Michael Carolina’s Presentation

Michael Carolina from OCAST spoke about the constant expansion of innovative technology in a variety of fields.  As a leader, why is it important to understand this new technology?  How can technology be an asset in your role as a leader?


  • Leah Lopez

    As leaders, we are selves are constantly expanding whether it’s just on campus to our surrounding community. I think it’s important that we understand new technology not only, because we want to expand, but we should also help further advice or inform the people around us. Everyone can always benefit something, it would be selfish of us if we didn’t help our surrounding community benefit from the new technology that is available. I know that not everyone can afford the new technology that has come out, but we can inform and help them get to a point that they can. For me personally, Lessons in Leadership helped me further advance my technology I could have, on my own I would have never been able to afford an IPad. This a perfect example of leaders helping their surrounding communities.

  • After listening to Michael Carolina’s presentation, the power of technology and the advancements that are and will be taking place became clear to me. Being familiar with the current technology is always going to be important for many reasons. First off, many jobs require computer skills and are constantly becoming more techno-savvy. Another reason is order to stay informed about what is going on in the world in and in your community is it vital to know how to stay updated. As a leader, it is your job to be informed and to be able to spread information to others in an efficient manner, and whether it is a good thing or bad thing, that is now turning into internet sources.

  • Jernye Werth

    One of Michael Carolina’s key points in his presentation was that technology is a driving force. He also made the statement that technology affects everything we do in life. I wholeheartedly agree; technology is the future. In order for us to be leaders, we must find ways to reach people. As leaders we must be relatable to those we are trying to lead. With technology being such a driving force in society today, we must keep up with the times and use the changing technology to our advantage. Examples of doing this would be reaching people through methods they are more likely to respond to. A great example is this very blog, and our iPads we were so graciously provided with. In an attempt to refine our leadership skills Jarrett and the others at Leadership Central have decided to reach out to us in an outlet we can respond to. They lead by example: if we take our cues from the leadership experts and use technology to its full potential we can reach out in so many ways to other people.

  • Ryan Murphy

    As leaders,it is vital to understand current technology innovations. You need to have a good understanding on what is going on in the world. Technology can provide an excellent medium for communication as well.
    As a teacher your goal is that every child is enabled to reach their goals and pursue whatever will make them happy. Teachers need to have an idea the changes in the job markets due to the innovations provided by science. I believe this is one of the unspoken roles of teachers, to relay information on current career opertunities. There is something very powerful about a teacher seeing some special talent in a student and recommending a career for them.

  • Leslie Smith

    As a leader, it is vitally important to understand the up and coming technology. It is a necessary edge we all need to have to keep up with the changing world around us. I believe that the growing trend of mobile devices like iPads and iPhones make it so easy for people to interact with groups across campus, and across the world. It is the bridge that gives us, as leaders, a path to helping people all over Edmond and the entire globe. Not only is technology a fabulous way of finding ways to help others, it helps us. Social media sites are an incredible way of marketing. It is a way to market yourself or your group to the public. It allows for people in the community to connect with you. It helps form relationships with leaders all over Edmond/OKC. As for my role as a leader, technology can help me communicate with people I wouldn’t typically get to meet with. As Michael Carolina said, Communication is one of the main attributes of a leader. Technology makes communication with others so much easier than having to have physical meetings about everything. I think technology is a great asset to leaders.

  • Carlee Carpenter

    As Michael Carolina spoke about, the world is constantly changing because of the new innovative technology that never ceases to pop up. One of the qualities of being a good leader is being informed of and involved in the world around you. This includes the ever-improving era of technology that we live in. In order to be a prime successful leader, I believe that we must be familiar with the new innovations around us. There are pros and cons to everything in life, so yes, there may be a few downsides with the constant new innovations. However, there are far more assets to this era of technology than there are stumbling blocks. If we stay informed and understand the growing technology around us, it can be a great help to our lives as we grow in leadership. Not only does it increase the amount of available communication around the world, but it also allows us to see many different people’s opinions. As a leader, it is important to give each person a say as they may have better ideas and to make sure they know that they are heard. In conclusion, as a leader, we should stay on top of the technology around us as it can be an asset to us, rather than falling behind the times.

  • Meredith Tassey

    As we know, technology is always changing. I it is important to keep up with new technologies because as a leader, others look to us for answers and if we are not current with the new technological advances then we might be passed by. Technology keeps evolving to make life easier, once we can figure. I think part of being a good leader is being adaptable to change. If something stays the same for too long then it becomes irrelevant.

  • Kaylee Speer

    Our capabilities as far as technology are expanding everyday. As Michael Carolina stated, in order for us as individuals to keep up with society, we must keep up with new technology. Oklahoma must continue to compete with everyone else by expanding their knowledge in technology. As leaders, we must understand how important technology is and what it enables us to accomplish. If we don’t understand and welcome the new technology, then people will move on and decide to follow someone else. In our world today, almost everything evolves around technology, such as communication, weather, military actions, and much more. It is our job to be well informed and equipped to use new ennovations. For me, technology will enable me to have a good source of communication and easy access to any information I may need as my role as a leader. I plan on using it to the best of my abilities and taking away every benefit I can from it. Just as Michael Carolina said, at the need of the day, it’s all about competition. We must continue to fight to stay on top of everything as individuals and as a whole.

  • Brandon Ngo

    Since the Old Stone Age, the Paleolithic man relied on a limited spectrum of technology to ensure the survival of the human race. Developments of major importance during this time period included fire, stone tools, and even clothing. Cavemen were able to survive for thousands of years amongst mammoths and saber-toothed cats with technological aid.

    As society became more sophisticated, advancements in technology became more present to cater around human convenience. Technology has progressed to such a standard that it allowed people to live with minimal worries of survival. Throughout the course of history, technology has grown at a substantial rate while gaining increasingly significant roles in the lives of the human populace. From flint spears to portable communication devices, technology has proven to be absolutely vital to the progress of human society for millions of years.

    Today, conveniences allowed by technology have made life incredibly easy in terms of communication, transportation, and learning. Understanding these technological improvements is the only way to know how to use them. As technological growth elevates, so does the pinnacle of human potential.

    1. The World Wide Web contains a database of an almost infinite amount of information to be accessed and learned by any user.

    2. Facebook played an essential role in the uprising against oppression in Egypt in 2011.

    3. Cellular phones allow communication to almost any person in the nation.

    4. Modern vehicles offer reliable transportation to virtually any place on earth.

    5. American citizens can see political debates and speeches on television, which in turn can heavily influence the elections of the nation’s leaders.

    The people who use these new technologies for these various purposes understood how to use them; therefore, learning about them is necessary to operate them properly.

    As technology broadens the horizon of human ability, it also magnifies the effectiveness of leadership.

    1. Facebook is used on a massive scale to inform and communicate; meetings and events can be organized and announced with little effort.

    2. Personal interaction is allowed through cellular phone conversations.

    3. Quick reminders can be easily sent through text messages in cellular phones.

    4. The Internet can be used to share information with large amounts of people.

    5. Blogs can offer readers a different perspective on a subject and shape their views.

    The possibilities are almost endless…

    However, not all of them are beneficial towards leadership.

    Technology, while meant to help people, can be disadvantageous to them. Excessive use or misuse of it is harmful to a leader. Too much use of technology will weaken a person’s abilities. Misuse of technology can create problems that would not be able to be caused through other means. Reliance on technology will hinder people, especially if they come across situations in which that technology is not accessible. There are numerous ways technology can be a malefactor to a person and his or her leadership capabilities.

    1. Text messages on cellular phones or on the Internet can easily cause misunderstandings, as body language is nonexistent and emotions are undetectable.

    2. Excessive use of online communication tools such as Facebook has been proven to hurt the user’s social skills, especially in cases of face-to-face interactions. This can be disastrous for people who enter the working world.

    3. Absorbing information from the Internet will likely cause a person to be fed false information and discourage the individual to engage in independent thinking.

    4. How would young people be able to survive without the Internet, television, and cellular phones?

    The possibilities are almost endless…

    Technology can do wonders to help perform tasks quickly and efficiently. However, the individual must understand it and control the use of it in an effective, yet healthy way. Better yet, it would be extremely advantageous to learn how to be independent from technology.

    Here is a personal reference on this subject:


    This is an article about a 24 year old student who denies himself the use of all electronic “conveniences” for 90 days. No Facebook, Twitter, email, texting, and more. He calls it the Amish Project. The story is very inspiring and watching the video provided is highly encouraged.

    The individual is meant to control technology, not the other way around.

    Technology is a great tool and asset for a leader.

    Contrary to popular belief, though, the best asset for a leader is the self.

  • Haylee Hay

    In todays society technology is everything. so as leaders in society we need to make sure we are up to date with the newest technology. If we as leaders know about the newest technology we can further our leadership in society. Technology gives us a variety of ways to communicate with others and when being a leader communication plays a big part in leading others.

  • Matt Goodwin

    Technology greatly affects the world, but for a leader to understand how to make the best use of technology, they must understand how people react to it. All people have a variety of opinions on all kinds of technology, from all fields, whether old or new. Learning how a persons feelings toward technology will affect the usefulness if said technology. For example, a man mistrustful of newer computer systems could be more effective in an older system. On the other hand, a man who cannot keep up with a system that benefits more people may be more useful in another task altogether. Technology can revolutionize an irganization; however, it also has the potential to destroy a group as well. It is being able to balance the needs of those you are leading with the potential benifits gained that determine whether a leader can use technology effectively or not. And ultimately, the key to balancing those two concepts lie in the dispositions of people, not the technology.

  • Logan Hoover

    Michael Carolina’s presentation stressed the point that technology is the diving factor in the world today. Technology helps All of us get through our everyday lives, and as students it really helps! As a leader in today’s society you need to keep up with technological advances, especially in communication and computers, because of the simple fact that it will help you reach out to people and grow into a better leader. Just like the iPads we got in class, without it I would not be able to post on this blog because my computer I have will not let me, so this has been a huge asset for me. As leaders we should try our hardest to keep up with technology because it is there to make our everyday lives easier.

  • Jillian smith

    In today’s society, our population is becoming more and more dependent on technology. With modern advances, our generation has come to be known as the era of technology. As our society continues to grow and advance, it is important for us as leaders to grow in our capacity of knowledge as well. Communication is an important key to leadership, which is another reason that we must stay up to date with technology, so that we may work with others in the most effective ways possible. As leaders, we are going to work with a plethora of people, as well as different fields. I believe that a basic understanding of technology will be required, not only to communicate, but also be able to work with these diversities.

  • Samantha Perry

    Technology today is beyond anything imaginable. The keynote advances we have made throughout the years is unbelievable. Some may wonder why this is of any significance, and as Mr. Carolina’s position was announced, I was a bit confused myself. But then I realized the parallel. Leaders, like technology is ever evolving. As leaders we must keep up with the times and the new ways to reach out to others. It is our responsibility to be ever changing but yet still hold true to our original model. As do innovators in technology do as well. As leaders we must shed the light on all, and technology helps us do just that.

  • Mackenzie Prescott

    As a leader we are constantly changing and improving out skills and ourselves in general. We have to do the same with technology! Technology has become to essential and common in our everyday life that we would be crazy not to take advantage of it! We use our iPhones. iPads, Facebook and twitter when we are bored, looking for gossip or just want to know what Justin Beiber ate for breakfast. Why not use that technology to change someones life, or influence someone or maybe just make their day little brighter. I hope that we don’t get lazy with the common technology we are surrounded by everyday but we as leaders of today and tomorrow will see the technology that Michael Carolina talked about as an opportunity and chance to make a difference!


    -Mackenzie Prescott

  • McKenzie Belcher

    We rely so much on technology today for all of our needs. We ask ourselves how we ever lived without the technology we have today. Our smart phones, laptops, and iPads are a necessity in order to feel like we live an organized life, and our connection to other people is a must in today’s society. Technology has changed the world. However, this alter in our lifestyle is not neccessarily a defect to our way of living. It promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, and networking.
    It is almost crucial to be informed about the latest technology in order to function in today’s world. Almost every job application, newspaper article, or college homework assignment is online. If the people living today do not have the knowledge to use high-tech devices, then their success will not be as high as one who is informed on all of the latest updates because each work place requires some sort of technological knowledge.
    It is our job as leaders to create a vision and communicate to those people who are not familiar with today’s latest technology. It will only advance from here, and it is our duty to keep up with it. We have to stay educated and keep others educated as well. Communication by mouth as well as our computers is the key to a strong leader.

  • Lauren Moore

    “Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow, not some more convenient season. It is today that our best work can be done and not some future day or future year. It is today that we fit ourselves for the greater usefulness of tomorrow. Today is the seed time, now are the hours of work, and tomorrow comes the harvest and the playtime.” – W.E.B. Du Bois
    There are numerous reasons as to why technological advances are important to society. Technology can range from ways of transportation, how we view the entertainment industry, reducing our health risks, or even what our new iPhones can do. Advances in technology affect our daily lives and are important because understanding technological improvements affect our future as well as the generations that will later prosper. As leaders of today it is our job to leave our world in a greater condition then the way we found it for our leaders of tomorrow. Leaders can now use these huge advances in technology to our advantage. With an unlimited amount of information from the Internet, Google to answer our questions, and a million and one ways to communicate around the world, leaders now have a numerous amount of assets to bring everyone together to do mass amounts of good in our advancing world.

  • Hye Eun KO

    Today, technology makes and changes the world, and not only in particular situations but also in daily life the people cannot live without it. The technology people use to communicate today are texting, facebook, tiwitter and so on. To adapt to today’s society, understanding technology is vital. As a leader, we have to express our thoughts and opinions about certain issues. In this situation, posting my thoughts on the Internet would be the best way because it is easy for my posts to be spread widely and quickly. The more I understand technology, the more efficiently I can use it. To be a good leader, it is important to stay up to date on the latest technology.

  • Janelle Archer

    New technology has been a huge asset for leaders. As many know, communication is key when it comes to working with a large group of people or informing people about a certain event or meeting. Technology has helped tremendously with that, especially the inventions of group texting and any portable device with wifi access. These inventions make it easier to reach out to members of an organization or just the public as a whole, by just communicating the message you want to send directly to them right at your fingertips. It is so important to understand this technology because without it, it is a lot more difficult to do these things. Whether we like it or not, technology is our future, and the ability to utilize it is integral to a leader in these times.

  • Nicki Perry

    In the society today, we see advances in technology everyday. These advances are wide spread and can range from learning assistance to assisting one in overcoming health issues. Understanding the world’s ever changing technology is important due to the fact that it is in everyday life. We use technology for just about everything. If a leader can truly understand the benefits that technology can have they will be very successful. The society today love to focus everything on technology, if a leader is capable of learning along with them and using technology, such as an iPad, instead of just pen and paper, they can make people more excited to listen, learn and grow. As an end result, we have a more productive, educated and successful society.

  • Kelcie Scarberry

    Michael Carolina spoke about constant change and development In technology. As leaders, it’s one of our responsibilities to be aware of the progress being made. Regardless our professions, technology is a part of everything we do now. Like the square watermelons and the military technology in Mr. Carolina’s video, but also like the recording practice rooms in the music building and the iPads in the library. With all the helpful technological tools available, it’s important for us to understand them so we can put them to good use. For example, our service project team has been using our iphone group text to communicate about our project. It’s been a great tool and it wouldn’t have been possible without the technology that has advanced in the last five years.

  • Menglin Kong

    This is my third time attending this class. Unlike the first time, I found myself more interested in listening to the speaker’s words and learnt quite a lot from them. Sometimes I am always wondering what makes people want to follow a leader? Or even, why do people want this person to be the leader? I know the answer lies in this course. I am sure I will benefit much from it.

  • It is so important to understand new technology, especially as a leader. First of all, leaders can often introduce new technology to others, and utilize new technology for in many interesting ways; technology isn’t just a new fad, it can be a tool by which we stay organized, stay connected, help others and start movements. Though in modern times technology is no longer seen as a luxury but as a necessity, it is important to stay up to date with new technology. Leaders can use technology to help hold themselves accountable and increase lines of communication with others as well. Technology is the newest and most quickly developing tool that we can use, but it makes a big difference in how we decide to use these tools; it is that decision, along with many others, that sets leaders apart.

  • Morgan Podany

    As a leader it is important to utilize the technology in many ways. The first and most obvious choice is communication. Our world is overruled with social networking. Some people comment on it and say technology is a bad thing. In contrast, leaders can use technology to aid them in letting people know what they stand for and who they are. The presidential campaign would be so much different if there was no technology informing people on the most up-to-date information. Another use of technology, that made me the leader I am today, it the organization capabilities that are included with the smart phones. I have a 98% case of ADHD so it is hard for me to keep up with events and important meetings. If it wasn’t for my phone alarming me to go or do something, I would not be where I am today. Like anything, technology has it faults. As leaders, we should not focus on the hindrances of technology, but find out the positive uses and utilize them to the best of our ability.

  • Jobie Burks

    Michael Carolina shared with us the importance of technology. People and the careers of those people today have made complete shifts into a new technology dependent lifestyle. It is important to understand this new technology because that is the direction our world is headed. Technology improves rapidly each day and keeps all of us on our toes in this ever-changing society. Carolina said, “At the end of the day, it’s about competition.” I believe he is exactly right. Being a leader puts one ahead of the crowd. Being a leader means that one posesses vision, integrity, dedication, humility and empathy, as Mr. Carolina relayed to us. If a “leader” is behind in the growing expanse of technology, how can they be considered a leader? Technology gives us all the opportunity to be aware of certain events right as they are occurring. Technology allows us to be informed and is an asset in all of our lives. Carolina quoted Steve Jobs in saying, “The people crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Being a leader involves taking criticism, but being a voice for the people. Why would anyone want a voice who has no idea what they are taking about? Technology keeps us updated, but it is what we do with that information and how we better others from it that separates a leader from the rest.

  • Gabby Applegate

    Technology is an essential part of life in today’s society. It is very important to stay updated with technology, because many jobs require computer skill experience for one to even be considered for the job. As a leader it is important to know and stay up to date with the latest technology because it gives you so many opportunities. Communication is key to being a great leader, and technology contributes to communication, whether it be a text message, email, or video chat. Technology also keeps you informed, minutes after something has occurred you can get online or turn on your tv and watch live footage on what is going on in the world. As leaders, it is important to always be informed about the world you’re living in. Technology is changing the world around us and like Steve Jobs quoted “the people crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the one who do.” I personally want to be a leader to change the world, and technology is a great way to help me do just that.

  • Candace Baker

    As Leaders, utilizing technology is very important. Technology is constantly advancing and reshaping our world. We need to keep up with it in order to be more efficient and effective leaders in school, the workplace, and our community. Technology has greatly improved our means of communication with e-mail, cell phones, texting and the like. Communication among peers plays a vitally important role in leadership, and thanks to technology we can do this more easily than in previous times. I believe technology will continue to reshape the world around us and become an even more integral part of our lives in the future.

  • Charrissa Pierce

    Technology is moving at an incrediblily fast pace in today’s society whether it be cell phones, computers, or voice activated ovens, we as consumers are always looking for devices that make our lifes. Being a leader requires good time management; our technology today makes this very simple. Also, it helps with our communication; we can easily contact another through email without interferring with anyones schedule. Not being able to access the latest electronics could result in missed opportunities. It is our job as leaders to stay caught up with the changing world around us. If the people can not count on the leaders, they then have no one else to look to.

  • Nora Garcia

    Technology is all around us and in order to perform our role as a leader we have to be capable of understanding the world around us. We have to be willing to adapt to the technological environment. In order to keep updated with what goes on in the world. Our society today depends on technology for everything from communication to shopping. We may not realize it but there’s many technological advances made daily. We were lucky enough to be born in an age where technology is a normal everyday necessity.

  • Whitney Hazelbaker

    Leadership and technology go hand in hand, in my opinion. Technology today is ALWAYS changing and evolving. There are groundbreaking discoveries made every single day-always something on the technological “rise”. Just like technology and its ever-changing ways, true leadership must be looked at the same way. A genuine leader is always looking to be innovative, creative, and to bring something new to the table, much like the world of technology. If our leaders of today weren’t ambitious and driven to look for new opportunities, they would no longer thrive as leaders. Technology is a huge asset to leaders everywhere. For instance, we use our iPads in class as a learning tool. Mr. Carolina used a powerpoint during his presentation. I believe that one of the most important characteristics of a leader is to be a good communicator, and technology helps us communicate in a way that we never could have done without it.

  • Katelyn Ledford

    Technology is an asset because it helps us achieve previously unreachable and unfathomable goals. As it expands, technology is becoming more and more prevalent in daily life. Society relies very heavily on technology for simple tasks as well as more advanced tasks. As leaders it is important that we are able to adapt. We need to keep up with technology as it expands, so that we too can expand in society. Advances in technology have provided great opportunities, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them. Change cannot happen if we are stuck in the past, always doing things the old fashioned way. The purpose of technology is to improve our lives and make things easier. Technology is a vital aid to leaders because leadership is all about improvement.

  • Riley Cole

    Understanding new technology is an asset as a leader today because in order to influence people or make an impact one must be familiar with the new and the old. Knowing and recognizing change in society with technology and that it is okay to take advantage of what’s new is completely acceptable. Sometimes having a voice and say and learning how to get one’s point across can be difficult. With technology, this is no longer a struggle. There are blogs and social networks right at our finger tips and if we utilize these we can really begin to put ourself out there and make a difference. It is also important to know how to use new technology because in the business world technology is growing rapidly. Computer skills are very much required and with someone not knowing how to use certain technology, it could hurt them in a certain job opportunity.

  • Jovanna Ortega

    Technology is something that is very present and always growing. As leaders it is important for us to stay up to date with technology because it is such a big part of today’s society and is very beneficial in so many differ ways. An example of a benefit would be being well informed of worldwide events as well as being able to communicate with many people on different platforms. Communication and being Informed are very important assets for a leader to have. Leaders must always know what’s going on. They also need to be able to communicate with others so that they can do what they do best. Lead.

  • Brittany Robinson

    In order to be the best you can be, you should continuously be striving to stay ahead of the game. Keeping yourself updated with technology is so crucial in the world today because every person/business uses it. Imagine having a conversation with someone and never mentioning technology. That means you can’t talk about YouTube, iPhones, etc. Communication is a large part of leadership and if you have no idea what someone is talking about the conversation will probably die quickly.
    With Facebook and other social networking sites you can be notified when it is someone’s birthday or if something monumental is happening in their life. This is significant because you can congratulate them or send them birthday wishes and let them know you care. Genuinely caring for others is one of the best leadership qualities in my opinion.
    Technology can also keep you well organized, which always affects your leadership. Typically leaders are busy and using reminders on their phones or iPads can be extremely helpful. I know it has been for me. Using the technology available to you can enable you to grow as a leader because it opens so many doors and it forces you to always be learning new things.

  • Elle Aston

    In today’s society you can think of every leader as an “App”. Every app is different and each one has a specific purpose. Every leader is different and each leader has a specific purpose. However, every App requires updates. Leaders require these same adjustments. As leaders we must hold ourselves to higher standards. We should be among the first to be updated because updating in itself can allow us to lead. We can assist others in the process. We can even find something that could still be improved upon. Leaders must be adaptable. Therefore, we must keep up with technology in order to use it adequately!

  • Samantha Gaspar

    The speech by Michael Carolina very eye opening to what power technology truly has to our future in all ways of life. There are many ways to use this great technology to your advantage. For one it gives us the ability to keep in contact with people all over the world and now many people at one time. It opens many opportunities to make your leadership role reach many people. One way is by having a cause and even to make it known on a social site like twitter and people see it and want to help too. If we use the technology that has been given to us there iis nothing we can’t do.

  • Ellen Boarman

    Understanding at least the basis of new technology is important, almost to the point of being essential in the “new day and age.” Yes technology allows for mass communication, allows ideas to spread rapidly, and provides easier access to information, all of which can be agreed upon as significant human advances. However, as leaders I feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that technology is used reasonably and appropriately, and understanding such advancements provides better discretion in its usage. Using technology for certain activities, as the locator insect and bird type mechanisms presented by Michael Carolina, may seem like important and beneficial technologies now, yet placed in the wrong hands could prove detrimental to the current functioning and stability of society.
    Though technologies could harm society, they are generally seen as beneficial, and as developing leaders we can use these technologies to benefit our missions, goals, and those around us. As mentioned by many through this blog one of the largest concepts that technology enables is that of connecting the world. By becoming more worldly as leaders we can more readily identify what we are needed for and reach those we are in collaboration with.

  • John Maloy

    I think that it impacts our ability to stay current with what is going on in the world. If we are in tune with the world around us, then we might be able to participate in leading the way. If such breakthrough innovations are taking place then we might be able to transfer some of the knowledge or gains made through those breakthroughs back to our community. It also behooves us to take advantage of learning any new technology because it is technology that is shaping the future and leading our nation as a place of innovation in the world.

  • Blaire Blevins

    In the digital world we live in today it would be hard to have a successful business and not be up on the newest and latest technology as it is a huge part of our society today. As a leader you set the stage for others to follow and you must stay up with the times. The right technology will make your business run more efficiently and save time and money. Most of the communication between employees is technology drive. Finances, advertising, storage of data are just a few of the essential elements of your business that depend on technology. Technology is so intertwined in our personal and professional world that it is so important to be up to date and lead your business with the best technology out there and that should be part of your vision as a leader.

  • Brittni Blevins

    As a leader I think we need to informed about new technology and how it can make your business run more effective. It is essential because the majority of workplaces depend on technology to run their companies. Technology is a big part of everyone’s life young and old. Technology is the main way we communicate with others these days. It is one of the most effective tools to get information out to the public. I think that have the newest and up to date technology is your responsibility as a leader. The compete with other companies you have to stay ahead of the pack and provide your employees with the best tools possible to do their job.

  • Larry wells

    Technology has always been an innovative source in society and as time goes on its obvious there will be advances in technology over time. I also feel technology will be a great asset to the role of a leader because through technology you can demonstrate things and give people a broader outlook on what you are try to get somebody to learn.

  • Logan Bidack

    Technology is the basis of so many successful operations. From television to aircraft, the world is led by and seems to revolve around the latest technology. One can easily compare the role that technology plays in our communities to the role of leadership. Like technology, leaders should be in a constant state of change and improvement. As Mr. Michael Carolina quoted Steve Jobs, ” The people  crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do,” Jobs belived that we should takes risks and belive in their ability to succeed. Since technology is a Universal language,  it is crucial for our leaders to be educated about, and able to apply new technology- this will help them change the world in ways they never thought possible. Whether they set up a blog for students to post their thoughts, or they create a multi-billion dollar computer company, technology will help them change lives meanwhile they are changing the world. 

  • Ashton Pittman

    In the world we live in today, it’s so important to understand or at least have some knowledge about what’s going. And technology is at the very core of the innovation process. Understanding technology will put us that much further ahead of our counterparts and enable us to envision several years down the road and what it will be like for our children and our children’s children.
    Technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are keys to the future, according to Michael Carolina, and if we as students, leaders, teachers, people in general have the knowledge about any one of these measures then that will put us in a better position to lead, serve, and create opportunities.
    Technology can be an asset in my leadership path in a couple of ways. One it creates the opportunity for mass communication in many different areas. I can reach out to several different people in limitless places. Another way is that with this ever changing era of technology comes challenges, and just like Michael Carolina said, “Where there are challenges, there are opportunities.” Being a leader, I will have many opportunities to communicate and use my abilities when these challenges arise. So, by being informed about technology and taking advantage of these opportunities, technology can and will be an asset to and for me.

  • Michael Southerland

    Along with the good some technology does, it also carries a cost with it. Facebooking and text messaging keep people in touch, but many of today’s techno generation cannot actually carry on real conversations or deal with people on a face to face basis. Not to mention the growing increase of people commenting on, or posting stuff about people they actually know nothing about.

    Real beneficial technology, such as medical and defense research, needs to be applauded; however, protecting people’s privacy and their information is of the upmost importance.

    As leaders, we need to embrace beneficial technology that can improve people’s quality of life; however, it comes with the responsibility of making sure that such technology is not detrimental to the people it is meant to serve

  • melissa brown

    As a leader, new technology is important for expansion. Knowing about this technology is important because as leaders we are expected to keep up with the times. Michael Carolina talked about the four e’s: economy, environment, education, and energy. i believe that these all are equally important because they are linked. If one suffers they all suffer. Leaders need to be up on new technology to stay present with the foward movement of our world. and as we all know the world is moving forward at a fast pace because of all the new technology. To be an effective leader, we need to be up to date with everything that is going on in our world.

  • Summer Hill

    Technology allows us to do so much that we could never do before. It is important to understand technology so that we as leaders can use that technology and take advantage of all it has to offer. Technology gives us ways to communicate with those that we are leading and let others know about what we are planning, giving out, or presenting. I was the class president my junior and senior year. We used a website called Remind101. I was able to set up an account and send mass texts to everyone involved to let them know about meetings, parties, work days, and anything else that was going on. Growing up in a world full of amazing technology I can’t imagine my life (as a leader and as a social creature) without it.

  • Bailey Hayes

    Throughout our lives we are constantly growing and and broadening our horizons, and in todays times, it wouldn’t be as possible with out our knowledge of technology. Technology effects everything we do. Not keeping up with the changes would hender us in school, jobs we currently have or could have in the future, and just living day to day in general. Without the understanding of technology, it would be hard to relate to the individuals we are leading. As leaders we can use this new technology to reach more and more people. We can keep up with what is going on in the world or interact with individuals anywhere in the world with just a click of a button. Technology is going to continue to be the “driving force” and continue to advance so as leaders it is our responsiblity to keep up with it.

  • Erin Schuljak

    We are constantly surrounded by technology in today’s society. Whether you are working or resting, you are always using technology. It is used everywhere and all the time. Its use has made our lives easier. It’s very important to understand technology, especially as a leader in today’s society. Application of technology has made it possible to use renewable sources like hydropower or solar and wind energy to generate electricity, which help to advance our society. Leaders should want to better the community by using new technology and all available resources. Good leaders learn how to use this new technology to assist them in their roles as leaders.

  • Caleb grinnell

    Understanding new technology as a leader is very important due to the fact that a good leader will use all resources available to him or her in order to be the very best possible leader they can. Technology is always changing. In this day and age it is important that with today’s modern leaders we understand these new technologies in order to take advantage of these new possibilities in everyday leadership Using social networks is one way in which we use these assets. Also, Skype and FaceTime have created a way for people to speak face to face on video anywhere in the world, this opens up many new opportunities to reach people in other countries as well as local.

  • Jessica Nguyen

    Keeping up to date with new technology is crucial because it opens up countless means of communication. While email and instant messaging still has its perks, we can now hold video conferences, deliver media files and documents quicker, and disperse information to a large audience clearly and in the blink of an eye. As a leader, it’s important to follow trends in technology because it’s what future generations are going to grow up knowing. Knowledge and proficiency in modern technology helps us transcend age barriers. A leader should also stay informed about new technology from other fields such as agriculture or biotechnology just because it’s good to know. It allows one to consider ideas that he or she wouldn’t have thought of before, and a leader can use it to relate to others and draw out other people’s strengths.

  • Elizabeth Jordan Nichols

    Mr. Carolina said that Vision, Integrity, Dedication, Humility,Communicator,Creative, Fair, Empathy, Assertive, and having a Sense of Humor are all important leadership attributes. However, he said that he believes that the most important important attribute is being competitive. Technology is a constant in our every day lives. Everywhere I go I see people with smartphones, hybrids, iPads, kindles, etc. In our class rooms teachers are posting homework assignments, practice quizzes, and their syllabus online with programs like D2L. Financial aid, taxes, and job applications are now being done on a computer. We communicate with one another through emails, television, radio, text messages, and sites like Facebook and twitter. Neil Postman said,” technology changes everything”. In our world today whatever nation leading in technology will be the most powerful. That is why it is important to have a creative nature. Our leaders today should not only work to understand new technology, but also to improve it. Technology is how our leaders spread their vision. As a leader it is important for me to adapt with the times. Technology is the future,and to play an important role in the future I have to understand the technology.

  • Technology has played a key part in the growth of the world as a whole. Michael Carolina spoke about how technology is the future and that it is forever advancing through the years. The advancement of technology has given us the ability to communicate without being face to face, which i personally think is one of the biggest advancements in society. i also learned that to make square watermelons… you just grow them in square containers. The opportunity of being in lessons in leadership and having the Ipad has definitely driven me to learn more about the innovation of technology.

  • McKenzie Hodge

    As we advance in today’s society, technology continues to take the lead. The way we communicate and keep up with each other’s lives solely relies on using phones, laptops, and IPads. As a leader we must be up to date with the times. Michael Carolina stressed that technology changes everything and we are the generation to prove that. In order to be effective and reach a mass amount of people, technology is crucial. If we utilize it correctly, the amount of people we reach and have an impact on can double, or even triple. As leaders this is our goal and the use of technology will be the key to our success.

  • Taylor Haines

    In the world today, society has become dependent on technology. People need it to be organized, to entertain, and to communicate. I believe that everything is a little bit more fun if you get to use cool new technology, even homework. Most college courses now use technology to do work and teach the material. I believe that when you are leading it is good to be up to date with the technology because it is easier to relate to the world. It will attract others in a positive way. There are so many fun things to do with technology that can be very valuable to you when being a leader. You can communicate and connect with a variety of people by using technology, which is key. You have to relate and be able to communicate with the population in today’s society.  

  • Alexis Ridenour

    As a leader it is important to understand the expansion of innovative technology because almost everything we do revolves around technology. Whether we are sending a simple text message to encourage a friend or using new high-tech software to make a video to promote awareness for a certain event or organization, we use technology constantly to keep people updated with what is going on in our world and to hopefully benefit others for the better and also ourselves. Technology plays an important role in our lives as leaders because it helps us communicate our thoughts and ideas to the world in a different light for others to better understand. With technology, our visions and dreams are capable of coming to life with the help of the oh so tech savvy people in our world today. As a leader it is important to spread the word of our goals and dreams in order to accomplish them and thanks to the 21st century this is not a challenging task. Technology is the basis of communication which is vital for leaders when forming a team for projects or informing groups of people about the latest events to get involved or in some cases stay involved. Technology makes our job as leaders a million times easier and makes our world spin around. 

  • Caylee Cooter

    In my opinion, technology is significant in the way we live our lives daily. It is important for new technology to be understood by leaders because a leader to me needs to be innovative. They need to be on top of their game at all times. A leader often guides others to new thinking, which new technology is a way to see things in different ways. Technology is an asset to a leader because it can enable a leader to try new things and allow others to gain new insights. If a leader is old-fashioned, who would want to follow him? A true leader creates new experiences and innovate thinking for others.

  • Jake Phillips

    Technology is a vital part to todays society. We use it on a daily basis in just about everything we do. Its also a great tool to use as leaders, we can use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with just about anybody. In order to be a good leader in today’s society you have to be able to talk to people in a way that they can hear it or read it and technlogy is the best way to get what your trying to say out to the people. We as leaders need to learn about the newest technologies and stay up-to-date. I think Micheal Carolina really explained all this very well and helped me understand how we need to take advantage of all the new technology and use it to help us as leaders.

  • Zachary Southard

    Mr. Carolina’s excellent presentation was very well directed towards how we as Americans can easily exploit the wonders of new technology into our everyday lives. He also made a fine point in saying that Oklahoma is leading the nation in nearly all of the technological advances he mentioned. Although square watermelons might not be on the top of Oklahoma’s list of priorities, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training and development has made a huge appearance within the last year in Oklahoma. Eventually, pilots will be flying from behind a desk in Oklahoma, instead of a dangerous war zone in Iraq or Afghanistan. This innovation is beginning right here at home in Oklahoma, and this is our generations chance to capitalize on it. Mr. Carolina said, “Technology is the underlying force of our drive today …” No matter what college major or career pathway you choose, this will always be true. How we utilize what is right in front of us may be the deciding point of our careers. On a deeper note, it may even be the deciding factor of our nation’s survivability. Think about it. How will you make the difference?

  • Josh Jarrett

    Technology has both simpified and complicated our lives in so many ways. It has definitely made some things much quicker and easier such as email, phones, etc. But then again, now that we get information more quickly we have a lot more to do! Technology is a great help to leaders, however, it is not always necessary. What is necessary is being accessable, which technology great helps for making that contact. It is a tool and if it is used right then it can exponentially increase efficiency and your time management skills.

  • Zack Garrett

    Technology gives leaders better ways to communicate with others to help accomplish a task. With technology just this week I have been able to communicate with my fellow classmates to work on a school project. Without proper use of technology a leader will find it difficult to stayed ahead in the leadership game. Helping create new technology is a great way to be a leader, and a forward thinker. A leader must always be moving forward and technology is just one way to help.

  • Please let me know if you’re looking for a writer for your site. You have some really great articles and I feel I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write some articles for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please blast me an e-mail if interested. Many thanks!

  • Victoria Atkinson

    Technology is a very important role in leadership. We have to nknow not only how to communicate, but also how to get their communications out into the public. Or how to get the specified information to the person that is needing it. Knowing how technology works is not only super important, but also super smart. I think that it is one of the biggest aspects in today’s world of being a good leader. Technology is the key, in many instances, to being known and well known in the community. If using technology gets a leader’s point across or gets an issue out in the open that they feel that the public or a special person of interest needs to read or know about, then why wouldn’t anyone be interested in getting involved in the networking aspect of technology?