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June 11, 2021

Now is a good time to clean your tech. Dusting off computers and other electronic equipment can prolong the life of your devices. Computers have many little areas where dust can easily accumulate. Leaving the dust intact, can be damaging to your computer. With the accumulated dust, the airflow is reduced which may eventually lead to excessive heat. This heat has the potential to damage your computer’s hardware. Taking a simple 15-minute task, such a cleaning/dusting your computer and peripherals (keyboard and mouse) is good for the health of your computer and you. You should also gently wipe down your high touch areas with a sanitizing wipe. Do not spray cleaner directly on your devices.

Other steps you can take to help keep your technology clean on the inside too:
• Empty your recycle bin – on your desktop and in your email.
• Delete old files no longer needed.
• Restart when prompted for automatic updates.

These are just a few tips the Office of Information Technology recommends for good computing health.