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Information on the UCO campus has entered the digital age. More than 300 new information displays have been installed in various buildings across campus. These new displays are effective on both small and large scales. Content management can occur in a centralized location, as messages – including information on emergencies and other campus alerts – are broadcasted across the entire campus. Conversely, individual departments can manage their own content in their localized areas.

Previous in-house display management solutions did not meet UCO Office of Information Technology (OIT) standards, had little-to-no uniformity and were somewhat cost-prohibitive. As a result, UCO OIT and SKC Communications, in coordination with Campus Enterprises, collaborated to develop a pilot program. Through the program, a new Samsung MagicINFO Solutions Application and Samsung Smart Signage commercial displays, with built-in content players, were installed in Central’s Nigh University Center.

UCO now has the ability to:

  • Power down each screen from one location;
  • Eliminate extra computers and warranties;
  • Decrease reoccurring support costs; and,
  • Broadcast messages across all screens during a campus emergency or alert.

Samsung MagicINFO-enabled displays have built-in media players that can save up to 41 percent of costs, compared to a conventional setup. They also reduce energy costs; less hardware means lower power demands, reducing end-of-month electricity bills. Less hardware and easy activations also lower on-site installation labor costs by an estimated 20 percent.

This is just another way UCO and OIT work to provide the university and its employees with the best technology, while saving money overall.