Month: September 2014

Week 5 Presentation – Susan Winchester

During her comments, Susan discussed 10 commandments of leadership and service from the book Anyway by Kent Keith. Choose one of the commandments and discuss why this commandment resonated with you.

Week 4 Presentation – Strengthsfinders

Our strengths work best when utilized and understood in combination with each other. You now know your top 5 strengths based on the results of the StrengthsFinder inventory. Within your blog for this week, describe how you believe your strengths work together as complements and how you might leverage the combination of at least two strengths in your leadership roles and opportunities now and in the future.

Week 3 Presentation – Bill Curry

Bill Curry mentioned discussed several vital topics in leadership. Choose one of the following and provide your thoughts on its application to your leadership journey.

1. There are two pains in life; the pain of discipline, the pain of regret – you choose.
2. The Cold Within Poem
3. Facing the Fellowship of the Miserable

Week 2 Presentation – Susan Binkowski

Susan discussed viewing her leadership capacity and beliefs through particular lenses. What lenses do you believe you see your leadership capacity through – what guides your desire to serve and lead?