Tips from a world traveler

After traveling to Europe this summer I can say I learned more in two weeks about history, culture, and traditions than I have in my life. If I knew someone who was going on a trip similar to mine I would have several travel tips for them!

First one is to be completely open minded before you even leave the country. This means be open minded to differences in atmosphere, trends, and interests over seas. Be less quick to judge people in Europe because of their differences and more available to the opportunity to soak in new ideals and culture. My second tip would be try everything and anything. Go shop the European styles at their major department stores and try all their cultured foods. Don’t knock anything until you’ve seen it for yourself or tried it, and even then be OPEN minded to the way they live. My third tip would be to just enjoy yourself completely, get lost in the sound of the languages you experience and don’t feel uncomfortable just because you don’t know where you are. Make the best out of getting lost and smile because you’re traveling places some people may never get the chance to. I fell in love with Europe because of the beauty and the easy going atmosphere every where we turned, I hope these tips would help someone else enjoy it just as much as I did.