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Diversity Leadership Institute

The Office of Diversity’s Diversity Leadership Institute (DLI) offers participants an opportunity to put theory in practice as they experience the sights and culture of another city through the lens of adult learning theory. This institute is designed so that student participants engage in intentional cultural competence development while providing opportunities for introspective reflection. The DLI purposefully creates a space that encourages students to become culturally competent leaders who are challenged to asses their perceptions about themselves and others with regards to differences.

In 2019, the DLI convened in Atlanta, GA. Previous cities in which the institute was held include: New Orleans, Louisiana; Houston, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and, Washington, D.C.

The extraordinary work done by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, in particular the DLI, recently was recognized by the Masonic Foundation and received the 2019 Transformative Learning Program Award.

group of uco students at Atlanta airport

Diversity Leadership Institute group at the Atlanta Airport.

From Student Participants:

“It made me realize that my actions or inactions affect the people and event that happen around me.” — 2018 DLI student participant

“The conference has pushed me to become more open with understanding people who come from different backgrounds and upbringings compared to me.” — 2019 DLI student participant

“DLI helped me reflect and begin to accept myself, oddities and all, rather than seeking external validation.” — 2019 DLI student participant

“One of the biggest actions I will bring back to campus and home will be to inform others that you shouldn’t judge another group / community until you have a deep and personal experience about what they’ve been through and what they are going through now.” — 2019 DLI student participant

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