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Anne Frank: Desiree

“You’ve known for a long time my greatest wish is to be a journalist, and later on, a famous writer. In any case, after the war I’d like to publish a book called ‘The Secret Annex.'” 5-11-44

I read the diary of Anne frank when I was about 12. Anne’s passion about someday becoming a writer led me to my first journal and my first journalism class the next year. When people ask me why I became a journalist, I think back and say “Anne Frank.” Walking in her footsteps today hurt because I wish Anne had lived to see her story told.



Yesterday was our first day here in Amsterdam. We had a series of unfortunate events that occurred. Meghann had left some of her clothing items in the hotel but she ran back and was able to get them last minute, I lost some souvenirs on the train and Isaac left his backpack on the bus! We also are adjusting to the roads. Luckily, we were able to jump out of traffic’s way twice. No one got hurt but it was a learning experience. We are aiming for a better day looking forward for the Anne Frank museum and the fact that the sun sets around 10:30pm 🙂 …by Adrianna

From protests to palaces..

We leave London tomorrow to make our next journey to Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have already learned so much from visiting the UK, from Salisbury to Stonehenge then St. Paul’s Cathedral to the anniversary and celebration of 60 years since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The history of the beautiful London is so rich and it’s hiding in all of the Victorian buildings, sooty tube stops, and winding walk ways all around the city. The hustle of the city and people bring such life to the busy culture over here. The small local pastry and restaurants give you a taste of what food should really be like & you can’t enjoy a good meal with out a cup of tea or coffee the end. Me, Adriana, and Isaac have had the most interesting time finding things to do at night and exploring the city on our own. I just love our in depth conversations we’ve had with Mrs. D and the laughs we’ve had over the craziest things.

Tate Museum

Yesterday we had the chance to visit the Tate Modern Art Museum. It was very interesting to see how art has changed throughout the years. This piece is called Bust of a Woman by Pablo Picasso in 1944. His art has influenced the world and continues to do so. This was my favorite piece.

Protest in the middle of London

Took these pictures of the protest between the Israelis and the Palestinians today. The protest took place in the middle of Leicester Square, London and sparked off more tension between the two.

Diana Disappointment

Upon seeing the Princess Di Memorial Fountain for the first time. (See blog post below.)


Isaac A

I got into a surreal moment when I got to see Stonehenge. Just to know that I was in the same place as these ancient monuments is beyond my mind. Something that ive noticed in London is how Princess Diana is not really an iconic figure here. I went to her memorial yesterday and was completely shocked to see how little and meaningless it was. I haven’t really seen anything about her since I’ve been here, which is a little upsetting but im still enjoying this experience.




Was at the BBC Headquarters in London. Was very fortunate to meet a photojournalist and a reporter that work for Latin Americas BBC Mundo!!