Jari Askins Presentation

Jari Askins spoke about her journey through life and the unexpected turns and opportunities she encountered along the way. She read the quote, “a bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.” How does her story and this quote relate to what you have gone through? How can you apply it in your future career?


  • Logan Bidack

    Jari Askins gave an extremely relatable presentation of her life’s journey. Like myself, she has never been able to make a five- year plan of where she wants to be or what she would like to be doing. Because she wants to feel good about what she is doing, she lets her heart guide her in making decisions about her future. Askins quoted “a bend in the road is not the end in the road, unless you fail to make the turn,“ I apply this to my experiences with choosing a degree plan. I have had the hardest time deciding what to do with my life, and just when I think I know, I change my mind. This quote is such an encouraging metaphor for how I should treat the changes in life that require me to which I must adapt. Knowing that the very successful Jari Askins didn’t wake up one day while she was in college and say “I am going to be a judge and then lieutenant governor of Oklahoma,” it really helps put my mind at ease that opportunities will arise and I will know exactly which paths to take along the way to what God has planned for my life.

  • Charrissa Pierce

    In her case, she hadn’t planned much of her success. She set goals, but wasn’t afraid to veer off from them a bit when new opportunities presented themselves. Being a college student, this is a quote that can greatly alter my thought process. Seeing someone who made it so far without giving up when something didn’t go her way, makes a statement on my own life. I never planned to attend UCO, but I took the open dor and am now glad I did. I must remember that my future may not end up exactly how I picture it; I should not get discouraged. I must work hard in all I do.

  • Brandon Ngo

    My first thought when hearing this saying was, What would stop you from making the turn? After brief moments of contemplation, I concluded that if a turn was possible at some point on that road, the only way it would “end” for a person would be when he or she made a complete stop. But why would you stop if there’s clearly a turn in the road that would allow you to keep going? Perhaps the turn is not so clear. Perhaps what truly stops one from continuing down a path is the perception that there is a dead end. The despair of a vision that is perceived to be unattainable proved too great for the person willing to make that stop. But a bend in the road is not a dead end. And the people who realize this do not easily accept defeat but instead make the uncomfortable turn and continue along their way.

  • Riley Cole

    Many obstacles have come my life in the last eighteen years. I have had tough decisions to make all by myself and learned that life is a lot about making choices. An example of coming to a bend in the road would be when my parents separated and then divorced. Many hard things were thrown my way and I had choices to make. I had to choose between staying mad and angry at my parents for what I thought was the hardest time of my life, or I could choose to make the best of it and respect what my parents were going through. With a lot of guidance from outside mentors and my Savior, I chose to make the turn and keep pressing forward and conquer every obstacle that was yet to come. If I had not chosen to make that turn I could still be angry and have a lot of bitterness toward my parents and I could keep thinking that life is supposed to be perfect and go my way, where in reality it’s the complete opposite. Life is about making decisions, big or small, that will affect one’s life forever.

    Applying this quote to my future and career is very vital. I know I will continue to be faced with decisions and humps in the road where I must be very careful in the steps I take, but I know through prayer and guidance I can overcome and tackle anything!

  • Meredith Tassey

    There have been a couple of times that I have felt like the sun was not going to come up the next morning, but then it did and it was a new day. Nothing is perfect and nothing ever goes as planned. I try to remember that when I start to plan something down to the second. This is when being adaptable is important. The more one is able to adapt to changes the better off they will be. It will be important for me to be adaptable as a nurse. The status of a patient’s health can change at anytime and I will have to be ready to act accordingly. Therefore, it is always good to have a plan B.

  • Carlee Carpenter

    When Jari Askins referred to this quote, it reminded me of a truth in life. Over the course of life, everyone will go through a challenge or trial at some point or another; a few of us will enter more rough patches than others will, but everyone will have a struggle to walk through at some point in their life. Through these trials, we have the option to rise up or fall down. The bend in the road is the challenge, and it will not be the end if we choose to overcome it. I have experienced this first hand when my closest friend’s mom past away two years ago. This seemed like the end of the world to my friend and her family, and for a while, it was. However, she came to a point of realizing that she had the choice to either overcome this bend in the road and be the better from it, or let it destroy her. Thankfully, she chose the first option and made the turn. This applies to our future careers as we will have many obstacles, both big and small. However, as Jari’s story shows, these struggles have the potential to give us bigger and better opportunities that we would have never seen before. Thus, when we hit these obstacles, we have to learn to overcome them and be the better for them in the end.

  • Jovanna Ortega

    Life can be difficult at times. Everyone has, at some point, has had to get through tough times. I know many instances in my life where I felt overwhelmed and unable to continue but through support and determination I was able to keep going and suceed. In the future I know I will be new and things will be very different then they are now but I am excited and ready to face and overcome them. I think the lesson is that Instances where people just want to call it quits will continue to pop up in our lives and there is nothing we can do about it but if a person can take the quote Jari Askins read and take that turn then they realize it wasn’t the worst trial ever and they will be glad to have kept striving for something better.

  • Leslie Smith

    Her story was completely inspirational to me. The way she talked about her career as so spontaneous and unplanned was surprising. Politics seem so planned and exact. They come off as something planned years and years in advance. But for Jari Askins, her life and career was anything but planned. The quote she read to us immediately caught my attention. It is so true and applicable to my life. You never know when a bend in the road is coming your way, so when one does, you’ll have to make the turn! simple as that. Only, we make it much harder on ourselves many times by not letting go of our own plan and trusting that there are other paths to take than the one you think you’ve already paved.

  • Blaire Blevins

    I think the quote that she mentioned is a good motto to live by because you should not let one thing stop you from following your dreams.
    Her story is inspiring to me because even through her hard time she still manages to do what she loved.
    I can also relate to her story to mine because there were times I thought I would never be able to accomplish some things, but I would tell myself to not give up because if I did give up I would not only disappointment myself but my family and friends who have been behind me with every decision I have chosen.
    I think a way you can relate this to your future career is by going after your dreams, and never giving up on what you want to be in your life. There are going to be hard times during your career and the best way to deal with it is not to see what happened and take it as a way to learn from what went wrong the first time.
    With all the hard ships I face in my life have made me a stronger person, and with out obstacles I would not be where I am at today in my life.

  • Gabby Applegate

    This quote is very important in life. It teaches you that things in life may not always work out the way we plan for them to, but you must persevere and move forward. Doors of opportunity may not open up in the direction you are headed, but if turn the other way there may be bigger and better opportunities. If you give up you may not ever see those opportunities. I believe it relates to everyone’s lives at least at one point in time. I may not know where I will be in five or ten years, but through God’s guidance and will be opportunities down the road, whether they be the ones I plan or not.

  • Brittni Blevins

    The quote Jari Askins read, “a bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn. “I can relate to this since I have many obstacles throughout my life. This quote shows me that even though something ends do not mean that you will never find anything ever again. It just means that your time at the place is over, and that you are needed somewhere else to make a difference.
    I can relate to Jari’s story because through out my life I have experienced a lot of good opportunities and some that were not that successful You have to make the best out of everything you do because it could lead you to something you never thought was possible. Hearing her talk about all her success gives me hope that if I keep trying and never give up I will be able to succeed at anything I want to do in my life.
    This is a great lesson that can be use in your future career for the reason that you should never give up on what you want to become. It may take some time but when you have reached your goal it will be worth it in the end.
    I am going to take from this quote to live my life to the fullest and never look back on what is upon me.

  • Jobie Burks

    Jari Askin’s quote is a incredibly relatable to my life! I can definitely apply this quote to my senior of high school. It was an emotional roller coaster! I had to grow up and mature a lot in that span of my final year as a high school student. I had to start making more of my own decisions and learn that life is not fair and it is not easy. I had my heart broken and I faced many bumps in my road. I’m not proud of some of the decisions I made, but because of this I feel as though I am a better person. Jari Askin’s quote proves that each person is the captain of their own ship. Each individuals makes their own decisions, and regardless of what happens, consequences happen. Sometimes I failed to make the turn, but at least I have learned that I am in control of my future and I am the only person who can stand in the way of my successes.

  • John Maloy

    Personally for me, being a non- traditional student, her quote rings true. Two years ago I would have never thought I would be halfway there in obtaining a bachelors degree in political science! School was the farthest thing from my mind, but my road did bend and I have made the bend with it. Playing music has and remains a huge part of my life, but I’m working to educate myself so that I might be able to have a better life for me and my children. I love music and doing what I do, but I’m really excited about learning a new career in the law field!

  • Throughout my life I’ve had many let downs. So much that I would start to lose hope in myself and in my abilities. But like Mrs. Askins I too had to learn perseverance. Her story motivated me and gave me wisdom as well as far a not giving up as not letting anybody tell you, you can’t accomplish something. And the career I’m going in to I’m going to need to be thick skinned and be able to take a lot of criticism because the music business industry is tough and I’m glad I had the opportunity to hear her speak an I will always take what she said with me in my career

  • Kelcie Scarberry

    Jari Askins said several times that her life took completely different turns than she had expected; Like how she planned to go to Tulsa to work for oil companies but ended up staying in Duncan and becoming a Judge. In my senior year of high school I planned on being a full time musician and majoring in music education as a back up. I focused all my energy on my job at the time and didn’t make anytime for my friends. I expected my life to stay that way, but it all quickly changed during this past summer and this semester. I decided that I’m much more interested in education rather than full time performing and I got a new job that allows me to make time for my friends and family. I’m sure my plans will change even more as the years go on, but I understood what she meant when she said things don’t always work out the way you plan. The quote means to roll with the punches, but it also means to not give up. When the road bends you have to embrace the curve and not quit when things don’t go your way. A couple of months ago I was really struggling with all the music I had to learn and all my responsibilities in the different ensembles. I considered changing majors because things weren’t easy anymore. I decided to just work harder and everything eventually worked itself out. I can’t imagine how unhappy I would be right now if I had given up and changed majors. I think this quote is about perseverance, which is invaluable in whatever career I end up in.

  • Jaeton Cary

    I can relate to her quote from the fact that I have changed my major three times. This has brought with it so many different challenges. I started with what I thought I wanted to do for a living, then I realized the field included aspects I was unaware of. This processes happened two more times. These situations have thought me that just because situations don’t go the way you envisioned them too does not mean that it’s the end of the road, it simply means that you need to look for the turn. If I simply gave up on college after I realized that I was not cut out for the first degree then I can’t imagine where I would be today. Challenges must be viewed as an opportunity to go a new direction.

  • Kaylee Speer

    Life is full of unexpected obstacles and as a human being, we must learn to move past them. If we didn’t have obstacles what kind of world would this be? We wouldn’t learn from mistakes and we wouldn’t learn to overcome hard times. Learning to overcome obstacles is essential in any persons life, especially a leaders life. If a leader was to come across an obstacle and then give up, no one would want to ever follow them again. Making the turn is one of the hardest things to do but it is necessary to be successful. In my 19 years of life, I’ve had to overcome several obstacles and each one has taught me a vital lesson. It is so important to learn from your mistakes and to try not to make the same mistake again. I will take what I’ve learned over the past 19 years and exemplify it in my future career. I want to experience life in every possible way, and that includes going through rough times and through obstacles. I have said this quote before but I’m going to state it again because it is one of my favorites and it is so true. “It is during the times of success that people will know your name, but it is during the times of hardship that people will know your character.” I always try to remember this saying whenever I’m going through a hard time. I want to always have a positive attitude no matter what I’m facing.

  • Elizabeth Jordan Nichols

    I am the person who attempts to plan everything. I constantly think about where I will be in the future. However, I have learned that it is impossible to plan everything. My plans almost never work out the way I plan. I change my mind all the time, and am constantly surprised with different opportunities. I did not plan on being at UCO five years ago, but now that I am here I love it. I have to be flexible and open for change. If I refuse to detour from goals then I could miss out something special. Life is funny. I never know what’s going to happen.

  • Candace Baker

    In my journey of life, I have encountered many bends in the road. I moved out of my parents house at the age of 16 and began working. I was working full time and going to college full time by 18. With no financial support from home, my first 3 years of college were difficult. I was the first member of my immediate family to go to college. Though it was very hard to take a different path from what I was born into, the experience I gained from it was so valuable. I learned how to be a leader, how to take care of myself, and most importantly, I learned that I had the ability to succeed. More bends in my road of life occurred in college. I did I research internship the summer after my second year and decided to change my major from nursing to math and life science so I could pursue a career in research. At the time it was a hard decision, one I wasn’t sure would work out for me. Now after doing another research internship and attending UCO I have realized that I can do this. I guess the point I’m trying to make here is sometimes the road was rough in places and I struggled, but I now see that every bend, every rough patch helped me grow and find myself.

  • Melissa Brown

    I can relate to Jari Askins because i have never followed a plan either. I usually go wherever the road takes me. I have seen the bend in the road many times. sometimes I have turned and sometimes I have not turned. the times that I turned I was usually listening to my gut instinct instead of making the decision on something else. in the future, for bends in the road I should always listen to my gut instinct. even if there is something I really want that lies straight ahead, I should always be open to what else might lie around the bend.

  • Katelyn Ledford

    Jari Askins spoke about her journey through life and the unexpected turns and opportunities she encountered along the way. She read the quote, “a bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.” How does her story and this quote relate to what you have gone through? How can you apply it in your future career?

    My journey has been a very long and winding road full of unforeseen obstacles and even opportunities. Some have hit me harder than others, and in those moments it was difficult to decide what my next move should be. In life things rarely ever go as planned. When facing a bend in the road there isn’t always a “right” way to go. Sometimes the best choice is to keep moving. Even just two years ago when I graduated high school my plan was NOT to end up at UCO. However, I am very happy with where my life is now and the path I chose. Even though the bends in the road where scary, I would not change a thing. In my future I can use this same mindset when I encounter twists and turns. I imagine that as I get older my plans will be bigger and decisions will become harder to make. When things do not go as planned, I will adapt rather than come to a stop. Just as I have in the past, I will adjust to the new circumstances and move on to better things.

  • Ellen Boarman

    Change is never the end, unless one is unwilling to allow the change to occur and move with it. This quote relates to major milestones and everyday life alike and has been an essential truth in my life. I have lived in six states, moving throughout my childhood, and I feel that I went with the road as best I could. Had I not with each move I would have likely been miserable and become increasingly introverted. Moving with the world, rather than struggling to keep everything constantly in line, reveals opportunities, provides inspiration, and allows ever-changing viewpoints to exist, thereby enabling people to better themselves and the world around them. The idea that a bend is never the end unless you allow it to be and those from the story Jari Askins told of the captain unwilling to change his course, seem to me a sort of insight, something to always keep in mind, especially in a future career. Both allow an open mind and increased vision and enable flexibility, that in whatever pursuit I am in if something doesn’t quite work out I accept change and work with it.

  • The biggest point that Jari Askins brought up in her speech, to me, was that everything will pan out in the end. You must have a sense of direction but at the same time let the cards be dealt how they are intended to be. In my life, i look forward to being able to take chances and learning from my mistakes. I want to try things out until i find what i love, even if at first its not what i intend to be in the end. Having the ability to adapt to things that come your way is necessary to make your way throughout life.

  • This quote is so simple but so true! As an athlete this quote applies to my life in many ways. Specifically when we lose a game. At that point you can dwell and possibly start a losing streak or turn the corner and get back on track. When my parents moved to Edmond, I came to what I thought was the end of the road. I had never lived more than 30 minutes away and suddenly my family was 4 hours away. At this point I realized that it was not the end, just another opportunity. I learned a lot about myself and life during the year my parents were away. Every end of the road is an opportunity. It takes a fearless leader to turn the corner.

  • Honestly, there hasn’t been a lot of bends in my road only minor ones. Regardless, I do think that overall whether they are positive or negative,I feel though that we are given these on purpose. Sometimes we might not understand why, but in the end we learn, grow, or change from them. I cannot think of a twist in my road that has been anything major, besides a particular event,one that I am not comfortable sharing with people that I am not that acquainted with, so I am sorry. If you are truly curious I will answer you though. I agree with Meridith that you have to be adaptable, in both personal and business life. I feel though that I can apply this to my future life by taking opportunities if presented and going with a flow were it may lead…unless is negative. Then I will definitely create a new road for myself and see where that leads.

  • Rylee Flowers

    The quote is inspiring regardless of what kinda of struggles you were forced to face in your life. I think that it’s important that you are flexible and allow yourself to fit the mold that you need to as your life changes. Personally, I’ve had a numerous amount of obstacles that have challenged me and put me in places and situations that I don’t think any person should have to be, but it has molded and shaped me into the young woman I am today. Not only has it made me who I am today, my past keeps pushing me to my future; it’s almost like a small piece of motivation that is always there reminding me to keep going. As I continue into my future, I will continue to be flexible and strive to the goals I’ve set for myself.

  • Summer Hill

    I have been through a lot in my life. I lost a friend that I loved very much unexpectedly after not talking to him for two and a half years. I was really upset and thought I couldn’t handle it. I learned a lot because I allowed myself to change and grow from it. I know that things happen for a reason and that whatever happens in my future is for a purpose and that God will be there for me, looking out for me, having my best interest at heart.

  • Jessica Nguyen

    Jari Askins’s presentation was very relatable. There have been many times in my life when I set a specific plan for the future, but in the end things change. What keeps me going and progressing is keeping an open mind to the unexpected and embrace it. I actually like rolling with the punches, because the results are usually good and I end up learning something new about my or others’ capabilities. For my future career, I’d at least pick a general path to follow, but as I continue to learn, meet new people, and gain life experiences, I should consider other opportunities that I wouldn’t have considered before.

  • I believe this quote applies to anyone going through college. In high school, classes were much easier and required less effort to make the grades one wanted. In college, you have to work for an A. Time management comes in effect and you must keep up with everything going on in one semester. Ironically, nearly every professor schedules tests the same week, along with papers and presentations. At this time, you could stress out and completely give up on the grade you desire. Or, you could step up and get what you need to get done. Anything you do in life takes effort so don’t ignore the college factor!
    My major also has a drastic effect on students. Nursing school is highly competitive at UCO and students try endlessly to get accepted. Talking to everyone about applying never did any good because the only thing they would say is make all A’s and have great test scores. Regardless of the worry, that did not stop me. I pushed myself until that acceptance letter was given to me and that’s just what I did. If you fail a test or forget to do something, do not give up completely. Learn from your mistake and move right along!

  • McKenzie Belcher

    This is a quote that I try to keep in mind each day. We are faced with an immense amount of opportunity in this world and many decisions to make. The bends in each of our personal pathways are there to hinder us, but we must choose to make that turn and move on with life by overcoming difficulties. Those bends lead us to a world of betterment. Right now, I have a perfect vision of how I want my life to be lived. However, I know that it will not go the way I imagine because of the opportunities that will arise or the downfalls I face. Even if life does not go the way I have always planned for myself, I must move forward and take each opportunity as it is handed to me. From the quote Jari Askins has given us, I will remember to always take chances and take the turn even if it is unexpected.

  • Zachary Southard

    There are tons of analogies to go along with Jari Askin’s “Bend in the Road.” The ones that I have heard the most are “rolling with the punches”, “greeting the new day”, “dealing with the cards in front of you” and the list goes on. Both of my parents were in the military at some point of their lives. They always emphasized to me and my brothers that on the battlefield nothing goes to plan. In consequence, plan for the worst. While this may seem dispiriting, this is how I firmly believe one should plan their lives. Otherwise, you will be living illogically. But life is not just a battlefield. Life is filled with an unlimited number joys that go beyond complete obtainability in one’s lifetime. While I believe humankind should plan for the worst to occur, we should also strive for the finest. The leading challenge in my past life was simply not having much say in family decisions which affected me greatly. Some of these life changing events were continuously moving from place to place, attending a foreign school, and my parents’ divorce. But with every life changing event starts a new applicable life lesson. The biggest lesson to me is of course what my parents always taught me. I will never let a systematic issue bring my life or ego down. If I were to take a big hit on my grades in college, I would roll with the punches. If I were to be dumped by the girl of my dreams, I would greet the new day. If I were end up penniless and unemployed, I would deal with the cards in front of me. My trend is simple. No matter what life brings you, take a lesson from your dog… kick some grass over that poop and move on.

  • McKenzie Hodge

    The beautiful thing about life in general, is that it is never set in stone. You can change what you want to do with the rest of your life, daily. If you’ve grown unhappy in your career, you can always get out there and find another one that you can have a passion about, and make an impact. To hear that a professional such as Jari Askins, encountered opportunities that she never thought would be possible, and never quite made it to “Tulsa” as she planned, is comforting for someone like me, who declares a different major almost daily. We don’t have to have it all figured out just yet. Like Jari Askins said, dont have your life set in stone. Unexpected opportunities will come into your life that can in turn change your life into something that is more than you could ever imagine. The quote most certainly can relate to my experience, many life changing opportunities have come my way that I never would have imagined happening. They all lead me here to the BEST University in Oklahoma, surrounded by the best friends, professors, and a true family community.

  • Caylee Cooter

    I think Jari Askins was very easy to relate to. She had to work from the bottom up. This quote relates to pretty much any obstacle in life. For instance, I was confused on what college to go to, but when I realized one was out of reach I was hurt. However, I now understand that that “bend in the road” led me here. I know this is where I belong and if I hadn’t made that turn and step of faith, things would not be the same at all. I believe that God will direct you to His path. It might seem like that bend really is the end, but really it is God’s way of telling me that he has something different in mind and I just need to follow His way. In my future career, it is not neccessarily about accomplishing everything I want, but going along for the ride of what God wants.

  • We have all gone through obstacles and had our fair share of mistakes. Most of us have probably said “my life is over” under our breath. But was it literally? Not at all. I like to relate this to the song called “Life’s a Climb” by Miley Cyrus because life is a climb, but the view is great. If every time we stood at the bottom of a mountain we turned around, we would never see the view. For example, when I lost an election, I felt like my road was at a dead end. But once you step back and look at it from a different perspective, you will see what you have to gain in any circumstance. Knowing how to overcome mountain ranges, dead ends, or whatever you would like to refer to it as, is crucial to your success as a leader. By always having a positive perspective or outlook on life, we can carry this with us through anything. I always remind myself that “everything happens for a reason,” and then I am always forced to find the bright side and see what my next step is.

  • Nicki perry

    Her quote relates to almost everyone. Everyone hits that time in their life where they are at a bend, and you can either not change and let it be the end or you can change with road of life. This quote is apparent in my life when I reach an obstacle in life, instead of shying away and giving I take it for what it is and change! In my future career I plan to do this same thing with every obstacle.

  • Taylor Haines

    The quote really shows me just to basically not give up. Things in my life get crazy and stressful all the time and sometimes I just want to give up and quit some of the things in my life. This quote says to do just the opposite of that. You have to figure out a solution to your problems and learn to deal with all the craziness and stress. In my future, times like these are going to occur and I just have to learn to face it and figure the best way around it.

  • Jernye Werth

    I relate the quote Jari Askins gave to unexpected things that come up in life. Over the years I have had disappointments and let downs that I would definitely refer to as “bends” in my road. Instead of letting these things signify the “end of the road” I instead chose to roll with the punches and keep on going. In my future career I will first have to make it through very difficult coursework in school. Obstacles are bound to pop up throughout my journey, but it is up to me to not let those obstacles hold me back. Likewise once I enter my career and become a member of the workforce. Adaptability is one of the leadership aspects we have learned about, and I think it applies to this situation tremendously. We must adapt, and turn our steering wheels so we don’t miss the twists and turns life throws at us.

  • Samantha gaspar

    Jari Askins was a great speaker and a role model for how I want to live my life by what’s right and what I feel in my heart. My whole high school career my life revolved around sports and the scholarships I would have playing softball. My senior year I decided that I would always love softball but it was time for me to be done and focus on other things in life. The opportunity came to me to apply for PLC and I got it. That single change in my path has changed my whole life. Going on an academic scholarship instead of sports was the best decision I have ever made. I am now on the exact path that I have day dreamed about since I decided accounting was the career for me. That quote will stay with me forever. It held great meaning. I have an accounting internship next year and it could be what I want and I could hate it. That experience will just be a turn in my path to my future if it doesn’t work out.

  • Ryan Murphy

    i think the quote shows the importance of being flexible. We need to realize that as we grow our opinions in life should contantly be updating and challenged. as this happens we may realize that what we thought was the best is really not. or perhaps what we thought was right turned out to be wrong. in this case we need to admit we were wrong and modify.

  • Caleb Grinnell

    I really liked the points Jair Adkins had and her personality stood out to me that she wasn’t afraid or anything she took on some tough tasks, but never gave up she succeeded. When I was young I lived in Saudi Arabia, and Germany before moving to the us. My parents homeschooled me until the 8th grade. One day I went to my mom and told her it was important to me to go to a real high school. That was my first big change I had in life. I went through training to become a fireman, after that I thought about going to the military or gong to college. I received my acceptance letter from PLC at rose and I made up my mind then that I wanted to go to college. I am now going to school for kinesiology. There have been many decisions and changes happen for me to get to this point and although I still and not dead set on my specific career I am leaving many doors open to opportunities for the future. Turns in the road have got me to this point and ivamvexcited to see where I will be in the future by never giving up.

  • Jillian smith

    When Jari read this quote to us, it stood out significantly to me. In life, everyone has there ups and downs. We succeed and we fail. I think this quote applies to each and every person, but especially people in leadership roles. When a person fails, true leadership is what he or she makes of the experience you have to pick yourself up by your boot straps and continue on. Every failure or mistake should be a learning experience.

  • Michael Southerland

    Jari Askins quote, “a bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.” This is a statement that resonates with my life story. I experienced a traumatic experience in my life at a fairly young age, and then spent way too many years suffering the consequences. Besides being resentful, I was determined that I would get back what was mine; however, I was just spinning my wheels hopelessly without any real plan or foundation to stand on. When my life got as low as it could get, I gave up. Fortunately, the Lord reached down and saved me. Now I am in the last place I ever thought that I would be in, school. I am now doing everything, and with success, that everybody told and made me believe that I could not do. I still do not have the full plan in place; however, I am building a solid foundation, and found the turn I missed in the road. See, if you miss the turn, you will hit the end of the road eventually; however, it can be a long and winding road that can take forever to reach the end, and sometimes the journey can be worse than the actual end.

  • Mackenzie Prescott

    I have heard this quote in many variations and it rings true to me. When I was a freshman in high school my house unexpectedly burned to the ground. There was absolutely nothing left. In that moment my family and I had to decide how we would handle it. Jari talked about this as well. Basically it all is the same. I can’t change or predict that my house burned down but it’s all how my family and I chose to move forward and not give up because God has a plan. When you don’t get that job, part, date whatever, you can either give up and never put yourself out there. It’s your choice. It also reminds me of the quote; “you never really fail unless you don’t try.” I really liked Jari Askins presentation!

    -Mackenzie Prescott

  • her quote relates to most people in the world. i know for me that her quotes and stories relate to my life. in my life i have hit bumps along the way but those are the things that help me get through to a better path. i think all the bumps are in the road of life are there to help you better yourself and help you.

  • Samantha Perry

    Jair’s quote is very meaningful to each and everyone. Sometimes, we all come to a fork in our road of progress, or even a merge or sharp turn. These can be very difficult to overcome because they take perseverance. If we all keep moving and working through each wave that hits us, we will surely all be successful. But it is how you handle it that gtd you through.

  • Bailey Hayes

    Jari’s quote is extremely realistic. In my opinion it means that you determine what happens during the obstacles you face along our lifetime. It is our choice whether we push through and make it through the turn or fall off track. We as leaders need to try to not let life get us down to far. We will all face challenges and it is up to us whether we make it through them or let them control us.

  • Ashton Pittman

    The quote she mentioned is beyond meaningful. When I apply it to my life the first thing that comes up is basketball. After blowing out my knee and losing all my scholarship opportunities my senior year of high school, I came to that bend in the road. I had two choices, to either go to therapy and try to play or hang it up for good. I took the turn, and that’s honestly why I’m at UCO now, because of a decision I made four years ago.
    Instances like these whether it be athletically, academically, or just out in the real world setting can be applied to help guide you and lead you when future circumstances present themselves. Every step we take is shaping our future, but the most important thing to remember is to make sure we take the step, take the leap of faith and one day we can look back see where that step took us.

  • Hye Eun KO

    I could nod to her presentation. I could totally understand and agree her words. I think being here in America as an exchage student is an unexpected opportunity for me and it gives me a lot of changes. There were a lot of failures before I came here, but I overcame those. Even if there are a lot of failures in my life, it is not the failure at all. When I heard the news that I could come here, I though this happened because I was ready for the opportunity. I studied English more even I failed to come here in my many challenges. I think I made the failure to the turn of my life. There were many obstacles after I came here, too. But I am still overcoming those things to develop myself more. I am still making a turn, not failing.

  • Rebekah Fisher

    I related to Jari Askins and the unexpected turns that her life has taken. I think all people can relate to that. Life has many challenges and forks in the road. It’s just left up to each person which path he or she will take. Some decisions are small while some are monumental, directing the whole course of life. It takes an open mind and a willing heart to make the turns that are necessary to succeed, even when those decisions are difficult to make. In my future, I see that I have choices, and whatever turn I choose to take, I will run at it with all of who I am.

  • Erin Schuljak

    When Jari Askins spoke to our class about her journey through life and the unexpected turns and opportunities she encountered along the way, I found I could relate this to my life because I have encountered many obstacles and have had to adapt and be flexible in order to overcome them. Her quote, “a bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn,” means that even though we have struggles in our life, we can’t just give up. The struggles and obstacles are what we learn from and become stronger because of. They make us who we are. We can you apply this in your future careers by learning from the mistakes we make and overcoming the obstacles that are placed before us.

  • Janelle Archer

    The quote Jari Askins read to us really spoke to me. There have been many times in my life where I have truly felt like it was the end of the road. So many times where I thought nothing would get better. However, I was wrong, and I’m so glad I was. For example, when I didn’t get into PLC at the college I was planning on attending before UCO, I was ready to give up. I was so disappointed. However, just a week later I got my interview for a leadership scholarship at UCO. I was hesitant to take it at first, however I decided to make that TURN and go, and now I’m here and happier than ever. If I wouldn’t have made that turn, I would have truly been at a dead end, so am very happy I decided to take the turn.

  • Matthew Goodwin

    Her quote relates in many ways to my time here at UCO, ironically because I nearly failed to ake the turn referenced in her quote. When I came here, I was unprepared for the change of pace in my major, and almost cost me a few classes. But as time passed I learned to keep up with my new workload and begin to excell. Her quote will be a good one to remember in my future career as well, to always remind me that no matter how much I have learned and experienced, life can always manage to throw another curve at me.

  • Alexis Ridenour

    Jari Askins’ quote is about not giving up simply just because you have encountered an obstacle. It is about choice. If we hit a bump in our path, are we going to just quit? Or are we going to overcome it and make a smart decision next time? It is about establishing a stronger and smarter mindset everytime something doesn’t go our way. I can relate to this because I tend to be extra hard on myself at times which puts me in a state of mind that I am not good enough or I would be better off quitting. However, the quote she read is very powerful for someone who gets down on themselves a lot because it reminds us to push forward and to not give up so easily. Obstacles and bumps in the road only prepare us for what’s next and make us a little bit tougher and wiser each time.

  • Morgan Podany

    This question really hit home, because my senior year I lost the elections for executive president by one point. It was it epitome of a bend in the road. It was the first real disappointment I’ve had. I never really had experienced disappointment before. I was mostly disappointed because I had collected all of my experience from 7th grade up until then to make our stuco successful and had been working so hard my junior year to prove what I could do. Also, I found out right before cheer tryouts. That experience taught me that not to let one thing affect another. I was so upset. I just started bawling. I also had been terribly sick all week. I didn’t have a voice and I was hacking like a 70 year old smoker. I get really sick when I am stressed. (Cheer tryouts and stuco elections in the same week? Talk about stress.) And I had been selling prom tickets and working on that so I couldn’t focus on the other two things. After it settled in that I lost, I thought for a really long time. The main thing that kept popping up in my head was the saying, “there are no small parts, only small actors.” It made sense. Even if I’m not president, I still can contribute in a major way. It all depended on my attitude and how I handled it. Being a true leader, I still did the work and didn’t let a label define what I could and couldn’t do. It was a blessing at the same time. During senior year, our PYHII (put your heart into it) week was scheduled the same week I was at HOSA state conference. And I paged the week before that. Looking back, I am so glad that I wasn’t the head of student council because there is no way I could juggle all of the responsibilities involved.