Week 11 Presentation – Mike Carolina

Mike Carolina focused on technology and leadership. Is making the connection between technology and leadership valuable? Why or why not?


  • Kayla Auffenorde

    I agree that making the connection between the two is very valuable. Technology launches us into the efficiency of the future. Competitiveness derives from this and in order to keep up then we need to embrace the technological advances. Not only does it help leaders stay plugged in and engaged to what is happening around them, but it also widens the range of communication. Strengthening the field of communication in return helps gauge the influence we have. One thing that Mike Carolina said was that, “continuous focus on the future is the heart of innovation”. New ideas, change, and imagination all contribute to success in leadership. But, if we dwell on what we know in the present then nothing will ever excel. Therefore, by having a mind of what could be, we instill hope. Keeping up with technology provides physical examples of what happens when innovation is not abandoned. Technology has several benefits, but we must learn to integrate technology into leadership without becoming consumed by it.

  • Mariah Wagner

    I think that The connection between technology and leadership is very valuable. I believe this because without the growth of technology there would be no growth in leadership. As Mike Carolina said, “Helping the state to create the innovation economy is one of the roles that technology has on society.” This means that without technology a society would stay stagnant, and never grow. Technology is important in every aspect of our lives including social media, maintaining contact with others, and researching. Without technology we would still be where we were hundreds of years ago. Technology is also a great way that we can see others be leaders and show their leadership skills, which is why i think the connection between the two are so important.

  • Christina Traverso

    These days, we live in a world where Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and scores of other social media sites are plastered all over tv commercials, billboards, posters, and virtually every other form of advertisement. We are more connected, and have more access to information, than any other generation in existence. The internet is considered a necessity for hundreds of every day activities, so much so that sometimes we forget that it was maybe half a decade ago that having the internet on your phone was a rarity. Technology has become a vital component of our society. If you want to be successful in modern times, you must be able to navigate technology. Whether that means channeling endless emails, advertising your company on Facebook, or becoming a one hit wonder on YouTube, the possibilities are endless.
    In terms of leadership, it seems as though technology could not be more important. It creates efficiency and productivity, making life easier for your team, and thus the work that they accomplish under (or above) you.
    But how far is too far? In the age where a two year old can navigate an iPhone (sometimes better than their parents), what does this mean for modern issues, such as childhood obesity? And, in a world that depends on basic luxuries such as electricity, what would we do without technology?

  • Shelby Allen

    The connection between technology and leadership is very important because they are both on the forefront of progress. As technology continues to grow and develop, new innovations are reshaping our economic, social, and political structures. As our world shifts into even more advances, it is imperative that those in leadership positions be knowledgable of the technology that affects them and how to use it to an advantage. Technology has always held immense power, especially when countries compete to achieve advancements first. With this power comes great responsibility to the world and it’s citizens, for technology in the wrong hands can be detrimental. As leaders, it is our job to create environments that are productive and efficient, which is nearly impossible without the acceptance and integration of technology.

  • I believe that it is. Technology is an incredibly power full tool, and can be used in many different situations. It can allow you to better communicate with your team, and lets you see waht progress has been made and where.. I can also provide you with a wealth of information that you can call up at a moments notice.

  • Rachel Payne

    Leadership and technology go hand in hand. It is vital for a good leader to be up to date with the latest technology if they want to be effective. How can they lead if they are stuck in the past? Being a leader requires taking initiative and putting yourself out there and that is now done through Facebook and Twitter and many other social networking sites. Technology makes a person accessible and that is a necessary quality to have in order to be a leader. It also can give you a leg up in some situations, it just helps to be informed in every area that you possibly can. You can never be over educated.

  • Chelsea Ratterman

    Technology is such an integral part of our world, that making the connection between leadership and technology is of growing importance. Technology is how messages are relayed and is what most people turn to when needing a solution. Leadership is always adapting and can utilize the tech that is perpetually present to help grow leaders and help current leaders when making important decisions.

  • Cierra Chastain

    Technology is important in any leadership role. Becoming proficient with technology allows a leader to access information that might be essential when carrying out a leadership task. Although technology is pervasive throughout our world, it should never replace the personal leadership interactions with others. I believe technology is a wonderful tool that is constantly changing allowing greater opportunities for everyone.

  • In my opinion, making the connection between technology and leadership is very valuable. Let me use an example that is already on the Internet. There is a saying that goes, ‘Sharing is caring.’ Leaders like to share what they learn to others on the net so that others who are inspired to be a leader would try out suggestions posted on the web. President George Bush has also once said, “America’s scientists and engineers have mastered the miracle of flight, conquered dreaded diseases, and explored space. By encouraging excellence in mathematics, science, engineering and technology, America will remain competitive in the global marketplace.” America is a leading country, and in order to stay competitive with other countries, America needs to advance its technology and make them unique so that it can become a powerful country that others come to. Leaders today need to embrace technology to find out what is happening around the world and not knowing nothing.

  • Lexi Banister

    I do believe technology and leadership go hand in hand, but only in some aspects, not all. A leader needs to be aware of the world around them; they need to know all the facts the population is interested in. Technology keeps people connected to the latest hits and the latest topics and trends. Technology can also help leaders campaign or stay connected to the people watching/ following them. The recourses are endless with technology, but at some point the leader needs to go out into the world and know how to interact without using a keyboard. Technology is going to continue to grow and grow, but personal relationships grow through face to face communication.

  • Joseph George

    I feel like it is valuable to make a connection between technology and leadership! The reason why is because of the society . Live in is basically a technology based society! As we continue to adapt with technology as one of our sources of life, we as leaders need to adapt to what society adapts to. Now, I’m not saying that we should adapt to what all society had to offer but we should also not go Ray Bradbury on technology and forsake all of it, because of what technology has to offer can help us in many ways, and at times it can make our lives easier – even though it doesn’t seem like it at times. If society adapts then we must adapt!

  • Jordan Conley

    I think that making the connection between technology and leadership is very valuable. As leaders we are constantly looking for a way to make ourselves and everyone around us better and using technology is a great way to do that. If using technology can help make a difference and can put us ahead in our journeys to be better leaders then why not make the connection?

  • Kayla Standlee

    The connection between technology and leadership is very valuable. If you watch any sports at all, the media glorifies all forms of leadership. If a professional athlete makes a good leadership action, it is plastered all over television and front pages of the top sport magazines. If the action reflects bad leadership, they make it even more public. Technology is growing faster than we can even blink. Every day there are new advances that propel our society further into the future. Leadership is one of the most important traits that will propel our country in a positive way. Technology is a tool that all leaders must use. It will help getting messages across, communicate with foreign leaders, and will allow them to do many things that would be nearly impossible without technology. So I would say confidently that technology is very valuable in leadership.

  • Ethan Wood

    Doubtless the link between technology and leadership is valuable. A leader who embraces the abilities provided by technology and other resources is better able to lead than a leader who does not. Technology is a valuable resource for the modern leader, as it allows him or her to better utilize the skills of those he is superior to. In many ways, modern leadership relies on technology.

  • Malana Smith

    I believe that it is valuable in order for us to maintain certain types of resources that we’d utterly use on a daily basis (such as the internet, phones, social media ect) but I believe that ere is so much more than technology that assists us as leaders. Our greatest asset and focus should be people because, even though technology may change, the human mind, wants, desires and heart will not. Therefore, we should keep technology in mind, but it should not be one of our greatest focuses.

  • Ashley Sells

    When people start to talk about technology I get nervous, because half of the time I don’t know what I’m doing. I think it’s extreamly important for new leaders and even old leaders to know how to work technology. It’s more convenant for people to use technology over letters or meetings.Today’s society runs off of technology, and is the biggest way to communicate. It’s almost impossible to go around using technology today.

  • Matthew Frech

    With the direction our society is going, technology has become a tremendous asset for leaders to utilize. Take for example a political campaign; If I wanted to run for governor, I could spend days driving around the state and putting up posters and stickers and giving speeches and doing anything I could to get people to pay attention to me. Or, I could use my twitter account to reach hundreds of my friends, who would help me tweet out supporting messages, and more than likely get hundreds of more followers that could continue to broaden my audience. With the right timing and a little bit of luck, I could generate thousands of followers in a week, all reading whatever I have to say. With the fast-paced Internet world we have at our fingertips, it seems harder to not have a following (What Does the Fox Say, really?) Overall, technology can help in numerous different ways, no matter what type of platform we are standing for.

  • Rebekah Murphy

    Yes, the connection between technology and leadership is important because so much of our world revolves around technology. Everything we do now has something to do with technology, whether it be the primary source or secondary. Our communication is solely based on different types of technology. I personally check my email more than 10 times a day, and clearly I am always texting. A lot of keeping people up to speed and making sure they are aware of their requirements is done through technology. We have Facebook groups, twitter accounts, and emails that we rely on in order to stay organized and know what is expected of us. A leader needs to known how to navigate this medium and all its subcategories efficiently so that he/she can effectively lead other successfully. If one doesn’t understand or lacks the talent of technology, they will quickly fall behind because technology in society is developing faster and faster, we need to stay ahead of the game.

  • Denton Scherman

    I believe the connection between technology and leadership is very valuable. Today’s society is fully engrossed in technology. Almost everything you do today has some level of technology involved. I believe it will only become more prevalent in our lives as time passes. As leaders we need to understand technology can do a lot for us but we still need to develop our leadership traits. No matter how advanced technology gets, there will always be a need for a stong leader.

  • Hawley Austin

    Making the connection between technology and leadership is valuable in today’s society. Our world revolves around technology. Technology hasn’t always been the past, but it is the present and the future. Technology has innovated our economy, but it has taken someone with an idea and a group of people willing to make that idea a reality to do so. Technology doesn’t create itself. Our economy grows because of leaders wanting to be better and produce better products. Mike Carolina used the example of Steve Jobs to connect leadership and technology. He had an idea, and that idea turned into some of the greatest pieces of technology in the world today. He showed leadership by not giving up when things went wrong or when others said he couldn’t do it. Without technology our world wouldn’t be where it is today and there wouldn’t be the leadership that exists now, but because of leaders such as Steve Jobs, our economy grew and so did the amount of leadership. Others stepped up and tried to compete with Jobs, and because of that competitiveness, technology grew. Leadership and technology are two things that are connected. They both start with an idea and that idea is valuable.

  • I think it can be valuable in some instances. I would say that technology can work with leadership and the two can be successful that way. If you can utilize technology effectively with your leadership you can appear to be a more informed leader. Now a days with all of the technology the world has one way it can make you a better leader, is knowledge. With the Internet and social media sites it is very easy to keep up with what is happening in the world and this provides us with knowledge. To be a leader you must know have knowledge as to what you are leading and technology can be a beneficial tool to have. Basically I believe that you can utilize technology in accordance with leading to make you knowledgeable and have more credibility.

  • Chantell Hay

    In my opinion, making the connection between technology and leadership is very valuable because we are advancing at such a quick rate. We make new discoveries in technology everyday, so why would we not correlate one with the other. We can use technology to improve our leadership skills and the quality of them. So many of the great leaders we see in the world are founders of new technology. We recognize them because they have used their dicoveries to lead people all over the world.

  • Jonny Schwartz

    The connection between leadership and technology is valuable. Mike Carolina made this evident in his speech Tuesday. The development of new technology provides unique opportunities to introduce these products to society. Who better to integrate this than leaders? It takes a leader to try something new and show others how the change is beneficial.
    “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

  • Jessica Casey

    Mike Carolina focused on technology and leadership. I think making the connection between the two is very valuable. With technology, one has the ability to make a larger impression on the world. Mike Carolina used the examples Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg to elaborate on this subject. With the technology they created, they were able to turn a simple idea into a global impact. Each one of them are leaders in the sense of integrating change and being figures in which the world views.

  • Kaley Everson

    Technology is one thing that will never cease to expand. In time, it continues to progress towards better ideas and a better future. Leadership in itself is a product of ourselves on how we each perceive it: this is why different people have unique opinions on what a leader truly is.
    However, as we head into our future, I believe that we have to expand ourselves and our capacities along that with technology. Although leadership is attainable without technology, I do think that it is crucial to associate the two together.
    Our generation keeps expanding on modes of communication: search engines and upgrades on phones are nothing new to society. Ways of classrooms are altering as are forms of homework and lecturing styles. More professors in colleges as teachers in schools are changing forms of homework. Our society is becoming more digitalized, and in order to even succeed anymore, we also have to change how we do things and when we do things. Technology is what will lead us into a better future, and it is the fact that we must understand this and allow it to change us and or future for the better of our economy.

  • Andrea Allison

    Making this connection is important because we live in a society that is becoming dependent on technology. This may become one of the biggest priorities for leaders who will come from our generation since older generations are not as tech savvy. Technology can be used in amazing ways. It can expand a leaders reach from a local level to a global level in a matter of seconds. At the same time, leaders have to be careful of what they say and do because a negative comment or action can also be known on a global level in a matter of seconds. I believe that the best future leaders will be ones that can use technology in a beneficial way and are able to maintain a positive image with their followers.

  • Tanner Gore

    I believe it is valuable because the world is advancing through technology. We no longer have to see people face to face now we can do it through a screen that fits in our pockets. With technology we can do things simply and a lot faster in this age than we could have just a few years ago. For leadership to advance it is helpful to be technologically savvy these days.

  • Sunny King

    The way in which people interact with each other has been entirely changed with advancements in technology in the recent years. With the direction society is moving today, the relationship between technology and leadership is very important. Technology has become a huge part of people’s everyday lives, and it opens the door for greater opportunities to lead. To have good leadership, it is important for leaders to remain a couple steps ahead of the people they are leading and in order to do that, they must be knowledgable about technology and the creative ways it can be used. Technology can is important to leadership because in today’s era it has given us the power to reach millions of people all in a split second. And because of these advancements in technology, it makes it even more important for leaders to be a few steps ahead of things, as well as being skilled in working in a fast-paced environment. Leadership is also primarily centered around communication, and technology allows us to have immediate communication to large groups of people.

  • Allison Cox

    I thought that Mr. Carolina’s speech regarding technology and leadership was extremely eye opening. He made several good points that I have failed to connect together. He asked us the question, “How do we invent the future?” At first, I did not see the link between technology and leadership, but as he explained further, I began to understand. I grasped the concept with that without leaders, there would be no future.

    Mr. Carolina’s concept of technology was rather incredible. He showed us technology that I did not even know existed yet and he also showed us of what was to come in the future. He stated that “embracing technology allows for change and it makes a good leader”. I could not agree more with him. Change is a good thing, and if we are still stuck in the old days, then we are not accepting change and we are not allowing ourselves the maximum potential to become a great leader.

  • Olivia Cavazos

    Making the connections between the two are very important. We have to realize that times are changing and technology is a very vital thing in our society. As time goes on more and more things are centered around technology. Leaders evolve, technology is evolving, therefore leaders have to evolve along with it.

  • Christen HIckey

    Technology dominates our culture, and incorporating it into your lifestyle and your leadership style is imperative. The three biggest things that tie leadership and technology together are change, uncertainty, and communication. First of all, leaders should strive to create stability in chaos, but how is stability possible when technology is always changing? The key is to adapt to the technology each step of the way, and determine what is the best approach to the new technology for you and those you lead. Second, leaders should provide clear goals and visions, but how is this possible when technologies future is full of so many uncertainties? The key here is to be aware of what’s developing right now and what is being researched for the future. As a nursing major, it is my responsibility to stay informed about the different innovations happening for the health care industry when it comes to new technologies. If I am going to help lead my peers to utilize the best technology out there, I need to be informed and aware myself to developing ideas for new technology. Finally, leaders have to communicate, but technology gives such a wide range of options for communication. So how will leaders choose to communicate and what benefits and set backs will different options create? The key here is to trust your judgment and experience. The most personal route is almost always designated as the best, but is the fastest? Can it get the most information spread to the most people? Sometimes it is more logical to utilize the technology at hand than to try and take the most personal route. Technology and leadership are both processes that require continual change, development, and learning.

  • Ashley Palmer

    Technology can be very important in leadership. It can get your ideas out their in alot better way. It can also be a negative. Our society has the habit of posting everything on social media because our technology is right on our fingertips. In the future our employers could look at our social media and “hold it against us.” Technology can help us and hurt us as leaders.

  • Callie Thompson

    I think technology is important to leadership. Technology allows leaders to communicate in new ways and makes it easier to see things from another’s point of view. Technology can allow us to do things we never even thought would be possible. Mike Carolina mentioned in his presentation that Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that caused them.” Technology allows us to think differently and come to solutions for our problems that we would not be able to find otherwise.

  • Daniel Fijalka

    I think making a connection between technology and leadership is extremely valuable. The whole of human history has been transformed through the advancements of technology. Technology has shown to bring out the best ideas in people. Some of the greatest leaders of all time became renowned through the invention of technological products and the improvements upon past ones. I think technology has also shaped the way some leaders reach out to people. Leaders are not limited in the ways they can reach people anymore; they have the ability to let anyone know about their ideas through the internet. Leaders in the medical professions have used technology to provide the best medical treatment to date. These are only a few examples of how leaders can incorporate technology to improve the lives of others.

  • Brady Sowell

    Making the connection between leadership and technology is vital to good leadership today. With how fast the world and technology are changing today, without evolving technologically you wont reach everyone you can. Technology makes communication easier and more effective. If we take a look at the successful people or organizations all around the world today, the most successful ones are the ones that capitalize on technology. The world is moving forward and those that are technologically complacent will soon fall behind.

  • Cale Parnell

    It is valuable. Humanity can really advance when technology is put into the right hands. The problem is when people use technology for malicious reasons. Technology will either make us or destroy us, but it is valuable to teach everyone nevertheless

  • Shelby Eddleman

    The connection between leadership and technology is not only valuable, but necessary. I do not like this, because I feel that technology lessens human interaction and quickens the pace of life too much. However, like it or not, our world is one filled with technology. Technology is the language of our people, and we cannot lead without speaking that language. The more technologically adept we are, the more we can communicate with others, and we can reach a larger spectrum of people. Technology is the direction of leadership. Most things being invented today have to do with technology. As much as I sometimes dislike it, it is awesome to see how far we can go. Things that were once deemed impossible are becoming reality. That is the best way that technology and leadership are intertwined. A leader sees possibility in what the rest of the world doesn’t believe in. Items that are commonplace to us were scoffed at when the inventors came up with the idea. Our emerging leaders should continue to push the envelope.

  • Lydia Davis

    It is extremely important to connect technology to leadership. By being a leader, one is acknowledging that they have the qualifications to carry a group into the future. Our future is primarily composed of technology–our children are consumed with the futuristic gadgets that are being marketed to them, our adults are trying to stay in the loop by using the newest computers and phones. It is naïve to think that in such a technological world, we can lead without using some of this new equipment. To make strides in our leading means to adapt to the changes and trends of coming generations; we must be able to comprehend and adapt to the technology of the future–and recognize its importance–if we are going to effectively lead.

  • Samuel Corrales

    Honestly, I think it just depends what type of leadership you’re dealing with. I am not the biggest fan of the constantly changing world of technology, but whenever technology eases the process to successful leadership is when I really do appreciate it. I personally wouldn’t have bought an iPad if it wasn’t for PLC. I think the connection between technology and leadership should be seen as valuable because I know that my smartphone has helped me tremendously in certain situations. It is always great to know what new technology is out, but if you can’t use it effectively you shouldn’t use it at all. My views on technology and leadership are weird. I see technology as something that is always changing. Leadership involves being able to adapt, but adapting to something that is ever changing can be more of a hassle than an asset. Leadership shouldn’t be measured with having the newest technology, unless you’re dealing with an actual corporation that runs on having the most recent technology.

  • Ilyssa Owen

    I absolutely advocate and see value in the link between technology and leadership! Technology is the perfect tool to express values and morals a leader believes in. Also, technology is the easiest way to communicate. Through planning “Man Up for Matt and Kiss Away Cancer,” an event this friday at the Nigh University Center to raise funds to support a young man’s fight against liver cancer, we have witnessed first hand the power of technology, more specifically communicating through social media and email. We have reached over 900 people through Facebook alone, some of which otherwise never would have heard of the event. The ease through which technology allows us to reach out to people is beautiful, and can be utilized to help people. We have seen it bring people together to fight for a cause, in this case Matt’s battle. There are people who have so beautifully reached out to help Matt by social media messaging that otherwise would not have been able to contact us. Technology is double edged, it can potentially be harmful and ruin someone’s reputation. BUT, if used for the right reasons and for the greater good, it can assist leaders’ efforts to make a difference and help others.

  • Katie Sheehan

    Technology is rapidly improving and more efficient methods are being developed daily. I think keeping up with the times is important when being a leader but more importantly I think there is a time and place to use technology and leaders need to recognize when that is. In this day in age people are consumed social media and their smart phones so knowing the time to put the phone away is vital in a leadership role.

  • Madelyn Ferguson

    I think leadership and technology in today’s time have a huge correlation. Technology can help boost your career as a leader. Technology is extremely important when it comes to communication. One can reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes. And today it’s so easy to get ones message to people one might not have thought of. But it can also be a dangerous tool. One has to be careful about the information that is given out, and even more careful about what one says, because the information is available at the same rate as the message one wants their followers to know. So technology can help and hurt you. You just have to be careful how you use it.

  • Lauren Walker

    There can be a connection between leadership and technology! With the technology that we have today, there are so many ways we can use it for our advantage. We can use it to communicate from anywhere and at anytime to connect with others. We can also pass along information so easily. Everything is at our fingertips! We have so many resources today that can help us is so many ways. So to answer the question, yes there are many ways the technology and leadership are connected.

  • Trying to lead without some form of technology today would be impossible. As a leader it’s important that we measure technology’s benefits to our projects as well as it’s detractors. When it comes to facilitating communication and organizational planning, technology makes it incredibly easy to plan a meeting or keep tabs on an event. For instance, it would be almost impossible to plan a meeting with many of my organizations by just taking a vote; there are countless websites that you can use to overcome this issue and so many more.
    However, it’s important to note the kinds of conversations and behavior that technology can’t replace. There’s a reason business travel still has a place in the world of 24/7 Skype connections. Technology can transmit the voice and picture of a person, but so many other things are lost in transmission. We use technology to extend ourselves, but it can only do so much. As leaders, it’s still our job to connect and work with people on a level that’s deeper than a Retweet.

  • I feel that making connection with technology and leadership is good because it brings out the person and without technology it would so no leadership and our world would be dull. It makes for a great task and higher more experience people can lead some younger people and the youth to strive and be better and always lead…

  • Tre'Auntae Fairbanks

    Not only valuable it is essential for longevity. New generations continually usher in new era’s of technology. Therefore in order to successfully lead outside of your peers, having a current vocabulary on the technology will eliminate the communication barrier that could exist because I played gamecube and now they play wii for example. Another big part of technology is communication. You can grow connections and increase your audience through technology. As a leader having a broad range in your network and in your followers makes for a more secure position because you can collaborate ideas with different perspectives and create something that will appeal to the entire audience. Leadership and technology go together like man and dog. Technology is leaderships best friend.

  • Amanda Davis

    I believe that to be an adequate leader, you need to be knowledgable of technology and how you can incorporate it into your every life. Some of the best leaders I have seen have been able to keep up with our ever changing world of technology and when possible, use that in their projects whether it is a new powerpoint program or showing how to record member information on Orgsync, these leaders made sure they were constantly tying the two together.

  • Blair Summers

    Being someone who isn’t very tech savvy, I realize every day how crucial it is to pay attention to the uses and progress of technology. Whether you are the first person in line to upgrade your apple phone or still have a home phone connected to the wall, it is hard to deny that the technological world holds our future. As a leader, if we expect to clearly communicate a vision, we have to keep up with the culture that influences its people. Technology also makes things easier as a leader. Tools and resources that save time and better illustrate a point are at our fingertips. Not to mention, the advancements of our society as a whole are primarily dictated by the bounds of technology. I believe there is a direct correlation between leadership and how those leaders utilize the technology of today.