Month: October 2015

Week 10 Presentation 2015 – Dean Valerie Couch

During her presentation Dean Couch walked us through the process that the OCU Law School has been undergoing to create a top tier legal learning community, highlighting some important processes and decisions that have been made during this time. Think about a project, a goal or an idea that you would you like to complete in your life and discuss the challenges that you may face with respect to completing this vision.

Week 8 Presentation 2015 – Tom Thelan

The topic for Tom’s conversation focused on emerging from past challenges and negative situations and realizing the potential that you have as an individual. Answer one of the following questions:

1. How can you best emerge from either challenges, mistakes and disappointment?

2. How can you help others emerge from either challenges, mistakes and disappointment?

Week 7 Presentation 2015 – Michael Carolina

During his presentation, Michael Carolina discussed technology in Oklahoma and the world and potential breakthroughs in the future. How can we related technological themes to leadership? Does technology detract or enhance your leadership potential and efforts?

Week 7 Presentation 2015 – Governor George Nigh

During Governor Nigh’s presentation he discussed several leadership themes. One related to beginning your leadership and service journey now. He also provided two ways to lead, getting in front of the direction of the crowd or inspiring others to follow your leadership. Choose any topic he discussed (it can be one not provided here) and provide your thoughts on the topic.