Week 4 Presentation – Ann Ackerman

One topic Ann focused on was finding balance in your professional and personal life. Do you currently feel that you have balance? If you do, share how you feel you have reached this balance. If you do not, share how you feel you can achieve balance.


  • Kayla Standlee

    I have found the balance between my personal life and my professional life. I work a steady amount of hours that works very well with my school schedule. I go to class in the morning and then go to work after class. I get off early enough that I have plenty of time to study for the next day’s classes. This works very well for me because I have a break between class and study time, so I do not get tired of studying. I had to make my schedule so that I had a little break between class and studying. I feel that if I didn’t have that break, I would be more apt to just watch tv or go out to eat because I wouldn’t want to look over material right after I got out of class. My ideal balance is spreading things out so that I have a fresh pair of eyes to look at material and I am much more efficient that way. I am balanced and feel good about my life.

  • Ashley Sells

    I believe to have balance in your life you have to be one with you mind, body, and spirit. Every day when I wake up I have my daily devotion, work out, and then focus on my education. Once I have all three of these things done I socialize with friends or just relax. I’m always trying to get better at these three things, but this takes being disciplined. I live by my schedule and lists because it helps me balance and prioritize. I put everything in order from the most important to the least, and try to knock everything off my list each day. I feel like I have a great balance in my life and I rarely get stressed out due to my great prioritizing.

  • I do however feel balanced between my personal and professional life. I feel that I have reached this because of my parents I have grown up trying to follow the way they have done things and that has brought me to where I am today. I feel that when its work time its time to work and I feel that when you are with your familyor friends its their time and you shouldn’t worry about work or have any barriers in front of you from having a good time with friends and family.Some other reasons I feel that I have reached this balance is because of other people in my life and watching people that I know bring their work home with them and thats all they do from the time they get home until they go to bed. Their is a time and place for work and its not at home. Thats just my opinion, but it could be different for other people. i just enjoy spending time with family and friends.

  • Rachel Payne

    I feel like I have a decent amount of balance in my life, or at least enough to where everything is going smoothly. For me, the first step in establishing balance is to determine what is important to me. Once that is decided I prioritized those things in a manner that they could all still get the time that they required in order to flourish. It sounds easy enough but it takes a lot of work. Honestly, it is something that must be pursued on a daily basis for me. I have to make choices everyday and re-establish priorities as new things come along. It requires effort but in the end it is worth it because you feel more fulfilled because your life is not isolated to one little area of the world.

  • Allison Cox

    Currently, I don’t feel that I have balance in my professional and personal life. Before I began nursing school however, I did have a great balance between the two. When school first started, I was been extremely focused on schoolwork and maintaining good study habits. As the school year has progressed I have developed a better routine to help balance my time spent doing homework and my time doing other activities that do not involve school. I have learned that solely focusing on school will be detrimental to my overall well-being. A few times during the semester (already) I have felt overwhelmed and overloaded. A good stress release that I have found, is just by taking a break and enjoying things that are non-school related. I think that as the school year continues I will slowly achieve a better balance because I will learn what will work best for me and what I enjoy doing.

  • Beth Rawlins

    Balance is not something that cannot ever be achieved in a complete sense. It is a continual process that, for me, requires a daily, healthy amount of introspection. I believe I have balance in my life, but that balance has been obtained more so by a constant adjusting. I put myself in situations outside of my comfort zone in order to have outside factors forcing me to adapt. Balance in my life has also come from my connections with people of different opinions who force me to look at life from more than just my own narrow perspective.

  • Andrea Allison

    There are times when I feel as though I have the perfect balance between my professional life (volunteer work, class, homework) and my personal life (social life, chores, relationships, and, of course, sleep). But on other days, something may occur to make me second guess just how good my balance is. Since starting college, I have become better at figuring out what matters and what doesn’t and when to have fun versus when to be serious. We all have to figure out what is important to us and the earlier we do that, the more likely we are to be successful and often, the fun things have to be put aside until the more important things are taken care of.

    As leaders, it can seem nearly impossible at times to have our lives in perfect balance. For me, that keeps my life interesting and keeps me constantly learning how to be a better leader and have better balance in all aspects of my life. Some ways that I could achieve better balance would be by prioritizing my schedule, multi-tasking, and asking myself “What is most important in my life at this time to reach my goals?”

  • Gabrielle Devero

    Being a college student is a whole new ball game. I thought I was busy in high school but expirencing all the events and meetings here at the fantastic UCO has opened my eyes to a real idea of the real world. Before classes, college life was just about getting used to independence but now I’m balancing clubs and activities galore. Some days I feel I have balance and some days feel out of control. My planner has become my best friend! I definitely agree with Ann Ackerman on choosing the best path with the forks in the road. I’m not always going to make the perfect decision but its important that I stay calm and take each day as it comes.

  • Chantell Hay

    I feel like I am currently learning how to find the balance between my personal and professional life. Right now, I am still in the excitement of starting college and meeting all kinds of new people, so it is sometimes difficult to focus on my studies and my job. I absolutely love spending time with my friends and learning more about myself through other people. I think as the year progresses, I will get better at this. It just takes a lot of time and drive to put your priorities in the right place. I have already seen a change from week to week, so I know that as time goes on, I will focus my attention exactly where it needs to be.

  • Regan Pogue

    There is a popular saying “never mix business with pleasure”. To me that says that there is a time to be professional and a time to be playful. You wouldn’t and shouldn’t treat your boss like your best friend in a professional setting. When achieving balance you have to know the difference between what is business and what is pleasure. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a completely different person but there are certain things that should be kept separate. Sometimes I tend to forget the difference just because I am so open and friendly with everyone, but I am slowly understanding where the line is. With choice of words, content of conversation and basic interaction, I am starting to find the balance.

  • Malana Smith

    I really appreciate how Ms. Ackerman mentioned that because it is so essential to our daily lives! This honestly a daily work in progress for me. I swear, I should have it tattooed somewhere for a reminder because I always seem to forget. The reason that this is so important is because we want to make sure we prevent burn out but also to keep prospective on our lives and why we do what we do. A lot of times, we can get caught up in our own little world and forget about others. Our problems become so magnified in our own heads when we live in our own little worlds that we feel like no one can relate. But, if we continue to communicate with others and get our eyes off of our own lives, it really shows you how simple your own problems may be and relieve anxiety. One needs a balance of the hard work and play to not get burned out, but also of the focus on you verses the focus on others to prevent anxiety. From what I have learned, if you can do that, you are livin the life. Again, it’s a daily thing, especially for me.

  • Ethan Wood

    I think that I have a balance, although it may be a little different than what other people may be accustomed to. Balance is different for each individual, and I think my balance is a little more work-centric than others may be used to, or even enjoy for that matter.

    I divide my time between 15 hours of classes, 8 clubs and organizations, biomedical engineering research and volunteerism. I enjoy spending this much time on work because it keeps me engaged, motivated and gives me something to do. Volunteerism is a wonderful expenditure of what free time is left me, and the fulfillment of having donated time to a worthy cause brings me so much joy.

    That isn’t to say that I don’t have time for my family and friends. I live with 8 other people and share a room with 4 of them. I’m very close to my family, and we do everything together. I enjoy all the time we have together, and being so busy and involved all the rest of the time makes the moments I can snatch to spend with my family even more enjoyable. If you can see your family anytime, it isn’t that cool. When it takes a real effort to spend an evening watching a movie with them, or you have to plan two weeks ahead to have a free Saturday afternoon to spend at the park, time spent with family becomes that much more precious.

    I think every individual has to find the balance that makes them truly happy. If this didn’t make me happy, I simply wouldn’t do it. But I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to study here, and to be involved with something as life changing as LOT. I simply wish I had more hours in the day to do what I’ve discovered is fun and fulfilling to do, which is work, study, spend time with my literal family and my LOT family, and most importantly to learn and lead.

  • Mariah Wagner

    Currently I do not have a job so therefore I cannot have a balance between my professional and personal life. I think one way that I can find a balance in the future is by making sure that my job is something that I love doing. This will make going to work much more enjoyable, and help me to have a balance. Another way I can have a balance is by making sure that my job is not the only thing that I do with my life. I think that it is very important to have other things outside of work that you like doing so that you can get away from your job when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I think all of these things will allow me to achieve a balance in my life.

  • Kaley Everson

    This is something that all college freshmen tend to struggle with- especially myself. It is the question of- what is most important versus what is least important? All individuals need to consider this food for thought. What is going to require most of your time? ;and how do you incorporate it into your time wisely?

    Maintaining balance normally is not something that comes naturally- it is something that takes a little practice. However, I noticed with myself that balance comes to a better equality when I reduce the stress of the situation. Most of the time, we fail to recognize that the disorientation of it all is due to the fact that we are overanalyzing the situation and adding unnecessary stress onto ourselves; and it can be overbearing.

    I feel that I have just reached my personal balance recently. I discovered it was not the lack of focus- but rather too much focus in one area and not enough in another. Now, instead of overstudying or overfocusing on my most difficult classes, I take time to also focus on the simplistic classes. This makes a good balance and also implements better time management.

    Making an agenda does also help greatly with outside activities. Instead of trying to mentally keep track of events, record them so that you know what day and what time you must do things. Organization matters!

  • Elizabeth Larios Rodriguez

    Balance is a funny thing in my life. I think we all strive to be perfectly balanced in our lives. The problem for me is that I have a lot of components in my life to try and balance. I have God, family, school, friends and then the sub components that go along with those. Time management is key! If it weren’t for my calendar i would die and be crazy unreliable! I am learning though, that I CANT DO EVERYTHING. That’s a hard concept for me to grasp still. I just want to be involved so much that i want to do a little bit of everything, but i am realizing that i cannot make big impacts by doing that. I need to pick one thing and impact it. As for family and friends, you really just need to have priorities set in place. Realize that your time matters to people that care about you, so share it with them. People close to you should know you’re busy and they should understand you impacting the world so they should be fine with you not spending constant time with them but they will be very appreciative when you do take the time to be with them. That’s how i think i balance it all.

  • Jessica Casey

    One topic Ann Ackerman focused on was finding balance in your professional and personal life. One way of achieving balance is acquiring a set schedule. With a schedule, one may find it easier to obtain balance in their life. Without a schedule, however, events become clustered together and stressful to manage. Some people keep a written schedule and others possess an internal schedule. A written schedule or a planner allows people to visualize the events occurring in their lives. For others, just memorizing dates and times for different activities works in their favor. Lately I have been keeping an internal schedule to help me balance my professional and personal life. However, with more and more activities arising, it is becoming harder to manage everything. To achieve balance in my life, I will acquire a planner to organize each upcoming event. The important thing is to find whatever method works for you. Although it may sound insignificant and simple, having a schedule will help guide you to success now and in the future.

  • Blair Summers

    In this first year of college I’ve been forced into some sort of balance, although I’m not quite comfortable with it yet. When I’m with friends or enjoying free time, I feel like I should be doing homework and vice versa. I am slowly adjusting to the disorganization and chaotic feeling of newness. I’ve found it helpful to establish objectives each day. “Once I reach this, then I can do this.” My brain has established a reward system kind of thinking. I worked on homework for two hours, and even though I didn’t finish, I deserve to watch the next episode of Orange is the New Black. Now, I’m not sure how solid of a system this is, but productivity-wise and relaxation-wise, it has worked out okay for me so far.

  • I do feel as though I have achieved a nice balance in my life. I’ve learned that the key is spacing things out. If you try and do everything at one you get flustered and overwhelmed. If you only do a little bit at a time, then life gets a whole lot easier It also leads to you feeling more relaxed in your everyday life, and that’s always a good thing. .

  • Shelby Allen

    Balance is the one thing I feel I continually struggle with, especially as I move farther into my college career. With so many opportunities and options available to us as students, it becomes easy to over commit my time and overwhelm my schedule. For me, I find balance through a constant evaluation and reevaluation of priorities. Every decision I make, from classes to internships to relationships, help me move towards my future goals. Looking at my schedule now, I would say my academic/professional life takes precedent over my social/personal life. Pursing a college education is one of the greatest opportunities out there, and I believe it is worth my time and effort to make sure it stays my focus. My advice to younger students in this class is to stay true to the aspirations you came into college with, and mold your experience at UCO with those people who will help you get there. Don’t get distracted by trying to impress others or spend time worrying about those who don’t have your best interests at mind.

  • Christina Traverso

    This week, I thought Mrs. Ackerman brought up a very interesting and important point when she recognized that a reasonably equal relationship between our professional and personal lives is important for someone living the the stress of today’s world. Often times, I’ve felt like my professional life is more prevalent than my personal life, but part of that is a personal choice. Not only that, but stress, commonly associated with professional life, is a normal part of life, especially for college students.
    In regards to if I’ve achieved balance between these two counterparts, I think that my professional life and my personal life for me are often intertwined. If I feel overwhelmed by my professional life, I’ll start to add pieces of my personal life into the equation in order to tip the scales a bit. I find it easy to listen to music while studying or walking around campus (although that’s a personal choice that some people may not be able to function effectively with), choose to study with friends instead of alone, or even take a group fitness class at the wellness center, which lets me be productive and social at the same time.
    Overall, I don’t think balance between personal and professional life is completely 50/50 percent in terms of time, but I do recognize that it is necessary to maintain a certain level of stress in order to be successful. It’s nearly impossible to achieve perfect balance between these two concepts, since many of us feel as though we could never get enough personal time, but we should not ignore professional life either.

  • Samuel Corrales

    Balance is a tricky thing to achieve successfully in my opinion. I find myself quite often giving something up, in order to do something else. As a leader though, you can’t always drop everything in order to have fun. It sometimes is the other way around. You have to actually picture a scale (the old time ones), and realize that you need to find the right amount of both awesome professional life and awesome personal life. If you’re focusing too much on your professional life, you’re going to start hating the world because you can’t see anything fun in it. If you prefer to focus on your awesome personal life, you’re going to hate the world whenever you have business to take care of that requires a lot of work. I prefer to balance my days out, rather than my weeks. I try my hardest to at least meet up with one or more of my friends daily, I try to start any homework the day it’s assigned, I also put into account the meetings for organizations I’m a part of and the walking time it takes me to get from point A to point B. I’m not perfectly balanced, but I quickly bounce back and do the best I can to be balanced. Sometimes, there are just things that pop up unexpectedly and get us off balance. Prioritizing is key in all aspects of balance. Don’t go out to a party when you have homework that you’ve put off for weeks.

  • Chelsea Ratterman

    I don’t have the greatest balance because my job requires me to have some commitment outside the office as a PR intern. I may leave the office at 5, but if the chef changes the menu, I have to make sure the changes are reflected in Buddy’s for the students who come in to eat. My balance may not be the greatest, but I don’t know of much I could do to improve it, outside of having an out of the office out of mind mentality. Which won’t fly because I’m looking at a career path that will require to me to always be on my toes.

  • Tanner Gore

    I do not feel like I have balance because I do not feel like my school work is getting enough attention. Even though I’ve been studying a lot and doing all of my homework, I feel like a few extra hours studying would benefit me by helping in my classes. Also finding a good study partner I can connect with someone other than by going out to do something.

  • I do feel like I have balance in my personal life and my professional life. In high school I learned to manage my time between sports, academics, and other things I was involved with. This made the transition into college a lot easier when I joined my fraternity as well. One thing that I feel like helps me manage my time between all the different organizations I am involved with, is that whatever I do I want to be the best at it. If you have that type of mindset, you will learn to manage your time efficiently so that you can do your best in everything you do. I would say another thing that’s help me balance my time is that I’m pretty organized when it comes to knowing what all needs to be accomplished throughout the day. I use a calendar to keep track of what all I have for the week and this really helps when it comes to deciding how to manage my hours out for the day. Like I said, to achieve balance you just need to learn how to manage your time efficiently and have the drive to succeed. Once you have mastered these qualities, the limits to your success are endless.

  • Christen HIckey

    I don’t currently feel like I have balance in my life. Moving out has disrupted my life in several ways and adapting to it has proven more difficult than i anticipated. Some things that I know that I personally need for balance are time with my sisters, time with my parents, time with my best friend, a clean apartment, a clean car, exercise, time to practice and play my instruments, and enough time left over to make the kinds of grades I want. Obviously the obstacle here is time. Not to mention the fact that my need to feel like I’m doing some good for others has recently become more predominant than usual. It has seemed so far to be possible to have all of this, but being so busy has put a kind of weight on my shoulders and a sense of chaos in my life that completely eliminates the possibility for balance. I’m beginning to see this semester as a kind of practice run. I’m discovering what works for me and what doesn’t, as well as the degree of importance certain things are in my life. It’s hard, and it all too often leaves me feeling sick and wearisome, but it’s all for better days next year, even next semester, when I have rediscovered myself and my desires.

  • Denton Scherman

    I believe I have a good balance. I study many hours a week but still have time to go out on the weekends or catch my favorite show in the evenings. In high school I was always extremely busy and had to learn how to manage time. I learned that if you stay on top of your homework and job that there will always be some free time. Hard work will pay off and if you just do your work a little at a time and not cram at the last minute, you will have a social life. It’s important to keep a schedule and not fall behind on it. The key to all of my balance again, is simply time management.

  • Benny Tham

    It is essential for an individual to seek a balance between professional and personal life. As for me, I feel that I have somehow achieved this balance but there is still room for improvement. For my professional life, I have been a part of many organizations on campus that help serve students, such as the Event Manager of the International Student Council and the Resident Assistant in the University Suites. I am pretty sure that these organizations require tonnes of professionalism and they help shape my social life. As for my personal life, I am actually glad that I have time to do activities I like. For instance, I can still take some time out to play my favorite sports and watch shows that I loved on TV. I just feel that this kind of lifestyle is very fulfilling and I am, in fact, doing something. No matter what, Ann said something very true, “Do what seems natural to you […] do what you are good at.” We need to learn how to grow our strength and keep learning from our daily lives, because on every journey we take, we make choices.

  • Hawley Austin

    I feel that I have a balance between my professional and personal life. Often times it is hard to separate different aspects of life, but if we do not separate the many components that make up our lives, then chaos will form. Stress will start to develop and an overwhelming feeling will occur. In order to achieve balance, I had to realize that life will be stressful, but I cannot take that stress from one area of my life and mix it with another. I’m sure we have all had days where we have been stressed about one thing, such as school, and didn’t leave that stress there. Instead we brought it home and used it as an excuse to be grumpy or hateful. Our attitudes in that moment are negative, and that negativity can flip the dynamic of the situation around us. In this case the stress of school mixed with the family dynamic at home has the potential to cause a problem that could have easily been avoided if we had attained balance.

    I achieved balance by having good time management skills and being organized. These two elements are crucial components of being able to obtain balance status. Having the ability to manage my time wisely and stay organized at the same time keeps me focused on my professional life while allowing me to still have fun and enjoy life.

  • Olivia Cavazos

    I personally do not have that balance. I really need to work on trying to find the balance. I am one of those people that fret over the littlest of things. I have a lot going on in my personal life and sometimes that is all I focus on. I just need to practice giving everything equal importance. It is a problem I have been struggling with since the beginning of the school year. Sometimes when your mothers cancer has come back even worse it is hard to focus on anything but her.

  • Ilyssa Owen

    At this stage in my life I consider college, college organizations and volunteer efforts my professional life while my family, friends, and spirituality I consider my personal life. Finding balance in these two “lives” has been a challenge since I began my professional college life in August. I am working to achieve balance between the two and it has been somewhat of an unexpected struggle. I can certainly relate to Mrs. Ackerman’s emphasis on the importance of balancing the two, because both are important to me and I don’t want to let the people I have made professional relationships with down or my family down. I have been finding that the best way to achieve balance is to find a way to balance my time. When I first started my college career I feel that I neglected some important relationships in my personal life, and for weeks there was an unsettling feeling in my heart, I knew the balance was off and that I had to find a way to fix it. I think it’s important to realize that we can’t get to wrapped up in the here and now of college. Grades and career are important of course! But what’s most important, I now understand, is the relationships that you make with others. Hurting the relationships I already had in my personal life because I became so focused on beggining collegiate success was detrimental to my spiritual balance. Adversely, had I focused too much on my personal life, detrimental consequences would have occurred as well. I have not found a perfect balance yet, but this week I have really looked at how I can manage my time to achieve a healthy personal and proffesional balance. This will put spiritual health and inner peace back into my heart as it was, maybe even stronger, prior to this life-changing professional event we call the college experience. Better time management allotting more equal time to both I feel is the key to achieving this balance.

  • Cierra Chastain

    Finding a strong balance is very important to life. Like the spokes on a wheel, if one is off balance the wheel will no longer runs smoothly. The six main spokes to focus on are Family, Career, Physical, Spiritual, Social and Mental health. Starting college has pushed me to find a balance and work towards making my own wheel of life spin.

  • Brittney Rutledge

    In today’s society it is very difficult to achieve complete balance in your personal and professional life when you are just starting out. As of right now I am a full time student, working four to five days a week as a waitress, and taking part of several different organizations. I am not always able to find time to have a little bit of personal time to relax and enjoy some quiet time. In order to find a better balance in my schedule I need to learn how to schedule more time for myself. In this world, if you do not set time for yourself it can be very hard to find. There are so many things to do in such a short amount of time that you must make sure to find time to relax from your busy schedule.

  • Ashley Palmer

    I have struggled with finding a balance. I feel very bad when I have to tell people no. also I am a push overpeople pleaser so when I am asked to do something I always say yes. One way I have learned to change this is by learning to say no. I still get very upset telling people no because I feel like it is letting them down. I also had to learn to share the wealth with others. It has been a lot easier to delegate now that I am in college.

  • Lexi Banister

    If I am being honest, I do not think I have reached a balance yet between school, work, sorority life, and my social life. I do believe, however, I could reach some sort of balance once I get use to all the weekly meetings and events I am required to attend. If I kept my planner up to date and regularly checked it, It would help with time management and organization. The chaotic college shock is slowly wearing off which is helping me find my balance. I really need to work on my time management and not stress out so much. My balance will come when my routine comes.

  • Ashton Smith

    Throughout our life we have always and will to continue to be faced will the challenge of balancing different aspects of our lives. Finding and creating balance is not only a very important thing for us as college students to have, but it is almost crucial. I feel that being a sophomore in college has given me the experience and benefits of learning how to find balance in my life. Last year as a freshman, the one thing I struggled with most, adjusting to college, was finding a way to balance my time between school, work, and my personal life. One way I feel that I have finally reached that equal balance between all the things I juggle throughout my life is knowing that you have to know how to spend your time with value instead of wasting it. To me that is one huge factor that is tied into learning how to balance everything. Now that I know how, when, and why I need to devote my time to that specific thing, I feel that I do have a solid sense of balance in my life.

  • Tre Fairbanks

    My personal/professional life are balanced for the most part, but there are times when one can overtake the other. For instance, last Friday I took an early morning fishing trip, and incidentally missed my first class that day because I lost track of time. In this case, my personal life overcame my professional life. On these occasions, I feel like I let irresponsibility overtake my analyzations of life and I take time to re-prioritize and get back on track. The inverse, when my professional life overtakes my personal time, it usually just effects my sleep. I find this happening when I become overly-ambitious, and then I just take time to rearrange my schedule. In closure, balancing your personal/professional lives is really a mere feat of prioritization. If your priorities are in order, balance will achieve itself. If not, you will find yourself succumbing to one side being more important than the other. And too some, personal is more important than professional, just as others believe the opposite.

  • Kayla Auffenorde

    With moving to Edmond and having a change in pace, I find it a lot more difficult to maintain balance in my life. I hold a lot more responsibility and now more than ever I feel like I am juggling two lives: my life here at school and my life back home. In order to reconcile with that balance, I have to take a step back and see where I am dedicating all of my effort and time. I am an extremely analytical and visual person. Typically it helps me to write out all the areas that require my attention and to analyze how to get back into the rhythm. Going back to the root of my passions and spending time for myself helps me to regain perspective on my life. Getting back on balance is not always easy; sometimes it is hard to admit that I am even off balance. Other times I don’t want to face the fact that I may be letting another aspect of my life down. All in all, it is important to constantly seek balance. For how can we lead the uneasy if we ourselves are uneasy?

  • Reagan Perry

    Up until coming to college, I thought I balanced my life pretty well. I was always on top of it all. But being a college student and having a well balanced life is a much harder thing to accomplish than I was expecting. With being a full time student, working, and trying to have a social life I am usually pretty loaded on a daily basis. I have not yet achieved the right balance but am striving for it. Balance is a never ending goal, we must constantly work at it. But prioritizing is the first step to reaching a balanced life. Being disciplined enough to study on a daily basis is something I’m striving for and will help me have a balanced life.

  • Jenna Jones

    Having a successful balance between personal and professional life is not easy. Since starting college, I do not believed I have achieved a great balance yet. I believe I am getting close, though, with a developing routine. I need to improve on dedicating to a planner and managing my commitments with the time they dedicate. However I always make time for an hour of yoga, so that has really been benefiting the balance in my life. 😉

  • Sunny King

    Currently, I do not have a balance between my professional and personal life. There is balance within my professional life alone, between work, school, extracurricular activities, etc. but as for my personal life, I really struggle with setting aside downtime for myself. I make daily and weekly to do lists for myself and prioritize them as I feel necessary, and it never fails that by the time I finish all those tasks, I’ve left no time for things that are personally important to me, such as working out, spending time with my family, and especially sleeping. I keep thinking that as the semester goes on, this balance will naturally come for me but in all reality, I need to focus more on setting aside personal downtime. Finding a healthy balance has been something I have really struggled with so far this semester, and really hope to learn what works for me soon. I feel like I struggle with this so much because I really just want to be involved in everything I can be involved in, which means sometimes forgetting that there are only 24 hours in one day.

  • Matthew Frech

    Although I feel like I have a pretty good balance on my time, I don’t think I have fully achieved a “perfect” balance yet. I believe that if you’re truly pushing yourself in college, there is no such thing as a perfect balance. I have plenty of friends and just the right amount of closest friends, and I feel like I get to see them all the time, maybe even too much at times. That being said, when I look at my schedule, I devote over eight hours every day to schooling and work. And although it doesn’t happen very often at all, I try to get eight hours of sleep at night, which leaves only one-third of my day to live out my personal life. I guess I’m just lucky that there are twenty-four hours in each day.

  • Brady Sowell

    I feel like I have reached a fairly good balance between school and social life! There is always room for improvement but so far my grades haven’t suffered and I have made lots of friends. My strategy is to try and get ahead of the game on my week nights because there isn’t a lot going on during the week and then on the weekends that when I socialize. I really have to fight the urge to procrastinate! If I leave all my work til the weekend I won’t get it done in time or ill stay up all night getting it done! Basically what I have to do is fight every natural instinct but so far I have succeed and I am having a blast in college!

  • Shelby Eddleman

    I feel that even as a senior, I have to work hard to find the balance between my professional and personal life. It’s a bit different for my job than it is for others. As an RA, I’m still at work when I go home. The only time I’m not in professional mode is when I leave campus, and RAs are not supposed to be excessively off campus. Because of the demands of my job, it’s hard to know how to balance the professional with the personal. For example, I have become rather close with some of the residents in West Hall, but I have to draw the line in our friendships to keep it from getting so personal that it’s unprofessional. One of my best friends is my resident this year, and she just turned 21. Even though we’re both of age, I cannot take her out to celebrate, because it violates my rules as an RA. It’s instances like those that make the balance frustrating. However, my job is worth it for so many reasons, one being that I constantly have to balance, as Regan Pogue said in her response, “business and pleasure.”

  • Callie Thompson

    Right now I feel like I have some balance in my life, but not as much as I probably should. As a freshman it’s hard adjusting to so many new things so quickly but I feel like as time goes on it will get easier. I’ve never used a planner in my life until this year and I feel like that has really helped me to balance my time between all the things I have going on right now. I think one of the most important things about finding balance is prioritizing. We have to choose what is most important to us and focus on those things first. Once we get those things done we feel more accomplished and it’s easier to relax and get ready for what’s coming next, whatever that may be.

  • Rebekah Murphy

    I feel like I’ve always been good at balancing my personal and professional life. I think this goes beyond just my work but also with my professors and adults. When I am working, that is my priority, and my social life is the last thing that I am concerned about. Knowing what is appropriate to say around certain company is always a good thing. Even when I feel like my employer is laid back, I avoid bringing up anything social because work is not the place. By keeping a professional attitude, you gain respect and can accomplish much more. Sometimes I start worrying about my social life while at work which is pointless because it doesn’t get me anywhere. It is easy for me to get overwhelmed with my time management but then I know I need to step back and evaluate what I’m doing and what needs to be done.

  • Lauren Walker

    I believe I have found a great mix of a social and professional life. I do well at giving equal time to both! I have a very strict schedule that I follow. I go to class and work everyday along with study times. Then I get fun time with my friends, pom squad, PLCers, and sorority sisters! I think it is very important for everyone to find that balance in life. Not only does it help me stay on top of things but I enjoy my life! I’m so glad I have acquired this skill in life and hope I continue to keep this balance my whole life!

  • Joseph George

    Honestly, I feel like I am in the middle of being balanced and not being balanced. Between the classes and different clubs/activities that we are involved in, sometime it is hard to that true balance on our “scale.” I feel like the way we can truly balance ourselves in this hectic life is knowing our limits. We hear all the time that “the sky is the limits” but sometimes it is good just to stay on the ground of life so that we can stay upright instead of swaying to the right or the left.
    Another way to balance ourselves is having a planner and actually using it to the best of our ability. Sometimes we just rely on memory to figure out what we are doing that certain day, but I found out THAT DOESN’T WORK!! We must be organized to find our true balance in life!

  • Cale Parnell

    This is my fourth year of college, so I’ve had a while to get situated. I feel that I’ve done a pretty good job in figuring out how to balance my academic, work, and social life. Back when I was still playing baseball, we had grade checks and study hall and all kind of hoops for us to jump through in order to make sure we stayed eligible. I think that’s What’s helped me most. If I didn’t make the grades I didn’t get to play. It put me into a rhythm and I really haven’t gotten out of it since.

  • Katie Sheehan

    Somedays I feel like I have balance, and other days I feel like a hot mess (minus the hot.) Although I may not have it all together all the time, I feel like I live a pretty balanced life. This can be hard especially during the first year of college because there are so many opportunities and new doors opened. I find the most balance in my life when I stop trying to please everyone around me and focus on what is important to me. And instead of joining every organization, just picking a few and giving those my all.

  • Lydia Davis

    I’ve been working fairly hard on maintaining balance in my life. I feel like it’s extremely applicable for a college student, especially. There’s also something to be said for wanting to achieve balance and actually reaching and maintaining balance. To figure out how to “become balanced”, you really have to figure out what it means as an individually applied concept. It was explained during Ann Ackerman’s speech that it’s important to get out and experience life. We can’t hole ourselves up while trying to schedule everything to a T. We have to diversify ourselves to achieve balance. She emphasized getting perspective to be able to move forward. Maybe the point that made the most impact on me was that well rounded people go farther. This all ties back in to the need to be balanced in all that we do, not just in our schedules, but in our character.

  • Maddisen McCleary

    One of the number one pieces of advice I got as becoming a freshman in college is finding a balance. I can recall all of the upperclassmen making jokes about how they would see how much I have achieved my second semester of college, that making it through the first semester was the real test. I’ve heard people say that finding a balance is hard, and some still struggle with it. I have also heard that it is easy. Everyone works on their own pace, and everyone fights their own little battles. I feel like I’m learning on my own how to manage my time and find balance in my life. I’ve walked a different way to class every day, I’ve tried different things! When it comes to work, I have learned to get things done as they’re assigned. So hopefully, by second semester, I will have it all done. But we will see!

  • Jordan Conley

    I feel that I do have balance. I have always been good at managing my time and always making sure I allow myself enough time to accomplish everything that I need. College has been more of a challenge, but I feel like I am doing a pretty good job at maintaining the balance.

  • Daniel Fijalka

    I currently think that I do not have balance in my life. I have always viewed going to school as a sort of “professional life”, because I feel that it is my duty to go to class and make good grades. However, I do not think that my studies for class are not getting full attention from me. I know that to solve this problem, I need to eliminate some outside distractions. After going to class for a day, it is difficult to not sleep or lounge around for the rest of the day. I will continually have to work on finding that balance that will allow me to study more, but to take breaks and have fun at the same time. I could also plan better on how to divide up my time during the day, so I am not wasting time.

  • Since college began I’ve been wondering what a good balance between professional and personal life looks like. Is it letting down your organizations by making time for your friends, or letting down your friends by fulfilling all of your obligations? I think I’ve found a bizarre middle ground where most of my friends are in the organizations that I am a part of. However, for those that aren’t, it’s increasingly hard to make time to make plans or just hang out, scheduling is a huge issue. My hopes are that as the year progresses and we become better at juggling our many varied minutia and have more time to devote to the people and friends in our lives. I’m ready to break out of bizzaro land and meet people from different parts of the school. I think being placed in a leadership program has made it very easy for me to surround myself with the kind of people I like and that’s not a bad thing, I just need to broaden my scope. College is for learning new things and how to find balance, right?

  • Since college began I’ve been wondering what a good balance between professional and personal life looks like. Is it letting down your organizations by making time for your friends, or letting down your friends by fulfilling all of your obligations? I think I’ve found a bizarre middle ground where most of my friends are in the organizations that I am a part of. However, for those that aren’t, it’s increasingly hard to make time to make plans or just hang out, scheduling is a huge issue. My hopes are that as the year progresses and we become better at juggling our many varied minutia and have more time to devote to the people and friends in our lives. I’m ready to break out of bizzaro land and meet people from different parts of the school. I think being placed in a leadership program has made it very easy for me to surround myself with the kind of people I like and that’s not a bad thing, I just need to broaden my scope. College is for learning new things and finding balance, right?

  • Sheyla Rabei

    To be successful in college, a certain attainable balance is required between work and play. This balance will not be found at the same point for everyone. Some people may thrive off a large amount of work, and feel unaccomplished or lazy when they spend their time on personal things. Others may feel more comfortable spoiling themselves with personal pleasures, and leaving a small time aside for work. There are few people who find themselves needing exactly half and half of each side, and when it comes to balancing, some may have more on their plates than others. It’s easy to balance school and social life, but if you throw in sleep, personal hygiene, work, family, volunteering, organizations and other things, the balance gets harder to keep. Because not everyone has the exact same things to balance, there is no universal balancing point or way to get to that point. I have to balance all the things listed above and more, as I’m sure many other adults do. I find that keeping myself organized and prioritizing everything keeps me from letting my head explode. I keep a planner, a calendar, and a to-do list on my phone so I never miss a beat. Like any other human though, sometimes I crack under the pressure of deadlines, lunch dates and research requirements, and I find that meditating for a few minutes helps ease the stress. I try to meditate everyday, as a way to stop the headache before it starts. By doing this, I am able to look at a stressful situation, dissect it, and make a plan to get things done in a calm matter. And by staying organized and making sure priorities like school and research get done before watching an episode of Parks and Recreation, I am able to be the cool-headed reliable person I always am, while at the same time enjoying life’s little pleasures when all the work is done.

  • Amanda Davis

    I would like to think that I have balance, but when you spend from 9am-10pm at least once or twice a week at school…that thought is fleeting. I need to work on balancing my school/leadership life with my personal life. I have realized when these things are not in balance, I become.. well… a “hot mess.” I have known myself long enough to know that I cannot stay in that state for very long so when life gets crazy, I have to allow myself to say no; to tell my friends I need a night off to myself, or to tell my advisor “no” (no matter how hard that one is). My ideal balance is a day in which I get everything done equally but also enjoy everything as well. we go through life thinking things are balanced, but if we aren’t enjoying our activities, our lives are not balanced at all.