the University of Central Oklahoma that works specifically with special education students. Furthermore, I will help establish and lead this program which would involve creating various activities to interact with these students at different local elementary, junior highs, and high schools. I want to be able to inspire and encourage them because their selfless loving hearts are truly inspiring and touching. I will talk to other students and professors to help get this program established and look into various high schools that the University of Central Oklahoma could pair with to get this program started. If I can get fellow students involved while creating an everlasting impact on a special education student, then it will truly be a successful program.

  • Victoria Plunkett

    George You g talked a lot about how his biggest influence was his family. He recalled details about how he wasn’t expected to be a good person necessarily for his own reputation, but for the reputation of his unit, which was his family. I plan to install this sense of belonging in every organization or association I am a part of. From now on, not only am I representing my personal self and immediate family, but also organizations such as PLC, the Music Department, and even UCO itself. I must take measures to make sure I am well presented, respectful, and honorable in all things I partake in on campus.

  • Victoria Hodge

    In my opinion it sometimes doesn’t take a lot to create an impact but to create a lasting one is a different story. Many times throughout my life I have found myself wanting to be the best at whatever it is that I set my mind to and while that sometimes can lead to a lasting impact it is only when you are able to reach out to others that the memory will last. By that really vague and mysterious sentence I basically mean this. Something you do will only have the distance to reach those that you touch. The more people you try to serve in this life the bigger the impact. Most of the time it first takes looking within to determine what it is and how exactly you want to do it. In my community I want to be able to follow my true passions and volunteer in ways that would have not necessarily the biggest outreach but the strongest impact. In other words I will find a way to do the most good starting here in Edmond with the UCO community. And the way I will achieve this is by starting now in my freshman year of college by getting to know the community by getting involved, exploring my passions, and developing a plan of action.

  • Representative Young spoke about how sometimes the greatest lessons in leadership are the intangible. He also said, “If you want to make a difference you have to invest in people, this way you can make an positive impact.” I hope, to inspire the younger generation in my community, the Hispanic, to continue their education and attend university. As an executive member in one of my organizations, I had an opportunity to visit an elementary school, where most of the children are Hispanic. My friend and I spoke about our culture, the importance of going to college, and we answered any questions the students had. I believe that this is the start of my plan towards helping those in my community.

  • Shadow McCain

    I believe what is important is not making a huge impact and having everyone know your name, but doing your part to make the world a better place. Everyone wants to set out to change the world but few make huge impacts. It is a heafy task that takes years of hard work. The thing to remember is just because your name is not in lights doesn’t mean your not making a difference. Something I hope to do for my community is just to continue being actively involved. I hope to find a charity I am passionate about that I can put most of my effort into. I currently just volunteer randomly.

  • Marcia Clemmons

    In this day in age, I have noticed that millennials have a great advantage over other generations. We are more connected than any other age group. More information is available at our fingertips than ever before. We have access to more perspectives and opinions of other ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds than ever before. However, this is also a disadvantage. Everyone has an opinion, individuals want their opinion to be heard and respected. And a problem that has been around since the beginning of time, is that we really believe our opinions are correct. The drawback is not everyone is equally informed with tangible sources on intangible subjects. Subjects such as: racism, immigration, police and race relations, gun control, legalizing marijuana and education reform.
    During my years as a newspaper editor in my high school, I really struggled teaching students on how to find quality sources to back their opinions. Now my impact, I hope is to educate my peers of what a correct and unbiased source is. This may seem all about politics but I believe it can also transfer into personal lives. The impact I hope this has is to allow facts and information to arise before tension and aggression.
    The steps of this plan will not be as concrete as others. There is not a specific plan on trying to inspire others. I believe by influencing one by discussion and inspiring another by example I am making a difference.

  • Mason Belcher

    This week in class, Mr. Young spoke to us about how to become a better leader and the experiences he has had that has shaped him into the leader he is today. He spoke about reaching out to others and that is one of the main things I want to do in my life. I believe that is one of the most important thing a leader can do. By reaching out to others, I plan on having a positive impact on everyone around me no matter what it is. Any area someone needs help in, I want to be there to help them.

  • Emily Acuna

    My parents are a major reason that I am the leaser I am today. They pushed me to my limits and then told me to go another mile. They taught me what it meant to express my ideas and passion while leading and building others around me. As a Sponsorship Director for the Big Pink Committee, I want this organization to grow and excel. I aspire to make a difference and build this organization. I will do so by getting its message out into the community. It is a big part of my life, and I want others to know and understand what this organization stands for. It is so much more than just an organization on campus.

  • Linn Brusletten

    Representative Young had many inspirational messages about how to be a leader. He strongly emphasized that giving of your time and “seeing” people were important aspects of being a successful person. Young holds several positions in a vast amount of committees, in addition to formerly having been a pastor. He stated that being involved and giving back is a great part of his life.
    I love volunteering and helping others. During my time at UCO, I will strive to find opportunities to give back to the community. I am particularly interested in working with children, as this is something I am very passionate about. I was surprised to find that so many children were suffering from abuse, poverty, and bad family relations here in Oklahoma. I have already started seeking out opportunities to help these children. In addition, I will continue to do so, hopefully to a greater extent, once I graduate.
    The next step for me would be to locate organizations that work with this theme in particular. This might lead to opportunities for me to volunteer and become further involved.

  • As for me, I am a member of the Student Union of my school in my home university, so I would like to organize and extend more academic activities for others. Cause in my opinion , academic activities can help more people to know more our academic field and make a progress on it. I will discuss more about it and do researches about it with my colleagues to make sure what kinds of activities are more suitable. Besides, I will think of more methods to encourage everyone take part in them postively.

  • Caleb Robinson

    When I graduate from UCO, I want to leave it a place of rich friendships. I want to engage with my fellow students, my professors, and the staff at UCO in such a way that people will still remember me after I graduate. I want Jose, the cook who makes amazing omelets, to think someday, “Man, I miss seeing Caleb in Buddy’s diner.” I want my professors to remember me for my hard work, but also my friendly demeanor and goofy outlook on life. I want the underclassmen (when I graduate of course) to continue their career in college and think, “Man, what would Caleb say to do,” in the same way that I think “What would Jameson or Katie say to do?” I want to attain success, yes, but I want to enrich people’s lives along the way! The intangibles for me are meaningful friendships, and I will continue to engage in the lives of the people around me!

  • Dylan stottmann

    This week, Dr Young spoke to us about being a leader who makes such an impact on those around them. One thing he stressed while speaking to us was that “Leadership is more than self development, its about the development of those around you.” By this, Dr. Young means that an effective leader will change the lives of those around him/her rather than focus on self accomplishment. I find this to be very true and i would like to become a leader such as this. I want to make sure that i help all of those around me as much as I possibly can to ensure they are developing as much as everyone else. I want to be a leader such that when i go to volunteer with other people, those around me know that they are vital to the operation and they realize that others recognize how important they are to the operation. I want to be as selfless as possible when leading so i can ensure a positive atmosphere among everyone who is participating.

  • Connor Schuff

    In class this week, Mr. Young spoke about how to become a leader in this ever changing world we live in. He spoke about how his mother was his inspiration and guidance into what shaped him into who he is today. When asked what a leader is to me, it is someone who stands up for the silent when something is wrong and provides a voice to those who can’t. He also spoke about how we should reach out to our community about controversial topics. My goal is to reach out to my community, and strive to bring everyone together as a whole. Nowadays the world is divided into groups, when in reality we are all the same. I hope others feel the same way i do about this topic and also strive to make a difference.

  • I’ve already invested heavily into making an impact on campus by working on my own self-development.

    Here is a list of some of the things I want to see happen on this campus.

    1. Increased Entrepreneurial Spirit
    2. Everyone needs a LinkedIn and or establish an attractive brand on some form of social media.
    3. Destroy the notion that average amounts of action will yield any kind of long-term prosperity for the global community.
    4. Promote a lifestyle of health, wealth, love, and happiness.

    And last but not least :
    5. Give every organization on campus the resources and tools to produce funds so they can participate in larger, more life-changing activities and events

  • Hannah Mette

    Representative Young was one of the most inspirational speakers I have heard this year. He was very wise, and had a lot of different aspects to his speech that I could apply to my own life. The intangible aspects that stood out to me the most were the relationships he talked about building. Life is all about the relationships that we are able to build with those around us, and that is what being a leader is about. He explained that when he started working at the different churches he spent the first few years just getting to know the people, the culture, and the expectations of the congregation before he tried to make changes. He was able to build trust among the members so that they cared about what he had to say. I want to do this in my own life. To be someone who is genuine in every relationship that I have, where I can build that trust with that person and they know that I truly care about them. This intangible skill is vital to success in so many areas of life.

  • Sarah Mattox

    My aspirations for community impact the next four years are relatively simple. I don’t have a specific mission in mind that is suitable for a community service initiative, but luckily I live on a campus where civic engagement is plentiful and a priority. I strongly agree with Representative Young’s philosophy on the purpose of a church in the community, and although it seems unrelated, this is why I am compelled to get involved in the Edmond community regardless of having my own goals for the community I wish to affect. This isn’t to mean that I would participate in any community project blindly just because it is labeled as community service; I will search for existing projects that match my interests for the community. As far as my steps to accomplish civic engagement for myself, my plan is also simple. Since I have completed one community service project this semester, I will challenge myself to complete at least two next semester. For every semester, I will challenge myself to add one more project. So, by my last semester, that is eight projects in one semester. This may seem like I am setting the bar low to begin with, but for someone like me with somewhat limited initiative, I think this schedule would give me the slow progression that will keep me moving forward on my goal without overwhelming me.

  • Mackenzie Black

    I would love to be a role model to younger girls in my community. A role model that shows them you can be successful in whatever you set your mind to, along with being a servant leader. I think the steps I need to take to become this would be getting more involved in my community, specifically the youth community, and help mentor them along their academic journeys. This would show them that women can be scholars and leaders while giving back to others and their community. I would hope this would inspire other young ladies to be involved in their community and to take action on what legacy they want to leave behind.

  • Sydney Haas

    During my time here at UCO, my main area of focus will be my home church, Oak Hills Free Will Baptist, which is not far from campus. I go to a fantastic church that is pouring its heart and soul right now into reaching the West Edmond community and helping those who are hurting right here in our own comment. My main goal will be to help expand our college ministry and create more of a bond and family relationship within our worship team at church. Both of these are the two groups I am most active in and effect my life in the greatest way and for me to make an impact ob either of these ministries, I must make Oak Hills an absolute priority in my life. To create more of a family feel within the worship team, I plan to do everything I can to lift the members of this group up in prayer and encouragement and hold more than just a business relationship with them. Our worship team struggles as a tense atmosphere sometimes and by being a peace maker in this environment, I hope to bring this fantastic group of individual musicians into a close knit family of believers that loves what they do and who they work with. For the college ministry, the biggest way I can have an impact right now is by not taking the spotlight and, by default, forcing others to take a step up into their own faith and ask questions. Being raised in church, I have always known all the answers to all the questions, and have often been looked to as the one for help when people did not know and had questions themselves. This is great, other than the fact that it sometimes gets out of control, because others know that I will have the answers and will be the one willing to step up and, therefore, never step up themselves because they know it will be taken care of. The best way I can help others be reached by Christ is to step back and just be a listener for this period of time, as well as bringing along others that I know need Christ that I see on a day to day basis. By reaching out in these two ministries at my church, I hope and pray that I can bring these two groups closer together, and therefore, grow our church family even closer to Christ and reach even more effectively to the lost in our area of impact.

  • Delaney Williams

    Dr. Young discussed the importance of his family, his “name”, and where he came from. I believe (and I believe that Dr. Young would agree) that never forgetting your roots is extremely important as one goes through life. Dr. Young expressed how important inspiration was as well. Wether this be current events, family, or school, Dr. Young emphasized the importance of the intangible inspiration. My personal inspiration comes from the civil rights issues seen today, including women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and police brutality. I plan to use the inspiration that Dr. Young preached about and apply that to the leadership aspect of my life, by informing others of what’s going on in the world today as well as volunteering with activist groups. I would like to become involved locally first, and possibly branch out my leadership skills to something larger after that.

  • Erin Drewke

    Much like representative Young, I believe in having a discipline to continuously work at becoming the best person that I can be. When I become involved in a new experience, I may not be the most outgoing or influential person. I have to remember who I am and get to know the people that I want to influence or impact. Then, I strive to help and inspire the people around me. This starts by building trust and understanding. In the past, I have been able to show my leadership through athletics. However, every individual has developed their leadership through different channels, be it athletics, academics, student government or community organizations. The first thing to remember is that everyone is worthy to be seen and we are all pieces to a big puzzle. The next step is to understand the difference between management and leadership. Management describes taking care of other people by keeping them on level ground. Leadership is being able to move people beyond level ground and to something greater. I aspire to impact my community through service in hope that others can become all that they can be.

  • Karrigan Kimball

    This week Mr. Young spoke to us about how he is a leader, and the events that have happened in his life to mold him into the leader and person that he is today. He explained to us that his biggest supporter, and the individual who had the most effect on his success was his mother. To me, that hits on a personal level because for me as well, my mother has had everything to do with the woman that I am today. I believe in order to make a difference in your community, you must simply treat people well. If you see someone treating others well, it automatically builds a level of trust. When a group of individuals trust you, they are going to take your word and act of judgement seriously. That is just one of the many steps I think it takes in order to change the community that you are in for the better. There are several, but your peers have to be able to trust you by your actions and not just your words, in order to go forward.

  • It is often hard to focus on the little things and how much they make a difference on a community. I often think, how am I going to change the world? How will everyone know my name? As if everyone knowing my name will be what makes the difference in the world. However, I could not be more wrong. I will change the world by doing what I love in the community that I am in. Changing the world is created by baby steps. Baby steps like volunteering more, smiling at others when walking down the street, letting someone pass you even when you’re in a hurry, getting to know your neighbors and helping them in any way you can. When all these small acts of kindness and understanding are put together, the world will begin to change. It all begins with a smile. During my academic tenure, I hope to make the most impact that I can when I volunteer with children because I hope that my future career involves helping children become leaders.

  • Teena Varghese

    I think one way I can impact people is reaching out to those who need it. My career path allows me to help people and give them advice in any situation that they may be in. There doesn’t have to be a specific topic but anything that is troubling them because I think I was blessed to have a God given talent to give my opinion and advice that guides people. I’ve already started with my circle of friends but it might continue into the school and the people I meet and then it will grow to the community. I have the ability to talk and guide a community that has questions and be able to provide and counsel them.

  • Keats Calhoon

    Dr. George Young spoke about how one of the most important things in leadership is being aware of what your parents lived to show you. Their beliefs and desires should be passed on to us. I grew up in a Christian home with a very strict but loving father and a compassionate mother who always wants to help and care with every ounce of energy that she has. The principles that they lived and taught me have made me into the person I am today. Coming to college has allowed me however to make them my own principles, not just a standard of living that I have to keep in my parents house. Because of this I can begin to make an impact on other people’s lives by sharing these principles with them. Christianity is the single most important thing in my life, taught to me by my parents but now being lived out on my own terms. I inspire to make an impact in the Kingdom of God on campus. Not by overpowering religious views on others, but by being an example of Christ and showing people His love and allowing them to feel His presence. I can share testimonies that I have personally been apart of, that I have seen taken place, and from people of whom I completely trust with all of my heart. All of which not only show the love, power, and compassion of God, but also that show that He is very in fact real and that all need Him as their savior. I also aspire to be a blessing to those I come in contact with, in every way that I can. To be more friendly and talkative, even though that is a difficulty in my life. In doing so I believe people will see that I truly do care about them because they realize that I am taking time to do something that is uncomfortable and physically taxing for me to do. And there is no great leader, unless his followers know that he/she cares for them because only then will they do what he asks with a full and ready heart.

  • Ben Raulston

    I wish, as many people do, to one day give back to my community and alter lives for the better. I plan on doing this while I am still in my academic career by working hard and showing others what it takes to accomplish a goal. I plan to lead by example of doing the little things in life and school correctly so the bigger tasks seem much more accomplishable. I want my peers to be able to know from my effort that anything I set my mind to will be accomplished and maybe this example will cause them to accomplish things that they never thought they would accomplish.

  • Ben Raulston

    I wish, as many people do, to one day give back to my community and alter lives for the better. I plan on doing this while I am still in my academic career by working hard and showing others what it takes to accomplish a goal. I plan to lead by example of doing the little things in life and school correctly so the bigger tasks seem much more accomplishable. I want my peers to be able to know from my effort that anything I set my mind to will be accomplished and maybe this example will cause them to accomplish things that they never thought they would accomplish.

  • One of the intangibles that impact me recently and help me to realize who I want to be is the ability to gain trust and responsibility. I was a Disaster and Preparedness volunteer of the American Red Cross but was unable to be out on the field to help victims of the 2013 Oklahoma Tornado in Moore. Because I was inexperienced with these types of disasters and due to my young age, I was limited. Though I was in the office answering calls and helped the staffs to do some of the paper works. Fortunately, I did have a chance to drive by the area to deliver some materials for the families. From this experience, I realize that I want to do more for the community than just being able to help only in time of disasters or emergency crisis. I want to grow larger and earn the trust from other people. I want others to understand that I have the skills and experiences to help those victims without putting myself in danger. So during my academic tenure, I want to become more involved in our community’s activities and events, by becoming a part of an organization and further improve my leadership skills. Together with the American Red Cross, I want to learn more about potential disasters that can occur in different areas. So I can help create preparedness programs to help ensure the safety of local people with my peers. From Representative George Young’s presentation, I also want to leave a footprint that creates positive outcomes for my community.

  • Kira Douglas

    I plan doing more effective work on making the community we live in a healthier and safer place to reside in. By volunteering at places to help build new place to grow food for those who are less fortunate and cannot afford to pay for their own. Then by working with police officers discussing their view point on how to make the community a better place. Then coming up with idea on how to help the less fortunate communities grow and become better places to live in and stay. Helping out the children who live their so that they can have better a education and a healthier living style.

  • kinsey rogers

    I have always had a soft spot for kids with disabilities and in my future I plan to volunteer to help kids with special needs. I haven’t for sure made a decision, but i’m considering becoming a special education teacher! I feel like God gave me this gift for a reason and that It’s my calling. Usually people don’t know they’re calling until later in life, if ever! No matter what I end up doing with my life, I want to make the world a better place!

  • Justin M Morgan

    George Young spoke on the need for reaching out to others and also the need for immigration here in America. The main context for reaching out to others is in the area of politics and and the main problems that are causing society to fail as a whole. If we can slowly but surely put a stop to these atrocities, then it would greatly impact the community as a whole. Things such as crime, sexual assault, and political leaders are a few of the many things that can be stopped or at least helped due to simply reaching out to others. Immigration was another main topic that was discussed in this past weeks class. Cultural differences have a big role in breaking a community down. We can change this by getting in touch with community leaders and organizing events in order to bring the community closer and getting more people involved.

  • Laura Kleinmann

    The discussion given by Representative Young was incredibly inspiring. After the presentation I was excited to take and use the information and encouragement he gave to make a difference in my community. This is where the difficult part occurred. To be invigorated and pumped up to make a difference is one thing, but actually having a plan and putting it into action to make an impact is a totally different scenario. My focus after Representative Young’s speech is definitely people. I want to actively work to make a community that is truly inclusive. The University of Oklahoma has an incredibly diverse population and I believed that being diverse and inclusive were the same thing. I had the opportunity to attend SWACURH and after this experience I feel that, while UCO could be much worse, it could also be much better in the area of including all types of people. I would like to use my position as West Hall President to bring forth a more inclusive campus. My first thought is to give residents the chance to learn about cultures that are entirely foreign to their own. I would also like to bring back activities about things such as microaggression to help the residents understand small things they unknowingly be doing that may make others feel excluded and discriminated against. We all have a lot to learn from other cultures and I would like to work to make a community that grows and encourages new cultures rather than tearing them down and ignoring them.

  • Juan Estrada

    I want to make an impact on my community that will teach the public that Hispanics are more than just immigrants and hard labor. During this presidential debate the topic of building a wall has come up to make sure that immigrants from Mexico cannot cross over. This has flooded the minds of the public, and this is the only thing they can think of when it comes to Hispanics and Mexico. I want to teach the public that Mexico does bring over good people with dreams and goals. My parents came over to the United States from Mexico to offer a better education for my siblings and me. My parent’s story and many other families like mine do not come to the United States bringing drugs or violence, but they do bring parents who want to better the lives of their families. To help educate the public I would tell them my families story of trying to live the “American Dream”, and my own personal success story of getting a college education with a leadership scholarship, and also letting them know that by the way my parents came to the United States from Mexico. I just hope to change the minds of people who think all Mexicans should be deported because we are all not that bad. Some of us may change the world someday.

  • Jordan Medaris

    One intangible I am passionate about is helping feed the hungry in my community. I have taken steps to invest in this endeavor; this past spring I worked as a Hope Corps Intern at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. That experience inspired me to continue helping the effort of “Fighting Hunger. Feeding Hope.” while at college. So, I am currently serving as a weekly volunteer at the central pantry where I have the privilege of serving my fellow students by helping them access to the food they need. It is my goal that as I continue my higher education that I will find other ways to plug into my community and help not only fight hunger but build relationships with the people I am helping.

  • Hope Hohnke

    It is more than possible to impact the world, and anyone can do it. The issue is, many people see that impacting the world requires something huge, but in all reality, one may impact their community by doing little things. I think one of the biggest realizations a leader may have is to take note that everything we do, big or small has an affect, so to make sure what your doing is worthy of a good impact. Another thing leaders must take note of is that there are always people watching you, so you may make an impact whether you intend to or not. I think one of the biggest plans I can make is to keep that thought close to heart. It can help a leader stay on track and remember what they’ve worked so hard for. We must all realize in such a vulnerable time that it is extremely worth it to think through everything we do, because not only do they impact us now, but in our future as well. My goal and plan is to stick with reminding myself that I’m working toward my future and that will allow me to succeed in bringing a good impact to this world.

  • Sakinah Al Saleh

    Mr. Young he was discussI how to become a leadership. Also he was explain to our class how to the leadership move and place. When he went the church he learn the people who I am.However in the future I hope a strong passion for serving and volunteering my time to help improve the lives of others. I plan to spend more time with people to make them feel more comfortable and supported. During my academic I plan to minor in Nutrition as a way to help the community in the future.

  • Mario Figueroa

    While listening to Representative George Young, one thing that stood out to me, was when he explained that sometimes our struggles are really just opportunities. I can relate to this because, I am a person who constantly challenges himself with the things I do on a daily bases. One of my personal goals, while at UCO, is to impact as many people possible, in a positive way, and as Representative Young stated, by doing this, I will be able to make a difference. I plan on getting involved with the university and continue to develop it, as well as the students that attend it. Witnessing greatness begins with something being small and developing it as we progress. This is what I plan to do with the opportunities that are given to me as well as the ideas I have in mind. In doing this I know a difference will be made.

  • Jake Robertson

    During my time at UCO, I hope to better as many lives as possible through service and every day interactions. While the latter goal seems insignificant in comparison, the impact of forming meaningful relationships is detrimental to being a successful leader. Hopefully by helping and encouraging my peers now, we can form healthy relationships which will build onto bigger and better things in the future which involves my other goal of service projects. We cannot accomplish nearly as much alone as we can as a collective whole. My goal is to be able to unite students and community members under one specific goal to achieve greater things than we could alone. I plan to do this by networking and forming bonds of mutual respect. While at this moment in time I am just beginning this process, hopefully in the future this dream can come to fruition.

  • Zach Atkinson

    I always aspire to be someone that people look up to, one who stands up for what he believes in, has the compassion to listen to the needs of others, and to be someone that is well liked. There are several steps that are needed in order to meet these. This includes putting myself out there and just being a friendly guy. This means getting involved around UCO and reaching out to people. I like to make a great difference and know that I have impacted them in a positive way. Whenever I inspire someone, I know that I doing well with taking these steps.

  • What our community needs more than anything is affordable and accessible healthcare, including reproductive rights. The stigma surrounding reproductive rights is one that needs to be forgotten. I wish the community would be more understanding towards the women in our neighborhoods and workplaces. Women are restricted in ways that men never can be. Politicians pass laws under the realm of “women’s health,” but really the laws are made to limit women’s access to clinics that provide much more than just abortions. I believe that improving Sex Ed in schools would be a step in the right direction. If students and young adults have a better understanding of birth control and other options, they could urge their representatives to rethink the laws they pass.

  • Melissa Salazar Velasco

    My family and I moved to south side Oklahoma City (OKC) in 2001. Whenever an individual hears the words “south side OKC” in the same sentence, they think of violence, crime, and low-performing schools, among other things. Even though many aspects of life have improved in OKC since 2001, there are many things that our community has to accomplish before the negative stereotypes can be eliminated. Throughout my academic tenure, I am hoping to inspire high school students to work hard in order to go to college. I am a strong believer that all individuals have the capacity to learn and grow as leaders, which is why I am hoping to inspire students in my community to work hard. I would also like to tutor children at my local library. I am aware of the impact that reading has on an individual’s academic performance. I want to help them increase their reading levels in order for them to be prepared for the future. I also want to help improve their English. I am extremely grateful for books because they helped me learn English at a young age. Even though I cannot fight all crime and prevent all violence, I can help equip students with the tools that they will need to succeed, which I believe is the most impactful and vital thing that I can do for my community.

  • Yukihiro Hitomi

    Mr. Young mentioned that his leadership skills started with Athletic. Like he was taking a lead as a captain of basketball team, I was leading team as a captain of judo team when I was in high school. I remember taking a lead by showing my diligence and encouraging my teammates by being close to them, rather than telling them what to do or telling them off. This is my way of leading, and I know that this works well. From my experiences, I would like to be a leader who can share their joy as if that happened to me when they are happy, and a leader who can encourage them and motivate them when they have a problem and feel sad. That would be the great impact on team and society, and therefore, I would have a great responsibility for that role.

  • Remington Dean

    The greatest impact that I would like to make in my community would have to be to help children who can’t read learn to read. This not only brings joy to the children, but it also brings a sense of purpose and happiness to me. I can first start off by contacting local elementary schools and see if they already have a tutoring system in place and if they do I can simply volunteer for them. If not, then I can help them set up a R.E.A.D. (Reading Encourages All Dreams) program. This is one impact that I feel is very important to not only the community as a whole but also the individual in which I would be impacting. In conclusion, literacy is one key tool that is used in everyday life and is essential to performing everyday tasks and is pertinent to understand.

  • All my life I have always had a soft spot for homeless people. When I become established in my career, I plan to start a nonprofit for homeless people. Though that is in the far future, I have been focusing on the now. So I plan to begin volunteering at local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Since I am a college student and do not have a substantial amount of funds, I will make it an effort to reach out to someone and give them a free hot meal at least once a month. Eventually I would like to give out a free meal at least once a week. I believe that this will be a big step into creating my nonprofit. I can get insight of what homeless people need by getting to know them personally. I can figure out what they truly need and build upon it to make an organization that will truly make a difference in their life.

  • Chase McMillen

    My goal as a leader in life is to be remembered as a person who cared. This can apply in all aspects of life, especially in communities. If more people cared in their local communities then communities would be that much better. Some steps I can practice now is to just be more involved in the community and help others when in need.

  • avery ibison

    The intangibles of leadership are hard to identify because they are untouchable things. But what continued to pop up in my mind would be my overall experience in student council my senior year that brought me to be the still learning leader that I am today. In student council we generally discussed our impact on the school so that can refer to what Young was talking about with impacting the community. The steps to take would be to continue being passionate about helping others in any circumstance. Another step would be to stick to who you are. It is very difficult to be a leader if you’re constantly changing your values and intentions. Yes, a leader should change by personal growth, but not be opinions and views. The last step would be to listen. Always listen to what others give advice on and take constructive criticism.

  • Sarah Tierney

    Being able to connect and understand people. Having lots of relationships will result in having reliable people. I think that communicating with different kinds of people will broaden your horizons. This will impact your connections, so if you need something you have those connections to your benefit.

  • Ri Hao Yong (LEO)

    I think I just want to let myself be known to more people and try to be more sociable and create more networks for myself. I’m going to invest more in self growth and socialization, and how to leave a impact or a strong impression on people of me. I just hope that one day I get to talk about all kinds of friends I have around the world and how we get benefits from each other to help each other in the business world.