Mary Melon Presentation

During Mary’s presentation she discussed a number of things related to leadership styles and important practices to be successful through many endeavors. What is your overall leadership message? In your opinion, what are the most important leadership lessons you would impart with your colleagues?


  • Zak Cooper

    Something I always try to do with people I meet is to find the good in them and stick with that. Then when your friend or someone you know does something you do not appreciate, think of that good time you both had or something nice they said and it makes the anger lessen. Having hatred or anger towards someone gets you nowhere so why continue on with it? Do not let one bad moment ruin something as special as a friendship. Another lesson I would leave the students with is to keep going! We are bound to have good and bad moments in college. Just make sure you take in the good moments so the bad moments do not topple you. With a positive attitude, college can be rather easy!

  • My overall leadership message is simple, you must always remember the following: you can not be a leader if no one wants to follow you! A leader has certain characteristics because those characteristics enable and encourage others to follow them. As a leader you must listen, understand, and encourage. Listen to those who you are trying to lead. Understand what their needs, struggles, and strengths are. Encourage them to live up to their potential and trust not only in you but in themselves. Finally, a leader must not set themselves apart, instead a leader must bring unity. Although there is a single leader, one of the major jobs of a leader is to bring all other members together for a common goal!

  • Janelle Archer

    Everyone has their own leadership “message”. It’s something that drives them and makes them want to be who they, do what they do, and lead how they lead. I think my own personal leadership message would be to always persevere and to never take excuses. There have been so many moments in my life where I could have made excuses not to do things and meet obligations, but I didn’t take them. I never want to use a bad experience in my life as an excuse not do give life my all, and I think that philosophy has made me the leader I am today, and it’s definitely a quality I look for in others. Positive, progressive thinking is what inspires me most and I love to work with people with the same mindset.

  • Elizabeth Nichols

    In the words of Tim McGraw, “live like you were dying.” I believe that a leader lives each day like it could be their last. A leader wakes up each morning intent on making a difference. A leader finds something they are passionate about and pours their heart and soul into it. To be a leader a person must act the same when nobody is looking. It is the job of a leader to touch the hearts of the people around them, and to inspire. Just think, if it were your last day would you be happy with the choices you made? Would you have been kind to those around you? Would you have lived your life to the fullest? A leader sets out to achieve their goals. A leader does not sit back and allow life to pass them by. I believe that to be a leader a person must embrace life and all it has to offer. They must encourage others to do the same, and be prepared for whatever change comes their way. A leader lives like they are dying.

  • Jernye Werth

    One of the most important leadership lessons I have learned would probably be to learn to follow as well as lead. This was a big thing for me because I’ve always been the type of person to think my ideas are best when someone else’s idea may be much better. Over this semester i have come to realize that I’m not always right and I need to open up and listen to the ideas of others more. Another big lesson I’ve learned is that being a leader comes with lots of responsibilities and it is up to us to rise up and accept the challenge of having many things on our plate. However, we should not hesitate to ask for help if we need it.

  • Brittni Blevins

    I thought Mary Melon was a great speaker for us to end the semester on. I think she gave some great advice for us to take with us to use in our futures.
    My overall leadership message would be that everyone should be the best leader they can possible be, and do not let anything stop you from achieving that dream. I think everyone can be a leader, there are many ways to be a leader, it is just not about being the person on top to be a great leader.
    The most important leadership lessons I would impact with my colleagues would to tell them to always be themselves and never try to be any one else, because we are all different and that is okay because if we were all the same then there would not be anything for us to impact other from. Another thing is that it is okay to make mistakes because to me that is how you learned, and with those mistakes can make you a stronger and better leader. I have enjoyed taking this class this semester and I will be able to use this lessons in my future and hope you will be able to take away as much as I did this semester.

  • Blaire Blevins

    I thought Mary Melon was a great speaker to end the semester with. She did touch on many aspects of leadership that I could relate too. My overall message would be to never give up on what you want to be and that is what a leader is all about, is to strive for what you want to become and be the best at it. The most important leadership lessons I think that would help you is stay true to yourself and not let anyone change that about you. I feel this is important because sometimes you do not think your good enough the way you are which you are wrong because everyone has a qualities that others may not have and that is what makes you the person you have become. Another leadership lesson would be is to never give up on what you want to become in the future. You need to take every opportunity that comes your way because you do not know what that will lead you to in the future. I have learned and took away a lot from this class and I know that I can become or do anything if I just believe in myself. I know I can achieve anything I just have to set my mind to it to accomplish my dreams. These are important leadership lessons I want to leave you with !

  • Candace Baker

    In my opinion, the most important leadership lesson is to lead by example. Your attitude and the way you present yourself when you are in a position of leadership are vital to how others will look at you. You need to be confident, understanding, and kind. Leaders are defined by their actions. You have to show others you are worth following and trustworthy. So my overall Leadership message is be a positive example for those around you and everything else will fall into place.

  • Matthew Goodwin

    if i had to pic a single leadership message, I would say that the two most important things to keep in mind are the goal of your group, and the people in your group. It is important that you keep your group progressing toward its goal, and ensuring the success and wellbeing of your group is an imoportant step in progressing. If your group is plagued with infighting, or low morale, or simply doesnt support your leadership, progress wil be difficult at be difficult at best. With a well adjusted group and a positive mentality, progress will be much easier. But this needs to be counterbalanced by the requirements needed to fufill the goal, and as a leader you must remember to always be puching forward.

  • Meredith Tassey

    My overall leadership message is do the right thing and be honest. In day’s world, it is so easy to bend the truth to make it seem like what is right for one small group of people is right for everyone. It takes a leader to stand up, present the facts, and show what is in the best interest of all the people, not just the affluent, influential, or even themselves. What I would pass on to my colleagues is that they should always do the right thing, not just the easiest thing, also to offer help when they can give it, ask for help when they need, and admit to mistakes when ever they have made them. There is a reason why people use the quote “honestly is the best policy” because using honesty and always doing the right thing it will always produce desirable outcomes.

  • Riley Cole

    I hope the legacy I leave one day will be that of optimism and hard work. Some thing’s are simply handed to people, but in reality we must work for what we want. In my opinion, leadership is about having vision and pursuing that vision with diligence and humility and never giving up unless the Lord has something different for me. Leadership is about seizing opportunities and opened doors humbly and lending a helping hand from time to time as we all may need a helping hand at points in our life. Leadership isn’t about becoming successful and getting to ‘the top’, it’s about living a good life and always putting others before ourself.

  • Mackenzie Prescott

    I hope to be leader that people enjoying working with, someone who is positive and encouraging. The Bible talks about being servant and that’s what I strive to be. I want to serve others and always be the person they can count on and know that I am reliable, honest, and true. I feel that if I am these things then people would want to take on challenges and make no excuses. They say that the people you surround yourself with are the people you become and I want people to feel good knowing they I rubbed off on them! These are little things but I struggle with them! I like to be in charge and run the show and use my own ideas but I am learning to be patient and learn to be a follower!
    Wish Me Luck!
    -Mackenzie Prescott

  • Michael Southerland

    There are many different theories about leadership; along with the fact that many great leaders have different leadership styles. In order to execute effective leadership one should start with a vision. When you have a clear vision, then you should develop some short-term goals to achieve your vision. If your vision is truly worthwhile, then you should be determined to see it through. I believe that all leadership should be considered utilitarianism in nature. That is following the golden rule should be foremost in your actions.

  • Alexis Ridenour

    I hope to leave a legacy of determination and honesty. I would want people to remember how determined I was and how that determination was used to help the people and organizations I cared about. When I have my mind set on something I am passionate about, I am always wanting to do everything in my power to make it the best and hope that everyone I am helping or serving is more than satisfied. Also, I think an extremely important leadership quality is honesty. I would want people to remember how honesty and noble I was. Something I have been testing myself with lately since I have been at college is working on being the purest form of myself so others are able to really see the true me and my capabilities. I think in life people are so worried what others might think of them, I was like this a few years ago. But because of certain obstacles that have landed in my path before, I realize it is only hurting me and everyone around me to be someone I’m not. If I am 110% honest with myself and the people around me, I will easily find out who really loves and cares about me for me and continue on with my life. That is all that matters.

  • Rebekah Fisher

    Leaders can be in all sorts of shapes and styles. Much of leadership is connected to natural personality and strengths, but that is not to say that leadership is just innate. Leadership is learned. Each individual is unique. Each individual is a leader or has the potential to be, whether he or she realizes it or not. This world needs unique people, not cookie cutter leaders. This world needs people who know who they are and are willing to be exactly that, instead of trying to force themselves into some mold. Of course people need to continue to refine and learn, but they still need to retain who they are. Every person has some important role to play; my encouragement is for each individual to find that out and then pursue it with all of who they are.

  • Hye Eun KO

    I think a leader should have specific goals. If a leader knows where to head and what to do to achieve the goal, he or she could lead the group well. In case of failure, we could control it well because we know what our goal is. Above all, the goal should be well-established. Because it could motivate the people to work hard. The goal makes people work hard and not stop doing something toward the goal. In my opinion, establishing the goal well is the best way to be a good leader.

  • Carlee Carpenter

    After thinking about it, I have realized that a main leadership message we have heard countless times this semester is “find something that you love and chase after it.” In order to be an effective leader, I have learned that it is important to put 110% effort and heart into the group and goal. However, you cannot give that effort if your heart isn’t in it. For this reason, I have learned that we have to find something we love first to become an effective leader. This has had a large impact on me this semester as I am searching for what to do with my life, which major to declare, and what my “life plan” will be. Although I still have not decided, I have discovered that it does not matter how much money a job makes; all that matters is that I love what I am doing and have a passion for it.
    The two most important leadership lessons that I have learned this semester are the importance of a servant’s heart and the necessity of being personable. On the topic of having a servant’s heart, I have discovered that leadership in no way means being the “top dog,” or having the biggest spotlight, or always being out in front. Instead, being a leader could mean doing the grunt work behind the scenes, just as Mary Melon talked about. A person does not have to be loud and outspoken to be a leader. Instead, humility and a willingness to take care of what is needed shows true leadership. On the topic of being personable, I have learned that in order to be a leader, one must have followers. However, in order to have followers, one must be able to truly connect and be on the same level as others. A leader is not better than the others, and he must make a true effort to show a sincere love for those around him. There are numerous other important aspects of being a leader, however these are the ones that really stuck out to me this semester. I hope to use these lessons in my future and implement them into my life day after day.

  • Kaylee Speer

    The most important thing that I want my the people around me to see from my leadership style is to always lead by example. I strive to practice what I preach and I always want to follow other leaders that do the same. It is so important to me to always follow through with things that I say I will do. I have a huge heart for serving others and I hope that it radiates to those around me to make them want to do the same. This semester has truly taught me that I must also learn to be a follower. I’ve learned so much from being mentored by great leaders this semester and it has showed me more about myself than anything. Another leadership message I lead by is always being completely honest, humble, and trustworthy. Those three characteristics will allow for a successful leadership in all areas of life. I have enjoyed taking this class this semester and I’ve learned about my leadership style as well as gotten to know many more perspectives of leadership through great leaders in our state.

  • Lauren Moore

    I would hope others view my leadership message as fun, but also getting the work done. Having fun makes everything easier when you have a task that needs completion. One of the most important leadership messages is to practice what you preach and to lead my example. The best leaders are always the ones that are acting on the messages they deliver.

  • Jaeton Cary

    Leadership takes many different styles. However I believe that no matter what your leadership style, there are some core traits that leaders must posses. Listening, selflessness and initiative. All leaders must be able to listen to a need, to the needs of others and the needs of companies. The ability to put others needs over yours is a very tough aspect of leadership that is not easy to do. Recognizing when a job needs to be done and doing it without someone asking is really taking initiative. No matter what leadership style you have, these are traits that all leaders have.

  • John Maloy

    I came in to the program this year thinking about how valuable supporting a vision or a direction is. I would offer my advice about leadership as knowing how to support someone or a group. Mary offers her support to those that work with and under her. I don’t necessarily agree with the term as a follower. True support is a valuable asset to posses. I think that if you offer support then you set an example, and leading by example is very important as well. Last year I learned a lot about how important a supporting role was. I saw the importance of it and this year I thought I was able to put in practice. I thought are group did a fantastic job in our project and we all supported one another! That has been one of my achievements this semester.

  • Kelcie Scarberry

    The most important leadership lesson I’ve learned is that you have to know who you are before you can lead others. You have to know exactly what you believe before you can convince others you feel strongly about something. If I were to have an overall leadership message, I’d want others to know how important passion is. I feel like we all sometimes fall into leadership positions because we’re able to do it or because we don’t trust others to do it. I don’t think that’s real leadership. I think you should only take over a project if you believe in it with your whole heart. If not, I think we need to be able to delegate, help guide if you have to, but be able to be led. Passion and unconditional love for people are the two most important qualities for a leader, in my opinion. Because with that, everything else is easy to figure out.

  • Leslie Smith

    Looking back on all of the lessons I’ve learned during my first semester of college , It is hard to say exactly what I would consider to be my over all leadership message. I would share one of the most simple of things with my colleagues. Be present where you are. Not only be there, but be fully active, attentive and engaged in where you are. Whether I am having a conversation with someone, working on homework, teaching my toddlers at work how to get along with others, or hanging out with my friends, I try my best to be fully there. It seems simple but it is incredibly hard to master. I have a hard time with this. Being involved in organizations, staying on top of class work, maintaining relationships, and being at work every day makes it hard to truly be present where I am. I would safely assume that this is a problem with other leaders as well. I hope that I set an example of being present where I am, and that others will be inspired by it.

  • Leah Lopez

    My overall leadership message to others is to listen and be observant of others. You can learn so much just by listening, let alone just watching people. I feel that in today’s society we like to minimize as much communication as possible. Even when we are not physically talking to people we often shorten are spelling and give one word answers in messages. I know that at times it can be very hard to just is listen to someone yell, complain, or cry, but by just doing that, it makes them feel a thousand times better. I could list so many reasons why I find listening important, but if you just practice it you already or will find out why it’s important. Other than listening, just be yourself!

  • Jobie Burks

    Being a leader is so much more than just a title! Albus Dumbledore said, “Soon, we must all face the choice between what is right, and what is easy.” I believe in being a leader, you have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes doing what is right is not popular, but a leader must be able to take criticism in doing what they believe is right. My overall leadership message is that leaders do not have to follow the status quo. You can’t think of only yourself in leadership. You have to look at the big picture and consequences. Leaders should stand out by living by example and staying true to moral values. Religious faith is of utmost importance in leadership, because even when you fail, there is God to catch you. Phillipians 4:13 tells us, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” In knowing there is the all great leader to catch us when we fall, that makes for true leadership.

  • Logan Bidack

    The path of every leader is quite different. My leadership path is one with many turns in it as I have a very intigrated style. Through the leadership experiences with which I have been blessed, I have found that there is no greater lesson than learning to follow. Easier said than done is the act of placing my own selfish wishes behind me and focusing solely on the betterment of an organization. The only way that I believe I have begun my process of learning to follow is by subjecting myself to the most positve and honest mentors I could find. When I feel trapped within myself by all of my negative or discouraging thouhgts (which are self-created and self-defeating) I lean on the ones who know me better than I know myself and rely on their credible encouragement. Admitting that I need help is not something that came easily, but the rewards of building relationships with the ones who have my best interests at heart are endless. The biggest lesson in leadership I have learned is to work on myself so that I may help those around me with whatever struggles they have while giving them my full attention, time, and care.

  • McKenzie Belcher

    Leadership is a skill. It is a skill that I continue to practice and hope to perfect sometime in my life. Leaders are wise, intelligent, and trustworthy. I hope that other people see these characteristics in me and believe that I am a great leader. I believe that a leader is someone who is understanding and easy to work with. As leaders, we need to remember to not always take all of the glory for every little thing. Be humble and give gratitude to those whom you work with. Let others be a leader too. Teach them how to grow and learn. Step back and take a glimpse at how you have inspired your peers. The most important thing to do as a leader is share the skill of leadership.

  • Ashton Pittman

    My overall leadership message is to not be afraid of failure. By not being afraid to fail, you can take more risks which can in turn result in positive things instead of negative. Even if you do fail, at least you know what not to do and can learn from your mistakes. But if you never take the risk to begin with, you will never have the opportunity I to learn, grow, and find out what could have happened. Failure is not fatal unless you make it that way. So my advice is to take charge, take risks, learn from your mistakes, and don’t be afraid to fail.

  • Jillian Chambers

    My leadership message would to be to always be positive and be yourself. Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to fit into a certain mold, which is a common misconception. Everyone has their own leadership style and every style is needed. Also, we tend forget that being a leader also means being an encourager and staying positive. Sometimes being a leader means that things don’t go perfectly. But we should do our best to remain positive and be a source of encouragement for those with us. These are the lessons that I have learned that I felt were most important in my life. They would be lessons I would shre with my colleagues in regards to leadership.

  • Jake the Snake

    Leadership.. I think I’ve described and broke this word down more than I probably should have. But just to describe it one more time I would say that leadership is making a difference. Whether its in your personal life, someone else’s, or in the world. In order to do these things you must poccess an arsenal of qualities and hold yourself to a higher standard than the average person. You need to be a well rounded person and need to set a good example for the people around you. All the different qualities that were talked about by the groups in class for the past two weeks are needed to be a leader. A great leader is the type of person that most people want to be like but don’t have the discipline to be. Mary helped cap of an amazing semester of speakers and she really helped me get a better understanding of leadership.

    PS: this was a great semester I learned a ton and had so much fun. So thank you Jarret and your staff and thank you fellow leadership students! This is Jake Phillips signing off.. Stay classy LOT & PLC

  • Katelyn Ledford

    I have learned in this class that in order to be a well rounded leader, it is important to define a leadership style of your own. I think that my personal leadership message is to stay optimistic. Through my endeavors, I have encountered a few obstacles but I have found success in optimism. It is always better to stay positive instead of letting the small things get you down. Rather than giving up when a problem arises, you should choose to move foreward. In my opinion staying positive is a key aspect of leadership, and I would hope to impart that lesson with my collegues. An optimistic person exudes assurance, calmness and confidence. These are all important qualities for a leader to possess. A good leader is able to adapt to a changing situation and make the best out of it. Making a positive impact is within reach when you seek out the best possible outcome.

  • Summer Hill

    Everyone says it but, be yourself and be proud of it. Being a leader, people are going to judge you no matter what. You can’t let what people say bring you down. I have let people’s judgements of me run my life for to long. This year I have learned that some people just aren’t going to like you and you can’t try to please them because it doesn’t matter what they think. All that matters is what you think and what God thinks.

  • Victoria Atkinson

    My message overall to anyone who sees my leadership qualities is a total of two things. One, be yourself. It’s too difficult to try and be someone else especially when you’re trying to lead people. People don’t need another Obama or Bush. They don’t need another big league CEO of a company. They need you. They need you and the qualities that you possess. Because to be 100 percent honest with you, there is no one else like you. Your make up is one of a kind. The mold of you and your assets and personality has been thrown away, so you might as well be the best you can. The next thing I feel like my leadership teaches people is that the person who has the most leadership qualities hangs out with everyone. I onto that sounds dumb, but if you want people to lead you, it will be a little difficult if you only hang out with you small group of friends. BRANCH OUT. Get to know people. People are extraordinary and you’ll never now that if you don’t give them a chance. They could be the ones encouraging you with your ideas and even give you more ideas to go off of. I think the most important thing for a leader to take away from this class is that a leader comes in all shapes in sizes. Big, small, loud, quiet, or anything else. A leader is not a mold you are poured into…it’s a lifestyle that you choose and grow into. leaders are not born, they’re made. Good luck!

  • Gabby Applegate

    Through this class I learned that there are multiple things that define a leader and there are also different methods to being a leader. My leadership message to others would be always be yourself and through that find the best way to be a leader in your OWN way. You need to find a method that works for you. You can not give your full potential if you are leading in a way that you are not particularly fond of. Its all about finding yourself and your own style of leading. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t lead because you don’t do it their own way. Each person can lead in their own way.

  • Melissa Brown

    Overall, i would say that my leadership message is to help others. I think the most important thing that a leader can do is to be helpful without expecting anything in return. I would definitely tell others that being yourself and doing what you believe is right is a great leadership quality. By helping and guiding others will look up to you without you even trying to gain their attention. Most importantly, be confident and know what you are about, what your goal is, and what you are trying to achieve.

  • Nora Garcia

    What I’ve learned is that everyone has a different way of leading, and you have to decide what your way is going to be. Mine is to try to get everyone involved. I feel like if everyone feels like they’re helping than so much more can be accomplished. Even if it’s difficult sometimes you just have to let people do what they’re good at and trust that it will get done. You just have to encourage your team. Encouraging people is one of the best way to get results because if you feel like someone is there for you and supports you than you’re going to try your best. So sometimes you just have to take a step back and encourage the people around you instead of just trying to lead.

  • Zachary Southard

    In due course, good leadership qualities can be acquired and applied by anyone who really tries passionately to influence others. Following through with your word via commitment, sharing credit via recognition and being able to adapt to a variety of people and situations are dominant key features in leaders that I not only look for, but also idolize and aim to enact in myself. The bottom line is that experience encircles every leadership characteristic one could think of. It comes down to simply going out and getting your boots dirty and learning from everything you do, whether the results are good or bad.

    At the end of the day, a natural leader would revel in the chance to command others effectively and be commended in the process. Servant leaders; however, enact service above oneself as it is always more rewarding in my experiences to see my friends and colleagues excel in their fields of interests because of my own actions and passions. These selfless traits of servant leadership are all encompassing to the previously mentioned characteristics and ultimately a servant leader is what I will always aim to be.

  • Jessica Nguyen

    I have gotten to learn so much from the great leaders that have come to visit us! These are a few of the lessons that I think we should remember as we move forward. Be who you are, and lead in the way that comes to you most naturally. Make time to help others. Even if you  feel like you don’t have time, you will find time for something that you are passionate about. An important part of leading is learning how to follow. This way, you empathize with your followers and can be the leader that you want to have. It is important to recognize the potential of greatness in yourself and in others. Also, keep persevering! Being a leader has its troubles and challenges, but the rewards definitely pays off! 

  • McKenzie Hodge

    In my journey of leadership, i have learned and taken to heart many lessons. Some I learned from older mentors, some from my own age, and some lessons were learned from those that are younger than me. The most important one to me is, “You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, dont waste it.” I try to live everyday with that at the forefront of my mind. As leaders we are put in a very special position. We are already in a place to influence those around us, we need to utilize it to our full potential. Make an impact wherever you go and truly make an effort to do something simple, and change someone’s life. Also, lead with positivity. Be that person that always has a smile on your face, no matter what life is throwing at you in that moment. The world is full of people who voice their problems and complain, but be sure to motivate others, and assure them that whatever they are facing will soon come to pass.

  • Jillian smith

    All in all, I would say that putting others before yourself is one of the best leadership qualities to obtain. I believe this quality is so important because it allows others to trust and respect you. Selflessness is a virtue. One thing that I strive toward in my leadership path is to give without anything in return. Another important leadership quality is accountability. I think of one the most respectable traits in leader is following through with what you say you are going to do. However, there are many admirable ways to lead, these are just a few that I have learned.

  • Samantha Perry

    All types of leadership are extremely crucial. During Mary’s presentation she laid many types of leaderships on the table. My overall leadership message would be to be the best you can be throughout any leadership role. No leadership role should be taken lightly. Each role is so important even if you are not always the front runner. As a leader everyone is always watching you. Stand for everyone and their ideas and try to be as supportive as possible.

  • There are many leadership lessons I’ve learne over the course of the semester . Some are learning to be more countable for all things you do also take the time out to actually make sure your collegues or thenpeoplethat look up to you know and see that you practicing what you preach and leading by example. What I would tell my collegues would be to always be accountable for your actions and have and also be willing to take constructive criticsm from other peers and especially the people you look up to

  • Over this semester, I have realized that everyone leads in their own way. I have learned what the key aspects of leadership are but more than anything I have learned how to be a better leader. Something I need to work on personally is to fully be present where we are. As a working college student, my mind is always on what’s next, what else I have to do that day, what I’m going to eat for dinner, and anything else imaginable. I notice that when I forget all that crap and clear my mind, I can truly benefit and learn from my surrounding, not to mention build relationships. I find this to be one of the most important qualities because if your minds not in it, neither are you. In order to be a leader, you have to be fully aware and in tune with your surroundings. As for my own personal leadership message, well it’s still being written. I don’t think our personal leadership message is ever complete because we are constantly changing, adapting, and learning more about ourselves each day.

  • Morgan Podany

    I honestly don’t know what my leadership message is. I would have to have someone else tell me how I lead. But if I could describe my leadership message it would probably be to be very decisive. Leaders should know what they want. No probablys or maybes. No one wants to follow a person who doesn’t have a set goal or can’t make up their mind. Relating to that another leadership style would be to know what you want and not care what other people think. Everyone has their own ideas and they are all good. A leader should be definite and confident is the main part of being a leader.

  • haylee hay

    I think everyones leadership message is different. Every single person brings something different to what being a leader is.The biggest leadership message i hope i bring to others is to help them be themselves. I want to be the leader that everyone says that they know how to be themselves and not trying to be someone they aren’t. I like to live my life to the fullest as a leader.

  • Taylor Haines

    I believe that my overall leadership message would have to be leading by example. I am more of a doer than a talker. I want people to be able to see me in a leadership role, or any role and look up to me and want to follow in my footsteps. I believe that you can change someone’s day, or even life, around by just a simple smile and being generous and caring. That is my goal and I believe it is important to want to make an impact on everybody that you come in contact with each day. It doesn’t matter if you are changing their life or just their day.

  • Ellen Boarman

    My overall leadership message would be to lead through action; to me this is the most difficult, but also the most influential type of leadership. Yes individuals who can convey messages well are needed as leaders, but in my opinion it speaks louder to potential followers when the leader is willing and does do the work they are asking of others. In being a leader by example, the everyday use of the leadership characteristics we discussed throughout this course, patience, humility, adaptability, communication, and several others, would be the greatest leadership lesson I have taken from this semester.