Week 12 Presentation – Regent Richard Ogden

During Regent Ogden’s presentation he mentioned time twice. He mentioned that people need to find that their time is valued and that you are being respectful of everyone’s time. Why is it important to value time and how can you be a better steward of your time?


  • Samuel Corrales

    I really liked that he spoke about that. I was dancing under the instruction of some prey hardcore instructors/coaches. If there was one thing that I disliked the most it would have to be when our time at the studio wasn’t utilized to its potential. If it were to me, we would have been finishing routines in a day and cleaning the next. However, not everyone is like that. I happen to have kept that same annoyance when it comes down to matters of business. I would really rather be doing something productive instead of sit in on a meeting that has no importance to me at all what so ever. If I’m not in class, I’m doing homework. If I’m not doing homework, I’m volunteering. If I’m now volunteering, I’m hanging out with friends. I try to do as much as I can with my time. I don’t appreciate it whenever someone thinks they can waste it. If I am presenting something myself, I do the best I can to get to the point clearly so that decisions can be made sooner, increasing the amount of time for leisure. Ideally, we all should have an outline or agenda to go by in whatever it is that we do. We can easily refrain from getting off track if we all know what the track is.

  • Beth Rawlins

    When we do not value others’ time, it sends the message that you do not care about them. Sometimes it takes being conscientious about not taking too much of their time, or taking a moment to take care of them. Either way, when you value another persons time, the quality of time you are with them will be increased. Planning ahead, being efficient, and not procrastinating are vital ways to becoming a better steward of time. Also, prioritizing what things need more time versus those things that are not as important.

  • Rachel Payne

    Time is our most precious resource, we can not create more in a factory, its not naturally renewable. We are only given so much time in our lives so we should value you it because once our time is up that’s it, its done. It is most definitely important to appreciate the time we have by using it for its utmost potential like deepening relationships with family and friends, bettering ourselves, and bettering our community. We should also be respectful of other peoples’ time because if they have chosen to spend a portion of it with you or helping you in some way we should only keep them for as long as we absolutely need them but also understand if they can not meet that requirement at all times. In order to manage our time we should figure out what is most important to us and dedicate the most time to it and then divide the rest up according to how we prioritize other aspects of our life.

  • Andrea Allison

    We are only given so much time on earth to accomplish as much as we can. The older we get, the more valuable time becomes and the more opportunities we have to make an impact on the world. I once heard the saying “you have as many hours in the day as (insert famous person’s name here)” and it’s true! We should value our time and do our best to be well organized in using it. Spending less time on things such as checking Twitter and watching TV can help us to be better stewards of our time. It is also important to be respectful of other people’s time because we want them to do the same for us.

  • Ashley Sells

    It’s important to value your time, because you can never get lost time back. The worst thing you can do is waste your life. That’s why people go to jail as a punishment; it’s a waste of their time they can never get back. You can be a better steward of your time by figuring out what are the most important things in your life. For example, if I prioritized my life from the most important things it would go: God, family, health, and my job. Once you figured that out you could prioritize your time by what is important and what isn’t important. Making list of what needs to get done instead of watching TV and sleeping your life away plays a big input in it. If you want something in life you have to go get it before it’s too late.

  • Allison Cox

    I think that it is very pertinent to value time because it is important to everyone. No one wants to waste their time because it’s a very precious thing. If you are in charge of a company or are the manager over other workers, you want to be very cautious that you don’t waste their time because that would not motivate them to accomplish their tasks. That also goes along with being respectful of others’ time. If you respect it, than you have a greater chance that they will get their work done in a timely manner and also not waste your time. Respect is a two-way street. In order to receive it, you have to give it.

  • Chelsea Ratterman

    Time is precious and a common complaint is how there isn;t enough of it in the day. Time management and knowing your limits maximizes your time, but sometimes that isn’t enough. I am decent at time management, but when I get burned out, that talent goes out the window. That is something I need to be better about, because when I reach the burnout phase, I lose any and all productivity.

  • Mariah Wagner

    I think it’s important to value time because everybody always has at least two or three things that they could be doing so you need to be respectful of the fact that they took time out of their busy day to talk or do something for you. It’s a sign of respect. I think that I have pretty good time management. However, I could always improve by being a little more selfish with my time, and when I do have free time, do the favors that people ask from me. I could also try to find more time for the people in my life.

  • Ethan Wood

    People only have a limited amount of time during their day, and to take someone’s time and not value it as a limited resource is terribly offensive and very inconsiderate. People should treat other people’s time with more respect than they treat their own, and therefore should let the other person know that their time is highly valued and that you are doing your best to make the best use of their time that you possibly can. Mr. Ogden works at his job as the Regent for no salary, and therefore I’m sure he knows exactly how valuable his time is. He is asked to give up a good deal of his time to the state and people of Oklahoma, and so I’m sure he understands what it means to ask others to give up their time.

    I think people can be better stewards of their time by really examining what they want to get out of life, and then using their time to do things that get them closer to what they decide they want. If you want to graduate with a degree, then you should use your time to study, make good grades, etc. If you want to have a nice family, you should put your time into treating your wife and kids nicely and doing things that make the family better. Using your time for what your end goals are is the best way to be a steward of a your time. Ask yourself, “Does this get me closer to where I see myself in the future?” If the answer is yes, no problem. If the answer is no, you may wish to reevaluate either your goals or your uses of your time.

  • Kaley Everson

    It is crucial to value time because it never stops. In every second of everyday, we are capable of leading and learning. We have the capacity to do many great things. However, do we find our time of worth? This is truly a perspective that can enhance our perception of what we should do with the time we do have; because, it is limited. As we have busy schedules and busy daily routines, we think about time often: referring to what time we need to be to our next meeting or class. But we often never think of other people’s time as valuable, even when we know it is. So by not only appreciating the time we have, but also by acknowledging others time, we can learn to appreciate what we have, and also the time that other person is either giving to you or that you can give to them.
    Although time is intangible, it is the best things that can be given to others because it shows that you care. Gifts are temporary. Time and memories last a lifetime. And as I come to this realization, I have come to the conclusion that I need to be better at managing my time and valuing its worth. I often have free time, especially on the weekends; and as everybody else. I take this time for myself: watch tv, read a book, go to the movies. These things rarely create memories and they only benefit one person: myself. I think that by managing my free time in a more appropriate manner such as: going to the food bank and organizing shelves, assisting at a pet shelter, or even just helping out around the house, I will be benefiting others as well as myself. I will be creating memories that will make it all wroth the while. And I will have had my time well spent; as I will later loo back and not be regretful on how I spent my time.
    Time is always moving, make the most of it.

  • Jordan Conley

    It is important to value our time because everything we do is on some sort of time frame. No matter what we do, we do not have an unlimited amount of time like we sometimes think. There is always a deadline. To be a better steward of time you have to plan ahead. We all have busy schedules but the best way to prepare is to make and keep a schedule. Make a list of everything you have to do and then develop a time frame for that list. Allow some time for surprises, we all have little things throughout the day pop up that we cannot avoid. And finally, no matter what, try your hardest to not procrastinate.

  • Tanner Gore

    Time is important because in today’s era we want what comes fastest and is easiest. We should value our time because we don’t have much of it and we take it for granted by spending it on tv and other things that aren’t necessarily important to our every day lives in the long run. I could better my time by spending more time with friends and on some of my school work to better myself socially and mentally.

  • Hawley Austin

    Time is a very important aspect of leadership. Regent Ogden talked about time in two different points. One point was when he talked about the structure of change and the other point was when he talked about the execution of change. The value of time when talking about the structure of change is crucial. Without structure, a plan will crumble. A plan will also crumble when it is not done in a timely manner. Using time wisely is vital when talking about the structure of a plan. Time is also crucial when talking about the execution of the plan. If time isn’t used wisely, then the plan could fall. The world isn’t revolved around our time. We revolve around the world’s time. We as leaders need to remember that time is crucial and we must get tasks done on time. In the work world, bosses won’t be okay with late work. They want employees that will be on time and get tasks done in a timely manner. I think that I could be a better steward of my time by making lists. Lists always help me to stay on task and get things done. When I think about everything I need to get at once, I get overwhelmed. Lists help me stay on task and get each task done on time.

  • Chantell Hay

    Time is precious, and there is only so much of it. The best way that I think that we can value our time is doing something that we love. It would be such a waste of time to do something that you do not enjoy. It is equally important to use your time serving others. There is no better use of the time in your day than to serve with a humble heart I think the best way we can be better stewards of time is to be organized. Writing things down and keeping a planner is very helpful. In order to be a leader, we must not miss deadlines and be accountable of our commitments.

  • Kayla Auffenorde

    Time is something that we cannot be sure of because it cannot be precisely measured. It is limited therefore it must be valued. We should strive to make the best use of our time but we also need to be conscious about what exactly we are devoting our time to. I think this a hard thing to accomplish. Too many things demand our attention and time, so how do we find a balance? I think it is important to know how we want to use our time that is given to us, what passions or areas that we want to focus on. Once we find that, once we know how to use our time wisely then we need to realize that we cannot expect other people’s time if we ourselves do not give that time. Everyone has different passions and may choose to use their time differently so we must respect that and make sure that we do not demand someone’s time simply because we do not want to. For me, I need to learn to delegate my time better. Too often I focus on one thing and then find myself regretting that I did not share my time with something else. Time is mysterious; the least we can do is use it wisely.

  • Ilyssa Owen

    Time is certainly a precious subject. None of us know just how much time we are going to be allowed with on this earth. It makes each moment in life more precious and meaningful than the last. So, how we spend our time is very important because the next day your time might be all gone. I think people touch on that a lot; that YOU never know how much time YOU will have left. If that’s true; then we also must consider others’ time. Just as you don’t know if your time will be gone, you don’t know how much time left the people surrounding you have. Every moment spent with people (and animals) should be valued because it every moment, interaction, hug, conversation, could be the last time. People say your first impression is the most important, but every interaction could be the last impression you get to leave on a heart. This is why we should value our time, because it can be cut off in a moment. I can be a better steward of my time by making sure none is wasted. Every effort should be out of love, time IS SHORT and there’s no room for hate in our hearts. I still think about President Betz’ first speech, when he mentioned that each night he looked back on his day to consider if he had helped someone or made someone’s life better that day ensuring it wasn’t wasted. This is a perfect goal; that I’m still working on, to be a better steward of my time. Striving to show love for others, making relationships, and showing compassion every moment, will ensure time, and life, isn’t wasted.

  • I think it is important for everyone to value time, simply because we only have so much of it. Every day we only have twenty-four hours to accomplish everything we need to. Since we are limited on time we must be careful of how we manage it. If we have an immense amount of work to do, we must limit distractions and work our hardest to get everything done. I think we must respect others’ time because you never know what all they must get done, so we should be conscience of this when interacting. How I can be a better steward of my time is simple, I must manage my time wisely. Although I get caught up in my day to day life I need to make the effort to balance it as equally as I can. I think I do an effective job managing my time because I do well in school and I am involved on campus quite a bit. But, I can always improve and that’s something I’ve been working harder on this semester.

  • I am using a video I found and have absolutely related to as a reference for this blog. “We live ruffle 28,835 days you may have more or less. There is almost 5,475 days in your first 15 years. This is the beginning of adulthood the point you can make your own life choices. For 8,477 days you will sleep. Eating, drinking, or preparing food for 1,635 days. If you find something you love you will work for 3,202 of those days.1,099 days you will travel or commute. We watch tv for 2,076 days. Daily chores are another 1,576 days. We care for those we love for another 564 days. Most of us will spend 671 days bathing, grooming or doing other bathroom routines. Another 721 days for civic, volunteering, or church activities. 2,704 days this is the amount of time you have left for laughing, texting, on facebook, being with friends. What are you going to do with this time? How much have you used up? What if you only have half of it? What would you do differently? How much time have you spent worrying instead of doing something you love? What if you only had one more day?” *Above is the link to the video*

    This first semester of college has flown by however parts of it feel like forever ago. There are days I felt were wasted and some day I didn’t have enough hours. So this blog prompt has made me really think abut what I will change this next semester.

  • Lexi Banister

    As a Christian, my thoughts on why time is important may differ. Time is a gift and should not be taken for granted. God gives us time to glorify him in every thought, action, and word throughout each second. We are not promised the next day so every day should be lived as though it is our last. We should let those whom we care about know that we love them; we should work out our quarrels with others and never leave a conversation angry. We, in this fast pace life, lose sight of how minute our worries are so we forget the important things. Our time should be organized so we get our work, school, and social things done and still have time to enjoy what life has to offer. I personally, need to remember to live each day to its fullest and to give God the glory along the way. Some things are not worth focusing on when you realize the big picture of life and the short time we are in it.

  • Matthew Frech

    I think it is incredibly important to value another’s time because it how we show someone else that we truly care. Although time is definitely a resource we in no way have an unlimited amount of, it is a resource that we can control where it is spent. That being said, when you spend your time on someone else, they feel connected with you because you could be off doing literally a million other things at any given moment. I feel like this is especially true in today’s age, where it seems that it really isn’t that difficult at all to waste an hour or more on something as simple as Facebook. With so much to do with our time, donating it to someone else whether it be lunch with a friend or helping with a service project is something that can really speak volumes about who we are and who/what we care about.

  • Kayla Standlee

    It is important to value time because people have schedules. In a work environment, schedules are similar. But the outside life of each employee can be vastly different. Some people have children they have to run to soccer games. Others have ill parents that they have to caiter to. No one knows what other people have to do on a daily basis. Therefore, there is significant value in time of others and in your own time. I could manage my time better by writing out all my projects, assignments, and appointments in a planner so everything is on paper. Having everything on a colander really helps me stay organized and I think it would help manage my time a lot better than I am now.

  • Callie Thompson

    I think it’s important to value time because we always feel like we never have enough time, and we never really know how much time we have. The most important part of managing time better is to know the important things or people in your life that you want to spend most of your time with. It’s also important to remember that other people have priorities as well, and keeping them from those by taking too much of their time could easily turn them against you after a while.

  • Shelby Eddleman

    Time management seems to be an issue for all of us at one point or another. It is important not only to manage your own time, but to respect everyone else’s. Managing your time ensures that deadlines are met, and that you live each day to its fullest capacity instead of wasting your time doing nothing. Good leadership starts with you. It’s also about not wasting the time of others. It’s important to be prepared when going into a meeting, for example, because everyone else is on a tight schedule too, and if you take up too much time due to being underprepared, you are not being respectful of people’s time. Also, if someone needs your time, make that time for them. It’s hard to be a good leader when you brush everyone off because you’re “too important.” Making time for others makes them feel important, which in turn makes them more loyal to your leadership. If we procrastinate less, prepare more, and make others feel important, we can become better stewards of time.

  • There is a saying that goes, “Time is of essence.” It is important to value our time because we use time to make our lives valuable. Everyone’s time is golden and it is not unlimited, therefore we need to make full use of our time to do things that could benefit us and are healthy. For instance, we should spend more time learning skills and knowing happenings from all around the world so that we are equipped with knowledges and not knowing nothing. In this era, knowing nothing is definitely not a crime, but if we do, we are a step behind of those who know better than us. Knowing something ahead of time helps us to plan better and to prepare for circumstances. Hence, time is important, and we should always take advantage of it by learning something new. We should never take it for granted.

  • Daniel Fijalka

    Time can be very valuable and beneficial, depending on how you choose to use your available time. When we have time, we always have a choice to make. We can choose to spend our time wisely and get things accomplished, or we can choose to have fun. It is often the latter that is the most destructive to our goals. We often think that we have lots of time to accomplish goals and finish our work, but when we fail to do these things right away, we then complain about not having enough time.

    I think what is more important is respecting other people’s time. I have especially learned to do this lately as several of my classes have had projects which involved group work. My classmates each have busy schedules, and sometimes it was hard to find a time for the group to meet that would work for everyone. When the time was set, it was important to show up, because that was when the most work was going to get accomplished. My classmates each relied on me to give my time to accommodate theirs.

    I can definitely be a better steward of my time. I often wait to do things until the last minute, and then I become rushed and do not give the effort I know I am capable of giving. To use my time more effectively, I need to get my work done immediately.

  • Weston Schloss

    As Mr. Krabs from the TV show “Spongebob” says, “Time is money!” While he uses this saying to get his semi-delinquent worker Spongebob to hustle up, I gather from this quote a very different meaning. I feel like time is not something to be wasted, which I’m very proficient at doing. My time is very valuable because I could be doing great things with my mind, and if I put my mind to something, I have the ability to conquer it like I’m a knight slaying a dragon. While I may be a knight that can slay a dragon, someone may be King Arthur with his Excalibur, ready to be a hero beyond everyone’s imagination. I should not waste other’s time because I have no idea how valuable their time is. If I could focus more, I could divide my time better. It all comes down to my decisions.

  • Denton Scherman

    Time is something we all wish we had more of, but waste the most. We only have so much time on this planet and more specifically at this school. We need to make the most of it, and leave an impact here. We need to leave this campus, this state, this world, better than we found it. We are all very involved and have many irons in the fire. It is vital for us to fulfill all the tasks we said we would complete. We need to show that we have good time management and can handle bigger roles. The best way to be better stewards of are time is to keep a planner. Write EVERYTHING down. It will keep you from over committing and hold you accountable for what needs to be done. Another good way is to put away your phone, turn off the tv, etc. and focus on the task at hand.

  • Tre'Auntae Fairbanks

    Time is the biggest resource men have at their disposal. It is one of those priorites that you know is iminent, yet it can seem unimportant becuase track of it is lost so easily. Valuing time is important because you never know how much you really have. Procrastination and slothfullness have grown in me these past few weeks because i have been frugal with my time. Dividing your day into productive time and leisure time can be a difficult task when your priorities aren’t in order. So to become a better steward of time I think I just need to sit down and really prioritize what is important to me at this point in my life for the success of my future.

  • Jessica Casey

    During Richard Ogden’s presentation, he mentioned time twice. He talked about how people need to find that their time is valued and that you need to be respectful of everyone’s time. If you were to take a survey and ask the question, “what’s stopping you right now from following your dreams,” one guaranteed answer would be “Not enough time.” If, however, one valued their time and did not take it for granted, they could have easily been on the right path to their goals and dreams. One could be a better steward of time if they simply planned everything out. Waiting until the last second to decide or plan something is unwise and could potentially harm your chances at future opportunities.

  • Christina Traverso

    Time is our most valuable and limited resource. Unlimited time means unlimited productivity. Becoming a better steward of your time means becoming more efficient and productive. If you had all the time in the world and sat around doing nothing, you’ve wasted your opportunities. It is important to value time because it’s gone before you know it. One afternoon might seem endless before it starts, but after it’s over all that time seems to have disappeared into thin air. Time doesn’t just fly when you’re having fun.
    Something Mr. Ogden mentioned that is especially important is on the subject of being respectful of everyone’s time, rather than just your own. Anyone harbors the incentive to respect their own time, but respecting the time of others is a quality of a great leader.

  • Shelby Allen

    I feel that as our society has progressed into the Information Age, we have all become more critically aware of our time. Time is the exhaustable commodity that leaves our grasp as soon as we get it. It’s something, unlike money, we have no control over. Time puts us on a level playing field with those around us, and often makes us prioritize and discover what matters most to us. As college students, we often put so much pressure on these 4/5 years, believing they will determine the rest of our lives. However, I believe the best way to spend these years is by finding and immersing yourself in things and with people you enjoy, and taking risks. Being the best steward of your time simply means realizing that above all it is a gift, and working each day to make yourself better than you were yesterday.

  • Cierra Chastain

    I believe it is important to value time because you never know how much time we are given. It is important to show respect to people by respecting their time, whether it is showing up on time or being relevant when you are around them. I can be a steward of my time by being thoughtful with the relationships around me, and the time that I have been given.

  • Joseph George

    The reason why it is important to value time is because it is so limited. I feel like we take it for granted at times and just forget how precious of a gift it is. We will never know when our last sand spec will drop, but it is our job to use every morsel of time to our advantage. We quote “I wish I could get that time back” or ” I wish I could that time back and use it better!” When we say “SCREW THE PAST,” we will be able to focus on our future and the time we have now, We focus so much on the past that we forget that we have our whole future ahead of us. We can never take the past back, but it is our RESPONSIBILITY and DUTY to utilize the time that we have before us.

  • Olivia Cavazos

    It is important to value time because you don’t wAnt to waste your time or anyone else’s time. But at the same time you would want to value the time that has been presented and set forth. Everyone does have the same amount of time in a day it is just a matter of what you do with it. You want to make the most and best of the time you are given instead of not doing so.