Doug Terry Presentation

Doug spoke about learning about himself and his leadership potential at key points in his life. As the semester comes to a close, what have you learned about yourself during this past 14 weeks at UCO?


  • Carlee Carpenter

    During the past 14 weeks at UCO, I have learned many different things in many aspects of life. The first being that I can find good in every situation, even if I do not like it at the time. I am not a big fan of change, so at the beginning of the semester, it was difficult for me to adapt. However, I have quickly learned that adapting to change is a key point in success in life and leadership. I began to love it here at UCO, so I have learned to not fear change like I have in the past. I have also learned how blessed I am to be at such a great university, let alone college at all. When I am annoyed with schoolwork, I am reminded that I am one of the few people in the world who actually get this opportunity, so I need to cherish it. While being in college, I have learned more about the specific styles that I learn best from, and also how committed I can allow myself to be to other activities. In the area of relationships, I have learned that friendships are to be treasured. Good ones are hard to come by, so they can’t be taken advantage of. In the area of leadership, the points that I have learned most are that being personable and caring about those around you is a key point of being an effective leader. Also, I spoke earlier about adapting to change. After seeing how this semester turned out, I cannot wait to see what is in store for next semester.

  • McKenzie Belcher

    Over the past fourteen weeks at UCO, I feel like I have definitely grown as a person and a leader in just a short amount of time. I have received confirmation from events that have happened that I am where I am supposed to be, and I am blessed to be a member of the Leaders of Tomorrow. I have learned that I enjoy being a more “behind the scenes” leader by helping out in any way possible within this organization and the community. I really have a true passion for serving. Above everything else, I have become more familiar with my inner self. Being in the leadership program has allowed me to be myself and show my true potential. This is only the beginning, and I know each of us have so much more room to grow, and we will all accomplish unbelieveable things.

  • Brandon Ngo

    I have met many extraordinary people during the past weeks, and as I have interacted with them I have gained a clearer outlook on my own self. As one who constantly seeks improvement and is hardly complacent, I am more aware of the flaws in my character. At the risk of sounding too personal, I see now that I have lately been much too brash, aggressive, and insensitive. I have also been overly contemplative, especially around other people, which makes myself seem standoffish.

    I have also learned that I am by nature an real introvert. According to the Meyers Briggs personality test, I am the more introverted than all other personality types. Now I understand why I find parties and socializing so exhausting, and why I require time in isolation to recover. To many people, I would come across as an extrovert because I felt the need to pretend to be one in order to fit into society’s “Extrovert Ideal” or assume positions in leadership. For a long time I have been staying outside the comfort zone of my nature, but now I intend to do so only when there is a real need. I am not at all ashamed to be an introvert; see why at:


    Despite the discomfort I feel for sharing such personal information, I see it as a necessity to do justice to this assignment.

  • This semester has shown me how much I can get done if I keep organized and stay motivated. I set a plan before I even started this semester and that alone has helped me ever since. I stick to time management and try not to get sidetracked with other activities. It’s easy to stop studying to go hang out with friends. This course also showed me that you should give 115% in everything you do so you will not get too content with your life. Life is too short to be sleeping all day or just playing video games. I have big goals in the future and this is just the beginning.

  • Kaylee Speer

    This semester at UCO, I have learned so much about myself and about life. I have learned who I really am because I have no one telling me what to do all the time. I make all my own decisions without looking for approval from others. I have always loved serving others, but this semester has truly shown me how near and dear servant leadership is to my heart. The Leaders of Tomorrow has given me an immense opportunity that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My faith has also grown immensely this semester. Without having friends and family push me to go to church every week, I have to make the choice to keep going or to no go at all. I have realized that I have to push myself and it has made my faith all the better. One of the most important things that I’ve learned in the past 14 weeks is that I have to live my life for myself and forget expectations that others have set for me. If I am doing what I love and where I love, serving the God I love, then everything else will fall into place. I know I’m where I’m supposed to be and I’m loving every second of it.

  • Samantha Perry

    Over the past 14 weeks here as a college student, I wish I have more learned more about myself and have gotten a better understanding of where I should be in life. Nonetheless,I have had such a good experience thus far and cannot wait to see what else is in store for me. I have made great friends as have developed a lot as a person as well as leader.

  • In the past 14 weeks at UCO, I have learned that I really am at the best university for me! At first I felt a bit out of place because I was so used to knowing everyone and everything going on around me. Being at a bigger school makes that more of a challenge, but there is also so much more going on. I feel like it takes time to find your nitch, so I haven’t been too worried about feeling out of place. Just recently i have started to settle in and UCO is really looking like home. I believe that friendships play a big role in your happiness and I have learned to value them so much more than before. The opportunities at UCO are endless and I have realized that I have to go to them, for they are not going to come to me. Overall I think I have learned more about myself in general when it comes to branching out and finding your purpose.

  • Jernye Werth

    One of the biggest things I think I have learned in the past 14 weeks is independence. In Edmond, with my family being 2 hours away, I have had to hold myself accountable and learn how to be on my own and take care of myself. Thankfully I feel like I was prepared quite well for this task by my parents and that I haven’t struggled with it near as much as some might have. Another thing I have learned is to start studying weeks in advance. The first couple of tests I had in my classes came and went, and during the tests I felt clueless. Midway through the semester I decided I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. That was when I began studying in advance for my tests and so far it has made a huge difference. Overall, I think I have learned to be more mature and take steps to become closer to being an adult in all aspects of my life, not just school.

  • Candace Baker

    Over this semester, I have learned many things about myself. When I first started in August, it was definitely a big culture shock. I came from a college with only 2500 students in a small town to one with 17,000 students in the growing community of Edmond. I was terrified. My classes were also a lot more challenging then I’ve had in previous years, so I was definitely feeling the pressure. As the semester went on, I learned how to manage my time efficiently so I could get my work done and still have a little bit of free time. I also came to terms with the realization that I am not perfect. That sounds silly to most people, but to me it was everything. I learned that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. I have also reinforced to myself that I am doing what I truly want to do. So overall I’d say UCO has made a big impact on me.

  • Bailey Hayes

    During the past 14 weeks I have definitely learned a lot about myself. I moved out, transferred to a new school, and was faced with many changes. It felt very strange at first and I wasn’t sure how well I was going to adapt. I have learned this semester that changes can for sure be challenging but they allow you to grow so much more as an individual and as a leader. I am very happy with my decision to come to UCO to finish my degree and I look forward to what else I am able to do with the Presidential Leadership Class as well as in the Edmond Community.

  • Meredith Tassey

    Coming from a community college, I was not sure how UCO would compare. I knew UCO was going to different, but I was not sure how it was going to be different. I was not sure, if the classes were going to harder, and if it would be easy to meet new people here. Over all this semester has been a great experience for me. Through being involved with leadership, I have had many great opportunities and met many inspiring people. I would have never had theses experiences if I had stayed at my community college. These opportunities help me grow as a leader and translate leadership from school to everyday life. I cannot wait to see what next semester holds.

  • Leslie Smith

    I have grown so much over the past 14 weeks at UCO. It has been a semester of growth in many ways. I feel like I have matured in all aspects of my life. Most of all, I feel like I have developed my leadership skills in a much stronger way. Through listening to the many speakers in Lessons in Leadership and the leadership opportunities i’ve been able to take, I truly feel like I have become a stronger leader this semester. I have also become excellent in time management for the first time ever. Getting my work turned in, going to class on time, being at work every day, attending any meetings I may have and making time for friends and family is no easy task. However, I feel like I have accomplished that this semester. I am proud of that. I think this past semester has been a positive growth experience for me, and a pivotal maturing experience I will never forget.

  • Kelcie Scarberry

    It’s crazy to think that I’ve been at UCO for 14 weeks. That sounds like a really long time, and I feel like I just moved in a week ago. Before the year started I was so nervous about classes and my new job, but mostly about moving away from my parents. I was really scared to start over with a whole new group of people and leave my old life in Norman.i had no idea what college was going to be like or what I was going to be like after a couple of months. I just knew I wanted to play bass all the time. As the semester went on I met some really incredible people in the music department as well as in the Leadership class that I know i’ll work with and be friends with for the rest of my life. I’ve learned that I’m not as focused as I should be and that I need to start motivating myself a little more to get all my work done. I’ve also learned that I’m a lot more independent than I thought I was. I’m starting to actually think about real world problems and how they affect me and my family, rather than just going along with what my Daddy says. I thought I was going to be a music teacher and country musician just like my Mom, but after only a couple weeks I’m already more in love with the jazz lab than the country show I used to work. Nothing has really gone as I’ve expected. I feel like the more that I learn, the more there is to learn.

  • Mackenzie Prescott

    I have learned so much about myself since moving to Edmond and living on my own this summer and the past semester at UCO. I learned to appreciate everything my parents have done for my sister and I. I have learn that college and living on your own is a lot different than high school. But I have also learned that through that hard work and trials I become stronger and learn lessons daily. I love my LOT family and everyone I have got to work with in Lessons in Leadership. We challenged to grown and raise the bar, be abnormal, be servant leaders and that is something that I think we will never out grown or over learn. I found that I have to learn to rely on other people and learn to take a step back and give up the reins. I have come to understand myself a little deeper and how I work and what motivates me. This may be a short post because I think I am still learning and growing. Maybe after 4 years in this organization I will be able to post more….or write a book!!!!!!

    -Mackenzie Prescott

  • Jobie Burks

    These past 14 weeks have truly changed my perception of college! I thought coming in to college I would have to conform and be some one I am not, but that is not true at all. College has helped me find myself and has enlightened me of the type of person I want to be. I have had to make some difficult decisions during this semester. My strength has definitely been tested and I am really proud of the person UCO has helped mold me to be in just this short amount of time. I have learned that I really do need to be myself and that it is okay to stick to my morals and make good decisions. I have learned exactly what things mean the most to me in my life and that loyalty is of utmost importance. My faith has been a major factor in my happiness this semester and I am so grateful for all of the wonderful things and opportunities God has brought into my life. I am not perfect, but I can still try, right?

  • Nicki Perry

    In these past few months I feel like I have changed more than I thought I would. I have definitely became more independent. Regarding school, I feel like I am more responsible with life. I have better time management skills too! Also, I feel more comfortable around new people. I have broken out of my shell and am continuing to do so everyday! All of these are contributing to making me a better leader! I know it will all continue!

  • Charrissa Pierce

    Throughout this semester I’ve had to learn to manage my time between my school, work, and my social life. I’ve had to learn to keep track of my money more often and adjust to living in a bigger city. I’m looking forward to next semester and hope to use my leadership skills obtained from class.

  • Logan Bidack

    As I prepare for my very first semester at UCO to come to an end, it is clear to me that I have learned quite a bit about myself. I am have realized that I am only capable of multi-tasking and staying on top of everything that I need to do if I make a conscious effort to be organized and motivated. I know now, after almost missing deadlines that I have to prioritize my responsibilities over the things I would rather be doing. I am nothing without my planner. I have to write everything down; from calling my family to writing papers, if it is not on a piece of paper, I will get distracted. I have also discovered that my college experience is greatly preparing me for my future. I know that the things I have learned about myself will enable me to be a better problem solver and function more efficiently in the real world.

  • Jaeton Cary

    This last 14 weeks I have experienced and learned many things. Coming from a small community college to a large four year institution has been interesting. These changes have pushed me out of my comfort zone and have given me opportunities to exercise aspects of my leadership skills I have never had the chance to use before. My time here has shown me that I need to get involved on campus in order to receive the full experience. Through the various speakers that have been brought in I have laerned that with vision, high standards and commitment I can accomplish any goal I have for myself. The speakers have also shown me the importance of being able to get up after being knocked down. I believe this is extremely crutcial to an indiviuals success in any aspect of life. These lessons that I have learned about leadership will be very valuable to me as I advance in my education and then into my career.

  • Elizabeth Nichols

    It amazes me how much I have grown in the past 14 weeks. I came into college with a four year plan. I thought I knew everything about myself and what I wanted to do. However, these last 14 weeks have opened my eyes to new horizons. My future career plans have changed, and I have a new outlook on life. UCO has presented many different opportunities. Living in a small town limited the amount of activities I could do. Since moving to the city and getting involved I have experienced all new things. I feel as though I learn a little more about myself and the world around me every day.

  • Alexis Ridenour

    Within this past 14 weeks I have learned a lot about myself. In my senior year of high school and summer before coming to college, I thought I had myself all figured out and ready to take on college. I was totally wrong. As I find myself going through the motions of college I also realized I am just now beginning to discover who I really am. I have learned to not take things so personal. I have learned that it is okay to not take charge for everything and to step back and enjoy life around me. I have learned my limits and to not spread myself thin trying to accomplish 100 things at once or take on the world. I have realized it is okay to sit back and take in this wonderful life I have been blessed with and live day to day. I now know I have a lot more life lessons ahead of me and I still don’t have it all figured out, but at least I am on track to getting there some day. It’s nice to finally realize my life really is just now beginning and to not take a day for granted. College is a once in a lifetime experience and I need to focus more on taking in the great friendships around me and bettering my education for myself and my future family. Basically, over this first semester of my college experience, I have learned to not take a day for granted and not to spread myself thin trying to tackle the world. Instead, I realize it is better to put my focus and attention on a certain thing or couple things I am passionate about in order to fulfill my goals and dreams I have set for myself in the future. This is only the beginning of the path of finding out who I truly am and what I am about.

  • melissa brown

    this semester i have learned that staying on top of my homework assignments can pay off. normally i am the type of person that waits till the last minute to do my assignments. then i am rushed and stressed to complete papers and study for finals. this semester i have managed my time very well with my studies and my classes. now that finals are approaching i am ahead of the game. i have already completed my final papers and am already preparing for my final exams. i plan to continue this method of preparation in future semesters because i am completely stress-free and enjoying the end of the semester.

  • Ashton Pittman

    I have learned to come up with patience, a lot of patience. I have never had to work with so many people around the same time and it taught me some very interesting things but also showed me that I was lacking with patience. Another thing I have learned about myself is that I have a lot of will power. I’ve been in an ongoing battle with NCAA for about eight weeks now, and I haven’t given up, so never being faced with a challenge like that has really allowed me to show some inner strength. There has been several other aspects about myself that I have either learned or revisited during the last 14 weeks, such as procrastination, but all in all I am happy with where I am in school and in life and I think that is an accomplishment in itself.

  • Samantha Gaspar

    Over the past 14 weeks I have learned a lot about myself. Getting into my later years of school I have found I have to change my studying techniques because the classes are harder. Also, the fact that ultimately college is to get a career and until this semester it just felt like school. Now I have applied for internships in my field of work and start in August. Transferring to uco and moving out have both been big points this semester as well. For the first time I feel like my future is truly getting started.

  • Blaire Blevins

    In these past 14 weeks I have grown as person and a leader. I think with it being my last semester of college it has pushed me to do that best I can do and not ever give up on anything because the end results are better when you have taken a task to accomplish it. I feel that with my 4 years I been in college I have seen a difference in me from my freshmen year to now. I have grown to be more confident in myself as a individual plus being put in leadership positions. As this last two weeks of classes I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and of accomplishing my goal of graduating with a major in Public Relations and minor in Leadership. I know I will go far in life and having the experience at UCO has impacted to go for my dreams and never to give up on what I want to accomplish in my future.

  • Caleb Grinnell

    I really enjoyed listening to this weeks speaker Mr. Terry. I felt as If I could relate with him in many ways. There have been more changes this semester than I’ve ever experienced in my life. Moving away from home, getting a new job, and changing schools all at once was big. I found my major as well in school this semester so it is nice to finally be headed toward my career. This allowed me to be able to set new goals for myself. I have truly enjoyed all of the opportunities that have arose these past 14 weeks.

  • Brittni Blevins

    These pass 14 weeks have been a great, I could have not asked for a better last semester of college. I am proud of the person and leader I have become since I started at UCO. Through all the good times and obstacles I have faced it and has made me the person I am today. I know I will take everything I have learned at my time at UCO, and use it in my everyday life as well in my career. With this being my last semester of college I would not change anything that has happened in the last four years and know when I graduate in two weeks I will have fulfilled my goal of graduating college. UCO has been a wonderful experience and I am thankful for all the support throughout my journey. It has been the best journey I have had in my life, and will always remember my time at UCO, this is something that will be with me for my entire life.

  • Ooooooh college…what fun! Before I came to UCO, I only heard of other people’s wonderful experiences at college. Now I am the one experiencing it. College work is definitely a challenge and I have already found my weak spots and strong spots in both my scholarly work and intellectual work. Even though college has been full of trail and error so far, I know for a fact that I can pull through the next four years without dying. But I could never do so without the comfort of my newly found friends, who have deepened my understanding of truthful and loving friendship. I truly hope to extend my newly experienced loving affection still more to the friends I am grateful to have now and to the rest of my soon-to-be buddy-ole-pals. I love you all! 

    In regards to organization, I flat out failed to plan my first semester out. What I mean is I literally ran my weeks completely off of memory. I learned my lessons the hard way and quickly realized that I cannot take college as softly as I did high school days, let alone my future workplace. So as of two weeks ago I started my very first ever calendar on my new iPad. It has helped me remember to do things by 110%! Wowhooah! My daddy would be so proud if I confessed that I finally took his organizational advice…

    Leadership wise, I have been watching and watching and watching and watching and reading and reading all about it. There are so many leaders here at UCO and abroad. They are all of different types and they are all from different backgrounds. The leadership programs here are top notch and I would definitely say we are the best leadership program in the state. Personally, I purposely do not want to take a strong leadership position just yet as I believe right now is the simply the best time for me to sit back and watch the fireworks show their true colors.

    Bottom line, these last 14 weeks have seriously been some of the most memorable and exciting times of my life. I will never forget them.

    Still it’s a real good bet, the best is yet to come. 🙂

  • Jillian smith

    Before I came to UCO, I thought that I had a pretty good idea of who I am. However, over the past 14 weeks, I feel that I have learned more about myself than I have ever known before. I think moving away from home, taking on an independent role, and living in completely new surroundings has helped me to grow as a person. Throughout the beginning of my college career, one thing I would say has really been instilled in me is accountability. I have always known the importance of being accountable, however, I think this attribute has been most detrimental to my college career. Accountability is especially important in a leader. If you say you are goin to do something, it is important that you follow through. I have learned that if I want people to respect an trust me, accountability is a vital quality to have.

  • Logan Hoover

    These past few months I have learned a lot about myself. Being part of UCO’s amazing PLC program is something that I am blessed to be a part of. Being here and being involved with campus life is amazing. I have learned that actually living in a big city isn’t all that bad, seeing that I come from a town of 1,200 people, I get to meet new people everyday which is probably the best part about being here. This semester at UCO has been the one of the best times in my life for sure.

  • Lauren Moore

    Doug spoke about learning about himself and his leadership potential at key points in his life. As the semester comes to a close, what have you learned about yourself during this past 14 weeks at UCO?

    During the past fourteen weeks here at UCO, I have come to learn alot of things about myself. I have been growing and I am becoming a more mature person. I am learning what does and does not work for me. I have made relationships that have meant more to me then relationships I had made in high school. I have been decent with my time management and have allowed myself to have fun which is something I didn’t allow myself in high school. Overall, these 14 weeks have really shaped me as a person.

  • Nora Garcia

    In this 14 weeks I’ve learned so much about myself and about the person that I’m becoming. Now that I can do whatever I want because I don’t have anyone telling me what I can and can not do I’m figuring out who I am. But what I have realized that whether I want to or not I become more like my mom everyday. I’m still the same person I was at the beginning of the semester except I’ve had to mature and take things seriously. I’ve had to start acting like an adult. It has also shown me that serving others really is one of the things that I enjoy the most doing. It has helped me to see that I really am growing as a person. And I’ve loved every minute of this semester, but now I’m ready for it to be over!

  • Ellen Boarman

    As the semester comes to a close and I look back over the past 14 weeks, I have come to realize that college requires more discipline and time management, that any part of my prior education. That being said, though it has been incredibly tough, I feel that balancing school, LOT, research, sorority, and work, has made me more more aware of time management and discipline and recognize that those are two skills I need to work on throughout the upcoming semester. I have also become a more social person than I was in high school, which has both benefits and hindrances; while it helps to know what is happening on campus and in the class room, I have had to be careful of the amount of time I allow myself for social activities in order to complete school work, my ultimate priority.

  • Jessica Nguyen

     I have learned that I work more efficiently in times of high stress. I focus better, and I order my priorities. I realized that I have a need for organization and clarity. It’s difficult for me to enter a situation knowing only half of what I should or want to know. I understood that the reason why I wanted to further develop my leadership and gain knowledge and experiences in college was so that I can use it to serve other people and hopefully inspire others to find leadership within themselves. I also realized some things about myself that I could improve on, such as being more patient or empathizing with others. 

  • Elle Aston

    I have known for many years now that the key to being a successful student-athlete is time management. Transferring to UCO has really challenged me to be the best I can be. The graphic design program is much more time consuming than my previous school. The soccer program is much more demanding than my other school. Therefore, I have had to manage my time better in order to succeed in both areas. I am very proud of myself because I have completed this task. Although I’m turning this blog in about 8 hours late, it’s only the second blog that I haven’t completed on time. So in retrospect, I have become a better time management individual this semester!

  • McKenzie Hodge

    This first semester at UCO has been absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to be here, surrounded by the people I am each day. Although I’ve only been here for a semester, I feel like I have grown so much and learned more about my leadership abilities. I’ve learned that being involved is my passion. In each organization I’m involved in we do different events, impact different people, and because of this i’ve learned about myself in different areas. Having a direct connection between an event and the people that it’s impacting is what I love the most. I can see their reaction, how they like the event, and most importantly just talk to them, and listen to their story. I have gained some of the most amazing friends I could ever ask for this semester and learned that going down to the volleyball courts during that week before school starts, might just be the place where you meet your lifelong friends. Day to day wise I’ve truly learned that time management is key. Between being involved, getting homework done, and studying you have to know how to space that time out where you can get it all done, and give it all your very best. Most importantly, I have grown in my relationship with God, and my Faith. I’m learning more everyday who the person I want to become is, and I have no doubt that here at UCO, is the absolute place for me to do that.

  • Caylee Cooter

    s the semester comes to a close, what have you learned about yourself during this past 14 weeks at UCO?

    This semester at UCO has made a huge impact on my life. I learned how to prioritize what is important to me. There are times when it is incredibly hard to make time with people, but I learned that a true leader can make time for every person. I am still trying to figure out how to completely manage my time, but I’m making progress. Also, I discovered how much I truly love people. I love to make new friends and I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone to be more social in class and to lead in even the smallest ways. I’ve also discovered the imprtance of listening, in that many people can lead, but it takes true skill to set back and listen to the other people lead.

  • Hye Eun KO

    I found myself not dreaming my dream but other’s dream. I always thought how people think of me, not thought of myself. I was dreaming not what I want to do or to be. I put the priority on money or reputation. While listening to the lecture of many people, I decide to dream vividly what I want to do. In my country, I always thought of how people would look at me before every single action. Now I don’t think of that and just do if my will is so. I think I can run further than before because now I know what I want to do. I am so exctied for next semester even it would be more tough than this semester.

  • Leah Lopez

    Over these past 14 weeks I’ve learned a lot about not settling for things. Before coming to college I had great grades, were they hard to obtain? No. I feel like all the grades I have right now are because I have earned them, I’m no longer undermining my intelligence to get the easy A. Everything I at least try my best, even if its an easy homewrok. I dont think anyone can learn or grow if they always opt out for the easy way. I want to challenge myself, and although it can be kind of hard it has been well worth it. Another thing I have learned is how to be more careful with how I word things, sometimes I will talk so fast that it sounds like I’m speaking Portuguese! I like to be very honest and before, I said what I thought, no filter. Now I still say what I think,but I choose the right times to be so honest. Not everyone can handle or want to hear the truth and if its not a life threatening case why make them upset? It’s not worth it to hurt someone’s feelings just so you can say your opinion, plus you can always sugar coat it.

  • Katelyn Ledford

    At my previous college, Seminole State, there was not much opportunity for me to get involved and quite frankly it was not a lot of fun. Before I transferred I hated every aspect of school and could not wait to get my degree and be done. Over the past 14 weeks here at UCO I have had such great experiences to take part in and I have met many amazing people. I have learned that I feel so much better about my life when I am surrounded by friends and have things to be involved in. Yes, it is more challenging and I do have to push myself harder, but I am enjoying life so much more. I have found that I have more confidence in myself and in my work. It has taken me a while to realize, but I see now that I was selling myself short before I came to UCO. Now I see an opportunity and I go after it, and so far that has worked in my favor. So no more selling myself short of all of the opporutnities that make life enjoyable. All in all, I am very happy with where this semester had lead me, and I hope that the feeling continues as I move along.

  • Haylee Hay

    i have learned alot about myself this semester. i know for a fact that i have grown as a person and a leader in these short 14 weeks. I have learned to adapt to different ways of living. i am beyond blessed with the way my life is going right now. i have what i want and im also pushing myself by keeping myself involved and studying in school. i cant wait for next semester because things just keep getting better and better!

  • Michael Southerland

    Being a part of Central has been a pleasant experience. It starts with Lessons in Leadership, being a part of Leaders of Tomorrow and sharing experiences with PLC has given me insight to many of the brilliant minds here at Central. The presentations I have had the privilege to attend have been priceless. I have learned that I have the ability to adapt to new surroundings and a bigger school. I am thrilled to find that the professors are professional and care about their students. Being able to meet and talk with President Betz shows the personal care Central is dedicated to providing the student body. Most of all I have found that I am in the right place to complete my education and finish my development as a leader and learning to be a professional. I would like to say thank you to Central and look forward to the opportunities Central will provide me.

  • I have learned ways to multi task and juggle a lot if things at a time. I have also learns time management and effective ways to make my time productive between my busy schedule. I have use of the leadership skills I’ve learned and applied them to my everyday life and I have been successful so far

  • I have learned that I have to ask for help. The transition from a junior college to a four year has been a little difficult for me. I did not know what to expect when I got here and I have a pretty good idea of what I need to do in order to succeed here at UCO. I have learned that at this stage in my academic career, in order to succeed I will need extra self discipline! It is the times that I spend at a library, or at my computer at home now that will eventually free up time in the future. I liked the way Mr. Terry mentioned an “old school” way of studying I’d like to know more about that being that I’m a little old school myself. This first semester has been an experience I’ll never forget and I’m thankful I’m in a position to succeed and surrounded by all the help I should ever need.

  • Riley Cole

    Being at UCO for this semester has been an absolute blast. I have made great friends who have really influenced me in what I have done thus far. I have learned that I absolutely love event planning and organizing. I actually am considering changing my major so that I can do this as a career. I have learned that time management is huge and prioritizing is something everybody must learn to do before coming to college because if not, they will be completely in for a loop. I have been a part of many organizations and events this semester that have strengthened my leadership skills and defined my strengths. Being blessed to be at UCO is an understatement and I will forever treasure the knowledge and skills i attain here!

  • Rebekah Fisher

    I have learned so much about myself this semester through lessons in leadership and life in general. This semester has been a very trying one for me. I have learned how I respond to defeat and disappointments and how to pick myself back up again and learn from those failures. All these things are not easy to learn. They took pain and perseverance as well as patience. Throughout my life, patience has been something that I have struggled with, but through a group assignment I was providentially selected to be a part of team Patience. I got the chance to work on an area that I knew was a particular weakness of mine. I treasure this opportunity and am so thankful for what I have learned. I know myself better now, and am extremely excited to see where life takes me next.

  • Erin Schuljak

    I have learned so much about myself in these past 14 weeks since coming to OCU. I am so thankful for being to be given this opportunity and to be with such great leaders in my PLC class. I honestly didn’t think I could become so close to the friends I’ve made in only a semester. I didn’t think I would join a sorority when I came to UCO either, but doing so has allowed me to meet so many great people and allowed me to grow in my leadership capacities. I also learned how much harder college really is compared to high school. I have to spend so much more time studying and doing homework. I am looking forward to the rest of my here at UCO.

  • Gabby Applegate

    I have learned so much during these past fourteen weeks! I have really learned how to become independent. With my parents being 2 and a half hours away they arent there to do my laundry while I study or little things like that, that you do not even think of. You must learn to manage your time wisely. Also, I have learned that you must actually study in college. In high school, I never had to study, I would take AP classes and would make A’s without studying. I figured this meant I would not have to study much in college, WRONG. There are still many things I must figure out as I go off on my own for the first time, but I have really enjoyed my first semester and am looking forward to another great semester here.

  • Jovanna Ortega

    I have learned way more then I ever thought I would. I have learned about prioritizing, time management and so much more. It’s been such a blessing to have had a big support group with this class, lot, and my sorority. They have been here to help my through situations I did not know i could get through. While college is not exactly like the work like it has been a good experience for me to move out and try new things. I have learned so much more about studying and looking for the silver lining. These past 14 weeks have had their ups and downs but they have been a true blessing. I can not wait to see what the next semester bring each of us.

  • Janelle Archer

    I have learned more about myself this semester than I have in my entire life. I couldn’t even list all of them in one paragraph, so I am just going to focus on one. I really learned the importance of friendship and family, and to ALWAYS count my blessings. I am so fortunate to come into a group of amazing friends that have become family in LOT and PLC. I honestly don’t know what I have done to ever deserve this blessing in my life. Also, I have realized the importance of my friends from high school, who I thought I would never see again. We still talk every day and see each other as much as possible. College has really taught me to value my friendships in a way I never have before. I have also been thanking God for what I have more and more because of this. College has truly made me a better person.

  • Matthew Goodwin

    I have learne mostly that I am capable of contributing in many ways to a group as long as I am careful not to overextend myself. I learned that there is a limit to the number of groups and projects I can be a part of before my effectiveness begins to suffer. I have also gained a better understanding of how to appreciate different situations, and how to deal with the ones i do not like. But the biggest thing I have learned about myself in the past 14 weeks is how much I can afford to let myself relax, and how much I need to push myself to succed.

  • Morgan Podany

    I have learned a lot of about myself. I know it may seem cliche and very shallow, but I’ve realized that I don’t need a boy to complete me. I’ve become so happy with myself alone. I went through a tough breakup before I left. I really learned from it and grew as a person. More importantly, I learned how smart I actually am. In high school, I didn’t study and made awesome grades. When I got to college, I quickly learned the importance of studying. My first biology (for majors) test was a sobering experience.I thought I was stupid and called my mom all the time crying. I buckled down and did what I needed to do and I never thought I would ever in a million years get an A in that class, but if I get atleast and 88 on my test I just might get there.

  • Summer Hill

    I have learned that I can run on less sleep than I think I can. Now, this isn’t very good for me but I know that when I need to do it I will be okay. I am still learning to balance myself and my schedule. I have learned to be the true me: outgoing and makes lots of friends. I have learned that it is okay to be friends with a boy without having a crush on them, haha. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the years ahead hold!!

  • Taylor Haines

    I have learned many things these weeks I have been here. I have learned that in order for me to get things done I have to push myself. It’s so easy to just be lazy and nap all day, but I’ve learned how to keep myself from doing that. I have also learned that in order to achieve what I want to here at UCO it is going to be hard, but that does not mean it is impossible. With help from my friends, I have learned to believe in myself, which is something I struggle with. Believing in myself will help my achieve my goals here at UCO.