Why I chose to study at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Hello everyone, my name is Lewis Liu, and I am an international student from China. I majored in Computer Science and was a transfer student in my junior year. Just like the blog title, I want to explain why I chose UCO as my home away from home.





1) The first cost is LOW, and plenty of activities exist.

When I arrived, it was like I had found Pandora’s box. The consumption here is much cheaper than in other states, and the oil is also cheaper! It is equivalent to 3 RMB per liter in China. This way, while you enjoy low prices, you explore Oklahoma and America on a budget! Tickets for sports events such as NBA basketball games are reasonably priced. A game ticket is only $18 US dollars; therefore, I watch the NBA almost every week to watch the scene. It takes 18 minutes to drive from the school to the OKC Paycom Center, where OKC Thunder games are usually held. I was at a Party with NBA Star Josh Giddey, and this is a picture of me with him!

2) The second is SAFETY
The University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) is the third-largest state university in Oklahoma. The school is located in Edmond, one of the Oklahoma metropolitan cities, which is a so-called wealthy postal code. The so-called wealthy area is the so-called good security. The location of the school is crucial! Especially America! This will directly affect your life! Everything! Edmond is ranked the 10th safest city in the nation by the FBI.
3) Third, living here is very CONVENIENT.

Near the school, Wal-Mart, Target, and all kinds of restaurants are readily available! Greek, Indian, Korean, and Pakistani restaurants and Chinese food is a ten-minute drive away and an estimated 25-minute walk. The food here is delicious! The restaurant will be almost step-by-step on the street at the south gate of the school. North of the school, the Mexican restaurant forgot its name, taco all you can eat! To emphasize that, the service is almost the best in the United States!