• President Betz always has great things to say. I always feel encouraged and know I can take on anything when he gives a speech!

  • I found that President Betz’s focus on the challenge of change was the most applicable to my life. In general, I don’t enjoy change and tend to resist it, but the point he made on how the way react to change will determine how others view us as a leader really hit home for me. He brought to attention how the whole world is full of change– ones we notice and ones we don’t. Change is a fact of life and the challenge of it builds us up as individuals and leaders. This idea is one that I feel will help me most in growing as a leader. Changing my attitude towards change will not be easy but I think it will be worth all the difference in the end.

  • Jessica Matallana

    There were many points that hit home, especially for me, however one of the main points that President Betz hit on was the story he told us about his fortune cookie that read, “Your character is your destiny”. Anything that we do, speaks louder than what we say. Moreover, it is the leader inside us that speaks volumes. A leader is someone who sees change as opportunity. When challenges are met, it takes a stronger person (leader) to handle the situation as well as others around you. President Betz put the idea of leadership into a whole new perspective.

  • Ellie Schultz

    Many issues President Betz discussed caught my attention but one in particular area was his reference to Carpe Diem. I am a planner. Planning is a good thing unless you look to the future so much that you forget to live in the present. I felt encouraged to seize the day. Everyday is an opportunity to do more, to make the best of now. Planning is important unless all you do is plan. Take it one day at a time.

  • Leila Mazkoori

    In our society, it is not uncommon to hear about people developing into a better person, and in tragic cases a worse person. But, I believe that through perseverance and hard work people will always excel despite their background. President Betz was truly a motivational speaker on what it means to be a leader, and what it means to be a person that grows and develops into somebody that proves service to their community, and others around them.
    Before President Betz’s lecture on leadership, I believed that being a leader was something that was naturally encoded into you. A person either had what it takes to be a leader or they didn’t. However, President Betz said something that really stood out to me and made me change my views on the leadership. “It doesn’t matter if you have the raw talent of being a leader, if you never put in the 10,000 hours of work it takes for success, your role of a leader will never be more than mediocre.” Those words stood out to me because you could have the talent of being a leader, but it wouldn’t mean anything to you or those around you if you didn’t put in the hours and passion needed to accomplish the task. Having an enthusiasm for what you love and putting in the 10,000 hours needed is what will make you an exceptional leader and an inspiration to those around you. You will not only grow and develop as a person, but you will cause other people to grow and develop with you, creating a chain of service and greatness in your community, that in the end will eventually change the world.
    In conclusion, President Betz offered his own personal experience and accomplishments to the leadership group, in the hope of inspiring young minds to go out into the world containing dreams, creativity, and imagination and make a change, even if it’s not what you pictured doing ten years ago.

  • During President Betz’s presentation I was made aware of several aspects of leadership that would be beneficial for me to work on. One of those aspects touched on being flexible on the path to leadership. I am a perfectionist to the point that it can be crippling. When I am assigned a task or planning an event, I tend to become so focused on the details that when something small goes wrong, it feels as though the entire project has been ruined. I know that I need to become more flexible in that I should relinquish some of my control that I inherently feel I need to others who are also capable and allow for small bumps in the road. Being flexible means different things to different people, but to me it means not overreacting when some minute detail is off or something does not go as planned. This was an amazing presentation that opened my eyes to different ways of looking at leadership that I can implement in my own life.

  • Emily Dunlevy

    During President Betz’s presentation on Tuesday he mentioned that leaders should make every day matter. I believe that this is most applicable to me because, oftentimes, I can get caught up in the every day routine of school and work. I need to begin my days by asking myself, “How am I going to make the most of today and how will I make a difference in someone’s life today?” I believe that by doing this I will begin to have more meaningful days and those days will shape me into a better version of myself that can have an impact on individuals and my community. We invest so much time into big events that we forget to make every day an opportunity to better ourselves and our community. If we make every day matter, then we will have less regrets and disappointments in our lives. I thought President Betz was full of great insight and I really enjoyed listening to his presentation.

  • Tyler Curry

    I feel that President Betz’s speech was spot on when it comes to leadership. To be a good leader, I believe it comes to having the personality and character that will make others want to listen. I thought the president did well in emphasizing this throughout his speech. I also liked the way he mentioned that we could succumb to the pressure of change or embrace it. Now that I’m living on the campus of UCO, I’ve had to deal with a lot of change. Moving away from home, attending different classes, meeting new people, and not having my own bathroom. Although I’ve had to deal with these changes, I was never really nervous about going to college, but was actually looking forward to it. So I guess in a way, I’ve actually embraced the idea of coming here and that’s how I’ve related to embracing change.

  • Cambrea Lott

    The point that President Betz made that was most applicable to me was the point about how leaders emerge during times of change. He talked about a world that was constantly challenged by a lack of predictability and how vital it was for us to seek out and find possibility and potential. I realized that that world is actually the one that I live in, and that times of change are right now. Looking for hope and promise in situations, particularly in ones that involve the unknown, hasn’t ever been something I’ve made a point to do or strived for. Now I realize that it is my role as a leader to adapt, be brave, and grow during times of change, even if change seems a little frightening at times.

  • Chloe Freeman

    President Betz spoke on many different characteristics of strong leader during our lecture on Tuesday. One sentence had measurable impact to me and that is when he said ” there is no cookie cutter definition for leadership”. Often times we try to rise to a certain standard for leadership. A number of community service hours, joining an abundance of clubs or being the person everyone wanted to sit next to in class. But, what defines us as leaders is not our ability to multitask, but our ability to follow through with responsibilities. We as leaders must first be friends to our neighbors and care for them. Gaining trust is the start of a great leader because no one wants to follow someone who makes irresponsible choices or doesn’t show up when they are most needed. As President Betz put it, “Your character is your destiny. The quality of who you are will determine your future.” It is important that we better ourselves before we attempt to better or campus, community and nation.

  • Ocean Scheel

    Among the the many inspirational points that President Betz made, I found that his emphasis on leadership emerging through struggle was most applicable to me. A constant mindset that I have had is that one does not have to be a product of their circumstances. President Betz brought it to my attention that perseverance can be taken to another level, not only can one defy the gravitational pull of their previous circumstance but they may flourish in leadership due to that particular struggle and go above and beyond their own expectations as well as the expectations that others have set for them.

  • Clayeton Hammock

    The two points that stood out to me in President Betz’s speech were being intentional and being fearless. It means a lot more when someone is intentionally helping you with something because they want you to succeed rather than just doing it because they have to. Being intentional in everything you do improves the quality of your work and boosts the attitudes of everyone around you. Secondly, it takes a lot of nerve to be fearless. I have worked on this trait a lot the past couple years because if you are scared to put yourself out there and take that leap, then you’re putting a cap on your ability to grow as a person. I feel like President Betz was an amazing speaker, not only did he have good points on leadership but he also had great public speaking skills.

  • Rachel Meyer

    During his speech, President Betz mentioned a quote that he uses in speeches often. “Your character is your destiny.” This particular quote really changed how I view myself as a leader. Often I struggle with whether or not what I am doing is making a positive impact or leading to the changes that I want to see in the world. This quote really encourages me to continue to strive to be the best person and leader that I can possibly be because while I am creating my own destiny, I am also hopefully leaving an impact on others a long the way. I want to shape and use my character to equip me for the challenges that I am faced with as a leader and friend.

  • President Betz’s speech touched on many items concerning leadership, service, and personal development that really grabbed my attention. I think the most applicable to my life would be when he spoke of his fortune cookie that read, “Your character is your destiny”. President Betz pointed out that at the end of the day, who you are is going to impact your life the most. It does not matter how much money you have, how you look, or how popular you are, people are going to remember you by your character and what you do in this world. Betz taught me the concept of character analysis. Every day I should be able to look at myself and decide if I am the person that I want to be, and I should also be willing to change if necessary. Through this personal development, I can also grow to be a more successful leader.

  • Hung-Lin Lai

    One thing that I remember the most coming out of the talk was about CHANGE. Change happens everyday and you have to embrace it. Do not be afraid of change. Sometimes in businesses and organizations, change is necessary to improve.

  • Hung-Lin (Jimmy) Lai

    One thing that I remember most is about change. Change happens everyday. Changes are global becomes local. Change is necessary to bring the business or organization to the next level. Another thing that I remember the most is about Trustworthiness. During my first two years at UCO, I experienced and understood what kind of people were or were not trustworthy. Trust is really important.

  • Haley McKinzie

    While listening to President Betz on Tuesday, he said “People will sense the quality of your character.” These few words really stood out to me. Often times we critique others’ leadership characteristics while we should really look in the mirror so to speak, and evaluate ourselves. The choices one makes, and how he/she deals with challenges or changes truly displays the quality of ones character. When tough times arise true leadership emerges, in these times it is key to be a trustworthy leader because it is the “marrow of leadership” as Betz said. All of these points he touched on really encourages me to be the best leader, and focus on opportunities to serve others instead of only doing things for myself. By earning trust, people will sense the quality of my character.

  • Chase Gulliver

    Sometimes we get caught up in the accomplishments we’ve made in life, it happens to everyone. At such a young age, and still at the point where most of them were in high school, it’s easy to think that the greatest things we’ll do, or have done, are still worth bragging about. When President Betz spoke of the fact that, “Everything we have done so far, is only a prelude to the things we will do,” it got me thinking about how small all of the things I have done are. It isn’t that they aren’t significant, it’s just the fact that all of my accomplishments and great feats overcome, have only been steps in the direction of where I am now. It’s hard to imagine the great things that can be done in the times to come, when the greatest things we’ve done so far are things like volunteering, graduating, winning homecoming, or passing a couple AP exams. This span of life has so much more to offer, and we’ve only begun to scrape the ice on the big frozen block of opportunity lain before us. Thank you President Betz, for showing us how humble we should be in a time of great learning and growth!

  • Lauren McKenzie

    Invest in yourself and invest in the people around you. President Betz was able to remind all of us what leadership is and what it should look like. It is very common to get caught up in many different organizations and stretch yourself too thin, just to simply be apart of everything. As leaders we can not stray away from what is truly important. President Betz told us to “seize the day”, know what your dreams are and go after them. He also reminded us to follow the paths of great leaders, and to then not make the same mistakes that others have made. This topic really encouraged me to be the leader that I would want to follow. Ultimately take initiative and if you want something, make it happen. Do not do anything just to do it, but be a leader with purpose and creativity.

  • Jessica Solis

    President Betz spoke on many different aspects of what a strong leader is during our lecture on Tuesday.The one thing that stood out to me the most was when he said “People will know you by what not you say but what you do”. This is true in aspect of life no matter if you are working in a group or in your work place. People remember the actions you do for them and also remember the things you say you’ll do but didn’t. To be a strong leader you have to be dependable and to do that you have to keep your word. No one will follow a leader that’s inconstant in his or her promises. This goes along with a point President Betz made when he said “character is your destiny” we as growing leaders need to embrace this quote. We have the decision to decide what kind of character we have and our destiny. That quote made me change my view of myself and my leadership abilities. I know now that I have to be the best leader I can be because ultimately I make my own destiny.

  • Kalen Russell

    Personal development is the basis of leadership and service. During President Betz’s presentation, I reflected on Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”, in which the speaker realizes how accepting challenges, thinking for himself, and giving his all everyday resulted in a full life that he was proud of. President Betz challenged us to be fearless, seize each day, include others, take advantage of resources, and to think of future generations, like our predecessors thought of us. We owe it to our pasts and futures to be the best versions of ourselves everyday in every aspect of life. President Betz said, “Your character is your destiny”. Whatever a person harbors on the inside will manifest in their life. Personal development comes from being courageous, showing the same compassion for others that one would like to receive, and keeping an open mind. By being bold and committing to innovation the speaker in Frost’s poem was able to change the course of his life with a single decision. Personal development had the most emphasis to me because through bettering oneself one can better their community and the world.

  • Emily Raynor

    The two most important and applicable points to me that President Betz made in his presentation were that the world is full of change and that trustworthiness is key in every type of relationship. Of course we all know that the world is constantly changing, but many of us do not realize the extreme efforts and sacrifices people make in order to better our world, state, community, and even our school. Here at UCO, I believe that a great number of the students and faculty members are looking to better themselves as well as their surrounding peers. President Betz also touched on the importance of trustworthiness. This point was applicable to me because as a leader, I must have the skill to gain and earn trust from my peers, mentors, and community. Trustworthiness can lead to more respect and a better understanding between two different people. Both of these factors can better me as a student, friend, and a leader.

  • Sabrina Bermudez

    President Betz was able to remind me that we don’t always pick the paths we go down. I’ve always been big on planning my entire life out, but once I got closer to college, I realized I didn’t have a plan for a major or even a department I’m interested in. Being the planner I am, it bothered me. However, even Dr. Betz didn’t originally plan on being the president of our university. His point on personal development was original and most applicable to me because it wasn’t the stereotypical “dream on” speech that teaches us to set a goal and work with all we have towards it. He encouraged us to develop our character so when the inevitable surprises in life come along, we will already have a firm foundation of who we are so we can continue on to be who we’re meant to be.

  • Marielle Jackson

    In Tuesdays lecture, President Betz reminded me of why I truly love being a student here at The University of Central Oklahoma. President Betz touched on so many important aspects of leadership. From change to trustworthiness, President Betz reminded us what it means to be a true, sophisticated leader.
    For my life, I believe the aspect of trustworthiness that President Betz touched on was most important. To be a great leader, people have to be able to rely on you and your decisions that you make every day. The people you lead will know not to put their faith in what you do and how you accomplish things if you cannot be trusted. Without trust, being a leader is pointless.
    Another important topic that President Betz addressed was character. Character in a leader is important because it shows people your true intentions. Without great character, it is impossible to make wise decisions and will ultimately result in the loss of trust from your followers.
    President Betz stated that he once received a fortune cookie that said, “Your character is your destiny.” He explained that, “The quality of who you are is going to impact how you live your life.” Bad character will not only cause a negative mindset, but also cause the inability to make good life decisions. Good character allows us live a meaningful, practical, and intentional life.
    All of the areas that President Betz addressed were important and valuable to the leadership opportunity that I, and my fellow peers, are beginning here at school and in our lives. I am privileged to have heard this lecture, and I am also encouraged by the wise words shared by President Betz.

  • Freshta Nematzadeh

    President Betz made a wonderful presentation to our Lessons in Leasdership class on Tuesday and it was memorable to me for several reasons. A key note which I found the most interesting was when Betz said, “Challenge is the change across the world”. Although he only elaborated on this briefly, it brings up an important message still relevant in today’s world, “why are things so turbulent?”. This raised a question for me as it applies to so much we witness in our day to day lives. Maybe it’s something as simple as a group of coworkers coming together to propose a new idea to a boss. Another example would be street protests in which a group of people with common interests come together for in hopes for change. On an even broader spectrum, in the political world we often see leaders who reign for many years. When a change is called for by the general public, many challenges are faced within the country. Perhaps things may become turbulent before they can become better, as change cannot happen in a day. Change is an evolving process and with leaders and their support we can come together and make differences in the world that were once deemed impossible.

  • Angela Thampi

    There were many points that President Betz made during his speech that I found to be inspiring, but what I found to be most applicable to my life was his point on being fearless. Oftentimes, the fear of the unknown makes me stick to old habits, never allowing myself to venture into new journeys and possibilities. But after President Betz’s speech, I am beginning to see how harmful that mindset can be. As a leader, I shouldn’t cower away from the new opportunities that life throws at me. I should show courage and embrace whatever comes my way. That is the only way to reach my full potential and to achieve success.

  • Zack Simmons

    One point that President Betz had that stuck out to me was that a great leader is extremely persistent. Which President Betz defined as, “an undeniable sense of fearlessness.” At my high school this is one quality that all the coaches and bible teachers would ingrain into us. They always wanted us to be the hardest worker no matter what our talent level. A reason that best suits us as college students is because an employer isn’t necessarily looking for the smartest person, but the person they know they can rely on to get the job done and will be there for the long haul. Also, if you’re trying to stand out from the crowd to an employer and you aren’t the smartest or the most talented, out working everybody will definitely catch their eye!

  • President Betz touched on many inspiring points in his speech which touched me in different ways. One point he made touched home though and that was that Passion, talent, and 10,000 hours can qualify you for success. Another was that persistence= fearlessness. Both of these apply to me because as a graphic design major in PLC I have many responsibilities to take care of from being in school doing countless projects, writing papers, volunteering, and being active, to having a social life and having time to spend with friends, family, and work a real job to pay things off for school. This is very difficult for me because I am not used to doing these things all at once. There have even been many times that I’ve considered quitting, but nothing great comes easy. Through perseverance I believe that it will all pay off in the end. President Betz opened my eyes to something i already knew but didn’t actually realize. With the fearlessness that I gain from persistence I have, I can better tackle my problems without doubt.

  • Virginia Glaze

    President Betz’s speech was incredibly enlightening. He touched on many different aspects of leadership and what he felt was important as far as leadership is concerned. His focus on the challenges of leadership and change in life really opened my eyes! We really do impact others when they see how we handle challenges and take on life. I also enjoyed how he emphasized trust as am imperative quality in leaders. I have always felt that trust is important and now will try my best to become a more trustworthy person. I truly enjoyed his speech and will take what he said to heart.

  • Micah Jones

    The point that he talked about that was most applicable to me was more on the aspect of personal development. This was when he said to us that something on our planned pathway will change. Whether we think we have it all figured out or not, something will be changed that is not in our “vision.” He told us about a girl that he knew who planned on being a surgeon for her whole life but ended up taking the path to be a social worker and was happy with where that had taken her. In his own life, President Betz did not plan on having a career in education. His original plan involved him in foreign relations. Things change and take us to different places than what we intend for ourselves.This is specifically reassuring to a freshman in college who is trying to figure out his own plan. Betz said that after knowledge, at this school, comes leadership. I’m happy to let a school that holds these values help me discover that path for my life.

  • Jameson Riley

    One thing that Dr. Betz touched on, and It seems as though everyone says, is that, “not everyone will be a great leader”. He did not stay on thi subject for very long but it arose controversy in my mind. What is a great leader? Who are we to believe without a doubt that not everyone will be a “great” leader. I understand based on previous data this most likely to happen, but shouldn’t we as leaders see potential in everyone? Shouldn’t we encourage and motivate people to the point of greatness in his/her own mind? We don’t have the right to establish the criteria for greatness in any regard, nor can we measure the greatness of any one man. Therefore we should not pretend that we can do these things and so deceive ourselves and others.
    That being said, Dr. Betz is an outstanding speaker, and man, who has my utmost respect and support.

  • Kennedy Lehew

    President Betz’s speech challenged me in several ways. One of his main points was, “Your character is your destiny.” To me, I define character as who you are when no one else is looking. If we are all leaders, we need to watch what we are doing at all times. You never know who is watching. President Betz said that people will sense in you the quality of your true character. We can fake it as much as we want, but people will know what we are really like. Even if we are just simply at home with our family, we still need to show leadership with them. Being a leader, and acting like a leader is not just an optional thing. No matter who we are with, and what we are doing, we need to be showing true leadership at all times.
    He also talked about being fearless. This touched me because I tend to have a fear of the unknown. I can get so nervous going into things simply just because I have no idea what it will be like. I cannot let fear stop me from anything.

  • Macie Snowden

    I always enjoy hearing President Betz speak because I love to see his genuine love for students. He mentioned leadership must be intentional. As I thought harder and harder about this comment, I realized it is an area I need to work on. Being a leader isn’t meeting projects, it’s meeting people. It’s not distributing jobs and checking in when they’re finished. It’s being willing to help along the way. Being intentional is something I am going to strive to make better about myself as I continue my college journey.

  • Monica Farquhar

    President Betz spoke on the subject of leadership emerging though struggle. This point stood out to me because often times we tend to let our struggle get the best of us and we bask in our defeat rather than learning from them. The ability of a person to persevere though struggles they face show the qualities of a leader President Betz spoke of and shows what kind of leader they are. What we take out of every situation builds onto our leadership qualities and teaches us lessons to help us build new ones. No one wants to face struggles but in the end we come out as better people and better leaders because of it.

  • Sydney Richardson

    “What you’ve done so far is a prelude to what you’re going to do” The words of President Don Betz. The words that follow such a powerful sentence impact me at many levels. President Betz spoke to the leaders of University of Central Oklahoma because we are leaders, and he knows how far we can go in life, that all the brilliant things we’ve done so far is just a toe in the water of accomplishments. He told us, have a dream, but explore things outside our elements. Ask questions that will deepen a friendship and will get real answers. Build a path of our own, don’t let anyone tell you what you should do with your life but use the resources that are available to get you to your highest potential. Carpe Diem, seize the day. Get involved, without it success will be hard. Be productive, engaged, creative, passionate, and ethical. These are just some of the inspiring words that will stick with me forever.

  • Bailee Bronson

    While listening to President Betz speak, I was fortunate enough to hear one phrase that embodies leadership and what it takes to make the world a better place… “Your character is your destiny”. This phrase, small in words, yet heavy with truth, serves as the awakening that I need to step outside of my comfort zone and do what I can, against all odds, to brighten someone else’s life. This point by President Betz is most applicable to me because it is uncomplicated, not sugar-coated, and is straightforward. Unlike other plastic-wrapped fortunes like the one from which this clever phrase originated, we are not swayed by lucky numbers or dates. As leaders, every day is our lucky day, as today is the day in which we implement positive change and service. Our character and everyday choices, not horoscopes and lucky numbers, can and will change the world.

  • Delaney Denham

    President Betz’s presentation was very inspirational and motivating. The part that was most interesting to me was that he mentioned that everyone is a leader on the inside. We need to start taking action in life. If we want to see a change made, we have to do it ourselves. Someone else may see the problem but not have the courage or desire to do so. By stepping forward towards a difficult task, you’ll be leading an example and that may just be the encouragement another needs to start becoming a leader.

  • Asia Augustine

    I really enjoyed the Presidents visit. One of the things he mentioned that stood out to me was that “your character is your destiny”. I completely agree with this statement. I think that we sometimes forget the importance of keeping our character in place. Many things can affect ones character; things as simple as the music we listen to, the people we spend time with, and what we allow others to do around us even if we do not participate. Remembering that your character determines where you will end up in life is a great reality check to shape up loose ends we see. Another thing he mentioned that really touched me was his response to my question, “knowing what you do now, what’s one major action and/or decision you would change regarding where you are now in life?”. Though he believed he failed me by not being able to give a direct answer, what he said did much more than him telling me study more or some other cliche answer. He said it was tough to answer because he has learned to wait out hard times,work to make them better, and learn from the experience. Everything happens for a reason what may seem like the end of the world today may actually be the rumble caused by another door opening up.

  • Mason Thompson

    During President Betz presentation on tuesday, my favorite thing that really had an impact on me was when he mentioned the quote “your character is your destiny”. I personally think that this goes so deep into being a successful leader. I Have always thought that character could best be defined doing the right thing when you know that nobody is watching. If you consciously do the right thing while you are alone then when you are around others making the right decisions will be second nature. And a big part of leadership to me is making those right decisions first and leaving others to follow, because most people wont make a good decision on there own they have to wait and see what others do first. And overall this is one of the crucial points of leadership in my life, because not only will it make me a better person, I believe that it makes those around want to be better also.

  • Mary Schwager

    What stuck with me the most was the correlation between trust and hope. Beyond the common implications of being trustworthy as a leader and the optimism a leader should possess to inspire and motivate others, trust also gains importance through the desire to inspire trust in the members of your group. Not only should they trust you, you should have them know that you trust them, and then increase the trust as a group. Hope, as well, isn’t limited to being an always-positive-peppy person, but can be a measure of living up to the expectations that the others in your group have for you. Not only do they hope the project goes well, they hope in you that you can reach your potential and that you can grow as a leader. By hoping that others will increase their confidence, you are showing your deeply-rooted trust in their abilities, even when they themselves don’t see it.

  • The President of the University of Central Oklahoma spoke in our Lessons in Leadership Class. President Betz touched on a plethora of concepts, leadership, service and personal development. One thing that really spoke out to me was when we tried to define the word, “Leadership.” We all had our own definition and our personal views on what it is. President Betz concluded that leadership has many definitions, but there are no words on what really define the act of leadership. He reminded us that over 1,400 applications we were the select few that stood out, and represented the characteristics of leadership. Although we are an investment for not only the leadership program, but an investment for the university. The program has developed successful professionals and exceptional leaders that have changed the world. He then inspired with us the phrase, “CARPE DIEM.” It means seize the day. It was encouraging, because we all have the potential to take the world by storm. After hearing our President speak I feel more confident starting of this semester with potential to great things.

  • Darian Covington

    Having President Betz as our guest speaker was one of the coolest experiences. I mean how many students can say their university president comes and speaks to one of their classes, yet alone makes a true effort to know his/her students? One of the main things he said that stood out to me was that it’s about what you do in YOUR world. Not everyone has to be the president of the US, CEO of a huge company, or famous. What matters most it what you do in your world, how you affect the people around you and leave a lasting impact. He also said that we must earn our character traits. You can’t just say you’re trustworthy, that has to be given to you because you earned it based upon your actions. You have to model whatever trait you want to be known for whether it’s trust, positivity, or civility. You have to be persistent in whatever you want people to remember you by, not one person wants to leave a negative impact so we must work selflessly for our traits and to better ourselves and others. Nothing is given, it’s earned. Boom.

  • Britton hodge

    President Betz touched on many subjects, one that especially spoke to me was carpe diem. My motto lately is live in the moment and of course, “Sieze the day” . Another subject that he spoke about is “there is no cookie cutter definition of leadership” during my leadership expierience through highschool i was blessed enough to go to BASIC leadership camp, where they taught you the many forms of leadership, so this statement that President Betz in my opinion is true. People usually generalize leadership as being the head of your club, or being the nicest person around, but also there are undercover leaders, people who we dont necessarily see showing leadership, people who sit next to the lonely person at lunch, or strike up a conversation with another person who they dont know is leadership to me, from what ive learned you can literally save a life by smiling at somebody and just being there for somebody who might not have somebody. Also President Betz touched a little bit on character, that spoke to me, what the person you show to people during the day is the person people are going to depict you as. When you leave this campus, once you graduated, what do you want people to say about you, that you were okay? Or that you were a leader. A person that gave everybody a chance and a person that people would look to for help. I aspire to be that person. Overall President Betz gave a solid speech, and i loved it. Very inspiring.

  • Cash Deitz

    I think personal development really is applicable in my life right now. Transitioning into college and into a new stage in my life has opened a lot of new doors for me, so good and some bad. Which doors I choose to go through now can be some of the most pivotal moments in my life. If I can develop myself I can become a better leader. President Betz said “there is no cookie cut look for a leader”, and I really believe that all of us can be great leaders but it starts with developing yourself. Once you have matured and have completed what is necessary you can develop others into men and women that will make the world a better place.

  • Darian Covington

    Having Prez Betz as our speaker was one of the coolest experiences. How many people can say their university president talked to their class, let alone truly makes an effort to get to know his/her students? Betz’s involvement is admirable and overall just awesome. One of the main points he talked about that stood out to me was that it matters what you do in YOUR world, not everyone needs to be the President of the US, a CEO of a huge company, or famous. What matters most is how you leave an impact in your world, how you reach your success, and how you can make yourself better as well as the others around you. As leaders, we must harp on selfless service and create a passion to which we fulfill with everything we’ve got. Another topic he spoke about was character traits. Prez Betz said that you can’t just call yourself trustworthy, you must be given that title due to the actions you are constantly showing and achieving. So.. If you want to be known as positive then you should make it a point to show that quality, you can’t just be in it halfway.. you have to give it your al and be persistent. Nothing is given, it’s earned. BOOM.

  • President Betz has always been someone who I’ve wanted to hear lecture for the purpose of seeing what I could take out of it. One quote that stuck out to me is, ” Leaders are focused on serving others.” What I took from that quote was in order to be a leader or someone that peers look up to you have to put your needs aside. Leadership expresses itself in a variety of ways, I think that something I’ll take with me forever. President Betz is someone who I look forward to hearing lecture again.

  • Jordan Michela

    “Leadership emerges when times are bleak.” Hearing these words by President Betz opened my eyes to a truth that I had not yet thought of. As we all know, the world we live in cannot always be perfect. There will be moments when we face troubling experiences. Because of this, people have had to find an inner strength to get through these events. How inspiring is that! We take the bad and turn it into positive outcome. I found President Betz’s quote extremely encouraging because it shows that a true leader does not have to be perfect. They can face hardships and use that as one of their strengths. I feel more confident in knowing that I don’t have to be some flawless individual to make a difference in the world.

  • One of the main things that stood out to me from President Betz was that leaders invest in others. I feel that a lot of time people who try to be leaders, (myself included) try to be leaders by simply bossing others around, or thinking by building ourselves up we are doing some good for people. But in reality leadership is intentionally crafting leadership in people who might not naturally be seen as leaders. This is done by having conversations with people, listening in on their lives, seeing the potential in them and helping that potential to grow.

    President Betz struck me as a person who wanted us to know that leadership comes from a humble, serving mentality; instead of a mentality of pridefulness and self serving leadership. I learned from his presentation that sometimes the best thing to do is to be quiet and stop acting like you already know everything. That sometimes it is better to listen and learn, than trying to talk and teach.

  • Bre Peeler

    President Betz mentioned being fearless about asking questions and that really resonated with me. I have always had a fear or maybe a pride standing in the way of me asking questions, but I have learned from President Betz that if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. To learn as much as you can possibly learn, you must ask questions. I liked his emphasis on asking questions because, not only is it applicable to classroom situations, but it is a usable concept in real life scenarios. Even though it may take a little bit of courage to ask what you may think will be a dumb question, chances are, someone else is wondering the same thing. To be fearless when asking questions is to learn more fro each person you meet.

  • Lexi Carroll

    As Dr. Betz shared his view on leadership and the development of a leader, I sat back and took plenty of notes to discuss on my blog. But after going back over my notes and reading them, something totally new stood out to me. This was the simple love and passion that Dr. Betz has for his job and his committment to helping others to become a leader. That is the most essential characteristic of a leader: the drive to guiding others to become the leader that is potentially in all of us. Dr. Betz is genuine when he speaks and makes it a point in life to become a better leader. As he said, “it doesn’t happen by accident.” You have to be purposeful about life and how you live your own.

  • Blakely Elliott

    A point that stood out to me during President Betz’s speech was when he mentioned how he heard the quote “your zip code is your destiny” and how at first he didn’t agree, but once the sentence was finished he understood. The more I thought about this quote the more I started to agree as well. We make a difference in the lives of those people around us, or those in our “zip code” and sometimes we don’t even realize it. Some people spend so much time and energy trying to make a difference in places around the world, but they don’t realize that those around us also need someone to make an impact in their lives. Our every day actions touch and inspire those around us, whether we know or like it. This idea will help me to remember those around me need inspiration just like those people around the world.

  • Among the numerous points President Betz made, there was one that stook out to me. “Your character is your destiny”. Profoundly simple, I found this statement as not only true, but extremely applicable. College presents many opportunities for us to succed in leadership endeavors. However, it is our character that will determine our successes and further opportunities. This concept encourages me to better myself to impact the lives of others and become a more selfless and consistant leader.

  • Stephanie Nutter

    One of my favorite quotes has always been “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”President Betz’s words on the power of persistence was the epitome of that quote.
    In high school I saw so many people with a special talent who had the potential to do great things. they had what you might say was the “recipe for success” but lacked one vital ingredient, persistence.These individuals would do well in an activity they were talented in, up to a certain point. When they came up against obstacles or a harder problem to solve, too many of them would just give up. Refusing to put in further effort because they had never needed to work very hard at the task before, it had just come easily.
    Perseverance and hard work was something my parents expected from me at a very early age. They expected me to give one hundred percent no matter what the activity was. This wasn’t especially hard for me, I had always enjoyed music, sports and showing animals. Even most school subjects weren’t a problem except for math. Math and I have always had a love/hate relationship. In other words I love to hate math. I can remember one situation in particular that I was less than stellar in my persistence and hard work ethic. I was having a terrible time with math one week, it felt like I’d hit a wall and couldn’t understand a lick of what the teacher said in class. So instead of trying to figure it out, I of course, complained to my parents.
    My father being the sensible, no nonsense teacher he is then said to me ” you know if you put as much effort into math as you did your music, basketball or complaining you’d probably be done by now.”
    President Betz’s speech was a reminder of my father’s speech. when a tough situation comes up I occasionally put more effort into complaining about the situation instead of working through the issue. If I put as much effort into homing my leadership abilities as I do some of my other activities (AKA taking the perfect selfie for instagram or the perfect Facebook post) then I might not find it as hard to achieve my potential. I may not be the most talented leader but with perseverance and hard work I have the potential to be a great leader.

  • Sadie Price

    I found President Betz’s speech to be very insightful, especially his topic over trustworthiness. He proclaimed, “Would you ever follow a leader who you did not trust?” I found this interesting as it made me start to think about my own past experiences with me following various leaders and being a leader myself. Being a leader requires you to be courageous and confident; following requires you to be obedient and most of all, vulnerable. When you follow, you only think about yourself and how to better your thoughts and actions through said leader, you put all your thoughts, emotions, perspectives, likes, dislikes and heart all on your sleeve to be critiqued so you can rid your flaws and hopefully become the best leader you can be. When you lead, you do not think of this. At least not right off the bat. You may not and will not think of this aspect until you have been vulnerable yourself. That is why, in my opinion, trust is the most important characteristic in any relationship. In order to completely understand one another and reach your full potential of communication and commitment, you have to have that trust and close bond that comes with it.

  • Michael McClish

    During Dr. Betz’s speech to the class, he spoke of many things that hit me on a profound level. Things such as making the right choices, being fearless, being persistent, but the most captivating thing Dr. Betz said was that your character is your destiny. This struck a chord with me, because I believe that a man or woman of strong character is the same as being someone with high integrity. Integrity, I believe, is what carries one beyond the limits of mediocrity. Having high integrity is what enables us to live on an elevated level. It allows us to hold ourselves to a higher standard; a standard that will not allow us to achieve anything less than greatness.

  • Michael Johnson

    During President Betz’s speech he said something that really stuck out to me, “Today is my day, what will I do with it?” Hearing this from the President Betz made me really think about my day to day life. Am I doing everything I can everyday to be the best leader, server, and we’ll centered person? I know that it is not humanly possible to do something monumental every single day, but it is the consistent little everyday tasks that help you reach your final goal. So I will do my best everyday to complete the little tasks I need to do to reach my ultimate dreams, goals, and fantasies.


    President Betz lectured a lot. But I remember change the most. All people experience changes during their life. However, each of them treat changes differently. While experiencing changes, it’s hard to endure. but we can learn a lot during chages. In my case, as i’m a exchange student from South Korea, all things are new and change. Sometimes many changes made me hard. By the way I learn a lot during changes. I learn different culture, different university, different house. And i’m sure this experience would be helpful to me. So, I think people do not have to worry about changes. Just strike it and do it.

  • Sidra Mesiya

    “Your character is your destiny”. This statement by Dr. President Betz really hit me hard and got me thinking. The quality of who we are is going to impact the way we live our life and how we affect others. People will know us by what we say and more importantly, by what we do so it is critical that we build on our character. To start working on our character, the first thing we have to do is an honest inventory of our character. From there, we will know what our strengths are and what areas of ourself we need to work on. As leaders on campus and future leaders in different aspects of life, having good and moral characteristics embedded in us will help us succeed and reach our goals. No matter where we end up in life -a CEO of a huge company, a school teacher, a plumber- our character is what will set us apart as leaders.

  • Kat Hartley

    I appriciated that President Betz touched on the subject of change. He mentioned how it was a challenge that lasts a lifetime. The only way to cope is to accept it with an open mind and become open minded to it. He mentioned how he moved to multiple places to accomadate his life and his families needs at the time. No matter where he went he embraced the opportunites that were given to him. He mentioned having struggles and concerns about being in places that he didn’t feel we’re right at the time. But now, looking back, it’s those moments he was in and the people he met that made him the man he is today with the life he now lives. I admired that he always put his family first and strived for his lifelong goals no matter how hard the obstacles in the way were. He is an outstanding speaker and role model and I plan on introducing myself to him in the future and asking more questions. I value his opinion for he is truly and hero to multiple people in his own way.

  • Jennafyer Sullivan

    It’s always a pleasure getting to listen to President Betz speak. For this particular speech, the one thing that stood out to me the most was: Be fearless about asking questions. A lot of times, the only thing that stops me from doing something is the fear of failing, because I don’t have all of the information I need. It’s often hard for me to remember that I’m not expected to have all of the answers. And that it’s okay to ask questions. I feel like, as a leader, I miss out on a lot of valuable information when I don’t ask questions. So it’s definitely a piece of advice that I would like to work on.

  • Given that President Betz made a number of excellent points in his speech, it was difficult to simply pick facet upon which to reflect. However, the point with which I appreciated the most was when he said that while leadership expresses itself in many ways, all leaders are focused on others. This wasn’t really new information; that is, I have always known that a great leaders is also a great servant. But I’ve never really thought about this or really put it into words. But when President Betz said it, I started thinking.
    I thought about leaders of the past, and I thought about who they were serving. Some, like President Lincoln or Mother Teresa worked to serving others, giving their lives selflessly. However, some leaders, like Adolf Hitler served only themselves. I think that true and proper leadership does require a blend of traits, but I think selflessness trumps them all. The word Genuflection comes to mind when I think about this. Originally, Genuflection was a way to honor those in higher positions than you. Everyone’s seen genuflection; it’s where a person kneels on one knee in front of a king or knight or bishop or president or emperor. But, it seems to me, that if a leader is really leading in a true and proper sort of fashion, then they should be the ones Genuflecting. I greatly enjoyed President Betz’s speech and truly gained a lot of excellent wisdom and insight from him.