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November 1, 2018


The University of Central Oklahoma has become known worldwide for its Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) program. The U.S. Department of Education awarded UCO with a $7.8 million grant to kick-start STLR, because UCO’s idea to help students addressed a need within the education community. Everyone is familiar with college transcripts, which can be certified and copied or digitally sent to future employers or graduate schools. However, college students grow and transform through both academic and non-academic experiences while at UCO. Through STLR, students now can display not only their aptitude in their discipline knowledge but also their growth in other important areas. STLR acts as a second transcript that records a student’s Transformative Learning at UCO. Transformative Learning is about how you grow and transform into a productive, ethical, engaged citizen, ready to take on the world after college.

College is about more than a degree, and employers are looking for employees that not only have knowledge in their specific area but ones that are also well-rounded. Until now, a cover letter and interview were the only ways to get that information. Now, UCO students can present potential employers with a STLR Snapshot, a visual representation of achievements in transformative learning. As an official record, the STLR Snapshot is validated by the university and backs up what is documented on the resume.

STLR works through the process of faculty and staff recording growth in D2L, which then posts to the STLR Snapshot. Now, STLR Snapshot is integrating with Parchment to allow students to access their “official” STLR record and to incorporate that record with the academic transcript, creating a true Comprehensive Student Record. Parchment allows students to send digital records or print records on actual…wait for it…parchment.

STLR Snapshot and Parchment are just additional methods in which UCO helps students promote their achievements. Since 2014, UCO’s STLR has won several national awards and awarded several additional grants for the concept, from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Lumina Organization and others.

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