Week 6 Presentation – Ken Parker

Ken shared two principles of leadership with you during his presentation that dealt with the themes of time and people. Choose one of these themes and share your thoughts on the relationship that each has with your leadership capacity and how it may make you more effective and influential.


  • Emily Raynor

    During Ken Parker’s presentation, “People are most important” was the theme that stood out the most for me. One of his subtopics under this theme was “Be open, curious, and positive”. I absolutely love this subtopic and have really treated it like an every day motto during my lifetime and will continue to do so. The daily motto has not only opened up more doors for me, but has also opened up more relationships. I feel that it will continue to increase my leadership capacity by making me an energetic, approachable, bright person. By following this motto, my leadership could stand out among others and motivate people to look at the cup half full rather than half empty.

  • Jordan Michela

    Invest your time wisely. After listening to Mr. Parker talk about this subject, I was astonished by how simple his words came across. Learn and grow, connect with others, and pursue wisdom. I took this subject to heart as I realized that I might not be spending my time in the best ways. I could interact with others instead of looking at social media on my phone or learn about an unfamiliar subject in place of watching Netflix. By investing my time in meaningful activities, I will be able to relate and help more people. Along with that, I will grow from the experiences that I have positioned myself in.

  • Leila Mazkoori

    Ken Parker mentioned in one of his themes to always build relationships with people. They will help you grow and develop your ideas as well as create fond memories for people. I believe in leadership, it is mandatory to build relationships with others. I say that because although somebody can contain leadership qualities, it is ridiculous to think that one person can accomplish a large task all by their self. Therefore, people need those bonds with each other in order to be more efficient and actually accomplish their goals.
    The best way I can explain this is through an example. Over the past couple of months, I have been trying to start an organization. In order to do so I needed to find people willing to participate in my organization. I also needed help organizing out specific details like the clubs official constitution. A student project that big needs to have all it’s members work together, and I cannot imagine doing all of that by myself, so I am grateful to the PLC and LOT group for helping me start this student group at UCO.
    In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that Ken Parker was right in his theme to build lasting relationships to be successful in life. I have met so many people that have influenced my life, and made my goals seem more like a reality instead of a dream. I hope to continue building these amazing relationships with people in the future, and to continually practice Mr. Parker’s advice.

  • Micah Jones

    The two points that he shared were invest your time wisely and people are most important. Time management is the biggest attribute outside of a classroom that I’ve had to learn since being at college. I’m getting better but I think I still have a ways to go. What makes it the hardest is that not everything is a set schedule but has a set deadline. What’s done inbetween is up to me. Also, there’s nobody holding me accountable anymore; anything that is done is up to me. So when Ken’s point, “invest your time wisely- forever” really made me realize the importance and significance of always being aware of what I’m doing at the moment and what I could be doing that would be the most beneficial. Read, exeriment, and learn are three things he emphasized on doing to make the most out of ‘free time’ instead of wasteful activites. Reading is something that I’m going to start being more disciplined on. So many positve things can come from reading good books. One last thing, he mentioned that we have the world’s knowledge at our finger tips; refering to the internet. I’ve obviously always been aware of this, I just want to be better at taking advantage of this tool more often and for more practical reasons in the future.

  • Virginia Glaze

    Ken Parker shared with us two very important tips. One was to invest your time wisely, and the other was that people are the most important. In our journey through life, I think that we forget to utilize these principles, and in order to help others as well as ourselves, we should take his advice to heart.
    My favorite of the two is to that “people are the most important.” I tend to be very focused on my own wants, needs, and schedule, and I forget to ask how the people around me are doing. In trying to achieve our own success, we sometimes lose sight of those around us. I know this is true of me, and in order to gain the trust and friendship of others, I need to put them first. Relationships are, as he said, incredibly important in every aspect of a person’s life, especially if you are a leader. In my experience, I have gotten important positions and to places because of people I know, and treating them well is something that should be innate.
    We should always put others first, not only because it is morally correct, but because it can increase our network of relationships and benefit everyone around us.

  • Katelyn LanCaster

    The theme shared about investing your time wisely stuck out to me the most. I, like so many others, enjoy my Netflix time. After hearing Ken Parker speak, I realized that dedicating more of my time to developing a skill, a connection with someone, or even just going to the gym is time better spent. Dedicating time to better myself will make me a better leader and more successful in my endeavors than what Netflix can do for me.

  • Deven Bond

    Ken Parker discussed two principles that will strengthen my role as a leader. I think the two principles go hand in hand. He discussed with us about using our time wisely and connecting with people. As a leader it is smart to invest time in something that will return the investment, as Mr. Parker said. For example, investing your time in a video game with do absolutely nothing for you, but investing your time into something influential can be very beneficial. Building and growing relationships was Ken Parker’s second principle and that can take a great amount of time, but it is time wisely spent. It is important for a leader to know that people are always most important. Also, knowing people is be greatly beneficial for someone’s future. Having a great network of people can be life-changing. During his presentation he made a very great point by saying that many things in this world change, like technology, but the value and importance of human relationships never do.His speech was very influential, and has inspired me to be more open with people and to cultivate a genuine interest with the people that I meet.

  • Tyler Curry

    The principle I related to the most was using our time wisely. I related to this one the most because I’ve always been a pretty organized person and normally like to think about what my priorities are. That’s how I worked in high school and it’s carried over into my college life as well. I believe this can help me grow as a leader because if I do what needs to be done with the time I have, then I benefit myself and sometimes others around me. One of the fears I have in life is making mistakes with the time I’m given and mess up a good opportunity for me to become a better person. This is especially true for me in college. Since I’m attending UCO to build myself a future, I know that my time needs to be used wisely in order to be successful after college. Because of all this, I could definitely relate to Ken’s story.

  • Jessica Matallana

    The two principles that Ken Parker shared with us were investing your time wisely and people are most important. Both of these are crucial towards succeeding in our walk of leaderships, however, I think the one that really stands out is investing your time wisely. If you don’t invest your time wisely, then how are you able to take the time to put other’s needs into consideration? Being able to connect with people doesn’t only help them, but ourselves as well. Moreover, learning how to pursue wisdom allows us to learn and grow from our mistakes as leaders. Investing your time wisely is something that is so simple, yet so difficult if not taken into consideration. But if we apply it into our leadership skills, it will make us that much more effective and influential.

  • Ellie Schultz

    Ken Parker reminded us that people are most important. I was glad to hear from such a successful man that he still believed this. I also think it goes deeper than that. In this statement it showed how humble he is. To be a great leader you must put people first. If we can remember to be humble and put people before us than we can make the changes we desire to see. The greatest work is done with people supporting and backing you up along the way. I hope to be a humble leader and value people.

  • Kalen Russell

    Time is one of the most valuable commodities under human control. It is the door to all opportunities and the deciding factor of success or failure in most of life’s endeavors. One becomes whatever they invest the most time in.
    Time has the most value when invested in building relationships with others. In chapter 12 of his first letter to Corinth the Apostle Paul informs us, that though there are different operations, gifts, and practices all originate from the same God and are for the benefit of all. Verse 14 reads,” For the body is not one member, but many.” Verses 25 and 26 provide instructions for behaving as one, “That there should be no schism, or division, in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another. And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it.” (King James Version).
    With these teachings Paul effectively conveys that as humans we are created to work together, honoring and supporting one another. It becomes understood that just as the foot needs the leg to move, it requires all people working together to move forward as a society.
    “No man is an island.” Though each person in unique, we all share the same biological and emotional needs. Interactions with neighbors those should be fashioned after the basis of treating others as an extension of oneself. The same care and concern should be projected to others as one would like to receive. This is the foundation of relatability, and without being able to relate and form relationships with others, it is impossible to be a leader. When one connects with others it establishes a trust. A trust that the leader understands others wants and needs and have their best interest at heart.
    Mr. Parker also highlighted that emotional intelligence, EQ not IQ, accounts for 85% of success. This is because IQ, is a personal characteristic, beginning and ending within oneself. EQ impacts the lives of all one comes into contact with, shaping relationships and imbuing all actions. To be successful leader I have to make the decision to be so, by always looking at the bigger picture. I must invest my time in things which allow me to grow as a person. That will determine my successful. I have the capacity to accomplish whatever I put my mind to if I allocate the time for it. I must value all whom I come into contact with, seeing myself in them and allowing them to do the same. For we are all one on this journey called life, and only through this realization can I be an effective leader. Only by valuing each person as an individual, but also recognizing their potential as a necessary part of the whole can I be influential.

  • Kennedy Lehew

    One of the points that Ken shared that was really important to me was, “People are most important”. I believe that to effectively be a leader, you should always put others first. Caring for others and serving others is a big part of what people would identify as a leader. Most of the good leaders in history, are leaders that were very selfless and put other people first. I specifically look up to my dad as a leader. I believe that he is always putting others first, and that is why I look up to him so much. You will earn trust and respect if you make people such an important in your life.

  • Sabrina Bermudez

    One of the key points Ken Parker brought up is that “people are most important”. I believe entirely that when it comes to volunteering, working, or just showing up to class, we have to set people at a higher value than what we’re doing. When I get frustrated with someone, I always have to ask myself if they deserve whatever response I’m feeling. Is it fair to yell at someone for not pulling their weight in a project when we have the option of giving encouraging and constructive words instead? We should look at every interaction with people as an opportunity to love them and pour into them, because in the end, the relationships we have are going to amount to more than our worldly accomplishments. Others are more important than ourselves, and we should treat them that way.

  • Ocean Scheel

    I have not always been the best at investing my time wisely, this principle that Ken Parker presented was a struggle during my high school years as I was unaware of what I wanted to do with my life, or who I wanted to surround me. Now that I have grown and matured at least a little I have seen whom I should invest my time in, for they will be the ones to support me, believe in me, and build me up, and I have figured out what to invest my time in: leadership, volunteering, and impacting the lives of others, because ultimately my life should be servant based. Investing my time in other people will make me more knowledgeable about the many walks of life, needs, and talents surrounding me and will help me to incorporate those characteristics into any thing I am driven to approach and later accomplish.

  • Jessica Solis

    The theme that Ken Parker said about people being most important was my favorite by far. He was so accurate when he said “80% of success is due to working with others and only 20% of success is due to intelligence”. I think this is a huge part of being successful also. Not one person can do everything by themselves they need the help of others. That is why behind successful companies is a group of people that make it operate efficiently. You have to build a network and to do that you have to get to know people. This takes into effect of always being nice to people because you will never know when you will walk into a interview and they are the ones giving it. This is influential in my leadership capacity because I have the opportunity to talk to the speakers that come and lecture to us. I didn’t realize how Important that opportunity is until now. This could make me more effective in the future in the aspect of already knowing people and being able to find job opportunities.

  • Jessica Solis

    The theme that Ken Parker said about people being most important was my favorite by far. He was so accurate when he said “80% of success is due to working with others and only 20% of success is due to intelligence”. I think this is a huge part of being successful also. Not one person can do everything by themselves they need the help of others. That is why behind successful companies is a group of people that make it operate efficiently. You have to build a network and to do that you have to get to know people. This takes into effect of always being nice to people because you will never know when you will walk into a interview and they are the ones giving it. This is influential in my leadership capacity because I have the opportunity to talk to the speakers that come and lecture to us. I didn’t realize how Important that opportunity is until now. This could make me more effective in the future in the aspect of already knowing people and being able to find job opportunities.

  • Haley McKinzie

    The principle, people are most important is an observation Ken Parker shared that he has learned throughout the many events he has invested his time in. Within a lot of aspects in life it’s not what you know, but who you know. I have learned that by possessing great communication skills it will allow a person to learn and get connected. By sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone just one time, it could create many opportunities. You never know who might encounter each day. A long term goal I strive one for is being the influential person that someone wants to know and be connected with. Being intentional and genuine each day will push me to succeed.

  • Mary Schwager

    His principle of “People are most important” serves as a wonderful checkpoint for your goals and aspirations as a leader. Specifically, other people are most important. If you check your motives along the idea that others are most important, your priorities will straighten themselves out. When you realize that the happiness and fulfillment of others should be your main focus, it is easier to stay on track and stay dedicated to your actions.

    In a completely different sense, the importance of people is definitely declining in today’s society. Face to face relationships are decreasing in impact and frequency at an alarming rate. The ability to connect with people is a strength that will never be outdated, no matter how far technology infiltrates our lives.

  • Stephanie Nutter

    Time is one of the only consistent things we have our entire life. While you are alive you will always have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. Being able to take advantage of the most of that time is very important as a leader. No matter where you go or what you do time will always be an important factor for everyone. Time is one of our most precious commodities and no one wants their time to be wasted. So to be influential you must make people feel like you are using their time wisely. When working on a project I like to get things done as early as possible so that later on it is less stressful and a better quality of work because it wasn’t rushed. People will remember that about you and are more likely to depend on you if you are effective with your time. When time is gone there is no way to get it back. Time will continue to move on whether you decide to take advantage of it or not. So the best way to use time effectively and influentially as a leader is to make the most of it.

  • Macie Snowden

    I love the concept he shared which said, “people are most important.” Making someone feel important is something they will remember for a while. They may not remember what you said, but they will always remember the way you made them feel. I think many times in leadership, we treat people just like our projects. People are much more than a deadline. Building your network by creating genuine relationships with people may take you further then any great interview.

  • Macie Snowden

    I love the concept he shared which said, “people are most important.” Making someone feel important is something they will remember for a while. They may not remember what you said, but they will always remember the way you made them feel. I think many times in leadership, we treat people just like our projects. People are much more than a deadline. Building your network by creating genuine relationships with people may take you further than any great interview.

  • The principle Ken discussed about people seemed to have a stronger relationship with my leadership capacity. He said that people are most important and that basically breaking outside of your box and creating relationships with new people can help you be more successful. Doing this and forming these bonds will help these friendships transcend technology changes. I believe knowing this and practicing it can help anybody, even non-leaders, to be more influential and effective. The more bonds that are made and the more intentional you are, the more chances you’ll have people to help you out in the long run which is always nice. The more people that do it, the better.

  • Freshta Nematzadeh

    One of Ken Parker’s two principles of leadership was in regards to time management. To quote, Ken Parker said, “Invest your time wisely, it is your most valuable resource”.This is so crucial especially in today’s age and society. Connecting with people on a personal level has become more sincere and has more meaning than it did many years ago. It is better to extend a hand in person rather than through an email, text message or voice mail. Ken Parker also said to purse wisdom and always keep ROI (return of investment) in mind. Always ask yourself, “Is there any benefit to how you are spending your time at this very moment?”

    This particular leadership theme has a large potential to make my skills more beneficial. Prioritizing is so important and it is a valuable skill that will remain with you for a lifetime, therefore it is best to imply the proper use early on. A true leader with developed skills will know how to organize their time wisely and invest in relationships with people that can help you grow. These two leadership principles go hand in hand because it is important to prioritize time you spend with people and time you spend with material items.

  • Zack Simmons

    I am going to choose the theme “people are most important.” This would ultimately help me become a more effective and influential leader. I chose this theme over “using my time wisely” because I have a strong foundation in this theme already. I tend to lack in putting in the theme “people are most important” because I am so focused on getting things done as well as trying to prioritize my time. This distracts me from building relationships with others.

  • Rachel Meyer

    The principle of people being most important has been very influential on my leadership. I’ve always been told that it’s not necessarily about what you know in life, but who you know. This idea fits the themes he described based on building a network and cultivating a genuine interest in others. Just taking the time to talk to and get to know others has helped me in my leadership journey by encouraging me to grow as a person. Also, his theme of 80% of success is working with others builds my leadership because I have learned how to get along with others, as well as lead them. In any career, interacting with and understanding other is extremely important, especially when in a leadership position.

  • Michael Johnson

    The principle that stuck out to me the most was that people are most important. I believe that every effective leader absolutely has to have great “people” skills. It does not matter how many great ideas you have, if you aren’t nice to people, they won’t follow you. Also, if you make good friends with people in high positions, then you will receive more opportunities to be successful and be a leader. It is a necessity for a leader to learn to work hands on with many different kinds of people to be successful.

  • Marielle Jackson

    I think both themes go hand in hand with influence and leadership. Both time and people have very important aspects that can improve leadership ability in so many ways. As of recently I believe “People are most important” is the most significant to me. To be a great leader, your followers must know that they are valued and appreciated. If a relationship does not exist, there is not room for growth and change. For my leadership experience, I think focusing on people will allow me to be more relatable, know what people want, and learn from everyone else in the process. I firmly believe that influence comes with relationship, and getting to know people on a personal level. It makes people more aware of your motives for leadership when they know they can trust what you say and that you are doing good for them. I believe the theme of making people the most important will provide a way for me to gain trust and stability with others. Not only is it important to build relationships, but it’s important to build trust. As far as being effective goes, if people aren’t valued in your life there is no way to be effective. I believe spending time and investing people will provide me with the social, emotional, and practical tools to influence others. I believe when my time on this earth is through and I look back at my life, I will want to know that I did my very best at getting to know people and making them feel valued. That’s what life is all about.

  • Sydney Richardson

    Ken Parker’s two principles of leadership are to invest your time wisely and that people are the most important. In my leadership experiences I’ve learned that the people you are surrounding yourself around or the people that you are helping can change your whole outlook on life. Not only can the relationships you are building help you get scholarships, and jobs they keep you accountable to make sure you are being the leader you are supposed to be. Mr. Parker also stated to cultivate a genuine interest in people and not only get to know them for person reasons but to really build friendships so the next time that you see them its not just on a business level but a more personal level.

  • Angela Thampi

    One theme that Ken Parker mentioned that I found to be beneficial is investing your time wisely. There have been many times when I feel really overwhelmed over all of the things that I have to do in a day, but when I really think about it, I realize that the problem isn’t how much I have going on, the problem is how I am using my time. Time management is an effective part of being a leader to me because the more time I take in my day to learn and to do something productive, the more I am growing as a person. To help lead others, I have to be confident in my actions, and without taking the time to learn and grow, I will never have that confidence. Pursuing wisdom will get me farther in life than spending my time surfing the web or watching Netflix, and I think putting in the work needed to grow intellectually is something I will have to work on everyday.

  • Lauren McKenzie

    Mr. Ken Parker talked about two different principles of leadership: invest your time wisely and people are most important. I think that one of the best things you can do as a leader, is to make people most important. In order to be a good and effective leader, you must make people your top priority. In order to get where you are as a leader, it is because people believed in you and trusted your leadership skills and abilities. Therefore, your top priority should be investing back your time in the people that got you to your leadership role in the first place. Having good relationships and connections with a variety of people around you will get you farther as a leader.

  • People are most important- the truth of this statement cannot be repeated enough. This idea has a personal impact on me in so many ways. All of the jobs I have been offered have been through connections; its all been about who I know and not what I know. People are so important in becoming and being a leader. First, in the way I have already mentioned, and second in retaining those jobs and positions. Its the people you are around, those you impact and work with that will establish you as a leader; it is not a title you can give yourself. You need people to become a leader. That’ why I truly believe that the idea that people are most important is vital to becoming and being a leader.

  • Sidra Mesiya

    I think Mr. Parker’s thoughts about the principle of investing time wisely is really important to understand as leaders. Investing our time wisely will help us grow into mature and wise leaders. We should take the time to read informative things, keep up with worldly news, connect with different individuals, pursue wisdom, keep a healthy lifestyle, and make everyday count. Our lifestyle today consists of so many things that make us lazy and self-centered. We need to branch out and do things everyday that exercise our minds and that challenge us. We need to be more social as real people than on social media. We need to take time to pursue our passions and expand as intellectual beings. Investing our time wisely right now will help reduce the amount of regret we may face later on in life.

  • Emily Dunlevy

    During Ken’s presentation, he shared two principals of leadership, the first was to invest your time wisely and the second was that people are most important. I think that the most important of these principals is to invest your time wisely. I personally have a hard time telling people no. I have a desire to help everyone and never want to leave someone hanging because they are in need of more help. I have seen this principal come into play in my life since I have started college. I am wanting to get involved in everything on campus, but that is not feasible for me, or anyone! I have to step back and see that I have to have time to take care of myself and get sleep. I can’t commit to helping everyone do everything because there is not enough time in the day. I have to sit down and decide which activities and events will benefit me the most and help me in my life. I have to participate in the activities that will leave a lasting impression on me as an individual.

  • mason thompson

    The two main points that Mrs Parker shared with us in class on Tuesday were Invest your time wisely and that people are most important. By investing your time wisely it makes it much easier to accomplish goals you have set for yourself. You can find yourself with time to learn a new skill. And by connecting with people, you will likely find that interaction makes days more enjoyable, and in result you may find yourself learning something new. the two points tie directly together because in my opinion interacting with one another is a wise investment of time.

  • Cash Deitz

    The principle stating that “people are most important,” is something leaders need to follow. Leadership is about leading people, whether silently or actively speaking, leadership deals firstly with people. If a leader is more concerned with money than people he will often times ruin peoples jobs and financial lives. Leaders hungry for power often abuse it, that can be seen in the past with: Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte. I think leadership focused on people is a characteristic of a true leader because you should be leading for the betterment of other people. I think helping others and knowing people are most important is what makes a servant leader a servant leader.

  • Blakely Elliott

    The one that I find more important is the “people are most important.” In my leadership journey I think that that statement is very obvious. Everything I do is for other people, or that’s what I’m goal is. I do my best to serve others and be there for them through my involvements and leadership. I think that both principles go hand in hand with each other. If people are most important to you then you will ultimately invest your time wisely because you won’t be investing selfishly.

  • I really liked what Ken had to say about people being the most important. I try to have my strong suit be with enjoying people, and being able to work with them in a way that is beneficial to all involved. I want to try and commit to be good with people, and help everyone succeed to the best of their abilities. So you have to cultivate a genuine interest in people and commit to working with them in order to thrive.

  • Sadie Price

    The principle that Ken shared that stood out to me the most would be “choose your time wisely.” I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator and the absolute worst at time management; I get on social media or watch Netflix rather than do my homework so I tend to cling to this statement a bit more. Seeing someone so successful (who came from nothing and made it in the world by himself), it is very motivating hearing it this time around and personally, it had a bit more of an effect on me. Since this past Tuesday’s class, I feel that I have used my time more wisely; instead of going to my room between classes and sleeping, I stay in the Nigh or walk around campus and either get involved with various events that are going on or do homework or even network my way around he student body and even faculty. When you put your life in perspective and really think about the fact that we’re in college now and seriously have to start thinking about our future — because it’s just as much of who you know as well as what you know — you really start to cherish the time you have during the day. Take Beyoncé for example. She’s basically queen of the world and she has the exact same amount of time in a day that I have or anyone else for that matter. I’m not sure if I’ve just been getting less sleep so I’ve been more of a zombie and been able to stay up for hours and hours on end without rest or if my college instincts of being responsible have kicked in; either way, the combination of me finally coming to realization and the reassurance from Ken that using your time wisely can make you successful has really changed my schedule and life for the better.

  • Monica Farquhar

    The theme of time management resided with me. Especially being in college it is very easy to get caught up in fun activities and organizations which distract from what is. It’s important. Having good time management would allow me to get all the important stuff done well and thoroughly and still have time for fun activities. This will make me more effective because it will help me with management skills in the future when I have a job as well as leading me to be more successful. As a leader it will make more effective by giving me more time to develop myself and others and be organized in what I do.

  • Barry Ricketts

    Mr. Parker’s principles of leadership made me think about my presence of being a leader on campus. How I make my leadership capacity influential to others is by making smart choices in bad situations. I believe that if you can show others how to lead that they will follow and want to take what they can from the experience and learn how to lead others and so on. In my opinion this is important because the more leaders we have the more things we can get accomplished on and off campus. His themes have made me want to make my leadership impact greater than what it is already.

  • Britton Hodge.

    out these two principles I think that in my life, number two is more important, because overall people are most important. getting to know people and how they got there that day is so inspiring. listening to peoples life struggles and helping them out will always be a passion of mine. building a network will ultimately only help you out in the end. cultivating a general interest in people is always awesome in life. ultimately making them happy. as the great gage evan’s said one day love people, love god.

  • Jennafyer Sullivan

    People enjoy working with others who they have made some sort of connection with. Ken was right when he said that people are most important. I know that for me personally, I work better and more frequently with individuals that I’ve connected with, as opposed to those that I don’t. When I build those connections, it allows me access to a network of people that I normally wouldn’t have access to. Plus, I sometimes get a friendship out of the deal, which is never a bad thing. Between all of that, I’m better able to accomplish my goals because I have more resources to utilize. Being a leader is a lot of working with people, you can’t really lead if no one wants to work with you.

  • To me, the two points shared by Ken Parker are the two things no one can directly influence or change: Time and People. Time is a finite resources, of which we are all given a variable amount of. And people? Well, people must be treated right if you wish to influence and sway them. Looking at the first kernel of wisdom, the ability to properly and wisely invest time is important to any leader. Sometimes, you must know when to take things slowly. But you must also be able to focus in on what really matters. Unlike so many other things in life, time cannot be replace; thus, if you do not work efficiently you will not reach your full potential. In addition, if time is invested properly, then the investors work will be pushed forward. And with every good investment, every little push, the project at hand will gain momentum until what was once comparable to a pebble is now a mighty boulder, an enigma of fortitude and success. Thus, the wise investment of time is important to both reach full potential and to constantly move forward. A good leader manages time to prevent any one goal for stagnating and failing.
    People are also a resource, though, not a very traditional one. In leadership, general you can have two different approaches to people. They are either, A) a valuable asset, that, while technically replaceable is much more effective when retained and trained and nurtured, or B) canon fodder, easily replaced and simple, like any other resources. Typically, the former viewpoint is preferred, because it is both more effective in the long term and also a more compassionate and moral stance. People are brilliant in that they can learn and get better. Thus, by caring for those who you lead and working to make them better, in the long run, you produce a more robust and powerful team.

  • Chloe Freeman

    With the two principles Ken shared during his presentation, i thought the one about people was most influential to my leadership abilities. ” People are most important” is great to think about because often we try to solve issues instead of help peoples needs. Putting people first is important to build your leadership success because if you are consistently there for people, you are building trust with them and they will eventually be able to rely on you for important issues. Also, putting people first will help make the community a better place because the people are the ones who build up a community and if you take people into account for everything, the community will become a better place.

  • I feel like the most impactful leadership theme Mr. Parker talked about is that people are most important. There’s no one to lead if there aren’t people there to help serve in a project. In application you have to have to develop a relationship with the people that you work with. I really want to create a general interest in people and their lives. He said to be open, curious, and positive. I feel like as a leader you have to be charismatic. It will be a good way to build relationships, and just get to know people. Not one person can do it all, but with the help of others anything is possible. It was inspiring to see someone successful just talk about simple things that truly make a difference.

  • Asia Augustine

    People are vital to me being a leader. Of course, a leader needs people to lead. But beyond that, I need people to uplift me when I am down; people to teach me. People and the connections we form with them are what make life so special. I believe God sends specific people into your life to help you or them in this journey. I could not be a leader if it were not for my experiences with people; this is true for every leader who has ever been on Earth.

  • Lexi Carroll

    The more important of the two themes (to me), would be the statement that people are most important. I believe that a great leader knows how to deal with all types of personalities and to make each person in a room feel equally important. Once we understand that building relationships is the key in leadership, we will have a better grasp on what it takes to be an effective leader. An influential leader sees the potential in people, even on a bad day. They take advantage of the opportunities to meet new people and expand and grow relationships. They are outgoing and personable enough to effect the lives around them in a positive way. They are intentional and are always open to try new things.


    I think people are very important in leadership. In order to improve leadership, it is essential to meet a good people. If we have open mind to people, we can meet a lot of people who are totally different. By experiencing various kinds of people, we can learn how to act and how to improve out ability in dealing others. And if we build network with a lot of people, we can get advice when we are confusing. And it helps when we need to solve the problem in various fields.

  • Michael Blunck

    For me, high school was a rather passive process. Yes I entered perhaps more effort than was asked of me, but in reality I was asked to do very little in order to graduate, making any real use of time an impressive counter to the norm. It wasn’t until I reached college that I learned that life was truly an active process, that I truly had the power to invest my time, energy, and money into the projects and objectives that I deemed important. College really isn’t the logical extension of high school that young students often find in their early conceptions of higher education.

    College is just one of the many valid actions that can follow from the end of high school, and Ken Parker’s presentation brilliantly illustrated this sort of “Power of the actor” that I’m beginning to recognize in the world. Parker outlined what Jarrett already expressed in our first week; our futures are the results of investments and decisions that we are asked to make daily. Time and people were two elements of leadership that Mr. Parker stressed, and these two play a very interlocking role.

    I was identified as as developer and arranger through the Strengths Finder work our class did, and as such I realize just how important people really are to my future success. I need to surround myself with those who would collaborate with me on creative projects, and would being more than willing to share their strengths with me. Through working with others I have the ability to expand my influence by making real connections within my wider social network. However, investing in people inherently means I’m spending my time on those same people, time that I must allocate with the utmost intention. Opportunity cost is a very powerful and very real phenomenon, and as such I must be willing to give up on, and declare necessary, different choices every day. Through this pruning process of the economizing problem I am forced to shape my future and the future lives of those I work with.

    So that is the relationship between time and people as outlined by the brilliant Ken Parker, you must invest in people, but you have a finite amount the commodity of time, and therefore are forced to use it as wisely as possible.

  • Hung-Lin Lai

    People are most important. This is very true. No matter how many successes or failures I have had it was all because of the people involved. People are the most important asset a person could have. When I was just starting out as a leader, I ignored team members opinion and that has costed me. Now I tend to open up and accept different ideas.

  • Chase Gulliver

    Ken spoke a great amount of his own experience working with others, which was one of the main points of his message. In his presentation, success was defined as “85% working with others, and 15% personal intelligence.” With this in mind, several points were made involving how important it is to be able to work well with others, and how important people are in a general aspect. It was said that investing your time in others leads to learning, growing, and deeper connection with others, and a gaining of wisdom. With these four attributes in one person, it can create a very steady understanding of how to network with people, become genuinely interested in others, and help in being more prepared when interacting with others In the future. With a great understanding of how to interact, and how to see the best character traits in people, it makes it much simpler to work well, and efficiently, with others. As well, being interested in who they are, and what they believe, has the potential to create a deeper bond than before, and lead to great influence.

  • Delaney Denham

    i believe that the second principle Ken Parker talked about,”People are most important.” was the most relate able to leadership. When being a leader, it’s important to connect with the people around you. Creating a group with these people will allow for more problems to be solved and individuals to contribute their own unique idea.Working together can create more successes that working alone.

  • Bailee Bronson

    Mr. Parker’s observation that “people are most important” greatly stuck out to me as a young leader because it is short and straight to the point, yet covers so much moral ground. It is easy to get caught up in a me-based world, craving success instead of appreciation, money instead of humble nourishment. To me, this principle outlines everything that I believe as a Christian woman, and it was truly interesting and exciting to hear a speaker say these words. By putting other people before yourself, deadlines, paycheck and glory, a team setting has room to flourish, as opposed to someone blinded by greed. Knowing that you are not the only inhabitant of this planet is crucial for coexistence, preservation, survival and happiness. Yes, managing time wisely is ultra-important in the leadership world, but the basic belief that people are most important helps me to be in a group mindset and assists me in thinking big picture and setting definite goals.

  • Kat Hartley

    Of the two themes Mr. Parker stated, I believe the one that I lean more towards is that People are most important. It is very true in life, because life is not all about the knowledge you have or the grades you get. In everyday life we tend to put our needs, wants, tasks, and desires before others. This is something I need to personally try and not do as much. Putting others before you can always be helpful and you may have a chance to change some body’s life forever. Like one of my favorite high school teacher always said, “It is not always the grades you make, but the hands you shake.”