Week 4 Presentation – Strengthsfinders

Our strengths work best when utilized and understood in combination with each other. You now know your top 5 strengths based on the results of the StrengthsFinder inventory. Within your blog for this week, describe how you believe your strengths work together as complements and how you might leverage the combination of at least two strengths in your leadership roles and opportunities now and in the future.


  • Tyler Curry

    I think when you have two or more strengths that are able to complement one another, it can really benefit you and the others you interact with. Two strengths that I acquired from the test were empathy and developer. Empathy is your ability to relate to other’s feelings and being a developer is your ability to help and encourage someone else to be the best that they can be. To me, these strengths can work well together because if I can understand where a person is coming from in a tough situation, then I may know the right words to say or action to take to help them overcome their problem. The way that these strengths could be applied by me in the future, when I’m hopefully working in my field of study, is to be able to relate and build relationships with my coworkers and be a source of motivation for them. This would not only help me in the work place, but in everyday life with family and friends.

  • My five strengths are woo, significance, restorative, communication, and focus. I believe they work together by enabling me to be a better leader in a crowd and individually with many people. It also helps me stay on task and keep organized to get a job done. Using my strengths of woo, restorative, communication, and focus, I can easily get a group together for a problem now or for future purposes. If I want to start a business or an organization I would use my woo strength to meet new and interesting people to help me start or work it. I would then use my communication to inspire the newly met people or people I need help from. Then I would use my focus strength in order to follow through with whatever idea or business I have. Finally, I would use my restorative strength in order to fix any potential problems that could occur in mentioned organization or business. By mixing all of these I can turn my strengths into a process that very well works together in order to accomplish my goals and service others at the same time.

  • Virginia Glaze

    This week’s presentation was very engaging and eye-opening! My top five strengths are Consistency, Developer, Harmony, Discipline, and Restorative. All of these traits can help to build up other people, by being consistent in my treatment of others, helping to develop other’s strengths, and bringing a restorative and peaceful mood to situations. I believe that I can utilize my strengths of discipline and harmony to become a better worker and my job, to bring understanding between customers, and to become a better leader in the workplace by being consistent and disciplined. If I continue to hone these talents, I will someday be able to bring an even better understanding between people and help to make their day and lives better.

  • My top 5 strengths were Restorative, Learner, Significance, Positivity, Arranger. I believe the two that compliment me are Significance and Restorative. Significance speaks to me, because I truly enjoy the little things in life. As a leader I want to instill that into others. It’s the little things in life that truly make people happy. As simple, but intentional conversation can really turn someone’s life around. Restorative is also a good one for me, because I firmly believe that if you diligently address any conflict that any confrontation can bare good fruit. I also like to solve problems, but that’s just me personally. I feel those two really leverage my leadership style. Both help me to be thankful for every opportunity, and to always persevere in whatever I do.

  • Leila Mazkoori

    Paul J. Meyer said that “We should concentrate on our strengths and not our weaknesses.” I found this quote fitting in the sense that we always want to focus on our weak qualities instead of our strong qualities. Everybody has a strength, and it is important to know yours, so that you don’t struggle through life to get to your success. For example, if you are not a strategic thinker, you should not focus all of your time into strategic thinking because it simply is not suited for you. The same applies to all the other strengths as found in strengthfinders.
    My strengths were WOO achiever, communication, includer, and activator. These skills help me determine the route for success best suited for me. Even when I was in high school, I knew that if I was going to be successful in life, I would need to use my strengths to get me to my actual goals. My top two strengths were WOO and activator, and in my career field, it will be important for me to know how to win people over, and to take ideas and move forward with them. However, I am not a futuristic person, in fact I have a hard time looking ahead of my own time, so to help me be successful I shouldn’t focus on these weaknesses, I should take Paul Meyer’s advice and concentrate on what I am good at.
    In conclusion, it will be hard for us to only focus on our strengths, because we are very much an underdog society. But, I believe with a little hard work and determination you can succeed in your life with your own strengths, and be proud of them as well.

  • Jessica Matallana

    I believe that my top 5 strengths work together because they all sort of share a common denominator… That they all have the potential to benefit, not only myself, but others as well. Two of my strengths are developer and empathy. I feel like these two would have great potential to work well together if I execute them and practice them well. Being able to encourage someone as well as being able to understand their feelings is a great balance towards helping someone grow. I look forward to practicing these strengths, especially these two, to balance them out in both my leadership role now and in the future.

  • Ellie Schultz

    My strengths are belief, developer, input, positivity, and woo. The definitions on the report were very different than I thought they meant. After reading all the examples and definitions I realized that they are perfect in describing me. Belief for example basically said that I’m cautious. I encourage others by naming a list of things that could go wrong and encouraging them to not go down that path. Now some may see that as me just being pessimistic but I see it as a help and preventive caution in order to be the best. Although I like this strength I can see the negative side clearly. I don’t want to be the Debbie downer or a nit pick. I believe myself to be a positive person but after reading this definition I was kind of confused, especially when I noticed I also got positivity for one of my strengths. Positivity describes that I need a neat environment to focus. Also when others are down I am the energetic and enthusiastic one of the group. People look at me for the “lift”. I find joy in encouraging others and looking for the good things even in bad situations. This was confusing because after reading about belief and positivity they seem completely different but I’m glad I’m both. Although I acknowledge what could go wrong I feel like when something bad does occur I am ready because I planned to be positive. These two strengths help in numerous areas now and later. I hope to improve and critique them until I’m the best I can be for myself and others. I like my results and believe all five will add to my leadership, especially these two.

  • Zack Simmons

    The number one strength that I have is achiever. The second one I have is responsibility. I feel like every achiever has a sense of responsibility to finish things and to have people rely on them to accomplish things. The third one I have is focus. I believe in order to be an achiever you have to have focus to be able to accomplish your goals. The fourth strength I have is belief. I believe every achiever has something that drives them to be a high achiever. This could be faith, family, significant other, or to just prove to people they can achieve it. Two big ones for my are my faith, and to make my family proud. My faith trait is relator. People who are very focused and high achiever sacrifice a lot of their time to their work. So being a very outgoing person with a lot of friends would be very challenging. For me, this is definitely the case. Also, a lot of what I tend to talk about are things I’m working on and trying to accomplish, so I want to have a few close friends that understand who I am and where I’m going.

  • Ocean Scheel

    My top five strengths were ideation, restorative, achiever, strategic, and input. I feel that most all of my strengths are geared toward improvement and development. Ideation is the construction of new ideas and the ability to share and apply them. Thus, in a given situation the strength of ideation can utilize an idea I have and the strength of achiever may push that idea strategically into a game plan for success. Restorative may benefit my strengths as a whole because of its emphasis on fixing a given issue or reassuring an uncertainty. When dealing with plans, and ideas this reassurance can give a much needed boost. Although I am very driven by myself, I am aware that the input of others is vital to my strengths. Being able to accept their input and likewise offer up my own, will further my ability to interact well with others. At this moment in time I think it would be beneficial to use my strengths in achievement and ideation to better my position as an academic asset to this University and my leadership roles within it, by pushing myself to achieve my absolute best, my academic success will flourish and I will set an example and be able to help those surrounding me that may suffer from a lack of drive. Instilling my ideas in their lives may give them a new perspective that could improve their academic work ethic. In the future theses two strengths can be utilized in the work force as I stand beside many competitive people who are striving to also do their best. I can use ideation to my advantage in the occasion that individuality is appreciated and complement others ideas as well by having experience with the ideation process. Pursuing the goals driven by my strength in achievement will keep me on track even after many years of persising to find where I belong.

  • Clayeton Hammock

    My five strengths were individualization, responsibility, achiever, competition, and analytical. I think these all are key to leadership roles because you have to be responsible enough to meet deadlines and earn trust, achieve things that others aren’t willing to do, compete to get the best out of others, individualize things since each situation is different, and be analytical when deciding on big decisions. I am really going to try to use my analytical and individualization strengths in my leadership roles. I can connect better with other people if I individualize each person and see what they bring to the table. There are usually a lot of good ideas with volunteer ideas but sometimes we waste a lot of time and resources on things that are out of reach. If I can be more analytical, we can put those resources and time towards an area that we can have a greater affect on.

  • Bailee Bronson

    My five strengths were intellection, input, responsibility, connectedness and developer, respectively. The two most prominent strengths that I feel leverage my actions as a leader are responsibility and connectedness. My foundation as a leader begins with my family, and as the oldest of seven, these two traits are crucial to set a good example for my younger siblings. As connectedness with other people and a general sense of responsibility come natural to me, these two strengths complement each other in the best and most genuine way with the goal of creating a true leader. An example of these two traits in action is when I was the rector of a religious retreat. I had to be responsible and get things done in a timely fashion with much planning, but I also had to create a comfortable and safe environment by forming connections with each retreatant. These strengths will boost my drive for leadership in the future by sharpening my morals and making more clear my purpose in life- to lead and serve.

  • Delaney Denham

    Two of my strengths from the StrenghtFinders quiz was empathy and responsibility. I feel these two make a great combination. The empathy aspect would allow me to be able to relate and listen to my teammates while at the same time helping everyone, myself included, be able to complete the assignments given in a well done and timely matter
    The next time I am in a group activity or a task that deems me a leader, I can take charge and display my empathy towards other’s opinions and ideas while encouraging them to be responsible for their part of the bigger picture and do to well with it.

  • Two of my strengths were achiever, and inclusiveness/includer. Being an achiever is wanting to be the best, doing your best, and constantly working hard to reach your goals; while being inclusive is in the word itself. I think these two strengths can complement each other because if you want to achieve and you allow others to help you along the way, or you help others along the way you both can achieve more together than you ever could alone. I really love to help others, and when you help others do things they never believed they could is a feeling you cannot replace. The want for others to achieve is a mark of a great leader, for leadership is more about other people rather than yourself. If a leader can achieve while helping others achieve you can really expect change in the world.

  • Rachel Meyer

    All five of my strengths were very accurate for me. Two in particular, achiever and belief, were my highest strengths. Belief, which was my top strength, basically means that I have a strong set of values that I use to apply towards everything I do. For example, I believe that my life has a purpose, and with everything I do, I strive towards following my values and what I believe is right or wrong. This works hand in hand with achiever. By being an achiever I am very driven and self-motivated. This quality is one of my high values which is a strong work ethic. I believe this applies to my leadership style by giving me the opportunity to be a very hard working leader, instead of one who just allows others to do the work for me. I also value high leadership and helping others as one of my strong belief principles, which enhances my ability to provide service and leadership throughout my life.

  • Emily Dunlevy

    My strengths were discipline, achiever, responsibly, consistency, and harmony. I was not surprised by the strengths that I received because they both reflect my personality perfectly. I wouldn’t have had the words to articulate these strengths but I was able to see how these strengths are part of my life.These strengths all work towards the same goal and are all necessary to complete any task. I am very goal-orientated and I know that these strengths reflect that personality trait. Two of my strengths, discipline and responsibility work together because to be a disciplined individual you have to be responsible. I feel like these can help me in my leadership growth because I can develop them so that I am a very dependable person. Responsible people are very attractive to employers because they are dependable and always follow through to complete tasks in an efficient way. When an employer knows that they can rely on you, you will be rewarded with leadership positions within your company.

  • Micah Jones

    Restorative, futuristic, input, significance, and adaptabililty are my top five strengths in order. Futuristc and adaptablilty are two that facinate me. They seem to me to be opposites, yet both of them are in my top five. The opening description of futuristic says that the future fascinates me. The opening of adaptability says that I live in the moment… I had to ponder this for a while. Maybe I’m thinking too hard on it but I’ve been trying to figure this out and have come to my personal best conclusion: The way that these two can work in harmony is by having the ability to forsee the future and visualize the final product. This is where my motivation comes from and can use this strength to motivate others with my vison. With adaptability, when the rubber meets the road, a person can respond to the demands that will come along the way when trying to reach that final goal. The future will come one step at a time. Adaptability makes the goal that a futuristic person sees a reality by being flexible and planning for the unexpected.

  • Lexi Carroll

    With two strengths being able to compliment each other, your leadership should be apparent when you spend time with people. They should be able to see that my top, two strengths are “learner” and “woo.” As a learner, I am not only willing to help others learn, but also learn from myself. A great leader is always willing to make things better and learn from their own mistakes. With the woo strength, we enjoy approaching people and being personable. With my two strengths together, I should be able to start conversations easily and be able to personally get to know others. These strengths are very important when finding a job or even helping people get to know God. I want to help people learn and they can teach me things too. I want to make everyone happy and thats not always possible, but with woo it’ll help me in my everyday life.

  • Jessica Solis

    My five strengths are includer, woo, communication, harmony, and positivity. All these strengths are all about helping others understand their true ability. I believe that my when you have two strengths that complement each other it is beneficial to everyone you come into contact with. Two of my strengths that complement each other are harmony and positivity. These two can help me now to become a better worker, leader and friend. I can do this by always being positive in negative situations and by bringing understanding between co-workers and friends. The merge between both of these strengths will be tremendously useful in the future in my workplace.

  • Emily Raynor

    My five strengths were includer, discipline, achiever, responsibility, and futuristic. I believe my strengths are all complements because you have to perform one in order to perform another. I think that these five strengths are essential in a leader as far as including others, being responsible, knowing what is right from what is wrong, looking ahead instead of dwelling on the past, and working to accomplish and achieve goals rather than just trying for them. Two major strengths that I believe will help me now and in the future are the traits of being futuristic and having responsibility. Staying futuristic and being responsible have always influenced me by helping me achieve my goals and expectations. I also believe that these strengths will help me in the future by striving me to be a better and brighter leader. I think these strengths work well together for me but are always looking for improvement. I feel that at UCO I will get the opportunity to improve all of my strengths and also have time to really focus on my two main strengths. Improving my futuristic and responsibility strengths will not only help me succeed in college but also life after college.

  • Haley McKinzie

    My top five strengths are responsibility, adaptability, positivity, harmony, and belief. As I read the description of each of these traits it described my personality perfectly. Although all of these strengths can work together in a positive way, the two that I believe are most effective in my leadership experience and life in general are responsibility and belief. Someone who has the strength of responsibility is committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty, while someone with belief has unchanging core values. Ultimately this creates a defined purpose for life. These strengths will be beneficial in building trust with co-workers, as well as being someone who is dependable and known for getting the job done right. By using these strengths I hope to live my life in a way that benefits individuals and society as a whole. By staying true to my values, I hope this will influence others to utilize their strengths as well.

  • According to the Strengthsfinder test, my top five strengths are as follows: input, strategic, adaptability, belief, and futuristic. Two of these traits that go well together are the first two on my list–input and strategic. The input strength is described as someone who “soaks up the written word like a sponge” and “having a craving to know more.” I can see this strength in myself very clearly since I’ve always had a desire to learn and do well academically. My number two strength, strategic, is something that I’ve grown into more recently. This trait is described as “being able to spot problems immediately” and “identifying problems others overlook.” I think this plays off the input strength well. I have learned how to use the information that I gather inherently to find problems quickly. Also those who have the strategic strength are said to be able to solve those problems in new and creative ways. My tendency to constantly seek new information means that I am always finding new ways of doing things. I’m never dead set on one path to achieve a result. I’m flexible (adaptability!) so I don’t have a problem applying something I’ve learned in the middle of my journey to success. These are two strengths that are able to work well together with relative ease and now that I have resources about each of them in relation to me personally, I can continue to cultivate them in a way that will positively influence my leadership abilities.

  • Jordan Michela

    After taking the assessment, my results showed that achiever, consistency, developer, competition, and discipline are my top five strengths. I feel as though these five are the foundation of who I am. They complement each other in that they all have the same purpose, benefiting others. The two strengths that I will focus on are achiever and consistency. According to Gallup, achiever is defined as a person who has a “great deal of stamina… and takes great satisfaction from being productive” while consistency is being “keenly aware of the need to treat people the same.” Both of these strengths have multiple advantages. Because I have stamina, I am able to take on multiple projects and work extremely hard to achieve the best possible outcome. Along with this, I can have a wide interest because I will be able to contribute to numerous tasks. As for consistency, I am able to treat others in the same manner. I love this one because I strive to make sure that no one feels like they are getting anything less than the next person. Yes, both of these strengths can have their disadvantages, but I feel as though if I apply them in the best ways I can truly make a difference in other people’s lives.

  • Kalen Russell

    Three of my top five strengths fall under strategic thinking including: context, input, and strategic. My other two strengths are adaptability and responsibility.
    I can note how my strengths work together to shape my goals, ambitions, and outlook on life. Using context, I frequently analyze past situations and with strategy I configure ways that past mistakes can avoid being repeated. I love learning in general, but especially learning about how to improve myself through education, service, and reflection. The component of input in my strengths fuels my desire to gather information and utilize it to create a better future for myself and others. By constantly striving to be the best version of myself, I take responsibility for my actions because I have a commitment to produce positive outcomes in all that I do. I sometimes take responsibility for others as well, attributed from my belief that all human lives are intertwined and that we need each other in order to succeed. I consider the importance of life to lie within was accomplished during the journey, rather than how quickly the destination was reached. My passion for learning enables me to adapt easily because I view every circumstance as an opportunity for growth.
    My aptitude for strategy and adaptability will be leveraged through innovating. The philosopher Plato is attributed with the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” By approaching problems with a new perspective and adapting to current needs, I can hopefully create new processes and answers for the betterment of all.

  • Kalen Russell

    Three of my top five strengths fall under strategic thinking including: context, input, and strategic. My other two strengths are adaptability and responsibility.
    I can note how my strengths work together to shape my goals, ambitions, and outlook on life. Using context, I frequently analyze past situations and with strategy I configure ways that past mistakes can avoid being repeated. I love learning in general, but especially learning about how to improve myself through education, service, and reflection. The component of input in my strengths fuels my desire to gather information and utilize it to create a better future for myself and others. By constantly striving to be the best version of myself, I take responsibility for my actions because I have a commitment to produce positive outcomes in all that I do. I sometimes take responsibility for others as well, attributed from my belief that all human lives are intertwined and that we need each other in order to succeed. I consider the importance of life to lie within was accomplished during the journey, rather than how quickly the destination was reached. My passion for learning enables me to adapt easily because I view every circumstance as an opportunity for growth.
    My aptitude for strategy and adaptability will be leveraged through innovating. The philosopher Plato is attributed with the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” By approaching problems with a new perspective and adapting to current needs, I can hopefully create new processes and answers for the betterment of all.

  • Kat Hartley

    All 5 of my strengths wen together very well I thought. Adaptability and communication go hand in hand in the sense that when put in a new, unknown environment, being able to adapt and communicate with the people around you is important. Another one of mine was woo, which in terms means winning other over, says that when put in a place where I want a person to understand my cause and listen my ideas, I can most likely get there attention and keep it. This is important if you want to change the way something works or try to improve it. I think all of my strengths will mesh well together in whatever profession I choose later on in life, and hopefully they will inspire and change the lives of others around me.

  • Deven Bond

    My top five strengths are restorative, achiever, learner, belief, and positivity. In the future I want to leverage the combination of positivity and achiever. I have always been an achiever. I am constantly setting goals for myself academically and athletically, and I won’t stop until those goals are reached. The downside to this strength is that sometimes I am only worried about my own achievements when, as a leader, I should be wanting others to succeed just as mush as I am. I am generally a positive person, but that is definitely an area that I need to work on. I want to combine these two mainlybecause I feel like it would be extremely beneficial to my cross country team. It takes a very optimistic person to keep a group of twelve girls positive while running eight miles in the blazing heat. I believe that positivity is contagious so if I could work on that my whole team’s attitude could change for the better. Along with this change of attitude, my team and I could achieve so much more as individuals and as a whole.

  • Hung-Lin Lai

    Two of my strengths are restorative and achiever. They compliment each other well because I’m constantly trying to achieve more. Restorative always look for solutions to problems. Which is why if I’m not able to achieve more, my restorative strength will kick in and look for the solution to achieve more. There are negatives to my strengths but I hope that it will not affect me much in the future.

  • Marielle Jackson

    I find it kind of fitting that my top two strengths were achiever and responsibility. I believe those two strengths tie in together and often mean the same thing. One must be responsible to achieve, and one must achieve to responsible.

    As a leader, achiever means to get the job done and stick to the task at hand. I also believe it means finishing what you started. And for responsibility, I think it speaks for itself. Responsibility, I believe, is one of the most important characteristics of a good leader. Responsibly encompasses all other abilities and strengths.

    I think my two strengths work together to create success and both have potential to make excellent things happen.

  • Sabrina Bermudez

    My top 2 strengths were Developer and Empathy. As a developer, I love to encourage other people and cheer them on with their goals. I tend to look deeply at people’s dreams and find ways I can help them accomplish them. Also, having the strength of empathy, it’s very easy for me to put myself in other people’s shoes, which is why I think it’s so easy for me to be a developer. I understand why people need the encouragement and I always want to be able to provide that for them. As a leader, I’ve come to find that the relationships you build with people far surpasses the level of success of an event. Maybe there was a great turn out for a movie night, but I think the bigger success is if there were lives impacted through the efforts. I think my strengths help me form relationships and interact with people so that I can help them grow. Having my top 5 strengths listed out to me has added some direction for not only how I lead, but what type of a major I want to pursue as well.

  • Jameson Riley

    I had Includer and Adaptability as the top two of mine. I see my inclusive nature in many ways of my life and I think my ability to adapt can compliment this well. In leadership I find it to be a responsibility to get others involved, less so for us to be involved. I think I can adapt to situations, people, and circumstances in order to involve others in activities, projects and more importantly help them to be involved in their life and mine. To share life with one another is a basic human need that can be met by simply including others in our lives. We need it just as much as anyone else does. Booyah.

  • Chase Gulliver

    According to my StrengthsFinder test, as a group, my strengths revolve around understanding and developing others to learn more personally. This can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to stressful situations, and finding ways around the obvious obstacles. Being strategic, individualistic, a developer, empathetic, and having a desire for input, creates a yearning to help others with the problems in their life, and helping them to see how they can better themselves though their experiences. The qualities of empathy and developer can be major contributors to this feat. Being empathetic lays a basis for listening and establishing a sense of understanding for what others are going through, as well as beginning the process of aiding them. Then, being a developer comes in by lifting people up, and showing them that there are simple solutions to big problems that can lead to their betterment, success in achieving a more stable self-confidence and esteem, and a new perspective on how powerful they can really be when faced with obstacles in life. Of course, the other strengths have their play in this process, but these main two are the foundation of building others up and realizing their full potential. This course of action has taken place many times in my past, still does today, and through each encounter, helps me to understand more strategic ways of helping others so I can, in turn, more readily use this is the future for the benefit of those I come in contact with.

  • My five strengths were input, includer, harmony, developer, and individualization. From the presentation I’ve come to learn that most all my strengths are relationship oriented. I think that this can help me in nearly any profession, especially the strengths developer and individualization. With individualization I naturally observe others strengths and as a developer I want to see people use them to succeed. I think they work great together because if can see the unique strengths of others, then I can also bring out the best of them. Looking to the future I hope that I may use my strengths to help others succeed and accomplish goals that they didn’t always think was possible.

  • Chloe Freeman

    The Strengthfinders assessment was awesome because I was able to pinpoint what my strengths were and start learning how to apply them to my life. Two of mine were communication and positivity. These two go hand in hand because since i am able to communicate with people, it is important that i stay positive. This can be applied to leadership because as a leader it is important to be able to communicate in a positive and efficient manner. Being positive is important because it not only benefits other people, but it helps me to have a better day and a better outlook on the world.

  • Lauren McKenzie

    Finding out our strengths was a great activity considering we are trying to learn how to be better leaders. It would be hard to be a great leader without understanding the strengths and weaknesses you have. Two of my strengths were activator and communication. These two strengths can work together to lead a group of people that are trying to reach a goal. I can activate a major project and communicate the plans for that project. This will be especially helpful when I am in the position to plan different things for organizations that I am involved in. Although, I do believe that a lot of people in our class have some amazing strengths. Each strength does not have to be the same, but yet we can all put our strengths together to grow our community.


    My five strengths were restorative, developer, deliberative, command and analytical. I think restorative and analytical work together the most. When i face with the problem and try to solve it, I have to figure out what is the fundamental problem with objective view. (If I have a subjective view, it’s hard to find out what is the fundamental problem. Then, I can’t solve the problem well.) So, in order to be restorative, analytic view should be based. With the analytic view, I can easily figure out what is the problem and then, I can resolve it well. The combination of these two factors can help any problem wisely in the present and future because I can find out fundamental problem and finally, it allows me to be restorative on all problems.

  • When I got my Strengthsfinder results back I was a little worried. All of them seemed to describe me as a hard-headed go getter who saw nothing but what she wants and does nothing but work towards those things. I was worried because that’s who I am- a goal oriented, hard headed, stubborn worker. However, Strengthsfinder and Dr. Hynes’s presentation explained them in a slightlhy different way so I could see them as the strengthst that they are, not the weaknesses I perceived them to be. Two of my strengths were Strategic and Futuristic. I think that these two strengths compliment each other in the best way possible. Strategic is basically problem solving- seeing a situation, taking it for what it’s worth, and tackling it in a new creative way. Futuristic is just what it sounds like- being future minded and dreaming about goals to accomplish. I believe I will be able to use my skill of strategic problem solving to fulfil my futuristic thinking. I can see how things may affect the later outcomes and come up with ways to solve them accordingly.

  • Jennafyer Sullivan

    My top five strengths were restorative, input, strategic, activator, and futuristic. It was interesting that they all sort of work together in analyzing things and problem solving to make things happen, especially with long term goals. Which makes sense for me. I fully believe that what I do today, helps to ensure a better tomorrow. I think right now, that my restorative and activator traits work well together to help me succeed in my current and future leadership roles. They allow me to find a problem, fix it, and carry on in making the goal a reality. If I can continue to use these strengths and develop them more, they’ll become a great asset in my role as a leader.

  • Stephanie Nutter

    My top five strengths are harmony, empathy,ideation, intellection and individualization.These strengths work together by allowing me to observe, absorb information and use that information for different tasks . My strengths also allow me to understand people on a more individualized basis .While I feel that all my strengths could bond cohesively for a task , my strengths of individualization and harmony blend very well. Individualization helps me appreciate and acknowledge how each person individually acts, and which individuals would be a more cohesive group. Harmony helps me put that knowledge to action to bring harmony to the group.Being able to help others acknowledge each other and come to a consensus on issues has not only helped many times in the past but I’m sure will also be a vital asset in the future.No matter what group you’re in inevitably there will be a conflict. It is my hope that I can keep the conflict from arising but my skills can also help to settle the dispute.

  • Angela Thampi

    My 5 strengths are harmony, consistency, focus, discipline, and restorative. They all complement each other because I think they make up the characteristics of someone who is driven and goal oriented. When striving for anything in my life, I feel like these are all strengths that I have put to use. Two of the ones that I find to describe me the best are harmony and focus. Harmony to me means keeping the peace and making sure there is no tension within a situation, and that is always how I have been. I always want to make sure that other people feel comfortable. Focus has more to do with not letting distraction get in your way when trying to reach your goals. Harmony makes me think of others before myself, and focus allows me to never get driven off of my path: both being aspects that I feel will lead me to success in the future.

  • My top 5 strengths are Context, Communication, Learner, Competition, and Includer. In my personal opinion these strengths describe my ability to be a leader on and off campus. The two that I feel best fit me are competition and communication. Those two go hand in hand when it comes to working together with others. All through life I’ve been told that you’re going to need others to help you get through life and that’s why I feel those strengths fit me the best as a leader. Being an Includer and learner will help me in the future with working in my job field of choice.

  • Blakely Elliott

    My top 5 were woo, includer, communication, positivity and restorative. I think that no matter what your top 5 were, somehow they will always work together. when I was reading over the results and reading through what each strength meant, I was amazed at how closely these strengths described my leadership. I noticed that all of mine are very similar, and to me it seems like all of the, are booster uppers and all of them try to lift others up. Which is what I hope and try to bring to every situation. I feel like with these I can get a group together and excited for a common cause, which is important and could help me with my future career and also life with my family and friends. The two that I think complament each other the best are restorative and positivity. Restorative people are good at finding a problem and the coming up with a way to fix it. The negative side of this is that once a problem is found, you could be negative and pessimistic about it and only worry about the problem. But with positivity on your side you will have a better outlook on the situation and will be more optimistic about the fixing of the problem. I feel like so many people these days are only concerned about the problem and I could help in those situations. I Think that these situstions will happen a lot in my future so it will be nice to know how to react to them.

  • Michael Johnson

    My two main strengths are positivity and includer. I feel that these two strengths compliment each other very well. I believe that with these two strengths I have a very important role in leadership, keeping the project/team moving forward by staying positive about the future, and also by getting the input of all members on a team working towards a goal. Many people would say that I am just a supporting role for a team, but I feel that Is one of the most important roles. How can a team thrive without staying positive and making sure everyone is involved with the group?

  • Sydney Richardson

    My 5 strengths explain my personality as someone who is outgoing and easy to speak to. Empathy lets me feel the feelings of others which lets me understand easier what others are going through. Woo and Communication helps me connect with people and build relationships. Positivity keeps the attitudes of mine and those around me positive and excited for what ever adventure is ahead. Includer pushes me to make sure that everyone around me feels like they belong and are a part of the conversation. These 5 words mean a lot to me because they do explain me. My 2 strengths that work the best together I believe is Woo and Communication, with out communication my ability to “Win Others Over” wouldn’t be possible. Those 2 strengths are some of my strongest traits and I utilize them to the best of my ability.

  • Michael McClish

    Two strengths that I have that I believe will work together very we’ll in the future are the strengths “includer” and “activator”. I believe my desire to make sure everyone feels like they are a pert of the group combined with my desire to uplift others and encourage them to do great things will help me build people up as leaders themselves. I feel it is crucial as leaders to not simply try to climb to the top, but to bring as many people to the top as we can along the way. A leader has the power to build; not buildings, not monuments, not machines, but other men and women.

  • Cambrea Lott

    There are many different methods of leading that works for many different individuals or groups. Knowing my strengths has helped me better develop my methods of how I should lead. My top five strengths were connectedness, input, adaptability, intellection, and relator. Two of these things that I could leverage together during my leadership roles and opportunities especially now are adaptability and connectedness. These are especially vital at this point in my journey, because being in college, one will come into contact with many different groups and types of people. That’s where adaptability would come in, because being able to modify and evolve according to what the situation demands can be very valuable as a leader. I could also use my strength of connectedness, so that I wouldn’t just be another face or name that they’re bound to forget by the time they take their power nap that day. Relationships that we build with people is what leadership is all about, and both, adaptability and connectedness, would help me be able to reach as many people as I could with meaningful relationships.

  • Mary Schwager

    What interested me the most was that even though the StrengthsFinders book had a different take on the traits, both my interpretation and the book’s definition were very applicable, even if not inter-related.
    Empathy was one of my highest strengths, and this does not surprise me at all, although I hadn’t really thought about it as a leadership strength.
    Empathy and restorative go hand in hand, in being familiar with emotions (often too familiar) and being able to emotionally relate to people. Thankfully, or maybe because of these strengths, my future job of occupational therapy is highly dependent on these skills, and hopefully I will be able to improve my use of them as I reach my goals in life.

    (random thought: It was also interesting to try and see the positive sides of some of the weaknesses I have discovered I possess. That would be my main action after taking the quiz, to look more into how they can be good, and how to implement them into daily use.)

  • Sidra Mesiya

    My top 5 strengths are consistency, responsibly, harmony, discipline, and includer. I believe harmony and includer complement each other in that, through including people everyone will be get along and find their place in harmony. I also think responsibility and discipline go hand in hand because in order to be responsible, you must have discipline. Consistency is important in all aspects of life; being consistent requires discipline and helps you be more responsible. Being consistent and responsible as a leader will help me gain the trust of those around me.

  • Britton Hodge.

    The strengths I received out of this were activator, communication, empathy, competition, and woo. I believe these work together perfectly together. The two I chose for this blog that go together pretty well are communication and woo. Woo stands for winning others over, I believe to win others over you have to communicate. These would apply to my future because I plan on being a motivational speaker, to win the crowd over I will have to communicate with them. I like to communicate to make people happy. Putting a smile on someone’s face is one of the most amazing features of this world. Being a motivational speaker I believe is the best way to fulfill my dream.

  • Sadie Price

    To me, the two most important traits that StrengthsFinders gave me were intellection and futuristic. I generally am a silly person, but luckily I have intellection as a strong trait. In the form of leadership, it allows me to get close and be friends with my peers and other officers so that we can have fun, but also when we do have tasks or something needs to be decided/discussed, I can easily change my sense of thought or perspective to focus and think deeply. I actually like to think deeply so I honestly love that it’s a strong trait. My other strength, futuristic, prevailed to be pretty important as well in the sense that even if it is subconsciously, I always have a vision of how and where I want to be in the future. This often keeps me on track of the job i need to get done, or even motivation in school to not sleep through class.

  • Michael Blunck

    My top five strengths seemed surprisingly complementary to me with a lot of overlap between their main traits. For example, as a developer I have the knack for recognizing the talents of others and strive to help them improve in these areas; of course as an arranger am able to ask the questions needed to have an insightful understanding about the people I’m helping to develop. As a Learner I focus on gaining new skills to try to improve myself in terms of everything from academics to creative endeavors. Being restorative means for me that I’m very aware of my short comings and its this awareness that informs my drive for the personal improvement I seek as a learner. Finally, four of these strengths are supported by my talent for individualization, which involves an empathetic talent for viewing each individual as an individual; allowing me to focus on their own unique talents and skills to help identify places were both of us can improve.

    If I were to use these five traits in a leadership role I could use my skills as both an arranger and a developer to help those around me to find what they truly value and excel at. This way I could best match those I assisted and lead with the resources and support networks they would need to grow even without me breathing down their necks. Some of my leadership in these areas would involve not just helping others to improve, but also taking time for the continual self assessment that comes with being a restorative learner. I could never ask another to work on their short comings if I haven’t taken the time to identify and asses my own. Finally, my leadership style could be highly individualized to be tailored to help others with their very specific needs instead of applying blanket principles to every person I offer my services to.

    In regards to the goals I have these traits sound like the very things I need to recognize and improve on if I ever hope to reach them. This exercise has been very enlightening and I look forward to further strength based development.

  • After taking the Strengths Finder test, I learned that my Top 5 Strongest strengths are: Empathy, Individualization, Restorative, Consistency, and Responsibility.I think that my strengths work together in the way that each of them having something to do with making others feel better. Whether it be giving someone the peace of mind knowing that a task will be completed, or by understanding how they are feeling and what they are going through, my strengths give me the ability to help others, big and small. In future leadership roles, I hope to be able to use all of my strengths (of course), but I would really like to excel in the consistency aspect and in the empathy aspect of my strengths. I think that improving in these strengths will allow me to succeed in interpersonal communication as well as with professional relationships and communication among the workplace.

  • Two of my strengths were ideation and restorative. I believe that these two strengths together can assist my leadership skills in a major way. I have always been problem oriented, to where I desire to help fix things, which is what restoration means. Ideation is finding creative and simple ways to figure out things, to explain and to orient people around a problem. I believe these two strengths together work well to use a creative mindset to solve the problems facing things that I would lead. One of my weaknesses can be organizational skills. So while using creative ways to solve problems, I would need to work on organizing events and things so these strengths could be more fully used.

  • I think that I have always made use of my strengthes, though I have not known their precise names until now. My five strenghtes were Competition, WOO, Communication, Strategic and Futuristic. I think my strengthes work together to allow me to sway and inspire people. It has never been too hard for me to get a group pumped up and excited about any one particular task. My communication skills and my persuasive skills make me an excellent public speaker and allow me to gain followers. My strategic thinking skills allow me to make viable and pragmatic plans and serves as a necessary foil to my other two skills: Competition and Futuristic thinking. These two skills allow me to have the personal drive to achieve success and the positive attitude and vision to lead others. However, I think these two skills are also weaknesses, as they can cause be to be overly ambitious and extremely disgruntled in the face of failure or defeat. I do think, though, that these two skills are what allow me to become a good leader, as without I would be content to follow others. With them, though, I can have the vision neccessary to lead others, both now and in the future.

  • Asia Augustine

    I found the strengths finder assessment to be informative and quite interesting. My top five strengths where communication, individualization, connectedness, woo, and input. I believe my strengths tie together well. I believe communication and individualization will really complement one another and help propel my leadership abilities. Individualization will allow me to see strengths in other people, and figure out the best way they can contribute to a effort. Communication will allow me to express myself in a way that will be most productive, which of course would vary based on the audience. I believe if I use the strength finders guidance I can truly better myself as a leader.