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Travel tips for those future travelers

I’ve definitely gained a lot from this experience. The European media study tour has open my eyes in so many ways. One of the most important things I’ve learned from this experience is the way one must travel. So for anyone that wants to travel in the near future keep these points in mind.

Everything must come to an end

20130612-192746.jpgFrom flying for the first time and arriving to London. To walking and navigating the group in Brussels, the European Media study tour has been an experience of a life time.

I was fortunate to go to the BBCHeadquarters in London and met a photojournalist and reporter that work for the BBC Mundo. We walked through the cities of Amsterdam , Brussels, and London and had a full on face to face experience with the people, culture, and media. Now that the trip has come to an end I can truly say I’ve learned a lot about these countries. It’s funny to see how different their media is compared to the US. The European’s media definitely shows a little more skin than US. All in all I can not even grasp all that we’ve accomplished in these few weeks. From Stonehenge to the Anne Frank house to La Grande-Place Bruxelles I can not imagine the history I walked through. It is the last day of our tour here in Brussels and I’m resting while looking out the window and enjoying this moment.

Anne Frank-Isaac

The Anne Frank house was a great experience and one that I can never forget. To walk through the rooms where they were hiding in and see some of their actual belongings was a surreal moment for me. To see their height measurements on the walls and look at her actual diary was rewarding. The way she read magazines and posted pictures all over her room. Her writing was her entertainment and has really been aspiring to all journalists. I remember reading her book when I was younger and to be here right now is beyond what I asked for on this trip.

Protest in the middle of London

Took these pictures of the protest between the Israelis and the Palestinians today. The protest took place in the middle of Leicester Square, London and sparked off more tension between the two.

Isaac A

I got into a surreal moment when I got to see Stonehenge. Just to know that I was in the same place as these ancient monuments is beyond my mind. Something that ive noticed in London is how Princess Diana is not really an iconic figure here. I went to her memorial yesterday and was completely shocked to see how little and meaningless it was. I haven’t really seen anything about her since I’ve been here, which is a little upsetting but im still enjoying this experience.




Was at the BBC Headquarters in London. Was very fortunate to meet a photojournalist and a reporter that work for Latin Americas BBC Mundo!!


May 30, 2013 Walking the streets of London like a pro!!! Enjoying my time here so far.

May 27, 2013 Very excited about this trip. Today I’ll be in Oklahoma, but tomorrow I’ll be on my way to London. I’ve been planning on this trip all semester, and now it’s finally here. I immediately turn this journey to its main purpose which is to learn about other cultures and actually have a personal experience in another country. I’m anxious and excited and really looking forward to everything that’s coming my way.