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June 1, 2018

Central Tech Store

There have been major changes with the UCO Tech Store in the past year.  The Central Tech Store began as a small retail spot in the Nigh University Center – a come-and-go destination where faculty, staff and students could quickly make a purchase and continue on their way.

Now, with a new, much larger space in the Nigh University Center, the Central Tech Store has been transformed into a student-focused destination and a full-fledged Central experience offering:

  • a more welcoming environment;
  • a service-focused store, rather than just a retail store;
  • troubleshooting and repair services; and
  • a new hang-out place for students.

The new Central Tech Store provides space for students to visit and spend time together.  It is outfitted with large TV screens, gaming systems and comfortable seating, inviting our students to stay. The store’s collaboration area allows students to interact with each other and the new technologies.

Each month, the Central Tech Store hosts game tournaments for both FIFATM and NBA 2KTM. Entry is free, and tournament winners earn a $25 store credit. Additionally, the store hosts a monthly art contest, with design and digital drawing/painting categories. During the month’s art contest, students are encouraged to complete an artwork on one of the Tech Store’s on-location devices, equipped with art and design software. Winners – one selected from each category – will receive a $25 store credit.

Connect to the Central Tech Store on social media accounts to keep up with store specials and events.

Come visit the Central Tech Store and enjoy a new experience where our focus is YOU.