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What to Pack for Study Abroad: The Essentials


The time has come, and you are ready to pack to start your new life at the University of Central Oklahoma. So excited for you!! This time may be stressful since you do not know what to bring to the USA, so here is a little packing list I created for you from me, a senior international college student. You must know how much weight you can put in your luggage, so be smart about it!

How to apply for scholarships and prepare for your scholarship applications!

Hi everyone, my name is Mayu Nagano and I am a dance education student from Japan and currently a senior at the University of Central Oklahoma. There are so many scholarship opportunities that you will be able to access. In this Blog, I would like to talk about the scholarships through my experiences. That way, you can reach out to me and ask me a question personally and quickly!



The OVERLOOKED Minority: International Students

Hello Bronchos, I am Prash, the Future Broncho Ambassador for Nepal. I started my journey at UCO during the rise of COVID-19, and, unfortunately, things did not turn out to be as expected. People worldwide faced the consequences; financial difficulties, degrading health conditions, or emotional misery. Students were required to switch to virtual and online classes. They were getting less from their years of schooling as resources dissipated and interaction was limited. Some people started to cherish the small community and family around them. However, reaching out to other people you know became harder. Given the circumstances of COVID-19, most international students were flying back home. It was also a phase of struggle as moving through various airports became complicated due to continuous lockdowns. I managed to stay here as the lockdowns in Nepal were not friendly for traveling back home.

Anjali’s Tips to save money on Textbooks!

You did it! You’re finally about to start another (or your first semester) in college! With all the other expenses taken care of, textbooks might be the last thing on your list. Hello everyone, my name is Anjali and I major in Biomedical Sciences. Back in India, textbooks were pretty affordable, but universities in the United States are slightly different. You are responsible for not just one but multiple books and digital accesses per class and are expected to cover the costs of all these materials. The price tags of college textbooks are rising just as fast as tuition costs. On average, a student may spend over $200 on required materials for a single course and only use the book for one semester. Here are some of my tips to help you keep the cost down and be smart about your textbook use while attending the University of Central Oklahoma.