Tips, must-do’s, and mistakes Amsterdam Style!

Being a first-time traveler to London, Belgium, and Amsterdam, I did not know what I had stored for myself. Everything from being on a plane to trying new foods, It was all an experience of a lifetime that has showed me a much different side of the world.

Do not, I repeat, do not participate in public offerings like coloring you favorite flag outside in what seems like a friendly and welcoming sight. A lady will chase and charge you three pounds for it without warning. Also, be prepared for any culture shocks, remember you are visiting a different country, you will see some things that are different, example: the Red Light District. All these tips were not known until after experiencing them but I guess that’s why they say, “we learn from our experiences.” Now moving on to more pleasant tips! While visiting Amsterdam, I truly fell in love with everything they had to offer. The Anne Frank Museum was a huge highlight. I would definitely recommend taking a look! Being able to tour it was emotional and educational. It helped me realize the intensity of taking shelter during the Holocaust. Another thing that stood out to me was the diversity. You will hear a lot of languages being spoken from left to right. With different languages leads to different foods! Try anything and everything, you can’t find this stuff in America! Go to museums, plays, and parks. It is all a part of a learning experience. I would hope that everyone who travels to Amsterdam will carry an open mind throughout the whole visit since there is so much to do!