Week 5 Presentation – Susan Winchester

During her comments, Susan discussed 10 commandments of leadership and service from the book Anyway by Kent Keith. Choose one of the commandments and discuss why this commandment resonated with you.


  • Leila Mazkoori

    Susan Winchester pointed out some very interesting commandments on Tuesday morning that really changed my perspective on a lot of things. I put my all into everything I do, so when somebody does nothing but act selfish and conceited through a project with me I get very upset. The first commandment tells us that people are illogical and unreasonable, and that they will act very selfish, but we should love them anyway. When I first heard this I had a very different opinion on this. Before listening to Susan Winchester, I believed that you should if you did not show any type of respect, you most definitely did no earn my respect let alone my love. But, after the presentation I thought about this first commandment again, and I realized that as a leader you will constantly deal with people that you don’t necessarily get along with, but you should understand their views and understand them as a person, which in turn will help you as a leader if you try to look at the whole picture, and not just a small section.

  • Virginia Glaze

    Susan Winchester’s talk over the Ten Commandments of leadership was incredibly eye-opening for me. The “commandments” are all very true, and I found myself identifying with more than one of them, and recalling a time in my life when those situations had come into play. The commandment I find that speaks the most to me would be, “The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.” I choose this specific one because I find myself bending over backwards for people quite often. Expecting praise isn’t something I usually do, especially since humility is a trait I cherish. It’s easy, however, to expect someone to thank you for your efforts, and when they act like nothing even happened, you can get a little upset. I have to remember that everyone is only human, and that I should humbly and eagerly seek to help anyone in need. That’s a part of leadership, after all, and one that we should all embrace!

  • “People really need help but may attack you if you do help them. Help people anyway.” This commandment spoke to me a small amount more than the others because I tend to be on both sides of the situation. I love to help others and many times I do get attacked by them because they need a person to lash out on. Unfortunately, recently I have been under an immense of amount of stress. Mix that with only two hours of sleep every night, family issues, and work almost every afternoon of the school week you get an angry Sean! I try my best to control it or just stay away from people until my attitude rolls over, but there is always that one person that asks, “What is wrong?” over and over until I finally crack and explode all of my horrible emotions onto them. I have noticed that even though I do blow up these people forgive me and move on which I appreciate because I do the same thing when the roles are flipped. Family and friends have always been there for me or as the commandments say “Help me anyway” and as a leader I want to return the favor.

  • Cambrea Lott

    All of the commandments that Susan gave were all wonderful and are also up in a picture that hangs in my living room at home. Weird. Anyhow, the commandment that spoke to me most was the ninth one which says, “People may really need your help but attack you when you help them. Help anyway.” This one resonated with me the most, because I am a very sympathetic person. This usually involves me seeing problems or hard times that my friends, family, or classmates are going through and practically treating their problems like they’re my problems and trying to help them the best I can. Sometimes this makes people really angry or defensive, and they simply don’t want help. When this happens, it makes me more hesitant to want to help the next person who needs it, because I don’t want them to get offended or upset with me. This commandment reminded me that it was important to try and help regardless, because no one can do everything alone. If I can just manage to help one person, whether they want it or not, that’s really all that matters.

  • Zack Simmons

    The commandment that resonates with me the most is number 9. It states, “Give the world the best you have and you’ll get punched in the teeth, give your best anyway. A lot of people, including myself, struggle with the fear of failure. We tend to hesitate on jumping into things just because it may not work out the way we want, or we’re afraid we’ll fall right on our face. If someone asks me to join a group, or start a new job, or try something I’m unfamiliar with. The first thing I always ask is, am I going to be successful at this? And if I’m not, I usually shy away from attempting it. This is something I’ve worked on and still currently am.

  • Macie Snowden

    The commandment I liked the best was commandment number 4, which said, “the good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow; do good anyway.” This made me question my motives. Why do I do what I do? Is it out of a genuine desire to serve others, or to receive recognition for my “good deeds.” It challenged me to strive to serve selflessly, not selfishly. Will it be okay if I participate in this service project or contribute service to a person or group without being recognized? Am I okay with staying behind the scenes? These are questions to reflect on to make sure my heart is in the right place before I “willingly” do good.

  • Ocean Scheel

    The commandment that spoke to me directly in Susan Winchesters reference to the book by Kent Keith was commandment number eight: what you spend years building may be destroyed overnight, build anyways. As many of the commandments, this one can be devastating, not only is it hard to build in fear of tomorrow’s possible destruction, but more so it is hard to pick up broken pieces of what has already been destroyed and rebuild. In college so far I have learned that the expectations you have for yourself, as well as the confidence and knowledge you hold may not always be merited by others. At times you will be discouraged, broken down and criticized on something that you truly believed was great, despite this difference in opinion, you must pick up the broken pieces of your paper, or project, or life goals and choose to build despite the cynical sights of others or to conform or to completely give up.

  • Tyler Curry

    For me, the commandment that stood out the most was when good is forgotten, do it anyway. I can relate to this commandment because sometimes I realize the good that I do for others may be insignificant and not matter in the end, but I tell myself to carry on anyway. I have to convince myself that every good deed I perform reflects who I am and may eventually be recognized by someone. Even if the good I do goes unnoticed, I know what I’ve done and I feel better about myself. I believe the world needs more good and so with that in mind, I do the best I can, whether they are small acts of kindness or helping someone in need. Although it seems simple, I’m not a perfect person and so I make mistakes everyday. I just hope I can make up for them with the good I do.

  • Asia Augustine

    One of the commandments Susan spoke about was giving the world your best. This encompasses almost everything else she said in one commandment. No matter the situation, do what you know is right. No matter what others think or say, do your best. “Keep striving until you are content” , this really spoke to because I have made this my personal mission. No matter the situation I strive to do my best at what ever comes my way on a daily bases. So that when I lay down at night I can rest easy knowing I am happy with the choices I made throughout the day.

  • Deven Bond

    Susan Winchester discussed Kent Keith’s ten commandments of leadership and service, and I feel that I could relate to many of them. All leaders have probably found themselves in these situations. The second commandment had particular importance to me. “If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Do good anyway.” Doing the right thing is not always noticed, and that’s okay because it does not need to be, but sometimes people notice what you do and assume that it’s for other reasons besides just wanting to do good in the world. I think this goes back to the first commandment saying that people are self-centered. When a self-centered person notices you doing good, they will automatically assume it is for other reasons because that is the only reason they would do it. As a leader, being kind and wanting to do good for others is one of the most important qualities. Like Mrs. Winchester said, “If you’re not giving the world your best, then what world are you saving it for?” No matter what other people think of you, continue doing good in the world and maybe you can change other hearts with your acts of kindness.

  • Clayeton Hammock

    The commandment that resonated with me was the first one, “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered, love them anyways.” A lot of times people get so caught up in arguing instead of trying to reach the best option,they just try to to win the argument. This can damage many relationships, all because someone is too prideful to admit they’re wrong. If we can just love and respect everyone, it would make things go a lot smoother. it can be very difficult at times, but no matter how illogical someone is we should continue to express our love. By doing this, they will eventually realize how silly they looked and change their ways, rather than both of you having a pointless argument that benefits no one.

  • Jessica Matallana

    The ten commandments of leadership and service were extremely powerful and all of them spoke to me in so many ways. Yet, the first one spoke to me the most. “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.” There are so many times in my life and scenarios that I have gone through that has exemplified this commandment. Giving love is something that I always try my best to achieve in, but sometimes, when the person isn’t so willing, it makes it all the more difficult. Yet, that shouldn’t stop me from showing them love, because even if I can’t physically see it, I know it’s making a difference, even if it’s a small one.

  • Haley McKinzie

    After listening to Susan’s experiences with major leadership roles I was very intrigued by the way she handled adversity in certain situations. As she talked about the book by Kent Keith, the commandments listed were all great methods to remember. The one that resonated with me most was, “The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow, do good anyway.” I know personally in my life it sometimes feels like if I were to do a million great things that nobody would notice, but if one slip up occurs then the whole world knows about it. This is just a reminder to always do the right thing even if attention isn’t drawn to your actions. In the end, by doing good things you will be rewarded, and there will always be someone who notices your actions. Leadership is about serving others, and it is okay to not always be the one in the lime light.

  • Kennedy Lehew

    One of the commandments Susan made was, “Honesty will be forgotten, but be honest anyway.” I strongly believe in this statement. I think that when we are not honest with people, it puts us into bigger problems. If you are honest, people will respect that. You may not see directly the rewards of being honest, but being honest is always the right thing to do. If we truly care about the people around us, we should be honest with them, out of respect to them. They will not remember or even think of the times you were honest with them in the long run, but it was definitely the right thing to do.

  • The commandment that really resonated with me was the 10th and final commandment. “Give the world the best you can, and will kick you in the teeth, but give it your best anyways.” It’s a quite a simple concept. No matter how much life knocks you down; get back up. Never give up, never surrender. I personally have this mindset. I fail constantly in my daily life, but I choose to learn from my mistakes. I believe it makes a stronger person. That’s is why I’m not afraid to be myself, and just give things my all. If I fail, and get back up there’s nothing that can hold me back. That commandment really speaks to me because represents me.

  • Marielle Jackson

    Though all of the commandments of leadership are valuable and true, I believe the commandment “Give the world your best you have, and you may get kicked in the teeth. Give your best anyways.”
    I’ve found this to be so true in many areas of my life. Most recently, I’m noticing it in college. Sometimes you give your absolute best and you still get kicked in the teeth.
    Throughout high school, I always had everything figured out. The school work was easy, my teachers liked me, and I never struggled with not being “the best.” It sounds selfish and rather conceited, but I’m just being real and honest. I felt like I had it all figured out and that I could “do no wrong.” Being in college, it’s a completely different story and quite the wake-up call. Sometimes your best won’t get you an A on an exam. Sometimes your teachers don’t necessarily “like” you. Sometimes you aren’t the best.
    The only way that we can succeed in life is even if we feel like our “best” seems to back fire every time, to just keep going. Keep improving until you are satisfied. Never give up just because something isn’t like it’s always been. You may get beat down, and you may get kicked in the teeth, but how you rebound from that is the true picture of your character. Life is hard sometimes, but never stop giving your best. Prove yourself and make yourself proud.

  • mason thompson

    During the presentation on tuesday, Mrs. Winchester spoke about her approach on leadership. The overall thing that i took from her comments can be summed up into three main points, move forward, take risks, and never back down. the reason that I think these were important is because they all are things that i have struggled with as a leader, I constantly find myself trying to play it safe. Another thing i have struggled with is getting hung up on things that happened in the past. The third point has not necessarily been a struggling area for me but i think that it is very important for people to never back down and stay strong in their beliefs. This will help to build confidence, and i will believe that it will make you a more effective leader.

  • Rachel Meyer

    The commandment that stuck out the most to me was, “The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow, do good anyway.” This really is important to me because I strive to always do the most that I can for others. However, sometimes I fall short because I end up wondering what credit I will get for doing a good deed or if someone will do something good for me in return. As a leader, I am called to do something great every single day, even if it goes unnoticed. The role models of my life are people who I see doing this example, and I try to encourage myself to live up to this commandment even if it is not always the easiest choice to make.

  • Lauren McKenzie

    Susan talked about many ways to stay firm as a leader. One commandment that she talked about was to do good even if people do not think that you are being genuine. In order to be a leader there are certain requirements, but we have to be genuine with our motives. No matter what other people think, you must know that you are doing things for the good of the community and not to impress others. You should want to do something even if no one is watching. Your motives should be to help others, rather than lifting yourself up as a leader. Some people my test or accuse you of having bad motives, but if you know where your heart is, there opinion should not matter. The opinion of others should not affect you as a leader.

  • Micah Jones

    The commandment that Iiked the most was the second one: If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish intentions, do good anyway. People seem to always be trying to find an alternative motive behind ever cause. I can’t say I always blame them. Bill Gates is a good example of this. He spends years and years with Microsoft making as much as he can and then starts giving it away in 1994. Altruism? Most likely not. Philanthropic funds common amoung the super wealthy in the US. They provide significant tax avoidences. In Bill’s case, his organization contributes so much to the World Healt Organization that he has considerable leverage in shaping health policy. Granted, this Foundation has done some very good things such as lowering the costs of Hepatitis B inoculations by 68 per cent, and supporting an ‘advanced market commitment’ to develop pneumococcal vaccines. My point being, maybe there’s good reason to looking into something good to see if it’s ‘two-sided.’ Either way, something good is being done and probably should be done regardless of true motive.


  • Emily Dunlevy

    Susan Winchester discussed the 10 commandments of leadership and service during her presentation on Tuesday. I thought that all of the commandments were very interesting but the commandment that resonated most with me was that, “The good you do today will be forgotten by tomorrow, do good anyways.” I think that this commandment stood out to me the most because I try to live a life dedicated to service. I involve myself in many activities so that I am able to give back to my community and the downtrodden. I feel as though I don’t have ulterior motives when I perform my service. I do good so that I can make a difference in someone’s life. I don’t volunteer and help others so that I get recognition of some kind. I do it so that I know I have reached my full potential and have done all that I am capable of doing at the time. I love spending time with others and learning from others so that is what motivates my work, not any recognition that may come from it. I feel as though I live this commandment the most in my life right now.

  • Jameson Riley

    The fourth commandment she discussed provoked quite a bit of thought in my head. She said “The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow, do good anyway”. As poetic as that sounds and as true as it may be in her experience, I find the opposite is true in the reality I have been exposed to. People remember all the bad ever done it seems sometimes, but I believe that, inside, most people want to remember and acknowledge the everyday good that happens in their lives. I remember seeing good things happen that I wasn’t involved in at all. Things that didn’t effect me at all still hold a place in my memory not because of the grand nature of it, but because of the goodness and the love displayed by the act. As true as it may be in other people’s lives, I don’t think all of the good we do anyday will be forgotten by everyone so quickly.

  • Ellie Schultz

    Commandment 1- People are illogical, unreasonable, self centered; love them anyway. This commandment resonated with me the most. Anyone can love someone that is easy to love. It shows true character and heart when you love the person that is hard to love. I believe love should be the driving force in every leader. To be a world changing it begins with loving the outcast, the freaks, the jerks, enemies, and the unlovable. It is the greatest commandment of all. I want to live by this statement; love them anyway.

  • Sidra Mesiya

    “The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyways.” I think this commandment is very important for us as leaders to understand. I remember many times in high school when I would work so hard on projects that would benefit the whole school, but later on I would feel like people had forgotten about everything I had done. This would make me upset and unmotivated to do anything more. It took me awhile, but I realized that the point of doing good for others is not to be remembered and appreciated. The point is to make the world a better place and help your community even if they do not appreciate it. So as leaders, there will be times when we will ask ourselves why we are trying so hard when no one else seems to care at all. We have to move past that and do good anyways.

  • Stephanie Nutter

    The commandment that resonated the most to me was the first commandment Susan Winchester mentioned. “People are illogical,unreasonable,and self centered. Love them anyways.” Everyone views the world differently because of their experiences, feelings, and goals. Sometimes people don’t even realize they are being illogical, unreasonable or self centered because they honestly feel that what they’re doing is right.I think that we as humans want everyone to be exactly the same and so this commandment is hard for us. Instead of trying to see both sides of an argument we just shut down. But if we all decided to not talk to someone who had been illogical, unreasonable, or self centered, I highly doubt anyone would be speaking to each other today. Like the old adage says ” Dont judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

  • Lexi Carroll

    The very first commandment caught my attention because it was a fairly bold statement to make. The commandment read, “People are illogical, irresponsible and self-centered. Love them anyway.” I think it resonated with me, first of all because I heard the word “love.” As a leader or anyone, the first way to connect with people is to make them feel important and loved. You will get no where by treating everyone any lesser than anyone else. It starts of saying that people are illogical, irresponsible and self-centered. Before thinking of other people, I thought of myself. I can all be like that sometimes and I am sure we could all agree that we would like to be loved even though sometimes we don’t feel worthy. Instead of shunning people away when they act poorly, show them what’s right and guide them in the right direction. That’s what an effective leader would do.

  • Freshta Nematzadeh

    Susan Winchester was an amazing speaker and one of my favorites that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this semester. I particularly enjoyed the book excerpts from “Anyway” , by Kent Keith. My favorite commandment from the book was number 3, “if you are successful you win false friends and true enemies, love them anyway” . Often times you will see someone boast about their successes and suddenly become flourished with attention from new friends. In fact, these are not friends, rather true enemies and false friends looking to find a way in your inner circle. The fake friends and true enemies are almost indistinguishable. In a way, all of the commandments tie into each other, because it boils down to being a good person and wishing well for others. A true leader cannot prosper without gaining respect from others and remaining humble and true to himself. I am very happy Susan introduced our class to this book and i am looking forward to reading more about these commandments in detail. I believe that there are some good words to live by and new insights on how to view the world from this book.

  • Emily Raynor

    The commandment I chose that resonated with me is the number one commandment, people are self-centered, love them anyway. This resonates with me because one of my main goals during my life time is to appreciate and include everyone, even the people that do not deserve as much kindness as others. People who are self-centered do not think of others, only themselves, and do not care about what other people are doing or trying to do. As a leader, it is very complicated and risky to work and lead people that are self-centered and do not put others first. My goal is to look beyond the main obstacles of working with self-centered people and to, in fact, love them anyway.

  • Kalen Russell

    “The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds. Think big anyway.” All who have envisioned a better future, who have embarked on a daunting task, or who have dared to believe in something greater than themselves, have endured ridicule. This commandment stresses the necessity of not only overcoming rejection, but expecting it. Socrates, one of the world’s greatest minds, was charged with “corrupting the youth” and put to death for his teachings. Disagreeing with polytheism was blasphemous, but Socrates, committed to seeking the truth, stuck to his beliefs and is now recognized as a founder of Western philosophy (Google). This commandment and correlating historical account, resonate with me because they serve as a reminder to always work towards something bigger than yourself. In society diversity is encouraged, but simultaneously one is chastised for being too different. All of history’s greats made the decision to “think big anyway”. Because of them I am presented with the opportunities that I have today, and I hope that one day I possess the courage and knowledge necessary to continue the cycle and make a better world for the next generation.

  • Cash Deitz

    One of the commandments that really resonated within me is number 8 commandment,”What we spend years building can be destroyed overnight, build anyways.” I have worked hard for a lot of things in my life that did not pay off in the end. Some were ruined in seconds, such as when I was trying to get a college football scholarship and I broke my leg and was no longer able to play. I had worked on football and my skills since I was in the third grade. Years of effort gone in a split second. At first I wondered if it was worth it and indeed it was. Not only did I enjoy every second of football, I became a better, stronger, and more determined man because of it. You should not fear destruction and failure because it is inevitable, but instead be accepting of failure because failure is almost always prior to a great success.

  • Jordan Michela

    “Give the world the best you have and you will get your teeth knocked out. Give your best anyway.” Out of all the commandments, the tenth one produced a clear message to my heart. Overtime I will strive for achievement but others may try to tear it down. As I started to think about what this truly meant I realized that as long as I stand by this command, I will have fulfilled my purpose in life. Leaders are born to step out of their comfort zone, perform their best, and make a difference. Because of this, there will be many people with opinions, some bad and some good. In the end, we have to accept that others may not approve of our own visions. My goal from this is to just push through those trials. If I touch one person’s life by trying to do something then I have achieved more than enough.

  • Sabrina Bermudez

    One of Keith’s commandments says “the good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow, but do good anyways”. Sometimes people will forget you did something kind or beneficial to others. Sometimes nobody will ever know. Still, we should do good in the world for the sake of doing good, not for receiving praise. If we can humble ourselves enough to make positive changes and be kind to others without seeking glory for ourselves, it’s then that we can make an actual impact. I think our intentions should be selfless either way. We should want to do good because we want there to be good.

  • Jessica Solis

    The commandment that resonated with me the most was commandment number 4. Commandment 4 says “the good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow: do good anyway”. I like this commandment the most because it goes along the line of doing the right thing out of the goodness of your heart even if no one is watching. I try to apply this to my day to day life and always make sure I am doing what is right even if no one sees it or will forget about it.

  • Darian Covington

    The commandment that resonated with me that Susan spoke about was ‘ the good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow but do good anyway.’ When she spoke about this it really hit home because a lot of people do good deeds to get recognition and expect praise. As a leader, one should do good because of integrity and for the benefit of others. People may forget what you did but that doesn’t mater nor should it affect your decisions on performing those good deeds. Regardless of what people think, remember or don’t remember we should always do what we believe is right. Always “do good anyway.”

  • My personal favorite of the commandments is actually the very first one. It states, “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.” I am someone who cares deeply about humans. I’ll be the first to tell you that empathy is not high in my skill set, but I can’t help my inherent sense of hope and the need to help that is ingrained in me. My heart is touched by stories of hardships faced by my fellow beings and I instantly want to help. However, sometimes I am at a loss at how to reach out. Sometimes I have a hard time connecting with those who do not share a view that I am particularly passionate about, or I run into someone who is especially insistent on being stubborn and unreasonable. It happens all the time. The important thing is that we do not ever give up on each other. We have to constantly seek ways to reach out for one another. When John Donne spoke about humanity in Meditation 17 he said, “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” We are all illogical, unreasonable and self-centered at times, but if we give up on others for this, rather then loving them anyway, we are, by Donne’s logic, giving up on ourselves and humanity altogether. We cannot let this happen. We have to love each other anyway.

  • The commandment I liked best was #8- what we spend years building can be torn down over night, build anyway. The truth in this statement is unmatched. I think it is so important to work hard for everything you have and if you lose it all, if everything is torn down, get back up and build again. If we let the fear of losing everything rule our lives then we will never be successful. Its those that take the risks, build anyway, that go on to do great. Sure, they may have had times when what they were creating was torn down- by others, by disaster, by loss, etc. But we must build on anyway. Without the pressing inovation and constant “get back up” attitude, nothing can ever be accompished.

  • The commandment that most resonated with me was, “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
    Love them anyway.” This is something counter cultural because it delves into the soul of the human. It shows that people will not be who you think they are. They will not be who you want them to be. You can’t always rely on people no matter how hard it should be simple for them to do such a thing. You can’t rely on people to love you. Sometimes people have things deep inside them that you can’t rely on them because of. But the point is you have to care about people despite their lack of care. Sometimes that’s the only way to make a difference in people’s lives.

  • Delaney Denham

    One of the leadership commandments that Susan Winchester talked about that stuck with me was “Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.Give the world the best you have anyway.” I find this particular one resounds with me. I am a very hard worker. I always put time and effort into whatever I am doing. Sometimes, when I turn an assignment in, I don’t get the grade I think I deserve or I end up having to redo my work. It’s very frustrating to be told my work or effort isn’t good but I am able to work around that, remembering that as long as I try my best, nothing else matters.

  • The quote that really resonated with me was the 4th commandment. It says “The good that you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyways.”Our character and integrity should not require recognition. It doesn’t matter if you do tons of community service, if your only desire is recognition than that is not true leadership. People won’t always see the good we do for the community, but we must do good not matter what and gain satisfaction through what we put out into the world rather than receive.

  • Angela Thampi

    The commandment that resonated with me the most was “what spent years building could be destroyed over night, but build anyway.” In my life, I have been in a situation where everything my family and I had built had come tumbling down in a day. In that moment, we had to make a choice. We could either let what happened bring us down, or we could rebuild and try to start over. If we had not chosen the latter, I would not be where or who I am today. I learned very early on that dwelling on the hardships of the past will get you nowhere. Even when it gets tough, you have to keep going and keep building no matter what.

  • Mary Schwager

    The first commandment, “People are unreasonable, illogical,and self-centered- Love them anyway” is most applicable to my life. Especially in leadership positions, it is easy to be let down by the normal human failures we all experience. When you bear in mind that people are people, and everyone will have their specific difficulties, it is easier to be empathetic with them, and to try and help them overcome the little bumps that life throws at us.
    And honestly, people ARE unreasonable- think of all the high expectations we have!
    People are illogical- we complain because the device we hold in our hand takes a few seconds longer to access all the information available to us.
    And people are self-centered, look at our culture. It’s hard to not agree with this commandment in today’s world!

  • Chloe Freeman

    “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self centered. Love them anyway. ” I like this one the best because it also goes along with my religious face too. Jesus says to love everyone no matter what they have been through or how they have acted and I think this is important because everyone deserves to be loved equally. If everyone lived with this idea the world would be a much better place.

  • Blakely Elliott

    I think the one that I like the most out of the 10 commandments is the one that says “give the world your best and get kicked in the teeth, but give your best anyways.” Throughout my leadership journey I have realized that you can’t make everyone happy. There have been so many situations where I thought it was a success but then I later hear about people complaining. Even though this is upsetting, it doesn’t bring me down because I knkw that there are so many more people who are enjoying themselves than who aren’t. I could get “kicked in the teeth” so many times, but I will still continue to do my best because there are people out there who need me to do my best.

  • Sadie Price

    Susan said, “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self centered. Love them anyway.” This particular commandment, number 1, stood out and was a bold statement to me. I have a huge heart and often forgive people more than I should for more than I should. With that being said, I value this commandment the most. To me, it’s saying what every single person wishes they could do: see beyond flaws and prejudice and rumors and just simply love everyone. Even the nicest people may not favor someone simply because they are loud or something. It honestly takes a lot for someone to truly love everyone, and I think that’s why I admire this statement so much. Ultimately, it helps you gain respect from people and challenges you to be an even better person than you may already be.

  • Chase Gulliver

    The most important of the ten commandments was the first: People are illogical, unreasonable, and self centered; love them anyways. So many times we go through life only looking for the things that can better ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, we even use the help we give others as a tool to better ourselves, through confidence, self esteem, reputation, etc. Motive has a very fine line of where it leads, and what it is used for. Loving people can be such a simple thing, but can be made complicated so easily. Everyone searches everyday for love, acceptance, and a feeling of contentment. It is so easy to embrace the longing of others with love, whether it may seem like it or not. Illogical people may be hard to get along with, unreasonable people may be hard to associate with, and self centered people may be hard open up, but love conquers all, and can bring out the light in the darkest of people. No person wakes up and thinks “I don’t want to feel loved, and feel important today.” But, the thing that’s so important, is how easy it is to love others. It is so often missed, of how a simple smile, a simple wave, a simple hand shake or hug, can have on someone. It’s these things that light the fire of love inside others. Taking a minute to put yourself out there and do the simple things to make others feel loved and accepted can be so easy, and can have such a large impact and influence on other peoples lives, it’s just a matter of doing it.

  • Michael Johnson

    Commandment 10:
    Give the world the best you have, and you’ll get kicked in the teeth, give your best anyways
    This commandment really stuck out to me, because I believe that no matter what anyone thinks, you should always do what’s right and what’s best, and keep doing those things to the best of your ability. Too many times people conform to what other people want to see in them, instead of what they want they want. In class, we talked about how people improve the most in their natural strengths, so if you conform to what others want you to be, you will never know what you could become. Follow your heart and getting your teeth kicked in sounds much better, to me, instead of doing what others want you to do and living a life full of regret. “There are two pains in life, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. It’s your choice.” – Bill Curry

  • Monica Farquhar

    10. Give the world the best you have and they will kick you in the teeth. give your best anyway. If your not giving the world your best then what are you saving it for? This commandment resonated most with me because it is a reminder to do my best and be my best at all times. It also reminds me that I am not perfect and I will have critics all throughout my life but that shouldn’t stop me from being the best I can. I don’t want to live my life just day by day, not doing anything to better myself or society, I want to strive for success! The ending to this commandment is a reminder to live in the now and to give you best in everything you do because it will pay off in the end.

  • Sydney Richardson

    The commandment that stood out the most to me is the very first one. “People are illogical, unreasonable, self centered, love them anyway” What this particular commandment means to me is that when people hate you for reasons unknown and you do all that you can to understand why they feel that way and you just can’t connect with them that’s when you love them even more. When people are full of hate and evil the only way to truly get to their heart is to love them. As a Christian, loving people no matter what they do or believe is a strong moral value of mine so its something I strive for everyday. We all make mistakes and I wouldn’t want someone not to love me because of one mistake I’ve made in my past. You never know what someone is going through and your love may change their day or way of thinking.

  • Bailee Bronson

    Mrs. Winchester’s ninth commandment resonated the most with me because it truly mirrored my Catholic value of unconditional service. The ninth commandment reads, “people may really need your help but will attack you when you try to help; help them anyway.” I have seen both extremes of this spectrum, having helped regardless of the situation and having refused help. Part of my problem with not wanting people to help me was the massive cloud of my own pride and the heaviness of my internal voice. I would tell myself that I can not only achieve, but conquer all on my own. Since then, real life humbling events have shown me that I can go nowhere without the help of others and most importantly, The Lord. Because of my personal experiences with being blessed for the help of others, especially when I did not return the kindness due to my own demons, I have learned that it is crucial to help when you can. Everyone is fighting their own battles which we may know nothing about.

  • Commandment number 10 was the commandment that stuck out the most to me. Commomamdemt number four states ,”Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth but give the world the best you have anyway.” This commandment gave me the belief that whatever choices you make in life that you need to try your hardest to make the most out of the situation because this world is unforgiving in a number of ways. I remember how my high school football coach would give me and and the rest of the team pep talks before the game about giving it all we got on the field. During class Tuesday, when I heard Susan Winchester speak about the tenth commandment it brought back memories of me playing sports in highshool.

  • Britton Hodge.

    in her speech one of the commandments she gave was number 8.What we spend years building might be destroyed overnight, build anyway. this resonated with me in my experience in losing my home in the moore tornado. we spent years adding things to that house for it all to be gone in a matter of 13 minutes. what I didn’t realize till months after was that I need to “build anyways” I worked hard to overcome the hardship that was in my life at the time. and I continue to work hard because there will always be things in life that will bring you down but you have to push harder.

  • During Mrs.Winchester’s presentation, she presented the 10 Commandments of Leadership, which all resonated with me. The commandment I appreciated the most would have to be Commandment 1: People are illogical, self-centered, and unreasonable; love them anyway. This commandment is my favorite because it is basically the Golden Rule. If everyone in the world just followed this commandment, it would be such a more pleasant place to live! It is also a good reminder that to get tasks accomplished in a respectable manner, you must treat those (who may not even deserve it) with respect and compassion. You are only responsible for your actions and how well you treat others. This commandment reminds people that you should not allow others’ actions to change the way you treat them. Just kill them with kindness, no matter what.


    I think ‘If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.’ resonates me the most. During living, I can meet various kinds of people. Each of them has own characteristics. Some are good and some are not good. When I am kind, someone might praise me. But some others might accuse me of selfish, ulterior motives. But, I need to be kind because, if I’m kind consistently, people would think me kind. They finally realize I’m a kind people and nice. Also, if I am kind, it can have self-contentment. So, I believe myself and it also helps me a lot.

  • Michael Blunck

    For me I thought Susan Winchester showed that we as individuals really do have the ability to change things and make things happen through our civic engagement and our lending of our time. This was a difficult concept for me to understand growing up. As a boy I was a boy scout, I attended meetings and volunteered where required for rank advancement. In high school I competed in speech and debate, and while I managed to put forth enough effort to win a few rounds I never really put much more out than was the minimal.

    This has always been my greatest short coming. I am plagued by mediocrity, or at least I often perceive this to be the case. Its this same since of inadequacy that leads me to give up on projects and to not challenge myself to accept new and potentially exciting challenges. Its just easier to chalk these short comings up to my schedule being “more tentative than I previously expected.” For me then I realize the way I show most what I prioritize in life is through the amount of effort and time I devote to it. Every time I fail to meet an expectation or uphold a promise, or see someone I need to see to make sure they’re alright I feel like I am explicitly sending the message that I care that much less for the people and things that I claim to love.

    This brings me back to this week’s question. For me, the commandment that most resonated with me was commandment # 10: “Give the world the best you have and you will get kicked in the teeth. Give the best you have anyway.” The reason I so attach to this is because it underlines the inherent risks and fears associated with trying, If I never put myself out there I cant fail, yet doing nothing seems to suggest that I’ve already lost to the world – me dichotomy. Avoiding conflict in order to stay safe from ridicule and threats means that I’ve let the weight of the world beat me, that I’ve let the problems of the everyday become to much for me to handle.

    However, if I make the effort, unavoidable failures and all, then I haven’t lost. Heck even a tie isn’t a loss. That’s why I need to give the world my best, whether it wants it or not, because If I don’t, then I bring everyone I know down with me, I bring down the team.

    Finally, this commandment spoke to me not only on a personal level, but also on a more macro level. I recognize that throughout our discussions on leadership there has been a number of constant themes. One in particular is that the enemy of all great things is common place apathy and indifference. From not sowing the seeds of community to holding back our logs from the fire, it is apathy and indifference toward ourselves and our fellow man that ruins the world we live in and rots it from the inside with webs of social injustice and tumors of conflict and strife. A song I am rather fond of holds the final lines:

    “In this life we lead, we could conquer everything,
    If we could just get the braves to get out of bed in the morning.”

    it speaks to this very commandment as it highlights the need for bravery in the everyday since and usage, but it also hints at the lack of personal responsibility in assigning obligations to others rather than accepting the active role we each play in this world.

    Commandment # 10 reminds us all that not only do we need the “braves” of the world to get out of bed everyday, but that we each must find the courage to join them.

  • Michael McClish

    The good you do today will be forgotten will be forgotten tomorrow; do good anyway. This commandment stuck out to me more than any of the others because it’s often times hard to go out of ones way to do the right thing often times knowing that tomorrow it honestly won’t matter. This commandment is a good reminder that we do not do the right things because someone told us that doing right is good, but we do the right things because that is what integrity is-doing right just because you have an honest condition.

  • Hung-Lin Lai

    i thought she was courageous and didn’t let people talk her down. She inspired me to not be afraid and work hard. Do things for others and be selfless.