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April 24, 2017

OIT staff

UCO’s Information Technology team is just that – a team – and our mission is to help the UCO community with any and all technical concerns it may have. The UCO Service Desk and extended IT professionals and experts take pride in the experience and knowledge they bring to the table in helping things run smoothly.

But sometimes, the right person for the job is you!

That’s why we’re working to upgrade the UCO Service Desk with the TeamDynamix project. What better way to help you in your technical needs than to make you a part of the team?

Our new IT service management (that’s ITSM) solution will streamline the functions and procedures of the UCO Service Desk, to help ensure better quality in IT’s management of operational issues. Things will also become more efficient overall when it comes to customer service turnaround.

The new product, TeamDynamix, will replace Remedyforce, the current ITSM product, and the Self-service Portal is expected to launch by the end of fall 2017.

So, here are the specs (for all of you IT fanatics out there).

Our strategic goals for the project were as follows:

  • Provide a robust infrastructure that supports 24x7x365 use.
  • Develop and document strategies for managing systems and application architecture.

The objective of the project is to procure a comprehensive ITSM product with a phased implementation of product modules. Basically, we wanted to get a product that we could afford that met all of our needs, and then some.

We wanted the product to be able to manage requests, incidents, and problems, as well as complete ongoing reporting. On our bonus wishlist, we wanted the ability to manage a service catalog, knowledge articles, configuration items and assets, our project portfolios, service level agreements, and changes throughout our environment. Oh, and, could you make it self-service?

And so, Team Dynamix was born, or rather, acquired. We consider it our Online Service Desk site. A way for members of the UCO community to get problem-solving information, troubleshooting answers and additional help, as needed.