Week 6: Dr. Suzette Grillot

Dean Grillot’s message discussed the concept of being limitless and taking advantage of one’s resources including mentors, champions and experiences and how these unanticipated experiences may impact ones path. Hearing this message, what steps do you plan on taking to best take advantage of these pieces into shape your trajectory.



  • Charmaine Robinson

    I definitely believe in the power of mentors, champions, people who help sustain you when you are faced with difficulty. A team gives you a support system which offers insight and a different perspective when you feel overwhelmed. This can be achieved in many ways by offering words of encouragement, calling you out, or taking you step-by-step on completing a task. Yes, there are many times when you can complete things alone; but there are also instances that require help. It is important to know when you need to humble yourself and seek guidance. Most difficult tasks require a supporting cast. Relying on your team isn’t a sign of weakness in fact it is the opposite. I know when it comes to my personal journey when I face adversity it is my champions that I reflect on to push me through trials. I am forever grateful for my mentors and champions who push and encourage me to become the best version of myself!

  • Alexus Enloe

    For me, Dr. Suzette Grillot’s story was very near to me. I am also from the east side of Tulsa and I found her story had a strong correlation to mine. She said higher education and international education are very important. Like Dr. Grillot when I was growing up, I didn’t travel and didn’t really think of it because it was never something my family did. In high school and now in college I strongly desire to leave the country and learn somewhere else. Somewhere new and different from America. In order to take the steps to shape my trajectory, I plan to keep my mentors I have now and be open and aware of possible new ones around me. I think it’s important to create relationships for networking purposes but sometimes a strong friendship is formed as a result of a mentorship. In addition I plan to study abroad here in college. I want to travel and broaden my horizons when it comes to other cultures, languages, and general ways of life different than mine. I think these are good ways to shape my trajectory and create new and unexpected experiences.

  • My plan is to keep asking my professors, mentors, and family for advice whenever I am unsure of something. I want to be aware of all the different opportunities life has to offer me after I graduate from college. For example, a career that can get me somewhere in life, pays well, and is beneficial. My main goal from now on is to seek guidance with some of the mentors here on campus, so they can eventually lead me on the right path to deciding whatever it is that I want to do after college. I also plan to take everything that they teach me and use it to my advantage after college.

  • Cali Passerman

    I’ve always kind of been a loner when trying to accomplish something, but as I get older and become closer to becoming a professional I am finding it to be very important to have people around that know what they are talking about. Mentors and champions are important because you can only do so much by yourself. People thrive on partnership and collaboration, and if I am stepping into something I have never done before having a mentor would definitely make me feel more comfortable. To shape my trajectory, I plan to find mentors and/or champions in the College of Business and at my church to lead me towards my final goal! I think it is also important to realize that you can’t do it all on your own, while it might be easier just to do it yourself and not deal with others, collaboration often brings the best results. I feel like becoming someone else’s champion would also shape my trajectory. My intended profession is very people-centered and being a positive influence in someone’s life would help me prepare.

  • Sarah Mattox

    I think Dean Grillot’s comment on being limitless closely ties into her advice on flexibility. In her experience, having relatively low expectations actually opened many doors for her. Although strict plans or expectations can sometimes benefit us, they can also be a limit to us. Not only could I relate to what she said about her expectations going into college, I was also encouraged to remain adaptable in my career plan. Building on that, I believe I could utilize my resources here on campus to let my interests be better exposed. Without realizing it, I think one of my freshman professors has become somewhat of a mentor to me providing insight on campus resources. I could bounce ideas off of her about my career plans in order to get some information about how to find internships and other help with my future career. I also believe my advisor can be a very useful resource in shaping the trajectory of my degree and, subsequently, my career options. I plan on making advisement appointments as often as necessary and possible.

  • Ben Raulston

    I strongly agree with Dr. Suzette Grillot’s point that mentors and experiences can help you achieve the concept of limitless. Limitless in my perspective is the never ending growing process to become the best person and leader one can be. I can achieve this by absorbing knowledge from all of the countless mentors entering my life right now. Mentors such as professors, speakers, coaches, and even my peers Can teach me a new perspective or ability that will allow me to relate and communicate with others in the future. Also by reflecting on all of the new experiences I’m going through and learning the good and bad from them I can help others struggling with similar situations and I can learn more about myself. I will be able to further my knowledge of the world and everything around me through my mentor’s perspectives and through new experiences all while trying to pursue the concept of limitless.

  • Chang Ting Shuo

    Speaker tells me two most important concepts. One is higher education, and the other is international education and experience. At first, you have to develop certain characteristics by your own ability. Also, the speaker’s growth background is very similar with me. From a little city, don’t know the things about outside world. But it’s not too late to start, and then with these special experience that would make you more flexible and adaptable. A point was mentioned that is don’t try to make a shape about how to fit in a different country and culture. Just go to embrace people, gradually, you can find that you will get used to there. If you have tried something such as traveled abroad or had experience of other countries, then you would feel there is nothing that you can’t do it. Keep going forward, even though you face a obstacle, at the end, you still have to face it and deal with it.

  • Emily Holmes

    Dr. Suzette Grillot talked about how we need encouragers to be successful. I believe this is so true with other peoples input you are able to hear other perspectives about ourselves and can influence us in good ways. Sometimes I feel as if I am not proficient in a certain area and someone else’s perspective may open my eyes and allow me to see myself through someone else. I feel as if I should take advantage of every opportunity that arises to help my future look brighter. By looking at it from a different perspective and finding mentors and champions to keep me accountable. I feel as if I have already meet some amazing friends here at UCO to keep me accountable and to allow me to see things from a different perspective.

  • Destiny Henry

    Dean Grillot stated many times how she never expected to be where she is today but that she is because she took every opportunity that came her way. I would like to have that mentally of being grateful for all the options I have. I tend to miss out on certain service projects and events because I am not confident that I would be the best fit for the job but I will never know if I don’t try. I need to develop more confidence and grit to be as successful as I can be. Also, she changed her major a total of six and a half times just to find the one best for her. I am not sure what major is right for me but if I continue to pursue the things that interest me I will eventually find that perfect one. Lastly, I will become flexible and adaptable because she stated how challenges will arise and the situation may change, but being flexible will make the transition go smoothly. All of the tips Mrs. Grillot gave about being confident, flexible, and taking every opportunity given has helped me form a plan towards a successful future.

  • Hannah Mette

    The resources of today are truly limitless. There is nothing that we can’t know about by the press of a button. The people we can connect with are also limitless. UCO allows us to have so many opportunities to meet mentors, outstanding peers who push us, and go outside of our comfort zone. One part of her speech that I found extremely important was that she didn’t have a plan. Life is about accepting the opportunities that you receive and making the most of them. I try to do this through different positions I have on campus. More importantly, I do it through the relationships I have with mentors on and off campus. These mentors push me farther in my personal life and in setting goals for myself. I also recognize that my peers are a huge role in pushing me to be the best person that I can be and not become complacent with where I am.

  • Jillian Coats

    When I think of being limitless, I think of not living in fear. I think of seeing beyond the horizon of today’s struggles and taking risks to not only change today but tomorrow as well. Being limitless means not having fear of failure but pushing forward anyways. In life, those who take risks take the jobs and promotions in the business world. So I plan to be someone who is always pushing the limits and what I may not think is possible for the sake of being limitless.

  • Caleb Robinson

    One of the reasons I live on campus is to meet people. There are so many easily accessible opportunities on this campus. Just this week, West Hall had the privilege of eating with President Betz! It was incredible to hear the insight our president had for us, and getting to talk to him again was fantastic! There are also lots of organizations that provide opportunities for students to get involved, meet leaders, and make connections! PLC gave me the chance to meet several of the VPs of the school on Thursday, and UCOSA gives me a chance to work on a weekly basis with other student leaders. The Living Learning Center has been a great way to make friends and surround myself with people who are motivated to lead and work hard!
    I love meeting new people, and on campus, I have many excellent ways to do this. I hope to continue to surround myself with excellent peers and learn from the leaders we have access to!

  • Linn Brusletten

    Being limitless is about not letting others or yourself, put restrictions on what you can do. It is important to believe in what you are doing in order to succeed. Dr. Grillot mentioned how taking advantage of one’s resources is extremely important in the pursue of success. In today’s world, no man or woman can make it on their own. Dr. Suzette Grillot mentioned how mentors, champions and experiences are important in forming your path. I am currently engaged in a mentoring program through Young Risk Professionals in OKC. At the time being, I am waiting to be paired with a mentor. In addition to strictly work-based mentorships, I do believe having champions is an important part of succeeding as well. Everywhere around you, you will find people with desirable traits. They might now have all of them at once, but there is certainly always something to learn from everybody. Being aware of my surroundings and intentionally interact with inspirational people around me, is something I will strive to continue doing. I believe in chance and coincidences. I believe that there is opportunities and resources all around us, and that all we need to do is to seek them.

  • Marcia Clemmons

    Personally, I will use Dean Grillot’s inspiration to remind myself to not be ashamed that I am still deciding what to major in. I do not have a narrow plan where I know directly where I am going in my career and have to be prepared to take risks and opportunities I would not normally be audacious enough to do. Dean Grillot’s own career path has taken her down dangerous and exciting roads internationally and she has lived a full life. I will use her plan as a motivation to stay active and not to settle into something because it is easy. I want to continue to grow, travel, learn and be challenged. On the way I know I will have champions to motivate me and further my skills to find more opportunities.

  • Kameron Nelson

    Already, I’ve found myself starting to veer off the original track I had planned for college. Once I’ve made my mind up on something, I usually tend to stick with it no matter what. However, being around so many students and professors with different outlooks on life, I’ve realized it’s okay to change directions. Originally, I was dead-set on majoring in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science and I didn’t think there was any way I would change my mind on that. But the more I’ve heard people talk about how it’s okay to change your mind and try other things, I’ve started to accept that wanting to change my major doesn’t mean I’m giving up, I’m just choosing a path that’s hopefully better for me. If it changes again, I hope to continue to have mentors, friends, and family to encourage me that it’s okay. So the main steps I plan are taking are to continue broadening my perspective and finding mentors to help me through it.

  • Myah Murphy

    After hearing Dean Grillot’s message I felt especially inspired to value my education. I have always been a big believer in getting as many education opportunities as possible, but Dean Grillot’s message was a nice reminder that not everyone gets to have the option to further their education through college. One of the “steps” to best take advantage of this opportunity is to have a renewed thankfulness for my education and to make the most of it. Another step I gathered from her is to keep an open mind to what may happen next. Don’t limit yourself to just what you can see, for God most likely has another path. I plan to do my best at what I am doing now to leave an impact that will hopefully lead to a significant trajectory.

  • Victoria Plunkett

    Dean Grillot was very adamant about how she never really had a set plan for her life. She was very open and blunt about how she never expected any of her amazing opportunities to happen. I am the same kind of individual, I usually take any opportunity that comes my way, and always try to make the best of it. In order to receive even better opportunities than the ones I am experiencing now, I believe I must become closer to my professors, study even harder, and maintain a healthy social life. Networking is an important factor in what experiences come your way, because in the modern world it is unfortunately who you know instead of what you know. By becoming familiar with my professors, I am opening doors through possible jobs, internships, letters of recommendation, or even potential buisness colleges. By upholding grades, I would show the world that I am reliable, determined, and intelligent. A healthy social life would also help with the networking aspect, for example, if a friend of mine heard of a job opening they the ought I would fit into, they could potentially recommend me. These are the small steps to receiving amazing opportunities down the line!

  • I believe that being involved on campus has helped me be limitless. I have met many people that have helped me take the steps to help me become who I am. Dean Grillot said that she had to develop grit in order to work her way up. I believe that grit is also something that I am developing. I would not be able to do this with the people that impact my life, especially my UCO family. I spend most of my time in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, where I am able to interact with students who I share similarities and differences with. I believe that I can take steps into the direction of the different organizations or offices that we have at UCO, and this can also help me become limitless.

  • Connor Schuff

    First off I’d like to thank Dean Grillot for coming and speaking to our lessons in leadership class. I absolutely loved everything she had to tell us. I love the fact that she was brave enough to travel the world as a young women and put herself into tough situations to make a name for herself. She came across as a very strong and motivated person, which I admire about her. I plan on taking full advantage of all of the resources that surround me, such as: parents, grandparents, teachers and friends. Like Dean Grillot spoke of, nowadays as students we have unlimited resources to find the answers we need.

  • Austin Elliott

    I believe having good quality mentors to help you through tough years like these is very important and should be considered by everyone. Having someone with knowledge and wisdom of the situation your in can help your make the right choices and have a positive impact on you. I think being able to take in the good and bad of different experiences will help your mindset in the way of knowing what you want and don’t want. Being able to adapt to overcome a bad experience builds character in my opinion because it forces you to step out of your comfort zone and try something you haven’t before. Taking unexpected experiences and turning them into something that benefits you and others is a great way to help the positivity around you.

  • I was greatly inspired by Dean Grillot’s point that we should have international experience. Going outside to see the world and gaining different experiences can tremendously broaden our horizons, and we can also learn to be flexible and adjustable. I have been to Japan for my orchestra tour, and I am now an international exchange student in the United States. All along this experience, I have to learn to handle all the things by myself since my family is not with me and most importantly I learn to push myself to become better. It could be a challenge for me to be in a new environment especially a foreign environment, but when I choose to face these challenges and try to cope with them with all my effort, I feel how limited I used to be and therefore I will be much more active and hard-working to pursue my better life here. Sometimes I feel extremely sad when I am trapped in a dilemma without my family’s help, but it is the time when you can actually learn how to deal with all kinds of situations and learn to be flexible and adaptable. Therefore, having international experience is truly a good life experience.

  • dayseah boston

    I plan on taking advantage of all of the opportunities given to me. Taking the advice and guidance from my mentors and those with experience in the field kindred to business is always great. I am creating my web throughout my years in college so that I know people who can help me get to successful job positions when I graduate. I plan on keeping my mind open to different opportunities. I will take a HR internship just to make sure this is the field I want to pursue. I want to do this sooner than later so that I will not waste my time taking unnecessary courses.

  • Elina Varmia

    I found Dean Grillot’s personal history very interesting. I’ve always looked up to people who can adapt, understand, and respect unfamiliar behaviors and cultures. Her story about growing up in East side of Tulsa, where she didn’t get to know outside world, and then later in her life becoming a Dean of International Studies is really inspiriting. It is true that most of the time life offers a different path from what was planned. That is why it is extremely important to be open to all kinds of opportunities. I liked Dean Grillot’s advice “Do not sweat the small stuff.” Her advice applies to everything in life because almost nothing ever goes according to plans and therefore, the abilities of flexibility and adaptability are very important. These advices will be on my mind during the collage years. I don’t have a clear plan about the next steps that I am going to take, but I will keep in mind that every opportunity might be the one changing the direction of my life.

  • Melissa Salazar Velasco

    Dr. Suzette Grillot’s message resonated with my mentality regarding many different ideals. In my sophomore year of high school, I realized how important my narrative was in inspiring multiple people in my school and community. This realization helped me adopt a strong mentality of being fearless and limitless. Although I live in difficult circumstances, I do not believe that any barrier could overpower my ability to pursue my dreams. Dr. Grillot’s message regarding mentors, champions, and experiences was vital because I feel as if I have forgotten the importance of teamwork these past couple of months. I have only spoken with a few classmates from high school since our graduation. Although my solitude these past couple of months has helped me gain independence, I have not interacted with a close group of individuals in months. This lack of teamwork is not helping me grow or move forward, which is why I am grateful for Dr. Grillot emphasizing the importance of having mentors and champions. In conclusion, I believe that Dr. Grillot’s message serves as reassurance to continue being limitless with the help of others.

  • Fatimah Alshaaban

    Dean Grillot’s was discussed during her visit about her educations and experiences and how that change her life. She mentioned that during her education, she developed her skills and she was never planed or expected to be in this position. She also, talked about her travelled abroad experience and how that effected her to change the things in her life. She focused with us about having an expectation and inspiration in our life to reach our goal, and developing our skills, because the life changing fast and we have to learn everyday. I learned from Dean Grillot’s that I have to take the education advantage to lean and developing my skills to shape my trajectory. The world is limitless so, we have to get the opportunity to learn everyday.

  • Amanda Goh

    When Dr. Suzette Grillot talked about being limitless and being unlimited in what we can achieve, I felt a passion burning within me. It was so encouraging to hear! After hearing her message, I plan on finding mentors and champions that will help me through different phases of my life. For example, I had an amazing mentor in high school that helped me in scholarly journey and more importantly my spiritual journey, so I completely understand the essentiality of having one. In addition, taking advantage of experiences are just as important. No matter what we go through—bad or good—we ultimately grow from it. I believe that if we take and learn form experiences in that way, we will be able to reach our highest potential and be successful. With these steps, I will be able to shape my trajectory in the best way possible.

  • Kaitlyn Hickey

    Being a Forensic Science major at UCO gives me plenty of opportunities, mentors, and resources to take advantage of. There will be opportunities for internships that I can participate in if I keep my grades up and work hard in all of my classes. The Forensic Science Institute has plenty of mentors with unending experience that I can talk to and learn very much from. Being a forenisc student at UCO also means that I have resources available to me that students at a different college would not have access to. That ties back into opportunities and mentors. Having one thing will help me have the others. I plan on using all of these things to make my possibilities limitless and to further help my furture trajectory.

  • From my perspective, experience is really important for someone to shape his trajectory. Dr. Suzette Grillot mentioned that international education is very important and I definitely agree with that. I have traveled to many places and talked with people in different areas, in that way I can understand the cultural differences and broaden my horizons. And now as an international student, I leave my country and study abroad to gain specific experience and I think it will help shape my trajectory.

  • Lauren Walker

    Dr. Susan Grillot said “The more you learn the more you know you don’t know” and that really hit me because she is absolutely correct. The more you get out and experience the different situations life hands you, you realize you would not have found that out/known that without that experience. Dr. Grillot also said three words that can make or break you and those were flexible, change and adaption. I think it is very important to be flexible when it comes to handling different situations in life in order to reach your full potential. I also think it is very important to change and adapt because if you can’t adapt to the situations and changes around you then you’re pretty much stuck where you are.

  • Emily T Womble

    “Dream really big.” Ever since Dr. Grillot said those words I have not been able to stop thinking of myself when I was a little girl. I always thought I was “limitless”, no matter what anyone told me. I always believed I could do it. I could change the world. I read novels about people saving the world and saving people and changing people that the world had out-casted as “evil” and as “monsters”. I loved those books, and they shaped a lot of who I am today.
    One book particularly that I did not like was the Scarlet Letter, not because I did not love classical literature, because I was angry at Hester for the way she treated Chillingworth. Here is a man, who only wants love, who is lonely and has no one, and she betrays his love and trust. She hurts him, but instead of her being labeled as the “monster” she is revered as a hero, and Chillingworth is the “monster”. It is a perfect example of what is wrong with this world. We forget that the people labeled as so called “monsters” are still people, with emotions, with pain, with love. We blame society for shootings, but conveniently forget that we are Society. Each one of us is a member, and at any moment we can change ourselves, and we can inspire change in those around us.
    And, that, that is the real issue. This world is starving for “champions”, for role models, for people willing to change for the better, for leaders. My really big dream is to change that, by being a champion to as many as possible, inspiring others to change, and creating a ripple that will affect society for generations to come.

  • Lindsey Lance

    Dean Grillot spoke about many different things including that it is okay to not know what major you are choosing, to always be limitless, and that the more you learn the more you know that you don’t know. For me personally when she stated that the more you learn the more you know that you don’t know it made me realize that there is so much more out there that we think we know about when in reality we don’t. And that pushes me to go out to learn and see more of this world. I plan on using my resources and putting myself in situations that will help me grow into the person and leader I know that I can be.

  • Emily Acuna

    Dean Grillot’s message was very close to me. She expressed the importance of being open to new opportunities and taking advantage of the resources that surround us. It is important to have goals, however sometimes that is not the right path. Bigger and better opportunities could come along, but if you are solely focused on one thing you may miss out. My goal is to always be open to new opportunities, but that doesn’t mean I will say yes to the first one given to me. I will explore it and then make a decision as to whether or not it is worthy of pulling me away from the path I set out for originally. In order to be where I want, I feel it is important to use the resources around me. Having a wide range of network, will open up these new opportunities. I plan to surround myself with people of all ages, all races, and in different career fields, because I just never know when or what the next opportunity will hold for me. My steps in the future will be to explore every and all opportunities with an open mind.

  • If you were to “plan” out your life, chances are you’ll have a different outcome than what you originally thought would be your end result.

    Life is a battle. And you are the pendulum of positive and negative forces. You can not just simply plan, no, you must STRATEGIZE. Make the best out of situations you have no control over and control the time and energy you spend with people and activities.

    The word “Strategy” is synonymous with; masterplan, grand design, and game plan while “Plan” is merely just synonymous with; idea, aim, intent, and objective.

    Knowing this is important as uncontrollable events will occur in your life and you need acontingency plan to bust out and get through it and on to next problem.

    I attribute most of my knowledge to mentors that I have found online and from books I’ve read. Because of this autodidactic behavior I am more prepared to handle bigger and juicier problems than most young people my age.

    I think having a stratedgy is important as well as a clear WHY. But your stratedgy should adapt as you find new and better ways to do things.

  • Karrigan Kimball

    The biggest thing that stuck with me after Dr. Suzette Grillot’s speech was one word. Limitless. There are so many different meanings that word can have, depending on the person and their goals and aspirations. For me, limitless is simply not having limits on your dreams. Such as, the only thing that can come between my path to success, is me. No person or thing should be able to have the power to direct my course in a way that I don’t want. Being limitless means having reliable resources to allow me to become successful. I have to be picky when it comes to the individuals and environments that I surround myself with, in order to be the best me that I can be. Dr. Grillot just proved and touched base on how important it is to believe in yourself, and strive for what you believe in.

  • I think i would take full use of my professors and seniors in learning new things and getting new experience. I think everyone who i met are a significant part of me as each of them influence me in their own way. I’m glad for the people i met now and i hope i get to meet new interesting and positive people later on. I will strive to be the best of me, learn and improve everyday and be successful in the future. Fighting!

  • E'lexus Merriweather

    In order to succeed fully in life I truly feel that the use of mentors and another reasources are a must. If it weren’t for the councilors or great teachers in my life, I know I wouldn’t be as successful as I am. I took information from a teacher I had my junior year of high school, and because of her I now know what I’m going to do with my life. Your life is full of limitless opportunities in order to enhance yourself. I plan to never discredit myself and never tell myself that I can’t do something. Something she said repeatedly was “never let anything stand in your way”. That’s exactly what I plan to do. I want to learn about what this world has to offer me in a positive way. Each year I will take risks and always be the type to one step beyond to achieve my goal. That’s exactly what Dr. Grillot’s words of wisdom wants us to do.

  • Sakinah Al Saleh

    Dean Grillot’s she was talked about her self and her experiences . She is from Tulsa. She graduated in 1998,and she change her major 6 times also she had higher education. I learn from her to keep going and traveling for to improve the education. Also she was focus how to change our self ?, and what you need?. Because the life not easy to get what you want. You have to work for every things you want.However we need to communicate and we need to true. Think a limit what you do in your life.

  • Dylan stottmann

    One thing i have learned over the past week or so, is that no matter how well you think your doing in life, there will always be that one day to knock you down. I recently experienced one of these days concerning my academic standing and throughout that day and the next two, i felt lost and confused. When thursday rolled around i was able to express my concerns with one of my advisors and it made a world of difference. She was able to help me relize that although my stress was valid, there is always someone there to help give you the extra boost when you need it. When Dr. Grillot discussed the importance of having mentors and valued experiences in ones life, i never would have guessed how true her words were. From this point forward i plan on being much more in contact with my mentors so that way i can ensure im always on the track to success.

  • Remington Dean

    While talking, Dean Grillot explained that where she is now is not where she had expected she would be. She goes on to further explain that she got to where she is now by taking every opportunity that has come her way and that when she faced challenges she did not back down. This, to me, is very inspiring. I plan to take every opportunity that comes my way. I also, plan to never stray away when adversity hits. This will not only be my goal for this semester, or even this year. This is now a motto that I plan to live by for the rest of my life.

  • Keats Calhoon

    My plan is to stay aware of my surroundings so that I do not miss an opportunity. In doing so I will find mentors and champions to help mold me into the person I am meant to be. Leaders are around us a lot of the places we go. They are of various genders, personalities, sizes and ethnicities. In doing this, being limitless with what I will learn by these people is important. Taking chances is important in improving. You can’t go somewhere you’ve never been without doing something that you have never done. This though process is important in being limitless. I will hold myself to these standards as I go on life’s journey to help shape my trajectory.

  • One of my biggest weaknesses is giving up once I have failed. It is often hard to keep moving on if you are bummed out. One of the things I took from Dean Grillot is her view of being limitless. When failure comes you must “readjust, reassess, and start again.” Instead of being discouraged from my adversities I will use them to strive. A few skills that Dean Grillot advised us to think of were problem solving, critical thinking, and stepping out of comfort zones. By using these skills, I can “think big, and dream bigger.” I will also make sure that the mentors I look up to throughout my life are positive and help be dream bigger.

  • Teena Varghese

    Dr.Grillot made good points that in order to be limitless we need mentors. I couldn’t agree more with this statement because we need those people who will not only encourage us but challenge us. Having a mentor can help us in any experience we go through. They are there to help us and essentially we could be a mentor to someone else. With having a mentor it can expand our horizon. We look at things in another perspective and to be able to relate to the people around us. I believe having a mentor is key to being limitless in our life.

  • Zachary Canaday

    Dr. Suzette Grillot reminded me that it is very important to utilize your resources in every way possible. In order to do this, I plan to talk to all of my professors and hopefully gain connections for my future. It is important for me to maintain these relationships with my professors when applying for future jobs and opportunities. They also offer support in making you a better person. Being on campus offers many resources as well. Ranging from the library to many other educational opportunities. I plan to take advantage of these opportunities as they will prepare me for my next chapters.

  • Jake Robertson

    As someone who embraces the unexpected, I completely sympathize with Dead Grillot’s story. I can only control who I connect with mentor wise to a certain extent. However, I have full control over how I react to the unexpected events that will eventually happen. The only steps I have to plotting my trajectory is to get out and meet as many beneficial people as possible while also rolling with the punches. Hopefully over time I can become flexible enough and have plenty of solid supports in my life so I can deal with any blows dealt my way.

  • Erin Drewke

    For most of my life I have been involved in sports. I have had a team to back me up and people I could look up to for example and advice. Being surrounded by these people taught me to not sweat the small stuff. Going through college I plan on keeping contact with the people who have helped me in the past. I also plan to create new relationships with teammates and peers. I will do this by getting to know all of the new faces around me in my sport and my classes. Each and every one of the relationships I create will come with new opportunities for exciting experiences.
    Dean Grillot’s story about her experiences in Russia impacted my thinking in many ways. She learned better problem solving, critical thinking and how to travel outside of her comfort zone. With her story in mind, I plan on seeing the world differently by learning new things that may be outside of my comfort zone.

  • I will be limitless once I know how to take advantage of my resources and opportunities to help me achieve what I believe. Moreover, I will more likely to go above and beyond my expectations, if I know what is good for me and what is not. To me, experiences are the most important factor which allows me to become the best of me. In my opinion, the best way to gain valuable experiences is to take advantages of opportunities. I can find these opportunities from many different places, from a click on a website to small talks with my peers, professors, or mentors. So the key for opportunities is the connections with others. Therefore, I need to step out of my comfort zone more. Being able to socialize will help me to find a mentor that I feel most trusted. Being able to make connections will allow me to figure out who are my peers and what can we do to help each other become limitless.
    Therefore, I believe that being able to succeed not only depends on myself but also depends on the people who I surrounded myself with as Dr. Grillot suggested that: “Surround yourself with people from different backgrounds. Be diverse.” Luckily, UCO has a diverse student body. So if I know how to take advantage of the diversity at UCO, I will be able to learn more experiences from others, academically and socially. By doing this, I will be able to figure out my future goals and who I want to become.

  • Kaylee Neff

    I really love Dr. Grillot speech about her experiences and wisdom she shared with us on Tuesday. The strategy I plan to use is making sure I surround myself with the best individuals, get as much experience as possible, and taking chances. I believe when one is surrounded by a certain group of people they are influenced by the group. Therefore when I want socialize with individuals that will make me push myself to be the best I can be for myself and for the good of mankind. Then in college I want to get as much experience as I possibly get my hands on whether it’s school, work, or social because it will be an asset in my everyday life. Finally the main advice Dr. Grillot spoke about was taking chances even though they might be scary. It seems like the more I grow as an individual the more I’m open to take risks rather than I was younger.

  • Mason Belcher

    Dean Grillot had great points about being limitless and also about not knowing what you want to do. I related to her well because I’m not really sure what I want to do with my life. I believe with good mentors, I will eventually decide what is best for me and what I like to do. I plan to work hard and be limitless at anything I do in the future and right now.

  • Delaney Williams

    Through making several mistakes in my life as a teenager, I strongly believe in the power of “champions”. For me, my champions were my mom and dad. For others, it could be a mentor, a teacher, or someone that you look up to in your life, and I believe that Dr. Grillot did a nice job of explaining that. I have also learned that trying to accomplish something large or trying to get past something in your life on your own is never a good decision. As I grow and learn, I plan to take Dr. Grillot’s advice on establishing relationships with mentors and using the amazing resources and connections that UCO provides. To have connections, one has to be involved in their community. I plan to become an active leader in my community at UCO as well as in Edmond. To me, limitless does not mean trying to do everything, or doing “stupid” things, but doing the things you are most passionate about and taking that above and beyond. Limitless means pushing yourself to be the best possible person you can be. I plan to use the idea of being limitless to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities to become a leader in the future.

  • Shania Slavick

    Being limitless in life means that an individual is truly living their life to the fullest. They are taking advantage of every resource and opportunity that comes along their way. A person can do this by consistently interacting with their peers, their professors, and various on campus organizations. By doing this it can potentially lead one to something bigger in life whether it be a future career, grade, or prestigious opportunity along with the ideal of making everlasting connections with various people along the way. I will consistently take on new challenges outside my comfort zone to be able to further myself. I plan on continuing to use my personality strengths of being positive and winning others over to be able to endure various experiences in life.

  • Mackenzie Black

    One thing that Dr. Grillot said that really registered with me was focusing on the “can’s” instead of the “can nots”. I believe if I did in fact focus more on what I can do, I would have a more positive outlook on the path ahead of me. When life gets out of our so called control we start stressing, and when we stress we don’t usually focus on positive things. Although if we fixed that and instead of the downward spiral that can start we start thinking of our “can’s” then we could once again gain the control that we so badly long for in our lives. I also believe a mentor, or even champion, is a great thing to have. I would love to have as many of those as possible, because they can help teach me and help me reach my goals.

  • Victoria Hodge

    This is definitely a tricky blog to answer. If I am being honest with myself all of the opportunities and pathways that I have taken in my life appeared suddenly. They weren’t planned out actions but they led me to where I am today. And what I am trying to describe is also the hardest thing to put a description on, chance. I believe in life you can change how likely you are to get amazing opportunities but it is truly up to you to choose them. So the number one thing on my list is to always keep myself open to opportunity, put yourself out there, you never know what clubs, activities, degree pathways, friends, and yes even mentors you’ll find along the way. I love how Dr. Suzette Grillot spoke about having champions in your life, I fully agree that life is a team sport. Some of life you of course have to do on your own, but there are other chapters to your story in which you have people in the background cheering you on and helping you anyway that they possibly can. I guess the one thing that I will continue to do to help ensure that I take full advantage of all opportunities given to me is to keep myself open. By that I mean doing the small things, engaging with friends, mentors, and professors more often than I normally would. You can never have to many “champions” in your life.

  • Mario Figueroa

    In Dr. Suzette’s presentation, she talked about how an individual can become limitless through the mentors and experiences we come in contact with. To me, limitless is a word that can be defined as not having any restrictions and accomplishing the things a person has set fourth for himself/herself. I do agree that a major key towards becoming limitless are the mentors that a person has connected with. Recently my fraternity had their big/little brother reveal. I was lucky enough to be paired with an amazing leader, gentleman, and role model. When referring to someone who is limitless, I do think my big bro fits that description. Although he has already impacted me, I can not wait to see how I will continue to grow and reach the point of being limitless. By following in my big’s footsteps and learning from his experiences, the impact I wish to make will be achieved and a will be a major part in my trajectory.

  • Danny Eagle

    Being limitless is an unbreakable attitude built upon a determination for your dreams. A limitless person knows what they want and does everything they can to reach for their goals.
    The first step towards being limitless is realizing that the only thing keeping you away from your dreams is yourself. Believing in yourself is crucial to any level of success and can enable you to go above and beyond any expectation put upon you.
    Along with self-efficacy, flexibility is just as important and was a topic Dr.Grillot discussed in her speech. Life is full of twists, turns, and unexpected changes that can put you on a different path that you never expected. And the ability to accept these changes is what can set you apart from others and lead you to success.
    For myself, I plan on taking a path that utilizes my talents, resources, and connections, to their full extent. This means I will strengthen my top strengths, use my resources carefully, and make meaningful connections and friends along the way in order to make not only myself but those with me, limitless.

  • Juan Estrada

    During Dr. Suzette Grillot’s presentation she said to be limitless, and later said how mentors, champions, and experiences may impact one’s future. I took this as if you take up all the opportunities you have and make connections with people you meet, then you will be on your way to become the best person and leader you can be. I believe if you do things aiming for success and good intentions then you will be limitless. The only boundaries that will be there are the ones you set up for yourself. I am currently taking up as many opportunities as I can by volunteering and being involved. I have met so many people while being here at UCO. They are great friends, leaders, and mentors. These people and experiences are helping me become limitless by allowing me to test and strengthen my leadership qualities. I will also focus on my academics to make sure I will be the best version of me.

  • Madison Gaines

    Every person you meet impacts your life, whether it be in a positive or negative way. If someone affects me in a negative way I choose to learn from it and do my best to avoid that person or people like them. By coming in contact with them I know how to deal with the situation and I can learn a lot from it.
    When someone positive impacts my life I do everything I can to keep them there. Everyone I have met at this university has been a great impact.
    For the future, I will do my best to be a great judge of character and make friendships to keep the positive roles in my life. I have a very good friend who I paged for in the Oklahoma senate and this session I will be his intern, so I am taking advantage of a great opportunity by using someone I am friends with. I think as long as I continue to make bonds and find the people who make me a better person, I will continue to hold them close throughout my life.

  • Dr. Grillot speech was very inspiring. She give us lots of motivation. I love the opportunities that college and universities have when they offer study abroad, iI have had the opportunity to travel and I learned a lot specially about the different cultures, languages and traditions of the people in different countries like Costa Rica and Panama. Just to travel out of U.S,A. was a wonderful experience. It is very important to know how to take advantage of those great opportunities to start building our own international relations.

  • Sarah Tierney

    When Dr. Suzette Grillot was talking about being limitless I felt like she was talking about me. I have always felt limitless with my dreams to be something different. Everyone thinks that I’m crazy when I have a different dream or career. It’s not the norm to go into music business in college and try to be a tour manager. I don’t want to just settle for something that requires me to sit in a cubical or just end up hating my job. I want to be able to have a flexible schedule and travel the world for my life. Being limitless in my mind is creating a dream that doesn’t fit the cookie cutter idea that life has for you. Dream bigger and better for yourself.

  • My first step in shaping my trajectory is staying in college and continuing to excel in all my classes. In my classes, I plan to create lasting relationships with my professors, so maybe in the future I can use them as a resource to further my career. Next, I plan to stop letting my shyness hold me back from opportunities. I will have more confidence in approaching people, so I can begin to build my network and find a potential mentor. I will stop standing in the corner at events and begin to experience it hands-on. I plan to step out of my comfort zone and stop letting self-doubt hold me back. Dr. Grillot has sparked my interest in international traveling, because like her, I came from a very small community and never thought about leaving Oklahoma. I often felt that Oklahoma was the only place in the world, and she reminded me that there is a whole world out there to explore and learn about. Most importantly, Dr. Grillot reminded me that there is no reason for me not to dream big, and I feel like dreaming big will be the key to my success.

  • Riley McKinney

    I feel like I plan to take advantage of a lot of my past experiences, but to go further I will take most advantage of my mentors. We often go through times where we feel defeated and don’t want to ask for help because we have our mind programmed to believe if we ask for help we are weak, when that’s not the case at all. Sometimes you need that extra little push and I feel like that’s what mentors do. I highly doubt that no one has gone through your same struggles. We learn from our experiences but also others. The outcome instantly might be different, but if you’re questioning it, take advantage of the people around you willing to help.

  • Laura Kleinmann

    Dean Grillot’s message was very inspiring. She spoke about being raised in an area where a college degree was not an expectation or even a consideration. Even with this draw back she has still become incredibly successful. In order to follow her example of being limitless and taking advantage of my resources I will accept any opportunity that comes my way! I will absorb any information or experiences my mentors have to offer. I will use the agglomeration of my experiences to make the best of my current situation, opportunities and also to minister to other people. I will use every aspect of my past to make decisions for the future and this is how I will take advantage of the different points in Dean Grillot’s speech to shape my trajectory.

  • Kinsey rogers

    My dream is to be a photographer/videographer for weddings, and there are many steps that I have to do in order to be successful. In my opinion, one of the most important things is seeing things from a different point of view. Seeing the way other people see things will help you improve your skills. Mentors are also very important, having someone to look up to and someone who gives you motivation to get better is so important in order to be successful. I still have a lot of work to do to get to where I’m wanting to be and I believe these things will help me get there.

  • Sydney Haas

    Taking advantages of the endless opportunities we are given at UCO is the steps I will be taking towards shaping my path. UCO has provided me with an insane amount of opportunities already in these short few weeks. I have had the chance already to go perform for the community downtown at a state-wide event, go work with high school students in a barely created music program, and be able to attend master classes with world renown jazz musicians. All of these opportunities have provided me with the chance to connect with members of society and build stronger relationships with my new found champions, here at UCO. By continuing to jump at these opportunities and do a little bit of everything in my wide field of study, I will be able to grow my entire area of reach and learn a little bit more about the workforce I am heading into.

  • Lydia Johnson

    International Education was a large topic discussed throughout Dean Grillot’s message. I have a huge desire to grown in my knowledge of the nations. Because of my trips to China, I have been able to gain understanding of what a career overseas might look like. I plan on networking both stateside and overseas in order to be fully prepared for a life in another country. Thankfully, I have been able to meet a few “Champions” that have made things happen for me. Stateside champions have taught me what I need to know before going, and China Champions have given me opportunities to begin a career overseas. I plan on staying in contact with people that are potential employers and learn all that I can as a student before I become an employee.

  • Jordan Medaris

    I loved how Ms. Grillot mentioned being limitless. I think in life we place so many limits on ourselves when we should be our biggest supporters and encouragers. I believe that there are so many opportunities and open doors placed in front of us that we just have to be brave enough to take that step and use those opportunities to our advantage. I plan on taking steps to put my self in situations that may be out of my comfort zone, but will in the end help me grow and develop. I also plan on making strong connections with people and find mentors that can help push me into my future.

  • Justin Morgan

    Dr. Grillot inspired me to pursue whatever opportunity comes my way whether is seems like reasonable or not. Opportunities like such will come and go. It might seem like a crazy idea in the first place but what will happen is that years down the road you may look back and realize what you could’ve been apart of. Life is about the experience. You would regret missing an opportunity that could have been life changing. All in all, Dr. Grillot has taught me that taking chances is just apart of life. You never know until you try.

  • McKenna Oathout

    After hearing Dean Grillot’s message about how she is successful after having low aspirations and low expectations, it has inspired me to not get down on myself so easily. Throughout the past couple years, I have learned that I am independent, which has its ups and downs. One of the downside to being independent is that I put too much pressure and stress on myself about every detail and how it will determine my future. When Dean Grillot said “Don’t get bent out of shape about the small stuff,” it made me realize that I need to learn to be more adaptable, adjustable, and learn to just relax. I plan to find skills in the next couple of months, whether it is learning to get out of my comfort zone or learning to grow in my relationships with others, in hopes that it will help me shape my trajectory to the best it can be.

  • Kira Douglas

    My plan would be to take in everything that I hear an analyze what is being said and from whom. I believe that being limitless is doing your personal best and then taking what you’ve learned from others and doing better than what you thought you could ever accomplish. Learning from mentors, professors or anyone who can put you in a better place in your career or life in general is a great way to further yourself. Me listening to others advice on how to get my life started in the right direction for my future career choice has helped me get to where I am today and I am proud of my accomplishments. Never truly magnificent can be done on its own by just one human it also takes the help of others.To understand your experiences with others and vise versa is how you can successed in life.

  • Chase McMillen

    One of my strengths has always been being able to make connections with individuals who may be able to help me in the future. I have always been very strategic with who I have decided to introduce or not introduce myself to in different groups. Being in leadership at a different school has already opened up so many different doors for me including coming here. I will continue to keep making great connections and hopefully keep moving forward in my networking career.

  • Bella Oliver

    Growing up, I was always moving around. Within the US, I’ve lived in six different states, one foreign country, and 9 different cities. With each different place I’ve lived, the culture has been different, sometimes even drastically so. With all the differences, I have gained experiences that a lot of people don’t have to opportunity to go through. For instance, I never would have expected that I would have been able to study abroad for a summer in Japan. This experience has shaped me as a person more than anything so far in my life; my view of people in general shifted drastically, and I learned great communication tools that I wouldn’t have gained if I hadn’t studied abroad. I want to use this experience to help me find other similar experiences and find mentors who will help me share my experience with those who didn’t have the same opportunity as me. Being a part of such a diverse community on campus allows me to continue broadening my understanding of the world, and I hope to meet as many people as I can and continue my learning even after completing my degree.

  • Yukihiro Hitomi

    I would like to be limitless and have no expectations to my life. Since I was thinking “time is limited” and expecting too much, I was always tired from being disappointed everyday. Like Dr. Suzette Grillot has changed her major for six and a half times, and has spent a lot of time on traveling, I would like to spend most of my life on finding the best one for me. Also, I would like to distinguish between fact and opinion to explore the rest of the world and find my path. I will stop saying “Oh I’m busy!!” for the moment.

  • Pallavi Samantaray

    In order to be limitless I have to be more confident when networking. I have to stop restricting myself an allow myself to be open to every idea or opportunity that comes my way. In order for my future to be bright and successful I will take steps in making my bond with my mentors and role models stronger. I also want to get to know my professors better because that will always keep me one step ahead in my studies and they always have valuable advise. I want to push my own limits and take healthy risks like eloquently talking in front of large crowds. All in all I want to clear every bind that will hold me back from being and doing something bigger and better in life.

  • avery ibison

    I admired the speakers talk on being limitless. It was a very uplifting speech and more interactive in my opinion. I enjoy the discussion of role models because I hope that I am one in others lives. It is easy to use role models day to day by following their examples or going to them for advice. Mentors simply give you access to many things. Wether it be people, information, wisdom, or companionship. Therefore, A mentor is not necessarily your best friend but your companion. Another thing I took away from Dean Grillots speech was that its okay to not have everything figured out. Some things come from hard work but others come by circumstance and embracing each day and making your own experiences is very important for your college career.

  • Na'eemah Phanelson

    Well, the first step I took was coming to college. That is something available to most people in America so that is the #1 resource I am utilizing. The second would be participating in scholarship programs, volunteering and obtaining a mentor, which I have done by being a business scholarship recipient. I would also like to study abroad and again, use the resources that UCO has given me and other students to be able to step out from our boundaries and really test the limits of life- to become limitless. However, I do not have a set plan on how I am going to take life as it comes to me- every day is different no matter how routine it is- I can only use what I have learned and street smarts to handle the best of any situation that may be thrown and me, and that is what makes life so exciting.

  • Kiel Kondrick

    I realized utilizing all of your resources and learning from every person or thing you can will never hurt and always benefit you in some way. I plan on gaining and learning from mentors, using my professors knowledge to help with excelling in my classes and education, and even using friends and family for things when need be. I want to take every opportunity I can. Whether the experience is good or bad, beneficial knowledge will be gained. Unexpected opportunities can completely change your way of life and/or your goals in life. The help of mentors and friends and family, will be able to provide help and knowledge during those opportunities that will arise.

  • Shadow McCain

    Personally the thing I took most from hearing Dean Grillot speak was the importance of a plan. The admitted that things always sensed to come to her when she needed them to but it does not always work like that for everyone. She stressed the impotence of having a thought out plan of action. I already have a basic plan for what I want to do with my education but I hope to go further with it and possible make a back up plan. So that if things don’t work out I have something to fal back on.