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October 8, 2018

OneNet: Hashtag You use OneNet

Did you ever wonder how UCO provides wifi and connected internet for so many people on one university campus?

We use OneNet.  Many organizations do.

OneNet is the comprehensive digital communications initiative of Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and Oklahoma’s only statewide internet service provider.

OneNet builds strategic partnerships across the local, national, public and private sector to provide world-class broadband connectivity to public service organizations, including:

  • K-12 schools
  • Higher education institutes
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Tribal organizations
  • Community libraries
  • Research institutes
  • Local municipalities
  • Government entities

When you connect here on campus, you are using OneNet.  OneNet’s high-speed connectivity makes it possible for you to do many things from research and coursework to binge-watching Netflix.

OneNet’s roots began in higher education and research 20 years ago and still serves every public higher education institution in Oklahoma.  OneNet now services a variety of customers in all 77 counties. How many times a day do #YouUseOneNet?

Find out how you use OneNet and may not even know it (video).