• Cambrea Lott

    When I am voting for a candidate for public office, as I will hopefully do this November, most definitely the quality with the most value that I would look for in whom I place my vote is honesty. Honesty about what they stand for, what they plan to do, their past, etc. My vote would go towards someone with different beliefs than myself and who had had a less than perfect reputation that was honest, before it would towards someone who had plans to do exactly what I would like to see happen, had the same beliefs as me, etc. I would prefer my candidate be knowledgeable to issues that relate to me most directly as well as the issues that relate to the community, state, or country as a whole. I want my candidate to be someone that can listen without biased and make educated decisions that are best for the majority, even if I am in the minority. Whether or not this ideal candidate actually exists or not, I am unsure, but if they were, they would have my vote.

  • Lexi Carroll

    When voting for a public candidate, I believe that the most important qualities to possess are experience, honesty, morality, compassion, and leadership ability. Experience is important because you want someone who knows what they are doing and has wisdom over the issues that they may face. Honesty and morality are characteristics that any person should have whether they are running for office or not. Those are the building blocks to trustworthiness and integrity for a candidate’s time as a leader. Compassion is important for the reason that you want someone who is willing to fight for and stand up for what’s best for the people and the community. Without compassion, there is no worth. Lastly, a candidate needs to embody great leadership. You hope to be led by a candidate who will take charge, help others and remain open-minded.

  • Sidra Mesiya

    When I am voting for a candidate for public office, the most important qualities I look for are morals/values, trustworthiness, and consistency. I look at morals and values first to make sure the candidate stands for and believes in similar values as myself. For example, I look at his or her stance on immigration laws, healthcare, and income tax reform. I look for trustworthiness because if we trust this person to represent us, he or she should be a sincere and competent leader. Lastly, the candidate should be consistent. By this I mean that he or she should stick to the promises and claims they made to the public before being elected. I think this is so important because there are so many candidates today that talk big and make huge promises during their campaign, but the second they get elected, they forget everything they said before. In conclusion, I look for a candidate who sticks to his or her word and works for the betterment of the community,

  • Tyler Curry

    When I vote for someone, the qualities I look for are honesty, a friendly personality, and the passion to make a difference. I would like an honest candidate because we need someone who can tell us where we stand without stretching the truth. On top of that, I like a candidate with a good, friendly personality because I believe they are more willing to represent the people rather than just becoming concerned with their own interests. So, in a way, I guess sympathy or empathy would also play a part in that quality. My last quality would be the candidate’s passion. I feel that we need someone with a real passion to create change so that we can count on them to get something done or to at least make an attempt to make a difference. With these three basic qualities, I think we would have a pretty good or at least decent candidate.

  • Ocean Scheel

    I have to admit that I am not terribly involved in politics but I am trying to be more engaged in order to contribute to society as a whole. If I were to be more involved I would look for qualities in a candidate such as honesty which although is hard to determine through a television screen, very important because in order to continue the “by the people for the people” grounds which this country is based on, it is important that our citizens are honestly informed of what is going on. Another characteristic I would seek out would be strength, I’m not sure how I would go about measuring this characteristic but I find that it’s important for leaders to be able to make decisions under pressure. Any job in the political spectrum of our country is a pressing occupation faced with many decisions and difficulties. One final characteristic I would like my candidate to display is immense education and experience in their field. When one is educated on the effects, precedents, importance and possibilities of their position it is more likely they will make smart decisions that will be for the good of the people they are going to serve. These three characteristics are those which I find vital to a good candidate for public office.

  • Micah Jones

    I’ve always understood that condidates can be judged in two ways: their policies and positions they take and what leadership abilities they can bring to office. This does require some research on the voter’s part. Preferably not all information on the two candidates will be drawn from TV and peer’s opinion. These two things could be used when considering who to vote for but are not necessary. Voters need to develop their own opinion based on their interests instead of doing what others or doing or acting off of less-than-reliable information. That’s the beauty, and at the same time, the struggle of a democracy; everyone has a voice but it only works when the people are educating themselves on the matter and participating. So to me, the perfect candidate is the one that is elected because he genuinely is what is best for the people ad the only way that can happen is if the people know what is best for them.

  • Virginia Glaze

    When I am taking part in voting for a candidate for a public office, I look for three specific qualities. These traits I admire most, because I see them in the people who I most respect and love. When I am choosing a favorite candidate, I look for a good work ethic. To me, there is nothing better about a person than that they work hard. I was taught to work from a very young age, and I see it as a necessity in people who I want to be friends with or in circles with. The next characteristic I look for is discipline. A person who has consistent habits and monitors themselves well is someone to be highly respected. The last trait I search for in a potential candidate is sincerity. I want someone who is truthful and down to earth, honest, and real. These three things will make or break how I view someone, and they are all marks of a good leader.

  • Clayeton Hammock

    I want to vote for someone who not only says they are honest and will listen to your opinions, but I think the thing that is most important is what they have done to get them where they are. Anyone can say they are honest or trustworthy, but what I really look for in anyone that I put my trust in is if their actions fit their words. One thing that really annoys me about politics is how they pay for advertisements to bash the person they are running against. I understand that the general public deserves the right to know about each candidate. I just think it is sad that even at our highest form of government we are acting like grade school children trying to ruin the others reputation.

  • Ellie Schultz

    When I choose a candidate I like to see where their values lie. I think what someone stands for or what they are against shows more about a person than a speech practiced and critiqued. I want to know they are willing to stand up for what they believe is right even if its not the popular area to support. This shows integrity and trustworthy qualities. I also want to know they will put the people above themselves. They can believe what they want and proudly show it but they must be willing to agree to disagree. I’m not so naive as to think that politicians don’t lie and there is such thing as a perfect leader. I do, however want to support the candidate that is willing to go before the public and be bold enough to share what they want to change, even if they are persecuted by those who aren’t for it. At least we know what they want instead of never knowing what they are supporting in secret. Through all this they must have an open mind to how the people want to be governed.

  • Chloe Freeman

    When I am voting for a candidate for public office, i tend to lean on my values and faith. I want someone who is going to lead this nation with good morals and a positive attitude. i want to be able to put my full faith in the person, and feel comfortable that they will make the right decisions when it comes to our nations laws. Running for office is probably an extremely stressful event, and i want someone there that is capable of staying calm in chaotic situations. Our nation is founded on strong leaders, and when voting, i take the former presidents and governors into account. Voting is far more than picking a party and voting for the candidate. We should all look for the person who best outlines our own character in order to decide.

  • Leila Mazkoori

    When I choose a canidate for an election, I look for somebody with unique characteristics. I want somebody with a trutworthy personality, and who stands up for what they believe in. I also want somebody who stands up for the people he or she supports. The reasons these two charateristics are the main things I look for an a candidate is because I want somebody I can trust and rely on to get my issues with a particular topic out there and solved.

  • Deven Bond

    I have never voted in a political election, but I should for the first time in a couple of weeks and I know what characteristics I will be looking for. Most citizens always vote for a candidate because they make promises that they don’t intend on keeping once they are elected. For that reason, I believe honesty is one of the most important qualities that I would look for. Honesty develops character and builds trust and credibility, which is needed for political leaders. I also believe compassion is needed for a great leader. Political leaders should be compassionate by seeing the needs of the people they are leading and doing whatever they can to benefit all involved. Also, the ideal leader must be extremely open-minded, which is not always common for politicians. The “perfect” candidate must be able to view something from other people’s perspectives and accept that his ideas are not always what is best for the nation as a whole. Political leaders that would like my vote must obtain these important qualities.

  • Cash Deitz

    I believe honesty, respect and accountability are the qualities I look for. Modern methods of campaigning for public office include many false advertisements and promises that the candidates aren’t held accountable for. What they say they will do and what they say about other possible candidates do not have to have any validity to them and it is very misguiding. If you keep true to your word I will respect you. Also respecting people of all races, genders, and beliefs is necessary. I do not agree with a lot things candidates want to do but if they can at least be respectful and not be hateful it is a bonus in my book. You are to be a servant of the public while in office and doing the prior things will help you towards that, and many other positive qualities will follow.

  • Marielle Jackson

    I think it’s pretty understood that honesty is an incredibly key characteristic in a candidate. I would have to say that honesty and trustworthiness are the two most important qualities to me. If a candidate is not honest about what they stand for and the platform he or she puts up, then it completely defeats the purpose of voting for them in the first place. Honestly, I am still trying to figure out other characteristics that I look for in a candidate besides those that are pretty understood. On one hand, I think a candidate should be headstrong and determined about what they believe in, but I also think it’s important to be able to listen to the people that they are leading. I think it’s important that we, as citizens, are very open minded about what we look for in a candidate, but also confident in our morals and ethics.

  • I look for honesty, trustworthiness, and being able to pull through. If you cannot trust a leader how can you believe what he or she says they are going to do. Then if they say they are going to do it and do not know how to pull through, nothing will get done which leads me to believe I cannot trust him or her.

  • Zack Simmons

    When I am voting for a candidate for office, the main characteristic I look for is trustworthiness and honesty through actions. I also look for someone to withhold their moral standards regardless of the situation, show great leadership qualities, and supports our troops. By supporting our troops, we need to give them the funding and support they need to get the job done. Sometimes that may mean to step back and let them do their job. I also want a president that will do what needs to be done and not what they want to be done for their own parties benefit.

  • Delaney Denham

    When deciding on qualities for a candidate for office, I believe that these three qualities are most important: honesty,experience, and putting the public first are very important. I believe that honesty is the best policy. A candidate should always be willing to share the truth, no matter the consequences. Any candidate that runs should always have some sort of experience. That experience will help them be able to make sound decisions and be able to draw knowledge from previous experiences they have had. Lastly, the people of the public should always come first. All decisions made should have the state’s people in mind. If it won’t benefit the public, then it should not be done.

  • Jessica Matallana

    When I am voting for a candidate for public office, I usually look for where their personal values and aspirations lie. Regardless of what they say or what they promise, it always comes back to what their personal beliefs and values are. Some important qualities that I look for are if they are motivated or not. It’s hard to have a candidate not be driven for who they represent. Another quality is if they are passionate about what they do. If they lack passion, they lack desire. Also, a candidate who is open-minded and genuine prove how they were brought up and where their heart lies. Lastly, transparency and honesty are probably the key to being a successful candidate. Without all of these characteristics and personal values, it would personally be difficult for me to vote for him/her.

  • Emily Raynor

    When looking for the perfect candidate to vote for, I look for a person with good morals and great responsibility. I seek for a politician that shows respect rather than hate and that listens rather than interrupts. I have more respect for politicians that choose to have a strong voice and opinion on issues rather than politicians who avoid the issue or concern. I also look for the quality of confidence and leadership in a candidate being they are wishing to lead a group or community of different people. When being a leader of people, the candidate must hold the skill of leading a diverse group into one, positive direction.

  • Haley McKinzie

    In this day in age it seems as if voting is not so popular in our age generation. Aside from choosing a candidate I believe that it is our duty to vote, and spread the word to others to mange their task as well. When choosing a candidate I first and foremost evaluate their personal values. Who a person is and what they stand for is a major factor. Next, I try to research the main issues that they are addressing and what their stance on those are as well. When I first became of voting age I always quizzed my parents on who I should favor to vote for. I now really appreciate my dad pushing me to seek the answers myself for the right candidate to give my vote to. It has taught me that it is my own personal duty, opinion, and right. My parents still give me input, as well as others, but ultimately it is my decision and my duty as a citizen.

  • Haley McKinzie

    In addition to my other post, some of the main qualities I look for in a candidate is honesty and if they are passionate and genuine about their task at hand. Being honest is something that should always be a factor in all aspects of life. When someone is all in to their duty, or passionate about it, it will almost always be completed. A genuine down-to-earth person will be able to reach citizens on a personal level, and have realistic goals to achieve and better our state and nation.

  • Rachel Meyer

    When choosing a candidate, I tend to focus more on their personal goals or values, rather than which party they represent, where they’re from, etc. I also pay a particular close amount of attention to not only their values, but which issues are most important to them and how they plan to address those problems. A lot of candidates seem to spend time defending themselves against their opposing candidate, or bringing up drastic ways to solve problems that will gain them a vote. For me, I want to choose a candidate based on what he or she has achieved in the past, where they stand on certain political issues, how well he or she is willing to work with others, and how well informed they seem to be on what the constituency really needs. A good leader does not always need to have the right answers in my opinion, they just need to have the best plan and attitude for trying to figure out all of the right answers.

  • Bre Peeler

    When voting for a candidate in any election, I look for a few important personality traits. I look for someone who has good ideas, but also has a realistic plan. Candidates with too many great ideas, tend to fall short and are unable to complete all of them in their term. I like candidates that show they are personable but do not seem fake. When someone genuinely cares, it shines through. I also look for candidates who do not take shots at someone with apposing ideals as them, instead they just tell you how they feel about certain controversial issues.

  • Sydney Richardson

    When I am looking for a candidate to vote for I look for someone who’s intrest are truly for the people. Someone who delegates jobs that they are not qualified for to people who specialize in that task. Someone who if they don’t have the answer they aren’t going to pretend they do, they will be honest with you and say they will find the answer for you. A candidate that I would vote for wouldn’t be wrapped up in their political party but be passionate about what they truly do feel.

  • Kalen Russell

    Knowledge and compassion are the two most important qualities that I look for before I vote. Knowledge is imperative for any leadership position. One must know how to correctly asses a situation, how to react appropriately, and how to keep problems from recurring. However without being able to relate to others, knowledge is without value. A leader must be compassionate, respecting each of their constituents enough to listen to their concerns and place their needs above political ambitions. Candidates who employ political agendas regardless of the consequences, has no connection to the people that voted them into office. Maya Angelou wrote, “If you’re for the right thing, then you do it without thinking.” I agree with this statement, politicians through their character, policies, platforms, and past display their compassion and knowledge. My perception of a candidate’s aptitude of these qualities is how I determine my vote.

  • Lauren McKenzie

    Considering I have not voted yet for any kind of election, I will tell you the qualities I will look for in the future, and what qualities I have seen in the past that I have liked. Candidates all do the same thing, they try to reel in as many voters with positions that will appeal to the people. This makes sense, but all can make a candidate look fake to me. I want a candidate to have a position and real reasons to back up his/her position. They should not be afraid to state exactly what they believe in, or exactly what they want to see changed. I personally do not think that having a bigger, more powerful government, is what our nation needs. We need taxes, but people need to know how to take care of themselves and only use the government to govern, not to completely take care of their every need. Therefore, I look for a candidate that is conversative, yet still knows how to lead people into a direction with the input of not just their colleagues, but the input of all the people who it will affect.

  • Emily Dunlevy

    When I am looking at the individuals that are running for public office, I like to really examine what qualities and characteristics they exemplify in their daily lives and how they treat their opponents in debate and during political campaigning. I think that how an individual treats their opponents really shows a lot about their personality. I don’t like individuals that play dirty when running for office but I am also aware that just because a person is nice does not mean that they will be the best individual for the position they are running for. I think that I look for individuals who have beliefs similar to mine. I look for someone who will stay true to who they are as an individual and who will stick to what they believe in as long as it benefits their constituents. I want to elect an individual who will make the best decisions for me as a citizen and the community as a whole while not wavering from the platform they presented when campaigning.

  • When choosing a candidate I consider a variety of characteristics that I would like someone in office to have. First and foremost I am not attracted by someone who plays the “politician” all of the time. Someone who is always neutral or refuses to take a stand on almost every issue sends up red flags for me because I like to know who I’m voting for and what they truly believe in. Honesty is something I value deeply. Another aspect I’d like to see is someone that has a plan. It’s all well and good to show up and list off all of the great things that are going to change during a candidate’s time in office, but how are they going to do that? Where are they going to get the resources to do so? These are questions that come to mind when I’m considering a candidate.

  • Jessica Solis

    When I am voting for a candidate for public office, the qualities I look for are honesty, trust, values, and consistency. All of these are important in a candidate because you have to know the person to see if they are the right for your vote. Honesty is a big quality because you have to be able to trust that they are going to do what they say they will. That goes hand in hand with consistency. If I vote for someone it has to be someone who can listen and take other opinions and has good strong values. I like to see what they believe is important and what they will stand up for when no one else is.

  • Honestly, I look for a candidate who has the qualities of commitment, a desire to reaches out to everyone, (Not just the upper class citizens,) and an ability to bring people around a single goal. I believe they have to be able to dig their heels in on the importance of an issue they have to face, and while able to listen to other opinions and at times start to see things differently, they also have deeply seated values in their heart. I believe that a public officer should be interested in the needs of the lower class people, and is committed to them. I believe that this leader must also be able to inspire people’s around a single idea and commitment and can bring people together. While this desire will bring opposition, the candidate will unite enough people to overcome issues.

  • Michael Johnson

    When I am voting for someone to take an office, the main thing i look for is to see if they have the same views that I do. I also figure out if this person is liked by most people, and is a good people person. This quality is very important for me. No one can get everything accomplished well by themselves, so i need to make sure he or she works well with others. Finally, I would look into what this person has done for communities and non-profit organizations. I believe that a true leader does what is best for the people, and tries to better their lives by taking action in not only the areas that would make him or her money, but in the areas that would most benefit society.

  • Jennafyer Sullivan

    When I vote for a candidate for a public office, I tend to vote for the person whose views and morals are similar to my own. I also, like to see how they speak about their fellow candidates. If their campaigns mostly consist of trashing the other candidates, I don’t usually feel comfortable voting for that person. I think, if you’re a truly good candidate for the position, and confident that you can do a good job, then you shouldn’t have to rely on talking bad about others. Which, probably relates to having similar morals to my own…I mostly favor with candidates that seem to care more about all people, not just the majority.

  • Jordan Michela

    There are two main qualities that I believe are important to have when you are a candidate running for a public office: achievement and adaptability. A great deal of stamina and working ethics comes from the quality of achievement. People with this quality take great satisfaction from being busy and productive. Because of this, they are able to focus on multiple issues in the area and are motivated to improve their community. As for adaptability, I believe this is a great quality to have because they compromise their beliefs and ideas so that others also have their voice heard. Both of these qualities are an important quality to have as a true leader.

  • Angela Thampi

    When choosing a candidate for election, I look for someone who is relatable. I would vote for someone who seems to truly have my interests at heart. I want to know that the person I am voting for has morals and values that I believe in and will lead in a way that is beneficial for everyone. If a candidate seems disconnected with the people they are trying to represent, then to me that is a sign that they care more about a title than making the state or nation better.

  • Barry Ricketts

    I am truly excited about this years upcoming election in November because this year I am deciding that I should take advantage of my rights as an American and vote. When it comes to picking a candidate for an election, I look various things to make sure I am making a good decision. First quality I look for is, the positions he/she take on issues and the leadership qualities and experience he/she would bring to office. I believe that quality should be priority number one when looking for candidate just so that you can at least know their background info. Second quality I look for is to learn what other people think about the candidates, if feel that this is necessary because it can help clarify my own views and help me make my judgment. The last quality I look for is, is how fair he/she is running their campaign, I personally cannot respect nor vote for someone who slanders their opponent.

  • Jameson Riley

    The dishonesty and corruption associated with, I hope at least, a minority of politicians in history has made it hard to trust the credibility of modern-day politicians. However if I was looking for important qualities in a candidate three of them I would be deliberate in looking for would be their ability to view their office through a lense of faith. This along with the all-important aspect of trust because if you can’t trust the candidate then how can you vote for them? Now the last key quality I would look at is their proven history in offices of all sorts. Do I agree with his past decisions in times of hardships? This is also something I would take into consideration.

  • Katelyn LanCaster

    When deciding on my choice for canidate, I want the real deal. I want them to have a history on following through on what they say they are going to do so I can trust that they will do so in offce. I want them to have a strong sense of honesty and integrity so they won’t be easily corrupted. Above all, I want my candidate to represent character and genuine leadership.

  • Freshta Nematzadeh

    Qualities that inspire me to select a certain public candidate include voting for someone who is open minded. In politics, it is crucial for someone to be able to see the view of every different citizen and base that off the decision to make choices. I would also select a candidate who is honest, one whom admits mistakes and finds defects in our political system. One who is willing to seek the voice of the people to initiate change. It is also important for the candidate to be able to have a positive impact on the local community. Finally, another important determining factor is selecting a candidate who is dedicated. It is important that the person who gets selected is one who is passionate about his job and getting things done the way they were intended to be. It is one thing to begin a project but it must also be completed during your term to prove your strength and position as a leader. Political parties aside, these are qualities that are important in every aspect of potential candidates. These criterion may change depending on a persons values, however i believe that for the bare minimum basics, these are applicable for office candidates.

  • Sabrina Bermudez

    When considering any person to lead, a quality I always look for is their modesty. It’s hard for a person to lead a group if they act as if they are superior to those they are representing. It also helps by making the candidate more relatable to the people and therefore a better representative. To go along with being humble, it’s important that the person is able to admit to their mistakes and take responsibility for them. Nobody is perfect, so it’s inevitable that even the leaders we choose will fail us. However, they can regain the respect they lost if they can humble themselves and admit that they were in the wrong and work to fix it.

  • Mason Thompson

    When I am looking at a candidate the most important thing for me is similar views. I do not want to put a person in a position of power if we do not share similar views. We have to agree on certain conservative values. And another factor I would look for in a candidate is a strong man of Christian faith. And finally I would like for my candidate to have a high moral character and do the right thing not because people are watching but because it is the right thing to do.

  • Chase Gulliver

    For someone to earn my vote, they need to be logical, analytic, and have a faith based moral understanding. In my opinion, when it comes to politics, a logical approach seems to be the one way to truly take into account every possible outcome of a situation. Emotional bias in any sort of political decision automatically discounts those of opposite emotional standings. Someone with skills of careful analyzation can more easily take into perspective the different standpoints that the broader public have in mind, and decide logically what would be the most beneficial decision. Someone with a faith based moral understanding, meaning someone that gets their moral basis from God and his teaching of how we are meant to portray ourselves, puts this person along the same lines of myself. Morals and values of what is “good” only come from a initial establishment of what is defined as “good”, which comes from teachings of God and the image and personalities he wants us to show. Someone with no faith in God, and no sense of logical, analytic judgement would surely never get my vote.

  • Stephanie Nutter

    There are many qualities I base my vote on but the most important trait I look for in a candidate is trustworthiness. Trustworthiness is the base that all other traits can lay a foundation on. You must be able to trust in the canidate to fulfill what they say they represent. You must also trust that they will do what is best for the community. A trustworthy leader can accomplish many great things and can bring an entire community together. However if they betray that trust then they could easily cause ruin for the entire community. So trustworthiness to do the morale things is vital. So while there are many features I believe make a good canidate the biggest factor is trustworthiness.

  • Bailee Bronson

    Before I vote on a particular candidate for any office, I like to do thorough research about the candidate and even be aware of those who he or she has worked with or supported in the past. In a candidate for public office, I look for community involvement, thorough education and family history. Quite honestly, I try to look at political party last, because in doing so I can develop a more clear understanding of the basic values of the candidate and know with certainty that I have selected the right candidate who reflects my values as a Christian, as a woman and as an American. I have even voted outside of my political party before, simply because I appreciated the candidate’s previous accomplishments in the community and their word to benefit the area. Although I realize that the description “honest” is a rarity when it comes to politicians, I do seek some degree in honesty and greatly appreciate when elected candidates stick to their word during their term. Ultimately though, I seek a candidate who I believe to have no hidden agenda, other than leading and serving the community and beyond to the best of his or her ability and the perfect mixture between openmindedness and staying true to themselves and their values.

  • Michael Blunck

    When I vote for a candidate I look for an individual who seems competent and able to seek pragmatic answers. I don’t usually vote a straight ticket, I often vote for a number of different candidates because I tend to vote for the individual not the party. That being said, I look for technical skill as both a politician and policy maker; if a candidate sounds like they lack either the knowledge or the ability to appoint those with the right knowledge to a committee or policy issue it sends the message to me that they will make decisions based on less than informed sources. I also think an informed candidate is important to me as a citizen because an ill informed candidate means a more eager client for an interest lobby who has more insight, but at the price of biased motives for whoever they work for. Of course, I also look for more than just technical skill in a candidate, I also look for leadership. A technically skilled individual is capable of solving a problem, but a leader is capable of focusing the efforts of a hundred skilled individuals. So in summery, I look for a skilled and capable leader who chooses pragmatism over ideology.


    When voting for a candidate for public office, I think experience and incorruptible is the most important qualities. Because, people who has various experiences can understand various situation and various people’s opinion. And if they had various experiences, they can find out what method is best way to satisfy various people. Moreover, they can represent a wide variety of people. Also, incorruptible is important because if leader is greedy, they will not work for all people. They will work for only their benefit. And if they do so, their city will failed and people will express dissatisfaction. However, if public office is incorruptible, they will work for all people in their city. By doing so, the city will grow much more.

  • Sadie Price

    When I am voting for a candidate in office, I will look for a genuine personality and good execution of communication skills. Although it’s difficult for someone running to incorporate their full personality because politics are so serious, they have to just a tad in order to differ from their other opponents. To me, a genuine personality is a big part in who I would vote for because those types of people are brutally honest — even if it is mean — and will always have your best interest at heart. Adding to what I would look for is communication. Communication is KEY in ANY relationship, friendship, job, mentorship, etc. From experience, I know that bad communication and assuming does nothing for the people/parties on neither side of the situation, nor does it solve anything. It creates secrecy in rumors, untrustworthiness, and gaping spaces in loyalty. When practiced and executed properly, these characteristics combined together in a political campaign would make for a fantastic candidate and an even more superb and easy election.

  • Blakely Elliott

    When I am voting for a canidate I make sure that the person is honest and trustworthy. It’s important for them to be honest and upfront with the people. It’s important that they don’t hide things or situations, even the bad ones. I think it’s so awesome when a candidate Shares so much with the people. Another thing that is important to me is that a candidate is religious. Although there is a separation of church and state, believing in God and following those morals is a plus in my book. The last thing i think is important is experience. Although this isn’t a must, I think it’s a plus. If someone has experience they have a better feel for what is going on and how to handle things rather then just being thrown into a situation and lost.

  • Hung-Lin Lai

    I look for the character and whether the candidate sticks to his words and practice what he preach. Often times candidate will say anything to win votes. That’s why politicians are good at telling lies. It is as if they are naturally that way. When i ever vote. It will most likely be for myself. I know I can trust myself and stick to my words.

  • Monica Farquhar

    One main quality I look for in a candidate is the way they carry themselves. If they are constantly bringing down their opponents it tells me that they are more focused on winning than on the good and betterment of our country. I also watch out for the promises they make and see what actions they are taking. I only want to vote for someone who has a distinct plan for our country and is trying to make it happen before, during, and after candidacy. I want someone who is bold and selfless and shows great leadership qualities without advertising has these qualities. The qualities should naturally be present and a voter should be able to recognize them without the candidate pointing it out.

    Ps. Sorry it’s late!!!

  • Asia Augustine

    I want to vote for someone who is passionate, honest, group minded, creative, and strong. They should be passionate so that they are not easily swayed. Politicians often get tempted to bend their opinions for reward of some sort (financial gain, approval from peers, career advances, etc). That is less likely to happen if they are truly passionate about there duties to serve. Honestly also ties in here, because an honest person will not accept bribery. Being group minded is important, because the individualistic society American has does little but hold us back from accomplishing greater things. I want my candidate to be able to break the barriers of political parties so that the feud between parties does not shift their focus away from the greater good of society. George Washington warned us about politician parties. Candidates should also be creative. This way they can come up with novel ways to fix problems. As helpful as all of these qualities are they may also bring about challenges; which is why candidates must be strong. They must be able to do right when no one else is.

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