Election Week 2012

The United States has now elected it’s President for the next four years. Yet in the immediate aftermath the nation continues to be divided across party lines. Is there hope for our political process as we move forward? In your opinion, what must our political leaders do to tackle the issues at hand?


  • Victoria Atkinson

    Behind divided is one of the worst things our country can do right now. Whether you are ecstatic about the election or not, it is now our time to work together to make America better and respect our president. And this is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you do not agree with what he does. But America voted him in and America must stand behind him. Or political leaders must WORK TOGETHER to make things better. If there is a disagreement, they Must understand that compromises are sometimes the best solution. Rather than arguing and arguing and arguing, we must work together especially if we want to see results that will build America up and not tear her down. I think there is hope for us moving forward. As funny as this sounds, if our leaders WOULD TELL THE TRUTH then solutions would be easier reached. I just hope to see America combine and be the power house that I know she can be. She was built off dreams and I pray that she would not be torn down by petty arguments. She deserves better than that.

  • Erin Schuljak

    In my opinion, our political leaders must work together with the opposing party to tackle the issues at hand. They need to break down the party lines and reach out to the other party to meet in the middle in order to get anything done. The American people need to learn to work together and stop being so divided. We need to work together as one country with common goals. Leadership is not about a position, it’s not about one person. It is about coming together as a country to work together to make a difference.

  • Zak Cooper

    In my mind, I thought after the election would end that people would stop complaining and move forward with the decision. I was completely wrong. Now all people talk about is how America made a good/bad choice with the President. That is what worries me. The choice has been made and we should now come together for the better of our country. Or better yet, focus on more important issues that we can work on instead of fretting on the past. I hope that as time goes on, people start to accept the change and we can then move forward. Something I hope our political leaders do is stick to what they have promised. Even if their promise was unheard of, they will keep going and do the best they can for our country. I do not want to hear someone say that the President promised this and then did something completely different. Easier said than done, but sticking to what you say is something I respect.

  • Jernye Werth

    True, our nation is very divided politically, but this is not something new; people have been politically divided since the birth of our nation. That being said, I don’t think our political process is hopeless. People are going to hold different opinions, that’s part of being human. As leaders, we must learn to compromise when we hold differing opinions. Therefore, I believe it is up to the political leaders in our country to take charge and make compromises with their opponents in order to make changes that ultimately will better our country. Now that the election is over, I believe the political party lines are no longer important: now is the time where what matters is the citizens of America. Political party affiliations of our nation’s leaders should be put on the back burner. Decisions about the issues at hand need to be made with the best interests of America in mind, whether that necessarily aligns with the party in power or not. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, or something else, we are ALL Americans!

  • Mackenzie Prescott

    I think that we get too caught up in winning and that if we don’t get who we think is the better candidate that the other will be all bad and it’s a disaster. Yes I am upset over how the election went down and I am disappointed. I don’t think that our President was the best candidate but there is nothing I or anybody else can do about it now. Now the goal is to trust that our House which is majority Republican and even the Senate will guide our President. We have to trust that even though I foresee bad things in our future relating to healthcare and other things that our President will also continue the process he started to make some good things happen as well. Most presidents can’t finish all their goals in four years and now Obama has that opportunity. We have to trust he will use his time and chance wisely. We can’t lose people over which party that are or even who they voted for. We can’t always get our way and can’t always get what we think is best. AS leaders we have to work everyday with people that think and believe differently than we do and I think America has forgot that right now. We have to let our own opinions go and focus on working together to make a better country and to make right decisions. Our leaders need to really listen to the people and not just focus on their own agenda. I think that they need to not just aid and teach America to be dependent but how to teach us to support ourselves and our families. It may be hard and not easy but if we keep giving short cuts then we will never learn. I think that WE have to have a positive outlook or we will be miserable for the next four years. It’s up to us the American people to decide how we let this election affect us and what we will do to help!
    As leaders and a younger generation who are just really getting involved in this process for the first time I think it is up to us to kick start that process! Leaders of TODAY!

    -Mackenzie Prescott

  • Meredith Tassey

    While watching the election on CNN, when the campaign started to favor the president getting re-elected, the commentators were discussing how the opposing party, the Republicans, are already starting the conversation about evolving their political party to include more modern ideas. I think this is a smart move for the Republicans. In my opinion, they have old-fashioned ideas that do not always respect the diversity of our country. In order to move forward the political leaders of the United States on both sides need to come together and identify a common goal. This goal could be reducing the deficit or creating jobs, etc. If they would work together to figure out how this goal can be accomplished in a way that is fair to all of the American people and combine their resources and compromise on a solution rather than fighting over sides we could have a more effective legal system.

  • Brittni Blevins

    I believe there could be progress of moving forward even tho are nation is still divided across party lines. It should not matter if are nation is divided or not we all need to come together for our country to do what is best for everyone. I know everyone is not happy with the election but he is our president and need to stand by him on the choices he makes for country.In my opinion I think the political leaders do not let the negative feedback that is going on about our president and try to turn it around in a positive situation than negative. If people see the political leaders being positive about the election maybe the can change there outlook of what the issue is as well. I know it is hard to please everyone but if we can come together, it would make world of difference. He was chosen to be our president for again and with that we should give him the credit he deserve and believe in him through his term as president.

  • Blaire Blevins

    For I me do see hope for our political party to move forward and hope that everyone can come to the conclusion that Obama is our is president for the next four years, and we have to believe in him do the right thing for our country.
    In my opinion our political leaders should tackle this issue by trying to respond to the negative feedback with a positive outlook because if our leaders are being positive about the outcome of the elections when maybe others will not feel like we have to be divided because of the party we represent, but try to come together as one to do the right thing for our country.
    I know people are not happy with how the election went, but we can not change the result of the election, what we can do is show our president the support and encouragement he deserves for winning the election. We need to stop all this negative energy, and start focusing on what really matters to our country.

  • Carlee Carpenter

    Dr. Popes presentation in our Thursday class today really helped me to think about this question and what needs to be done. One thing we know for sure is that President Obama will remain in office for the next four years. Whether people are happy or upset about that, it is a fact that cannot be changed. That being said, it is now our country’s responsibility (both political leaders and common citizens) to overcome our differences in opinions and unify together to keep this country great. After the election, complaining about America’s right or wrong choice or “venting” about the outlook of the next four years will do no good. Not only will complaining change the decision, but it can only tear our country apart further. I am saying this just as much to myself as anyone else. There is hope for our country if we can overcome our own personal agendas and pull together as a nation. In my opinion, our political leaders must set aside whatever personal preferences they may have, come together without pre-made judgements or political party divisions, and decide what is best for the nation, whether it agrees with their own beliefs or not. In saying that, it is just as much our own responsibility to unite together as it is our political leaders.

  • Elizabeth Jordan Nichols

    I got on facebook right after the president had been announced, and I was horrified. People were showing their true colors. There was red vs. blue everywhere. It was like watching a Rock Em Sock Em Robots fight. One after another friends were bashing eachother for their beliefs. I think that is what truly amazes me; friends and families disrespecting one another. We are a country made up of many different cultures and beliefs. What makes one person’s beliefs better than someone else’s? Everywhere I looked people were calling it the end of the world. Why is it that the people only look at the bad? I feel so blessed to live in a country where I get to make my own choices. I have the freedom to go to church where I please. I have the freedom to say what I want. I have the freedom to be whoever I choose to be. From where I am sitting life looks pretty good. It’s not perfect, but it never will be. No matter who the president is, people will find reasons to complain and bicker. Yes life as we know it could change, but life is always changing on us. The only way to ever move forward is to respect one another. Why should the people get along if our “leaders” refuse to. We learn from them. I believe that the only way to move forward as a country is to unite those lines that are divided. There is no way everyone will share the same beliefs, but we can start by respecting those that are not ours. If our poloticians started acting more maturely and stopped being biassed maybe our people would.

  • Brandon Ngo

    Realistically, it would be very difficult for both sides of the spectrum to agree on almost anything. However, cooperation is key and it is agreed that no matter what methods are chosen, progress must be made. As long as the American people fight for the values and rights that this country was founded upon, there will always be hope. While hope can go far distances, what is actually needed for the current situation is the collaboration of the parties for positive results. There are many different ways to accomplish good in society, but conflict will continue to tamper with these ideals.

    All it takes for a collision to happen at a stop sign intersection is two stubborn drivers. If they were to actually agree on something, maybe traffic congestion could be prevented and everyone could move a little faster.

  • Kaylee Speer

    I think it would be extremely sad if I said there is no hope for our political process in the future. Even though our country is divided right now, I believe we will eventually come together and realize we have to work together in order to have a successful government. Even though I’m hopeful about this, I know that everyone coming together to work nicely is not very likely. We as human beings have too much pride, especially in the political area. It’s hard for people to admit they are wrong and say that their “enemy” is right. We are so caught up in the idea of having political parties that we can’t even see past the other side. I’m a registered republican but if there is something a democrat says that is right, I’m going to agree with them no matter what my party believes. Our political leaders have to let go of their pride and learn to cooperate with all political parties and views. We learn from the leaders of our country and if they are always fighting and arguing what do you think the American people are going to do? The same exact thing! After President Obama got re-elected, the social media was blowing up with common citizens arguing and sharing their opinions about whether they thought this was good and bad. People were bashing on others beliefs and their ideas. This is why our society is so torn right now. Before we start looking at others faults we need to look inside ourself and make sure everything is good there first. We can’t just keep throwing our opinions out there and fighting with others about what we believe. This is not how it’s supposed to be. If our political leaders would come together and get along I believe the American people will see that and do the same.

  • Janelle Archer

    Right now, our country is showing it’s true colors. I have never seen our country so divided after this election. What we need to do is respect the fact that everyone has different beliefs, and work together to solve some of our nations biggest issues. I know that I have strong beliefs about a lot of touchy subjects, but first and foremost I worry about the economic state of our country, not many controversial topics I see a lot of people arguing about over social media (which are important too, but the state of our economy should come first, honestly). I am by no means a political expert, that’s for sure, but I do think that if our nation could just take small steps to working together, and finding a common ground SOMEWHERE, that is what is going to make change. Not liberals only supporting liberals and conservatives only supporting conservatives. United we stand, divided we fall.

  • Candace Baker

    In my opinion, I feel both sides need to suck it up and try to find some common ground so we can get something done. If everyone is divided, nothing will ever get done. Whether you like it or not, Obama has been elected our president for the next four years and people need to stop fighting and build a bridge and get over it! We can do so much more if we just take that energy we’re wasting on negativity and put it towards trying to change things. I feel the key to fixing our problems and moving forward as a nation lies in people coming together and working for the common goal of restoring America to its former glory.

  • Elle Aston

    Honestly, I’m not big into politics. Therefore, I am not educated on the party lines or how to make peace among them. However, I do know a little about humans. As humans, we want to feel as though our opinion is worthy and makes a difference. We also want to feel involved and needed. So if we can make both sides feel these emotions, that would help us on the path to peace. Regardless of who would have won, there would still be separation. But isn’t that the point of a two party election? To find the candidate that will represent the majority best, while still acknowledging the minority opinion! I believe our president has lost the minority opinion and that is why there is such a division. REPRESENT the majority but REMEMBER the minority and this division will slowly dwindle!

  • Katelyn Ledford

    Whether we like it or not, we cannot do anything to change the results of the election. Rather than continuing to butt heads and fight, as Americans we should work together with what we have been given. There is hope to move forward IF people are actually willing to move- if nobody is willing to budge then things simply can’t progress. We are supposed to the the UNITED states, and being divided on all of our major political issues makes us weak. If our opposing political parties would work together, then we can tackle all of our current problems. Our political leaders need to focus on finding a common solution together. If we want any sort of resolution for our issues we will need to compromise. Working together will not be easy and, as with any problem, sacrifices need to be made in order to reach a solution. There is absolutely hope to move forward as long as our political party lines are not used as barriers.

  • Ashton Pittman

    It is hard to say, I think the president has to do his job to the best of his ability. I know there are aspects in government that we do not fully understand and I believe we have to have faith in our president and his staff to make the right decisions to help better our country. I hope he is humble and optimistic to everyone’s opinion and does his best to protect and support us. He is our leader, our representative and anything he does reflects on us. I believe there is hope, there is always hope, staying positive and not giving up allow the hope to last. As time goes on, I think people’s cognitive dissonance will be balanced and life will go on and we will either grow as a nation or things will get bad. It is hard be for sure now, but I think we all must have hope and faith for the very best.

  • It is very unfortunate that our country is so divided between party lines, especially during the election period. In my opinion, god did not create politics, people did. Politics do more harm for our country than good and our political leaders need to rely on what our founding fathers had planned for this country. We have come so far from our roots and the only way for our country to recover is to return to those roots. Coming together as one and truly relying on one another is what we need to work towards and one by one we can make that happen.

  • Charrissa Pierce

    I believe that we can improve our current political process but we will never be completely satisfied with the way we elect our leaders. I do not agree with the negative ads during the campaign or the enormous amount of unnecessary spending. In order to resolve the immediate friction between the parties, the elected leader must act on his promised wishes as soon as possible. The sooner the President starts working, the sooner the American people will forget the election and focus on the problems at hand. In my opinion the political process has lost the interest of young people like myself because it seems like the candidates and other people in Washington D.C. are more concerned with their job security than what the people want.

  • Leslie Smith

    This presiential election exposed the sad fact that our leaders are more concerned with gaining power than than seeing progress. Our nation is unhealthyly divided between partys. Many of the political ads focused more on bashing the opposing canidate rather than building up American hope and morale. It is discouraging to see our nation so split. We are called to stand together and make our nation great. We need strong political leaders who can look past a political party and get America back on its feet. Our political leaders are completely consumed with politics and fail to see that voters are desprate for unity and leadership. For our country to rekindle a thriving economy, tackle the national debt and prevent terrorism, we must band together. We have got to stop seeing eachother as republicans and democrats, but as Americans. Who are all citizens of the greatest country in the world.

  • Lauren Moore

    There is only one way of hope for our country to move forward politically. We must lose our parties. This will probably never happen in my time but if it does, I believe the United States will greatly benefit from this. Our country is drastically split: Republican or Democratic. You can not be both in the eyes of our society, you must choose one and be very certain. This is why we have so many problems in our society. We must come together and take ideas from both sides of the political spectrum in order to find solutions to our problems.

  • Riley Cole

    Being divided in a time like this is not good at all. America needs to come together to work out issues. So many people have opinions and that’s fine, but in order for progress to be made sometimes it is best to just put our differences aside, swallow our pride and respect authority and what we’re given. A lot of people dislike our president and a lot of people like him. Whether or not, it is our duty to respect him. There is hope for our nation. We can move forward. I think we all need to work together and learn to submit to authority and take what we’re given.

  • Melissa Brown

    I believe their is hope for the future if our political leaders can begin working together. If our leaders worked together to solve issues instead of dividing we might be able to start blurring the lines. Then we might be able to start agreeing on some issues or working together to solve some issues. This process needs to start with our leaders because as leaders others look up to them for guidance on how to act and behave.

  • Kelcie Scarberry

    President Obama definitely has his work cut out for him. Aside from all the actual government issues, he has to reunite our country. This election brought out the worst in people. I saw so much hate and anger between friends over the Internet and in civilized conversation that I really haven’t experienced before. It breaks my heart to see people end relationships with each other over such stubborn ideas, and I’ve seen that a lot recently. Abraham Lincoln said “A House divided against itself cannot stand.” We’re not working together as a country, most of us don’t agree with each other, and we’re eventually going to break apart again if something doesn’t change. I honestly don’t know how President Obama can go about doing this, but I do believe it’s very important. I do think one thing we can all agree on is that there’s a little bit of over spending going on and we’re sort of a little bit in debt. Therefore someone has to take some cuts and someone has to spend a little bit more. It’s just a mess deciding on who those people are.

  • Bailey Hayes

    In my opinion, I think it is good to have somewhat divided party lines to be able to have more opinions and make better decisions for our country. We can argue and complain all we want but that will continue to get us no where. For our country to be successful, I think it is very important for the leaders in the government to come together and, democrat or republican, make the best fit decisions. People need to realize no matter who is appointed as President, there is no way that our economy and society could have a complete uprising or downfall in four years completely on the shoulders of our President.

  • Summer Hill

    The division is all over Facebook and twitter. I think there is always hope for change. People can say what they want but it’s what they do while in office that really counts. Our leaders need to think about what is best for the country. We have to trust that they will have our best interest at heart and know that if we don’t like who we have elected, all we have to do is wait.

  • Caylee Cooter

    The fact that our party lines are so divided is definitely detrimental to our society. If we want to get out of the current conditions of our nation, we are going to need to come together to make a change. I think there is hope for our political process, but it will take major change. In order to tackle these issues, I think leaders are going to have to change their ways and be more willing to compromise.

  • Logan Bidack

    The United States of America are truly not united. Because Obama chose to push for his healthcare reform, and the fact that it was submitted as a closed bill, he did not succeed at binding the two parties; Thus, a congressional crisis has been created. This crisis is commonly known as a gridlock. Because the majority of the House of Representatives is republican, no bills proposed by the president have been passed recently. Although the Senate’s majority is democratic, there are only 53 and the requirement to beat a filibuster is 60. So, essentially, little work is being done to solve many of the issues that affect Americans’ daily lives. Hopefully this election will break the gridlock, making both parties put aside their political interests and work together for the betterment of society.

  • McKenzie Hodge

    It is sad and very discouraging that the Nation continues to be divided politically. Instead of uniting together as one, and making our country better in the best way that we can, we are divided and think that constantly bickering at eachother will solve the problem. I want to say that their would be a change in the future of politics. But, we as a Nation have been divided since the very brginning. Political leaders could unite the people again if they instead started to show that they can get along themselves, and stop pointing fngers at one another. I believe that America still has so much to offer, we are nowhere near finished as a powerhouse. But we have to realize that the way we are heading, is getting us nowhere. The political leaders need to attack the issues at hand, by during campaining, saying what they’re going to do, and when they make it into office, actually doing it. I realizd that this task is nowhere near easy, but just be honest with the American people, and you’ll go alot farther.

  • Logan Hoover

    This election did not go as I had hoped, but there is nothing that we can do to change that now. I feel like the two party system is flawed and something should be done about it. I also feel like there is going to be a lot of downfalls to the health care system that definitely need to be fixed. There is a lot of other things that need to be fixed about the political system in the United States and if we do not fix it our government will continue to go down hill. The only way to fix this is for the two party’s to get over their differences and find a common ground, but that is highly unlikely.

  • It is unfortunate and sad that our country is so divided when it comes to coming together for the betterment of our nation. People take politics over bored and let it define how they act towards someone in another party and it shouldn’t be like that. At this point in time I would say there was hope but it’s going to take a dramatic change of heart and The way people think but I believe it’s possible. I think the eat way to tackle this issue is to make sure that publeaders re being honest with the American citizens and make decisions on what’s best for the country and also bring both parties together and work on bettering our country as a whole.

  • Jillian smith

    During an election, voters will always be divided across party lines. However, now that Obama has been elected, our country has to unite. Regardless of the different political factions that divide our nation, the different branches of our government such as then senate, controlled by the democrats, and the house, controlled by the republicans are pulling together to make a change. I believe that Obama needs to continue to show a united front in order to break the bonds of these political factions that are pitting our citizens against each other. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a democrat, republican, independent, or none of the above, we are all Americans.

  • Taylor Haines

    What needs to happen in order for our country to be successful is every party to come together. Even if the parties do not agree on certain subjects, being bitter about the outcome of the election is not going to solve anything. There are a lot of citizens that are not happy about the new president of the United States, but that doesn’t matter anymore. What should matter is what our country is going to do in the next four years, because we cannot change the outcome of the election. Our parties need to come together as one for the sake of our country and its future.

  • Josh Jarrett AKA the 49th POTUS

    Democracy is something that many Americans fought and died for. Many, however, take our freedoms for granted. People complain about political parties and often try to propagate the cliche of “Can’t we all just come together” but that can’t and won’t happen. Even our founders knew that, James Madison said that factions (political parties) are inevitable, we must, however, keep them in check. Republicans and democrats alike have, over time, drifted further and further apart. Compromise is a word to never be considered no less acted upon. The only way to make progress is for both sides to make concessions and reach across the aisle. However, as long as people vote based on what the government can do for them instead of what is best for our country, we will slip deeper into this recession and inevitably collapse according to history.

    In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a Dictatorship.”
    “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:
    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.”

    I hope that resonates with everyone. Our entire political system needs to be reformed and have an increase in transparency as well as filling government positions with people of character instead of charisma and expertise instead of eloquence.

    Vote Jarrett in 2028!

  • McKenzie Belcher

    The results of the election were not what I thought would be the outcome. However, it is what it is. Our president has been chosen to serve another four years. I believe that this is a time that he should take to fix his mistakes and make improvements and changes in our economy for the better. I am the farthest thing from being a political expert, but I believe that if America has hope and faith in our president that progress will be made. We must all forget about our sides of Republican or Democratic and work together to bring peace to the population of the United States.

  • Ellen Boarman

    For the US to move on, and for our political leaders to tackle issues at hand, division that exists solely on the basis of political party needs to be set aside. I believe that there is hope for our political process as we move into the future in the form of compromise. One of the beauties of our country is the acceptance of numerous view points and I feel this is often forgotten in politics, making the country’s future seem uncertain. To tackle the present issues in our nation political leaders need to keep the idea of compromise at the forefront of debate and policy making, and not debate petty opinion differences, because that to me seems to be one of the greatest issues in politics today.

  • Brittany Robinson

    Although I wish the election would have ended differently I am choosing to have faith in our President and I have hope for his final four years. Our country is very divided but I do not believe changing that should be the President’s focus, or any of the other political leaders for that matter. He cannot change the fact that some citizens didn’t vote for him, all he can do and should do is be the very best leader he can be. Of course there’s hope for the future of our country, because Obama is not the one ultimately in control. I would be absolutely thrilled if the President were to change my mind, because I want to see him lead our country out of the poor situation we are in. I don’t think the country being divided is necessarily a huge dilemma, we’ve always had a difference in opinions. That’s only natural. The problem is we haven’t had good leadership and if that changes I believe societies issues could be resolved.

  • My country, Korea, also divided across party lines in some regions. I think every country has this problem. To solve this problem and lessen the controversy over this, they should deal with the problems in the nation without the principle of the party. The more concerning their political coloring, the more the division would be obvious. So they should not concern about their political coloring, but they should think of the nation’s profit. If the decision to make more profit or advantage to the nation is away from their party’s, they should keep the decision not just keep their colorings. It should help to solve this problem. Because many people would vote for the candidate who is more qualified for the president, not just look for their party.

  • Jovanna Ortega

    Cooperation is the key when talking about politics. When a president is selected to be the leader it is important for our we Americans to realize we have a duty as citizens to support our President because he was selected by the people for the people and while not everyone will agree with what he stands for, their support shows that they want one thing and that is for our beautiful country to keep moving forward. What our President must do is take into consideration what both sides and consult with our house and senate to make sure our government makes the best decisions they can. The key is cooperation. If everyone can come together and make sacrifices they will receive in the end and there lies our hope for the future.

  • Jake The Snake

    This Presidential race was a close one and very contriversial between the two parties and because of this it has really divided our country even more. This is a very big issue and it needs to be dealt with soon before it hurts us in some way. With the way things are looking for the future and how this past decade has been I think that the division between the parties are only going to get worse but I could be wrong and I hope I am. I think that something big needs to happen and in order to do that I think that we need a leader that every one can follow. Once we have a leader that everyone wants to follow we can start taking steps to bring together parties. In my own personal opinion I think we should eventually do away with political parties all together and have every state have a canidate for president and by process of ellimination with only popular vote come to a final winner. This way america can decide there favorite without question.

  • Jessica Nguyen

    There is still hope. Compromise is a significant factor for our country to progress. It’s important to remember, though, that in a compromise, one doesn’t get to have everything they wanted. Some sacrifices have to be made. Certain sacrifices may seem temporarily terrible, but I think it’s important to consider the long-term results too. Our political leaders must also have a respect for and not completely reject opposing opinions. 

  • I think it’s a natural thing for parties to be bitter after the election, every one wanted their team win, so naturally we at going to be very loyal to who ever we were voting for and be negative to whoever Won. As things get back to normal I do believe there is hope for us to continue to push forward, especially since they know that everyone depends on them working together. Although it can be hard at times, our leaders and political parties don’t necessarily have to let go of thir ideas and so forth, but combine them. As leaders sometimes we think our way is the best and that’s it, nothing else to say. We just need to put aside our differences and when I mean we, I mean everyone in America. Sometimes we have to lead by example whether we are a political party leader, or a regular citizen. Being kind and respectful can be contagious if every one at leases tries to practice it.

  • Jillian Chambers

    In my opinion, the majority of our population focuses more on the political party being represented by a candidate than the candidate themself. If we chose to evaluate each presidential candidate based on their ideas and plans without being jaded by the color they represent, we would be far better off. too many people base their choice solely on which political party they associate themselves with, without even examining any of the candidates stances on the many issues we are facing as a country.

  • Alexis Ridenour

    It is sad to see our nation divided and feel such strong negative feelings about the opposite party. In my opinion, I believe the leaders of our country, no matter what political party, need to come together to better the lives of the American people. If there is no unity, there is no progression. If there is no progression, nothing will be accomplished and there would eventually be no hope in the future of our nation. It is crucial that our leaders put their egos aside and collaborate together to work on improving this nation.

  • in my opinion, being divided is good and bad. The fact that we have a split in ideas always shows different sides to situations. But at the same time we must attempt to work together and resolve the issues we have in this country. cooperation is key to furthering the united states as a country.

  • Gabby Applegate

    Although I am disappointed in whom America chose as our president, I do believe you must respect and honor him. He is the President of the United States whether you agree with his beliefs or not. I believe as a society we must put aside our political party affiliations and unify as one. We are ONE country. We are not the United States of Republicans or Democrats. We are the United States of America for a reason. We must work together to overcome our differences and MAKE a difference in our country instead of arguing. We must look at what is best for our country as a whole and not just what would be best for certain groups of people. Our political leaders need to focus on finding common ground and compromise. I believe common ground is key to a successful political system.

  • Jaeton Cary

    I believe the system worked, and is doing well. Regardless of who you voted for, the system gave us Obama. I think the leaders are going to have to try and find some middle ground. They must realize that due to our amazing form of government, they have to work together to get things done. The system is build to protect the voice of the minority and make them all work together. Obama has to take a leading role in this unification due to the fact that he is our leader. He is the President and while his legislative power is limited, his influence is unmeasurable. Unity requires effort from both sides of the isle, but for the betterment of the country it can, and must be done.

  • Jobie Burks

    In my opinion, I do not think there is much hope for our country in the political sense. We need CHANGE in this country, and by electing the same president, we will not find that change. Parties are extremely divided and it is the president’s job to reunite this country. Political leaders must be willing to set aside pride issues and work together for the better of the country. We are in debt and people our losing jobs. The president needs to work with the private sector instead of perfecting big government.

  • Michael Southerland

    Obama has been elected president for four more years. It is clearly evident that the majority of Oklahomans disagree with him being re-elected; however, as Americans we are facing some real problems. I would like to draw your attention to a major problem that requires both Republicans and Democrats put aside their differences and work together. As a nation we are facing a fiscal cliff, or financial cliff to some, that is due to hit come January. Let me explain the seriousness of this problem. Before I go on, let me state that this problem has to be dealt with no matter who won the election. The fiscal cliff goes something like this.

    Expired tax cuts.
    Tax increases.
    Budget cuts.
    Bush tax cuts, gone.
    Income tax rates will go up 5%.
    Capital gains will go up to 20%.
    Dividend gains will increase to match a person’s tax rate.
    Some tax credits will drop or disappear altogether.

    If you make more than $200,000 your tax rate will increase to 40%,
    $250,000 for a married couple.

    If you make less than $200,000 you are looking at a tax rate of 15%.

    People will lose jobs.
    It has been said that many small businesses will be sold by January.
    We are looking at an unemployment rate of anywhere from 9%, to some say 12-14%.

    GDP (gross domestic product) is expected to drop by 4-5%.

    55 billion in active spending cut from the defense budget.
    Non-defense spending, such as roads, food inspections, etc…., cut by 8%.

    The fiscal cliff also includes the first installment of the $1.2 trillion across-the-board cuts of domestic and defense programs required under last summer’s bipartisan deficit reduction agreement. At the same time, lawmakers may have to raise the debt ceiling once again, potentially triggering another standoff in Congress

    They say, when it comes to fiscal policy, we are looking at the perfect storm.
    Tremendous pressure will be put on the Federal Reserve (Fed).

    My goal is not to scare anybody; however, if my current education is correct, this is what we are facing as a nation.

    As Americans we are sure to feel the pressure and pain this financial crisis will cause.
    How will our politicians handle this situation?
    I have been told that they basically have 3 choices.

    1) Just let it happen, so we can get over it and move on.
    2) Let it trickle down, or in.
    3) Find a way to prolong it, and pray for a way out.

    It is time, as Americans, we put the pressure back on the politicians and demand they work together, it is time to forget about party agendas, remind them who they work for.

    Ever heard of “for the people, by the people”?

  • Samantha Gaspar

    After the election ended this week Americans really showed their true side. Rather than trying come come together and more a strong country, our country is very divided about because of political beliefs. I think do to the fact that there is just about an even split of people who believe eac was that the election for one should go back to popular vote. That would stop some of the fight. An even amount of eahc of the parties is a good place to start.

  • Caleb Grinnell

    Being divided right now is the last thing that needs to be happening to our nation. One way to combat this might be using ideas from both parties to fix a common problems that we are facing. Obviously everyone wont see eye to eye, but putting aside issues for the greater good at this point is what we really need to strive for.Obama would gain alot of support in my opinion by trying to not only achieve what he has promised the people, but also working on some of the issues that Mitt hit on. We wont be able to fix everything at once, but working together will be the best route.

  • Rylee Flowers

    I feel that after this election, many Americans are going to struggle to move forward and accept the outcome of who our president is. However, he is the president of the United States and the Americans who aren’t in favor of him are going to have to learn to adjust to the outcome. As for the political process and world of politics, those involved in all of that are very hard headed and stubborn. Due to that, I don’t see any quick progress in our current state of a bickering government. I believe in order to restore order of this country, the leaders of our government are going to have to set aside their own opinions and agree on one set idea. That way Americans have something to follow. We are one country and politicians must remember that. The party that they affiliate with must be set aside at this point in time to restore order of the United States.

  • John Maloy

    The country cannot afford to be divided another four years. It is very disappointing that our elected officials put their party interest before our country’s needs. I think, or hope that this last election has put these people on notice and that the American people have spoken. There is hope for our country and I think that our politicians sense a real opportunity to reach across those lines that have become as deep as the trenches dug in World War One. Compromise and bipartisanship are two words I hope become way over used in describing our political process. We have to reach some agreements to move this country out of the crippling dead lock we are in. I, along with the rest of America anxiously await for results!

  • Justin Nida

    There has always been, and forever will be division among people, especially when dealing with politics. I believe that there is hope. When we as a country come across difficult times, initial chaos most often occurs. However, as time passes and people gain composure, our countries’ obstacles are faced and overcome. I believe that differences in views and beliefs play as a strength in America and  this helps us to be diversified and well rounded. Our leaders must keep an open mind to things that might be initially unsettling. Compromises will be made and when faced with adversity we must all work together. 

  • Morgan Podany

    Every single person is going to continue to have their own opinion. The reason these party lines are still so pronounced is because the news of the outcome of the election is still a new wound to the Republican Party. It will become old news and people will not care as much. I am not one to argue over the subject of politics, but I honestly don’t believe the people have the voice in this country. It is not a democracy when the popular vote has no say in the outcome. As I was following the race, Obama was ahead in electoral votes but almost two million behind in the popular vote. I know that I am not a professional in political science like many who are in the Electoral College, but I have a problem with people saying that we have the power in the country when we obviously don’t. In the grand scheme of things, I believe the country is going downhill exponentially. There is no excuse for the past recession when there was no need for it. Everyone makes mistakes, even the President. When the mistakes happen over and over again, that person should not be in power like that.

  • i think being divided is good and a bad thing. no matter what our politicians do we can not please everyone. we need to work together and compromise certain things. i think no matter who the president is we should stand with him because our country picked him.

  • Rebekah Fisher

    There is hope for the political process as we move forward. This two party system has worked for our country since its conception; I do not see it failing anytime soon. In order to accomplish more of what Americans want, there must be a stop to the stalemate that has occurred. Compromises must be made on both sides to make any sort of movement in either direction. Obviously, I would want that direction to be the one that I am affiliated with and have a passion for, but I know that there other views and opinions. I am willing to make compromises in order to move in the right direction for the American people. The leaders must look to the Constitution and the desires of their constituents, and they must do what they were put in office to do, representatively legislate. Leaders must work together to form some sort of solution in order to have forward movement.

  • Matthew Goodwin

    If our political leaders are to keep a handle on the deepened resentment between parties, they must learn to be able to oppose each others positions without destroying the credibility of the offices they hold. Much of our politics revolves on public opinion, and as such means that personal perceptions can be just as helpful as harmful. As can be seen in the conention between parties, the distrust of a person can easily lead to distrust of the position. All citiens have the right to disagree with the person in the office of the president, even to have no respect for the person, but it is vital that we all maintain respect for the office of the president itself, regardless of the perosn occupying it today.

  • Nicki Perry

    I really do not think that our country has a very strong political system in place. We need a time of change; the United States political system needs a makeover BIG TIME! Our leaders need to understand that we need change. Secondly, they need to create a plan to create change for the better in our country. Putting this plan into action might be difficult, but it needs to get going!

  • Zachary Southard

    On election day, nearly everyone interested in the future of our nation, which is sadly only about half, was at the edge of their seats! I was especially as I have been watching in much excitement. This is the first presidential election I have ever truly participated in. One thing I have come to notice both personally and publicly is the well known fact that our nations political systems are completely split and separated on either sides of a big room; not wanting to meet in the middle. This is saddening to me and many others for our nation is closing in quickly on financial matters which will have dire consequences if not dealt with quickly.

    Regardless of who one votes for or which political party one may represent, the citizens of the United States must realize that political bickering has been a dominant trait in our nations history. George Washington warned the nation in its beginning years that we should avoid political parties because they would tear the nation apart. I’m no political scientist, but I would say that at that time in history, I would have agreed. But as time has progressed in our nations political history, I truly believe political parties are what make our nation truly the United States. It would be completely wrong in my opinion for any particular party to remain in control for too long. No matter what happens in the next few years, senators, representatives and presidents from both parties will eventually cycle out, bringing in a new age of politicians. By that time, I am 110% positive that we will have a completely different political topic worth seceding from the nation over.