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During Mary’s presentation she discussed a number of things related to leadership styles and important practices to be successful through many endeavors. What is your overall leadership message? In your opinion, what are the most important leadership lessons you would impart with your colleagues?

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PLC and LOT greeting


Hello, PLC, LOT and Transfer Leadership. This morning in my Sunday message I failed to mention how pleased Susanne and I were to have receptions at our home this past week for both organizations. You looked marvelous! I enjoyed speaking with many of you and I estimate that at least 2000 smartphone photos were snapped […]

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The prize is in sight. Finish strong

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12/2/2012 Good morning. It is the first Sunday in December. Despite the April weather and mild southerly winds, the calendar declares that we are in the holiday season and that the semester break for you is just two weeks away. It is project and paper completion time, final exam time, holiday program and activity time, […]

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