Week 1 – Lessons in Leadership 2016 – President Don Betz

During President Betz’s comments he discussed a number of important topics that included mentoring, effective communication, persistence, adapting and becoming a “a college of one” while you are at UCO. What intentional acts and decisions will you make to become a college of one?



  • Chang Ting Shuo

    The slogan said” We help students how study here” it really encouraged me a lot, and also shows the Mr. President’s patience to me. A person who handle the conditions to a stable figure. He believes his group the people surrounded him. To build a great team, trust his mates because teammates are always refreshing you. These talks really inspired me a lot, and also taught me many concepts that I haven’t had. Gain a lot!

    • Graciela López

      It was very nice to meet for the first time UCO’s president Don Betz offering his speech to the Leaders of Tomorrow’s class of 2016. He offered a thoughtful speech expressing his beliefs. He said “I believe that every person has those leadership skills”, he mentioned that we are not alone. He stated: here at UCO we can count on a great team of professionals that is working together to help us transform our lives. They are going to help us to advance and succeed. As an adult, non-traditional student those words are very encouraging for me. I am very positive that I can become “a college of one” acquiring ethical and core values as we continue our journey of knowledge here at UCO.
      Graciela Lopez

  • Chase McMillen

    In order to become a college of one, I believe everyone needs to have a good and positive attitude. I feel if everyone showed each other respect, then just that alone would help bring the campus closer together. Befriending new people wherever you go is another good way to not only increase your individual network, but it may open some doors for the ones around you as well. Being kind to others is another great way to unify a group. Imagine if everyone held doors for one another, or even just said thank you. Although all of these things would increase the morale around campus on their own, I think the best way to unify a campus is through volunteer work. Volunteering is a great way to bring individuals of all backgrounds closer together. Whenever people come together to accomplish a goal greater than themselves, it betters the volunteers attitudes, mentalities, and friendships. Especially after the job is complete.

  • Jordan Medaris

    One important thing that I took away from President Betz’s speech about becoming “a college of one” was the importance of effective communication. After listening to his experiences and comments it has encouraged me to take a look at how I communicate with others. He stated how, “we need to learn to listen and have a real exchange with people not just talking past each other”. I am going to start being intentional in my conversations and make sure that I am asking questions and truly getting to know the person and remember them. I believe that working on this skill will allow me to build better friendships and relationships in the future.

  • Jasmine Stevenson

    President Betz mentioned in his visit that a key to success is becoming a college of one. To me this means taking every opportunity to learn, not only to earn a degree or a good grade, but to grow as a person. That is how I plan to become a college of one. This means that I will choose to grow from every situation even when those around me choose other paths. I plan to devote each day to exploring my surrounding resources. I have made it a goal to try something new every week, whether it be an organization or a different place to eat. I plan to use the rest of my college days taking advantage of everything offered to me and accepting the challenges that lie ahead even when I am unsure I am capable. Above all, I’ll choose to not allow my comfort zone to limit me and look at each day as an opportunity to expand my knowledge no matter what the circumstance.

  • Emily T Womble

    One thing that stood out to me in President Betz’s speech was his mention of communication and how we often “talk at each other” rather than listening and learning from another person’s point of view. I believe this is a problem that occurs everyday, in the smallest and biggest ways. In order to be a connected community, or a “college of one”, we must learn to communicate with each other. Communication not only helps us to understand one another, but to network and share our ideas without being misunderstood. I’ve noticed lately that communication is a skill I need to work on personally, as I plan to do so in my fundamentals in speech class, and that there is always room for improvement. It is a skill we all need practice in.

  • Hannah Mette

    When President Betz explained College of One he said that we will have a built in compass that guides us to success through life long learning. This statement really stuck with me because throughout the past year at UCO I have found myself desiring this more and more. Now, starting my second year at UCO I want to continue to build my College of One by immersing myself into situations that are outside of my comfort zone, having uncomfortable conversations, and always staying open minded. A key to learning is to be open to others points of view and asking questions when you have them. It isn’t a single decision, its a lifestyle that I am pursuing.

  • Jillian Coats

    As President Betz stated in his lecture Tuesday, he spoke over adapting and becoming the “college of one”. To become the “college of one”, I decide to never stop growing and learning. Although receiving an education is extremely important, learning about oneself is equally important. It is important to learn about your passion, strengths, weaknesses, and future. UCO empowers us to learn and become the “college of one”.

  • Victoria Hodge

    In my opinion I believe the best way to become “a college of one” is to simple be your own person, follow your own values, and do what’s best for you. It may not be the coolest option sometimes but most of the time it is the safest and smartest. I especially like when President Betz talked about creating circumstances because the cards won’t always fall a certain way. To become “a college of one” you have to plan ahead and look towards the future and determine if that is the path you want to take. And by me saying all this I don’t by any means think that we should make all of these choices on our own, and think that his words were spot on when he talked about finding a mentor, someone to follow, someone to look to for educated advice when unsure. That is one of the big reasons I am getting into undergraduate research with a professor in the field I am interested in.

  • Linn Brusletten

    President Betz mentioned that through transformative learning and embracing opportunities one should strive to become “a college of one” while at UCO. I believe that this metaphor is an excellent way of describing the continuous process of life.

    To become a college of one I will study. I will study the world around me, be curious, and continuously acquire new, valuable knowledge. I will consistently work towards bettering myself by reading, listening, talking and working together with the people around me.

    I will adapt. A significant part of college is adapting to a new way of life. I will become a college of one by adapting to situations as they encounter me. It is important not to be too rigid in ones ways. Adaptability will, and have always been a valuable trait to have.

    A college like UCO creates a vast amount of opportunities. Likewise, as President Betz puts it, our high turbulence world also creates many opportunities. I will strive towards these opportunities in college and after college. It is important to challenge yourself and reach for what is out there. In my process towards becoming a college of one, I will not only search for these opportunities, but as life prolongs, I will work towards creating opportunities for the people after me.

    Communication is another vital part of college. On a daily basis, one encounter people from a variety of backgrounds. President Betz mentioned that it is important to learn how to talk to each other and not past each other. Being able to communicate efficiently is a valuable trait. Communication is also how most relations are formed. I will strive towards communicating efficiently and effective.

    Becoming a college of one is about embracing the characteristics of a college and adapting them as your own. One need to be a continuously learning human being, be able to adapt a changing environment, be able to grab and create opportunities, and communicate efficiently. Being a college of one is realizing that one will never be fully developed, fully capable, or fully educated. College and life requires persistency and hard work. Being a college of one is focusing your actions, time and enthusiasm towards answering the ultimate question: “What am I doing here?”

  • Austin Elliott

    I think making an effort to connect with new people around you is a great way too start. Staying focused and being able to know what your doing and why you’re doing it. Embracing new opportunity’s is another thing that make us grow into a college of one, like getting involved in clubs and activities on campus or finding a mentor on campus. I think putting yourself around passionate people is also a smart decision, working together and solving problems brings people together in a lot of ways.

  • Connor Schuff

    When President Betz spoke on the topic of mentoring, communication and becoming “a college of one” it made me view college as something more than a place to study and learn, but instead a home away from home. UCO is full of many different ways to get involved and many people to help you do so, that is how I plan on becoming “a college of one.” I plan on stepping out of my comfort zone and meeting new people and trying new things. You only get the college experience once, why not make the absolute best of it?

  • E'Lexus Merriweather

    Since I am in the leadership program here, that already puts me in the running of becoming a college of one. I was never the type that would put myself out there to run for anything leadership role wise, but I believe that this program will help me strengthen this ability. The question of “what am I doing here” was something that President Betz said a lot and that made me think about responsibilities I should uphold while being here. Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean being the “president” of something, like President Betz also said, so I think contributing my time to any of the organizations here on campus will make me become a school of one. Another thing I struggle with is how I communicate with people. President Betz made a big deal about the difference between talking to someone and talking at them. I have trouble in that area so my goal is to learn the proper way of communication.

  • Shadow McCain

    In my opinion being a college of one means not only you succeeding but pushing others to also be successful. President Betz made a good point when he said it’s not all about you. Students and people in general often get wrapped up in themselves and don’t take advantage of all the opportunities in front of them. You should look at college as an opportunity to not only better yourself but better the college as well. You should leave it better than it was when you came. The college will give you so many things friends, knowledge and life skills. The hope is it will make you the most successful version of yourself. Being a part of the college of one means giving as much as you get.

  • Mason Belcher

    Getting involved has a huge part in becoming a college of one. I want to focus on getting involved in different organizations around campus and making deep connections with many people. It’s important to step out of our comfort zones and try something new or talk to someone you normally wouldn’t talk to. I also want to always help people if they are in need of it no matter how big or small their problem is. We will become a college of one if we all work to accomplish our goals together.

  • Sarah Mattox

    I think that “college of one” can have a few interpretations. From a leadership perspective, I think it should mean improving on the abilities that prepare us for the most effective communal interactions, which may be those that take place here during college or those in our careers; President Betz mentioned these certain skills having a substantial impact on our success: the ability to adapt, working dependently with others, communicating well, and more active listening. One of President Betz’s most impactful statements to me was that listening can involve more than an exchange of information; sometimes, it is the exchange of intent that is taken away from listening. I think this is something everyone should keep in mind, as I certainly will. While I don’t have the most impressive service or leadership background- far from it, actually- listening to the messages from speakers like President Betz feeds into my intent- why I am here. To become a “college of one”, I will further question why I am here in this college, in my current major, and in the leadership community.

  • Myah Murphy

    Something that really hit home with me during President Betz’s speech is the idea of learning throughout my entire life. I don’t think learning always needs to be about tangible knowledge, but more on the scale of building your wisdom and maturity–especially when reacting towards adversity during life. My goal in my life right now is to continue to “build on my inner compass,” as President Betz would say it. Although I don’t know what my future is going to look like exactly, I want my character to be a “quality person who makes quality decisions.” I want my aspirations to be combined with the greater good, as he mentioned many times. I believe the actions I must take to become this kind of person start with making sure that I am serving others, which I believe will naturally become leading them in a way. A specific action I could take that is intentional about becoming my college of one is to be a sponge for knowledge through my relationships, studies and professors in not just schoolwork but life skills as well.

  • Jake Robertson

    In President Betz’s speech, the talking point that stuck out the most was the implication that all great leaders are also servants. This is extremely important in being “a college of one” because not only are we trying to better ourselves but we are also trying to help others advance themselves. If we can’t think of the bigger picture and the betterment of our friends’ and colleagues’ lives, then we can never expect any good relationships to form. Without these solid bonds formed with those around us, it is nearly impossible to be successful. It takes many parts to make up a whole and alone we cannot reach our full potential; but with the help of those we trust, we can move forward cohesively on the journey to develop ourselves and reach our full potential.

  • Sarah Tierney

    Being the college of one in my mind is something every student needs to work for. Being involved at UCO makes it easy to connect with other students. Joining different clubs and attending actives shows that you’re being an active UCO student. For me that is a big part in making UCO a college of one being involved in your school and being able to connect with students. Doing this will make you get out of your comfort zone and branch out to people you wouldn’t normally talk to. Working together to create a college of one can be hard but if everyone wants the same goal, it won’t be hard to achieve. This will also help people you are not as out going or talkative to be pushed a little bit to get out of their head and be able to connect and have a good time.

  • Fatimah Alshaaban

    During President Betz visit, he mentioned that (( a college one)) is one of school goal for all students. (( a college one)) meant to him is the capacity of all students to learn and success. He also, talked about the adaptability and how it is important for us to build our ability to study and work. He advise us to build our ability to communicate with others by reading everything good or bad, talking, and listening to people experience. He mentioned that international students make him learned a great deal to be a leader. After listening to president Betz experience and advisement, it has encouraged me to learn how I communicate with others by listening or talking with them about their experience, to build my talents to become a leader one day in any position I will have in future. I also, learned from President Betz speech that we have to know what we want? and why we are here in college? that’s will help us to build our ability to be success and reach to our goal in life.

  • Ri Hao Yong (LEO)

    ‘What am I doing here?’.

    That’s what President Don Betz emphasized on in his speech this last Tuesday, and it has to do a lot with being “a college of one”. Like President Don Betz said, starting college is a new point in each and everyone of our lives. The trophies, varsity shirts, fame, and anything proud we gain in high school is of no use to us in college. And like what President Don Betz said to us, we’re here in UCO to gain a diploma, which is pretty obvious and in the meantime to gain something more important, which is OPPORTUNITIES! Whether it’s opportunities in school or or a internship for work, it’s all really important to our future.

    ‘UCO is the place that launches you into your pathway’, ‘UCO is student and learner centered”, ‘Make use of all of the people in UCO because they are here for you’, ‘Reap everything you can!’.

    Those words said by President Don Betz makes me realized that UCO is the perfect place to become “a college of one”. I’m not sure about you guys, but as a international student from Malaysia, I’ve received my fair share of warmness from many friendly and helpful people on campus. It makes me more confident in interacting with this new environment i’m in, 9000+ miles away from my birthplace. And with this new confidence i acquire, i’m gonna give my all in becoming “a college of one”.

    I’m gonna say it my way. To be “a college of one”, i would get myself involved in more activities on campus. Joining a student organization or organizing an event would be a great idea. In the meantime focusing on studies and keeping tabs on homework and assignments are also very important as my diploma certificate depends on it. Being actively involved in class and interacting and socializing with professors and classmates are also important in becoming “a college of one” because that means i’m adapting to college and embracing college life. In the meantime, I get to forge new friendships, make new connections and increase my network of potential opportunities for my future endeavors.

    At UCO, in becoming “a college of one”, i will also have to improve my communication skills to the highest level possible. Like President Don Betz said, ‘ Can you communicate well?, Can you read, write and talk clearly, coherently and efficiently?’.
    I must learn to speak better in english, and get to know more of the the american culture so that i could blend into the american society and be “a college of one”.

    Strive to be more competitive!
    Challenge myself everyday!
    Join more people!
    Talk more!
    That is what i think would be the best way to be “a college of one”.

    ‘Stand on shoulders, that’s real leadership!’
    ‘Your teammates are reflections of yourself’
    ‘There are no great leaders, who are servants’
    These words said by President Don Betz are really unforgettable and i wanna share it with you guy! Thank you!

  • Savannah Todd

    Like President Betz mentioned, being a college of one is very important. A college of one, in my perspective, is everyone working toward a common goal and striving for excellence. I also believe that this can be achieved by getting involved on campus. UCO is such a great campus because there are so many opportunities and ways to get involved. I believe that if we as a student body just dive in and get involved with our campus that we will become a college of one.

  • Ben Raulston

    From President’s Betz lecture I was able to take away many key points. He talked passionately about developing students into young adults that will graduate with plenty of opportunities. Being a student on a campus that strives to help students learn so that each one of us will have the opportunity to become an individual who is productive and creative allows the phrase “a college of one” to happen naturally. A few characteristics that I can personally strengthen are my ability to adapt, work in a team, and clearly communicate with my peers. I believe that if I engage in becoming stronger in all of these aspects making UCO “a college of one” for me will come naturally.

  • A point that resinated with me during President Betz speech was the idea of embracing the endless opportunities each one of us has here at UCO. Recently I have experienced the differences between High School and College, Betz mentioned the past is no longer of any concern. The future is ours to make, with endless possibilities and opportunities. He talked about the idea that leaders do not have to possess the trophy or even the title of president but instead its about how they treat and serve others. For me, creating a “college of one” includes being optimistic and keeping a positive mindset and attitude. In order to create my own, “college of one”, I plan to get involved around campus and set my sights on serving others.

  • One of the things that President Betz mentioned in his speech is in order to become a “college of one”, we all need to be able to communicate with each other. Personally, I feel that I need to work on my communication skills. Such as, asking for help whenever I don’t understand something or just reaching out to people in general. Although, I know it will be a working progress, I am willing to do whatever I can to make sure that UCO is a “college of one”. My main goal in college is to not only get my education, but to learn more about myself.

  • Cali Passerman

    I think there are many steps students can take to become a college of one, but for me, my focus would be on mentoring. Helping others and making those who are maybe a little out of their element is one of the most important steps in making our university a college of one. If I do not step up and make others feel loved and included, then maybe no one will and then we are all one step further away from being a university that upholds togetherness as one of our top priorities. Also, as a leadership student, I feel as if it is my duty to put myself out there and serve those who need my help! I think I would also take intentional steps to broadening my horizons, joining different clubs, attending events I normally would not, just stepping out of my comfort zone to establish a sense of community with many people on campus.

  • Danny Eagle

    President Betz gave an inspiring speech about his goals for UCO and told us of a special vision he has. Through his comments, I was introduced to the idea of a college of one, which consists of a unified body of students focused on the future and betterment of the world. A college of one is built upon embracing each person’s individuality and constructed through engagement of both students and faculty. Being engaged is crucial because it creates a connected university open to others and a university that is human. These traits are what encourage us as people to make a brighter future for our children and are what ultimately brings us together.
    This vision resonated with me and has encouraged me to become involved on campus, not only in various organizations but in the personal lives of the friends I make. I am inspired to make meaningful impacts with the talents, relationships, resources, and opportunities provided to me by UCO in an attempt to make this a true college of one.

  • Kaitlyn Hickey

    I think that to become a college of one, having mentors is hugely important. Mentors can help shape and develop the ideas of people around them. Mentors can also help solidify the feeling of being connected to Central and to the ideas and values it represents. Something people may not realize is that a mentor does not have to necessarily be older than the person they are mentoring. People have many different life experiences, and it is important that they get to share those with others to help them learn and develop. I hope that I will become a mentor to another student, and I hope that one will become a mentor to me. This sharing of ideas, support, and understanding will help students to feel like UCO is a college of one.

  • Caleb Robinson

    Near the beginning of President Betz’s address to the Leadership Class, he advised us to adopt this working definition of leadership: “Leadership is what you do for and with other people.” Later, he highlighted the importance of the here and now by urging us to continually ask questions that realign our priorities, questions such as “what matters now?” and “why am I here?” These two simple but profound concepts imparted by the president give us the foundation we need to become “a college of one”.
    The first correction needed in order to achieve this goal is a change in focus. It is easy and almost natural as a freshman to enter collegiate life with an egocentric perspective. Graduation, just a few short months ago, was about your achievements, now your time is finally your own, and during the first year, you’re simply trying to survive and “look out for number one”. Yet this is not the attitude of a student who wants to be apart of something greater. A student who longs to contribute to something outside of themselves must also be aware of the people, needs, and problems in their environment.
    While a change in perspective is vital to becoming “a college of one”, it falls short without the application prioritization. I can focus on others completely and devote my life to the service of those around me, but if I am not deliberate with my time, my impact may be severely diminished. Jarrett Jobe told us on the second day of class that “everyone has 24 hours in a day.” It is tempting to jump on board with every organization that steams past us without thinking twice about the implications or commitment. I, as a student, must learn to maximize my use of this precious commodity in order to benefit this campus.
    Foremost, I must begin to recenter my focus on serving others. Once my perspective is in order, I must consciously devote my time to greater things; not things that are good, but those that are best. With these two guidelines, I hope to foster communal growth and create personal improvement.

  • Melissa Salazar Velasco

    I am not an individual that is usually full of regret. However, immediately after President Betz finished speaking to the class, I began to reflect and asked myself, “What am I doing?” I became disappointed in myself for not helping my community as much as I should have during the summer. As a conclusion, I decided that in order to contribute to becoming a “college of one,” I have to begin helping my university and community in Oklahoma City (OKC), while motivating others to do so as well. I have an obligation to raise awareness to students in OKC about the importance of a higher education and community involvement. I believe that becoming a “college of one” is greater than the influence that an individual can achieve at his/her own institution. In my perspective, you have to be able to motivate others to follow their dreams, whether their dreams include attending a four year university, two year institution, vocational school, or heading straight to the workforce. I believe that we have the power to achieve something greater than UCO, the Edmond community, and our state itself.

  • Sakinah Al Saleh

    In President Bet’z visit, he mentioned (a college one ) as the mine point of his speech. He was talked about a college one as a part of all students study to reach their goal. He defined a college one as a communicate with people to build our ability for study and work. He also, talked about the four important things to communicate with people are writing, reading, speaking, and listening.I learned form President Bet’z speech that I have to use my time well to be a success and I learned also, that if we listen to people experience we will build our ability to a voiding mistake.

  • Erin Drewke

    To become “a college of one”, I need to adapt to the new opportunities this University has made available to me. President Betz mentioned many times the question we have all asked ourselves: What am I doing here? I believe, with this question in mind, that the biggest part of our lives is what we do with and for others. So on my road to becoming “a college of one”, I plan on making decisions and acting in such a way as to impact others lives and to grow within myself a stronger leader. I can achieve this by setting an example of what it means to be a leader. A leader strengthens those around them and can inspire others to work together and overcome their fears. My first inspiration for becoming “a college of one” comes from the book of 2 Timothy. It states, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but one of power, love, and self-discipline.”

  • Remington Dean

    President Don Betz presented one simple question to our class, “What am I doing here?” This question may, at first glance, seem to be very easy to answer; however, if a person were to ponder on this question they could find it very difficult to answer. Yet, President Betz helped shed some light on his question by saying we should be involved on campus and leave it better than when we arrived. I intend to do this by bringing a more positive and more cohesive environment to UCO’s campus. This will be accomplished by maximizing the traits that President Betz talked about in class, such as persistence and adaptability. I will utilize these traits in the clubs and organizations I am in to continually try to bring the college together in every situation in which I can, in order for UCO to become a “college of one.”

  • In order to become a college of one, we must first understand what it truly means to become one. Becoming a college of one is beyond just going to class every day and taking notes; it is embracing the skill of learning at all times. This year in UCO, I will be effective with my time, not wasting it uselessly. I will learn to communicate well by listening to what others have to say; specifically, I will take initiative by listening to the stories and advice from mentors, professors, classmates, and friends. I will go out of my way to learn new information not only from the book or the notes but also from asking well-thought-out questions in and out of class. I will challenge myself by stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring new areas that will broaden my horizon.

  • Destiny Henry

    President Don Betz stated how we are the building blocks of the future and how we will pass the responsibility and lessons to the next generation. In order for the next generation to be fully prepared I will develop myself to be the best college of one I can be. He described the college of one as a person that understands that constant learning is the key to success and that is what I will do. I will become a life long student. I will become more open minded to ideas and beliefs so that I may constantly obtain new information. I will be a better listener in order to create meaningful relationships and connections with those around me and I will constantly question, “What am I doing here.” While the short term answer may change the long term answer will stay the same. I am here to serve and impact the lives of the next generation so that they may do the same, but first I have to become a college of one.

  • Juan Estrada

    During President Betz’s speech to the class he said a major point in making a university “a college of one”. I believe in order to become a college of one everyone needs to accept diversity. Everyone is unique and different whether it be culture, skin color, or beliefs. It is our job as a campus to accept it and thrive off of it, and after we have done this we can be a college of one. In my hometown there was some diversity, but I really did not do anything to interact with the diverse students. To help myself understand more about diversity this fall I am joining Broncho Buddies. This program will allow me to be paired with an international student and see what adventures we can do together. I believe Broncho Buddies will help me make UCO a college of one, by allowing two different diverse people come together and accept each other. The bonding of different cultures and people will help in the process of making UCO a college of one, because after we understand each other we can grow as one. This may be a small step in making UCO a college of one, but a small task can go a long way!

  • Emily Holmes

    President Betz talked to us about being a college of one and how to get there by being intentional and making decisions that will help us reach our goals. Being intentional with people in conversation is really something that I’ve realized I need to work on. So when President Betz talked about this, it really stuck out to me. I believe by striving to be more intentional with people we can make many more meaning full relationships, and that opens so many doors. Another point he made that stuck out to me was, “Achieve small wins that promote consistent progress and build commitment.” My all-time favorite quote is, “Do small things with great love.” So needless to say I loved it when he said that. I am so glad that he is the President of our college of one. I also wanted to point out that he really practices what he preaches. He is so intentional with others and is such a great example for all of us.

  • Keats Calhoon

    To become a “college of one” doesn’t necessarily mean a college of the same exact people doing the same exact stuff. A “college of one” means a group of people in a college that bond together in their differences and that use their differences to better each other and in turn then better the world. In order to do this, we must grow together. When I think of this topic, I think of the part of the Bible that says the church is a body. It is difficult for a body to function as properly without a hand or a foot or ears as with them. They all work together, each perfecting a different task, to perform the wonderful and miraculous art of the human body. A “college of one” can be looked at the same. To do so is not easy. And that is where the important topics President Betz discussed come into play. In order to be “one”, people must communicate. For me individually, that means getting to know all different kinds of people. Not only getting to know them, but also to befriend them despite our differences. To not judge them, but to love them with a brotherly love. In doing so, it may take persistence. Persistence to get to know a vast majority of people. Persistence to befriend them. Persistence to keep that friendship when values clash and collide and we seem to not be able to get passed the current issue at hand. In this scenario, being able to adapt is important like President Betz spoke about. Things change, people change. I have to keep and open mind on how to adapt to culture so that I can better impact the people around me. So that I can better understand to get along with certain people in communication. I need to learn how to adapt also without compromising my values and beliefs because these values and beliefs make me who I am. Doing this is hard. It is a difficult task. Not very many people have achieved this. That is why finding a mentor who HAS done it, or was involved with someone who has is something I look to do. If I do and succeed, I hope to one day be that mentor to someone else, and is result create a domino effect that changes society and benefits many, many people.

  • Sydney Haas

    The phrase “College of One” means more to me than just becoming a member of some giant group of people that go to the same university. To be a College of One, we must go beyond ourselves and work as one body, with one mind, towards one goal. Our actions must go beyond just what helps and benefits our own lives, but also that of the community around us. In the words of President Betz, we must remember that “This is not just about you. It’s about you in a larger context.” and continually work for the common good, especially as the leadership group on campus.
    So what does this look like in a practical context? For me personally, this means including myself in things that I otherwise would not attempt to be a part of. As a natural introvert, it is very easy for me to lock myself away in a practice room or other quiet space and just focus on what I need to get done or simply want to do for hours at a time. While this may sound highly productive, I often find myself using it as an escape to avoid people for fear of social situations where I might feel uncomfortable or struggle with social anxiety. Now if everyone completely agreed with me that hiding away can be one of the greatest things in the world, this would never be a problem, but we don’t live in a world that ever thinks just like us (thank goodness).

  • Teena Varghese

    In President Don Betz’s speech he had many great points in what we could do to become a college of one.
    These are all great points in which they go hand in hand together to create a college of one. One important thing I took away from President Betz’s speech is that actions speak louder than words. As he said, “You can’t be a great leader without serving, and there are no great servants that are not leaders.” Are we doing things on campus or the community for the greater good? You see, people watch us because they see us as leaders and if we can’t make the right decisions are we truly impacting other lives and making a college of one? If we can take these traits and utilize them I can believe we can make a college of one. LEARN! LEAD! SERVE!

  • President Don Betz presented his wonderful speech by asking us a question at the very beginning that ” what am I doing here and how do I success?” It is quite a question for me as I’m an international exchange student in UCO for a year. For me, study is just one of the goal that I want to accomplish but more importantly is, how can I make my life in UCO more meaningful. Obviously, being fully engaged in and participate in university’s activities are the key the this question. It is well acknowledged that international students need to take some time to adjust to the new environment for their study and life but this kind of excuses shouldn’t be a permanent excuses for our lack of participation, which is an extremely critical factor to our success. From the speech of President Don Betz, I think there are three points for our better participation in college. On top of that, it’s the intense motivation to change or fit in. Every human’s behavior is affected by both individual subjective purposes and environmental factors, but only individual’s motivation or desire for change or promotion is the most effective factor. In other words, as long as we have a strong desire to adapt to the new environment and make a change, then we have made our first step to be a part of college. Second of it is persistence. As President Don Betz mentioned, persistence is about focus and enthusiasm, with great involvement and right passion then we can make extraordinary success. This is the persistence to be part of college even if we encounter something that blocks our way. Last but not least, it’s action. What makes a difference is not just about how we think, it’s also about how we act. Goals need to be realized by action and persistence also requires action to make it count. All in all, in order to be part of college, we need motivation, persistence and action.

  • Zachary Canaday

    According to President Betz’s speech earlier this week, becoming a “college of one” is vital for this university to succeed. This statement contains multiple components into working. The first is personal leadership. President Betz asked the question whether the student could adapt or communicate efficiently with others to achieve a common goal. This struck relevant with me because real-life situations involve a team striving to achieve a goal. Another point President Betz made involved how the team worked. He stated that it is just as important to listen and absorb new ideas rather than constantly taking the leadership and commanding role. I also believe that in order to work towards a “college of one,” that one must step out of their comfort zone and be willing to interact with others. Throughout my college experience, I will strive to work on that goal and contribute to the overall picture.

  • McKenna Oathout

    President Betz spoke about what we all can do here at UCO to become a college of one. One of the biggest things I took from him is that time is going to pass fast, so be productive, creative, ethical, and engaged. I think here at UCO in order for me to help UCO become a college of one is to embrace the possibilities of being taught and to not take that for granted. Betz informed us about how the professors and staff here at UCO are here to really help students learn and grow, and that really opened my eyes up. While I am here at UCO, I am going to encourage my peers not to dampen their enthusiasm about anything, but especially about learning.

  • Karrigan Kimball

    The lesson President Betz was teaching us this past week was something I definitely needed to hear. When he first said that we need to put our leadership skills towards one common goal, which is making a college of one, I wasn’t sure what he meant. The more he spoke, the more I understood exactly what he meant. President Betz stated that it isn’t always the title you have, but the work that you do. That really stuck out to me because it just shows that you don’t always have to be rewarded and acknowledged for every single good deed that you do. A true leader should do small acts of kindness without expecting anything back. We only have a limited amount of time on this earth to make a difference. Why am I here? Am I being productive with my time? These are things I have been asking myself since he spoke to us. A quote that he said really stood out to me, and it stated “There are no great leaders who are not servants, and there are no great servants without leaders.” It truly was just an extremely humbling speech for me. In a nutshell, it made me realize that I need to adapt to become a more selfless person. I need to really make a difference now in the present, instead of putting it off until tomorrow. Learn, Lead, and Serve!

  • Brooke Dicus

    President Betz spoke about becoming a “college of one.” In our generation many students are very entitled to what they think they should have without working for it. What caught my attention the most when he spoke is when he stated, “Combine your aspirations with the public good.” As a college we need to be servants to everyone, and put others before ourselves. We need to be able to communicate when a task needs to be done or when a situation goes wrong, and needs to be fixed. I believe, that if every student was to put others before themselves you could see change, and become a “college of one”. Betzs also stated, “What you do with your time is what matters.” We need to use our time wisely and make a difference in little or big ways. Becoming a college of one is simply just having people work together and being persistent in every aspect of service.

  • Laura Kleinmann

    In order to become a college of one it is necessary to be constantly evolving. President Betz gave a list of questions towards the beginning of his speech that included “what am I doing here?”, “How do I succeed?”, “How am I organizing my time?” and “Who do I spend my time with?”. The asking of these questions requires the student to always be evaluating their stance in life and what is important. By asking these questions the student is able to continuously “embrace the possibility of learning” for the entirety of their lives. In the process of learning, to become a college of one, simply learn for learning’s sake. Learn to create new outcomes because without this constant influx of new knowledge these outcomes would not be possible. During my time at the University of Central Oklahoma I will accept every opportunity that comes my way. I will strive to be the best me, make numerous connections with anyone and everyone, and to learn for the thrill of learning. I will accept my “high turbulence times” as “high opportunity” times instead. I will purposely develop my capacity to learn as well as my capacity to adapt because I know that I am likely training for a job that does not yet exist. Throughout my college experience I am determined to evolve my communication skill to the extent that I can communicate clearly as well as efficiently. In order to become a college of one I will get a mentor, meet my issues and overcome them, and be persistent in all aspects of my life. I will continually ask myself “what am I doing here?”, reap everything I can and never allow my enthusiasm to dampen. By establishing and following these actions for the entirety of my college career (as well as my life as a whole) I will be a college of one.

  • During the speech that President Betz gave, there was a phrase that he said that really had an impact on me, “What am I doing here?”. It made me stop and think, “What am I doing here?”. Am I making the right decisions everyday? This will be my second year at UCO, and this phrase is something that I come across all the time.

    I believe that something that I can do to make a “college of one” is helping those around me as much as I can. As President Betz said, “You are the building blocks of the future”. We all have dreams and goals, I believe that by helping others be successful, we can also be successful, and in result build a college of one. Something that really helped me during my first year at UCO was communicating with others. There are students that are afraid to go up to their professors and ask questions, there are also students that are not involved. Something that I will do is to help others feel welcomed, and aware that they can speak to others about important topics. I think that communicating with others and being involved in different organizations, can help us build this “college of one”.

  • Elina Varmia

    President Betz shared many useful tips when he presented his idea of “a collage of one”. As a collage student, I am on board building my skills right now. In order to become a collage of one, the quality of my decisions are important. As he told us, the time is running and I have a chance to use it wisely. It is important to develop a capacity to learn and adapt. I need to work with my difficulties, make my weakness my passion, and find an inspiration. Most importantly I will need an ability to communicate. The idea of the collage of one is that I am not alone in this process, there is an entire collage to help me when I need it. I am part of something bigger. While I am learning, I will do my best to help others to become productive, creative, engaged and serve them when they need me. Next four years I am going to work my way step by step to get closer to become a collage of one.

  • A few key points in President Betz’s speech of becoming “a college of one” happen to be some of my major weaknesses. His speech has given me a newfound motivation to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to adapt, as well as work on effective communication. He said that these are important qualities employers are now looking for. So I have decided to make improving on these key points a priority during my time here at UCO. I believe that working on my weaknesses will not only benefit me, but UCO as well, thus helping me become “a college of one”. UCO thrives on the success of the students, and they are truly invested in our education and well-being. President Betz’s speech also has inspired me to find a few mentors. My mentor will not only guide me, but one day they may become the key to a future job, or internship I may want. It has become clear that in this day and age, it is no longer enough to just have a degree.We need to build networks, and hopefully my mentor can help me begin to build my own network. Then when I have established myself, I can become a mentor to a UCO student and continue the cycle of being “a college of one” even when I am no longer in college.

  • @blaketoves

    Your success is tied to others whether you like it or not. In business terms, your network is your net worth.

    With all the variety in students, Its so easy to get distracted from your mission in college.

    This makes it imperative to surround yourself with peers and mentors that seek to grow you (go-getters) and bring value to your life through shared successes.

    By enabling others to to act I can become a stronger college of one by pushing projects to the finish line before their deadline.

    However, President Betz emphasized the importance of both the message and the messenger in the art of leadership.

    Both must be ready in order for people to follow you.

    My commitment this year is to learn more about personal development and apply it to my life and career as a young professional in this information age. Utilizing campus resources to give me a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Lindsey Lance

    To become a college of one it will take everyone to become more involved and to step outside their comfort zone. We all cannot accomplish anything just by hiding out and only speaking to the same very few people while we spend our time here at UCO. By that being said, I think the more we volunteer, the more people we meet, and the more organizations we join we can all accomplish a college of one. For that to happen everyone needs to be accepting to new people and their ideas, because everyone has their own way of thinking and doing things. For myself, I will remember that listening rather than talking will help me out by connecting with others and hearing out other peoples ideas and not just my own. I will also bring other people who are not as involved to campus events and activities to open them up to new ideas and opportunities. As I listened to President Betz speak to us about being a “college of one” it really motivated me to do my best as a leader to get as many people involved on and off campus. I want to grow as a better leader by doing this as well as push myself to be more involved throughout my years here at UCO and even after.

  • Mario Figueroa

    When listening to President Betz speak there were many aspects that stood out to me such as, the importance of using our time effectively, how to be a servent leader, and most importantly how to become of college of one. Because UCO is such a diverse university the first step we should take in becoming a college of one is accepting one another and our differences. This is a vital step in unifying our university because it involves stepping out of our comfort zone and connecting with individuals who we would not normally connect with on an everyday basis. We have been told many times of the importance of getting involved. It is when we are getting involved and active that we should learn to respect and develop with each other. Aside from growing as an individual and growing as a university, initiating a connection of diversity and respect will allow for UCO to become a college of one.

  • Avery Ibison

    I think that becoming a college of one has three steps. The first step would be having your personal drive for unity and setting that as a goal to be accomplished. That is an easy step because mostly everyone wants to connect with others and make more friends. The second step is making the initiative to invite others to connect with you. That step could be more difficult because you step out of your comfort zone to introduce yourself to new people. The last step is building your team of leaders. Once you know new people you can connect to them on a more personal level and push each other to lead others on campus.

  • Kameron Nelson

    To me, there are two ways to interpret being a “college of one.” One way it could be taken is striving to make UCO a united community among students. Another way is how to improve and educate yourself so that you contain the equivalent of a college within yourself. In order to have a unified community within the university I think we all have to take steps towards improving communication on a personal basis. Society has a whole has a serious issue in communication, as we all tend to only hear what we want to, or not listen all. I think that’s the biggest issue preventing everyone from connecting. To become a “college of one” as an individual, I think you have to really get outside your comfort zone. Everyone always says college is about trying new things, so you have to take every opportunity to learn something new, or meet someone new. By intentionally making decisions to get out and try something, you’ll broaden your perspectives and ideals.

  • Kiel Kondrick

    The idea of a “college of one”, will always be different to each individual due to there unique perspectives. For my personal perspective, I believe a college of one means a college community, as a whole, helping each other strive to be the best they can be and to help grow and strengthen themselves and the community surrounding them. Not only to help them learn and do well in school. But to help people find there passion, explore and develop their talents, find mentors and pupils to mentor, and create a positive opportunistic environment. I personally will try to accomplish these qualities to become a better leader and citizen of my community.

  • Yukihiro Hitomi

    President Don Betz told us to look inside ourselves and ask “what am I doing here?” question every day. It’s not easy to answer it because it would require you to look yourself through the big picture, but it would help you to have a build-in compass within yourself. Just trying everything and making as many as connections seem to be the best way to find your strengths and be “a college of one”. The good thing is that we have many opportunities to get involved with, but the bad thing is we have too many options to choose. I will try not to forget to ask myself “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?” all the time.

  • Dylan Stottmann

    When President Betz spoke to our class he mentioned many rather important topics and ideas regarding our career here at UCO. One idea he spoke heavily about was that of being a “college of one.” In order to become a college of one, we as individual students must overcome our weaknesses and differences to become one body made up of many unique and intelligent minds. While speaking to us, President Betz stated that “talking past each other is not leadership.” What he means by this is that we as individuals have to actively participate in conversations and be fully engaged with our peers. We must understand not only the words, but “the motivation of the speaker.” It is very important to get to know your peers and mentors on a deep, meaningful level. Make the person your speaking with feel like what there saying is all that’s important in that moment. Show them that you care about their ideas and veiwpoints. I plan to make my years here the most worthwhile by being the most engaged person I can both intellectually and communally. I plan on joining many great service organizations, as well as becoming the most active listener and conversationalist I can to bring this campus closer together. I want to make it so that each and every individual that crosses my path feels how important they are in making this college into a “college of one.”

  • President Don Betz presented his wonderful speech by asking us a question at the very beginning that ” what am I doing here and how do I success?” It is quite a question for me as I’m an international exchange student in UCO for a year. For me, study is just one of the goal that I want to accomplish but more importantly is, how can I make my life in UCO more meaningful. Obviously, being fully engaged in and participate in university’s activities are the key the this question. It is well acknowledged that international students need to take some time to adjust to the new environment for their study and life but this kind of excuses shouldn’t be a permanent excuses for our lack of participation, which is an extremely critical factor to our success. From the speech of President Don Betz, I think there are three points for our better participation in college. On top of that, it’s the intense motivation to change or fit in. Every human’s behavior is affected by both individual subjective purposes and environmental factors, but only individual’s motivation or desire for change or promotion is the most effective factor. In other words, as long as we have a strong desire to adapt to the new environment and make a change, then we have made our first step to be a part of college. Second of it is persistence. As President Don Betz mentioned, persistence is about focus and enthusiasm, with great involvement and right passion then we can make extraordinary success. This is the persistence to be part of college even if we encounter something that blocks our way. Last but not least, it’s action. What makes a difference is not just about how we think, it’s also about how we act. Goals need to be realized by action and persistence also requires action to make it count. All in all, in order to be part of college, we need motivation, persistence and action.

  • Kira Doglas

    In order to become a “a college of one” like as mentioned in President Betz speech on Tuesday morning, he stated some really important key quotes that i believe could successfully make this happen. Where he mentioned leadership, team work, adaptability and more are great characteristics to build and to make this happen. There are also other ways that i feel are just as good to make this college where it should/needs to be. Going to join more organizations, communities, volunteer services, and just more events in general to get ourselves out there to meet new people and branch out is a great and more effective way to start. Making new friends and starting group chats and other ways to get connected and stay connected would also bring us as a whole closer together. Accepting others and showing respect and interest for other people and what they believe into make others who may feel “different” belong. I know one of my goals this year is to get involved and stay involved with organizations and activities that i choose to do and with the people i choose to hang around with. Trying to be more approachable and more active than i was in high school was one of my first goals for college (especially my mom). President Betz speech was great because it showed me on what i could improve on not only as a leader but as a person as well so that one day i too could become successful.

  • dayseah boston

    In order to be a “college of one”, I believe we all need to figure out what we want in life and open ourselves up to all of the opportunities we have available to us. President Betz brought up the question “What am I doing here?” Without knowing what we want or what is available for us we can never answer that question. Answering that question will allow us to find our purpose and our meaning in life. President Betz mentioned embracing our possibilities of learning outside of school. After thinking about that, I realized I have been lacking in that area. I’ve only been focusing on opportunities in school. I need to open myself up to all opportunities, and look further than just school (opportunities wise). I really embraced his message. I want to be successful and after that message given by President Betz I feel like part of the information I need to be successful I received from him.

  • Emily McGouldrick

    “Tic toc, tic toc.” President Don Betz says as he quotes his wife. Life is a giant clock and every second needs to be taken seriously. Everyday should have purpose and meaning. Each day we get to wake up and decide what matters and what doesn’t, each day we get the opportunity to strengthen not only who we are as a person but who we are as leaders. We must become a “college of one” and “embrace the possibilities of learning [our] entire lives.” What I took from this is that our moral compasses should be embedded in us. We should become independent in a way that we can learn something knew everyday but also remain who we are as a person with out giving into the peer pressure surrounding us. We should use our personal mission statements to inspire others to be leaders and grow as leaders in ourselves every day. The University of Central Oklahoma has been blessed to have a leader like Don Betz to encourage us students and remind us that we “do not have to president of anything to be a leader.”

  • Lydia Johnson

    President Betz mentioned how important it was to become a “college of one.” Through the process of pursuing relationships and growing with others, I will be closer to achieving the ongoing goal of the “college of one.” President Betz also addressed the value of sincere conversation. I was reminded that communication can be used to encourage the people of this college and allow friendships to grow. I will spend these next years trying to achieve the “college of one” by learning and encouraging all the cultures and walks of life that represent this University.

  • President Don Betz mentioned being “a college of one” is very important in the lecture. After listening to President Betz’s lecture, I think that in order to be “a college of one”, I will keep learning and improve my capability of learning, at the main while, I will help other student advance. And a key point to reach this goal is that we should talk to each other instead of talking past each other, so I will try to learn how to communicate with others. Besides, we should also adapt to work as a team and have the power to serve, care about others, give them inspiration. I will make every effort to get involved in campus and be truly passionate about the process of being “a college of one”.

  • Forest Deming

    President Betz spoke about how important it is for a leader to be able to effectively communicate, and work in a group with people from different backgrounds. I believe that these same skills are necessary to creating a college of one at UCO. A student I have to be able to share my ideas with others without being disrespectful to students who may have opinions that do not align with my own.The second way that UCO can become a college of one is by ceasing to believe that any other student on campus could better or worse than myself or anyone else for any reason. I strongly believe that by dropping our opinions about others, and effectively communicating to share ideas that UCO will become a college of one.

  • A college of one creates through the process of seeking one’s life purpose. To me, a college of one does not mean a college for one or certain people, but it is the college for every student, regardless of race, gender, or age to come together and thrive. Throughout President Betz presentation, he consistently reminds students: “Why are you here?”. Following those questions, he suggested different ways to success, to serve, and finally to become a leader. The University of Central Oklahoma has found its purpose that is to offer opportunities for its students, for future generation to succeed. Now it is up to the students to take action and to find their purpose. All of us do not need to become president of clubs, but all of us need moments to reflect on. Best ways to create those moments are to become active, to be curious about leadership then we will have the capability to lead. If you learn from your experiences, you can make a difference. So how can you become an effective leader?
    Well-known leaders started out as a server with defined purpose for his or her community. They combine their own interest with public goods. Yes, it will be brutal, invasive, and exhausting, but the intrinsic reward paid off in the end. Look! They are now our history; they set examples for the future generation like me and, other students. According to President Betz, to embody a college of one, individuals will deposit incredible investment, energy, purpose, and time. I will try to see myself in a larger context, participating in different organizations both on and outside of campus while continuing to acquire discipline knowledge. Through President Betz, I believe that I will be able to create memorable moments to look upon.

  • Lauren Walker

    I believe that in order to become a “college of one”, we must first start with being as inclusive as possible. If everyone feels as if there is an effort being made toward them, then in return they will be more likely to put in effort toward the common goal. As President Betz said, “What kind of possible impact can you have on people?” I believe that if everyone has a positive and friendly attitude, then you can impact a person just by smiling at them; If a smile could unite two people then imagine what the extra step could accomplish. Taking the extra step to be nice or to do nice for someone could in turn change their attitude to the next person creating a domino effect in uniting our whole campus.

  • Madison Gaines

    To become a college of one we all need to be adaptable, work together, communicate, and be able to listen to each other. President Betz gave some amazing points on how to become a great college. When we are all friends or even just acquaintances we have the ability to do more. We can come together and plan events or even just discuss ways to make ourselves along with the campus better. Being leaders is one of the greatest ways to become a college of one, because we can lead by example in everything we do and people will follow.

  • Emily Acuna

    In the lecture from President Betz, he stated that it was important for us to become a college of one. Personally, becoming a college of one means growing more as a person and learning to adapt to those around us. To become a college of one, I feel it is important to join clubs and volunteer. Thus, giving ourselves a wide range of people and making connections. The UCO campus may be large however, if we are all involved in study groups, clubs, or volunteer work it will make us connected by our networks.

  • Cayce Batcheller

    Universities across the world have prcerequitetses you must possess in order to be accepted. Some colleges require the bare minimum, and others require a more decorated resume. It could be community college or it could be Ivy league. In the same way theses universities demand proof of an educational and productive background,we as a college of one should demand more of ourself and others. Surrounding ourselves with like minded young adults is a great first step. We can’t be the student body that forms cliques and encourages financial and racial prejudice. As a college of one it is our job to become productive, creative, and engaged students. We must make lasting connections and communicate not only with our peers but also with our superiors. As student leaders and as a courage of one, we must create opportunities and moments. It was an honor to hear President Betz speak to my class.

  • Mackenzie Black

    President Betz spoke about communicating and being present while communicating with others; this is something I definitely need to make a conscious effort to be better at. I find the value in being an active listener and and truly caring about what the other person has to say. I agree that the ability to adapt is an essential part of becoming a college of one. As a Freshman I find myself wanting to do things the ways I have done them my whole life, but my life has changed immensely and I can’t continue to live my life inside my comfort zone. Being an effective communicator, being able to work with others, and adapt are things I am going to make a mindful effort in achieving.

  • Justin Morgan

    President Betz spoke about being a leader and becoming a “college of one”. In order to do that, we need to get involved in organizations, schedule events, and continue to meet new people and make connections. By doing those things, we can grow as a college and even as a community. If we work together, then anything is possible especially if we use our skills as leaders. Once we meet more people and make those connections, then we can get to know them on a personal level and motivate each other on and off campus.

  • Kaylee Neff

    In my view of being a college of one, I want to impact the community in a positive way in the next four years. I want to be involved in more school activities to have a better knowledge of the people at the University of Central Oklahoma. One of my goals personally is to continue to make a positive impact in the lives of the youth involved with The First Tee of Metropolitan Oklahoma City. Another goal is to become a leader of the Professional Golf Management program and, to be the voice of the student body within my academic major. To aspire to be a leader I must understand the people’s view and continue to learn from my experiences; while I am here at UCO in order become a leader of tomorrow.

  • Marcia Clemmons

    President Betz spoke of a few tools UCO offers to students to help us succeed and to become a “college of one”. To become a “college of one”, I will use UCO’s given programs, connections and opportunities to help me find a field, strive to achieve a diploma and continuously seek to learn in that given field. UCO’s programs of leadership, counseling and service will allow me to harvest the lessons learned, be mentored and find out more about myself and the field I plan on going into. The connections gained through the leadership program will grant me the relationships much needed after graduation to find a job, and have contact with other experienced associates in my field to encourage me to continuously learn. In turn I hope to be a leader and mentor to those around me in college and in my field.

  • Kinsey rogers

    President Betz gave a very motivational speech about becoming a “college of one” and talked about his experiences. What his speech meant to me is becoming the best person I could possibly be throughout my time in college. In order to become a college of one, you have to think about the question, “what am I doing here?”. The question might be easy to answer at first, but once you dig deep and truly think about it, it’s not as easy! In college you find out who you are, life throws things at you and tests your strengths and shows your weaknesses. I haven’t been in college for very long and life has already shown me that being on my own isn’t the very easy. My goal is to be as involved in my community as possible and to be a better person today than I was yesterday.

  • Hope Hohnke

    The most applicable piece of advice I received from President Betz was to remember that we are the future of this world and every decision we make has an effect on society. I feel that with this statement in mind it allows one to make more positive decisions because they reflect upon more than just ourselves. Another aspect I valued from President Betz was his statement that “what you do with your time is dependent on what you choose to do with your time.” I feel that this is a very strong statement because many people claim they don’t have time for important things when really it is their choice how they spend that free time. With keeping this in mind, I feel that I can hold myself responsible for choices I make and the effect they have on my community. Another key point I took to heart was the asset of adaptability. President Betz addressed the importance of being adaptable and the help it will provide to all of us in our future. When hearing that statement, I made it a goal of mine to be more reliable in areas outside of my comfort zone to expand my abilities for future employers and personal success.

  • Pallavi Samantaray

    Two key words that caught my attention in President Betz’s lecture: purpose and meaning. What is our purpose at UCO and the meaning behind it? Its a fairly simply question however, I have yet to figure out the answer for myself. Even though I don’t know what my purpose is yet I believe at UCO I have access to everything I could possibly need in order to help me cultivate my purpose. In the meantime I will take President Betz’s advice and become apart of UCO’s college of one. The simple act of gathering but a few people to self-lessly do something bigger than ourselves can kickstart various activities towards becoming a college of one. I know that I would like to use my time wisely like President Betz said, “time is the essence of what we do with our life.” I want to make sure I am thoughtfully using my time to establish UCO as a college of one. Taking the gift of time and using it for something greater like serving my campus and community, alongside my peers, itself can help the students of UCO create a united front. Listening to President Betz speak about how essential time is in becoming a leader and helping others become leaders themselves really opened my eyes on where I need start in order to find my purpose and use it for the greater good. The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Because when you give someone your time, you are giving a portion of your life you can never get back — Rick Warren.

  • Victoria Plunkett

    President Betz’s presentation and speech was very inspiring! He listed many qualities of becoming an efficient leader, such as good communication skills and being an able adapter. From these characteristics I believe that the “college of one” can be achieved by efficiently listening to our peers and superiors and changing to be applicable to every obstacle or hindrance that may come our way during our college education. Learning to be studious and apply ourselves is also a group effort that would benefit every party included, and would speed our progress to achieve a unified college. It was also very inspiring to listen to President Betz speak about his experiences in leadership and to compare him to ourselves, which is exciting to imagine where we could potentially lead someday. President Betz was also a great example of how to professionally handle yourself in a position of public speaking. He was dressed properly for the occasion, had a nice pace of walking when a point was being made, and used his hands to accentuate important moments in his speech. Thank you President Betz for teaching two important lessons- how to come together as a campus and how to represent yourself in front of important listeners!

  • Delaney Williams

    President Betz stated that “you don’t have to be the president of anything in order to be a leader.” To become a leader, and most importantly a college of one, I believe that it is most important to connect. This means connecting with your peers, your professors, and people that you may share interests, passions, or goals with. But within this connection must come effectiveness. Effective communication, listening, and learning are all essential to meaningful connections. This semester, I will strive to intentionally overcome my inner pride and increase my capacity to learn by learning to adapt while striving to find my purpose at the university as well as my purpose in life. President Betz defined a college of one as “the built in compass which says lifelong learning is central to success.” I plan to first and foremost connect with a mentor at the university that shares my interests and has struggled and endured through what I may in the near future. I will also be careful to surround myself with positive influences who may increase my capacity to learn, adapt, and grow.

  • Bella Oliver

    To become a college of one, I believe that we should make an effort to make sure everyone feels included. My high school liked to claim that they were “one,” but a lot of the organizations were overlooked. During my time in college, I want to make sure that everyone feels like they have a home at the school and feel important. To do this, I am starting by working in my residence hall’s council and the Housing Activities Council to make sure that those who live on campus feel like they are at home and can feel comfortable where they live. I also want to become more involved in UCOSA to make sure that the different student organizations have their voices heard so that they feel included.

  • Na'eemah Phanelson

    While, practicing and partaking in, “mentoring, effective communication, persistence, and adapting to become a college of one at UCO, I think that it is very important to actively go out in ones community and volunteer, give back and get a better idea of what it really means to be apart of the community. Another thing I think that is important is to read books. President Betz mentioned, “The Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, which I have not read but I have read “Tipping Point” by the same author. The overarching theme in, “Tipping Point” is change; “It’s a book about change. In particular, it’s a book that presents a new way of understanding why change so often happens as quickly and as unexpectedly as it does.” said by Malcom Gladwell. So, by having an open mind to a variety of books or topics with a specific goal in doing so will help us further our understanding of what type of person we want to become and how we can be the best leader we are meant to be or continually working towards a goal to get us there. Finally, I feel that it is always important to remember that every day is, “Tick, Tock”and ask ourselves, “What am I doing here?” so that we can navigate out dreams and desires to ultimately accomplish a goal.

  • Shania Slavick

    “A college of one” emphasizes the ideals of unity, friendship, learning, embracing, and most importantly knowing that one person can make a difference on a community. I want to be a building block of the future to become “a college of one”. There are never-ending opportunities to explore and numerous acquaintances to get to know. Our time exists as a factor that is precious, so we must live every moment to the fullest. As President Betz’s said himself; “The past is important but right now is your future.” Therefore, we must be engaged with our professors, our mentors, our friends, and every person that we meet at the University of Central Oklahoma. As a student, I want to be able to make everlasting friendships on this campus, along with getting involved with numerous organizations. I want to graduate in four years and be able to say that I have made an impact on the University of Central Oklahoma along with saying all my hard work has created success for my future.

  • Sylvia Cook

    I believe that to be a college of one we should expose ourselves to new things around campus. We should come together to change others lives and our own lives. We could make a difference, we could be the change the world needs. Like President Don Betz said,” we are the future.” To be a college of one we need to expand our horizons, improve our learning capabilities, and join together to help the community.

  • Julie DeMauro

    President Betz’s “college of one” isn’t a person who does it all their own but a person who not only strives to be more but uses each ticking day to achieve more. He brought something to my attention during his speech that I hadn’t ever taken the time to think about. The idea that being a leader doesn’t need to mean creating something new and constantly being in charge, but piggy backing off of others and their ideas. Taking already built steps and going further. In my college of one this is exactly what I plan to do. I want to reach out to those around me, listen to their needs and concerns and then do something about it. I’ll take each day as a chance to advance myself and actively push myself to be the bigger, bolder person I am.

  • Riley McKinney

    During President Betz’s, he mentioned many key components on how to lead others in an effective way. I believe that to be a respectable leader, you must give someone something to respect. I firmly believe that one man can change the world, if it’s the right man, but it’s all in our head. We all have our own ability to lead and were all blessed with our own gifts. It is up to ourselves on how much of that we make effective. I feel a “college of one” is where you all share a common goal/purpose. My goal is to make UCO better than I found it. I hope that in four years the University of Central Oklahoma is better because I was here. Deep down, isn’t that isn’t that what we all want, though? To make a difference? Although being a leader is very important, to work as one, you have to know when it’s a good time to step back and observe and I feel like that is where you really prove your abilities. When you can step aside and let something not be done your way. In the next four years I hope that I can not only be a leader, but as an observer as well. I feel as if that’s a small act and can make a big difference. They say to do small acts with great love and I fully intend to.

  • Charmaine Robinson

    Blog #1

    I began college many years ago at the University of Central Oklahoma.  During my journey I met my husband, started a family, and joined the workforce.  As my children got older I began to reflect on my dreams and the legacy I wanted to leave.  Reflection led me back to the University of  Central Oklahoma.  Life experience has given me a deeper appreciation for the importance of an education.  There is something truly unique about this university that appeals to me as an older student.  This school gives me the flexibility I need to be able to raise a family, work full-time, and work towards my dream of becoming an Human Resource Director.  After attending a Human Resource Management class here at UCO I knew that was my calling.  My desire is to make an impact in the workplace I want to offer opportunities to people who may have otherwise been overlooked.  I have had to pleasure of having the most incredible transparent professors who inspire me.   Students are in an environment that supports success.  I have learned so much about myself during this process of returning to school.  I have found my why, and that is what pushes me each day to work diligently to see this degree come into fruition