How to apply for scholarships and prepare for your scholarship applications!

Hi everyone, my name is Mayu Nagano and I am a dance education student from Japan and currently a senior at the University of Central Oklahoma. There are so many scholarship opportunities that you will be able to access. In this Blog, I would like to talk about the scholarships through my experiences. That way, you can reach out to me and ask me a question personally and quickly!



First, suppose you are an international student, you can apply for a Global scholarship and a Global Education Award Scholarship from the Office of Global Affairs. This is an international scholarship that I could confirm before coming to the US. There are various types of amounts, and it also depends on where you came from and which process you go through! It depends on your academic performance, mostly based on your GPA.
There are also involvement and leadership scholarships if you participate and attend an international house program. (Such as Broncho Buddies, CRISP, SPICE, International Student Council Executive Board, Global Leadership Ambassador committee, president in one of the International Student Council country/region organizations, or international Pageant Scholarship)
Also, I use a lot to apply for my scholarships through the UCO scholarship portal. This is the best way to search for available scholarship opportunities and qualify for what kind of scholarships I would apply for!

When you prepare for these scholarships, you may need some of the materials such as an official transcript, personal statement, faculty letters of recommendation, and essay. You can always request an official transcript from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in Room 124 of the Nigh University Center. You may also need a personal statement describing your academic interests and how they relate to your career objectives.
Some of the scholarship applications require letters of recommendation from faculty members. You will submit their email addresses during the application process, and they will receive an online form to complete your application. Make sure to ask their permission in advance and give them time to do this. Some scholarship applications require an original essay or answering additional questions. Prepare it and see the information and individual scholarship criteria for specific requirements.