Everything must come to an end

20130612-192746.jpgFrom flying for the first time and arriving to London. To walking and navigating the group in Brussels, the European Media study tour has been an experience of a life time.

I was fortunate to go to the BBCHeadquarters in London and met a photojournalist and reporter that work for the BBC Mundo. We walked through the cities of Amsterdam , Brussels, and London and had a full on face to face experience with the people, culture, and media. Now that the trip has come to an end I can truly say I’ve learned a lot about these countries. It’s funny to see how different their media is compared to the US. The European’s media definitely shows a little more skin than US. All in all I can not even grasp all that we’ve accomplished in these few weeks. From Stonehenge to the Anne Frank house to La Grande-Place Bruxelles I can not imagine the history I walked through. It is the last day of our tour here in Brussels and I’m resting while looking out the window and enjoying this moment.