• Sidra Mesiya

    I believe that knowledge of science and technological innovation and development supports my ability to lead and influence by providing creative ways to network and bring people together. With a good understanding of technology, I can branch out to different communities and groups of people through the most common forms of social media without even leaving my couch. You can connect with all kinds of people just from a tap on your cellphone. Efficient use of technology saves time and money if used properly. Keeping up with the latest scientific and technological advances can enhance my leadership capabilities by allowing me to connect with more people with similar interests.

  • Ocean Scheel

    Today peoples lives are infiltrated with technology. It is how we receive information, seek information, express information and judge information. If I am capable of utilizing technology to reach a mass amount of people my communication barriers have been softened. A standardized way of communicating as well as the ability to grows message larger than its original content and capability is within technologies abilities. By being knowledgable of a wide variety of technology I can instill my beliefs, goals and missions in others through communication and repetition. Constant involvement of others is allotted by technology as well as instantaneous results. Leadership can be much more widely achieved through such modern ideas.

  • Jordan Michela

    As we all know, technology is spreading throughout the world rapidly. Every time we turn around there’s a new gadget to play with. I believe that Mr. Carolina made an excellent point during his speech. We need to obtain a knowledge of science/technology in our world. In doing this, we might be able to solve problems that others are not capable of knowing. We will also have a better understanding of what others are talking about. I believe that a true leader needs to be prepared in every situation. By expanding your knowledge about technology, you will be able to take that information and achieve greatness.

  • Clayeton Hammock

    Knowledge of science and technology innovation influence our ability to lead more than it ever has in the past. Using simple apps like GroupMe, Facebook, and Twitter to simply communicate is huge. There are many adults that aren’t knowledgable about these apps, so that limits many things they can do. Our generation spends a lot of time with technology, but all of the time isn’t wasted. If we don’t keep up with the new innovations in technology we won’t be able to take advantage of the new resources that could help us be better leaders and get the most out of whatever project we are trying to accomplish.

  • Hung-Lin (Jimmy) Lai

    Science and technological advancements have allowed me to lead in a better and more efficient ways. Instant messaging has allowed me to communicate quickly across the world and also in group messaging. Although sometimes the context will be misunderstood when typed, it is mostly useful and beneficial to use. I’m in charge of a program and technology has made it easier for me to lead and influence group members.

  • Jameson Riley

    Innovation is a wonderful compliment to a traditional leadership style of uniting a group of individuals to engage in a common purpose. Innovation allows for creativity to bring forth new ideas and further the cause for which we are united. However, I do not think it is necessary for us to be particularly innovative. To be innovative can be a huge aspect of our leadership styles, but it does not make or break our leadership potential. After all, leadership isn’t even about us in the first place.

  • Michael Blunck

    Mr. Carolina was right, our state needs to diversify its economy, and that means placing Oklahoma and our communities on the global and national market. For years now the United States has been transferring from an economy driven by manufacturing to one that specializes in entrepreneurship and high tech research and development. Almost since its conception, the flood of recent Apple consumer electronics have had the telling brand “made in China, designed in California.” For our state to begin retaining the talent necessary to stay competitive in such a globalized market we can no longer rely on the booms and busts of the petroleum cycle; we need to invest in the research and infrastructure that facilitates the research that will drive the future of electronic development.

    If I might recommend a read, there is a book out there titled “Hollowing out the Middle: The Rural Brain Drain and What it Means for America.” This book is the result of a ten year long case study by two sociologists that studied the educational and economic trends within a quintessential American town in Iowa. This book makes it very clear that communities within the center of the United States must take steps to invest in not just their young people’s educations, but every aspect of their future adult lives. This means catering to the termed “creative class,” young educated professionals who are using the rapid spread of technology to expand their personal entrepreneurial opportunities. These are the skilled innovators that make the difference between a suburb in Portland, Oregon, and Edmond, Oklahoma.

    However, returning to issue of what knowledge of technology means for us as leaders; it can mean a large number of things. First, technology and an understanding of its applications can enable us to better connect with and lead others through tech assisted networking. Society has begun to move so quickly now that even the young are quickly left behind by the pace of technology, and as such our young future leaders can no longer manage as Luddites, myself included.

    Second, understanding technology can also inform us as leaders to the limits of technology’s promises. Our communities need to invest in networking and tech based infrastructure; but as leaders and communities, we cannot allow ourselves to become so reliant on this technology that we lose sight of our values. While Mr. Carolina did touch on Cyber security, he failed to fully discuss the issues of cyber ethics techno ethics in development. As leaders of this new networked generation we need to take threats to our personal cloud based information very seriously; the fact that someone with too much talent and time on their hands could very easily not only rob someone blind, but also obtain every aspect of their private lives from their personal files; threatens the very notion of a private citizen’s expectation to privacy. This of course goes without mentioning the cyber ethics engaged in recently by our own nation’s security agencies.

    As leaders and the future consumers of the technologies that Mr. Carolina mentioned; we need to be aware of all the risks and benefits that come from being a techno society; we need to be able to soberly ask ourselves if invisible soldiers and tanks should really be seen as a promise of a better future, or of the sort of “paradigm shift” that our esteemed speaker spoke of. As leaders we need to recognize both sides of every coin in order to best evaluate and appreciate the steps that the society that we hope to one day change is taking while we sit in class.

    Beyond the hallowed halls of our fine academic institution lies a future of networked everything, where people of all backgrounds will have access to all the knowledge of mankind; and be able to connect with others 24 hours a day around the globe. There is a future that holds militarized lasers and unmanned war machines that will be used to maintain favorable trade balances. There is future that is most certainly already here; and as leaders we must ask ourselves: are we ready for it?

  • Emily Raynor

    In our current society, technology and science are constantly evolving. As leaders, we must evolve too. With all the new advancements, our generation allows for the better ability of communication and reaching out to others through simple, easy steps. In today’s world, you can reach out to a large group of people with just the click of a button. This would not only improve my ability to lead but would also help to influence more people rather than just a small group or organization. Simply by posting a positive quote or displaying a compliment to another person, caring and kindness can go a long way with others. I believe that once you reach out, try your best, and then succeed, you are determined a leader.

  • Leila Mazkoori

    In today’s world, communication is key, along with how we go about it. The new generation is well informed about technology and how to use it. Therefore the best way to communicate and influence the newer generation is to do it through technical devices. Science and technology can influence many things and offers a form of communication to a mass audience. This allows you to influence and lead because you can discuss new ideas with the younger generation through a communication device they understand, and it allows you to hit a larger audience

  • Asia Augustine

    Technology has drastically increased knowledge. It allows us to access a multitude of knowledge at the tap of a button. It also enables leadership to spread faster and more efficiently. Through social media outlets, like Facebook, millions of people in various countries can be reached and notified of a event, charity, alert, etc.. Donations can be made from across the globe in seconds. The ability to make phone calls allows for easy access to people. Technology has effected just about everything on earth, including leadership.

  • As technology and science are fields that are in a constant state of research and advancement, it’s important to maintain an understanding of what is happening in these worlds. These are the people that are helping to advance our day-to-day lives into the future. Adaptability is an important aspect of leadership, in my opinion. If one cannot change, or adapt, to accept the discoveries coming from these fields and use them in a positive way, one could quickly become irrelevant. Technology has allowed us to reach a broader audience and recruit more people for our causes in a more time efficient manner. Without science and technology we wouldn’t be able to have the same reach that we do now. The limit does not exist when it comes to how big a movement can be thanks to science and technology.

  • Britton Hodge.

    I believe that having a good understanding of what technological advancements are at the time. This knowledge of what technologies there are may help you in a campaign to help get your word out thus influencing the general public or the audience that you are wanting to get your ideals out to. People also might think more highly of you if you know more about the technologies in the world and give you more respect now that you know more about such technologies, as the great Rickey Bobby said “if you aint first, youre last” and I do believe that knowing more about these technologies will give you an edge to put you in first.

  • Jessica Matallana

    Mr. Carolina had an incredible view and topic about technology and the overall concept of leadership through it. Obtaining a knowledge of science/technological innovation supports my leadership because, as Mr. Carolina explained, the experience and journey of it all allowed him to grow into a more influential leader than ever before. The sensing of his purpose counts, character counts, humility counts, etc. If he never would have been able to see those important points throughout the process, then he probably would have never been able to be as successful as he is now. Understanding the influence of technology in the world is a perfect example to how an individual should influence the world as well.

  • Marielle Jackson

    I believe knowing technology and scientific innovation allows us to being relevant to people today. There’s not very many things today that involve pen and paper. To be able to relate and influence today’s population, we have to know how to communicate with them. I believe technology is a tool that can provide us with a way to be globally competent and even locally relatable. Technology allows us to be relevant and influential by being able to communicate better in today’s society.

  • Haley McKinzie

    As Mr. Carolina spoke it is apparent that his knowledge in sciene/technology is one of the main keys for his success. Being aware of information, brainstorming new ideas, and being open to changes is a way of developing leadership skills. These types of aspects do influence us everyday, and gives us more opportunities to learn information that allows one to lead a group. Technological innovations will better improve our resources to reach our full leadership capabilities.

  • Chloe Freeman

    Science and technology are constantly growing. We use technology in our lives more than ever before and it is important to know about upcoming trends and changes with it. As a leader, it is important to know the people you are leading, and knowing trends in technology and what they want and need will help the people to relate to you better. Science and technology can also predict how the economy will change and that will help you to plan ahead and help lead to your best ability.

  • Kalen Russell

    Having a knowledge of science/technological innovation and development support my ability to lead and influence because it allows me to be relevant. We live in an age of technological advancement and globalization. Topics presented to the largest possible audience have the most influence. Through technology and social media, the world is more connected, or global, than ever before. Approximately 39 percent of the world’s population use the Internet ( This percentage does not include those who indirectly use the Internet, via word of mouth or printed articles. With such a large and diverse population utilizing the same platform, it is imperative for me to be well acquainted with that platform or else become unrelatable or irrelevant. By having the knowledge necessary to reach millions of people instantly, combined with the passion to constantly learn more, stay current with technological breakthroughs, and always seek the newest and most effective ways to relate to a larger audience, are demonstrative of my ability and competency to lead. These traits are what will allow me to influence others, and being influential is synonymous with leadership.

  • Mary Schwager

    In a world where the technology is exponentially becoming more engrained in every day life, keeping up with (or at least making an honest attempt to keep up with) technology is gaining importance. Knowledge of electronics is no longer only in businesses with room-sized computers or for a special field. It’s almost expected to know how to use it.
    Relating to leadership in a business setting, having the ability to flow into whatever medium is available for publicity will reach many more people. How often do people use a phone book to find an A/C Worker? How about Google? Being where the traffic is, without being a frustration would be a plus, will increase the productivity of your business, regardless of your field.
    Socially, and relating to above, technology has broken all boundaries of distance being problematic. We are, as Mr Carolina said, “One click away from the world”. If a group is trying to raise awareness for their cause, no longer are telephone trees needed. People can simply “post” about it somewhere, and it will reach numerous people. For as much bad as internet access can allow, it definitely regains validation through all the good that can be done.

  • Ellie Schultz

    In today’s society technology affects everyday life. Kids are growing up knowing and forming their lives around technology, especially social media. I think as a leader you want to mentor others to be the change you want to see. To affectively influence others lives it’s important to be up to date with the social changers and influencers. Social media is having many negative effects on people but there are also positive sides to it. I want to inspire others through social media and help others see the good and bad side of it.

  • With the way the world is going, it’s direction to science and advancment to technology, it will pay to be innovated in what ever one pursues. So many fields of occupation use new technology or are looking to expand that know technology and science would be very beneficial. Competency is key to great leadership as well as being a learner. Both of those things are involved in the advancement of science and technology and will produce stronger leadership skills.

  • Zack Simmons

    A knowledge if science and technology can help people lead and be more influential in many ways. One important way is it can connect the people you have influence to you if you have knowledge in the social media realm. Many employment teams and groups that i have been apart of will create a Facebook page so we can discuss ideas if we do not have time to meet up. We can also share pictures of interesting thoughts on the page that we deem necassary or relevant. This can also be used through cell phones or email on a group message. If people are unable to meet up the influential leader can start a group message.

  • Lexi Carroll

    One of the most important qualities a leader should obtain is knowledge and wisdom. No one desires to have a leader who is not experienced in what they are doing. It is important for a leader to have knowledge on not only what’s best for everyone, but also what is happening in the world around them. We’ve used knowledge of science and technological innovations to expand on. Science and technology are the bases to all that is happening in the world. Without knowing science and technology, a leader would be too far behind to keep up with the people. For example, our grandparents are extremely wise people, but when it comes to Smartphones they are clueless! That doesn’t make them less wise, it just expresses that they are unable to lead current generations with the technology of their time. We respond best to current updates and others who understand us at the same level.

  • Angela Thampi

    Having an understanding of science and technology is an essential part of being a leader. We live in a society where technology is a part of our daily lives and is changing all the time. Without a firm grasp on science and technology, it is extremely hard to progress and grow. Therefore, a leader has to understand the ever-changing aspects of technology to help others in the quest for a flourishing community. With an understanding of technology comes an understanding of how the world is changing around us and what needs to be done to fix the problems that affect us everyday.

  • Barry Ricketts

    The ability to show knowledge of science/technological innovation and development helps me as a leader in many ways. Personally, I use my knowledge of how to use a computer all the time because when it comes to being tech savvy you can reach out to a larger scale of people whenever you need to pass along specific information. Moving toward the direction of influencing, using technology is the best way to advertise. For example, if I was campaigning for this past week’s homecoming court I was use my knowledge of technology and run my campaign through social media that way it would be easier to reach out to others who were interesting in voting while also providing good PR. Being able to lead people through science/technological innovation isnt hard as it seems it just takes the drive to take an idea and make something out of it to were others would want to follow.

  • Freshta Nematzadeh

    Mr Carolina’s speech addressed the importance in innovation of science and technology. The new and emerging technology we have available today has come about faster than any other time in history. We are the first generation to have this much technology available to us to use as tools to develop leadership. Having access to the technology we have today has a huge influence on leadership style and how we can have an impact using them. It is important to reach out to others using new technology because you will appear more modern and in touch with the young generation. Also, the technology we have today has created enormous opportunities for networking unlike ever before. It is crucial to the growth and development of companies and big businesses to have leaders that are well educated with the emerging technological field.

  • Sabrina Bermudez

    We live in a world that is moving forward technologically. We see this through the emergence of social media as well as new electronics that are constantly being released. Being aware of these changes is vital to leadership for multiple reasons. Keeping up with technology gives an upper-hand to to networking. We are able to communicate with people without ever leaving our homes, which leaves little excuse for not staying in contact with others. It also helps provide new information to us, via the Internet. Anything we’d like to know can be searched and found within seconds, giving us an unlimited amount of resources to impact our communities and our peers. One of the most important advantages to having this knowledge of the developments around us is that we are able to stay grounded. Truly being aware of how fast paced our world is keeps us from becoming engulfed in all it has to offer.

  • Sadie Price

    Since technology is booming right now in society more than it ever has, there’s no better way advertise and promote leadership. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. easily connect people from different social circles, lifestyles, and even countries. With the touch of a finger, you can inspire and help someone become a better leader than they already are. I’m addition to utilizing social media, you can use technology to make power points and make learning a lot easier and more entertaining.

  • I believe knowledge of science/technological innovation develops in us a way to learn new knowledge and ways to communicate knowledge that was either known before or learned because of the innovations. A lot of times, concrete knowledge doesn’t change, but ways to communicate truth can change immensely. While some knowledge adapts to new innovations, overall concepts basically reign true. I digress, basically using new technology and scientific innovations one can in a more clear way communicate and therefore influence in leadership.

  • Micah Jones

    Technology is inescapable. Not only is it growing, but it’s growing faster and faster all the time. It can be hard to keep up with new inventions and ideas. There is an advantage in keeping up with technology, but I would argue that there is a greater disadvantage with not keeping up with and being knowledgable of technology in most cases. For example, social media is an excellent way to connect with and communicate with virtually anyone, anywhere in the world. Politicians are using this power to connect with people on a more personal level than they ever could before. This means these leaders can share ideas with voters without the help of news media, which can sometimes be distorted. Businesses are able to do easy marketing through social media. Anyone who is indifferent to rapidly changing technology is going to find them self behind the ball.

  • Kennedy Lehew

    Keeping up to date with technological advances can really help your ability to lead others. For instance, social media is a huge outreach in today’s world. If you are up to date with social media, you can reach out to others so easily. Everyone uses technology today. Knowing what technology people use is a huge key to success.

  • A few weeks ago we had a speaker in class that told us there are over 45,000 electronic devices hooked up to Central’s internet connection. With UCO having approximately 17,000 students, that clearly shows how big of a role electronics play in our lives. It is very important for leaders to have wisdom in all areas, but they should especially know what’s happening in the world and be able to stay up-to-date with the people. For example, when I was working on my group project, I made sure to post it on all social media and many people found out about our event that way. If I wouldn’t have used technology, it most likely would not have been as great of a turnout. Many people argue that technology has negatively taken over, but if used correctly, it can be a great advantage for leaders.

  • Katelyn LanCaster

    During Mr. Carolina’s presentation, I learned a lot about all the technology that is coming into and created in Oklahoma. I believe it’s very important to have this information and being knowledgeable on the subject. No matter what field of study we are in, technology intertwines into it all. This makes it vital for us as leaders and future professionals in our field to stay aware and make an effort to educate ourselves on the development of technology in our state.

  • Jessica Solis

    Being knowledgeable about science and technology can create and outlet for you to reach out to a lot of people. Technology is a huge way to reach people and start movements, create things, and introduce ideas. Technology drives this country and is what moves us forward as a society. Most of the big leaders in our country used technology and science to influence the country. Being knowledgeable about science and technology can help you pave a way for people, making you a leader.

  • Sydney Richardson

    Technology helps me lead by the having the ability to communicate with lots more people than by word of mouth. It gives me the opportunity to show my leadership via multiple social medias such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. A way a leader can portray him or herself on social media is by not posting things that are rude or hateful towards others. Another way is by not posting pictures of things that aren’t appropriate. Technology helps leaders spread love and support.

  • Rachel Meyer

    The world we live in is constantly being transformed by science and technology as Mr.Carolina mentioned. In order to be a successful leader in a time of change and innovation, a knowledge of these changes must be possessed. Because this technology is so important, a good leader during this time must have an ability to use these resources in order to better others and the community in which they live or even to develop a more scientific aware set of skills in others. Even knowledge of how to run a social media account in our daily lives has helped leaders become more successful by providing a way to reach out to and access many people at one time. Because we live in a time of change, a leader must embrace these changes in order to be trusted and filled with knowledge of how to handle situations in the developing society. Science and technology are extremely important areas that a new leader must become equipped to handle the advances of.

  • Jennafyer Sullivan

    You have to lead with “the times”. And currently, “the times” involves and heavily relies on technology. As our society continues to change and adapt, we too as leaders must do the same. If we don’t understand the technology our peers are using, they may not find us to be reliable leaders. Not to mention, it gives us better access to reaching out to more people.

  • Michael Johnson

    Technology is the most efficient way to get information out to the public, which is a crucial part of being a leader and to influence others. With the use of the internet and social media, you can basically tell the whole world something in a matter of seconds. It is also very important to understand how rapidly our technology is advancing. You can use this knowledge to help you better influence people. Technology is everywhere in our world, you must keep up and think of ways to make technology more available to bring ease to you and the people you are influencing.

  • I believe technlogy can be used as a tool for better communication. Communication is key in a leadership position. With technology you can effectively spread news and updates almost instantly to multiple people. The “groupme” has given Iphone, Android, and other smart phone users to communicate efficiently. It can be quite a distraction with the world at your finger tips, but the benefits outweigh the cons. Technology makes the world smaller and can make the world more efficient for those who use as a tool for a leadership.

  • Lauren McKenzie

    Technology can really help in leading people to a common goal. If it was not for the media, leaders would not be able to communicate in a large quantity. Technology can also help with grown and diversifying the economy. You can use technology to get better research in order to make the right decisions as a leader. Technology helps a community in several ways also. With today’s technology and social media, new companies can launch, grow, and sustain small businesses. Small businesses help a community to grow on its own and allows a community to sustain itself without the help from larger companies. Overall technology is helping to improve how leaders lead, and ho communities can come together through the spreading of knowledge.

  • mason thompson

    Simply being up to date with modern technology will help to gain a following.Today’s society will not be happy with an antiquated style of leadership. Our society is obsessed with the here and now mentality. They want what they want that moment and expect nothing less. It is vital that you use the modern technologies to your own advantage. one of The beauties of living in the era in which we do is the ability to utilize these things.

  • If you are able to use technology effectively to lead, you can get your ideals, statutes, and much more information to more people. This will allow you to influence more people, if more people are able to receive knowledge about you faster and easier. If you are able to post online for example, and make online videos of yourself and what you are promoting and stand for, an extravagantly higher number of people would see that in todays world rather than more traditional ways of campaigning. Now if you are familiar with science you can back beneficial programs and research to help a community, state or country. This would help lead to innovation that could be good for all, which is helpful to a leader. You could also help make jobs for people by backing up certain science, and also let the economy grow.

  • Macie Snowden

    Today’s society is becoming more and more interactive with science and technology. The current generation is extremely updated with the latest high tech gadgets. For example, social media is becoming more attractive to all ages of people. Therefore, if I am also interactive with social media, it allows me to use a highly viewed resource to reach my intended audience. A great example of a way I have used modern day technology to utilize or strengthen my leadership skills is an app called “GroupMe.” GroupMe allows people to have group conversations instead of getting ahold of each member individually. I have been able to post announcements, reminders, and encouraging notes in different GroupMe conversations I am a member of.

  • Tyler Curry

    To me, if a person has an understanding of technology, then they their leadership can reach beyond just their community. They can spread their thoughts and ideas through the media across the U.S. and as far as other countries. We witness this everyday at home while flipping through channels on the television from commercials and other programs. This can also be found on the internet from sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many others. Texting is another big factor in Today’s society and is a common tool for communication among family and friends. So with these simple technological sources, we have multiple ways for influencing others who we may not be to talk to face to face. For me, texting is a convenient way for me to keep in touch with my friends from home and without my cellphone, I would probably rarely ever get to check up on them.

  • Chase Gulliver

    A well rounded and developed understanding of science and technological innovation allows me to be more intact with societal advancements, and makes me an individual capable of seeing the influence that these societal advancements have on others, and how to approach leading people highly influenced by them. Leaders and influential people may not have to be the smartest in the world, but having a complete understanding of how society affects people, and how to make an impact through this can be a defining factor in how effective a leader will be.

  • Monica Farquhar

    Having knowledge in science and technology innovation is beneficial because it helps to stay modern and be able to connect to all types of people as the world becomes more technological. You can use these advances to help expand your leading ability by learning new leading tactics. You can also use it to help connect to a wider spectrum of people to help lead them and to learn things from other people.

  • Stephanie Nutter

    Technology is constantly moving forward and adapting. As leaders we also need to be adaptable and moving forward. As Mr. Caroline pointed out during his presentation. Even in the past 14 years technology has advanced drastically. We now have more knowledge at our fingertips than ever before. We can obtain so much knowledge about places, things, activities going on around the world with just a click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. In the past, this knowledge would have been much harder or even impossible to obtain for the average citizen. In our generation, technology isn’t just something we have, but it is a major part of our every day lives. In fact, the Queen of England just recently sent her very first tweet! With all of this being said, I believe that technology could be a blessing or a curse depending on the methods it is used.

  • Cambrea Lott

    Having a basic understanding and knowledge of science/technological innovation and development can play a major role in your ability to lead and influence. To be a good leader, you have to embrace change and growth for what it is. Use it to your advantage, whether that means change in technology or change in the way people view things or do things. If you don’t find a way to change with people, society, the world, etc., you will get left behind very quickly. Science/ technological innovation and development is a huge part of what is going on in people’s lives. We use it every single day and increasingly so. People need leaders that can adjust and understand what’s going on in their world right now in this very moment as well as leaders that can have a vision for the future.

  • Junghee Hong

    I think a knowledge of science and technological innovation and development support my ability to lead and influence by suggesting the solution. In the world, even if in a small community, there are lots of conflicting problems to solve. If I become a leader, I need to solve lots of conflicting problems. In order to find the best solution, I need to compare pros and cons of various solution. For example, if there is a conflict between developing the forest and preserving forest, I need to carefully compare the subjects based on science and technology. Also, it helps to judge reasonably because the science and technology is objective fact so, I can’t judge subjectively. And moreover, it will satisfy majority of people.

  • Bailee Bronson

    I would say that knowledge of technology enhances my leadership through communication, creativity influence. Like Mr. Carolina said multiple times during his presentation that we have any information we could ever want at our fingertips, and that this power could either be used for good or bad. We can either devote our time to useless things like social media and web browsing or we can use the internet to make connections, build a reputation and make business plans. As a 21st century leader, I can use technology to get in touch with potential employers and business associates and benefit my community. Technology and science work hand-in-hand to create a most leader-driven world, giving everyone the global opportunity the chance to make a difference.

  • Blakely Elliott

    I think that technology is a positive but also a negative. These days, everyone always knows what you are doing and when you are doing it. I think this comes into play with my leadership because for example, if I was tweeting something I probably shouldn’t people within my influence would start to question me. It also goes the other way around, with technology and all the advances, you are able to communicate with much more people in such a short amount of time. So yes, all this does come in handy, but you really have to check yourself and make sure you are giving off the right impression in all that you do, say and post.

  • I feel like knowing about new sciences and technology can further communication not only between local communities but worldwide. For example we use our mobile phones to text each other but instead we use apps on those phones that practically do the same thing but it is a tad bit easier. We can use this app all over the world for free rather than spending money to text from Africa, Asia, etc. Other technologies help us widen our range of followers or teammates in order to reach much larger goals.

  • Delaney Denham

    Technology in this day and age is rapidly changing. We have amazingly fast access to more information than we can imagine. My generation especially is very tech-oriented. Many of us have grown up alongside technology. Whether it be one of the first computers in our house or the smartboards in our school. Because it has always been a constant, my generation has developed a heavy dependence for it. I can only imagine what it will be like in the next few years as the next generation of kids become older. They will demand for even faster and reliable technology. I believe that leaders should be up to date with the latest tech trends. This will allow leaders to be able to connect with individuals easier and create powerful impacts.