3 am is going to come fast..

Well we came we saw and we conquered! Our European media study was brilliant and I made memories that will last a lifetime. We ended our two weeks with 3 days in Belgium, which was absolutely perfect. The way the buildings stood almost made them look unreal, the architecture was so bea20130609-212747.jpgutiful and vintage. In Brussels they speak French which made me love it here even more, considering I’ve taken French for 4 years now. I was only able to communicate a bit but being here definitely made me more confident with speaking the little French I do know! I met some of the nicest people and everyone here seems to be smiling. Belgium has some of the most friendly people we’ve met in the past two weeks and it was the most laid back. My favorite were the street performers and the market places they put on daily with handmade items for sale. I spent the majority of my Euros on a hand painted glass booth, the lady hand crafted each recycled piece of glass and they we all so uniquely beautiful. I’m glad to have helped her by buying her items, for she mentioned how business for her has been terribly slow. I wish we could have had more time here but that would take way more energy than I have left! I’m excited to be home but also sad to leave. We are truly blessed to have had such an awesome professor come with us. Thanks Mrs. D!! Leaving Europe tomorrow having made great new friends and learned so much about myself along the way.