Anjali’s Tips to save money on Textbooks!

You did it! You’re finally about to start another (or your first semester) in college! With all the other expenses taken care of, textbooks might be the last thing on your list. Hello everyone, my name is Anjali and I major in Biomedical Sciences. Back in India, textbooks were pretty affordable, but universities in the United States are slightly different. You are responsible for not just one but multiple books and digital accesses per class and are expected to cover the costs of all these materials. The price tags of college textbooks are rising just as fast as tuition costs. On average, a student may spend over $200 on required materials for a single course and only use the book for one semester. Here are some of my tips to help you keep the cost down and be smart about your textbook use while attending the University of Central Oklahoma.

Textbook Brokers: Edmond, Oklahoma, has several independent bookstores similar to an on-campus bookstore. Textbook Brokers is an off-campus bookstore near the UCO campus (right across Old North). They sell and rent new/used textbooks.
Pros: You can visit the store website, enter your class information & CRN number, and the list of required and recommended textbooks will be provided to you. This is accurate with your instructor’s requirements. Cons: You cannot add the purchase to your bursar account. So, unfortunately, if you have scholarships that cover your textbook expenses, they cannot be applied here.
Max Chambers Library: The Max Chambers Library at UCO may have current or older editions of textbooks available for student use during the academic year (for FREE!). The policies to reserve and use textbooks can vary depending on availability and the textbook itself. This is a great option, especially if the professor needs you to have the textbook only for a few articles or chapters. Check with the Circulation desk at the library on the first floor for more information.
Online: Once you know the ISBN or name and edition of the textbook, try checking online for cheaper or sometimes even free (mostly pdfs) options.
On-Campus Bookstore: Lastly, the UCO Barnes and Noble Bookstore is located at the Nigh University Center. Similar to the above, there are several options for purchasing textbooks. You can rent or buy books in-store or online. You can either pick them up in-store or have them shipped. You can charge it to your UCO bursar account too.
Some personal tips: Check all the resources available and compare prices. Digital versions are cheaper than a printed hard copy (it also saves you some space in your bag!). Join Facebook student groups or search at the Facebook marketplace. Sometimes students put up textbook listings that may be cheaper than most options (beware of scams and ensure it’s a legit listing). Try selling your textbook after you are done using it. There are textbook buyback options available on and off campuses.  
I hope some of my tips help you save money on textbooks, and please reach out to any of our ambassadors if any questions!