Week 4 – Lessons in Leadership – Edmond Legislative Delegation

During class, a common theme across Edmond’s legislative delegation was building and maintaining relationships in your personal and professional endeavors. How can you engage consistently in your community to accomplish strong and meaningful relationships?

Week 3 – Lessons in Leadership – Representatives Pae and Cruz

Both Representative Pae and Cruz discussed working across the aisle and engaging with individuals who do not necessarily share your ideas and perspectives. How as a leader, can you work effectively in a group or community with ideas and perspectives which differ from you own?

Lessons in Leadership Week 14-President Neuhold-Ravikumar

During her presentation, President Neuhold-Ravikumar discussed three main themes of people, place, and possibilities to consider as guiding principles in leadership. While delving into these points she discussed the notion of always asking “what else can I do?” when you think a project is finished. What else could you be doing in different areas of your leadership journey to aid the people an places you are passionate about?

Lessons in Leadership – Week 9 – Ramu Damodaran

During Ramu’s presentation he discussed extensively how global engagement and interaction increases perspective and understanding of those around you. What practices can you adopt which will help you broaden your understanding of different perspectives and beliefs, enabling you to connect with others who may have significantly different experiences?