Week 5 – Lessons in Leadership 2016 – Charlie Price

Charlie discussed developing your personal brand, networking abilities and perception among colleagues, employers and the public. What practices/strategies can you employ to maintain your personal brand?


  • Charmaine Robinson

    Maintaining a solid brand is something that is essential for success. Reputation can withstand the test of time even when resources are limited. The practices I will employ is one that is centered on integrity. Character is the utmost importance. Although I love to win, the process of how it gets accomplished truly matters. Building and maintaining trust is vital to grow your brand. I believe in surrounding yourself with a great team that have complementary skills to ensure the greatest potential of success. Investing in the self improvement is another factor that encourages brand expansion. I will never be satisfied with the status quo. Once objectives have been exceeded its time to move on to the next task ahead. Feedback is another essential component I plan to implement. Analyzing the work and how it translates to others is important to building a strong brand.

  • E'Lexus Merriweather

    During his speech, the one topic he talked most about that I think would be the most beneficial for me would be when he talked about the connections that you have with the people around you. He is not the only person with success that I know of that has told me to obtain connections around me. When you have connections in the world it helps promote yourself and you are more well known out in the world. This would help you out the most when applying for a job of any sort or just trying to apply for a position of higher power than what you are. I want to be a Early Childhood Education teacher and if i somehow found a way to get my name out there, by time I get to being a teacher I could run for “teacher of the year” or just something of higher degree than what I am because I have people to back me up.
    Maintaining a great professional, persona of yourself is a great idea that I will have to make sure I keep up with. He talked about how to manage a great resume for yourself. When applying for jobs, mostly, they want to look at your resume. If there’s not much to show for, they are more likely not to select you over someone who’s resume is three pages long of achievement, experiences, and involvement. It’s all in the way you present yourself.

  • Myah Murphy

    Something that has always been important to my personal branding is my image on social media. Facebook is the platform that most users stay conservative because their family is active there as well, but I believe that it is important on all forms of social media. I wouldn’t want a possible employer to hold back from hiring me because of an inappropriate post on my Twitter two years ago. It would be a waste of my education. Another thought behind that is once a company employs you, they want to know you are not going to bash them or your coworkers through social media. Trust is a huge factor in the hiring process. This is why I believe social media plays an immense role in self-branding—offer the best you there is to offer.

  • Jillian Coats

    Listening to Charlie Price speak on Tuesday, I found his presentation to be helpful. I feel that he brought a great perspective to the class and educated us to look ahead towards our futures and the impacts that our actions could positively or negatively affect our own personal brand. If I had to take one single thing from his lecture, it would be the part covering our relationships with those around us. He encouraged me to always be conscious of the potential connections that could possibly benefit me in the future whether its friends, professors, or potential employers.With that being said, I feel that making sure that those relationships are grown and maintained is equally important. He stressed the importance of a personal follow-up to show that you care and are willing to take initiative towards what you really want.

  • Elina Varmia

    Charlie Price shared many useful tips about building a personal brand. He talked about the impression that we give to other people about us and how important networking abilities are. The tips he gave us, come in handy when I’m building my own personal brand. I’ve already started paying attention to the impression that I’m giving to the other people at the college. Like Price said, it is important to benefit from the opportunities on campus and start building a network already. I try to get out of my comfort zone by interacting with people from different backgrounds and academic degrees, learning about them and expanding my knowledge through them. My strategy is to use my time at the college wisely and prepare myself for the future. I hope that by working on my hard skills as well as on my soft skills now, I will be able to benefit from the future opportunities better too.

  • Charlie Price mentioned that the students who go to class and do their work are setting a goal for themselves to be successful. I however, agree with this statement because these are the students who plan to be something in life. One strategy of mine is that I am a hard worker, who is willing to work hard for the things that I want in life. I also am a very private person who does not like to put my business on social media. I believe not putting my personal business on social media is a good way to maintain a positive image when applying for a job after college.

  • Linn Brusletten

    Charlie Price discussed four major points during his presentation. He discussed how it is important to know who you are, to build your skills and show them off, to grow your connections, and to not be an idiot. Knowing who you are is crucial before you can even start thinking about building your personal brand. You need to be aware of what your strengths are and how to promote them in the most efficient way possible. It is also ideal if you know where you want to go in your life. Building your skills means that you continuously focuses on learning and developing. Networking and meeting people is also a significant part of building your own brand. The last point stresses how it is important to be aware of what you are putting out there for people to see. In our digital age, every single picture and comment is traceable and will reflect who you are.
    Personally, I need to work on the three first of these points. Knowing who I am is a continuous process for me. Being in college, it is hard to really know where you fit in and who you want to be. There are so many options, and if you are like me, you want to do everything all at once. I mainly would say I know who I am; however, who I am is not something I can put into a certain category and thus, it is hard to define.
    There is always work to be done considering building your skills. I will stay focused in class and work with the material in school until I feel comfortable with it. In addition, I will strive to acquire knowledge outside the classroom. I will also work on my showing of my strengths.
    Growing connections is extremely important. Working you way up in life and in a career, is often more about whom you know than what you know. I have participated in a networking event with YRP earlier this semester, and I plan to attend more events like this in the future.

  • Shadow McCain

    I believe something I really need to work on as far as creating and maintaining my personal brand is networking. Sometimes when I go to large events or things were I’m supposed to talk to a lot of people I get overwhelmed and stressed and tend to just kind of set in the corner. I need to try to become more comfortable interacting with colleagues, professors, and potential employers. Network is something very important in whatever career you choose to go into, especially mine. So if there’s any one thing I will implement more into building my own brand it will be to improve my networking skills.

  • As a college student I believe the first strategy in forming my own personal brand is knowing myself and what I stand for. Although we are here to get an education and network with those around us, I believe it’s very important to know who you are and use every opportunity you can to discover more about yourself. I think the first step in connecting with others is being familiar with yourself. Therefore when it comes to networking and the perceptional of those around you like colleagues, learning who you are is important. In addition, I must keep my sights on a goal and do whatever it takes to reach my goal. For example, I am the first person from my family to attend college and it’s my goal to graduate and create a comfortable life for myself. In order to develop a strong personal brand I must stand firm in what I believe and keep my sights set on my end goals.

  • I think millennials underestimate the power of their online brand. I have devoted countless hours into researching the best ways to market oneself unto the internet through all mainstream social media networks.

    I feel that most people only consume social media entertainment and never actually participate in creating value that can be shared with the world and subsequently benefit the growth of a personal brand.

    Heres a simple list of guidelines, you want to be strategic with matters such as this:

    1.Post on social media every day about something awesome or positive going on in your life.
    2. Document your successes via photo, video, or texts posts.
    3. Watch what you like and retweet, some people watching you might get the wrong idea!
    4. Use social media management tools like hootsuite to filter through the things you want to see and and schedule your posts!
    5. Reduce the amount of negativity by unfollowing accounts and people that do not serve you or your mission and values.
    6. Just create a solid LinkedIn profile, almost everyone in the professional world has one.

    As you’ll notice I hyperlinked my name to take you to my LinkedIn Page. Feel free to connect with me there!

  • Chang Ting Shuo

    How to make others feel impressive when they first time meet me, I think introduce myself appropriately is very important. We can do it by building my personal brand and the shameless of self-promotion. To be a good leader, we should always keep questions in our mind “who am I?” “what do I want to be or not to be?” such this problems can be a warning and a behavior standard. Sometimes, people have many advantages which should be supposed to show out to public rather than hide it. It’s very important that if you got something then you should flaunt it; if you haven’t got it, and then you have to try your best to get it. Also, some useful tips I learned from the speaker who say that grow your connections and meet people as more as you can, it can not only enrich your resume, but also help you succeeding in your field. Participate in activities out which you find your potential!

  • Destiny Henry

    Charlie Price stated how networking, education, leadership, and experience are all important in building one’s brand. I want my brand to fully exemplify how bright and intelligent I am so I will start building myself up this year. In order for me to branch out to new people and make friendships I need to become more confident in myself. I will give myself more positive feedback and love myself more so that I won’t feel inadequate around others. But when it comes to education that is one of my top priorities. I will get my degree and be a college of one. Also, service and leadership are very important to me so I will continue to give my time, energy and love into any event I attend. Lastly, experience is the main one I need to improve on because I just recently got my first job. I am still new and need to stay along enough to build different skills then eventually move into a job that pertains to my field. Charlie made it clear that if we keep all of these in mind that our actions will build our brand on its own. I hope that by the end of this year my brand and resume will show just how hard working, intelligent, and loving I truly am.

  • Emily Holmes

    To maintain a respectful personal brand, I feel as if I need to be someone whom people feel they can always look up to and be a good role model for others. By always taking advantage of networking events or opportunities I feel as over time I can create a respectful brand for myself. As I’ve been here at UCO, I’ve tried getting to know my professors and multitask. I thought it was interesting when Mr. Price said, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know and who knows you.” I feel like this statement is so true and such a good reminder to always be networking. You never know what connections may make or break you in the future.

  • Jake Robertson

    To keep my personal brand as a reputable one, I plan to present myself in a desirable way. Social media is one of the main platforms that employers use to determine what kind of person you are behind the scenes. If you are too revealing about your personal life it can be damaging to your reputation and your chances at landing a job. To maintain my personal brand, I plan to start at the core level of appearing to be a well rounded individual with a good sense of judgement online so it can transfer into a real setting. Without a clean social media account, there would be a chance that the employer would throw you out of the stack of potential new workers before you could showcase your true colors in an interview.

  • Cali Passerman

    I would like my personal brand to be one that portrays trust, love, and service. I would maintain my personal brand by keeping commitments, taking care of others, and always helping those who need help. In the field I plan to pursue, your personality is one of your most important attributes. While skills are always important, if you do not love others and you’re not willing to serve others and keep your promises then you will not make it in this profession. While networking I would maintain my personal brand by just being friendly and actually trying to get to know the person, not being 100% focused on getting what I want.

  • Amanda Goh

    To me, maintaining a personal brand means keeping up with your reputation and values.
    I will stay true to my values and my word. For example, if someone were to ask me to do something, I will do it if I have already agreed to do it. If someone were to ask me to do something against my values, I will reject it and stand true to my values. Another strategy that I will employ is treating the people around me equally and networking strategically. Personally, I want to be known as someone who is respectful and hardworking. In order to network strategically, we must have an open mindset towards everyone. Another practice I want to employ is being original and not following the status quo. It is easy and comfortable to do exactly what everyone is doing, but in that way, you won’t stand out.

  • Kameron Nelson

    I think the biggest strategy/practice one can employ in this day and age is maintaining appropriate social media accounts. Social Media has many uses. One that’s becoming more and more frequent is potential employers checking it to determine what kind of person you are, meaning it might be best to avoid posting anything too offensive/controversial in addition to anything inappropriate. In addition to being used to check your character, it can also be used to promote yourself, as Mr. Price demonstrated by asking us to follow him on both Facebook and Twitter. Outside of Social Media, exploring your skills and strengths and developing them is essential in order to have a diverse to skill set to offer to potential employers.

  • Since college is the place for a fresh start, I believe that it gives me the opportunity to create an entirely new personal brand. I no longer have to be tied down to the reputation I once had as an adolescent. To maintain my brand after I create my new one, I will be more aware of what I post on social media and only keep good company. I will make sure to keep my grades high, as well as my spirits. I also will continue staying heavily involved on campus. I believe that it takes more than just maintaining our personal brand, we must also continuously look for ways to enhance it. To enhance my brand I will begin networking and creating connections with my professors. I also plan to start gaining experience in the law field so when the time comes to begin my career, I will already be ahead of the game. In the end, our reputation is all we have, so we must always be cautious of our actions.

  • Victoria Hodge

    Personally something I have always thought is that your reputation is one of the most valuable things you own. There are mainly a couple big reasons why I think this is true. My first point is you decide how to maintain your reputation. You could either be careless and have people not know who you really are or develop a bad reputation. It is truly one of the biggest supporters of your personal brand. Your reputation is what people hear and how they first begin thinking of you, whether you’ve met in person or not. So I have always tried to maintain a good reputation because all in all it’s how people see my “personal brand”. Another big point is that it takes a lot more effort to gain respect back than it does to lose it. I loved how Charlie discussed both how important and dangerous social media can be. On one side it can show people true and honest qualities of yourself, but the other part of that is it can show a side of you that may be best in private, not all over social media. So a practice I employ is going through my social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc…) and checking to make sure I don’t have anything that I posted or that I might be tagged in that I wouldn’t want someone seeing. My general rule of thumb is that if I don’t want my family seeing it on social media don’t get involved in whatever it may be. Ultimately you never know who could be seeing it, family, possible employers, or even people who might view you as a role model; so rep who you truly want to be so that others can see what your true and honest reputation looks like.

  • From my perspective, to maintain your personal brand, you should first consciously aware of what kind of individual you are. And then learn more to gain more knowledge about your field, join some organizations or gain working experience, which enable you to become the expert of your field. Besides, social media are very important to help maintain your personal brand, you can share your knowledge or your experience on social media to let more people know about you. What’s more, building your own relationship is quite essential, you have to keep in touch with those people who are related or interested in your area, and you can use the relationship of your family, friends or teachers.

  • dayseah boston

    I believe Networking is definitely a great way for me to practice maintaining my personal brand. I remember Charlie saying ” Its not about what you know: its about who you know.” That there shows me that creating a broad network it will enable me to be very successful. Building a network takes time but i can do. Starting now i will begin to build my network so by time i graduate i will have job opportunities and future business partners.

  • Building our social media profile is extremely important for maintaining our personal brand. Nowadays people have a number of methods to introduce themselves to their friends, colleagues and the public. Besides meeting people face to face, we build our connections efficiently through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Wechat. People post their life on these social medias and try to show off that their life and work are like. This means that all aspect of our lives are exposed to people around us and people can get to know us and form their impressions on us not just from meeting us. Therefore, social media has a great influence on the maintain of our personal brand and learn how to manage our social media has become extremely important. Here are some suggestions about how to maintain our personal brands in our social medias. On top of that, we need to know what is our goal in our life and career so that when we post our life we have a specific topic to post or talk about. These posts will help us to give others an impression that we are very hard-working on our occupation. Second, if we form a habit of posting things that we are determined to achieve, we will gradually think and behave as expected. It doesn’t mean that we cannot post the things we like but sometimes we need to sacrifice something we like to exchange other precious things. Generally, we need to learn how to build up our social media profile.

  • Jasmine Stevenson

    In order to maintain my personal brand, I plan to practice consistency and transparency in every situation. No matter who I work for or who I may encounter in the business world, I want my work ethic to be consistent. Whether it be working for something I am really passionate about, or something I don’t have any interest in, I want to have the same attitude and goal-driven mind set. My personal brand will be just that. I plan to be transparent by being honest and compassionate to my fellow employees and doing what I can to serve them. (Typical for someone who thrives on interpersonal relationships.) I also plan to practice positivity no matter the situation and spread that around my work place. In order to make this my personal brand, I plan to also stay communicative throughout the course of my career and jobs leading up to it.

  • Melissa Salazar Velasco

    There are multiple practices available for individuals to utilize in maintaining their personal brands. I believe that my reliability has been a strong factor in building my personal brand these past few years. There are so many people that do not fulfill their commitments, which is not professional in most settings. I am proud that my reliability has earned me leadership roles and respect. Although I have been able to begin constructing my personal brand, there are so many practices that I still need to learn. One of those practices includes networking with other folks. Networking is not one of my strengths but it is something that I need to work on in order to maintain strong connections for the future, especially since my profession requires a ton of interacting. Although I already obtain a few skills, I am ecstatic, and nervous, to learn new strategies that will help strengthen my personal brand.

  • Something that I do that helps me maintain my personal brand, is that I make sure to speak to others around me. I like communicating in person more than through text messages or emails. I really enjoyed when Charlie said, “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know, and it’s who knows you”. I think that it is important to communicate with someone in person, because this way they can remember who you are and sometimes help you more than if you just communicated through emails or messages. I also try to communicate with my professors and classmates. If I miss a certain class, I know that there will be someone that I will be able to get the information from, that we covered in class. I think that following up with someone is very important.

  • Fatimah Alshaaban

    ((Build your personal brand or the art of shemeless self promotion)) was the subject of Price Charlie land consulting discussion. He was focused during his discussed about how can we build our personality to maintain our personal brand. He advised us to always choose what we like, because we will do it the rest of our life. Also, we have to try our best to get a chance to meet important people to build a good relationship with them and learn from their experience as a good example in our life. I learned during this discussion four important points that Price Charlie mentioned during his visited. First, Know who we are? that help us to be successful and satisfactory about what we do in our life. Second, we have to build our skills and show them off. Third, grow our connection with others specialy the important people to learned from their experience. Finally, do not be an Idiot, he meant when we get a chance for a job interview we have to prepare for that by know what we want and know what we have to say.

  • Charlie give us good points and ways to manage our brand. I consider something that is very important for our brand are our values and moral character as a good foundation. The moral character help us to build trust in everything we do. Education is super important like everything we learned in this class, our public relations, the way we manage our social media are good source to strengthen our brand. Is nothing wrong to be humble and open to accept a good advice.

  • Sarah Mattox

    Being someone who has had no previous interest in social media, I am beginning to see potential benefits of having well-maintained accounts, thanks to Mr. Price. Since many employers these days use them to gain insight about potential employees, it could only benefit to have a couple different forms of social media. The important part is how I represent myself through them. If I do decide to get social media, I would be selective in who I follow and would only post that which would favor me. Another thing I could do to to manage my brand is to work on a solid resume and how to talk about my strengths in an interview. I know myself better than anyone else, and I need to learn how to present and sell my skills to future employers. By doing these things, I am covering both the digital/written front as well as the personal front of my brand.

  • Hannah Mette

    Two points that stood out to me from Charlie’s presentation were that we need to know who we are and we need to build connections with those around us. In order to have a brand, you first have to know what you want that brand to say. That comes from knowing who you are. College is one of the best times to find out who you are, and throughout my life here at UCO I have really been challenged to do just that. Then I had to make sure that my brand on social media matched my brand when I talked and more importantly the brand of my actions. I also liked how he pointed out we must build connections, so many times people think that networking is simply exchanging business cards. However, networking is about building a relationship with that person, one that shows you care about them and you want them to care about you. When you ca build a networking relationship like that it will get you so much farther than simply exchanging business cards.

  • McKenna Oathout

    I want my personal brand to be hardworking, positive, and respectful. In order for me to maintain it through college, at work, and the public I need to know who I am and who I want to be. I will need to build a foundation and then structure my outlook around my foundation. Price encouraged me to show my skills off, instead of keeping them to myself. I am challenging myself to do that and learn how to multitask this semester. Social media, is a big hit in today’s society, so I think it is another way I can maintain my personal brand. By following people/accounts that challenge me to push myself, posting only positive things, and encouraging others. Price also mentioned that 60% employers look at a candidates social media before hiring them, I think this pushes everyone to respect their self and know that our reputation is all we have when we leave here, so we better make it good. Being able to communicate in person, rather than over text and social media will also help maintain my personal brand – that is how you build relationships with people and they learn who you truly are.

  • Austin Elliott

    I think there is numerous way to practice things that will benefit your personal brand. The biggest thing in my eyes is your reputation and the way you present yourself because first impressions do matter in the real world. Being humble and accepting everything as it comes to you is another practice i think people can benefit from. Being happy and helpful towards anything you receive matters a great deal in how you deal with things. Last i think accepting responsibility and being trustworthy will push you apart from others around you. Being the person that steps up and tries the harder tasks will make in the difference in how far you want to go in life. Building strong and honest relationships will benefit the situations you encounter by having other people know you are looking out for their best interest.

  • Jordan Medaris

    Mr. Price gave us several points and tips on how to develop and maintain our personal brand. I think that the first step in developing your personal brand is by deciding what kind of person you want to be and how you want to present yourself to others. You have to make up in your mind what kind of character and demeanor you want to strive for and then act it out and stand by it. Then you have to network. I loved when Mr. Price said, “It’s not what you know, its who you know and who knows you”. I think so often we take opportunities for networking for granted. We don’t realize how many times we meet people and then never follow up. It is taking those opportunities to build relationships and get you name out there that can and will help you build your brand in life.

  • Caleb Robinson

    A wise man once said “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold”. The best way to have a good reputation among your colleagues, employers, and the public is to consistently and intentionally work hard, be thorough, and respect those around you.
    I have worked at a few places in my short time in the business world. At the most recent two, I saw that there is one thing that will always make you stand out: hard work. There are so many people in the world that show up to work, go through the motions, and do their best to avoid work. This is the wrong mindset. When I show up to work, I do my best to work hard and get things done, not just pass the time. It is easy on some days when I feel tired or sick to be average. These are the times that it is most crucial to push through. If I know I can work hard on a bad day, then hard work will come easier on the other days.
    I have found that a job well done always trumps a job done quickly. I have never had an employer criticize me for taking the time to do something right. I have, however, seen employers rebuke their employees for rushing through a job and missing things. Thoroughness is another trait that will develop your personal brand.
    The final way to create a good name is to treat people with respect. Hard work and thoroughness are essential, but if you don’t respect the people around you, you’ll find yourself alienated and unsuccessful. Some people see the world as “dog eat dog”, but realistically, the best way to succeed is through mutually beneficial relationships. A company that is true to their word and communicative to the enterprises with which they do business will soon build a reputation as a company that will treat you fairly. This is the business that will grow and be successful.
    In order to build my personal brand, I intend to work hard even when I don’t feel like it, be thorough and take my time, and respect the people around me.

  • Emily T Womble

    Staying true to oneself is always the best strategy when it comes to maintaining your personal brand; it is not “personal” otherwise. I’ve tried to live on this belief that you should remain true to who you are, what you enjoy, and your strengths. Show off your strengths and use them to your advantage. For example, I know I am a creative person, and I try to employ that in every part of my life, including my jobs. I use my creativity and strategy to find more efficient ways for things to be done, whether it be selling products, engaging with customers, or marketing. Mr. Price mentioned in his presentation that we should work on our weaknesses as well as our strengths, while I agree with him wholeheartedly, I take caution when employing this in my own life. Working on weaknesses can build up your resume and increase your adaptability, but, if you’re not careful, your weaknesses can consume your life. I show off my natural talents first, then, as a side-note, add on that I’ve learned how to do (insert weakness of mine). If you position your weaknesses in such a way that they come off as strengths to your employer, then you risk the possibility of being placed in a position completely surrounding that one weakness which you find less enjoyable then your natural talents. I would never say social media is a strength of mine, because I have no clue how to use twitter and can barely use snapchat. However, I would say I am a good communicator, a hard worker, and that I have a wealth of knowledge.

  • Emily Acuna

    I personally feel that social media is just one way of maintaining a positive personal perception. Everyone and anyone is able to see what you post, it is wise to post with the thought “If my boss saw this what would they say”. Charlie Price talked about the importance of networking and how it helps you in life. Maintaining a positive personal brand is done through networking. Your personal brand is how people view you.

  • Madison Gaines

    I would have to say keeping ethical guidelines for my life and never straying from what I say I am going to do is a great way to build and keep my personal brand. I try my hardest to be the Madison Gaines everyone wants to be around and know. I want my personal brand to be a positive brand, I want to influence others to be positive. I loved Charlie’s speech because it made me think harder about the person I am and want to be.

  • Kaitlyn Hickey

    I want my personal brand to be honest and helpful. One way to have this brand is to be honest and true to myself. I want to also be seen as helpful. It’s often very beneficial to be someone’s go-to person. Establishing a relationship like that, where it is mutually beneficial, will help my reputation and help promote myself and my personal brand. Reputation is very important in image, and established one early on and maintaining it will help me to be successful.

  • Forest Deming

    The best way to promote ones personal brand is to always leave a good impression of yourself with anyone you meet. The simplest way to do this is to show other people that you have good character and are considerate of them, perhaps by holding a door open or making sure to thank someone holding a door open for you. Offering a proper handshake when you meet new people is another way to show good character and build trust. Finally, the most important factor in leaving a good impression on colleagues, teachers, or employers is to be punctual. Failing to show up on time tells the other person that as an individual you are sloppy, disrespectful, and that you think your time is more important than their own. Showing good character and consideration to others is the best way to leave a good impression, and promote your personal brand.

  • Laura Kleinmann

    Charlie’s discussion on developing your personal brand caused me to begin thinking of what actions I could take to maintain my personal brand. I feel that one of the most important things I can do is to invest in people and make connections. I feel I should do my be to get involved and stay involved with peoples lives. I have heard the phrase “its not always what you know, but who you know” and recently have heard this phrase extended to “ts not always what you know, but who you know and who knows you” this reinforces that people are incredibly important and the connections that I have will always be my greatest asset. In order to grow my personal brand I can also manage my social media well. In order to do this I will need to very mindful of what I post. The main point of social media is to connect with people. These connections could simply be with friends or with potential employers or clients so being very aware of the content I upload is vital to growing my personal brand.

  • Kira Douglas

    Charlie used great examples on how to manage and sustain our brand. By leaving good impressions on people and how important those first impressions you make can propel your life in the future. Making connections with others and sharing common values with one another will help with the brand. How your educational background is a very important factor in how you uphold the foundation of your personal brand. The choices you make for yourself now reflect what you’re capable of doing in the future. How we manage our social life as well as personal ones all have opportunities to affect your personal brand. To always be humble and show good showmanship to other people’s and your own success in life.

  • Zach Akinson

    I believe it is very important to maintain this. I can show them that I work hard by doing well in college and by taking responsibility. It is important to have a good resume when applying for a job. I would need to make sure that I could have a great working relationship with my colleagues, because it is always good to communicate with them. Also, make sure you know what you are doing and that it is right for you. Overall, I think working hard and staying positive are what will take someone far.

  • Juan Estrada

    I believe the practices I should do to maintain and enhance my personal brand are to network, keep a clean social media, and have a high academic standard. Charlie stated that sometimes it is not what you know, but who you know and I totally agree. Networking is very important because someone can always lend a hand along the way. Keeping your social media clean is very important in today’s society because potential employers may look at it, and not hire you based on what you have shared on social media. Finally it is very important to get good grades because that looks very good on applications. Not only does it look good on paper, but it is also good because you will have tons of knowledge. All of these practices will help me in making my personal brand amazing.

  • Shania Slavick

    Building your personal brand can establish a solid foundation for you future. It is essential for determining your wants, your motivation, and most importantly your accomplishments in life. I believe one of the best ways that I can maintain my personal brand is by building new relationships with a variety of people. Therefore, I believe networking exists as one of the best ways that I can build my personal brand. Every person you meet can potentially further you in life whether it be in a personal way, in a career, or any other aspect. I also think that possessing positive characteristics and valuable morals can really help reveal one’s personal brand. I believe trusting God in various situations will always help lead me to the right place even if there is a few roadblocks along the way, he will help pave my way to success. In addition to this, I am a very outgoing and sociable person and that really reflects who I am an as individual. It shows that I am confident in the person that I am and that I enjoy building everlasting foundations with various people.

  • Zachary Canaday

    During his presentation, Charlie mentioned the impact social media has on the hiring process. He made it clear that in the modern world, employers are going to check any social media a potential employee might have. They do this because they want to see what kind of person you are at work and not at work. It is important to be careful on social media as it can hurt your chances at obtaining any job, let alone just getting the interview. It is also important to maintain a reputable personal brand for future job opportunities. To employ a respectable personal brand, I decide not to post questionable material on social media. I think that is the most effective way to not burn any potential new bridges.

  • Mason Belcher

    In order to maintain my personal brand, I plan to improve my networking skills. I believe networking is a crucial part in being successful. As Charlie mentioned, it is about who you know more than what you know. It’s good having connections to get plugged in to the places you want to be. I also plan on presenting myself in an appealing way on social media. Social media plays a big part in our world today and that could either hurt or help you.

  • Dylan Stottmann

    Charlie discussed with us on tuesday about the idea of “developing your personal brand.” I think that an important part of this idea is a persons ability to network in their community. One thing Charlie expressed was that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and it’s who knows you.” By this he is telling us to get out and make ourselves know in the field we are studying or working. For me i interpret this as making connections with professors and officials in my respective field of study. I plan on getting to know my professors outside of just the classroom by visiting their office hours so that they can put a name to a face and actually know who i am. By having a strong relationship with my professors, i can ensure that i am doing my best to get myself out into the community. If my professors know what kind of job im looking for they might be able to put in a good word for me if they have connections with someone in that job field. It will give me an upper hand on those also in my class who are trying to get a job in the same field.

  • Erin Drewke

    I believe that to maintain my brand I have to first figure out what my brand is. This is easier said than done. To figure out who I really am, I have to take risks and a lot of the time I fail. My failures are what lead me to the success I strive for. How I deal with my failures creates a reputation for myself. Reputation is the first thing and possibly the most important thing that employers and the public know about a person. Posts and interactions on social media also contribute to reputation. Although all types of media are easy to access, I have to be leery of where I get my news from and whether it is credible.
    To maintain the brand of who I feel I am and who I want to be, I have to portray it to the public. I prefer to portray it through my works since I am not always the best with words. Through my actions, I make connections with all types of people. As Charlie said in his presentation, “It’s not what you know it’s who you know and who knows you.”

  • Justin M Morgan

    To me, maintaining a personal brand means making countless connections and networking. Networking is something I myself need to work on. This consists of meeting new people and talking to the right people that will help you later on in life. Along the lines of meeting the “right people”, it is important to choose individuals who excel in whatever kind of program you are looking into. These people would be the experts of the job with years and years of service under their belt. Whenever you connect to these people, they can show you tricks and tips to whatever job you are interested in or type of work. All in all, networking is one of the most important aspects of leadership that I believe works best.

  • Mario Figueroa

    While listening to Charlie Price, one point that I connected with was the importance of networking and building good relationships. The personal brand that I have seen and have planned out for myself come from the relationships that I have built throughout the years. Networking and building good relationships have impacted and helped me grow in the past, and while in college, is something that I want to continue to do. Because we live in a world of social media, it is extremely easy to reach out to someone and continue to build on that connection. I am someone who thinks that individuals are brought into ones world to leave an impact, so because of that, it is crucial that we build strong relationships with those we come in contact with. Who knows, that person you once said “hi” to in the library may turn out to be a potential employer.

  • Kaylee Neff

    In order to be successful in my career aspirations, I must develop a strategy to get my desired job when I graduate from The University of Central Oklahoma. First, I will apply for internships both during school and during summer to gain better work experience. Second, I will be more involved in my community to build a leadership and commitment skills to apply on my resume and better my community. Third, I will take any opportunities offered to me by the University of Central Oklahoma to network with individuals inside or outside my perspective field. Finally I will achieve a great reputation with individuals around me and be a role model to others in my life.

  • Lauren Walker

    Charlie Price’s presentation on Tuesday really shed some light on the future. He showed us how to be a well rounded individual by multitasking; Charlie preached that getting good grades while participating in extra curricular activities can be the make or break point in a job interview. I think maintaining a reputable personal brand is very important when it comes to getting a job in the future and I don’t think very many kids our age relapse the extensive damage social media can do; not only can it do damage but it can also be very helpful when it comes to showing off your skills and that’s something Charlie told us, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” but do so in a way that does not come off as arrogant.

  • Ben Raulston

    Having a personal brand is important. A brand allows people to see where you stand and also your beliefs. Different ways to employ and maintain a personal brand include social media, connections, and building a well rounded resume. Employers have such easy access to social media it’s important to be smart about what is posted on sites such as these. Also building good connections with people is a good way to build your brand. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool and making a good reputation can lead to the spreading of a persons worth. Finally having a well rounded resume allows people to see diversity and strength in many different aspects of life. I plan to be as active as I can in as many thing I can to develop a rounded resume. Through all of these tactics I believe that I can build a reputable brand.

  • Karrigan Kimball

    I didn’t exactly understand how extremely important networking is until Mr. Price spoke to us about in on Tuesday during his speech. He shared with us several tips that I feel will be very helpful to me in the near future. Mr. Price put several things into perspective. Such as, social media. I didn’t really think about how much of an impact what I put online could effect my future jobs, even if they’re in the past. He stressed how important it was for us to socialize and network, even if we don’t see the reward right away. It is just simply the fact that we may speak a few words to someone, but if they see potential in us it could open us to opportunities in the future. Charlie Price caused me to elaborate more about the future than the present.

  • Lindsey Lance

    When Charlie said it’s not what you know it’s who you know and who knows you that really made me think about networking and how much more I will work on it. I personally think grades are very important and play a big roll in your future, but getting out in the work field and even internships like Charlie mentioned will really get you an advantage and ahead in life. You are exposed to new ideas and meet a lot of important people through those experiences. From now on I will work on my personal brand by networking and getting myself out there.

  • MacKenzie Black

    Maintaining a good reputation is something my mom has always stressed to me and all of my siblings. She always tells us no matter where you are be the best you, because someone is always watching and wanting to catch you in the wrong. I make a point of not posting anything scandalous on social media, because this is where people could get there first impression of you, so I want anything that represents me to be the best. If there is something I could change to make my personal brand better it would be my networking skills, I’m not an extrovert but I don’t want being an introvert to define me. I think if I could fix those skills, employers could see me as a well-rounded employee.

  • Keats Calhoon

    What stuck out to me the most about what Charlie Price presented was his statement “if you got it, flaunt it.” That is what is going to be essential for me in whatever profession I go into. We can have whatever brand we have, but no matter how good it is, if the employer doesn’t know it, then it is meaningless. Our talents wont help us if no one knows we have them. Also, what goes along with that saying can be having confidence in yourself. We can’t tell employers about our talents if we do not believe we have talents. Another key thing that Mr. Price presented was that who we know and who knows us is key to going where we want to go. In knowing that, I am going to give an effort in meeting as many people as I can and getting as involved as I can in the profession that I choose. This is difficult for me as I am naturally more introverted than extroverted. But it is important in building a successful career for me.

  • Marcia Clemmons

    Charlie discussed developing your personal brand, networking abilities and perception among colleagues, employers and the public. I would describe my personal brand to be one of originality, creativity, imagination, and a little bit of quirk! In my opinion, the most important strategy or practice I could employ to maintain my personal brand is independence. The ability to think and act on my own can set me aside from others. In addition, it allows me work on myself and mature with every lesson and opportunity I encounter. Various establishments, organizations, and companies appreciate the little things that make individuals stand out to them. That’s why it is so important to be self-governing and independent!

  • Kinsey rogers

    After Charlie’s discussion, something that really stood out to me was social media. A lot of times, this generation forgets that social media plays a huge part when you’re trying to get a job. I’ve always been good about keeping my social media clean and classy, but you can never be too careful. Who you know also plays a huge part in finding a career as well. He also advised us to do what we love no matter what. My goal is to have a job that doesn’t feel like a job because I love it so much.

  • Victoria Plunkett

    In order to maintain my personal brand, I must incorporate many different strategies. I must maintain an importance of networking in my life, and learn how to become better at it. Our lecture was very focused on the importance of networking, which is totally out of my comfort zone, however I will now strive to improve on my networking abilities. I must also focus on finding a clear path of my goals and beliefs and making sure I stick to them. I want people to think of me as a person of my word, so whatever is being expected of me, I will follow through. Lastly, I plan to focus in on my grades, so that any future employers/buisness partners will know I am dedicated and very willing to go the distance to achieve success.

  • Act right and knowing what I need to do are strategies that help maintain my personal brand. Be aware of my surroundings and cultures of my environment allow me to establish my reputation in the most impressive way. Therefore, I should avoid any actions or statements that lead to unpleasant judgments. Even though I believe that taking a stand on certain issues is fine, but offensive opinions that lead to controversial conversations between people and me should be kept to myself or rephrase to a lesser degree. Furthermore, the art of acting appropriately also includes the appropriate language used toward others and the way I dressed at specific events.
    Research about any requirements that a company or graduate school is asking for is what my second strategy means. According to Mr. Price, complete the application from the employers or graduate school is one way to help me figure out what is their expectations. Then I can also modify and add more activities to any weaknesses that I found as I am filling out the application. By doing this, I will have a higher chance of being accepted into my dream school or company since filling in any weakness will reinforce my reputation and building my personal brand.

  • Sarah Tierney

    Creating your own personal brand to me means how you hold yourself in the business world. Showing up on time to an interview, to your normal shift or a meeting. Being able to talk to people at your job in a constructive manner. Being on time to your shifts and meetings. Having a work life balance is also important, being able to manage more than one thing without getting over whelmed with your job. Your brand is how you want it to be but for me being a responsible employee is my brand.

  • Teena Varghese

    Charlie Price definitely gave some good points on how to create a good personal brand. I think one way to strategize in maintaining my personal brand is networking. I know that networking with other people when I get the chance will help me further in my future career. When Price said,”It’s not what you know, but who you know and who knows you.” that opened my eyes to the fact that anyone or everyone around you can potentially help you reach your goal. Being at UCO so far has taught me that already, especially being involved. When putting on events and getting in contacts with donors or vendors is a great way to network and build those relationships. Truly being able to network and know the people around you will be so helpful in maintaining my personal brand.

  • Yukihiro Hitomi

    Being widely known is key to maintain personal brand. Mr. Charlie Price told us in his presentation, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And It’s who knows you.” Since I was thinking that information is the most important thing in the world, that was bolt from the blue to me. Then I realized that we cannot live without friends. Making as many connection as possible and feel free to use that connection to maintain my personal brand; this is going to be my strategy.

  • Remington Dean

    I consider a few factors when thinking about a brand. I think of someones personal attitude towards themselves and others, their values/morals, their ambition, and how they portray their self on social media. To maintain a good and positive brand, I believe that someone must always be humble about what they have, they must treat themselves and others with great respect, they must be driven towards a positive goal, and they must portray a positive image of their brand. If someone does not do these things, I believe it becomes very easy to see them as “no good” or “bad” which then in turns hurts their reputation or brand.

  • Ri Hao Yong (LEO)

    Personally i think maintaining my own personal brand is to have a solid ground or base in the big business world by networking with a lot of powerful people and making them your allies. I need have high social skills and know how to communicate with successful business personnel in a professional way. Learn their values and strengths and use it as a tool to build and maintain personal brand. The other thing is, my personal brand needs to be unique, special and worth it to the world. My brand needs to be different from conventional things as the world is forever following new trend. I need to learn a lot from successful entrepreneurs or business companies who create their own brand that made an impact on the world, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, McDonald’s, Dominos, Calvin Klein, Beats, Jordan, Samsung, Apple, Stüssy, Armani Exchange, Sony and others.

  • Sydney Haas

    For me, the most useful practice that Charlie talked about was remembering and treating everything you do in the mindset that your reputation is all you have. Keeping a constant image and reputation linked with my name will help me personally to make an impact in my community and among my colleagues. If you treat every single day with the mindset of someone will be deciding my entire future on my actions today, then its relatively likely that you will leave a positive impression on the people you meet and come across in your day to day activities. Constantly remembering this will help me build my personal brand through networking because, as Charlie said, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and who knows you”. If I build up a solid reputation through my daily interactions and putting myself out there, it is highly likely that when that next opportunity comes around, I will not be one to miss it.

  • Savannah Todd

    Charlie Price’s speech gave me a whole new perspective on networking and the importance of having a strong personal brand. The main strategy that I will use to help maintain my personal brand is to not let anyone or anything wrongfully influence me. What is most important to me is being yourself and being transparent with people. I believe by doing this I will make a lot more stable relationships in my professional career. Whether that be through networking or with my coworkers. By having these strong relationships I will have a lot more opportunities to advance myself in my career. This is all due to my personal brand and staying true to myself the whole way through.

  • Cayce Batcheller

    I can maintain my personal brand in 3 easy steps: a solid set of values, consistency, and the desire to learn. Personal values are so important for a quality brand. And whatever values you pursue, you have to back them up or you will look hypocritical. Consistency comes into play when you’re talking to future employers. You have to always show a pretty smile, even on the hard days. Being consistent with a good work ethic and a positive attitude will catch any employer or potential customer’s attention. Lastly, a desire to learn will score you any job. If you are always searching to know more and always trying to improve yourself, your employer will take note and appreciate that. A personal brand is something that takes a long time to build and only one night to destroy. So, if I hold myself to a high standard and keep improving myself, I’m set.

  • Sakinah Al Saleh

    Charlie he was focused about building a personal brand. And he discussed how it is important to know who you are to build the true choices in the life. Also he talked how networking, leadership are important. The advice to be a good leader, we should keep questions in our mind what I want to be or what I do or not do? I believe myself what I want and what I do with my goals. however, I’m always interested about the brands, and how to spend money for a good brands. Not show off front the people but, I want to be always elegant. Finally I will build my network and I will have a good job in the future.

  • Connor Schuff

    I believe something I really need to work on is my social skills within large groups of people, when I am involved in large events I tend to stick to myself and not go talk to new people. Charlie gave us good points and ways to manage our brand and improve the personal aspect of our life. I like how Charlie talked about how everything we post on any kind of social media is there for life, future employers and anyone else who wants to see it is able to. Nowadays people find it easier to communicate via social media rather then in person. Communicating and making connections with people in person is much more serious and polite. I really liked everything Charlie had to say to us, I believe it can connect to all college students.

  • Maintaining and strengthening your personal brand is a very important thing to do. In the age of social media, it is very important to use it to your advantage. Social media can ruin a person or prepare them for success. Social media says a lot about a person. One thing I do to build my brand is keep a clean and active social media. I make sure what I post is informative, couldn’t be seen as offensive and is entertaining. I like to make people smile so I also try to do the same on my social media. Another thing I do to build my brand is make sure I am actively involved and I am giving my all to the things I am involved in. To be very involved is one thing but to be actively involved is another. I hope that everyone that comes to me leaves happier, I hope that I have built myself a strong and optimistic brand.

  • As an entrepreneur, my personal brand is my everything. Whether I’m contracted to DJ an event, do drone photography, or create graphics I have to keep in mind that the way I’m perceived and the attitude I present are just as important as the work I do for clients.
    My appearance both online and real life are two of the most important aspects of maintaining and growing my personal brand.
    My social media accounts have to reflect myself just right to attract the different clients I want for different events. I keep in mind the audience I have and the audience I want to attract, and this influences every post I make. I post on a semi-regular basis with content relevant to my skills and my goals in order to build my personal brand’s online presence.
    In real life I use the best manners and etiquette in order to keep my professionalism evident. I can be better than any other worker, but if I dress poorly, act foolish, show up late, or have a bad attitude I will be blacklisted by that client.

    Another way to expand your online brand and influence is to have a powerful website that neatly displays everything you want to portray about yourself. I am currently in the process of creating my own website and you can find it at dannyeagle.com .
    A personal website is the one of the best ways to display your business’ portfolio, contact information and skill-sets. LinkedIn is also a great option for accomplishing these goals.

    From experience I can testify that Charlie’s statement “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” is beyond true. Countless times i’ve been hired by clients because of the reputation I’ve built and the connections I’ve made with the people I’ve interacted with. Recently, I was employed to be the social media manager for a new radio station in OKC (muttradio.com). This job was not a position I applied for with an interview, but instead it was offered to me because the owner knew me well. I’ve known the owner for many years and have done DJ work with him for several years also. He knew my characteristics and trusted me enough to give me this highly important job. What made me different from any other hiree who would have the same skills is that I had a connection with the owner and this connection gave him the confidence to trust me with this position. Familiarity creates trust. Trust creates work. And without making strong positive connections with people you will never succeed.

  • Pallavi Samantaray

    Charlie Price mentioned many important tips and a lot of advice to how we can create and market our very own personal brand. Something I believe I need to work on and will help me with that process are my networking and communication skills. I am an outgoing and kind person however, it takes time for people to understand my personality because I usually take time to warm up to people. At times that is not a good thing because first impressions matter and in the beginning I am usually quiet. I have gotten a lot better and I am still working on it. I want to be approachable right of the bat and be able to effortlessly and effectively communicate with people from the very beginning of the conversation. I think these skills will help me tremendously in the future regarding my career and social life because networking and communication will open many doors and create solid relations.

  • Chase McMillen

    Throughout my college career I have tried to maintain a social media platform that involves as few scenarios that may be controversial as possible. Social media has become much more than just a place to post things. Social media has become a place for businesses. They use it to hire, advertise, inform, and socialize. Businesses can even acquire information that may lead to the firing of their employees. That is why it is very important to maintain a G rated social media page.

  • Hope Hohnke

    One topic that I feel would assist me to work on is perception. I find that perception is among the most important, because it requires one to show the positive aspects of themselves to others in order for positive networking. Regardless of positive or negative connotation, there will be words spoken about you from who you know. For that reason, it is very important for a person to make sure that what is being networked about you is a good thing. I feel that I personally have many different levels and that I need to work on which piece of myself I share with others. I feel that many people see me as a fun loving girl opposed to hard working and that could be taken negatively in some situations. It is thanks to Charlie that I find it a personal goal to let my personality show, but also allow others to see my work ethic and goals.

  • Avery Ibison

    The speaker mentioned multiple ways to maintain your personal brand. The most important thing would be to stick to your personal values. Everyone wants to be able to trust a brand so sticking to common morals will benefit you in the long run. Another important factor would be your persistence in your education. In this time and age another very essential thing would be keeping your facebook, twitter, instagram, and snapchat fully appropriate for any future employers. The last thing was being able to continue to listen to constructive criticism.

  • Kiel Kondrick

    I found the speaker very interesting. He mentioned multiple points of advice. The main thing i agreed with was the value of education and the importance of maintaining professional social media. Another factor was how essential building a trustworthy brand is. You can build a trustworthy brand by following your inner values and sticking strictly to your morals. Very lastly, it is good to listen to others advice as well as follow your own intentions.

  • Na'eemah Phanelson

    Charlie discussed developing your personal brand, networking abilities and perception among colleagues, employers and the public. What practices/strategies can you employ to maintain your personal brand?

    I feel that some ways I can maintain my personal brand would be to first stay true to myself and to not show any side of myself that would bring unhappiness to myself in the future. So, I would definitely like to remain consistent with my actions but with my goals, I would like to frequently address them on a regular basis to reevaluate the direction that my life is leading to. I personally only have 1 form of social media and that is linked in, because I know that so many people are judged today off of their actions and I do not want to make a mistake that could harm me. I hope to continue doing good.

  • Bella Oliver

    I can help build my personal brand by taking advantage of the networking opportunities that I will have presented to me. As a part of the Women in Stem Mentoring program, I will take advantage of the connections my mentor has and meet people that will help me get established in my career field. I also will be aware of what I am posting on social media to make sure that I don’t ruin any future career opportunities.