Overcoming Homesickness While Studying Abroad

Hello everyone! I am Ambigesh Somasundaram, a Malaysian student at the University of Central Oklahoma. I am a Psychology major. I am glad I share some ways to overcome homesickness that has helped me so far. Being away from home and our loved ones can be hard, but great memories are always created when we do it right.

For some, beating feelings of homesickness can be simple as making a few new friends, while others may need a more intensive approach. Firstly, the best way that worked for me was to make new friends. A relaxing dinner out with friends and some good desserts was a great way to pick up my spirits while getting a better feel for my new surroundings at the same time. Next, joining all the programs organized on campus was a great source to connect with more international students. We then can understand that this feeling is something normal, and everyone being away from home experiences it. Chances are they’re going through a similar problem or have experienced something like it in the past and may be able to give us the support we need.

Making my dorm feel like home helped too. Decorating and making my space cozy and comfortable motivated me every day. Going back to my dorm room every day after my class felt so much better after trying this method. Empty space tends to make us feel lonelier and sadder. Joining outside activities like volunteering, helping out the organization, and attending events in my hall kept me occupied. When I finish all these activities, I will make more connections, and there will be no space to feel alone. Also, going to yoga or martial art classes in our Wellness Center helped a lot. Not only learning new skills, but I get to keep my time occupied. Working on campus part-time is also a great way to overcome homesickness studying abroad.

Homesickness can take a tremendous toll on our mental health, but it does not have to hold us back. Everyone gets through feeling homesick at their own pace, and it’s not a process we have to rush in. Remember that it’s a very usual and completely understandable reaction to moving abroad and that it’s okay to miss home once in a while. I hope this helps some of you guys, and may everyone create a unique and memorable experience here on our UCO campus.