Author: Adriana

Tips, must-do’s, and mistakes Amsterdam Style!

Being a first-time traveler to London, Belgium, and Amsterdam, I did not know what I had stored for myself. Everything from being on a plane to trying new foods, It was all an experience of a lifetime that has showed me a much different side of the world.

Falling in love with Brussels

Our last but not least visit was Brussels! This has been my favorite stop for many reasons. We tried 20130612-192852.jpgsome of their famous chocolate and waffles, got to participate in a parade, roam around the market, and enjoy the entertainment of the street performers.

We learned some history of the cities gypsies and met a lot of people from all different parts of the world. I will definitely remember a particular performer named Washington who sang and played the guitar in French, Spanish, and English. He played many of my favorite songs and I loved it so much I bought his CDs to bring a little bit of Europe flare back home!

Tate Museum

Yesterday we had the chance to visit the Tate Modern Art Museum. It was very interesting to see how art has changed throughout the years. This piece is called Bust of a Woman by Pablo Picasso in 1944. His art has influenced the world and continues to do so. This was my favorite piece.