How To Start Your UCO Application? 

Hello friends! I hope you all are doing well. My name is Yana. I am an International student from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿, and I am a current graduate student at UCO studying Business Analytics. I also happen to work at the UCO Office of Global Affairs. Therefore, for today’s blog, I am going to talk about the application process. Finding a university, and choosing a major, already puts enough pressure, right? And I get that. Of course, another obstacle everybody must face is starting your application. It seems like it is an effortless process; however, there are many hidden things that people do not expect to encounter. So, I will give you some tips and advice on how to complete your application correctly. 

  1. Make sure you start your application as soon as possible because it will give you extra time to prepare for your VISA if you are admitted. It takes up to 4 weeks to get an admission decision for undergraduate students, and for graduate students, it depends on the program you are applying for. 
  2. First, you will need to visit the UCO (University of Central Oklahoma) catalog to choose your major and check application deadlines. 
  3. Once you are done with that step, it is crucial to identify what type of student you are. Are you a first-year student? Or a transfer student? If so, are you transferring from overseas or US college? This step is critical because it will help you better understand the documents you will be required to submit. You can find that information on
  4. After, you can focus on collecting the correct documents and submitting them to your online application portal. 
  5. You will be automatically considered for the scholarships offered by the Office of Global Affairs once you submit your application. (Make sure to check deadlines through the same link mentioned in Step 3 under the “Scholarships and Financial Assistance” tab). 
  6. Finally, our admission advisors will contact you once your decision admission has been made or if you need to provide additional documentation.