Why the Economy Matters When Choosing an American University

It is no news to anyone the world over that the American economy experienced a significant downturn recently. This recession has left many Americans jobless, or struggling to make ends meet in their everyday life. However, for many countries, this provides an excellent opportunity. A weak American dollar means that the currency in most other countries is worth more – meaning that people looking for a cheap way to attend university can find no better place to go than the United States.

However, this does not mean that you should entirely forget the economic problems that America has faced. As a university student, you may have more money to spend than you would attending a university in your native country, but you’ll likely still have to have a job during your university years to make payments on necessities such as rent and food. This means that when you are selecting a university to attend in America, take the economy in the city where the university is located into consideration.

Larger cities in particular have been affected by this recession, but that does not mean they all have. The large cities that have experienced extreme declines in job availability and standard of living are those who have based their economies on a single industry, generally those industries that produce non-necessities such as technology and automobiles. For example, Detroit, Michigan has an economy based almost solely on the auto industry. When the recession hit, the auto industry was one of the first to go down, with large automobile manufacturers almost going bankrupt. This has caused the standard of living in Detroit take a sudden plummet – workers for that industry have been left without jobs, and have suffered because of it.

On the flip side, cities that base their economies on more consistently needed items, such as the production of food, have barely been impacted by the recession at all. This is because though many Americans have less money to spend on luxuries, they will always need things like food and shelter. Cities in the center of America, particularly those who thrive in the area of agriculture, have the best economies at this time and are the best bet for anyone, including future university students such as yourself, to find a stable job.

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