Month: September 2015

Week 6 Presentation 2015 – Justin Wren

Justin discussed the change in his mindset from fighting for himself to fighting for others. What areas in your life can you begin to look to empower others, focusing on their needs first?

Week 4 Presentation 2015 – Bill Curry

Bill Curry’s presentation had a number of important lessons. Provide your thoughts and reflection on one of the following three items.

1. Your thoughts on the poem he provided “The Cold Within”

2. Your thoughts on the “Fellowship of the Miserable”

3. Your thoughts on the “Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret – You Choose”


Week 3 Presentation 2015 – Strengthsfinders – Dr. Sharra Hynes

Dr. Hynes discussed the philosophy of shifting one’s paradigm to focus on enhancing natural strengths as opposed to focusing on weaknesses.  Discuss one of your identified strengths you will focus on enhancing and how this may impact your leadership roles in the UCO community.

Week 2 Presentation 2015 – Dr. Joshua Landis

Dr. Landis presented an excellent historical examination and update to the crisis in Syria. Through our discussion in class, it is clear that the current Syrian crisis provides a challenge to international policy makers around the world, including the United States. Imagine again, that you are the chief foreign policy analyst for the US President. What advice would you give the President concerning intervention in Syria and what would be your reasons for your recommendations?